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Monday January 19, 1998

Roman is moping, holding the Christmas photo, and talking about how they were going to be a family again, vowing not to give up on Marlena. She overhears him wondering aloud if she could ever love him again. The phone rings, Lynn tells her there's an emergency and they need help - Marlena's patients is suicidal. After she leaves, he wonders if she is planning on meeting John later. Kim arrives to visit with Roman. She notices that something is wrong. He tells her that he knows about J&M and she hugs him. She asks him if he will confront them about it, but he says no. She tries to discourage him, but he won't listen. He tells Kim he knows he is just setting himself up for heartbreak, but he must try. Marlena arrives at the hospital and joins the man on the balcony to try to talk him down. The man has just been through some illness and is in remission, but his wife has left him. She talks about his children and how they need his love. She vows to help him every step of the way and finally he steps down off the ledge.

Meanwhile, Bo meets up with John on the pier. Bo fills him in on the Jack and Jennifer case as well as the impending Hope reunion. Bo tells him that he hasn't had a chance to tell Hope EVERYTHING as of yet. Bo assures him that he will and she will understand. He heads off for Alice's , where he and Alice talk about J&J and she thanks him for the update. He begins to tell her about him and Hope, but before he can, she congratulates him., Bo can't wait for Hope to get home so they can finish their talk.

Hope and Billie are BOTH shocked at Mike's news'. Billie is speechless and Hope is on the verge of tears. Mike tells Billie that she is definitely pregnant and after it sinks in, Billie is thrilled. Mike encourages Billie to call Bo, but she refuses, making him promise not to tell anyone just yet. After Mike leaves, she wonders how Bo will react and decides to call Austin for a shoulder to cry on. Carrie and Austin arrive at Chez Vous for their romantic dinner. Billie calls and asks Austin to meet her at the house, she needs to talk to him. Carrie offers to go along, but he refuses. On his way out, he meets Mike and asks him to keep Carrie company while he's gone. Carrie comments on how she loves the song, so Mike asks her to dance and she accepts. Allie shows up and sees them. Franco and Sami also show up and Sami comments that Carrie is all over Mike like a cheap suit

Mike and Carrie also dance to How Do I Live. Allie walks up and Carrie excuses herself and goes to the ladies room, where she is joined by Miss Sami. Sami talks about her having the hots for Mike and even threatens to tell Austin. Carrie tells her to just shut up and explains the situation. Carrie goes to leave, and Sami tells her not to waste precious flirting time. Sami also tells her that Mike is seeing Allie only to make Carrie jealous.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Austin arrives and Billie is already there. Billie tells Austin the her greatest dream AND her worst fear have come true tonight and proceeds to tell him about Bo dumping her and about the pregnancy. They discuss Bo's obligation to her and Austin encourages her to tell Bo and go after her dream. Austin returns to Chez Vous, but doesn't fill Carrie in. They see Mike and Allie and discuss it. They kiss while Sami and Franco are watching and Sami asks him to pull her closer. She is please that her plan seems to be working. Franco kisses Sami (long and hard) and when he pulls away from her she looks as if she is about to pass out!

Hope meets up with John on the pier and he notices something is wrong. She explains everything and asks how could she have been so blind. NOW she realizes what Bo was trying to tell her. John says they can work through it, but she says no and tells him about the pregnancy. Hope says that Bo wouldn't have made love to Billie if he didn't really love her.

John argues Bo's side, but Hope says it doesn't matter, when Bo hears the news, he will go to Billie out of obligation. She realizes that John is stuck in a difficult situation as well and he says We make quite a pair, don't we' John offers his support and tells her he will be there for his partner'. She offers the same help and they embrace.

After Hope leaves, John is left alone on the pier and remembers his and Marlena's pier reunion Back in real time, he hears his name and turns to find Marlena standing there He notices she is upset and she explains about the patient. Marlena is worried that Roman may turn suicidal as well, but John assures her that won't happen. She tells him that she suspects that Roman knows the truth. John stops her and they kiss. John prays that she doesn't slip away from him again.

Back at Alice's, Bo is remembering the events earlier in the evening, when Hope returns. Bo rushes to her and hugs her, but she is cold toward him. He wants to finish their earlier conversation, but she tells him no, there is nothing left to pick up and walks away. He catches up to her and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him to go back to Billie. He questions her and through teary eyes, she tells him that she knows that he and Billie were lovers.

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Everyone is still at Chez Vous dancing. Sami comments to Franco that his plan is working when he leans over and kisses her. She is in shock at the kiss and he quickly tells her it is just an act for Austin since he notices that Austin can't seem to take his eyes off her. Carrie and Austin, are wondering about Sami and Franco, Carrie thinking Sami is paying Franco just to get Austin back.

As they leave they stop to say bye to Mike and Ali and Austin mentions that they should all have dinner together but Mike says his work schedule is so odd he can't make plans but they agree to at least try. Ali asks Mike for a nightcap but he says he has early rounds. Franco tells Sami they have to go because he has an early shoot and suggests if she wants to party late with him she shouldn't schedule his shoots so early. At Kate's, he kisses her goodnight but reminds her this is all business. As Sami leaves, he feels that the kiss affected her, and it should be easier to keep her in line.

At Austin and Carrie's, he says he is going to take a shower and then go to bed but Carrie says she is not tired and he says he is not either and leans over and kisses her. When he goes to the shower she is holding the scarf Mike bought for Debra in Rome and she starts having flashbacks of times she and Mike shared and she wonders if she could be Mike's mystery lady.

At the penthouse, Kim tells Roman that she understands his wanting to win Marlena back but she also knows that Marlena loves him but she is IN love with John. Roman intends to fight for Marlena. Kim suggests that he tell Marlena he knows the truth about John, but he declines to have another confrontation like before. He is going to use this time with Doc to make her fall in love with him again. Marlena returns just as Kim is leaving and goes off to tell the kids goodnight.

Kim leaves and promises not to tell his secret. Marlena returns downstairs and Roman questions her. She tells all about the patient, and running into John at the pier. Marlena says she told the man to fight and Roman agrees that a man's family is worth fighting for. The doorbell rings, it's someone delivering a movie that Roman called for.. She ask what it is and he hands it to her. She opens it to find it's her favorite. He offers to make hot chocolate and popcorn. They enjoy the movie and Doc is crying at the end. Roman hands her tissues and says that he loves her. He kisses her but she doesn't return the kiss.

At Kate's, she comes in to the den to tell Billie she is going to work late. They start talking about her and Bo and Billie tells her that Bo is going back to Hope. She says he told her today that he still loves Hope and wants a future with her. She says it's too late and makes a comment about especially now. Kate says what do you mean by that and Billie tells her she is pregnant. Kate says this is perfect to keep Bo but at least Billie has enough sense to say that she doesn't want Bo to come back to her out of obligation. She says she won't do him like Sami tried to do Austin. Kate says it's different because Bo loves Billie.

At Mrs. H's, Hope is so distraught over what she knows about Billie and tells Bo there is no future for them. She says she knows that he slept with Billie in Rome and he says yes it's true and he tried to tell her this. He says it's just another one of their misunderstandings that they need to resolve. Then he ask how she found out. Hope tells him that Billie told him.

She also tells him that Billie set up the Intruder story and she knows because she went to see Max and he denied saying anything. Bo asks if she is going to believe a drug dealer over Billie but Hope says the guards confirmed that Max had not had any visitors in the last few days.

He tells her he wants to work things out between them and he loves her. Hope says that Bo must have feelings for Billie or he would not have slept with her she knows him better than that. Finally Hope spits out that Billie is pregnant and Bo is in shock.

Bo says no that she and Shawn-D are his first priority but Hope tells him that they will be just fine without him - they have gotten along without him for awhile and he needs to go home to Billie. Through her tears, she tells him to leave. He finally does but stops outside the house and says that he will not give up.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Sami is still thinking about Franco's kiss . Upstairs Billie wakes up to find Bo standing by her bed with flowers---but then she wakes up from her dream and starts crying. Austin has come to see Billie, so he goes up to her room. Meanwhile Sami says Austin does love her and those feelings will surface soon. Franco shows up unexpectedly, and Sami is thrilled because she wants Austin to catch them making out. Franco tells Sami she must follow his lead, but never betray his trust. Sami promises not to tell anyone and Franco tells Sami that he must and will have Hope.

Austin goes up to see Billie, who is upset and crying. Billie doesn't know that Bo knows the truth and she doesn't think he will come back to her. Austin tells Billie that she has to tell Bo, but Billie says she doesn't want Bo's pity. Austin doesn't seem to be bothered by this and he tells Billie to tell Bo about the baby. Billie agrees and Austin says that he feels that she'll never be alone again. Back downstairs Franco and Sami are making out, but Sami doesn't understand why he kissed her. Franco tells Sami that practice makes perfect and he leaves as Austin comes down the steps. Austin then asks Sami if he could talk with her. They go into the sitting room. Austin tells Sami that he doesn't want to see her get involved with Franco, because he will hurt her. Sami says that's very sweet of him and that he must really care for her.

Hope is sulking at Alice's. Hope calls Titan and tells them that she won't be coming in for her photo shoot today. Alice comes downstairs and she is thrilled that her and Bo are getting back together. However, Hope informs Alice that it is over between them and why it is over. Alice asks Hope if she's going to just give up on Bo and Hope says yes.

Bo spent the night at the station and he can't get over Hope. Roman comes in and sees Bo is troubled. Bo tells Roman about how his life has fallen apart now that he learned Billie is pregnant. Roman tells Bo that he got himself into this mess and he has to get himself out of it, and should take responsibility for Billie & the baby. Later we see Roman screaming at someone on the phone about trying to find Peter instead of Jack. Roman also tells Bo that he shouldn't make any further decisions without talking to Billie. Billie comes into the station to see Bo, so Roman leaves.. Before Billie can tell Bo the good news, Bo tells Billie that Hope already told him about the baby. Billie is upset because she wanted to tell him. Billie tells Bo that she doesn't want this baby to change anything and she tells him that he's free to be with Hope.

Bo tells Billie he doesn't want to talk about Hope right now. Billie says she didn't want him to feel obligated. Billie tells Bo she only came here to tell him she won't stand in the way of him and Hope. Billie walks off, but Bo stops her. Franco shows up at Alice's to pick up Hope for the photo shoot, but Hope says she's not going. Hope tells Franco about Billie and how it's over for her (Hope) and Bo.

At the circus, Jack has a nightmare that Peter found them and during a struggle he (Jack) was shot and killed. Maggie comes over to Jen's place to deliver Laura's birthday presents from Jack, Jen, and Abby. Maggie gives Laura her cell phone so that Jen can call her. Maggie then gives Laura her and Mickey's gift, a day at the Salem Spa. Peter tells Stefano he can't stay in the secret room forever. Stefano tells Peter he can't just go bug Laura's house. Stefano calls Lynn and asks her to find out what Laura Horton's schedule. Lynn calls back and tells Stefano that Laura has taken the day off to go to the spa. Peter tells Stefano that he will take it from here.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Kristen goes into the secret room and is alarmed to find Peter gone. She runs to tell Stefano, who tells her he had to let Peter out to plant the listening device on Laura. Kristen freaks out, saying Peter is sure to get caught and jeopardize her chances of getting back together with John. She rushes out to the spa where Laura is to try to do damage control.

Vivian and Ivan are still scheming to get Jonesy to sign over his worldly possessions to Vivian. Dr. Wu tells them that Jonesy doesn't have long to live. Vivian, realizing that her fake marriage to Jonesy won't hold up in court if he dies, arranges to have a real marriage performed, telling Jonesy that their union was not valid, but she will do whatever it takes to fix it. Jonesy doesn't know he's dying, but is worried that Vivian will find out that he's actually a penniless caretaker. While Vivian is out at the spa, Jonesy gets a visitor, the townhouse's owner - Stefano DiMera.

At the spa, Laura, Celeste, and Maggie are getting pampered while they discuss their plans to plant false information with Kristen about Jennifer, so that she will tell Peter, who will hopefully walk into a trap. Unknown to them, Peter is at the spa in a flaky disguise, with long white hair and a beard, as a masseur. Peter is trying to spy on them so that he can plant the listening device, but his blinding headaches keep getting in the way. Laura, looking in her compact mirror, is startled to see Peter's reflection, but by the time she turns around, he is gone, and she convinces herself it was just imagination. Laura goes for her massage, and Peter manages to slip in as the masseur. While he's there, he hears an attendant tell Laura that her purse and coat are locked up and Maggie has the key. Peter is very frustrated, wondering how he's going to plant the device. Laura is almost falling asleep, and Peter gets an attack of his madness...and gets a sudden urge to wrap his hands around Laura's throat, and starts moving them toward her. Outside the massage rooms, Celeste and Maggie are startled by a couple of weird occurrences. They see Kristen enter the spa, and think how convenient it will be to plant false information while she is there. They don't know she's there looking for Peter. Then Vivian Alamain comes in announcing she wants the works - she's about to get married.

Jack has won the respect of the circus troupe by standing up to bossy Ernesto, who now respects him for his backbone. Jennifer and Ernesto continue to work on their knife-throwing illusion. Abby's friend Adam convinces Jack and Jennifer to let "Andrea" (Abby) take part in the circus. Jack's not too happy with the idea, but he knows that he needs to keep Abby distracted while they are on the run. Jack and Jennifer are waiting to call Laura on Maggie's cell phone and wish her a happy birthday.

In England, Susan and Edmund get ready to go out for their drive in the country. Violet is thrilled that Edmund and Susan are getting along so well, and volunteers to watch Elvis all day for them. Susan is nervous about riding in the sidecar of Edmund's motorcycle, but he gives her a helmet and goggles and assures her he will take care of her. All is fine until he takes off and leaves the unattached sidecar behind. He comes back for Susan, apologizing profusely, and they take off again, getting it right this time.

Friday, January 23, 1998

Edmund and Susan have a lovely, accident-prone day in the country. Edmund lays his coat across a mud puddle like a modern day Sir Walter Raleigh, much to Susan's delight. They feed each other strawberries and cream and manage to get completely filthy. Susan manages to go flying off a swing, get butted by a charging ram, and finally to smack right into Edmund as they fly into each other's arms. Edmund opens a bottle of champagne and the cork pops up into a goose, showering them with feathers. Edmund and Susan spend the whole day giving each other googly looks and getting into just about every physical mishap possible, but it ends well when they clumsily kiss in the sunset.

At the spa, Kristen searches anxiously for Peter, who is in the massage room with Laura fantasizing about strangling her to death. But he manages to get control of his violent impulse when Laura asks "Chris" to get her a glass of water. Kristen spies him at the water cooler and tries to convince him to give up this plot to plant a device on Laura, but Peter is too crazed to listen to her and goes back to finish Laura's massage. In the outer rooms, Celeste and Maggie are amazed to hear Vivian tell the spa manager that she is getting married. Celeste is even more surprised when Vivian admits that the groom is crazy old Jonesy. Kristen comes out and everyone cold-shoulders her. Celeste tells Vivian that Susan found out that Stefano, not Elvis Presley, was her baby's father. Vivian is shocked at the juicy gossip, and Kristen is visibly uncomfortable. Kristen tries to keep her ears open for any hint of Jennifer's whereabouts. Finally, the cell phone rings and Maggie picks it up and is glad to hear Jennifer's voice. Celeste goes to get Laura, but Kristen tries to bar her path, knowing Peter is in the room. Celeste ignores her and goes in, and Peter, who is just beginning to lose control and is starting to massage Laura too hard, has the presence of mind to get out of sight. Laura is delighted to hear from Jennifer and takes the call in the hallway, where she knows Kristen is listening. She and Jennifer get cut off by static, and all she hears Jennifer say is happy birthday, and that they have a surprise for her. Laura fakes the rest of the conversation for Kristen's benefit, pretending that Jennifer and Jack are in Dayton, Ohio, hoping that will send Peter on a wild goose chase. Kristen doesn't even begin to buy it - but Peter, who is secretly listening from the massage room, does, and he heads off immediately for Dayton. In the spa, Laura is delighted to get an unmarked package containing expensive gold earrings. She assumes they're from Jennifer, and that they are the surprise she mentioned before she got cut off on the phone. Laura declares she will wear them all the time as Kristen looks on with interest, wondering if the earrings actually contain Peter's listening device.

At the circus, Jack and Jennifer are surprised when Jasper tells them their safe haven is in jeopardy. The circus is seriously in the red, and they need to relocate to a bigger town. Jack takes a look at Jasper's books to see if he can do anything to help them. In the end, after Jennifer's abortive call to Laura, Jasper tells the crew that this town is dead for them and they need to move to a big city - Dayton, Ohio!

At the townhouse, Jonesy is shaking in his shoes as Stefano questions him about whether he followed the rules and kept other people out of the house. Jonesy says he did, but Stefano spies a lipstick ring on a teacup and demands to know who else was in the house. Jonesy admits that his lady friend sometimes comes over for tea. Stefano is still suspicious and promises Jonesy that if he betrays him, he will pay. Stefano demands to know if anyone has been in the basement, which is the center of his whole plan. Jonesy assures him that no one has. The doorbell rings and Jonesy, who figures it's Vivian and the game is up, nearly scares the life out of a little Trail Guide girl selling cookies. Stefano decides Jonesy needs a vacation and gives him a big wad of bills, telling him to get out of town so Stefano can hide someone in the house. As Stefano goes into the basement, saying, "Soon, my queen, soon," Vivian and Ivan come back from the spa. Jonesy astonishes Vivian by saying that he can't marry her now.

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