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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on DAYS
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June 22, 1998

Monday June 29, 1998

Sami is sitting on the couch looking at bridal magazines, but her head is in the clouds. As she looks at the ring, she is daydreaming and replaying the proposal in her mind. She is in 7th Heaven. Lucas comes in and brings her back down to earth (very quickly). Meanwhile, Franco is at the Java Cafe looking at his deportation order. He is joined by Roberto and tells him about proposing to Sami and her accepting. Roberto asks him if he is sure Sami will follow through. Franco assures him that Sami will do whatever he asks her to do. He has to present either his marriage license or his certificate of marriage to the judge at his hearing TODAY or he will be deported.

Lucas and Sami get into a huge argument about whether Franco loves her or not. Lucas questions Franco's motives. Sami gets mad and calls him a drunk and says the he is just jealous that she has found someone who loves her. She says that she, Will and Franco will live happily ever after and that there is nothing Lucas can do about it. She shows her ring to Lucas and Lucas tries to plant seeds of doubt in her head and tells her that Franco will dump her when he finds out what a conniving bitch she really is. Franco comes in and tells Lucas to shut up. Lucas shakes his head and leaves... Franco suggests that they marry right away. Sami doesn't want to...she wants a huge wedding. He tries to convince her to go with him to City Hall right now and get married but it's a no-go with Sami. He is persistent and suggests they at least go and get the license today. As she prattles on about the long list of things she has to do today, he is wondering what to do, he MUST have the license TODAY.

She suggests they go to Italy on their honeymoon, but he discourages her. He tries again to convince her to get married immediately, but she is determined to have the big wedding. In the hallway, Lucas wonders what he is up to. After Sami leaves the room Franco calls Roberto and tells him to meet him at City Hall. He leaves and Lucas follows him. At City Hall Roberto shows up and Franco tells him that he has a plan. Back home, Sami can't wait for everyone to hear the news and see the ring (especially Carrie) at the picnic. As she is looking at the photo of Mike and Shelly in the paper, Austin comes in. She asks him about Mike and she says that Carrie must be crushed.

At the penthouse, John is on the phone calling about the results of the glass. Marlena enters and they look at the picture of Mike and Shelly on the front page of the paper. They talk about Craig and whether or not he could be responsible for all this. Both of them feel awful for Mike and the whole family. They especially feel bad for Carrie, after working so hard on this. Marlena says she is going by to see her and see if she can support her. John plans on talking to Roman and Abe to see what they have learned.

Alice's backyard is all decked out in red, white & blue for the party. Hope and Alice are there putting on the final touches. Alice comments on Hope's hair...all curly and says how she likes it . Mike shows up looking low enough to trip over himself. He tells them about what happened the night before. He says he is so sorry for causing a scandal and embarrassing the family name. They sit down as he tells his story (what he remembers, anyway). Hope and Alice are both shocked. Hope says he must've been drugged and wants to help clear his name, but he tells her that Roman and Abe are on the case. Alice assures him that all will be explained and he will be cleared as he continues to beat himself up. Alice says that Tom would have done the same thing (help the lady, that is!) and that he is more and more like his grandfather everyday. Hope decides to go call Roman and see how it's going, when John arrives. He tells that there were no traces of drugs in the glass and figure that she took the tainted one with her. She used a fake name and address while registering at the Salem Inn. The police have found no trace of her at all and are at a dead end. Alice latches on to Mike and hugs him, saying how sorry she is. Later, Hope is in the backyard working on her picture. While watching her, John gets this far away look. When she questions him, he says she looks... ...never mind. He looks at her drawing and recognizes the painting as the one they saw at Vivian's. He has done some research on it and says that the artist is Paul Renet and that the original is part of a private collection of impressionist paintings. She tries to figure out just where she could have seen it. She shows him a book of some drawings she did in high school and how different they are. Comments on how odd it is that she can draw now. She wonders if somehow Stefano gave her this talent when he took away her four years.

Craig and Nancy are celebrating the events of the evening before. Nancy reminds him that he doesn't have the job just yet. He is worried about Carrie snooping around. She tells him to just keep impressing the board. Craig wonders if he will have to fire Mike, but Nancy assures him that "Mike won't show his face around here, especially after showing the rest of his anatomy to the board last night." (is she wicked or what?) They toast the demise of Mike Horton and Nancy says it's like Daddy taught her "it doesn't matter how you play the long as you win!" She tells him to fire Mike as the first thing he does. He says it won't be necessary, he will resign. Ali and Lexie are looking at the newspaper and both feel horrible about what happened. They talk about Craig and what he is capable of. Later ,Lexie tells her that she talked to Abe and that they have no leads. Mike walks into the lobby and life comes to a standstill as everyone stop dead in their tracks and stare at him. Lexie and Ali offer their support and he appreciates it. After Ali leaves, Lexie tells him that she feels Craig is responsible and Mike tells her that Carrie believes the same. He says is just so sorry he disappointed Carrie and can't get the look on her face out of his mind. Craig and Nancy show up and Craig says he is so sorry at the way things turned out. He hopes that they can continue to work together. Mike just stares at him.

Carrie tries to locate Roman by phone. Austin saunters into the room and questions her. She says the police have to find that woman or it's over for Mike. She is on the phone trying to do damage control, says his office is flooded with calls. Austin says what Mike did was dumb! This touches a nerve with Carrie as she defends him. Austin says that Mike should have been at the reception, no matter what. Carrie says he was just trying to help the lady...that's just the way he is. Austin says he should have never gone to her room. John calls and tells Carrie that the results from the glass were negative and offered no help.

She is determined however to prove Mike's innocence. Austin says she has done everything she's over, give up. Marlena shows as Austin leaves. Carrie defends Mike again and tells Marlena that she is determined to prove a frame-up. They discuss it and Marlena tells her that it may be out of her hands now. Carrie gets an idea and decides to check on the rental car agency, since you have to have a driver's license to rent a car. She and Marlena search all over town and at the last agency, they hit pay dirt. At first the clerk jokes about Mike being the only doctor left who makes house calls, but he sees that the ladies aren't in a laughing mood. At first he refuses to help them, but after seeing their determination and hearing the explanation, he breaks down and gives them the records. They figure out that the license is a fake (same name used), they decide to check out the car that was towed in. Carrie and Marlena search the car but come up empty, until Carrie finds a book of matches with "Phil's Diner" on it. She says it's not over yet...

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Ivan and Celeste are at the townhouse and are talking about Vivian, who is still sleeping. Celeste senses that something is very wrong. Vivian wakes up and tells them that she feels like she's dying. Stefano watches Vivian on a monitor and is having the time of his life with Rolf's device. Rolf tells Stefano that Vivian will always be tired after he uses the device. Stefano uses the device and Vivian becomes happy as can be. Vivian starts saying how much she loves everyone and everything. Vivian mentions John and Hope's search for a book on architecture and Stefano says he can't allow this. Rolf assures Stefano that there is no way Hope can recall her past. Stefano tells Rolf he better be right. Back at the townhouse, Vivian is dancing around her place. Vivian decides to put on a sexy dress to wear to the office. She puts on a very "tasteless" dress, according to Ivan. Stefano decides to normalize Vivian and she wonders why she is wearing such a dreadful dress. Vivian begins to wonder what is wrong with her lately. Back at Stefano's, Stefano tells Rolf that some new paintings are up for auction soon and he will have Vivian bid on them because they will complete his collection.

Hope compares a sketch from High School to the one she just did and they are nothing alike. Hope thinks that Stefano must have given her this talent, but she doesn't know why. John tells Hope that he may be able to help her trigger some memories from her past. John tells Hope that he called a professor about studying the photo and he says he's expecting a call back from him. Hope is thrilled and John tells Hope that it's about time they find out what Stefano has been hiding from them. John gets a call on his cell phone. John talks with the professor and tells Hope that the professor may have given them the clue they're looking for. John tells Hope some cities where the photo of her could have been taken. When John mentions Lugano, Switzerland, Hope feels something. Hope says she knows exactly what she has to do and Stefano isn't going to like it. Hope tells John that she's going to go to Lugano. John doesn't like the fact that she's going alone, but Hope says Bo needs time to himself and she doesn't want to involve him with her problems anymore. John tells Hope that she needs to be careful.

Franco goes into the court room and is told by his lawyer that he has to prove he's getting married. Franco says he's engaged, but his lawyer tells him that he needs a license. The judge comes into court and the hearing starts. Franco says that he was swindled by his immigration officer, but the judge refuses to buy that and says he is to be deported immediately. Franco's lawyer tells the judge that Franco is engaged to be married and they even have a license, which is phony. The judge asks why Samantha Brady isn't here and Franco says that she had a prior commitment. Franco swears that Sami knows his status and the judge warns him that the INS will investigate this marriage. The judge tells Franco if this is a marriage of convenience then both he and his fiancee will be prosecuted. Lucas finds Franco after his hearing and overhears Franco's lawyer tell him to get a real marriage license as soon as possible. Lucas confronts Franco and Franco says that he was here getting a marriage license for Sami to fill out and he leaves to pick up Sami. Lucas vows to stop Franco from marrying Sami.

Sami starts telling Austin how Carrie would do anything for Mike because she's hung up on him. Austin tells Sami that Carrie is just trying to prove that Mike is innocent. Sami starts talking about Mike coming between him and Carrie, and Austin tells her not to cause trouble. Sami says that Mike's news may put a damper on the picnic, but she has a surprise to put everyone in a partying mood. Austin leaves to see Will and Sami can't wait to announce her engagement. Sami slips up and mentions Franco being Will's stepfather, but she quickly says "if they were to marry." Austin says Lucas won't like that, but Sami says Lucas is a poor father. Austin says whether Franco is in the picture or not, he will always be there for Will. Sami tells Austin that he shouldn't have to give up his dream because Carrie hasn't given up on Mike. Austin points out that Carrie is only committed to making Mike COS.

At the hospital, Mike realizes he'll never be named Chief of Staff and he tells Craig that if he makes University Hospital the best it can be, then he has his support. Craig thanks Mike and wishes him the best. Lexie and Ali are outraged, but Mike tells them that this is for the best. Nancy leaves to check on Shelly and after she's gone, Lexie asks Craig if he thinks he'll get away with this. Craig plays innocent, but Lexie knows he's behind this. Craig says he feels bad for Mike, but Mike should have used better judgment and gone straight to the Salem Inn. Craig tells Lexie that he will be the Chief of Staff and she better learn to mind and respect him. Lexie says she may have to work for him, but she doesn't have to respect him. Meanwhile, Mike gives Ali a letter and asks her to deliver it to the board. Ali gives the letter to Lexie, because she fears she'll cry if she reads it. After reading the letter, both Lexie and Ali stare at Craig.

Carrie and Marlena go to Phil's diner to search for Shelly. Carrie shows a picture of Shelly to the manager and asks him if he's ever seen her. The manager tells Carrie that he's never seen her. Nancy shows up outside the diner and finds Shelly there. Shelly says she's leaving town, but she just wanted to pick up some food. Nancy leaves and Carrie and Marlena come out of the diner and spot Shelly. Carrie and Marlena trail Shelly to an apartment and confront her. Suddenly, Shelly's son Donny starts coughing. Her son does have asthma and Marlena helps the little boy. Carrie asks Shelly to please help them and she asks her if she knows Craig. Shelly claims she knows nothing, but Carrie says she knows what she did, but she doesn't know why. Shelly starts crying about how she can't take care of her kid with no money. Carrie says she understands how hard it is for her, but their are doctors out there who would help her, doctors like Mike. Carrie tells Shelly that Mike was there for her and now she needs to be there for Mike. Marlena gives Shelly the name of a doctor who will help Donny for free.

Nancy returns to the hospital and thinks they are in the clear. Lexie reads Mike's letter, which is an apology to the staff, and how he hopes he can continue working at the hospital. Mike returns and tells Lexie that he just wanted to post it on the board. The members of the board show up to make the announcement, but a nurse says that some kids playing with illegal fireworks were just brought in and they need everyone. Mike, Craig, and the others rush off and the board says their announcement will just have to wait. Mike and Craig work as a team together and the board members say they must appoint Craig Wesely as the COS, which Nancy overhears.

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Bo is remembering how he scared Swamp Girl when he approached her and now he realizes that he has to take it slow. Swamp Girl is having another nightmare about being chased through the swamp. Swamp Girl starts to walk through the swamp and Bo follows her. Swamp Girl knows she's being followed and picks up a rock to throw at Bo, but then she sees his face and drops it.

Eric and Nicole have shown up for the Brady-Horton picnic, as well as Sami and Austin. Sami tells Nicole that she saw the proofs from the LA shoot and they are great. Nicole is pleased that Sami liked the shoot. Sami leaves to find Franco and Austin talks to John. Franco arrives at the picnic and asks Sami where her engagement ring is. Sami says it's in a safe place, she doesn't want to show it to anyone before announcing their engagement. Roman approaches them and he's cold to Franco, who leaves to get them something to drink. Roman tells Sami that he hopes she's taking things slow. Lucas warns Franco to stay away from his son, but Franco says he should get used to it because he's marrying Sami soon.

Maggie, Mickey, and Alice are talking. Laura won't be coming to the picnic because she's too upset about Mike. Roman and Billie show up at the picnic. Hope comes out of the house and Roman says he just wishes Bo could have been here. Roman tries to calm them down, but he's distracted when John asks to talk to him. John and Roman leave to talk and Billie starts accusing Hope of killing her baby. Hope tells Billie that she has to move on with her life. Billie says she plans to, she plans to make a life with Bo and have another child. Hope, who has had enough of Billie, attempts to walk away. Billie grabs Hope and tells her not to walk away from her. Billie starts lashing out at Hope until Austin pulls her away. John talks to Hope and she tells him that she wants to go to Lugano now.

Lucas sees Austin holding Will and he takes Will away from him and asks when he's going to get it through his thick skull that he is Will's father. Austin asks Maggie to take Will to get a cookie and Austin tries to reason with Lucas. Lucas says he's trying to bond with his son, but Austin says he's all for that but he doesn't like him drinking around Will. Lucas says Sami is making that up and she's the bad one. Austin tells Lucas that Sami is trying to turn her life around and he should do the same. Lucas starts picking on Austin about how his wife has dumped him for Mike.

At the hospital, Mike and Craig are working on some boys who were brought in for playing with illegal fireworks. In another part of the hospital, the board members read Mike's letter and decide that they must appoint Craig as Chief of Staff. Nancy overhears this and is delighted. Mike invites Craig to the picnic tonight and Nancy shows up and agrees. Mike leaves and Craig asks Nancy what she's thinking. Nancy tells him that Winston and Lewis will be there and they will offer him the job tonight!

At Shelly's place, Carrie is pleading with Shelly to tell the truth about Mike. Shelly refuses and Marlena and Carrie eventually leave. Shelly begins to cry and says she has to get out of town, now. Carrie and Marlena drive to the hospital and Carrie tells Marlena that she isn't going to the picnic because she doesn't want to face Mike after letting him down. Once at the hospital, Carrie sees and reads Mike's letter. Ali asks Carrie if she's going to the picnic, but Carrie says no. Marlena arrives at the picnic and runs into Roman. Roman asks Marlena to talk to Sami about her relationship with Franco. Marlena finds Sami and Sami prepares to slam Marlena for living in sin with John. Marlena tells Sami that she'd like to talk to her about Franco. Sami says Franco makes her very happy and maybe she should focus on Carrie's relationship with Mike. Sami becomes fed-up and walks away.

Roman goes back and finds Billie. Roman offers Billie some food, so they leave. As they walk off, Billie drops the compact. Roman tells Billie that she needs to get-away to someplace relaxing and suggests "that" chateau in Paris. Later, a drunk Lucas shows up and asks Billie to have a beer with him. Billie says she's not drinking tonight and he shouldn't be either. Hope and John are still talking about Hope's decision to go to Lugano. John sees Marlena and decides to go talk with her, but he tells Hope they'll talk about this later. Seeing Marlena busy with Sami, John goes back to talk with Hope. Both find it odd that Roman and Billie seem to be so close. Later, Hope tells John that she has decided to Lugano and he won't change her mind.

The immigration officer trailing Franco shows up at the party and just happens to be an old friend of Roman's. Franco overhears this and panics. Sami goes to Franco for comfort after her fight with Marlena and she asks Franco why there is a strange man staring at them. Franco decides to announce his and Sami's wonderful news. Franco announces that they are engaged and it shocks everyone. Slowly, others begin to congratulate them.

Mike shows up at the Brady-Horton picnic and tells his Grandma that he wants to have fun today and asks where Carrie is. Alice tells him that she doesn't know. Craig and Nancy show up and are anxious for the committee members to show up and announce that Craig is the new COS. Later, the board members show up to make an announcement. Winston and Lewis talk to Mike and they tell him that his letter impresses them. Mike says he's really sorry for making such a horrible error and causing so much trouble. Winston and Lewis tell Mike they understand because they were about to make a horrible error as well. Winston and Lewis call over Craig and Nancy to tell them all their decision.

Out front, Carrie shows up for the picnic, but decides to leave. As she walks away, Mike comes out the door and stops her. Carrie apologizes for letting him down. Mike says he knows what she did and that Shelly told Winston and Lewis and that she drugged and robbed him. Mike tells Carrie that he is the new Chief of Staff. Carrie leaps into Mike's arms. Mike tells Carrie that he couldn't have done this without her. Carrie tells Mike that she'd do anything for him and he knows how she feels about him. As fireworks explode overhead, Mike and Carrie kiss each other.

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Due to NBC's broadcast of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will not be seen on Thursday, July 2, and Friday, July 3. Days of our Lives will return at its regular time on Monday, July 6.

Friday, July 3, 1998

Due to NBC's broadcast of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will not be seen on Thursday, July 2, and Friday, July 3. Days of our Lives will return at its regular time on Monday, July 6.

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