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Monday January 5, 1998

Jack is driving back to the Grand Canyon wearing a fake mustache and he asks God to forgive him for leaving Jen again. Suddenly Jen and Abby pop out from under a blanket in the back seat. Abby goes to sleep and Jen and Jack argue over what she and Abby did. Jen is sure they can both out smart Peter.

Back in Jack's car, Jack thinks the car following him might be the FBI. Jack tells Jen that when the first opportunity comes along he is going to drop them off. Jen says no and Abby wakes up and asks why they are fighting. Jack says just because they don't agree with each other, it doesn't mean that they don't love one another.

Peter's car tire blows, which lets Jack get away from him. Jack, Jen, and Abby find a hotel and check in. They use the aliases Bob and Vicky Mitchell, Andrea is their daughter. Peter also checks into the hotel as well, and he gets the room next to Jack, Jen, and Abby's room!

Celeste tells Abe that she feels this year is going to be more treacherous than the last for John, Roman, and Marlena. Mike and Carrie are still dancing. Carrie senses something is wrong with Mike, but she thinks he's worried about Jack and Jen. Kate, Lynn, and Lucas are watching Sami dance with Franco and wondering what Sami is up too.

Austin interrupts Bo and Hope's talk to tell him that Billie has fainted. They all rush to Billie, who is still on the ground. Austin pries Mike away from Carrie to check on Billie. Mike looks her over and when Franco asks Hope what happened, Hope says that's what she'd like to know. Mike wants to take Billie to the hospital, but she says know and asks Bo to take her home. Bo gets a moment alone with Hope and tells her he is sorry. Billie and Bo go home and Billie tells Bo that she needs him so much and asks him not to leave her tonight.

Kristen shows up at the party. Kristen gives "Doc" a happy New Year wish and says she's asked for it. Eric shows up and asks her what evil games she's playing with his mom's life now. Kristen says she hasn't done anything to Marlena. Eric and Kristen argue, Eric says that Marlena is caught in this lie because of her (Kristen). Eric goes off on the "If John would butt out" issue and Kristen says "you hate John don't you?" Eric replies that he just wishes John would back off of his mother.

Lucas confronts Sami and accuses Sami and Franco of conspiring. Sami says she is insulted and asks if he could give her the benefit of the doubt for once. Lucas says no way, but if she wants him to respect her then she should destroy the blackmail she has on Kate. Sami says she can't do that, so Lucas tells her to write him off as a friend.

On the plane, John and Marlena are still kissing and Roman is spying on them from behind a curtain. Marlena thanks John for being so patient, but John says patient he is not. John says he doesn't know how much longer he can wait, but Marlena says it won't be much longer. Marlena tells John that as soon as Roman gets a clean bill of health they will tell him the truth. Marlena goes on to tell John she loves him so much and she never stopped. John pulls out the engagement ring and says he was hoping to put this on her finger tonight.

Meanwhile, Roman asks how she (Marlena) could lie to him like that. John tells Marlena nothing will stop him from marrying her. Marlena says she feels guilty about lying to Roman and she hopes he understands and will forgive her. John says he's sure he will and one day he might even be grateful. Roman say "Grateful? Like Hell I will!" Roman thinks that the whole thing was just an act, Marlena just wanted to get rid of him and marry John. John asks Marlena to stay with him tonight, but Marlena says she can't. Marlena has to go to the benefit to meet Roman, so John offers to drive her. Roman tells himself "not until you explain to me why you lied," and suddenly he starts breathing heavy and grabs his chest. Roman calms down and walks into the plane cabin to confront Marlena and John, but they are gone. Roman picks up the glass Marlena was drinking from and starts trashing the cabin.

John shows up at the party and sees Hope and they have a drink. Marlena shows up as well, but she doesn't see Roman. Kristen sees that John and Marlena have arrived and thinks something must have gone wrong. John shows up and Sami storms off, Eric follows but not before telling John not to count on being with his mother this year.

Sami walks out to the alley and is grabbed by a man in a black mask.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Laura pays Alice a visit. She tells Laura that Jen and Abby are gone. Laura says this is unexpected. Laura is still upset because Abe has a shoot-to- kill order out on Jack. In the motel room, Jack has a mustache, and died his hair brown. .

Peter is in the next room and is suffering from Jungle madness. Peter looks out his window and sees Jack getting a soda and he realizes Jack, Jen, and Abby are next door. Peter climbs through the window in Jack's room, but Jen hears him hit the shower curtain. Jack returns and Jen tells him that someone is in the bathroom. Jack checks it out but Peter is gone.

Peter has returned to his room and is upset that Jack came back so soon, he almost had Jen and Abby. Once Jack is back in the room, from getting sandwiches, Peter leaves.

Jen decides to call Laura and before she does, Jack puts a scrambler on the phone. The FBI is already tracing the call. The FBI gets a trace on the call, but it's coming from Madrid! They realize that there is a scrambler and Jack grabs the phone from Jen and hangs it up. While this goes on, Peter purchases a gun.

Franco comes to Sami's rescue. Franco takes Sami back to the Kiriakis Mansion and Sami thanks him for what he did. Sami wonders if that is so then why she doesn't have any friends. Franco tells her that it is because she lies and manipulates to get what she wants, but she can change.

At the Penthouse Grill, Kristen is wondering what happened with John, Marlena, and Roman. Since John and Marlena are here and they aren't freaking out, Kristen thinks her plan didn't work. Suddenly Roman comes in and Kristen sees that he is very upset. Roman says he wants to talk with John and Marlena. John and Marlena wish Roman a happy New Year, but when Marlena tries to give him a little kiss he pushes her away. Marlena asks Roman what is wrong, but Roman suffers an attack. Marlena screams for Mike, who rushes to Roman. Kristen realizes that her plan worked, but if Roman dies, it's her fault.

Franco meets with Sami's attacker, and pays him off. At the hospital, Roman's family is gathered and waiting for news. Marlena tells Eric, that she and John conducted themselves honorably and she resents his suggestions. Mike tells them that Roman's blood pressure is dangerously high. Marlena goes in to see Roman when John shows up and sees her standing by Roman's bed. Eric approaches John and gives him the evil eye. Roman tries to talk to Marlena, but is unable. Marlena and John go off somewhere private. Eric goes in to see his dad and Mike. Eric asks Mike why his dad collapsed, but Mike doesn't know. Roman stirs in his sleep and says "Doc No!"

John and Marlena talk about Roman's test results, and they wonder what happened, (they don't have a clue) Marlena wonders if Roman might have saw them on the plane, and John tells her not to worry.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

The FBI agents talk to Abe about Jennifer's call. They report to Abe that there is new technology which will let determine the real location. Hope and Laura are at Alice's place. Hope doesn't understand why Alice asked her and Shawn D. to stay at the pub. Laura tells Hope about Jack and Jennifer hiding there, but now they are gone. Hope tells Laura that helping Jack is a criminal offense. Laura says that she hopes they can elude the police until Peter is found. Laura yells at Abe and asks him why the FBI isn't tracing Kristen and Stefano's calls. Abe tells Laura that he cares about Jack and he alerted them to Peter's whereabouts.

Jack and Jen are arguing once again. Jen tells Jack that nobody knows where they are and they have a good chance of catching Peter. Meanwhile, the FBI has arrived, and starts questioning the motel manager. Peter leaves and sees the FBI and realizes they are looking for Jack. Peter informs them that Jack is in room 103. The FBI kick in the door and yell "Freeze!" The room is already empty. Peter listens in on the FBI agents conversation outside of his room and he learns that Jack escaped and now they are searching for him. He gets another attack when all of a sudden the FBI knocks on his door. Peter calls Kristen for help, asking her to get the medication left at the compound. She can't make promises, but will try.

Kristen tells herself that she knows what caused the relapse and she can't let any of them find out what she has done. Kristen tries to sneak off, but John catches her and asks her what she is doing here. John and Kristen start arguing, John tells Kristen that she's going to upset Doc. John goes into see Roman and he hears Marlena telling Roman that she can't lose him again. Eric asks John to leave because this is a family matter. John tells Eric that he will leave when Marlena asks him. Carrie and Austin return home. Carrie is thinking about Mike for some reason when Austin comes up behind her. They kiss and Austin carries her to bed. Back at the hospital John and Marlena are still talking about Roman. John says they have to be honest with him because it isn't fair to him. Eric gets mad. John tells her to go and he says he'll catch up with her later. Marlena goes in and talks to Roman, but all Roman can think of is what he overheard on the plane. Eric asks Marlena if she plans to tell him the truth. Marlena says no. John overhears this.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Stefano is furious that his men have been unable to locate Susan and the baby. Bart tells him that the flight plan John filed was for Alaska, but no one in Alaska has logged a private jet landing. Stefano tells him to keep looking, regardless of the cost. Stefano goes to Kristen's house and tells her it's all her fault. Kristen says she loved the baby, too, and that now her chance to be with John is ruined - but at least Marlena is getting what's coming to her. She tells Stefano about the way she set Roman up to find John and Marlena on the Alamain plane. Stefano asks if Roman saw them together, and Kristen says she's not sure, but she thinks he did, and that probably triggered his collapse. She tells Stefano that once Roman tells John and Marlena that he knows about their affair, Marlena will feel too guilty to marry John, and Roman won't want anything to do with her, so Marlena will finally know what it's like to feel alone and miserable - and Kristen can hardly wait. Stefano laughs and tells her she's a true DiMera. Kristen doesn't look too pleased about that.

Susan walks into a pub (one that looks suspiciously like the one in Aremid, by the way) with baby Elvis, trying to get her bearings. She sees a menu in English, but with lots of strange words, and she can't understand what the proprietor is saying to one of the customers, although it sounds like English. She talks to the lady, who tells her that she is in England, and she's hearing the Queen's English. Susan doesn't know what to make of the strange accents. She learns she is in a small village far from society, and that she is quite safe there. She makes a lot of purchases while the proprietor woman plays with Elvis and sings her English songs. When Susan gets ready to leave, the proprietor calls her son, Edmond, to help Susan carry her purchases. Edmond crashes into Susan and they both lose their glasses, and there is quite a bit of confusion when they each put on the wrong pair. But when the mess is straightened out and they get a good look at each other, it's love at first sight - Edmond is every bit as weird and wacky as Susan.

At the hospital, Roman slips in and out of consciousness, but every time he opens his eyes, he sees John and Marlena either hugging or deep in conversation, and his blood pressure spikes up. No one can figure out what is causing his relapse, since the tests show that the bacterial infection is gone. Eric criticizes John and Marlena for constantly being together, and tells his Aunt Kim that maybe they will delay telling Roman the truth now that he is sick again. Kim just hugs him for comfort, even though she doesn't agree with his wishes. John goes in to talk with Roman and tells him how he considers him a brother, and that the Salem PD and all his friends and family need him. Roman can hear him, but doesn't have the strength to respond. He is thinking what a hypocrite John is, and if he had the strength, he would shut him up for good. He tries to say, "Damn you" to John, but John thinks he is calling for Marlena. Marlena assures Eric that she would never do anything to jeopardize Roman's health. John asks her if that means she will never tell Roman about her love for John. Marlena doesn't have an answer for that. Mike goes in to check on Roman and finds him conscious and demanding to see John and Marlena. They go in together, and Roman tells them that he is feeling better, now that they're both here. John and Marlena both notice something ominous in Roman's expression.

Billie wakes up in Bo's arms and tells him how glad she is that they have finally spent the night together - the first night since they got back from Rome. Bo is distant and tells her that if she is feeling better, he has to go to the station. Billie tries to stop him, but he says the bad guys won't wait. At the station, Bo and Abe are getting lots of leads on Jack and Jenn, but none of them are panning out. Bo gets a call from Hope. Hope spent the morning talking to Franco about her disappointment and her suspicion that Billie faked her faint in order to keep her and Bo from getting closer. Then she talked to Shawn-D, who told her to call Bo. Hope tells Bo that they never got to finish their conversation. Bo tries to tell her about him and Billie, but he gets a call that he has to take, and Hope tells him they can talk later. Bo picks up the phone and it's Kimberly, telling him that Roman is in the hospital again. Meanwhile, Hope decides she has had enough waiting and heads out the door to go find Bo - who happens to be standing right outside.

Franco goes from Hope's house to Billie's, where he finds her agitated about Bo slipping away from her. Franco asks if she faked the faint, and she assures him that she didn't. Franco says her timing couldn't have been better, since Hope was about to tell Bo she wanted him back. Billie says she can't keep fainting every time Bo and Hope are about to talk. Franco tells Billie that Hope suspects the faint was a fake, and Billie gets offended. Franco tells her that they still have one powerful weapon - Billie's vulnerability and Bo's sense of protectiveness toward her. Billie says that's true, but how do they use it?

Friday, January 9, 1998

Peter wakes up in his hotel room confused and disoriented. He sees a body on the floor and is horrified to discover the man is an FBI agent. Peter knows he had one of his spells of madness and attacked the man, but is relieved to find that he isn't dead. Suddenly, the agent's partner starts shooting through the door. She bursts in to find her partner down and Peter gone. Her partner regains consciousness, but doesn't remember what happened to him. Peter escapes the area, intending to head back to Salem to get a lead on Jack and Jennifer.

Jack, Jenn, and Abby check into yet another dingy motel, but this time Jennifer makes Jack rent a suite so that Abby can have her own room and they can have some privacy. Jack says he doesn't even have to money to have Jennifer and Abby on the run with him, and tries once more to convince them to take the car and head back to Salem. Jennifer makes it clear that it is safer for her and Abby to be with Jack, and she has no intention of going anywhere. Jack is upset because they've been feeding Abby fast food ever since they've been on the run, but Jennifer says it doesn't matter what they eat as long as they're all together. Abby comes in and says she had a dream that Jack and Jennifer were getting married and were going to live happily ever after. Jennifer tells Abby they'll do all they can to make her dream come true. They decide to play some card games, and Jack asks Abby if she misses her toys back home. Abby says she doesn't miss anything as long as she's with her parents. Jennifer tells Jack that all Abby needs is her mom and dad. Jack says she may be right, but he's still worried about what will happen when they eventually confront Peter.

Hope invites Bo into Mrs. Horton's house and tells him she was just on her way to see him. Bo says it's time they finished the conversation they were having on the terrace of the Penthouse Grill. As Bo prepares to tell Hope that he and Billie have made love, Shawn-D comes in and tells his parents how glad he is that they're talking together. He leaves and Bo starts to tell Hope about the time he and Billie spent in Rome, and just before he is going to tell her that he and Billie made love, the phone rings.

Franco tells Billie that if she doesn't play her vulnerability card to win Bo back, she will lose him to Hope. Billie says there is no way she can manipulate Bo that way, but Franco tells her that she has no choice if she doesn't want Bo to end up with Hope. Finally, Billie agrees and they concoct a scheme. Franco pays a reporter at the Salem Intruder to pretend that he interviewed Max and is about to expose the story of Billie's drug addiction. Billie calls Bo in feigned hysterics, just as he is about to tell Hope the truth about his intimacy with Billie. Bo tries to convince her to let it wait until tomorrow so he can finish his conversation with Hope, but she tells him the story will be released by then. Bo tells Billie he'll be right over. Hope, listening in the background, looks disgusted. Bo apologizes and tells her they'll talk again soon. Bo meets Billie at Kate's and calls the Intruder reporter and makes a deal to shut him up (which he was going to do anyway, since Franco is paying him). Billie pretends to be oh-so-grateful and tells Bo she doesn't know what she would do without him.

At the hospital, Roman glares at John and Marlena, but as he is about to accuse them of having an affair, his blood pressure spikes again and Mike has to rush in to medicate him. John and Marlena go out of the area to talk. John asks Marlena if she is ever planning to tell Roman the truth. She says she will as soon as he's healthy. John says they should tell him right now, or he's going to resent it all the more when he is healthy. Marlena says that they can't do that, or it might kill him. While John and Marlena are talking, Eric and Sami go to visit Roman. Sami shows Roman a picture they had taken at Salem Place over Christmas, where the four of them are together as a family, and says it's her most treasured possession. Sami and Eric notice that Roman is looking tense, and decide it's just because he's back in the hospital. They vow to do something to stall John and Marlena from telling Roman the truth about their affair. Meanwhile, Kristen slips into Roman's room, knowing that if she doesn't do something, Roman will soon find out about her role in lying to him about John and Marlena. Roman tells Kristen what he saw on the airplane, and Kristen acts shocked. Roman says they are both victims of John and Marlena's affair. Kristen asks Roman not to confront John and Marlena with his knowledge. Roman says he doesn't see the point of hiding it. Kristen says that if he wants to fight for Marlena, it would be better just to keep his knowledge a secret and give her a chance to fall in love with him again. Kristen leaves the room and prays that Roman will heed her advice. John and Marlena come back in and Marlena asks Roman if there is a problem. Roman says yes, there is. For a few seconds, he looks grim, as if he is going to confront them. Then he remembers how happy Sami was about their family Christmas, and Kristen's advice to hold on to Marlena by hiding his knowledge of the truth. Roman decides to follow Kristen's advice, and tells Marlena that the only problem is that he isn't at home. Marlena gives him a sympathetic embrace, and Roman stares over her shoulder at John with a triumphant look in his eye.

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