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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday July 13, 1998

John is thinking about the sketch Hope made at the Brady-Horton picnic. John tells Marlena, that he keeps seeing a painting that Hope drew. John says that the painting brought up dark secrets from his own past. John believes he is linked to this painting as well, he just doesn't know how or why. Marlena is startled to learn that Hope suddenly gained artistic talent.

Hope is getting ready to leave for Lugano. Alice doesn't like the idea of Hope going alone, or the fact that she's going at all. Hope tells her grandmother not to worry, she'll be fine. However, Alice says Bo was always with her before. Hope says she and Bo are not together, so she must do this on her own. Maggie shows up and gives her a book on the Impressionists, which could spark some clues. The book indicates that Paul Renee, the artist who drew Garden at Twilight, was born in Lugano. Hope suddenly realizes that she forgot to call John about the comb. Hope calls John, who his still with Marlena, and tells him about the comb. Hope says that she's leaving for Lugano today. John tells her that she can take his jet and she thanks him.

John and Marlena discuss Hope's trip, both of them don't like the idea of her going alone. Marlena tells John that he has to go with Hope because somehow their pasts are linked. John doesn't want to leave Marlena alone in Salem with Stefano, but Marlena says this trip is important. John agrees to go, but only if she comes with him. Marlena says she wants to, but she has to be here for Sami and because of another problem, Marlena recalls Carrie and Mike's kiss. John calls the pilot and tells him to hold off before leaving because he's coming as well. Before heading to the plane, John and Marlena make love.

Hope goes to the airport and boards John's plane. While sitting on the plane, Hope recalls listening to the waltz and looking into her compact as fireworks explode outside.

Mike calls Carrie on the phone and asks her to meet him. Carrie is with Austin and he's not happy with the idea that Mike "needs" Carrie. Carrie decides to go see Mike, who's in the park. Austin tells Carrie it's okay because this will probably be the last time she's summoned away from him by Mike. After she leaves, Austin says it better be the last time.Carrie and Mike meet up in Salem Park. Mike tells Carrie that he has a job offer for her. Carrie asks what job and Mike tells her they want her to be the head of PR at University Hospital. Carrie is shocked, yet excited, but isn't sure she should take the job because of him. Mike picks up on this and realizes she's apprehensive of taking it because of him. Mike tells her that he doesn't want to be the reason she turns the job down. He says that they will just have to make this strictly a professional relationship. Carrie says they are both at fault about the kiss, but it doesn't have to affect their friendship or working relationship. Carrie tells Mike before she can make a decision she has to talk to Austin.

Lucas is playing airplane with Will when he suddenly drops him. Sami rushes in and grabs him and demands to know what he did to Will. Lucas says it was an accident, but Sami smells the alcohol on his breath and asks how he could do this to his own son. Sami decides to put some ice on Will's bump. Lucas asks to hold Will, but Sami says he's never touching her son again. Sami says that Will could have a concussion and decides to take him to the hospital. Lucas starts crying that it's not his fault when Kate comes in and asks what is going on. Kate becomes furious because this gives Sami even more ammunition against him. Kate asks where Sami and Will are and he tells her at the hospital. Kate tells Lucas that his drinking problem is out of control, so she's sending him to a rehab clinic. Lucas says all he needs is a drink, but Kate throws his glass and tells him he has to stop this destructive behavior. Lucas says he is Will's father and everything will be fine.

Sami is driving with Will to the hospital and realizes that she has to keep Will away from Lucas because next time it could be worse than a bump on the head. Sami realizes what she has to do and calls Austin. Sami tells him that something happened to Will and he has to meet her at the hospital. At the hospital, Craig starts asking Ali about her relationship with Mike. Craig starts accusing Ali of being interested in Mike only because he is Chief of Staff. Ali tells Craig that she doesn't go for married men and walks off.

Sami brings Will into the hospital and Will is cared for by Craig. Sami keeps crying that she needs Mike, but Craig says Mike isn't here. Craig storms off with Will and Ali tells Sami to ignore Craig because that's the way he is, but Will will be fine. Austin shows up and Sami runs to him and tells him that he won't believe what happened. Craig brings Will back and says that he's going to be fine and she can take him home as soon as some formalities are taken care of. Austin asks what type of formalities and Craig says they are required to report children with head injuries to social services and that a social worker will be coming down to ask them some questions.

Austin asks Sami why Lucas isn't here and Sami says because this is all his fault. Monica, the case worker, shows up to ask questions. The social worker asks Sami how her sons injuries occurred. Sami says that Lucas, Will's father, hit him!

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Bo sets up a shelter in the Bayou as a storm rolls into the swamp. Bo wonders what happened to Swamp Girl to force her to hide out in the bayou. Bo begins smearing mud on his face and wonders if Swamp Girl was burned and left the hospital before her surgery was complete because she overheard something about Hope at the hospital, something Stefano didn't want her to know.

Swamp Girl shows up and she and Bo play an odd game of hide-n-seek. Bo ends up falling into the water and Swamp Girl laughs. Bo asks Swamp Girl if she can speak, but she doesn't answer. Swamp Girl walks off and the screams. Bo goes after her and finds her trapped in some quicksand. Bo hands her a tree branch and manages to pull her out. Bo tells her maybe she should go to the river and wash herself up. Bo follows her, hoping she'll wash her face. Bo hides as she washes herself. Bo approaches her, she's at the forked tree (where it meets the river). Bo asks if this is her special place and she nods. Bo tells her about his and Hope's special place, the FancyFace.

Bo tells Swamp Girl about how he believed Hope had died years back and fills her in his problems. He tells her that Hope stayed in a hospital down here recovering from terrible scars. Bo goes on and tells Swamp Girl about how Hope was told she went on and on about the bayou, but Hope knows nothing of this place. Bo says he thinks she was the one in the hospital talking about the bayou, not Hope. Swamp Girl tries to leave, but Bo stops her and tells her that he needs answers that could change both of their lives forever. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he doesn't want to hurt her, he wants to help her. Bo asks her to tell him what she knows about Hope.

John and Hope are on John's jet and are flying to Lugano. Hope tells John while she was waiting for the plane to take off she had a flashback of being Gina. Hope tells John that she saw herself looking into the compact and felt someone watching her, so she turned around. John asks who she saw, but she can't remember. John tells Hope that he wanted to come with her from the beginning, but he didn't want to leave Doc behind. Hope says he should have brought her, but he tells her she wanted to stay behind because of Sami. Hope says she's so happy that he and Marlena have gotten back together, unlike her and Bo. John tells Hope not to give up on Bo because she can overcome any obstacle that comes up.

Roman is talking to Shane on the phone. Billie approaches Roman and asks when he's leaving. Roman tells her whenever Shane calls back. Billie asks Roman if he doesn't want her to come with him because they made love in Paris. Roman says that when they made love they were hurt, vulnerable, and on the rebound. Billie says "like we are now" and says that is the reason he doesn't want her to come. Roman says this is a dangerous mission and he doesn't want her to get hurt. Roman gets the call from Shane and he tells Billie he has to go. Billie tells Roman that she's going with him. She says she thought this would happen so he brought him something for luck, a St. Christopher medal. Roman hugs Billie and tells her that she's incredible. Billie tells Roman to be careful. Roman leaves and Billie has this Casablanca flashback about saying goodbye to Roman in Paris.

Marlena is in Salem Place and is approached by Stefano. Stefano starts questioning Marlena about John and her wedding date, but she says that is none of his business. Stefano laughs and tells her that she'll always hold a special place in his heart and it's obvious he'll have to work for her forgiveness. Marlena says maybe not, if he answers a question for her, why did he take away John's past. Stefano says John knows his past, he was a priest. Marlena says she knew he wouldn't tell her the truth. He says it is the truth. Marlena then asks Stefano to tell her about Hope's past. Stefano says Hope stayed at Maison Blanche and recovered from her surgeries, but Marlena says she doesn't believe him.

Marlena says perhaps Stefano is that he's the same liar he's always been. Roman shows up and asks what is going on. Stefano says he was just answering and she called him a liar. Roman says that's a good assessment. Stefano warns Roman not to push him and he storms off. Marlena asks Roman to have coffee with her, but he tells her that he took the ISA mission and has to go, but assures her he'll be back to walk Sami down the aisle.

Roman boards the jet and begins to have memories of a Casablanca farewell to Billie. Suddenly, Billie, dressed as a flight attendant, shows up. Roman asks her what she's doing and she says she's here to finish what they started in Paris.

Lucas refuses to go to a rehab clinic. Kate summons Henderson and orders him to remove all the liquor in the house. Lucas says what happened with Will wasn't because of his drinking. Lucas says he wants to have a loving relationship with Will, but he fears that Will will always think Austin is his father and he has Sami to thank for it. He says Sami is the reason he drinks, but Kate says that isn't a reason for him to drink.. Lucas says he has to find a way to stop them from getting married. Kate tells Lucas to calm down before Sami and Will come back. Lucas begins to worry because Sami and Will should have been back earlier.

Sami tells the social worker that she saw Lucas hit Will. Austin can't believe that, but Sami says when Lucas becomes drunk he gets violent. The social worker tells Sami that she is doing the best thing she can by coming forward with this information. Austin tells Sami that these charges are serious and she should be telling the truth. Sami is hurt that Austin doesn't trust her, but he says she can't really blame him. Austin tells Sami that these charges will hurt Will in the long run because he's going to be losing another father. Austin asks her if she's sure Lucas hit Will on purpose. Sami says he did. Will calls Austin daddy and the social worker becomes puzzled. Austin corrects Will and says that Lucas is his daddy. Will is released and the social worker tells Sami that Will is lucky to have a mother like her. Sami says it's been a long day and she better get going, but the social worker says she can't let her go. The social worker says they must know where she's taking Will and she says home. The social worker says she can't let her take Will back to an abusive home. Austin says this isn't right and he tells the social worker that she should get Lucas' side of the story first.

Austin, Sami, Will, and the social worker, Joan Hunt, show up at the Kiriakis mansion. Austin takes Will to another room and Kate suggests they all go into the living room and talk. Lucas asks what is going on and Joan says he's being charged with child endangerment and could face the possibility of ever seeing his son again. In the other room, Austin talks to Will and asks him if his daddy has ever hit him. Will just frowns.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

John and Hope are walking around the streets of Lugano. Hope wants to find out what she did those four lost years and she also tells John that they will learn something about his past as well. John tells Hope that they should concentrate on her for now. Hope spots a man leaving an antiques store and she rushes over to talk to him. The man lets Hope and John in and asks them what do they want? Hope shows him the comb and he tells her that he recognizes the comb and her. The store owner says that the piece was made by the Swiss silversmith Barton Dejean and each piece is one of a kind. Hope asks to see Dejean, but learns he's been dead for years. The man says all of Dejean's work are in art museums or private collections. He asks Hope how she got it and Hope says it was given to her, so she was told. The man says that is impossible because he knows this comb and the only way they could have it is if they stole it. The man says that he has to report them to the police.

Roman is furious that Billie has snuck on board his jet. Roman orders the pilot to turn the plane around and return to Salem. Unfortunately, Rick, the pilot, is unable to turn the plane around because of ISA orders. Billie asks where they are going and Roman says all he knows is it is someplace in Europe, Lugano. Billie tells Roman that he's stuck with her and she is going to help him out. Roman says he won't expose her to this kind of danger, but Billie tells him that she doesn't care. Billie says that helping him bring down the smugglers is exactly what she needs to do right now. Roman starts showing Billie all these really hi-tech devices and weapons, but Billie says he still doesn't have a partner. Suddenly, the plane starts rocking, so Billie and Roman take their seats. Suddenly, an alarm starts buzzing and the plane goes straight down.

Eric and Nicole are getting ready for a shoot. Carrie shows up hoping to find Austin, but he's not here. Carrie tells Eric that she can't figure out where Austin is. Carrie's thoughts drift to Mike's job offer and Eric starts telling Carrie how much Austin missed her when she worked at the hospital and is very happy to have her back at Titan. Carrie starts asking Eric about Nicole and he tells Carrie that he really likes Nicole, but he feels she's lead a life that is much worse then she leads on. Nicole returns in a dress and Eric starts the photo shoot. Carrie decides to get out of their way, but Eric asks her to hang out because Austin must be somewhere in the building.

To put Nicole in the mood, Eric tells Nicole to think of a forbidden love, someone she has had, but is forbidden to see. Eric's words bring up memories of "the kiss" for Carrie. Eric finishes the shoot and takes the pictures down to the lab. Carrie tells Nicole that she and Eric have a lot of chemistry. Carrie tells Nicole that Eric really likes her and Nicole says she likes him as well,, but he just wants to take it slow. Carrie says she hopes she won't hurt Eric and Nicole says she knows Eric values honesty. Carrie decides to try to go find her husband and leaves. Later, Eric returns and tells Nicole that these new pictures are going to blow her away. Nicole says it's late and Eric tells her that he'll take her home. Eric walks Nicole to her apartment, but Nicole tells him that her place is a mess and she doesn't want him to see it. Eric asks for her number, so she gives it to him and says it's not listed in the book. Eric leaves, but runs into Nicole's neighbor and she tells him that Nicole's apartment has been occupied for over a year.

Austin asks Will if Lucas has ever hit him. Will just frowns and Austin realizes that he's really tired. Lucas is outraged that he's been accused of child endangerment. He becomes even more furious when the social worker says that Sami has accused him of beating his son. Kate tells the social worker that Sami is lying, but Sami says "like hell I am!" Lucas starts screaming at Sami to tell the truth and the Sami tells the social worker that this is how it starts off, next he hits. Kate tells the social worker that Sami is a disturbed young woman who lied about the paternity of her child. The social worker says that has nothing to do with this case.

Austin shows up and says he knows what is going on. Austin says that Sami loves her son very much and he knows that Lucas has been drinking around Will. Kate asks if it looks like there is any alcohol in the house and Sami accuses Kate of getting rid of the bar. The social worker asks Lucas if he was drinking earlier and he says yes. Kate says it was just one drink, but Sami says when Lucas drinks he becomes violent and she asks Austin if that isn't true. Austin says Lucas has been drinking and he's seen Sami and Lucas fighting, but not physical. Sami starts recounting how Lucas was arrested for drunk driving and then past out drunk and lost Will. The social worker says that if true, this shows a pattern of neglect. The social worker asks Lucas what happened and he claims that he got dizzy while spinning Will and he slipped out of his hands and bumped his head. The social worker asks if he was alone and he says yes. Sami says he's lying because she was with him and she saw him hit Will. Kate once again tells the social worker that Sami is lying. The social worker says this is a very unhealthy environment for Will to stay in. The social worker then asks Sami for her side of the story. Sami says she saw Lucas, who was drunk, was spinning Will around and it made her very terrified. Sami says Lucas put Will down and took another drink. Sami goes on and says Will wanted to play more and kept asking to play more, but it only made Lucas angry and he hit Will with the back of his hand and Will fell and bumped his head.

Lucas tells Sami that he knows she hates him, but he can't believe she's saying this. Sami says she's not lying and she's told the truth. The social worker asks her if she'd be willing to swear this in court she doesn't actually answer yes, but she says what she said was true. The social worker goes to call her office and Carrie shows up. Carrie learns what is going on and Carrie asks her sister could lie about something like that, but Austin says that he believes Sami. Carrie is angry and says Lucas would never hit Will. Austin says the truth will come out in the end and Lucas tells Sami that her lies always come out in the end. Suddenly, cops show up and the social worker says she's ordering Lucas to be removed from the premises. Lucas refuses and Kate suggests that Lucas cooperate. The social worker says that by the time she's finished her investigation she'll know everything she needs. Lucas leaves and Sami decides to see Will, but the social worker tells Sami that she cannot see Will until the investigation is over as well. As Sami gasps "you can't take Will away from me," Kate smiles. The social worker asks Austin if he could watch Will and Austin and Carrie says they'd love to have Will for awhile. Austin leaves to get Will and Sami tells Carrie that Lucas has to pay for what he's done. Kate tells Sami that she's the one who is going to pay. Austin and Carrie take Will home and the social worker leaves as well. Sami says she'll be going to bed, but Kate slaps Sami, grabs her by the throat, and yells "I'm going to kill you!" Meanwhile, Lucas damns Sami and says he can play dirty.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Mike tells Lexie that Carrie said she needs to talk with Austin before accepting the job offer and he fears Austin won't approve. Mike says whatever happens, he won't let his feelings get out of control again. Meanwhile, Nancy shows up and tells Craig that she can't stand by and let Mike stay Chief of Staff. Nancy says that they have to force Carrie into taking the job and to work closely with Mike. Mike confronts Craig about the file on Will. Mike doesn't think that Lucas hit Will, but Craig tells him, that is what the mother said happen and he had to go by the book.

Kate and Sami are having a huge fight. Kate tells Sami she'll never get away with this, but Sami assures her that she will. Kate says that if she comes forward with the truth them maybe they can work out a joint custody agreement. Sami refuses and says she will do whatever it takes to keep Will away from his drunken father and his mother the whore. Kate loses it, grabs Sami by the neck, starts shaking her head, and screams "you bitch, you bitch!" Franco shows up and breaks up the fight.

Franco asks what is going on and Kate says that Sami accuses Lucas of hitting Will, but Sami says he did. Kate offers Franco protection if he tells social services just what a liar that Sami is. Franco wonders if perhaps Kate can help him stay in the country, that way he won't have to marry Sami. However, Franco decides not to chance it and says he loves Sami and will always support her. Kate walks out and Franco asks Sami if Lucas really hit Will. Sami says Lucas is dangerous towards Will and she doesn't want him anywhere near her son. Sami says that she fears he's made an enemy of Kate, but he says he doesn't care.

In the other room, Kate calls Mike at the hospital. They talk and Mike believes that Lucas didn't hurt Will Mike says there is nothing he can do and suggests she hire Lucas a lawyer. Mike does tell Kate that he'll try to keep social services from printing the story in the papers. Kate begins to wonder what is going on in Franco's head and vows to learns the truth.

Austin and Carrie both disagree about what happened to Will. Austin believes Sami and Carrie believes Lucas. Carrie realizes that this probably isn't the greatest time to tell Austin about the job offer. Austin tells Carrie if she had been at Titan and around her family more she would have seen the change in Lucas' behavior. Carrie still thinks Sami is lying to him and Austin says he isn't naive where his son is occurred. Carrie says Will isn't his son, and Austin says he knows, but he loves him like a son. Carrie tells Austin that Sami is a liar. Austin says that he already talked to Sami and Sami swears she's not lying and he doesn't think she's lying. Carrie realizes there is no point in arguing with him, so she's going to bed. Austin stops her and asks him what her meeting with Mike was about. Before Carrie can tell him, Will starts talking and Austin goes to check on him. Sami calls to check on Will and Carrie and Sami start arguing. Eventually, Carrie leaves to get Will some apple juice and hand the phone to Austin. Austin asks Sami if there is another way to protect Will, maybe if Lucas went to rehab. Sami is hurt that Austin doesn't believe her. Meanwhile, Mike calls Carrie on her cell phone to talk about the situation with Will. Carrie tells Mike how she and Austin are fighting over Sami's charges. At the hospital, Nancy overhears Mike talking with Carrie and learns that Carrie hasn't decided on whether or not to take the job. Suddenly, Nancy comes up with the perfect way to force her into taking the job.

Roman tells Billie that the plane took a dive to make it appear to any enemy radar that the plane crashed. Roman and Billie end up on a boat where Roman meets up with an old ISA agent. Billie says she's here to help Roman, but Roman says he wants her sent home as soon as possible. The agent tells Roman that the smuggling ring is more dangerous than ever, many agents trying to infiltrate it have died. The agent gives Roman his instructions and everything he'll need. Roman looks at it and says he now knows where they are and as soon as they get to the hotel, she is going home. Billie says no way, she has to go with him because people will begin to suspect something is going on. Furthermore, Billie says that the women in the ring love her and may throw him out if they learn he dumped her. Eventually, Roman realizes Billie won't leave, so he agrees she can stay until he senses any trouble. The boat suddenly hits a wave and sends Billie into Roman's arms.

Out in the Swamp, Wayne and Earl find Bo's motorcycle and realize he's here to find Swamp Girl. A major storm is brewing, so they decide return to their house. Meanwhile, Bo tells Swamp Girl about Hope and asks her if she was in the hospital. Before she can answer, a shotgun goes off. Swamp Girl and Bo hide as Wayne and Earl start searching the swamp for Bo. Swamp Girl signals to Wayne and Earl and they tell her about the man who is looking for her and says he's with the people who were searching for her before. Suddenly, a fire starts and Wayne and Earl go to take care of it. Swamp Girl then runs off and starts searching through Bo's things and finds a picture of Stefano. As Swamp Girl stares at Bo's knife, Wayne and Earl see her and think she killed the Yankee. When they approach her, she growls at them and holds the knife defensively. Wayne and Earl promptly run away. Swamp Girl then uses the knife to cut up some of Bo's jeans as he watches from the bushes. Swamp Girl eventually gets into a sleeping bag and goes to sleep.

In Lugano, John and Hope stop the antique dealer from calling the cops. Hope assures him that she was given the comb, but she doesn't say why. Hope pulls out her wallet and assures the man they can rectify this without the police. The man tells her he doesn't take bribes, but Hope was pulling out her police badge. Hope explains everything to the man about the comb and how she got it. He asks her if she had a brush, but she says no. John said she had a compact, but the man says that wasn't part of the collection. Hope begs the man to give her a lead as to who really owns the comb. He refuses to say anything and insists on calling the police. A mysterious woman shows up and the man tells Hope that he will return the comb to the proper owner and if they leave, they won't go to jail. John and Hope leave and see the man give the comb to the mysterious woman. The woman leaves and they follow her to a very elegant house. John panics and thinks this could be a trap and convinces Hope to return in the morning. Suddenly, John realizes that this building is the one she's posing in front if in the photo!

Friday, July 17, 1998

Carrie reads the newspaper and is shocked to see Lucas' picture and story in it. Carrie and Austin both wonder what have happened to cause this. Carrie says she should have been at the hospital to stop this. Carrie wants to talk to Austin about the job offer, but Will starts crying and Austin goes to him. Austin returns and asks Carrie what she wanted to tell him, but Carrie says they can talk later because she has to get to the hospital. Austin asks why and she says she just wants to protect the hospital's reputation and to find out more about the charges. Austin says he will stay with Will because he needs a father-figure right now. Carrie tells Austin that he has a father and he should consider the possibility that Lucas may be innocent.

At the hospital, Nancy, who is now a candy striper, shows Craig the paper and says "mission accomplished!" Nancy tells Craig that this will force Carrie to take the PR job. Mike approaches Craig and asked him if he leaked the story, but he says he didn't. Mike says to have any calls regarding this matter forwarded to him. Nancy tells Mike that what this hospital really needs is a PR person. Later, Alice talks with Mike about Lucas, she is very worried about him. Carrie suddenly shows up and Mike asks her if she's made a decision, but Carrie says she hasn't talked with Austin yet. A nurse tells Mike that some news stations are calling for the hospital's comment, so Mike says to tell them no comment. Carrie realizes she is needed, so she tells Mike she'll take the job. Mike is happy, but he asks what about Austin? Carrie says that she will have to deal with Austin later.

Joan Hunt, the social worker comes over to Austin's place to check up on Will. Joan tells Austin that she's very concerned about the tension in the Kiriakis house. Austin tells Joan about his history with Sami. Joan asks Austin if he's ever seen Lucas become violent. Austin says he's never seen Lucas hit anyone, but he has the potential for violence. Joan says the doctor that examines Will couldn't find a history of abuse, but she's still concerned about the fact that his parents don't get along. Joan asks him to please keep Will at his house and not to leave him alone with either parent. Austin asks why and she says that she wants him interviewed by a psychiatrist and doesn't want either parent to persuade Will.

Kate is furious because Lucas is in the paper. Lucas shows up and has been drinking. Kate tells him that he'll never see Will again. Lucas sees the story and freaks out. Kate calls the family lawyer over, Gregory, but Lucas wants to get Stefano to permanently take care of Sami. Gregory tells Lucas if he's not careful he could permanently lose his son. Gregory tells them both this is going to get ugly, but Kate and Lucas says they a prepared to do whatever it takes.

Sami is at Salem Place and can't believe that the story is in the paper already. Franco shows up and asks Sami to marry him now and she can move out of the Kiriakis mansion. Sami tells Franco that she can't move out until she's sure Lucas is out of Will's life for good. Sami meets up with Mickey to hire him as her attorney, but he asks if she misunderstood what Lucas did. Sami says she didn't and she wants to get Lucas out of Will's life for good. Mickey tells Sami that the caseworker is going to want to have Will examined by a psychiatrist to see if Lucas really did hit him. Mickey says he has to get to work, but filing a false report is a crime. Sami says she will swear on a stack of Bibles in court that Lucas hit Will. Sami decides to go see Will and tell him exactly what to tell the psychiatrist. Franco watches Sami leave and wishes there was another way he could stay in Salem besides marrying the biggest bitch in Salem. Sami rushes to Austin's place and tells him that she has to see Will.

John calls Marlena from Lugano to hear her voice and to tell her about the progress he and Hope have made. John asks her what is new in Salem and Marlena tells him about her run-in with Stefano. John asks Marlena if she'll be coming to Lugano, but Marlena says she has to be here for Carrie, Sami, and Eric. John and Marlena tell each other that they love the other, and hang up. Hope has a nightmare about being chased through the streets of Lugano, only to end up running into Stefano. Bo shows up and Hope begs him to help her, but he tells her that he doesn't know who she is. Hope says she's his wife, but Bo says Hope is dead. Stefano tells "Gina" that Hope is dead and she belongs to him. Hope wakes up and John knocks on her door and brings her breakfast. Hope tells John that she has a feeling that after today her life is going to change, forever.

John and Hope go back to the house. John tells Hope to follow his lead. John rings the doorbell and tells the butler that they are in town conducting research on architecture and they came all this way to see this house. John and Hope are eventually let in and the butler fetches the lady of the house, Ms. Faversham. Hope suddenly begins to hear the haunting waltz. Hope doesn't recognize this place, but for some reason, John does. Ms. Faversham comes out to speak with John and Hope. John tells Ms. Faversham that his friend, Hope, was in possession of her silver comb. Ms. Faversham says she doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that they saw a woman bring the comb into this house. Ms. Faversham says they must be speaking of Lucille, but she doesn't know anything about a comb. Ms. Faversham looks at Hope and asks her to come closer. Ms. Faversham gasps and calls Hope "Princess Gina."

Marlena opens the paper and sees the story about Lucas. Marlena goes over to see Kate about what has happened. Kate tells Marlena that she hopes he can convince Sami to keep from making a huge mistake. Marlena and Kate start to argue about Sami. Kate says she won't stand by and let Sami spread lies about her or her son. Marlena is puzzled and asks Kate what lies Sami is spreading about her. Kate says that Sami accused her of lying to protect Lucas. Marlena tells Kate that she's going to give her daughter the benefit of the doubt. Kate says that her daughter has declared war on her family and if she continues with this, she will make sure Sami loses everything. Later, Lucas goes to Alice's house to see her.

Bo searches for Swamp Girl. Bo finds a grass dummy of himself made out of his cloths. This is what Swamp Girl was stabbing yesterday, I take it. Meanwhile, Swamp Girl is still remembering being in the hospital and seeing Stefano leaning over her, promising to take care of her. Next she has a vision of seeing Bo hanging upside down from a tree and he's dead. Swamp Girl wakes up suddenly from her nightmares and spreads mud on her face. Swamp Girl then goes over to a mound of dirt and uncovers and opens a box. Later, a storm comes up and it begins to rain. Swamp Girl sees Bo standing in the rain and the mud washes off his face. Swamp Girl takes one look at him and screams "Bo!"


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