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Monday, November 24

Jack and T.C. show up at the hotel room where Travis was keeping Jen, but they are long gone. Jack tells T.C. to tell him where Jen and Travis are but he says he has no idea. Jack looks around and finds a bag a wig came in and realizes they are in disguise. Jack tells T.C. to call Travis on his cell phone but Travis refuses to answer it. Jack decides to call Bo and tell him that Jen is in disguise. Bo keeps Jack on the line and tells him that Stefano has admitted Peter is alive. Jack thinks he is off the hook, but Bo tells Jack that Jack is still a wanted man because they don't have the evidence to prove it. Bo asks Jack to turn himself in but Jack refuses and hangs up. Jack tells T.C. they are going to look for Jen again, and Jack drags T.C. out to the car.

A cop stops Travis and Travis tells Jen if she acts funny he'll kill the cop. The cop asks Travis to step out of the car so he does. The police offer gives Travis a lecture on his broken tail light. Travis promises to fix it so the police officer lets him go. Travis hides Jen in some building (I didn't get to see/hear what it was). Jen scribbles a help note on a piece of paper with some charcoal or something and she throws it out the window. Travis returns for Jen and takes her back to the car.

At the Station Stefano admits Peter is alive when he suddenly gets a call from Peter! Stefano tries to get rid of Peter who wants to know where Jen is. Stefano says he does not have Jen and he hangs up on him. John, Bo, and Abe continue to question Stefano when they learn Roman is being released. John leaves and Bo asks John to tell Roman he'll be by to see him as soon as possible. Abe lets Stefano and Kristen go and Stefano.

At the hospital Dr. Brock tells everyone that Roman is ready to go home. Everyone is happy, especially Roman who thinks he has a second chance with Marlena! Sami thinks Roman is going to stay at the pub, but Roman informs her he's staying at Marlena's penthouse! Marlena tells him they don't have to move so fast and Roman says she's right, they have their whole lives to be together. Marlena leaves to do something so Carrie and Sami stay with Roman. Outside the room Marlena and Kim agree that they can't tell him the truth until he's fully recovered. Sami comes out of the room and yells at her mother for stringing her father along. Carrie tries to stop Sami from yelling at Marlena but Sami doesn't stop screaming. Marlena assures Sami that as long as Roman is at the penthouse then she and John will not be together. Suddenly John shows up behind Marlena and hears this! Marlena tells John that she didn't mean they wouldn't be together, she just wanted to reassure Sami that they have Roman's best interest at heart. John doesn't care and says if Roman moves into the penthouse he should be told the truth. Marlena says no, Roman isn't strong enough yet. Marlena promises that she'll tell Roman the truth after the holidays, then they can be together. Marlena leaves to sign Roman's release papers and Sami decides to tell her father the truth to spare him the pain.

Back in Roman's room Kim suggests that he slow down with the marriage business and give Marlena a little more time. Roman thinks that is a good idea because now they can fall in love even more. Later Stefano stops by to see Roman. Stefano flaunts his freedom in Roman's face, but Roman reminds Stefano that he hasn't forgiven him. Stefano then tells Roman about the little blood transfusion and that his blood is running through Roman's veins! Roman does not like this at all and starts yelling at Stefano. Kim comes in and asks what is going on. Stefano says he only showed up to wish Roman well and then he leaves. Roman asks Kim why nobody told him about the blood transfusion. Kim cries that they were afraid he'd react this way. All they cared about was keeping him alive.

Kristen and Stefano return home. Kristen thinks that Roman is moving back in with her, but Eric shows up to tell Kristen that he's here to get his father's things because he's moving into Marlena's. Kristen is thrilled with this idea because she thinks John will move back in with her. Eric tells Kristen to dream on if she thinks John will give her the time of day. Eric and Kristen argue, but the one thing they can agree on is that they both want Marlena to fall back in love with Roman.

Eric returns to the hospital where Sami tells Eric that she is going to tell their dad the truth. Eric stops Sami and tells her that if Marlena and Roman live together they might rekindle their love and remarry. Sami thinks he has a point, so she doesn't tell Roman.

Roman is released and thanks John for what he did. John tells Roman he hopes he gets well when Kristen suddenly shows up. Roman thanks Kristen for everything she's done and says she and John can have some time alone now that he's moving into the penthouse with Marlena. Roman and Marlena leave and Kristen asks John if he's moving back to the DiMera mansion. John just says "May as well." Marlena, Carrie, Eric, Sami, and Mike take Roman to Marlena's penthouse. When Roman and Marlena alone Roman plants a big kiss on her!

In the jungle Peter remembers all the good times he had with Jen. Peter decides to check the internet again and this time he learns that Jack has escaped as well.

Tuesday, November 25

The show opens with Hope going to Alice for advice on what to do concerning the Bo/Billie situation. Alice asks her "What does your heart believe?" Hope wants to know where to go from here and Alice tells her to trust her heart. Franco is outside the window watching/eavesdropping. Hope tells her that she fears that Bo has fallen back in love with Billie. Franco finally makes his presence known and Hope lets him in. Alice shows up with a music box (playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow) that Bo gave her a long time ago. She explains that Bo always gave her music boxes and this is the first one he ever gave her. Alice reminds her that she and Bo share a lot of memories. Alice excuses herself to turn in, but Hope decides to go for a walk. Franco asks if he can join her and she agrees (He thinks to himself that he will NOT give her up to Bo). They go for a walk (where else?) on the pier and he works on her insecurities and tries to convince her that Bo and Billie are really in love. He tells Hope that his love for his real and pulls her close, hugging her. Bo walks up and sees them kissing.

Kate and Billie talk about the Hope/Bo situation and Kate comforts her. She invites Billie and Bo to move in with her. Billie is really insecure and Kate senses that every time Bo is mentioned Billie gets this funny look. Kate comments about Billie looking pale and losing weight. She says that it's due to a number of poisoning, Jen's kidnapping and Bo/Hope. Billie tells her that she is afraid that the only reason Bo is with her is that he thought Hope was with Franco and now he knows it isn't true. Kate's advice? stick close to Bo and not let him be alone with Hope. Billie agrees and decides to go see Bo at the station.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Sami is looking at her blackmail information wondering what everyone would think if they knew the truth. Lucas shows up and Sami crams the stuff in a drawer (dropping something on the floor). He sees it and demands to know what Sami has on Kate. He tries to snatch it from her but she stuffs it down her blouse (like he hasn't been THERE before). He rails her out for claiming to be a caring mother while doing all these horrible things. Sami says everyone hates her and Lucas reminds her that she has only herself to blame. She asks him if they can put the past aside and talks about how close they once were. He says he can never forgive her for lying about Will. Later in the show, we see Sami rocking and humming to Will (as Lucas walks up). He seems to soften a bit toward her. Sami says she doesn't want his life ripped apart like hers was. Kate shows up (to check on Will) and Sami informs her that she and Lucas have decided to be civil and wonders why they can't get along as well. Kate demands she hand over the blackmail info. Sami says she will not give up until she gets what she wants....Austin AND Titan! Kate and Lucas both say over their dead bodies. Both tell her that she should concentrate on being a mother to will. After Kate stomps off, Lucas tells her that someday, when Will is older, he will wonder why no one likes her and she has no friends and what will she do then. He tells her that if she's not careful, someday she will end up alone and bitter.

Bo and Abe rehash the kidnapping and Peter being alive and Jack's escape. Abe informs Bo that they have extradited Max from Italy and that Billie may have to testify against him. Abe suggests that Roman may be able to help them out on the case, but Bo discourages him, they should let him rest. They talk about Jack's quest to save Jen and the conversation turns toward Bo's feeling that Hope was in danger. He recalls what Kate told him about Hope and Franco being on vacation and wonders why she told him that. He talks about Hope's strength and courage. Abe says "And then, there's Billie." Bo says "Yea, and I'm married to her" (LOL!) Right on cue, Billie shows up and wants to talk to Bo. Bo says they are busy, but Abe excuses himself. He tells her about Max and she is upset. Bo says not to worry yet, they may have enough on him that she won't have to testify. She asks him to come home, but he's not sure WHERE home is. She reminds him of the love he professed for her in Rome, but he tells her that finding Jen is what is important right now. She takes the hint and leaves. Later, Bo confides to Abe that he "cares" about Billie but can't move in with her. He needs some time alone to think and sort things out so he goes for a walk...that is where he spies Hope & Franco.

Billie comes home to find Sami alone in her room in the dark having a pity party. Sami talks about how hard it is to live down the past. Billie identifies with her and Sami talks about how Austin once cared for her after her accident. Billie relates and talks about how Bo cared for her when she was "sick." Sami says it feels good to have an honest conversation with someone and Billie says they do have a lot in common. Sami is shocked that Billie is being nice to her. Billie excuses herself and Sami thanks her. Outside, in the hallway, Billie thinks about how Bo was nice to her when she was on heroin...almost like she has to be threatened for him to care about her. Inside, Sami vows to make all her dreams come true.

At DiMansion, John has his bag packed and is heading out. Kristen asks him to stay. He asks her if she has "totally lost her mind" after all that she has done. He puts out the candles with his fingers and she asks him if he thinks her dress is sexy. John says "Goodbye" and turns on his heel. But she pleads her case and says even though she has done terrible things, she HAS done some bring Roman home. John tells her that she has turned into quite the "little spin doctor." She says she is sorry that things aren't working out with Marlena and John has a fantasy sequence with him and Marlena at the penthouse. They sit down and John just stares at his food as Kristen eats. John defends Marlena's actions and Kristen tells him that he's letting his goodness get in the way of reality and that Marlena is going to give in to Roman eventually and he's going to lose her forever. He tells her to stop trying to drive a wedge between him and Marlena, but she says that Roman has already done that...who knows what could happen next. John explodes and says he might as well be alone. As he storms off, Kristen begs him to stay. She wants to know where he is going and he tells her it is none of her business and stomps out the door. After he leaves, she smiles and says "Well, it's enough to build on."

At the penthouse, Marlena seems to have recovered from Roman's facial assault. He hopes he didn't move to fast. She flashes to the doctor's warnings and tells him not to worry. There are some awkward moments between them. He asks her if she really likes the penthouse and she confirms it. They even discuss their old house (next to Alice's) and he asks her why she sold it. She said too many memories. He suggests they make new memories. Roman sees a picture of John and questions her, but Marlena tells him that she helped Belle take that picture and they were proud of it. Marlena turns on some music and Roman suggests they dance...she suggests not (he needs to take it easy). But he persists and they do. Kim and Caroline show up with food (all of Roman's favorites...even some chowder). Kim takes the opportunity to ask Marlena how it's going and Marlena tells her it's awkward. Roman thanks Kim for her advice earlier and she says he looks tired. Kim and Caroline prepare to leave and Caroline tells Marlena to call her if she needs to talk and Marlena agrees. Marlena offers to show Roman to his room and he senses she is tense. He tells her it will all come in time. She tells him good night and sweet dreams. He tells her "this is what I will be dreaming of" and grabs her and kisses her again. He apologizes (as she clutches her necklace) and says that soon they will be together "as a man and wife should be." (barf) Abe calls and asks for his help (if he is up for it) and he is excited and agrees. Marlena tries to stop him, but he takes off. He kisses her on the cheek and rushes off. As Marlena turns off the lights and heads for bed, there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find...John. He says "I know I shouldn't be here, but I wanted to make sure your last thought tonight was of me." They kiss and he turns and leaves. Marlena stands in the doorway smiling

Wednesday, November 26

It's morning in Salem. Carrie wakes up to Austin kissing her neck. He tells her that he just talked with Mike and still no news about Jen. He got home late last night as his plane was delayed and felt bad he couldn't be there to comfort her about Jen's kidnapping (that's ok, Dr, Mike did a good job). They appreciate being with each other after what's going on with Jack & Jen. Austin brings Carrie breakfast in bed. She can't think of a more perfect way to start her day. Austin said he can, by making a baby. She said, yes, but not right away. She suggests they take Will to the zoo this weekend instead. Carrie and Austin talk about her starting up her own PR division at Titan. She looks for her CW lipstick in her purse (a PR person has to wear the companie's products). She is happy that she won't have to worry about running into Sami at Titan at least (that must be a clue!)

At DiMansion, Stefano and Kristen talk about Susan. He said Susan would not have found out he was the father if she (Kristen) hadn't messed up. Peter calls Stefano and Stefano asks Kristen to let him have privacy with the call. She said she wanted to go shopping anyway and struts out. Stefano tells Peter that Travis took Jen, he doesn't know why. Stefano tells Peter he can't help him as the police are watching him very carefully. Peter wipes his forehead and is anxious for Jen to see his pretty new necklace he got suckered into.

Lucas and Kate resort to coffee at Salem Place l to get away from Sami. Sami is also shopping at Salem Place. Her new plan requires a whole new wardrobe (oh no, not at Titan I hope). In his suit and tie, Lucas warns Kate that Sami's going to expose Kate, but he thinks he has a way to diffuse Sami. Lucas said Sami wants back his friendship as they use to be real tight and he was her confident. She's not working or going to school, so Will's the only one who puts up with her. Kate said Sami is too pleased with the power over Kate to give it up. Sami walks up and Lucas said he was wrong, he though Sami was a human being. Sami says to Kate that she doesn't want everyone to know that she was a call girl and slept her way to the top (aha, we were right!). Kate tells her to go ahead and blackmail her resume, at least she won't have to spend another wretched moment with her and walks away. Later in her office, Kate tells Lucas she called Sami's bluff. Kate said if she destroys her, Sami won't have anything left. She won't have any leverage over Kate, no roof over her head, etc. She said Sami is an arrogant little tramp. Lucas said he underestimated Sami's capabilities for revenge. Lucas suggests they kick Sami out that. Austin and Carrie walk in. Austin suggests that he and Lucas step out so Carrie and Kate can have their meeting. Outside Kate's office, Lucas and Austin talk about Sami. Lucas tells him he thought he saw a vulnerable side of Sami last night, but he was wrong. Austin tells him as much as he misses Will, he's glad Lucas is his father. Surprise, Carrie and Kate come out and announce that Carrie is the new head of their PR division. Kate and Lucas tell C & A they came up with a way to knock the wind out of Sami's sails. Sami's thinking the same thing at Salem Place. She picks up a magazine and says it may be the solution to her problem. Kate, Carrie, Lucas and Austin go back into Kate's office and toast Carrie's new title with champagne. Kate answers the phone and drops her champagne.

Kristen looks at a picture of John and Brady saying very soon they'll all be back together again. Stefano slithers in and Kristen tells him John was there last night and very soon she'll have him back

At the convent (still in stocking hat, but one that matches her sweater) Susan remembers Stefano's threat to get her about telling her he's Elvis's father. She tells Elvis she feels safe at Aunt Sissy's convent. She holds up a cross to keep the vampires away though, just in case. Susan wants breakfast, but remembers that peanut butter and banana sandwich. Sissy comes in and assures her she's safe there. She looks out and sees Sissy with her flock of nuns. She fantasizes that Stefano is in disguise in a habit and comes in to take Elvis. She tells Elvis she'll never eat another one of those sandwiches. Susan prays for God's protection over her and little Elvis. She hears a door opening and wonders if it's a sign, but nope, it's Kristen. Susan holds up the cross and backs up.

Jen and Travis are driving, still on the way to. Jen hopes someone finds the note she wrote. She asks Travis to let her call home and hear Abby's voice (she's not home Jen). Jen calls Abby. She and Grandma are making pies. Trying to hint something to Abby, she asks her to have Grandma read her their favorite story, the one about the "burro" (they're near the Grand Canyon it says on the map that Travis is looking at). Abby said that Snow White is her favorite story. Jen tells her to read the one about the burro and tells her where the book is. Travis tells her later to hang up and he uses the phone. Jen remembers the burro story and it takes place in the Grand Canyon. Travis calls Bart and threatens he better tell Peter to call him if he ever wants to see his precious Jennifer alive. A man comes up and asks when they're going to be off the phone, he has to call his old lady. He has a newspaper in his pocket and we see Travis and Jen's picture on the front page (will the man connect what he overheard and the picture?)

Jack and TC are on the same road it looks like. TC tells Jack they need gas. Jack said ok, but don't try anything funny. Jack sees a surveillance camera and hides in the corner while TC pays for the gas. Wouldn't you know it, a man walks in with a gun to rob the gas station right after TC goes to the counter to pay for the gas. Jack rushes up and grabs the man and fights with him (on camera of course). Sockem' wackem', Jack knocks the bad guy out. Surprise, TC is gone The gas station owner and his wife thank Jack and get a rope to tie up the hold-up man before he wakes up. Jack asks to use their phone (right behind the counter is a 11x14" WANTED sign of Jack). On a pier, Peter remembers talking to Stefano learning he doesn't have Jen. He promises Jen (to himself) that he'll find her so they can be together. A mosquito bites Peter (they wanted us to see it happen I guess). A man hocking expensive looking jewelry approaches Peter on the pier to sell him a necklace. Peter comments about the mosquito bite hurting and breathing harder than usual, calls Bart. He asks for Travis Malloy's number. He looks at the Sapphire necklace and gets groggy.

Stefano walks into the nursery and sees the picture of his son. He says Kristen will not interfere with his plans for Elvis, or she will answer to him. Susan and Kristen are talking at the convent about the DiMera curse. Kristen said the only way to break the curse is to give Elvis to her.

Jack calls Abby and she tells him Jen called. He asks her what Mommy said and she tells him about the burro story. He remembers the book and the little burro goes to the Grand Canyon. Jack thanks the gas station owner and sees the poster. The owner calls the police and tells them first about the hold up attempt and then about the note he found in the ladies room. A lady named Jennifer Horton said she was kidnapped and heading west and the car license plate #. Jack memorizes the number and leaves. He goes out to get in his car. We see TC with a hose in his hand (hubby said brake hose) and fluid on the ground. Later Jack can't stop the car. Jen and Travis are driving and his cellphone rings (sure has a good battery in that phone, did he bring his charger with him or a new battery?). Peter's calling. Peter asks to speak with Jen. Peter tells her he's happy to hear her voice and he'll never let her go once he sees her again.

Thursday, November 27

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives will not air today.

Friday, November 28

Kate hangs up the phone and they all ask her what is wrong. She says it's nothing and for Austin and Carrie to go and have a celebratory lunch. They leave her alone with Lucas and he figures that Sami must be up to something. She confirms this and Lucas tells her that no matter what he will always love her and not to about him and his loyalty. She is appreciative but has a dream where Carrie, Austin and Lucas find out her secrets and tell her they hate her and that they never want to see her again. She heads off the see what she can do to stop Sami who is at Salem Place meeting with a reporter for the Intruder. She tells the guy there is more to come and he is a very happy man. Stefanoano is hearing all this and comments about Sami being so resourceful. He says that Kristen used to be like that at one time but she has changed. Kate catches up with the reporter and threatens him but he pays her no attention and heads off to start the presses. Kate says the only thing she can do is tell her family before they see it in print. At Titan, Carrie and Austin have returned when Lucas calls them back. He tells them that Sami is blackmailing Kate and they are not surprised but say that nothing will change their love and support for her. As on cue, Kate opens the door and says she is glad and needs to tell them what it is. As she starts someone comes in with mail that includes the Intruder ( boy those presses sure ran fast). Sorry but I can't see the headline so Laney or Linda will have to tell you what it is but whatever it is must not be that awful because they say it's no big deal and they don't care what she does with the company. Kate says there is something she needs to take care of and goes to another office to find Sami strutting around saying this office will do her just fine. She threatens Kate and says this is just a warning and she better give in to her demands. Kate returns to her office to find Lucas still there who knows that Sami didn't show the real dirt on Kate. Kate admits it's true and Lucas gets fired up. He calls Sami a bitch and says that it's time someone made her pay and held something over her head. He storms off to see Sami and let her know how he feels about this whole mess.

At the convent, Kristen is visiting with Susan and telling her that if she loves Elvis she should let her raise him. Susan tells her she is not only mean, mean, mean but she is off her rocker too that she will never let her have Elvis. Kristen tells Susan that if Stefano raises Elvis he will be just a evil as him and that she can protect Elvis from Stefano's influences. Susan says that no Kristen is mean and even though she is not a true DiMera she is just as mean. Kristen says that she doesn't have DiMera blood in her but Elvis does and she should raise him to protect him - it's the only thing to do. Kristen tries to put fear in Susan and leaves her to think about things. With Kristen gone, Susan takes a nap and has a dream about Stefano and Elvis. In the dream Kristen walks up with a bundle and tells Susan to look what has happened to Elvis since Stefano had influences over him and opens the blanket to reveal a child's head with horns coming out it's head. Susan screams and Stefano comes out also dressed like the devil with horns and a devil's pitchfork. He says that Elvis is just like him and Susan is screaming no, no, no. This scene appears to be really funny - especially if you can see it clearly. Then we see Elvis standing by Stefano and saying that they are going to rule the world together and comments about "the loony woman" (referring to Susan). Susan says she not loony she's him Mom. Elvis asks if she wants to sell her soul to the devil and join forces with them. She shouts no. She is tossing in her sleep and the phone rings. It's Kristen and Susan hollers no you can't have my baby without even saying hello. She tells Kristen about the dream and Kristen tells her she needs to let her raise Elvis. Susan reluctantly agrees and Kristen is very happy. Stefano in the meantime is thinking of Elvis and says that soon he and his son will be together. Laura overhears this and thinks that he is talking of Peter. She threatens him and says that if anything happens to Jen she will systematically destroy him.

In the Grand Canyon, Jen is talking to Peter telling him that she hates him and to let her go home to Abby and also release Jack from jail. He refuses and says they will be together soon. Jack is comes to after having his wreck and appears to be OK for now. He goes and finds a payphone and calls Laura to tell her that Jen is on the way to the Grand Canyon and call Abe for backup. Jen takes a nap and dreams of the future and seeing Abby for the first time in years but Abby says that she doesn't know who she is that her mother left her when she was a child - she doesn't have a mother she says. Jen cries out and wakes to find Travis on the phone again with Peter. Peter has found a way to get back to the states on a cargo plane and tells Travis he will meet him at the Grand Canyon for the exchange. Jen grabs the phone and tries one more time to try and change Peter's mind but no use. He in the meantime is having problems from the bite and goes into a bathroom and rips the sink off the wall as he is in pain from the bite. On the way to the Grand Canyon Jen tries to get Travis to turn around and she will make it worth his while but he says no. They arrive at the Grand Canyon and then we hear police sirens. Travis is looking up as Jen opens the door and runs.

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