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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, November 17

In prison Jack tells Mickey that they have to help Jen. Jack asks Mickey to get him out of here so Mickey calls a guard and asks to see the warden. The guard tells them that she'll see what she can do. As Mickey and Jack talk T.C. listens in. Herb shows up and tells Jack that the warden has arranged for him to see the assistant warden. The guard returns and she takes Jack and Mickey away. T.C. says this is not good at all.

Jack and Mickey see the assistant warden who doesn't understand the entire Travis Maloy deal. Jack claims that Travis is working for Stefano and that T.C. is on the payroll as well. The assistant warden says he'll have T.C. questioned, and T.C. (who was listening at the door) runs off. The assistant warden asks the guard to take Jack back to his cell.

Jennifer has a dream that Jack came to rescue her, but Travis tells her to give up that dream. Travis tells Jen to accept the fact that she's never going to see Jack again. Jen has another dream about Jack getting out and proposing to her. T.C. shows up to see Travis and tells him everyone knows that Jen has been kidnapped. Jen tells Travis that she and T.C. still have time to get out of the country and T.C. says she's makes sense. Travis won't do it, he says they'll find a way to hide her.

Jack goes back to the cell and says he wishes he could escape. Herb says that's impossible but when Herb asks if he's ever tried it Herb keeps quiet. Jack demands to know what Herb knows and Herb tells him about a secret tunnel he was digging years ago when he hit a large stone and gave up.

Laura returns home when Mickey shows up. Mickey tells Laura that he has some bad news. Mickey tells Laura that she's afraid Jen has been kidnapped. Laura can't believe this has happened and Laura exclaims "that bastard (Stefano) is behind every evil thing that happens in this town!"

Susan wakes up and asks Stefano what he is doing to her baby. Stefano says he came to visit the baby and picks him up. Stefano tells Susan that he adores the baby and Susan cries for him to please put the baby down and leave. Kristen walks in and sees that Susan is awake. Susan demands Stefano to put the baby down and get out but he tells her that she isn't the one giving orders here. Suddenly Susan realizes the truth and says "Oh my lord!" Susan remembers being at an Elvis Fan Club gathering and becoming woozy after eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, next thing she knew she was in a big with room with Elvis. Susan says it wasn't Elvis, it was you (Stefano)! Susan starts cry and asks Stefano how he could be so mean. Kristen asks Susan how she could be so stupid, Elvis is dead. Kristen says that she should be the baby's mother and Susan cries no no no, I'd rather die then let you take my baby. Stefano assures her he is not going to take the baby so Susan asks why he came? Stefano says all that he wanted was a lock of the baby's hair. Kristen tells Susan she wants to hold Elvis right now but Susan says she's too mean to be a good mother. Susan asks why Stefano wants the hair and he says it's technical. Stefano says it's for some DNA work he's doing. Stefano tells Susan she was never supposed to find out about this, but now that she has he tells her that if she tells anyone about this he will come to take her baby away from her. Susan says she'll do anything he asks but asks him not to take her baby. Stefano and Kristen then leave. Susan tells Elvis that she won't let Stefano get his hands on him. Outside Stefano warns Kristen not to try to get that baby. Kristen says she won't take the baby, and when Stefano walks off she says "not yet anyways."

At the hospital John and Marlena are standing over a sleeping Roman. John wants to tell Roman the truth when he wakes up but Marlena doesn't want to hurt him. John asks her if she is having second thoughts about this and if she still loves him. Marlena assures John she loves him and wants to marry him so John says as soon as Roman wakes up they will tell him the truth. Roman begins to stir but Marlena says he's in a very deep sleep. John suggests they go out to get some air and they leave. John and Marlena take a walk and discuss telling Roman the truth. Marlena realizes that John is right and says they are destined to be together. John tells Marlena he has something for her and gives her a garnet necklace that represents "loyalty." John tells her that whenever she reaches up and feels the stones it will remind her of their love and destiny, and the loyalty they share.

Eric and Kim are talking and Kim tells Eric that Roman was her hero. They then start to talk about Stefano and how Stefano has robbed his family of so much. Eric tells Kim that he's angry with his mother for wanting to tell Roman the truth so Kim tries to tell him how Marlena feels. Roman begins to wake up and they all go to see him. Roman doesn't see Marlena and asks where she is.

Eric calls John and tells him that Roman is awake and is asking for Marlena. John tells her they will be right over. Eric tells Roman that Marlena is on her way over. Marlena and John show up and John tells Eric they are going to tell him the truth. Eric says what they are going to do is cruel, but Marlena says to continue lying to him would be cruel. Marlena and John go in to see Roman. John tells Roman that they have to tell him something but Roman says he'd like to talk to John alone first. Marlena says she'll wait outside where she tells Eric about the necklace John gave her. Eric asks his mother who really deserves her loyalty, John or Dad? Inside the room Roman tells John he's anxious about marrying Doc again. Roman says he wants John to be his best man! John says there are some things he doesn't know about, things that will change everything and things he needs to know.

Tuesday, November 18

First at the hospital, the scene repeats where Roman tells John that he is getting better and ask John to be his best man when he marries Marlena again. John tells him there is something very important that he needs to know about him and Doc and John and Kristen. Marlena is talking to Eric and remembers the argument they had at her apt earlier. Then the doctor shows up and tells Marlena that the test show that Roman is not 100% yet and any stress - physical or emotional - could cause a relapse. Marlena rushes into Roman's room just in time to say stop and Roman wonders what they have to tell him. She sits by his bed and says that she wants to tell him together with John and proceeds to say that they were discussing his future. He says his future is to get out of the hospital and marry her. She tells him they need to get him well first and talk about where he will stay when he gets out. He assumed he would go back to John and Kristen's (Marlena called it Kristen's but Roman corrected her that it was John and Kristen's). She doesn't think that is wise and he agrees that maybe the lovers want to be alone. Someone suggested the pub but Eric says it's too small. Eric then suggested he move in the penthouse with Doc. She says no that Susan and the baby are there but Eric says she has plenty of room and so Marlena gives in much to John's dislike. John ask to speak to her outside but before they can get into why she stopped him his phone rings - it's Abe with news of Jen's kidnapping. They don't tell Eric and Roman what's going on just that they need to leave. With them gone Roman tells Eric how great things are - after all 2 days ago he thought he was going to die and Marlena was just marrying him because of that but now he's getting well and she is still going to marry him.. He says how wrong he was to ever leave her yada yada yada. Then Roman says how grateful he is to Kristen for bringing him back and that John is a lucky man to have such a wonderful person (even Eric looks like he could puck on that comment). Eric says that he thinks Roman and Marlena deserve to be together and from the looks of it he is going to do everything he can to keep her and John apart.

At Jen's, Laura is doing a great job of being on the edge and about to go off the deep end. She wants to know what Abe is doing to find Jen and demands that they do more. Abe has all the roads blocked and police at the bus station, airport and train stations. He also has someone at Trent's/Travis' to see if there is a clue there. Laura is very hysterical during the whole show (she really does a great job in situations of this kind). Jack in the meantime has gotten his cellmate to show him the tunnel. He takes him there and returns to the cell to keep the guard from finding out anything. Jack goes into the tunnel and it apparently connects to a room because Jack appears to be in a large room. He finds the wall that his cellmate was talking about and says this is going to be harder than he thought. He has a vision of saving Jen and says to himself that he must get out and save Jen. He starts chipping away at the wall and makes fast work of getting through (his cellmate has worked on the tunnel for 30 years and he gets through in 10 minutes?). Jack has another rock to move and has a lot of trouble with it. He starts to give up but remembers Jen needs him and tries one more time. This time he gets the rock moved when he hears something - someone is coming!! At Jen's Marlena and John have shown up to offer their support. Laura is still in a very frantic state and saying the Trent/Travis is working for Stef. John and Abe talk and Abe does not think Stef is part of this - he fills Stef would not risk his freedom right now but they are going to find him and question him as to where Trent may have taken Jen. Mike and Mrs. H are also there offering support. Mike gets a beep from the hospital and says he will call and say he can't come in but Laura tells him to go they will call him when they know anything. So he heads out the door without calling. It could have just been a nurse calling about some meds for a patient - shucks he may make that trip for nothing. Abe can tell something else is bothering John and ask him what's going on. John explains what happened at the hospital and wonders where things stand with him and Doc. He even manages to ask her why she stopped him from telling Roman the truth but we don't get an answer on that today. A cop comes in with a piece of paper and we find it contains Trent/Travis' rap sheet. He is wanted in 3 states for aggravated assault, attempted murder and 4 counts of kidnapping. Laura asks is the people were found and finds out that they never were. She really loses it now and is comforted by Marlena. At the prison the guard is doing pre-lockdown check and wakes Jack cellmate. He hollers for Deveraux but no answer. He hollers again but still no answer. He goes over and grabs the blanket and finds Jack there - whew. His cellmate went into the tunnel (that's who Jack heard) and Jack got back in time for cell check. With the guard gone Jack prepares to leave and his cellmate says he is going with him besides there is one more obstacle to get by. There is a set of bars just before the tunnel dumps out onto the grounds and there is also a solid door that will close if they think someone is trying to escape. They work on getting a bar loose so they can get through but it takes quite a long time but they do manage to get one free. Jack is trying to get through when they guard realizes Jack and his cellmate are missing and rings the alarm. Jack gets through just as the door falls leaving his cellmate behind. Jack gets out on the grounds and runs for cover as the lights are searching and the dogs are barking. Jack says he can't get caught now he has to find Jen

Wednesday, November 19

Sporting her new chin length do, Billie and Bo are jetting their way back to Salem. She comments when he put the ring on her finger as part of the undercover act, she never dreamed it would become real. He assures it is and not to have doubts, Franco is with Hope and he is with her, now and forever. At the hospital, putting fresh flowers in Roman's room, but flashes back to see Bo in bed with Billie in Rome and their discussion afterward where she told him to go. Roman and Eric walk in. Roman wanted to take a walk and looks full of energy.

Back to Jen's house, Laura continues to wail after learning of Travis' criminal record. Alice recommends that Laura go upstairs to rest, but Laura refuses. Mickey asks Marlena if she has something to give Laura to calm her down. John assures Laura they'll look for her. She spits back that Travis had 24 hrs. to take her to Peter. She said she'd rather Jen be taken by Peter and Stefano than fare the way Travis' other victims did (dead).

Stefano stops by the hospital to thank Lexie for her support at Chez Vous the other night. Two officers come and handcuff Stefano to come in for questioning about Jen's disappearance. Completely taken by surprise, Lexie confirms that Jen's been taken, but tells them not to do anything with Stefano until she talks with her husband. The cops assure her they're working under HIS orders.

At the motel, Travis is whacking the TV trying to get better reception. All he can muster out of it is that TV personality Jennifer was kidnapped from her home and the signal dies. He shuts it off, stuffs a wash cloth into her mouth, gags her and splits. Escaping from the prison, Jack is found and told to freeze and raise his hands.

Billie asks Bo is Mike or Austin might tell anyone about why she and Bo were really in Rome so long. He reassures her and tells her AGAIN they'll be together forever. The stewardess comes to tell her the phone is available to make her call. Bo has a flashback of Kate telling him Hope looks happier than she's seen her in a long time and Billie reappears. Kate wasn't home, so she left a message. Billie tells Bo she missed him SO much. She lost him once, she won't lose him again and he said don't worry, she won't.

Back at the hospital Roman tells Hope not to give up on Bo. Look at him, he didn't give up on Marlena and him reuniting. He tells her about what happened with the wedding, that he wouldn't marry Doc unless she loved him, not out of pity for him. Eric offers to make a cafeteria run and when asked, Hope said to surprise her. Roman said he's had enough of hospital food and he can't wait to raid Doc's fridge for midnight snacks. Hope is surprised when she hears Roman is moving in with Marlena.

John and Marlena start to talk about Roman moving in with her and how that came about when the door opens and the cops bring Stefano in. Lexie is with him. So much for baggage and customs at Salem International, Bo and Billie are automatically in Alice's kitchen, telling Shawn D that he missed them, they've been gone forever and missed most of the soccer season. Bo tells him they'll be at all of the rest of his games. SHAWN D said it might be awkward with Hope there too. SHAWN D tells Billie he's always liked her and as long as she makes his dad happy, he's happy. Billie tells SHAWN D he'll always be welcome in their home and SHAWN D asks the million dollar question: Where is there home? Duh, Bo And Billie look at each other and realize, we don't have one. Billie said her mom's got a whole wing they could have and Bo said he needs a whole wing. SHAWN D sees a wrapped gift and asks if it's for him. He opens it to find the fishing pole Bo bought but a real Italian soccer uniform (Pirelli). When he leaves to try it on, Billie tells Bo that SHAWN D made it easy for her to be part of their family. Bo offers her something to drink and sees a picture of Hope on the fridge and looks lovelorn.

Roman tells Hope that he's sure that Stefano hasn't finished with him yet. Stefano tells the household he has no idea who Travis Malloy is (liar liar). Abe holds Laura back as she is about to lurch onto Stefano. Stefano shouts stay away from me and Abe has the cops undo Stefano's cuffs . The cops brought a ziploc bag from Travis' house and Abe smells that it has ether in it. He must have used this to drug Jennifer.

Although the guards gun went off in the bushes, neither he or Jack were hurt. Jack and the guard changed clothes and the guard tells Jack he won't get away with it. See Jack run. He flags down a man in a jeep and tells him there's a dangerous criminal on the loose and he needs his car. So, he leaves the guy there on the road.

Eric surprises Hope, Franco is back in town. He and Roman get reacquainted. Franco tells Hope that he ran into Bo and Billie in Rome and they looked very happy and in love. Hope tells Franco it's ok. Marlena calls Roman to tell him she won't be back to the hospital and what's going on. She's over at Jen's house helping out. Roman tells Hope, Franco and Eric about it after he hangs up and Hope said she has to get over there. Franco offers to take her there (but of course). As they round the bend Bo and Billie come from the other corridor, happy to see Roman. Roman welcomes them home and Billie to the family. She goes off to call Kate while Roman and Bo catch up. Roman tells him he has to thank John and Hope for saving his life. Bo asks him why Hope and Roman tells him that she stowed away on Stefano's plane and how she saved John more than once while they found the cure. Bo tells him about his feelings of Hope being in danger while in Italy and Roman asks him if he felt that on his honeymoon with Billie?

John asks Stefano what he found out and Stefano says nothing yet. Stefano tells Lexie he understands why they blame him due to his past record. Stefano said he understands John's being cynical after he lost Marlena. Stefano goes John, John, John, I've given up on Marlena and you should too. Abe picks up the phone when it rang and learns Jack just escaped from prison. The rest of the people at the house , moan, and Laura faints into John's arms. Next we see Hope, Alice and Marlena around Laura on the couch. Hope offers her help to find Jen. Stefano gives Abe a piece of paper with places Travis might have taken Jennifer. Lexie says she has to get back to the hospital. Abe gets a call saying Jack overtook a guard and stole a car, they should have him back in custody later tonight. Laura says "NO, Jack doesn't have to follow the same rules they do to find Jen." Jack is driving and turns on the radio. He hears a bulletin about his escape and there will be roadblocks on the major roads and he decides to go OFF the major roads in his 4 wheel drive jeep. He turns on the radio again later just in time to hear another bulletin , and decides to ditch the jeep, determined to find Jen.

Hope confronts John about Roman's moving in with Marlena. John said he's not the one to ask, and looks at Marlena who's talking with Stefano. Marlena lashes out at Stefano that he's personally responsible for the danger Jack and Jen are in right now. A drunk knocks on the door to Travis' room saying he was looking for a blonde from the bar. He peers in and sees Jen tied up on the bed and congratulates Travis on his good luck.

Bo tells Billie he's going over to Jen's to offer his help and she wants to go too. Roman is frustrated as he wants to help too. Eric tells him the best thing he can do is rest and get better. Roman asks Eric if they can go shopping and he can help him pick out some clothes so he'll look good for his Mom. Eric happily agrees. Roman's sure Stefano is behind Jen's kidnapping and he hopes he's enjoying his freedom while he has it.

John confronts Marlena again about what happened at the hospital. She tells him about Dr. Marcus' warning about Roman not getting stressed . Marlena tells him it was Eric's idea that he move in with her, not hers. Abe tells Hope how Travis' other victims are dead. We next see Jack outside Jen's house lurking the bushes watching.

John warns Stefano to worry about himself because he'll be back in his state of the art cell playing chess with himself before long. John said he'll celebrate Thanksgiving next week in Stefano's honor and Stefano thanks him. Marlena offers tranquilizers to Laura. Laura accepts if Marlena promises to come get her if they learn anything and heads upstairs.

Standing out front, Hope hugs Franco thanking him for helping her when Bo and Billie walk up. Jen asks what would happen if he can't get hold of Peter. She offers him money and he said he knows their phone must be tapped by now. They start shouting at each other about whose fault this was. If she hadn't been snooping in the warden's office. Holding a gun on her, they hear a car peel up and Travis looks outside and begins to worry. One of Salem's finest sees a wet muddy footprint on the rug in Jen's house near an open window. We next see Jack waking Laura up in bed and she hugs him.

Thursday, November 20

At Jen's house, Jack is in with Laura and saying that he will do whatever it takes to find Jen. Laura is so happy to see Jack and feels that maybe Jen will be found. In the meantime a cop sees the muddy footprints and informs Abe. He orders the house be searched for Jack and says that if Jack is found he would have to return him to prison being there is no proof yet that Peter is alive and Jack did not kill him. When the cop goes to Laura's room she acts like she was asleep and the cop woke her up. Then she notices a window open (smart move Laura - she opened it) and says that maybe Jack was there and left before she'd arrived. The cop buys the story while Jack is hiding under the bed (of course). With the cop gone Jack asks Laura to get him some of his clothes so he can change. Marlena has come to check on Laura when she was about to go in Jack's room but she explains to M that she was just going to check and see if Jack was in there since she heard he might have been in the house. Marlena buys her story and offers to sit with Laura but she says she's OK so M leaves her to return to the others. Laura gets Jack some clothes and a flashlight so he can go to Travis and see if he can find any clue to Jen's whereabouts. He is snooping around when 2 cops come in to check the place out again and Jack hides under the desk. When both cops go upstairs he snoops some more and finds a piece of paper (we can't see what's on it) and feels that this may lead him to Jen.

While all this is going on Kristen has been sitting in her nursery being very delusional to herself. She thinks that all she has to do is get the baby back and John will come running back to her. And after all she says since Stefano is the daddy she has more right to raise the baby than Susan. She is just hoping that Susan will not tell anyone that Stefano is the daddy because she will never get John back then. All of a sudden the radio gets loud and she hears that Jen has been kidnapped and Jack has escaped so she feels she must go over to see about Jen.

Back at Jen's, Hope and Franco are met by Bo and Billie and things are pretty tense. They say the proper hellos and ask when Bo and Billie got back to town. Bo says just a little while ago and he had stopped to see Roman and found out about Jen so he hurried over to offer help. (with all the cops in the family you would think they would have found her by now). They head inside and check on the latest news which is nothing. Somehow Hope goes outside and Bo manages to follow her. He wanted to thank her for helping save Roman's life and they begin to talk. It comes out about her walking in on him and Billie in bed and they finally get the truth out - he says nothing happened. He says he tried to tell her when he returned but she said it was over and wouldn't listen him (yep it's your fault he's back with Billie now). He says that he realizes now that Hope was the one in danger he felt while in Rome. He says that he returned to Rome to help Billie because she was in trouble and when he found her she was sick so he stayed to get her well. They get all the rest of the truth out and Hope ask Bo if he loves Billie now. Before he can answer John comes out and says they may have a lead on Jen. TC came by to see Travis and he used TC's cell phone to place a call to Peter only he got Bart and Bart called Stefano with the number. See Stefano had instructed Bart to not give Peter any messages. When Stefano hangs up with Bart he says he may have a number that will lead to Jen. Abe sets it up for Stefano to place the call and just before calling Kristen comes in. Laura has come back downstairs now to distract everyone so Jack can get over to Travis and when she turns and sees Kristen she goes ballistic. She demands that she get out of the house but Kristen says Jen is her friend and she is worried about her. Laura doesn't buy her story and keeps shouting for he to get out. They get Laura calmed down so that Stefano can make the call and he uses the speaker phone so all can hear. Travis asks why Stefano is calling and Stefano demands Travis to release Jen to him. Travis says he is not working for him and he does not have to listen to him now. Jen screams out for help and Laura screams Jen's name when she hears her. Travis cuts the phone off and says they will have to leave now - they can't stay there now. It was not long enough to trace the call but Stefano reminds them that Travis acted alone. Laura takes the opportunity to threaten both Stefano and Kristen saying that if anything happens to Jen she will make them pay dearly. (is this a future storyline?).

For a short while Bo, Billie, Franco and Hope are sitting down eating and talking about Roman and Marlena and John and Hope commented that Marlena was about to marry Roman and that she and Roman got closer while John was out looking for the cure and Billie says to Hope that maybe they found love again like she and Bo did. Hope gets upset and leaves and Bo asks Billie why she said that. She apologizes but Bo says it's OK. Franco uses the opportunity to tell Bo that Hope has moved on with her life. Then later he and Hope are in the kitchen alone and they comment on how they are still connected especially being he sensed her in danger while she was helping John. They hug and Billie and Franco open the door to see this. Franco comment to Billie earlier that Bo and Hope had been outside alone and they can't let that happen anymore.

Stefano and Kristen go outside for air and she tells Stefano that John will never love her if they keep lying and maybe they should tell everyone that Peter is alive. And Jen is left alone with TC so she decides to try to seduce him and see if she can escape. She ask him to untie her and he asks why what's in it for him. She says something he wants - her

Friday, November 21

John and Abe wish they had more time to trace Travis', Laura joins them (now dressed) and suggests they look for Peter too. They informed her they have contacted Interpol. "Interpol? We don't need them," Laura rants. "All we need to do is make Stefano tell us where Peter is." Outside Stefano and Kristen rehash all that Stefano did to hide Peter so that he and Jen can be reunited again one day. Stefano said Jen would be fine and Kristen tells him to look her in the eye and say that. Only way she'll get John back is for John to trust her. Kristen tells Stefano to tell Peter that Jen doesn't and won't love him again and he'll give up on her. Stefano fires back with.."John doesn't love you, will that stop you?" "Of course not," Kristen says. Stefano tells her she'll regret it if she doesn't keep her mouth shut.

Dr. Mike joins the group at his house. Bo fills him in on what's going on and then Mike goes to check on Laura. Bo tells Billie that Jack shouldn't have escaped, but he's going to tell Abe (the commander) to order the cops not to hurt Jack if/when they catch him. Billie tells Franco she can't think about herself right now, her best friend is in danger.

Jen taunts T.C. to untie her so she can get away. She tells him she understands that he's not really like he acts, he needs someone that will really care about him. TC starts to buy it, but then says you want something. Jen tells him she wants him to protect her from Travis and Peter. (he is a cutey, would be nice if he redeemed himself, who can we pair him with?) Jen tells TC that she'll be his friend, more than what Travis is to her. Jen promises to tell her friends and family if he helps her and that's a promise. She asks for his help. He hopes he won't regret it. Just as he goes to untie her, Travis walks in. Jen said her ropes were too tight and he was checking them. Travis has a couple bags with disguises in them as their pictures are plastered all around Salem. He tells TC to split, he's not going along.

Salem's finest are re-searching Travis' house for Jack. Hiding under the desk Jack realizes he needs to create a diversion. The cops had left a light on to make it look like someone was in the house, so Jack goes and plugs and unplugs the light, then tries to open the window. The cops see it, then figure the light bulb burned out

At the hospital, Carrie and Lexie talk about Jen and how terrified she must be. Lexie supports Stefano's innocence. Lexie finally says right out that Stefano is her father and she's got to believe there's some good in him. Carrie tells her no way! (BTW, Carrie is now in a red suit).

Hope tells John what Bo said about what happened in Rome. She's feeling pretty good about her and Bo and John encourages her to go talk with Bo NOW. She goes over and talks with Bo and they both want to clear stuff up. Wouldn't you know that good old Abe comes up and interrupts..assigns Bo as lead investigator (WORK?) on the case and they need to go to the cop shop and interrogate Stefano. Abe tells Billie and she said she'll be at her mom's. Franco said he'll drive Hope home to rest up from the jungle, hey, he might even take her to the mountains for a few days (he doesn't know Hope..she won't leave with Jen being kidnapped!). Bo wants to say something, but Abe rushes him out the door. Franco tells Billie he'll do whatever he can to get Hope away from Bo.

Carrie shows up at the house (hope they have a big coffee pot!) and apologizes to Laura & Mike that she just heard, she was in Chicago. She gives them both a big hug. Mike closes his eyes while she wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him. Laura said she's tired and going up to rest (again?). Mike tells Carrie she'll probably want to get home to Austin and Carrie said he went out of town too. She's staying there with him. After all, he stood by her when she had problems. She leads him into the kitchen to get something to eat. Bo and Billie both step outside for air and talk about Jen. Hope tells Billie she hopes she doesn't leave again. Just as Billie was going to tell her about her and Bo being married, Mike comes out and tells them about the stolen car in the neighborhood, maybe it's Jack.

Lexie calls to check with Abe. He tells her they're questioning Stefano now. She really wants him to turn good. (Why is Kristen with Stefano during questioning? ) John (now in his black leather jacket ladies) and Bo walk out of the room in disgust. Bo tells John he wished he was in the jungle with them and John said he wished he was too. He tells John about the marriage wasn't a roux anymore and he made a commitment to Billie. Abe interrupts AGAIN and tells them about a car that was stolen a few blocks away from Jen's house.

Travis comes out dressed as a blond geek. He tells Jen to go change now. He doesn't need to go in the bathroom with her as the window won't open wide enough for her to get thru. She goes in and turns on the shower (hey, I'd use that toilet first after being tied up for so long) and opens the window about a foot or so. TC goes to Rosie's apartment and surprise! .Jack is there. Travis comes in and catches Jen trying to escape. He points the gun at her and tells her to change and put the wig on, this time the door stays partially open. Jack socks TC in the gut and although he doesn't like violence, he needs answers...NOW! TC finally tells him he'll take him to Jen.

While they're eating, Mike pulls out the watch Carrie and Austin gave him to check the time. Carrie is happy he's using it.

John shouts at Stefano to tell them where Peter is so they can find Jennifer (what authority does John have??). Bo asks John what's going to happen with him and Marlena. He tells Bo they're in the same boat. Marlena feels committed to help Roman and he's committed to Billie, but wants Hope.

Laura is feeling confident that Jack will find Jen before the cops do. She denies seeing Jack and goes to make tea. Billie and Mike are alone and she thanks him for his help in Rome again and gives him a long hug. Hope walks in and sees it.

Jen is now in a brown wig and clothes (sweater and jeans). The motel manager knocks on the door and comes to warn them their neighbors are having a party later. Travis said maybe we'll join them and Jen's mouthing call the police to the manager. He asks what she's saying and she says nothing. The motel manager didn't understand what she was saying and leaves.

TC is driving Jack to the motel. He tells Jack that Herbie's in solitary and not a trustee anymore. He says Herbie told the warden Jack threatened to kill him if he didn't help him and Jack's glad about that. TC warns Jack he'll be in solitary a lot longer than that if caught.

Lexie comes to the station and talks with Stefano while he's by himself.. She said to prove to her he's not the monster everyone says he is. He's really puzzled what to do now. After a minute of thinking, he tells her that Peter is alive. We see Peter looking at a picture of him and Jen. He's shirtless and on an island somewhere. He said soon he'll get Jen and Abby and bring them there where they can be together forever.

The phone rings at Jen's's Maggie. Maggie tells Laura that Abby's upset as she hasn't heard from Jen. They told Abby Jen was on a business trip. Laura asks for someone to drive her over there and Hope offers. Carrie refuses to leave. The phone rings again. It's a nurse at the hospital, Roman's cardiologist wants him to come over. He and Carrie leave.

Jack busts into the motel room, but it's too late...Jen and Travis are gone. As Jen and Travis are driving sirens are behind them and Travis panics.

Peter logs onto the internet for news. He sees that Jen's been kidnapped, but only her and not Abby. Stefano hadn't told him he planned to take Jen yet. Lexie brings her father into Abe's office and Stefano said Peter's alive. Lexie gets beeped back to the hospital and Kristen walks in. Stefano's cell phone rings, guess who? Yup, it's Peter.

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