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Swamp Girl kept her face hidden from Bo. Hope left for Switzerland to learn more about her past. Vivian missed out on a business deal thanks to Stefano. Franco planned to marry Sami to prevent being deported. Nancy and Craig supported Carrie as PR director to take down Mike. Nicole found a way to keep Eric at bay.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday July 6, 1998

Rolf and Stefano are watching Vivian on the TV monitor at the DiMera Mansion. At the townhouse, Vivian is furious because Kate somehow got to Steven Tate and he's given Titan a great recommendation, which have sent Titan's stocks through the roof. A deliveryman gives Vivian a present from Kate, a harpoon as a response to the stuffed fish Vivian sent her. Celeste shows up and asks Vivian and Ivan if they are going to the Horton-Picnic. Vivian says absolutely not! Stefano presses the up button on his controller and Vivian decides that she will go to the picnic after all. Kate shows up at the Horton-Brady picnic and Lucas tells his mom about Sami and Franco's engagement. Lucas warns Kate that if she doesn't stop this wedding, he will. Lucas continues to chug down beers while everyone congratulates Sami.

Billie has realized she lost her compact and is searching all over for it. Billie approaches Roman and sees that he's holding it and she gasps "thank God you found it!" Billie takes her compact and Roman decides to go talk to Sami about her upcoming marriage. Billie grasps the compact and Hope approaches her and asks her what she's doing. Billie tells Hope she's sitting here thinking about how she should be here with Bo and enjoying her baby, but she's not because of her. Billie tells Hope to leave her the hell alone and walks off. Hope approaches Billie and tells her that there won't be anymore awkward encounters between them because she is leaving to search for her past, alone. Mike tells Carrie that Shelly admitted to drugging and robbing him. Mike tells Carrie that he is the new chief of staff and it's thanks to her. Carrie and Mike kiss as Marlena watches from the bushes. Mike and Carrie eventually pull away from one another. Carrie suggests they go share the good news with the others and Carrie walks off like nothing happened.

Austin begins searching for Carrie and wonders where she is. Meanwhile, Lucas confronts Sami and drags her off so they can have a little chat. They start calling each other names like drunk and slut. Lucas goes to hit Sami, but Austin grabs him and asks him what the hell he is doing. Lucas then accuses Sami of trying to make him hit her so she can say he is abusive and then she'll take Will. Lucas warns Sami that she'll never take Will away from him. Kate approaches them and Lucas says Sami is using Austin against him.

Lewis and Winston approach Craig and Nancy. Craig thinks they are going to appoint him as chief of staff, but they tell him he doesn't understand. Winston and Lewis tell Craig and Nancy that Mike Horton has been appointed as chief of staff. Craig and Nancy wonder how this happened and realize Carrie must have something to do with this.

Marlena approaches Franco and he tells her that he will prove himself to the Bradys and he will make a good husband for Sami. Franco walks off and John talks to Marlena about why she seems upset. Marlena says she's concerned about Sami, but something else is troubling her. Before she can tell him what, Mike calls everyone together to share with them some news. Mike tells them all that he is the new chief of staff at University Hospital. Everyone is happy, except for Craig and Nancy. Winston and Lewis say that Carrie is the reason Mike got the job because she tracked down Shelly and got her to admit the truth. Craig and Nancy try to make a run for it, but Carrie stops them. Carrie tells them that she couldn't get Shelly to admit that they set Mike up, but she's sure they did. Nancy and Craig say they are insulted and walk off.

Meanwhile, Vivian tells "Johnny" how happy she is for him and Marlena and that she loves him to pieces. John asks Vivian how she's feeling and she says fine. Vivian also says she is going to throw them a huge engagement party. Vivian decides that this picnic needs some zest and she pushes Carrie and Mike to dance with one another. Vivian starts pushing everyone else to dance and she puts on some square dancing music and acts as the caller. Everyone forms 2 big circles (not squares) and starts dancing. Stefano quickly puts Vivian into a a down mood. Vivian suddenly stops and starts crying about how she misses her husband. Vivian decides to sing a song to Jonsey, "Stand By Your Man." Everyone stares at Vivian like she's lost her mind. Kate asks Celeste why Vivian has gone insane. Celeste says that she is concerned about Vivian. Kate suggests that she get Laura Horton to council Vivian because Laura's client list has dropped to zero. Stefano laughs and says his plan is going perfectly.

Craig and Nancy realize that something is going on between Mike and Carrie and they also know what they have to do to bring Mike down.

Franco tells Sami that he just saw Lucas speeding away in his car. Sami says she could care less about Lucas, but she doesn't want him to hurt others. Sami calls the police and reports Lucas to them. Later, the INS agent report to his superiors that it appears that Franco is marrying an American woman.

Billie and Roman dance. Roman tells Billie that she should get out of town for awhile could do her good. Billie says she thinks it's a good idea, but she'll never get Bo out of her heart. Kate offers to give Billie a ride home, but she says Roman will take her home. Kate wonders if something more than friendship is going on between Billie and Roman.

John asks Hope if she's still going to Lugano and she says yes.

Carrie goes out to the front yard of the Horton house and Mike follows and suggests that they talk. Meanwhile, Marlean tells Austin that Carrie is here and tells him to check out front. Out front, Mike and Carrie are talking about their "friendship." Mike suggests that they are very close friends and is probably why they kissed. Carrie suggests that they forget about the kiss and Mike agrees. Mike decides to go back to the party and leaves. Carrie turns around to go as well and Austin approaches her.

Marlena and John offer Vivian some help, but she is really nasty to them. Marlena becomes concerned about Vivian, but she doesn't want "Doc's" help. Ivan eventually tells Vivian that perhaps they should go home.

Lucas starts swerving his car all over the road and a cop pulls him over.

Bo approaches Swamp Girl, he has covered his face with mud like she has. Bo wonders if Swamp Girl is using the mud to hide any scars. Bo ends up tripping and falling into some bushes while trying to scare away some critters eating his food, which makes Swamp Girl trust him. Swamp Girl motions him to follow her and they walk off. Swamp Girl gives Bo some of her food. Swamp Girl goes to leave, but Bo stops her and tells her that he wants to thank her. Bo offers to cook the fish she gave him and share it with her, but Swamp Girl runs off.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Back at the Brady-Horton picnic, Franco kisses Sami and hopes that the INS agent has bought his engagement to Sami. Sami tells Franco that hopefully her plan to catch Lucas and have him thrown in jail will work. Sami sees Kate with Will and snaps at her. Sami grabs Will and says she doesn't trust her with Will anymore than her drunken son. Kate defends Lucas, but Sami says that Lucas got plastered and almost punched her tonight. Sami also tells Kate that Lucas drove away like a bat out of hell and that she better admit that Lucas has a problem. Sami tells Kate that she is going to have to help Lucas deal with this problem before he hurts somebody.

Meanwhile, Franco confronts the INS agent. The INS agent tells Franco that he is going to be watching him from now till his wedding day. Sami approaches them and asks Franco who this man is. The agent says he's an old friend of Roman's and he'll be seeing them around.

John asks Marlena why she seems so distracted. Marlena says she's just tired, so John says they should just say their goodnights and leave. Laura shows up for the picnic to congratulate Mike. Mike tells Laura that he owes everything to Carrie because she's been his guardian angel. Laura wants to thank Carrie, but she's not here. Marlena and John go over to see Laura and Laura thanks Marlena for her help proving Mike's innocence. John and Marlena break away from Mike and Laura and they talk about Bo and Hope. John and Marlena also wonder about Roman and Billie and is anything more is going on. John also realizes that Marlena is unhappy about the engagement. Marlena says she doesn't trust Franco and hopes Franco really does love Sami. Marlena fears what Sami would do if she found out that Franco was using her. John decides to go check on Vivian and Marlena stays around to talk to Laura.

Austin approaches Carrie from behind. Mike has left and Carrie fears Austin heard her and Mike talking about the kiss. Carrie tells Austin that she can explain, but Austin says he knows what went down with her and Mike. Austin says that he knows Mike got the chief of staff job because of what she did and how proud he is of her. Austin tells Carrie about Lucas, but Carrie is still skeptical.

Laura, Mike, and Marlena approach Austin and Carrie. Austin congratulates Mike and then asks if he can please have his wife back now that he's through with her. Mike is stunned and apologizes, but Austin says he was just joking. Everyone decides to call it a night. Marlena asks Carrie to meet her for lunch tomorrow. After they are gone, Laura knows Mike can't stop thinking about Carrie. Mike says he's going to have to because she's with Austin, where she belongs.

Carrie and Austin go home and climb into bed. As Austin is kissing her, all Carrie can think about is Mike. Carrie tells Austin that she's really tired and just wants to sleep. Back at the picnic, Mike swears not to let thing with Carrie go any further.

Stefano and Rolf are still discussing Vivian and how she embarrassed her at the picnic. Stefano tells Rolf he knows and then turns on the monitor he has planted in Jonesy's house. Vivian has returned and she has no idea why she did what she did today. Rolf pleads with Stefano to put Vivian back into a normalized mode. Stefano does it and Vivian apologizes to Ivan for snapping at him. Celeste suggests Vivian see somehow who can help her. Ivan suggests that she see Laura, which makes Vivian realize that they think she's going crazy. Stefano laughs and says, "that's the idea!" John stops by to check up on Vivian and she says she's fine. John suggests she see Marlena, but Vivian says she doesn't need a shrink, she just over did it. Ivan mentions to John that Vivian has been acting different ever since he had dinner with Stefano. John begins to wonder if Stefano wants Jonesy's possessions and is doing this to her. Celeste laughs and says that Stefano could just buy these things, he doesn't have to scheme to get them. John says that is true, but he's still concerned about his aunt. John has to go and tells them to call him if there is anything he can do. Stefano damns John and says that if he keeps meddling then he'll have to take care of both John and Vivian. John leaves and Vivian goes to bed. Celeste and Ivan tell one another that they have to get Vivian to a doctor. Meanwhile, Stefano decides to move forward with the next phase of his plan.

John goes home to Marlena and they make love.

A cop approaches Lucas' car and tells him to turn off the car and step out. The cop says that he pulled Lucas over for a broken taillight, but then he realizes Lucas has been drinking and makes him take a sobriety test. Lucas takes the test after the cop threatens to arrest him. The officer tells Lucas he's taking him downtown for a Breathalyzer test and if he resists, he will be arrested. Lucas is taken into the station and Abe is shocked to see him there. Lucas tales the Breathalyzer test though he's not over the limit, the officer still arrests him. Lucas refuses and says he's entitled to a call. Abe tells the officer to let Lucas make the call and then lock him in the drunk tank. Lucas calls his lawyer and asks him to get him out of jail. The lawyer says if Lucas is let go then he may be able to convince him not to press charges against the police department. Lucas' attorney comes to see him and tells him that he can't get him out because DUI is a serious crime.

Sami goes back to the Kirkias Mansion and calls the station and acts worried about her friend Lucas. Sami finds out that Lucas has been arrested and she laughs and gloats to Franco about it. Franco kisses Sami and tells her that he wants to make love to here and now. Kate walks in on them and asks them what in the hell they think they're doing on her couch. Kate and Sami start arguing, mainly about Lucas being a drunk and an unfit father.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Lucas' lawyer tells him that the cop had every right to pull him over and throw him in jail because of his attitude. Lucas' lawyer says if he doesn't cool it he'll lose his license for 6 months and his arrest will appear on the front pages of all newspapers tomorrow. Later, Abe and Lucas' lawyer start arguing about Lucas' arrest. Lucas' lawyer threatens to sue the department for harassment if he isn't allowed to speak with the arresting officer. Abe agrees, but says it won't change anything. The lawyer questions the officer while Lucas is present. The officer explains that a call was placed saying the owner of a BMW was driving drunk. Lucas realizes that it was Sami.

The officer says he pulled Lucas over because a taillight was broken. Lucas says he just had a tune-up and it was fine. Abe calls the garage and learns that the taillight is working fine. Lucas lawyer tells them that if the charges are dropped, Lucas will forgive and forget. Abe eventually agrees to drop the charges. Outside the office, Gregory tells Lucas that the broken tail light repair will be added to his bill!

Kate and Sami are fighting about Lucas. Sami decides not to tell her about Lucas' arrest. Kate storms off and Sami tells Franco that she'll do anything to protect her son. Franco agrees and says they should be married immediately to keep Lucas away from Will. Franco shows her the marriage license and says they can get married by tomorrow night. Sami just ignores him and Franco decides that he should leave. Kate begins to worry about Lucas and calls around to try to find him. Kate and Sami start arguing again about Lucas. Kate tells Sami that she's sick of her and wants her to pack up her things and get out of her house. Sami tells Kate to apologize and Kate says she is sorry that she (Sami) ever came into her life.

Kate threatens to sue for custody of Will with Lucas. Sami says no judge would ever give Lucas custody because he is a drunk and was arrested for drunk driving. Kate asks Sami what she is talking about and Sami says it's just a matter of time before he's arrested. Sami says that if Kate does file for custody then she will expose her past as a call girl. Kate says that was in her past and she's become a respected businesswoman and people will forgive her, but she (Sami) will go to jail for blackmail.

Kate asks Sami if she really wants to lose the love of her dear daddy Roman just to get revenge. Lucas shows up and tells Sami that her little trick didn't work. Sami storms off and Kate tells Lucas that she is not amused. Kate tells Lucas that Sami was right, he could have killed someone tonight. Kate asks Lucas to pull himself together for her and Will. Lucas tells his mom that he knows what he did was wrong and he won't do it again. Sami vows to get Lucas on something much worse than drunk driving.

Franco meets up with Roberto and tells him that tonight he saw just what a horrible and manipulative bitch Sami is. Franco says he doesn't think he can marry Sami and wonders if there is another way out. Franco and Roberto end up going into a strip club to take their minds off Sami.

Hope is talking with Maggie about Bo. Hope hopes Bo find some peace. Maggie says she hopes Bo and her will find their way back together, but Hope doubts that will happen and doesn't even know if Bo cares about her anymore. Maggie tells Hope that Bo still loves her and doesn't blame her for the death of his baby. Hope says she isn't so sure about that. Hope switches the subject to her past and talks with Maggie about the sketch she did. Maggie asks Hope if Stefano could have programmed her artistic talent and Hope says it's possible, but she doesn't know why. Hope says she doesn't even know who she is anymore. Maggie says she's Hope Brady and she knows that. Hope tells Maggie that she didn't see the picture of her after the burns, she didn't even recognize herself. Hope says that Stefano recognized her, but she doesn't know why he turned her into Gina. Hope tells Maggie that she has to find the answers and that's why she's going to Lugano. Later, Maggie accidentally breaks open Hope's comb and Hope finds some strange markings inside that are similar to the compact. Upon investigating, Hope finds that the comb was made in Lugano, Switzerland.

Billie is thinking about her baby and she tells Roman how Bo should have been with her instead of chasing Hope. Billie says nobody will ever know what it was like to deliver in that God forsaken place, only to be told her baby didn't live. Roman asks Billie what God forsaken place she is talking about. Billie says she was talking about the farm house. Roman tells Billie that she has to get past this anger and move on. Billie says all she needs is to get back with Bo and have another baby and she'll be fine. Roman tells Billie that she's setting herself up for a fall because Bo will always love Hope. Roman tells Billie that she could have a good life without Bo just like she had in Paris. Roman shows Billie a gift that she gave him in Paris and then they have a flashback.

In Paris, Billie and Roman are posing as lovers and Roman is pretending to be a wealthy oilman looking to make some investments in some art treasures. Roman and Billie hold a little party for some of the investors. The headman doesn't show up because some of the investors say that they have heard an ISA agent is following them. Roman becomes angry and pretends that one of the others is a plant and orders them all to get out. Back in the present, Shane calls and Roman accepts the ISA agent, he wants to go to Europe to finish busting that smuggling ring. Billie tells Roman that she's going with him. Roman tells her no way, but Billie says has to because they were a team. Roman says that if they both leave town it will look suspicious. Billie asks Roman if that's why he doesn't want her to go with him, or is there another reason. Flashback back to Paris. Roman tells Billie that he's going to get her to a safe place and finish this case on his own because he cares too much about her to put her in danger. Billie and Roman kiss and end up in bed. Back in the present, Roman tells Billie he'll always treasure that night. Billie tells Roman that is the reason he doesn't want her to come, he fears they'll lose control again.

In the bayou, Bo is wondering about Swamp Girl. Bo starts thinking about Hope and what she's doing. Bo hopes that she hasn't gone off to search for her past nor done something drastic without thinking. Swamp Girl spies on Bo from the bushes and Bo tells her to come closer and share his dinner. Swamp Girl sees the fire and remembers an explosion and starts screaming. Bo calms her down and tells her that he didn't mean to scare her. Bo starts telling Swamp Girl about his old life was, before he made a mess of it. Bo asks Swamp Girl about herself and Swamp Girl gets ready to run, so Bo says she doesn't have to talk. Bo asks her to stay and be his friend. Bo plays "Tonight I Celebrate My Love" on a portable radio and recalls dancing with Hope to the song. Swamp Girl also remembers dancing with a man to the same song. Swamp Girl suddenly runs back into the bayou. Alone, Swamp Girl begins to sob. Bo finds her and tries to comfort her, but she runs off again.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

At the Titan gym, Eric gazes at a picture of Nicole and remembers their photo shoot in LA. Franco comes up to him and teases him about being in love with Nicole. Eric says they're taking things slowly. He asks Franco if he and Sami have set a wedding date, and Franco says that Sami wants a big wedding, but he just wants to elope and help Sami deal with her problems with Lucas and Will. While Eric is working out, Marie comes by with a contract for Nicole to sign and asks Eric if he will give it to her. Eric agrees, but is puzzled by the address on the envelope; it's in a bad part of town, and not where Nicole told him she lived. He decides to check it out anyway and heads to the crummy apartment building. He looks around in distaste as he approaches Nicole's door.

Nicole sits in her apartment thinking about the great time she had with Eric - until Jay showed up. Her phone rings, and it's Jay telling her to send him some money, or he will tell her photographer boyfriend all about her seedy past. Nicole tells him to leave her alone and gets her number changed again. Her landlord comes by and she gives him the rent check and her notice; she says she is moving out today. She is glad to see that there's a vacancy in the fancy apartment building where she told Eric she lived. She gets ready to move, not knowing that Eric is standing right outside her door.

Sami watches Lucas playing airplane with Will and criticizes him for playing too rough. She has Ros take the boy away and to promise to watch him whenever Lucas is around. Lucas and Sami get into the same old argument about being unfit parents to Will, and each threatens to take Will away. Lucas tells Sami she'll always be a loser and stalks off to go work out at Titan. Sami plays with Will while she tries to come up with a plan to bring Lucas down. Franco walks in and she jumps up and hugs him, telling him she loves him. Franco hugs her, while he thinks to himself that he'll do anything to avoid being deported - even marry Sami.

Carrie has a hot dream about kissing Mike. She wakes up and finds that Austin is kissing her passionately. He serves her breakfast in bed, which makes her feel even more guilty. She tells Austin that everything is going to change and she will be there for him from now on. While Austin goes to take a shower, Allie calls from the hospital to invite Carrie to a surprise party for Mike that morning. Carrie says she can't come. Austin overhears her and asks why not. Carrie says she wanted to spend the day with him. Austin says that is a lovely thought, but he was planning to go work out anyway, and she should go to the party, since she is the reason Mike was hired. Carrie agrees and leaves.

Mike eats breakfast with Mrs. H while reading the front page of the Salem Chronicle, which announces that his reputation is cleared. Mrs. H asks him how he is handling his feelings for Carrie. Mike says that she is happily married and that's all there is to it. Mrs. H looks doubtful. Mike goes to the hospital to find everyone cheering for him as he gets off the elevator. Allie makes a nice speech about how glad they all are he got the Chief of Staff position. He gives her a kiss, making Carrie uncomfortable, which Lexie notices. Mike thanks Carrie for her dedication, which got him the job. A photographer makes them stand together as Mike kisses Carrie on the cheek. Allie presents Mike with a lab coat with the words "Dr. Mike Horton, Chief of Staff" embroidered on it, in her own hand. Mike thanks her and promises they'll go to dinner soon. He takes Carrie aside for a private talk and thanks her again for her commitment. They gaze into each other's eyes and say they will never forget the time they spent together. While they're talking, Craig and Nancy decide that they're going to make sure Mike's tenure as COS is the shortest in history. Nancy says there's more going on between Mike and Carrie than business, and she intends to start another scandal. She and Craig approach Winston and Lewis with the idea that University Hospital needs a permanent PR department, and Carrie would be the perfect choice for the new director. Winston and Lewis talk to the other board members about it. Just as Mike is thinking how relieved he is that he and Carrie won't have to work together any more, Winston and Lewis tell him that the board has agreed to offer Carrie the position as director of PR for the hospital.

Ivan and Celeste discuss how concerned they are about Vivian's behavior. Stefano presses the remote control to make sure Vivian will wake up in a down mood. Lexie shows up to talk to Celeste, and Ivan and Celeste ask Lexie to convince Vivian she needs to see a doctor. Vivian wakes up and starts screaming at them that she doesn't need a doctor; she just needs people to leave her alone. Stefano sees that Lexie is there and rushes over to do damage control. He presses his remote control to put Vivian in a normal mode and backs up her assertion that she doesn't need a doctor; she just needs some relaxation. She feels so much better after Stefano pushes the button that she thinks his presence is helping her. She agrees to go to lunch with him. Privately, Celeste tells Lexie that she thinks Stefano is using Vivian. Lexie asks if she might be a little jealous. Celeste says no, she's just concerned. Stefano sees Lexie out and then has a few words with Celeste while they wait for Vivian to change clothes. Stefano and Vivian head out to the Penthouse Grill. Ivan, still worried, asks Celeste if she is hungry. She says yes, and they decide to follow Vivian and Stefano.

At Titan, Lucas approaches Austin, who is working out at the gym. They start arguing about whether Sami is trying to make Austin believe Lucas is a drunk. Austin says that he knows Sami hurt them by not telling them that Will was Lucas' son and not Austin's, but it's time to get over that and move on with their lives. He tells Lucas that Sami is, if nothing else, a good mother to Will, and asks why Lucas has not gotten over his hatred, the way Austin has. Lucas says that if Austin knew what Sami was doing to their family, he would hate her, too.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Eric knocks on Nicole's door. Thinking it's her landlord, she's just about to answer when she hears Eric's voice outside. She panics and thinks she will have to come clean about living in a dump. Just as she is about to open the door, she hears Eric asking her landlord if Nicole Walker lives here. The landlord says she used to, but moved to some fancy apartment and didn't leave a forwarding address. Eric heads over to the other apartment building; Nicole uses a shortcut to get ahead of him. She begs the doorman to let her have a key to the studio apartment for rent and promises to fill in the application as soon as possible, giving him a check for rent and security deposit. Not a minute later, Eric comes to the building. When the doorman comes down, Eric asks to see Nicole Walker. The doorman says, "That was fast!", which puzzles Eric. When he gets upstairs, he sees Nicole standing outside her apartment, saying it's a mess and she can't let him in, but she will soon. Eric gives her the Titan contract and asks why her old address is on it. Nicole makes up some story about being stalked and giving the old address to throw people off her trail. Eric asks if she's ready for the photo shoot, and she says yes. She puts her envelope in her apartment and they leave together.

As Lucas is about to tell Austin what Sami has been doing to their mother, Kate comes in and makes up a story about Sami wanting her to host a party for her and Franco at her house. Austin tells Lucas that's hardly evil, and walks away to talk to Carrie. Kate tells Lucas that if he tells Austin about Sami's blackmail, Sami will immediately go public with all she has. Kate gets a call from Stefano about meeting Steven Tate for lunch, and she heads upstairs.

At the Penthouse Grill, Vivian chats up Stefano, seeming perfectly normal to Celeste and Ivan, who are watching from another table. She spies Steven Tate, who is waiting for Kate, and schmoozes him about supporting her company. He tells her he has to evaluate Alamain International and Titan very carefully before he endorses her company. Kate arrives and Vivian is disgusted with how she kisses up to Steven. She goes to sit with Stefano, who decides it's time for her to make a fool of herself. Stefano presses the "up" mood button, and Vivian immediately starts dancing like a dervish with Stefano, amusing everyone, but alarming Ivan and Celeste. Things only get worse when she takes the piano man's microphone and dedicates a torchy song to Steven Tate, embarrassing herself horribly by singing in front of the whole restaurant and then keeling over. Stefano presses the "normal" button and Vivian is overcome with horror. She tries to apologize to Steven, but he is totally disgusted and tells her he will never recommend her company now. Kate is gloating, and wondering how Stefano pulled it off as Vivian chases Steven out of the restaurant.

Mike tells Winston and Lewis that of course he would support hiring Carrie as PR director for the hospital, but she might not accept the position because she has a great job at Titan. They tell him that they would make it financially worthwhile, and that Mike should be the one to offer her the job as his first official COS duty. Craig and Nancy are happy to see Mike so uncomfortable and vow to bring him down with scandal. Mike runs into Lexie in the park and confesses to her that he and Carrie kissed passionately at the barbecue last night. Lexie says that while she understands Mike's apprehension, he has to offer to job to Carrie and give her the chance to make up her own mind. Mike agrees and calls Carrie.

At Titan, Carrie is still thinking of kissing Mike when Austin comes up behind her and kisses her. She pretends to be happy about spending more time with him. Austin disappears for a while and Mike calls Carrie on her cell phone. He asks her to meet with him to talk about something important. Austin comes back in time to overhear Carrie talking to Mike.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami sends Ros to Salem Place with Will, leaving her and Franco alone in the house. Sami turns on a steamy song and starts to do a striptease for Franco. Franco imagines that she is a stripper he knows from a club and manages to get turned on. They make love passionately and then get dressed again just before Lucas shows up. Franco says he is getting out of there because he doesn't want to witness another argument between her and Lucas. He tells Sami her vendetta is not very becoming. Lucas and Sami get into it, as usual, and accuse each other of being unfit parents. Sami tells Lucas that nothing better happen while he's watching Will. She leaves and Lucas starts drinking immediately. Ros comes back with Will and Lucas dismisses her, although she is reluctant to go. Lucas keeps drinking and starts playing airplane with Will, but quickly gets dizzy and accidentally drops Will on the floor. Sami rushes in and exclaims in horror, "What have you done?"

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