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Monday May 18, 1998

Carrie is thinking about seeing Mike and Ali together when Austin walks up and kisses her. Austin has been making a special dinner for himself and Carrie, but Carrie lures him away from the kitchen and into the bedroom.

Eric and Nicole arrive at Austin and Carrie's for dinner. They talk about the Miami shoot over dinner and what a wonderful guy Eric is. Carrie asks Nicole where she is from and she just says that she's moved around from place to place. Austin and Carrie go to do the dishes, but Carrie is still thinking about Mike and Ali. Later, they all decide to play truth or dare. When it comes around to Nicole, Carrie asks her if there is anything she's ever done that she wishes she could change. Instead of answering the question, Nicole takes the dare. Nicole is dared to take someone's hand and tell him or her her true feelings about him or her. Nicole chickens out and tells Carrie how much she admires her and that her brother is nice too. It comes around to Carries turn and Austin asks her if she thinks about anyone else romantically besides her mate '

Up in Kate's office, Stefano really lets Sami have it. He tells her that he will never let anyone talk to his partner in that tone and then he asks her who the hell she thinks she is. Sami apologizes to Stefano, and then to Kate. Sami is on the verge of tears and runs out in the office. Lucas goes into his mom's office and tells Stefano that Sami has Kate right where she wants her. Kate says that Sami just thinks she has power of her, but she doesn't. Stefano asks Kate to fire Sami, but Kate says that she can't because she needs to watch her. Lucas compliments Stefano on putting Sami in his place and is happy that he is going to be at Titan. Lucas leaves and Stefano asks Kate why she's really protecting Sami. Kate just tells him the same excuse and changes the topic to the townhouse. Kate asks why he doesn't want anyone to know he owns that townhouse. Stefano tells Kate that he will tell her, but no one must know. Stefano tells Kate that he was involved with some disreputable art dealers and had to hide his valuables with Mr Jones because the IRS wanted the items. Stefano says that Jonsey became the owner and in turn bequeathed all the treasures to Stefano in his will, until Vivian came along and made Jonsey rewrite the will. Stefano tells Kate that he has big plans for Vivian, which intrigue Kate. Stefano tells her all in good time.

Lucas goes to see Sami in her office to gloat. A man shows up to deliver flowers to Sami, which are from Franco. Sami tells Lucas to go home and take care of Will and try not to drink. Lucas warns Sami that she's not the kind of girl a guy falls in love with, she's the kind of girl a guy uses to get something. Sami tells Lucas to shut the hell up and get the hell out of her office. Lucas leaves and Sami is sure that Franco is falling in love with her.

Later, Stefano tells Bart on the phone that he will bring Vivian down with Kate's help. Meanwhile, Lucas and Kate toast to Sami's demise.

John and Marlena go out for dinner and are stunned to see Roman and Billie at the restaurant they have chosen. They are all shocked, but make small talk. Then end up talking about Hope and Marlena and John fill Roman and Billie in on Bo and Hope's trek to the Bayou. John and Marlena go to their table and Billie comforts Roman. Roman in turn comforts Billie. Back at their table, Marlena feels for what both Roman and Billie must be going through. John and Marlena decide to dance, which causes Roman even more pain. Billie tells Roman that he deserves to find someone to love him. Roman tells Billie that she deserves the same. John is beeped and has to make a call. Roman and Marlena bump into each other and they talk. Marlena is unhappy when she learns that Roman has come to New Orleans on ISA business. Marlena tells Roman she hopes he turns Shane's offer down, but Roman says it's no longer something she needs to concern herself with. Billie and Roman then begin to dance.

Bo and Hope have been attacked in the swamp and one of them manages to put Hope in a chokehold with his rifle. Bo tries to reason with them as Swamp Girl watches. Bo tells them that they only want to find someone who knows Hope, but they assure them that they've never seen Hope. Bo shows them the picture of what Hope looked like and Earl tells Wayne that there is no way there can be two of them. Hope hears this and asks him what he means by two of them. Wayne tells Earl to shut up and Bo asks them who they are protecting. Wayne tells Bo not to move and then he fires his gun. Wayne says it was a warning shot because he thought Bo was going for a gun. Bo says he was going for a picture and shows a picture of Stefano to them, but they say they've never seen him. Wayne gets hit with a rock and Bo manages to get Wayne's gun and chases Wayne and Earl off. Bo and Hope realize that someone is watching them and they go to his who that someone is, but they find nobody. Hope tells Bo that they need to go to the river and find the forked tree. Hope and Bo run across some food and realize that Wayne and Earl is protecting someone out here. Hope and Bo finally find the forked tree and as they race toward it, Swamp Girl follows in close pursuit. When they finally arrive it is dark and begins to pour and they are forced to seek shelter.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Ali goes to get Mike a cup of coffee and Lexie asks Mike if he's interested in Ali. Mike says he likes Ali a lot, but right now it's just as a friend. Mike has learned that he has to be interviewed tomorrow, but he hasn't told Carrie. Mike is afraid that Craig will pick up on his feelings for Carrie and use it against him. Lexie says regardless of his feelings for Carrie, she should know about the interview. Craig approaches Ali and asks her if she and Mike are becoming a hot little item like rumors have it. Ali says they are just friends and she walks off when he tells her that he will be the next Chief of Staff. Ali asks Lexie if Mike mentioned their date. Lexie says he did and that Mike likes her a lot. Ali is happy because before he seemed so distant, but last night was different because he was happy and more relaxed.

Carrie has been put on the spot and she's asked if she has romantic feelings for anyone other than her mate. Carrie says she doesn't have to fantasize when she's married to a hunk. Eric draws a card for Austin and asks him if he has any fantasies he hasn't shared with his wife, but Austin says no. Carrie brings out some cheesecake for desert and Carrie says she'd hate for Austin to go back to boxing. Later they talk about Sami and Franco's new relationship. Carrie thinks Sami and Franco are up to something, but Austin says Sami does deserve to be happy and maybe he is the guy for her. Carrie is shocked that Austin defended Sami and he says that if Sami is happy then she'll stay out of their lives. Austin starts worrying about Lucas and his drinking again, but Carrie says that it's a scheme of Sami's. Suddenly Carrie gets a press release saying that the Chief Of Staff interviews are tomorrow and they are going to eliminate all but two doctors. Carrie becomes upset that Mike never mentioned it to her.

Kate and Lucas are toasting to Sami's demise. When Lucas comments about studying Stefano's moves, Kate warns him that Stefano is dangerous and she doesn't want him involved with Stefano. Lucas becomes suspicious and asks Kate if something is going on. When Lucas mentions Franco, Kate becomes uneasy. Suddenly Lucas asks Kate if she is paying Franco to go after Sami. Kate denies Lucas' claim and then Lucas realizes she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Kate admits to Lucas that it is true. Lucas tells her that he understands and thanks her for trusting him. Lucas asks if Sami knows and she tells him yes. Kate says that is the blackmail Sami has on her and it is all she has on her. Lucas realizes that Franco is using Sami to keep the secret, which he thinks is great.

Franco and Sami are toasting to their beautiful evening. Franco tells Sami that he has more surprises for her and he asks her to dance. Suddenly Franco's old girlfriend, Monique Sinclair, shows up and cries to Franco that she thought they had something. Franco tells Monique that he cares for Samantha now, so Monique leaves. Franco tells Sami that he will prove how he feels about her tonight. When Sami is away, Franco thanks Monique for her little performance. Sami returns and Franco tells Sami that he has someplace to take her, so they head off. Franco blindfolds Sami so he can surprise her. Sami looks around and asks Franco what he's done. Franco apologizes if he offended her. Sami tells Franco that when she's been with men in her past, the circumstances have been less than ideal. Franco tells Sami that she's never had a man truly make love to her, but he will take her home if she wants. Sami tells Franco no and she asks him to make love to her. Franco and Sami kiss and they go over to the bed, which is covered in rose petals.

Bo and Hope are stranded in the rain. Bo leans over to kiss Hope, but she pulls away. The storm grows worse and Bo and Hope realize they may be stuck out in the Bayou all night. As they set up camp, Swamp Girl watches them closely, but she is scared off when Bo starts a fire. Bo and Hope start fighting about whether they have a future or not. Hope tells him that she can't think about the future until she finds out about her past. Bo says that her past is important to him as well and she's stuck with him as a partner whether she likes it or not. Hope pulls out an apple and Bo can't believe she's still carrying apples with her everywhere that she goes. Hope says Billie and the baby need him right now. Bo knows that, but he refuses to let Hope pursue her past on her own, end of story. Hope promises to let Bo know about any clues she comes up with about her past, but she suggests he move on with his life. Silently, Bo tells himself that he'll never give up her. While they are sleeping, Swamp Girl approaches Bo and Hope and steals Hope's compact.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Austin and Carrie's dinner party is over and Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't have to walk her home. Eric feels like she can't wait to get away from him. Eric asks why she doesn't want him to walk her home. Nicole asks him why he's being so persistent and Eric says he doesn't want this night to end. Nicole agrees and she tells him that he can walk her home. As they walk through Salem Place, Nicole becomes uncomfortable when Eric tells her that the Miami shoot will be seen by millions of people. Nicole mentions the sun setting in the opposite direction and Eric tells her that she never told him she was originally from the West Coast. Eric believes her and they kiss goodbye.

Sami and Franco are at the Salem Inn and are going at it hot and heavy. Sami recalls Vivian's advice about never letting a man pressure her into doing something she's not ready for. They talk about sexually transmitted diseases and when Franco pulls out a condom, Sami accuses him of setting her up just to get her into bed. Franco tells her that he just wanted to be prepared in case it did happen. Franco tells her that he wants to make love to her, but tonight isn't the night and he offers to take Sami home. Sami tells Franco no and she asks him to make love to her. Franco and Sami undress each other and have sex. Afterwards, Sami tells Franco that she never knew it could be like this. Franco then gives Sami an ankle bracelet with an Italian phrase written on it that translates to "Without Trust, There is nothing." Franco asks Sami if she trusts him, because if she doesn't he'll feel like she used him. Franco goes on to say that if she is using him then it's over, he won't let her play with his feelings. Sami tells Franco that she trusts him with all her heart. Franco puts the bracelet on her and asks her to wear it as a symbol of what they share. Franco manages to convince Sami to stay with him all night.

Carrie is angry that Mike didn't tell her about the interviews tomorrow and decides she has to go to the hospital. This pushes him over the edge and he tells Carrie he's damn jealous of the amount of time she's spending with Mike. Austin apologizes and says he didn't mean it to come out like that. Carrie tells Austin she loves him and is committed to their marriage. Carrie leaves and Austin starts watching boxing on TV. Austin has a fantasy about being back in the boxing ring again. Austin tells himself that was a whole other life. Austin begins worrying about Will again and Lucas' drinking.

Lucas is making himself some drinks to celebrate Sami's downfall. The maid brings Will to say goodnight to Lucas, but he decides to keep Will up and play with him. Austin shows up and Will calls him daddy. Austin sees that Lucas is drinking and becomes upset because Sami was right about him drinking around Will. Lucas tells Austin that it's Ginger Ale. Lucas is upset with Sami because she and Franco went out on a date and are probably having sex. Austin tells Lucas that Sami deserves to be happy and she may really be trying to change. Lucas tells Austin that he knows better, which prompts Austin to ask Lucas what he knows. Lucas says he just knows that Sami is trashing him for no good reason.

Austin goes home and bumps into Eric, who came to thank him and Carrie. Austin invites Eric in and they talk about Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has gotten another mysterious letter. She tells herself that she needs to make enough money and move somewhere where these people will never reach her. Nicole also says that if Sami found out it would ruin her career and her chance at happiness.

Lexie is helping Mike prepare for his interview. Lexie tells Mike that Carrie should be working with him, but Mike doesn't want to bother Carrie. Mike tells Lexie that Craig is already getting suspicious about his feelings for Carrie and he doesn't want her to be involved in a scandal. Lexie points out to Mike about Austin and Carrie's quickie marriage and how Carrie may have rushed into it to get back at Sami. Mike doesn't believe that and he also tells Lexie that he seriously likes Ali. Ali shows up and offers to help Mike with his questions, so Lexie bows out. Carrie shows up at the hospital and runs into Craig, who rags on her about Mike panicking and hiding in his office. Carrie goes to Mike's office and overhears Mike and Ali working. Ali gets beeped and on the way out she sees Carrie. Carrie takes over for Ali and she asks Mike why he didn't tell her the interviews were moved up. Meanwhile, Craig talks to Ali about Carrie and he asks her that maybe she could help him. Ali tells Craig that the board wouldn't like a married man coming onto a nurse. Craig tells her that after he's made Chief of Staff perhaps she'll realize just how much he can help her.

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Austin goes to the hospital looking for Carrie. Lexie says she hasn't seen her since last night. Austin thanks her and then runs into Craig Westley. Craig takes pleasure in telling Austin that Carrie spent the whole night in Mike Horton's office. Austin says there's no way - Carrie came home late and left early. But when he goes into Mike's office, he sees Carrie lying on the couch in a blanket and Mike walking around the office in a towel with his shirt off! Before Austin can react, Mike explains in embarrassment that Carrie got too tired to drive home and was going to rest before driving, but ended up falling asleep all night; Mike fell asleep at his desk and just woke up, and forgot to take clothes into the shower with him. Flustered, Mike disappears to finish his shower, leaving Carrie to apologize for not calling. Carrie is shocked when Austin seems suspicious and assures him there is nothing going on between her and Mike. Austin tells her what Craig said and says he doesn't want people around the hospital talking about his wife. Carrie leaves to get coffee and Mike apologizes again for what happened. Austin asks Mike why he didn't tell Carrie yesterday morning that the interview date was changed. Mike says he didn't want to ruin their evening. Austin tells Mike that the second Carrie heard about the change, she dashed off to be with Mike, so the evening was ruined anyway. Mike just shrugs, looking embarrassed, and heads out to wait for his interview. While he's waiting, Craig taunts him with innuendo about him and Carrie. Mike barely restrains his temper. Craig runs into Mrs. Weston, the board member, and manages to tell her that Carrie spent the night in Mike's office. Mrs. Weston is shocked and stops Carrie in the hallway and tells her she wants to ask about her relationship with Mike.

Sami wakes up in the suite at the Salem Inn alone. She assumes that Franco left her and was just using her for sex after all. Franco suddenly appears at the bathroom door and kisses Sami and tells her he was being quiet because he didn't want to wake her. Sami is reassured and they start kissing again, and then get dressed and head back to the mansion.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas winces as Kate stirs her coffee and asks her to be quieter. Kate teases him about having a hangover and then tells him his drinking is getting out of control. Lucas dismisses her concerns and then tells her that Sami never came home last night. Kate smiles and says Franco must have her under control. Franco and Sami come in and Lucas starts teasing Sami about where she spent the night. Franco looks angry, but Lucas walks away before he can do anything. Franco disappears for a while, leaving Kate and Sami alone. Kate tells Sami she hopes this won't become a habit. Sami says it's none of Kate's business, and at least she wasn't out having an affair with a married man, like Kate did with Bill Horton, or selling her body for money as Kate did in the past. Kate asks if she enjoys being cruel and Sami says yes, as a matter of fact, where Kate is concerned, she does. Kate tells Sami she was desperate and did what she had to do to survive. Sami says she guesses Kate couldn't work as a waitress or at a store. She also says that Kate probably justified her affair with Dr. Bill Horton by thinking she needed food, shelter, and "medical benefits"! Leaving Kate furious, Sami goes upstairs to change clothes while Kate gloats over the knowledge that Franco is using Sami.

In the bayou, Hope has a nightmare about running through the bayou with bandages on her face and body and being told by someone that she has to go back to Maison Blanche for more surgery. She wakes up terrified with Bo holding her. They are chagrined to realize someone has been through their purses and bags. Wayne and Earl show up with the shotgun and tell Bo and Hope to get out of there. Before they can go, they hear an earsplitting shriek. Not far away, the swamp girl has Hope's mirrored compact and is gazing in horror at her reflection, screaming. Hope wants to go to her, but Wayne and Earl tell her to leave the swamp girl alone. They take Bo's money from his wallet and force Bo and Hope to leave. In the car on the way back, Hope says she is determined to go back to the bayou by boat to figure out the secrets of her past, but Bo reminds her that Shawn-D's finals and middle school graduation are coming up and they need to be in Salem.

In New Orleans, Billie wakes up and tries calling Bo and Hope, but they're not in their rooms. Billie tries to call Roman, but he's gone, too. She finds out Bo has already missed his flight back to Salem and begins to get concerned. She finds out from the car rental agent that Bo and Hope went to Bayou de Garre. She rents a car and heads out to the gas station where Earl and Wayne work. She notices on the way that the baby has been very inactive all day. When she gets to the gas station, Earl and Wayne immediately start sexually harassing her. Billie is terrified, but Wayne and Earl's mother comes out of the building and scolds her sons for their bad behavior. Shaking with reaction, Billie asks if anyone has seen Bo. The woman says no, and Wayne and Earl lie and say they have seen no one. Billie thanks them and gets into her car, still gasping and nearly hysterical from almost being assaulted. Suddenly, she slumps forward onto the car's horn, passed out cold.

Friday, May 22, 1998

Austin gives Mike a pep talk about his interview, comparing it to training as a boxer. A few feet away, Mrs. Winston asks Carrie exactly what her relationship to Mike is. Before Carrie can answer, Austin shows up and Mrs. Winston overhears him telling Carrie that he just gave Mike a pep talk and how much he supports her in helping Mike get the job. Mrs. Winston tells Carrie she was obviously misled and leaves. She tells Craig he was wrong about Carrie and Mike, and Craig apologizes, saying he was only looking out for the hospital's best interests. He goes in for his interview while Carrie meets Alice to arrange a surprise for Mike. Carrie gives Mike a pen Tom Horton used when he was Chief of Staff, and that he gave to Carrie. Mike is touched by the gift. Carrie asks Mike why he has been avoiding her lately. Mike says people are starting to talk about their relationship. Carrie says she doesn't care, and neither does Austin. While they're talking, Mike gets a call from the board members, who tell him it's time for his interview.

Austin heads to the gym to talk to Vince and Eddie, the guys Darrel told him about. As soon as he gets there, Austin starts fantasizing about becoming a boxer again. Someone recognizes Austin from his fighter days and asks what ever happened to him. Austin says he gave it up for his wife; the man shakes his head and says he sure hopes it was worth it. Darrel introduces Vince and Eddie, who are potentially good fighters, but are too arrogant and lack discipline. Austin tries to tell them fighting is 90% mental, but they laugh at him and tell him to back up his words in the ring.

On the plane to Salem, Bo and Hope realize it would have been their 13th anniversary, and they both recall how beautiful their wedding was. Bo tries to talk Hope into getting back together with him, but she's not listening. Suddenly, she realizes her silver compact is gone. She tells Bo she planned to take it to a silversmith and find out if he could tell anything about where and when it was made. They figure out that the Swamp Girl must have taken the compact, and Hope wonders why.

As Billie collapses on the horn of her car, Swamp Girl watches as Wayne and Earl come out. They see that Billie is passed out and break into the car. They take her inside and their mother takes over. Billie wakes up and says she is in terrible pain and needs a doctor, but the woman says there are no doctors nearby and they have no phone. Wayne and Earl's mom introduces herself as Arlene and says she is an experienced midwife. Billie says she doesn't need a midwife; she's not due yet. Arlene says babies come in their own time, and Billie's is ready. Billie's contractions start to come faster and Wayne and Earl wait outside, chilled by her screams. Earl plays the guitar, hoping it will soothe Billie. Billie starts to push and the baby arrives. Arlene tells her joyfully that it's a girl. Billie is overjoyed and asks to hold her baby, but Arlene, who has swaddled the baby in blankets, looks at Billie nervously.

The Swamp Girl buries the silver compact in the mud near the river. When the water comes up, the compact is carried away.

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