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Monday, December 1

In the jungle, Peter rips the sink off the wall and is moaning and carrying on so that the girl and a man hear him. They finally get Peter to open the door and come out and he is covered with sweat. The woman mentioned to the man that Peter had been bitten by a mosquito and they both got concerned that he might have jungle madness. They said that this disease had only been in the islands and was very dangerous and if he went to the states it could be very bad for him and anyone that comes in contact with him. He tells them he is OK and wants to know where the plane is. They try to discourage him from leaving because he is sick but the plane finally arrives and he heads off to get on it.

Billie, Bo and Hope all have dreams of conversations since their return from Rome and each wonder what the future holds. Hope is looking at a picture of her, Shawn-D and Bo when Shawn-D and Abby come in the room. Abby says she is thinking about her Mom and Dad and want them back home and together. Hope says she understands and sends Abby off the check on the cookies they are helping Alice bake. Shawn-D says he feels the same way - he wants his mom and dad together. Hope says she does too but is not sure what will happen. They talk about Bo and Billie and the misunderstandings that Hope and Bo have had and whether Hope thinks she and Bo can get back together again. She tells Shawn-D that she doesn't think there is any future for her with Franco. Shawn-D asks if love is this much trouble and pain and Hope tells him no it's wonderful it just takes a lot of work. They talk some more and both agree that they don't want to see Billie hurt and also realize that someone will get hurt no matter what.

At Titan, Kate is furious and tells someone on the phone to get over there right away and little later we see Franco show up at her office. She says she was not thinking straight when she called and that she doesn't want to do anything permanent to Sami but needs to stop her. Franco says he wants to keep Hope and will do whatever to make sure she and Bo do not get back together and that she and Sami came to an understanding in Rome and he can get info from her as to what she may be up to next. Kate warns him to be careful that Sami is very clever but he tells her that Sami is just a child. Lucas shows back up after a visit with Sami that was not very productive and wonders what Franco is doing there. They cover and say he is there for his next assignment and he leaves. Lucas tells Kate that he may have a way to placate Sami and next we see them heading to see her in Vic's office. They tell her they have decided to give her a job at Titan - it is Director of Imaging and Personnel Development and consists of finding and hiring new models, she will scheduling and creating photo shoots, coordinating and she will be in charge of developing Titan's commercial image. They told her she proved she could destroy the company's image they want to see if she can create one. She said it sounded good for starters. Kate did say there was a condition - she had to take Viv's old office she could not have Vic's. Sami tried to stay in Vic's office but Kate won that battle. When Kate left Lucas asked for the blackmail pics but Sami said no way---she might still need them. Lucas tells Sami that she may be able to have done all this honestly and not by blackmail. She doesn't think she could but Lucas told her could have but that would have meant she was going to be honest and have integrity and that's impossible for her. She has dream that she can do it without blackmail but says it's a whole lot easier with blackmail.

At the police station, Abe says the DA is pressing for Billie to testify and Bo finally tells him why Billie can't testify and her getting back on drugs in Rome because of Max. Abe says he understands and calls the DA to work out a deal. Bo comes home to Billie and tells her that they need her to testify and that he had to tell Abe about her. He worked out a deal with the DA to have Billie testify to the grand jury and have it sealed so no one will know. She is reluctant and concerned that Max will go public about her but Bo thinks he won't risk it because then he will have to admit he did those things. She agrees they go to the station to get it over with. Abe assures it all will work out just fine.

In the Grand Canyon, Jen runs but Travis catches her before she can get too far away and they find a cave to hide in while they wait for Peter. He keeps wondering when Peter will get there and Jen tells him that Peter may be coming from a long way away and that it may be hours or days before he can arrive. Travis is not too happy about this but knows it is probably true. Jack has hitched a ride with an older gentleman named Cliff and introduces himself as Nick. He says he is on his way to meet his wife for camping when his car broke down. Cliff has the radio on and they hear about Jen and Travis and that they found the car vacated and also about Jack. Cliff turns to Jack and says you're Jack aren't you and Jack admits he is but swears he's not dangerous and tries to tell Cliff the condensed version of what is going on. All of a sudden they come on a road block and Jack pulls out a gun and tells Cliff he needs his hat. Cliff shows the officer his license and the officer notices a guy slumped over with Cliff's hat on and looks like he is sleeping in the truck. Cliff says it's his son - he is on a college break and they are on their way home and shows the officer a pic of him and his son on a fishing trip. The officer buys the story and sends them on their way. Jack thanks Cliff and he says he knows that Jack is not dangerous because he could have shot him back when he first picked him up. They arrive about half-a-mile from the entrance to the Grand Canyon and Jack gets out to walk the rest of the way. Cliff tells him to keep the hat to help with his disguise and wishes him luck. Jack heads off and says he needs to find a place to hide and spots what looks like an entrance to a cave and heads for it.

Tuesday, December 2

Maggie, Abby, Shawn D., and Hope are shopping at Salem Place when John shows up. Maggie and the kids go to see Santa and Hope and John talk. John is looking forward to spending Christmas with Marlena, but they still haven't told Roman the truth. John and Hope talk about the problems plaguing John and Marlena's relationship, and how this ordeal with Roman is killing him (John). John asks Hope if she's talked to Bo, but Bo has been so busy with other things that she hasn't had the chance. Hope says she believes something was wrong with Billie which kept Bo in Rome for so long, and she is determined to find out what.

Kristen is also in Salem Place. She believes that John will love her once again once Susan gives Little Elvis back to her. Kristen sees Hope and John talking so she butts in. Hope decides to leave to let John talk with Kristen. Kristen asks John out for dinner but John says nope. John says he has to go to the cop shop to check up on Jen's whereabouts. Kristen hopes some news arrives and John says if she'd tell them where Peter is it would make things easier. Kristen says she doesn't know and wishes he would believe her, but John says he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to believe another word she says.

At the hospital Mike tells Roman that his health is improving. Eric asks what his dad wants for Christmas, and Roman says he wants to marry Marlena. Roman decides to use the phone in the room to call Marlena, so Eric and Mike leave the room. Eric tells Mike that this is the happiest he's seen his dad in a long time, but Mike says that once Roman is recovered Marlena and John will be married

Roman and Eric leave the hospital and run into John and Kristen, who are arguing about Kristen's lies about Peter. Roman asks them if they'd like to go to dinner and Kristen quickly says they'd love too. Roman, Eric, Kristen, and John all go out to dinner. Roman thanks John for what he and Hope did, and he will be indebted to him forever. Roman then proposes a toast to John and Kristen and in hopes they have many children. Kristen points out that she can't have children, so Roman says they can adopt. Kristen says that she and John are actually discussing that. John decides to discuss it right now and asks Kristen to dance. As they dance John and Kristen bicker. Later Roman dances with Kristen and John is stuck talking with Eric. John tells Eric that he will tell Roman the truth as soon as he is well. Eric tells John that his love for Marlena isn't right, Marlena and Roman belong together and Eric asks John to back off and let them be happy. John tells Eric that he will marry his mother, whether he or Sami like it or not! Kristen and Roman sit down and when Kristen tells John how Roman went on and on about Marlena, John walks out.

At the station a lawyer tells Max that Billie's testimony will be concealed, nobody will learn Billie is a junkie. The lawyer tries to cut Max a deal for a reduced sentence, but Max refuses to go to prison.

In Abe's office Abe and Bo talk while Billie leaves to get them some sandwiches. Abe asks Bo if the reason he's working so hard to find Jen is to avoid spending time with Billie. Bo tells Abe that his situation is so complicated. Bo explains that he only moved on with Billie because he thought Hope was unavailable. Abe tells Bo he has some major decisions to make, and Bo says he has to resolve all this. Billie returns and Bo tells Billie that he's worried about Max getting off (Bo uses this excuse to explain the serious look on Bo and Abe's faces when Billie came in). Billie doesn't buy the story and asks him why he is avoiding coming home with her. Bo tells her he has to be here in case any new leads come in. Billie then surprises Bo with the idea of buying a new boat for them to live on. Bo remembers buying the Fancy Face and he tells Billie that he needs to think about it. Bo also tells her if they get a new boat HE wants to pay for it. Suddenly Abe shows up and tells Bo that Travis and Jen were spotted near the Grand Canyon.

Max is brought up into the station and he confronts Billie about her drugs. Max tells Billie that she'll be back on drugs real soon, once a junkie always a junkie. Bo grabs Max and tells him it's time the slimy bastard paid the piper (Bo's words) Later, a shaken Billie tells Abe and Bo she can't testify against Max.

Hope goes to the hospital to talk to Mike about Billie. Mike remembers his promise to Billie, so he tells Hope that Billie just had a serious case a food poisoning. Hope then asks if Bo talked about her at all in Rome, and Mike says she should ask Bo about that. Mike is then called off to see a patient. Hope decides to go to the police station, and of course she walks in on Bo and Billie holding each other.

Peter shows up at the Canyon and tries to explain everything to Jen. Peter claims that it was all Stefano's doing. Peter tells Jen he loves her, but Jack shows up and tells Peter that Jen belongs with him! Peter and Jack ask Jen to chose, and she chooses Peter. Of course this is just a dream, Peter is really in the rain forest hospital, delirious with Jungle Fever. Eventually the woman watching Peter has to leave to close up some shop, and while she's gone Peter wakes up.

Jack is exploring the park looking for Jen and Travis. Jen and Travis are hiding in a cave. When Jen tries to beg Travis not to do this, Travis warns Jen if she tries anything he'll make sure she never sees Jack or little Abby again. When Park Rangers show up, Jen and Travis AND Jack are all forced to lay low until the rangers leave. Later Jack stumbles upon a man and his son camping. Jack claims that he's looking for his friends because they were going camping, but the man asks him why he doesn't have any gear? Jack says he came strait from work and he asks if he can use their phone. The man lets Jack use his phone, so Jack calls Mike. Suddenly the Park Rangers show up again! The man covers for Jack for some reason and Mike tells Jack he should turn himself in. Jack refuses and he leaves to search for Jen.

Back in the cave that Travis has stashed Jen in, Jen writes note in the dirt, but is caught by Travis when she tries to escape. Travis starts strangling the bitch (Travis's word, not mine). Travis stops strangling Jen and drags her out of the cave in hopes of finding Peter. Travis and Jen scale a cliff and end up at a cabin. Jen asks Travis what will happen if Peter doesn't come, but Travis says she better pray that doesn't happen. Travis locks Jen in the cabin and leaves to get some water. Jen tries to escape from the cabin before Peter shows up or Travis kills her. Meanwhile, Jack finds Jen message scribbled in the dirt on the cave floor. Jack recalls Travis telling him that his family had a cabin in the Grand Canyon, so he decides to find it. Back at the cabin, Travis returns before Jen can escape.

Wednesday, December 3

Sami is pacing around her office dreaming about owning Titan with Austin at her side. Franco comes in and tells Sami that he is going to make sure she doesn't destroy his chance at happiness with Hope. Sami assures Franco that she will keep quiet, for now. Franco says that wasn't their deal, but Sami says she's changed their deal. Sami tells Franco if she decides she can use that information to her advantage then she will use it. Franco warns Sami that nobody double crosses him and gets away with it, and on that note he storms out of the office. Sami continues to fantasize about taking over Titan and how Austin is married and devoted to her. Later Sami tells her diary (a mini tape recorder) that she will expose Franco if she has to. Someone overhears this and begins to follow Sami.

At the police station, Hope shows up as Bo is holding Billie. Billie sees Hope, so she kisses Bo! Hope naturally walks off. Billie and Bo go to the pub and they talk. Billie agrees to testify against Max if he will be there for her. Bo assures her he will and Billie says that his love is giving her the strength to fight Max. Bo tells Billie she has a lot more strength that she gives herself credit for and he reminds her she has a loving family as well. Billie says she's just afraid that Max will tell someone the truth.

Back at the station a police officer ask Hope to watch Max while he goes do to do some type of cop thing. Hope tells Max he'll never destroy another family with his filthy drugs again. Max says that if he goes down he's taking Billie with him! Max tells Hope that Billie will probably go back to Europe so it's easier to do her thing, "dope." Hope doesn't know what Max is talking about, so Max tells Hope that Billie was a junkie in Rome. Max is carted off and Hope can't believe Billie was back on drugs.

Hope goes back to Grant's place and Franco shows up to see Hope. Hope is troubled and she tells Franco what Max told her about Billie. Franco says it's not possible, he saw Billie and Bo in Rome and they were happy. Hope wonders if Bo stayed in Rome to take care of Billie, but Franco tells her that Bo was with Billie because they are in love, it's obvious that Max wants revenge on Billie and that's why he said that. Franco tells Hope he has to go to an appointment and he tells her to put this drug business out of his head. Hope can't get what Max said out of her head, and she realizes that Billie was on drugs.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Bo is fantasizing about Hope and how perhaps they could be together. Suddenly Billie comes in a negligee and asks Bo to make love to her. Bo tries to avoid Billie but she won't take no for an answer and she's already filled up the hot tub. Suddenly the phone rings and Bo answers it. Lucky for Bo it's the station and he has to go track down a lead on Jen. Billie tells Bo she understands and she hopes the lead pays off. When Bo leaves, Billie realizes Bo is slipping away from her and wonders what she can do.

At the restaurant Roman asks Kristen if there is trouble with John. Kristen says no, John just had to go do something. Kristen excuses herself to go after John. Outside Kristen tells John they have to play the loving couple, but John could care less and says that's her dream, he's not going to live her dream. John says that he wants Roman to find out the truth, but he can't let Roman know until he is stronger and can take the stress. Kristen tells John that Eric wants his parents back together, but John says that won't change the fact that he and Marlena will marry. Kristen tells John that Marlena only committed to him because she thought Roman was dead, and she suggest if Roman came back earlier Marlena may have chosen Roman. John tells Kristen that he knows what she's doing and it's not going to work. John and Kristen bicker, John says that his and Marlena's love can't be denied, just like it couldn't be denied when Roman was here. Kristen tells John she loves him and will be there for him, and she walks off. John wonders if Roman had been healthy if he would have given him and Marlena his (Roman's) blessing.

Back inside Roman asks Eric what is going on with John and Kristen and if they are having problems. Eric ignores his dad and avoids the subject. Roman asks Eric if he noticed how tense John was and Eric says he's making to much out of this. Roman says he has a very strong feeling that things are being kept from him due to his illness.

Eric goes outside and apologizes to John for getting him so steamed up and he's sorry for coming down so hard on him. Eric tells John that it's important to him to have his mom and dad together. John says he knows that, but his mom loves him, end of discussion. Eric asks if John could just give his parents a shot. John tells Eric ENOUGH, but Eric asks if he's afraid that Marlena might actually love Roman again? Eric tells John that he never blamed him or judged him, and he even supported his mother's decision to be with John. However, Eric says while John was in the jungle he saw his mom and dad reconnect and he thinks they could get back together if given the chance. Eric asks John to back off and John says Eric has to back off. Eric and John argue and fight about how Roman walked out on Marlena. They argue and bicker about whether Roman and Marlena really did reconnect while John was in the jungle. Eric tells John he won't let him ruin the chance for his parents to reunite, but John tells Eric that decision is up to Marlena, and Eric should stay out of it. John walks off and Eric says he just can't do that.

Back in the restaurant Roman is recalling Marlena telling him she will marry him. However, he also recalls seeing John holding Marlena and wonders what isn't right, and he's going to find out what.

Roman leaves the restaurant and he tells Eric to go on home, he'd like to walk along the pier on his home. Eric says okay and returns home. Roman catches up with John on the pier. John apologizes for running out and he thanks Roman for dinner. Roman tells John he has a feeling that things are being kept from him, he feels he's being lied to and asks John if it's true. Roman asks John straight out if he and Kristen are happy, is their marriage strong, is their marriage real?

Kristen calls Susan and tells her that she will pick up the baby tomorrow, and she assures Susan that only she can keep her baby safe from Stefano. Kristen tells Susan that if she loves her boy she will let her (Kristen) have him. Kristen hangs up and Susan cries and holds little Elvis. Susan looks at little Elvis and sees him turn into a devil dog and she declares that she will not let Mr. Stefano DiMera turn him into a devil dog. Meanwhile Kristen is getting the nursery ready for little Elvis and dreams about John returning to her.

Thursday, December 4

Laura and Marlena consult on a difficult patient at the hospital and commiserate with each other about their problems - Jennifer's kidnapping and Marlena's dilemma with Roman and John. Marlena leaves the hospital and goes for a walk. Meanwhile, on the pier, Roman asks John what the deal is with his marriage to Kristen - whether he is having problems and Marlena is acting as a marriage counselor. John tells him that is not the case, but he's right - there has been tension between him and Kristen. Roman says he feels that everyone has been protecting him from the truth, and he wants to know, once and for all, what it is. He is getting stronger every day and he can handle it. Just as John is about to tell him, Marlena walks up. When she finds out what they're talking about, she minimizes John and Kristen's problems and says that there's nothing strange going on. John looks at her with disappointment. Roman suggests they all go up to the penthouse for a nightcap. John tries to beg off, but Roman won't take no for an answer, especially when Marlena tells Roman what a comfort John was when she thought he (Roman) was going to die. Roman says John has been the best friend in the world. John is obviously getting increasingly uncomfortable with all the lying. In the penthouse, Roman goes to call Abe about Jennifer's case and John tells Marlena he can't take it any more. Marlena begs him to wait until Roman is fully recovered. John says he will if that's what she wants, but he can't stand being in the same room with the two of them any more. He tells her to tell Roman he went to the station. Before leaving, he gives Marlena a passionate kiss, leaving her breathless and anguished. Roman comes into the room and immediately senses there is something wrong. Marlena says that John went to the station, and she is just upset about Jennifer. Roman says he is, too, but they will find her soon. Then he tells her they have to concentrate on their future together, and that now that he is healthy, nothing will stop him from being with Marlena. He takes her in his arms.

At Salem Place, Sami hears ominous footsteps behind her. She begins to panic and starts calling out for the person following her to show himself. Suddenly, her brother Eric shows up and the person following her (presumably Franco) melts back into the shadows. Sami is relieved, thinking it was only Eric the whole time. They start talking about what they can do to get John out of the picture so Roman and Marlena can get together. It's about the only thing they can agree on. Sami asks why Marlena has to be so selfish, why she can't just put aside her love for John. Eric says that's a ridiculous question, coming from her - why can't she just put aside her love for Austin, since he's married to her sister? Sami says that's different, and it will never happen, especially now that she has this great job with Titan. Eric narrows his eyes and asks how that happened anyway. Sami says Kate must have a lot of faith in her, and then changes the subject by offering to give Eric a job. Eric says no thanks, he's not sure what he wants for a career yet. Sami says she thinks he doesn't know what he wants, period. Eric asks what that is supposed to mean. Sami says that she doesn't know what Eric is even thinking any more because he's been so distant since they got back. She asks him what secret he's hiding. Eric gets very defensive and says there is no secret and he wishes she would quit bugging him. Sami says that if there's no secret, why is he getting so angry? Eric says that he is naturally cautious because he has seen how his family has screwed up their lives acting on their emotions. Sami says that he will end up alone if he doesn't learn to go for what he wants. Eric scoffs at her for offering advice to him when she has alienated her entire family. Sami suddenly gets tearful and asks Eric to just give his sister a hug. He does, and she asks how they can be close again. Eric says that first they have to focus on getting Roman and Marlena back together. They promise each other to work on ideas for keeping John busy, and go their separate ways. And the man following Sami resumes his mission.

In the jungles of South America (presumably), Peter Blake stumbles around, half-crazed, after trashing his room and getting out of the way station where the tour guides had been treating him. He finally makes his way to the airfield, barely able to see, his head splitting with agony. When he sees that the plane has already left, he nearly collapses in despair, but his desire to see Jennifer again motivates him to make his way to the phone. He calls the only person he can think of to help him out - Stefano.

The doctor, the male tour guide, and Tawny (the cute little female tour guide) open the door to Peter's room to find it a shambles, and Peter nowhere in sight. They realize he has escaped. The doctor explains that this kind of jungle fever gives some people superhuman strength and destructive tendencies, and that anyone who encounters him is in danger. Tawny cries out as she sees the beautiful sapphire necklace that Peter had been intending to give Jennifer on the floor. She realizes that if he left it behind, he must be very confused and dangerous.

In the park in Salem, Stefano meets with Bart and asks him if he has heard from Peter at all. Bart reluctantly admits that he has, that Peter called and asked for Travis' number, and that he gave it to him. Bart looks worried that he did something wrong. Stefano berates him for not calling first, but doesn't get too angry. Stefano says that although he wants Peter to be happy, he can't be linked in any way with Peter's plan to kidnap Jennifer because it will destroy his plan to be reinstated in Salem society. Stefano impatiently tells Bart to get out of his face. Just then, John Black, moody from his encounter with Roman and Marlena, walks up to Stefano and demands to know where Peter is. Stefano says he has no idea. John doesn't know whether to believe him or not, but tells Stefano that if he wants to be accepted in Salem society again, he had better call Abe the minute he hears from Peter. Just after John leaves, Stefano's phone rings. It's Peter, sounding desperately ill and delirious. He tells Stefano that he is stuck in the jungle with no plane, that he is sick, and he doesn't know what to do. Stefano tells him to make his way to the DiMera compound in the jungle, but just then, the phone goes dead.

At the Grand Canyon National Park, Jack kicks a dumpster in frustration. He knows that Travis has probably taken Jen to his parents' cabin, but has no idea where that might be, and knows that just walking around the park, he is likely to miss them or get caught. He decides that the only person who can help him pin down the location is Laura. He calls her at the hospital and she is delighted to hear from him. He asks her to break into Travis' house and find some information on the cabin. Laura says there is still a police guard there. Jack says she will have to distract him. Laura agrees, saying she will do anything for Jennifer. She goes to the house and tells the officer that she saw a strange man down the street. When he goes to investigate, she sneaks into the house with a penlight and begins looking around. Suddenly, the room is flooded with light. The officer is back, and very suspicious. He asks Laura what she is doing there.

Jack waits near the ranger cabin to call Laura back. Just as he turns around to make the phone call, he hears someone say "Freeze!" and he sees a ranger pointing a gun at him.

In the cabin, Jennifer notices that Travis is unusually tense. She asks what makes him so nervous. He starts to tell her that it's his family's cabin and he hasn't been there since...he abruptly breaks off and tells her to mind her own business. He ties her up and leaves to go check on the rendezvous point. Jen tries to escape her bonds and screams herself hoarse, but Travis comes back before anyone can find her. He tells her that Peter isn't there yet, but they can wait. Obviously, waiting is driving him nuts, and Jen asks again what it is about the cabin that he hates so much, but Travis gets angry and tells her to shut up.

Friday, December 5

John Black is sitting alone at Johnny Angel's, moping in his coffee. Marlena arrives to sit with him and he moans about how long it's been since they've been together. Marlena says that it will be just a little while longer, until Roman is healthy and they can tell him the whole truth. Marlena says that if Kristen hadn't lied in the first place, they wouldn't be going through this now. John says that he feels a little bit sorry for Kristen, now that she's alienated everyone in town. Marlena says she brought it on herself, and that everything she does is self-serving - even her love for baby Elvis. John says they shouldn't waste their precious time together talking about Kristen. Then he notices that Marlena isn't wearing his engagement ring any more. Marlena says that she had to take it off once Roman moved into the penthouse because she didn't want to make him suspicious. She takes it out of her purse and asks John to hold it for her, temporarily, until she can wear it openly again and with pride. John takes it, but is obviously upset at this latest symbol of their separation. They go their separate ways.

At the convent, Susan continues packing for Kristen's arrival. Sister Mary Moira brings her a phone call from Kristen, confirming that she will be arriving today to pick up little Elvis. Susan is obviously having second thoughts. Sister Mary can't figure out what's going on and calls Celeste, who is shopping with Lexie, to come and try to get the truth out of Susan. Susan goes to the chapel to pray for guidance, or a sign of some sort that what she is doing is the right thing. Celeste comes and Susan freaks out, thinking that she is an agent of Stefano. Celeste wonders why Susan is so afraid of Stefano, and what he has to do with her life. Celeste tries to draw Susan out about her plans, but Susan keeps asking questions about when Alexandra was born, and why Celeste gave her up for adoption. Celeste says that she wanted to protect her daughter from Stefano's evil influence, and that it was the most loving and selfless thing she had ever done. Susan thinks that maybe this was the sign she was looking for.

Kristen is crawling around on the floor of the mansion installing baby-proofing in the electrical outlets. Stefano barges in and asks what she is doing. Kristen says she lost an earring. Stefano tells her he is worried about Peter. He tells her about the phone call, and Kristen says that if Peter heard his suggestion, he would go to the compound and Dr. Rolf would help him. Stefano is still worried, but decides to try to focus on his other children - Lexie, Kristen, and little Elvis. Kristen smiles to herself. She goes shopping at Salem Place for little Elvis. There she runs into Marlena, who asks her why all the baby gifts. Kristen says they're for Belle and Brady, since they were her stepchildren and she has to maintain the appearance of marriage to John until Roman is clued in on the truth. Marlena says that will be very soon. Kristen says that her plans may change, and cheerfully wishes her a merry Christmas. Marlena is very suspicious. Kristen runs into a woman with a baby, who sits down next to her and starts chatting. Marlena happens to be sitting a few feet away and out of sight, and is startled to hear Kristen tell the woman that she has a baby about the same age as the woman's. Kristen goes on to say that she and her husband had adopted a child, but the natural mother took the child back. The woman says that must have been devastating. Kristen says everything will be all right, because today she is getting her baby back. Marlena looks like she just swallowed a cow.

John meets Lexie at Salem Place and asks her to try to get Peter's location out of Stefano. Lexie says she doubts Stefano would share that kind of information with her, but John convinces her that she's their best hope of helping Jennifer and Jack. Lexie goes to Stefano's place and invites him to her medical school graduation. Stefano is very touched. She also asks if he knows where Peter is, and he tells her honestly that he does not know, but is very worried. Bart comes in and asks to speak to Stefano. They go outside, and Bart tells Stefano that Peter's hideout in on the island is empty, and the last anyone heard, he bought a sapphire necklace for Jennifer and then just disappeared. Lexie eavesdrops on all this.

In the jungle, Peter stumbles around the airfield. A worker tells him that the next cargo plane isn't coming for days. Peter gets another blinding headache and makes his way to the DiMera compound. Dr. Rolf holds a gun on him until he realizes who Peter is. Dr. Rolf quickly diagnoses the jungle madness, brought on by the mosquito bite, and tells Peter that if he doesn't get it treated, he may die. He also tells him that making the antidote will take a few days. Peter is upset because he knows that Jennifer is waiting with Travis for him. He decides to call Travis.

At the Grand Canyon, Travis and Jennifer hear sounds outside the cabin. Travis says that if it is Jack, he'll kill him. Travis takes a gun outside and Jennifer prays that if it's Jack, he'll be careful. Suddenly she hears a gunshot and she screams in fear. Then the phone starts ringing, but she can't reach it to answer it. Travis comes back in and says, "Jack is dead!" Jennifer starts sobbing uncontrollably, until Travis says, "Jack-rabbit!" and shows her the rabbit he killed. Jennifer tells him he is a sick person. He tells her he hasn't had jackrabbit stew since...he starts daydreaming, and has a bad flashback of some sort where he hears voices screaming. Jennifer asks him what is wrong, but he tells her to mind her own business. The phone rings again. It's Peter, telling Travis he'll be detained. He asks to speak to Jennifer. Jennifer pleads with Peter not to do this, to let her go home. Peter says he loves her and plans to make up for all the time they spent apart.

Jack finds himself the prisoner of a mountain militiaman. The man takes Jack to his tent and says he is going to turn him over to the police for the reward money. Jack notices his weapons and figures out that he is a militia type who dislikes the justice system and the government. Playing on that fact, Jack says that he was set up by an evil man to take a fall for a crime he didn't commit, and that man has his ex-wife. Jack says that if the militiaman turns him over to the system, he will only be supporting the very thing he despises. Jack pleads with him instead to help him find Jennifer and Travis, saying that he will receive a much greater reward if he helps Jack than if he turns him in. The man thinks about it and finally agrees. Jack tells him about Travis and the cabin in the Grand Canyon. The man asks to see Travis' picture and Jack pulls out a clipping. Suddenly, the militia man back away and says he wouldn't mess with that man and that cabin for all the money in the world.

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