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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, October 6, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Jack is thrown back in his cell by some guards, despite his demands to see the warden. In the Warden's office T.C. has found Jen and he tells her it's okay. T.C. tells Jen that she's the type of girl that would do anything to get ahead, and he knows a way to do that. T.C. begins to kiss Jennifer and she pushes him away. Jen warns T.C. if he tries anything she'll go to the warden, but T.C. says he'll turn her in for breaking into his office. Jen knees T.C. in the groin and tries to run away but he catches her before she can get out the door. Jack continues to scream for a guard and when he gets ones attention he offers him money to take him to the wardens office. Back in the office T.C. throws Jen on a table and tells her she wants it, she's always wanted it. Suddenly Jack bursts into the warden's office and T.C. and Jack fight. Jack beats T.C. up when the guard Jack bribed comes in and breaks up the fight. Jen tells that T.C. was trying to rape her and that this prisoner saved him. Jen tells T.C. if he punishes that prisoner she will go to the warden and scream sexual harassment. T.C. tells Jen to go home and then he tells Jack he will pay for this.

Jack returns to his cell and cleans up when Jen shows up to help him. Jack tells Jen she has to quit, but all she does is kiss him. Suddenly the prison locks down and Jen is trapped in Jack's cell for the night! T.C. comes and Jen quickly hides under Jack's bed.

In Rome, Carrie is talking to Mike about friendship turning to love. Mike thinks she's talking about herself and he tells her he already has feelings of love for a friend. Mike is so glad he can express his feelings, and then Carrie says "for Debra!" Mike doesn't know what to say when Debra shows up, she overheard everything. Carrie tells Mike that she spoke to him on Debra's behalf.

Bo is still having feelings that someone he loves is in danger, but he doesn't think it can be Hope since she's off on a vacation with Franco. Suddenly Billie becomes agitated and calls for Bo. Austin asks Bo what his intentions towards his sister are, after she gets well. Austin wonders if Bo still loves Billie but Bo tells Austin that Hope is the woman he loves and wants to be with. Austin tells Bo he's already lost Hope's love, will he risk losing Billie's as well? Bo realizes that it is over with Hope and then he remembers his past with Billie. Billie wakes up and tells Bo she had the most wonderful dream, she dreamt that she was expecting Bo's baby! Billie tells Bo soon he'll be able to go back to Hope, the woman he wants, but Bo says he's not so sure what he wants anymore. Bo tells Billie that maybe they can rekindle their romance. Billie says she'd like that very much but she doesn't understand what happened to his love for Hope? Bo tells her that Hope is with Franco now and for some reason their love is different now. Bo tells Billie that maybe they should give their relationship another chance. Billie is eager to take a chance and she doesn't really care what Bo's reasoning is. Bo tells Billie that her love has always been constant for him, never changing, he won't walk away from it again. That is why Bo wants to try to get back together and Billie hugs him and tells him she loves him. Bo begins to think that the feelings he had for someone in danger, and how the someone may be Billie, and the danger is her emotional state.

In the jungle, the Hope and John are stuck on a cliff. Above them is a fire and angry natives, below is nothing but rocks. John thinks maybe they can climb down but Hope tells him that it's over for them. They argue and Hope finally tells John that unless a miracle happens they are both dead. John finally admits that they are most likely going to die, and they both tell each other who they'd like to say goodbye to, and that they are both proud to have known each other. Bo takes off his shirt and rips it up so he and Hope can cover their mouths and stop inhaling the smoke. Hope and John find a small cave but can't move the boulder away from the entrance so that they can both get in safely. John tell Hope to get inside the cave, but she refuses to go in without John. Hope tells John to pull and they manage to pull the boulder away, but once inside a rock slide occurs and John and Hope are hit. John is fine, but he finds Hope unconscious on the cave floor. John tells Hope they are safe here, and he will get them out alive. The show ends with a native watching John and Hope from

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

Roman and Marlena are going up to the cabin to spend some time together, Roman's idea. Roman tells Marlena they never talked about what he over her say at the police station the other day (Marlena talking to Lexie about the man she loves). Roman assumed that she was talking about him and he hopes one day she can look him in the eyes and tell him that she loves him. Roman then begins to ramble on about a some memories of times they shared.

The ferry arrives and Roman pops some pills behind Marlena's back and then they board. Once at the island Marlena and Roman continue to reminisce about the past, and their differences of taste in food, music, and just about everything. Roman excuses himself to fire up the grill, he's brought a surprise for Marlena, salmon steaks, hot dogs, beer, and champagne! Roman and Marlena eat their dinner and Marlena is happy to see Roman's appetite has returned. Roman tells Marlena he hopes he can hang on until a cure is found, because he wants to ask Marlena to share her life with him.

Roman then tells Marlena how he contracted this disease. He tells her he was captured by terrorists, tortured, and injected with the disease. Roman says that the only thing that kept him same was remembering their special night out on this island and when he realized he was in love with her. Roman says the reason he wants to make it is because he hopes for a chance that they can be together again. Roman and Marlena go back into the cabin and Roman has an attack. Marlena learns Roman has been doubling his medication and she tells him he needs to be honest with him about how much extra medication he's taking. Marlena tells Roman that they need to go home but Roman says no, he just needs to rest for awhile. Marlena begins to cry and wonders if her tears are for Roman, or for John.

In the jungle John slaps Hope awake while a native watches from inside the cave! John starts questioning Hope to make sure she is okay and she remembers everything, but has a bad headache. John tells Hope he needs to check some things out and leaves her for a couple minutes. As John explores the cave the native hiding in there pulls out a knife. John goes off to find some water to clean Hope up and returns to Hope, there doesn't seem to be a way out. John tells Hope that even if they make it back to the compound he has a feeling that Stefano isn't done toying with their lives. Hope and John both realize that DiMera planned to have Hope go into the jungle with John all along, hoping she wouldn't return. John and Hope decide to rest, they both need the sleep. Suddenly we see John sleeping alone in the cave, and Hope is tied to a poll in the jungle!

At the compound Kristen is whining and moaning about going to find John and Hope. Stefano gets a call about Judge Cameron's disappearance and it's in all the newspaper. Stefano is angry because he didn't want anything linking the judge who sentenced Jack to him, he hoped the judge would disappear quietly. Kristen tells Stefano that Jen and Jack are going to team up and figure out the truth, but Stefano believes that Jen hasn't seen Jack for some time. Doctor Rolf comes to see Stefano and tells him the other elements are breaking down, they cure will be lost within 48 hours. Stefano is angry and says if this happens his plans will be destroyed. Kristen then screams "What plans!" Stefano once again tells her not to worry and says they need to plan their escape, but Kristen refuses to go anywhere without John. Kristen tells Stefano she must know what has happened to John so Stefano asks Dr. Rolf to tell the helicopter pilot and search for John and Hope. Kristen says that if they see them to pick them up, but Stefano tells her NO! If the helicopter lands the natives will attack it. Stefano says if John and Hope are still alive they are on their own. Dr. Rolf returns and tells Stefano that the natives have set the northern ridge on fire, and the pilot doesn't believe anyone could have survived.

In jail T.C. comes to Jack's cell and tells Jack that he's in for some trouble. Jack tells T.C. to leave Jen/Hope alone and T.C. asks what he and Jen/Hope have going on. Jack says he was just protecting a woman he was assaulting, that's the type of guy he is. T.C. then starts to taunt Jack about killing Peter Blake in cold blood. T.C. tells Jack that Hope/Jen is his and now he's going to work him over real good. T.C. goes to lift Jack's bed, which Jen is under, and Jack yells at him to stop and picks a fight. Another guard comes in and hold's Jack while T.C. beats him up. Jen wants to come out and help him, but Jacks yells no at her. However before T.C. can mess up Jack's face real good another guard stops T.C. and tells T.C. that the Warden is back and he wants to see T.C.. The other guard warns Jack that he may not be around to stop T.C. next time. When the coast is clear Jen comes out from under Jack's cot and tells him that she is spending the night with him. Jen tells Jack maybe they should try using Jack's laptop to find some info on Judge Cameron or his ex-cell-mate but Jack says maybe later. Jen is forced to hide when T.C. returns, the warden bought T.C.'s line of bull. T.C. tells Jack he will get him, and he will get Jen/Hope as well. T.C. leaves and Jack asks Jen about something T.C. said before, about so many guys being interested in her (Jack's ex). Jack asks what that means and Jen says she doesn't know. Jack begins to worry about Jen but she assures him she'll be okay, nobody will find her. Jack and Jen lie down on Jack's cot and tell each other they love him/her.

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

by Marcia Elgart

In his cell, Jennifer tells Jack that he can now access all of the warden's computer records though his notebook computer. However, she must figure out the warden's password to gain access to those files. The two make love as everyone else sleeps and are almost caught twice by passing guards.

Debra suggests to Carrie that from the way she talks about Mike, someone might think that she was in love with him. Carrie claims that she loves Mike as a brother.

While tied to a tree, Hope remembers Bo and cries out for him. In Rome, Bo thinks he hears Hope's voice asking for help. Billie assures Bo that all she wants from him is his friendship. Bo then considers the advice he gave Mike about knowing when a relationship cannot be. Kate finds Sami looking through her mail and orders her to mind her own business. When Kate demands the necklace back, Sami claims that she's keeping it because she intends to marry Austin one day. Bo calls Kate who mentions that Hope and Franco are still together. Hearing that Mike's with a new woman and not Carrie - Sami decides it's time for her to go to Rome.

Thursday, October 9, 1997

by Diane Dix

Vivian and Ivan pack up their few possessions at the shabby apartment and borrow Big Bertha's truck to move to Jonesy's townhouse. Ivan tries to convince Vivian that their minimalistic lifestyle is at least honest, and they can make their fortune the old fashioned way. Vivian says she has worked too hard to convince Jonesy that she is Flora Dora, and there's no way she will give up her life of luxury. Vivian calls Jonesy to let them know she is coming over. Jonesy is ecstatic. But seconds later her gets a phone call from the REAL owner of the townhouse and antiques, making sure he is taking good care of them. Viv and Ivan stop by the Brady Pub on the way to Jonesy's to pick up the meatloaf special so Vivian can pretend that she cooked a great meal for Jonesy. While there, Susan tells them they were mean to trick her about Elvis, and says Celeste has told her that they will pay for messing with the spirits. Vivian laughs it off, but Ivan begins to sweat it out, wondering what retribution will be visited on them. Jonesy falls asleep when Vivian and Ivan show up, and Vivian promptly begins to inventory all the antiques and valuables, and thinks about selling a precious silver set to redecorate the townhouse. Ivan, of course, is stuck dusting and mopping. Vivian decides they need to inventory the whole house and persuades Ivan to come with her to open doors to rooms they haven't seen before. Ivan remarks that there are probably dead bodies in them. Vivian laughs at his nonsense and begins to open the door - until she is stopped cold by the threatening sound of Jonesy's voice telling her, "Don't open that door!"

At the cabin, Marlena notices that Roman is failing. While she tries to make him more comfortable, she remembers the good times she had with him there when they were married, and how much she loved him. Roman tries to put on a brave face, but he is seized by a coughing fit and Doc is unable to stabilize him. She calls for an EMT to airlift him off the island to University Hospital. Abe Carver, at the Brady Pub with Lexie, Caroline, Celeste, and Susan, receives the phone call telling him about Roman's worsening condition. Abe is troubled because earlier he received a phone call from Stefano pressing him to trade a full pardon for the cure for Roman. Although Abe is not authorized to make that kind of a deal, he wonders if it would be worth it if he could. Abe tells everyone that Roman is worse and Caroline and Abe immediately rush to the hospital to be with Marlena. There, Roman's condition is stabilized, but he is obviously very weak. While Caroline visits him, Marlena tells Laura about all her good memories of Roman and her confusion about her feelings. Laura tells her that it's very possible that she loves both Roman and John. Abe comes out to tell her about Stefano's offer of a deal. Both Marlena and Abe realize that the fact that Stefano is offering such a trade is a very good indication that perhaps there really IS a cure. Marlena goes to see Roman and he tells her that he loves her and is ready to die. Marlena tells him he's not going to die, and to get some rest. But she knows time is running out for him.

In the jungle, Hope has dreams of Bo while she is tied to the stake by the natives. They apply some bizarre paint to her face and Hope begs God to please let her be saved so she can see Shawn D again. John, meanwhile, wakes up on the floor of the cave and quickly realizes that Hope is not around (bright guy, that John). He creeps through the jungle and stumbles upon his pack with his weapons and gear. He retrieves it stealthily, barely avoiding detection. Finally, he sees Hope tied to the stake in the clearing, as the natives sprinkle some fluid around her and on the brush piled at her feet. He catches her attention to let her know he is on the job. Before the natives can do anything nefarious to Hope, John sets off an explosion by remote control, which sends the natives running to check it out. While they are distracted, John frees Hope and they escape to the river. They hope the current will take them south to the compound, but it turns out to be flowing north, and they end up at a waterfall. When they stop to get their bearings, John sees an exotic orchid through his night-vision goggles. He is sure it is the flower they need for Roman's cure. Hope sees it too, and John tells her they have to decide if they want to leave the flower and make it back to camp by nightfall, or risk another night in the jungle, the steep climb to the top of the waterfall, and discovery and death by the natives to retrieve the flower. Hope says there is no choice - Roman will die if they don't get it. So they agree to try together.

Back at the compound, Stefano's men tell him that Hope is captive and John is presumed dead in the ridge fire. Kristen nearly goes out of her mind and accuses Stefano of setting it up to get John out of the way. He tells her to think - he needs John to come back alive and with a cure for Roman in order for his plan to work. Kristen doesn't believe him. But soon they get a report that John is alive and has rescued Hope. Stefano hears that the natives are threatening the compound again and tells the jet to make ready to leave. Kristen tells him there is no way she's going anywhere without John. Stefano tells her she will do what she's told. But Kristen has other plans. She gets one of Stefano's guns and holds the helicopter pilot hostage, telling him to take off and find John from the air. Stefano sees her just before takeoff and tells her to stop at once, but Kristen points the gun right at his face. Stefano knows she will use it if she has to.

Friday, October 10, 1997

by Diane Dix

In Salem, Kate tries to talk Sami out of going to Rome, telling her she's delusional if she thinks she can use Mike or anything else to break up Carrie and Austin. Sami says she'll go anyway, and Kate had better cooperate if she doesn't want her dirty secrets revealed. Kate tells her that she's leaving Will behind for her selfish gain. Sami replies that Lucas will take good care of Will, and besides, Will needs Austin in his life (for what??). Finally, Kate tells Sami she should at least think of her father, who might die during her little trip. Sami gets angry and says Roman is doing fine, but she calls to check on him just to be sure. Sami is horrified to learn that Roman is in the hospital, and rushes right over.

Marlena and Eric visit Roman's bedside at the hospital. Roman is in a lot of pain, but is trying to hide it from Eric, although he cannot hide it from Doc. Sami rushes in and Roman tries extra hard to hide his pain from her. Sami offers to cancel her trip to stay by Roman's side, but he won't hear of it. To prove to her how well he is, he gets up and walks around the room, although the pain is nearly unbearable. Sami is finally convinced and agrees to go on her trip. She makes a snide comment to Marlena about "missing her boyfriend" on the way out. Eric stops her and says that she might be able to fool Roman and Marlena, but she can't fool him; she's not over Austin and clearly, she is up to something on this trip. Sami plays dumb. Kate comes by the hospital to drop of Sami's ticket because she wants as few people as possible to know of the role she played in Sami's shenanigans.

Eric glances down at Roman, finally asleep, and tells Marlena he knows it is worse than Roman is saying. Marlena tells him about the increased medication losing its effectiveness, and admits that if John doesn't come back with a cure soon, Roman will die.

In Rome, Mike and Carrie both are thinking about the kiss they shared in California, although Carrie thinks it was not a real kiss, but a dream of her and Austin. Carrie wakes up next to Austin remembering that passionate kiss and asks Austin to recreate it for her. He kisses her and she enjoys it, but she thinks to herself that it is not like the kiss she dreamed about. They get dressed and decide to go track down Mike and Deborah for sightseeing. Mike is down in the piazza thinking about that kiss too, thinking he should have told Carrie right then that it was he who was kissing her and that he loved her. Mike closes his eyes in pain and is surprised to feel a woman kissing him. Still thinking about Carrie, he kisses back passionately, and opens his eyes to find Deborah, who is blown away by the passion of the kiss and her own boldness. They meet up with Austin and Carrie and go to the catacombs, where they see the tomb of Claudius, a nobleman who, according to legend, lived an empty life because he never was with the woman he loved. The legend hits close to home for Mike, especially when Carrie tells him not to end up like Claudius, and to go after the woman he loves. Mike says that's impossible because she is married. Carrie says that he needs to get over her, and that Deborah might be the person who helps him. Deborah is planning to leave the next day, but Mike tells her to stay so they can have a good time. Deborah eagerly agrees.

In the jungle, Kristen holds a gun to Stefano and tells him to get out of the way so she can go find John. Stefano finally agrees to help her, and offers to fly the chopper. Kristen is surprised to learn that Stefano can fly, and he tells her there is much she doesn't know about him. They set off in search of John and Hope.

Hope and John start up the cliff after the flower, but constant surveillance from the natives prevents them from getting very far up. Time and again, John tries to convince Hope to go back to the compound, but she refuses. They have to keep ducking under the water to avoid detection, holding so tightly to each other that Hope almost has the breath squeezed out of her. Finally, as they are about to swim up to the cliff, they hear a chopper overhead and are caught in a spotlight. They see Kristen tossing a ladder down from the chopper and urging them to come up before the natives shoot them. Stefano yells that he can't hold the chopper steady in that position much longer. John urges Hope to climb up, but she says they shouldn't go without the flower, and the chopper can't get close enough to the cliff to help them. John says there is no way they can get the flower anyway because the natives are all around it. They float in the water at the bottom of the ladder, paralyzed by indecision.

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