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Monday July 27, 1998

Stefano is driving to the landing area where Vivian is set to land, thinking he has prevented Vivian from jumping. Stefano arrives at the landing zone and doesn't see any parachutes, so he thinks Vivian is safe. Unfortunately, Vivian has already jumped and is panicking. Ivan decides to save Vivian and jumps out of the plane, without a parachute! On the ground, Stefano can see Vivian and Ivan both plummeting to the ground and is positive that they are both going to die. Up in the air, Ivan catches hold of Vivian and pulls the parachute cord. On the ground, Celeste lands and finds Stefano. Stefano and Celeste are relieved when the shoot opens, but Celeste realizes that Vivian's chute isn't working properly and they will crash into some trees. Stefano and Celeste find them stuck in a tree. Ivan loses his grip on Vivian and falls out of the tree. They get Vivian out of the tree, and she passes out. Stefano says they should get her to the hospital immediately.

Kate meets up with Franco in Salem Place and tells him to convince Sami to stop spreading lies about Lucas and drop the charges. Franco says he's already tried and she won't listen to him. Franco says he has his own interests to protect, but Kate says that she knows he doesn't give a damn about Sami and is using her to get something. Franco tells Kate that the only reason he's marrying Sami is because he loves her. Kate refuses to believe that. Suddenly, Franco sees the INS agent and becomes upset and distracted. Kate asks what is wrong and Franco says he was watching Marlena and the social worker.

Joan and Marlena are talking in Salem Place. Joan asks Marlena if she believes Sami and Marlena says she doesn't want to, but wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Marlena sees Kate and Franco and she asks Joan if they could talk later, because she sees someone she'd like to talk to. Marlena approaches Franco and says they need to talk. Franco tells Marlena that Sami and Will need stability in her life and that is why he thinks it is best that they marry immediately.

Lucas tells Gregory that Sami is a blackmailer. Gregory asks Sami if this is true. Sami says that this is just an attempt to discredit her and turn the focus away from Lucas. Gregory tells Sami that once she is exposed as a blackmailer she could be the one ending up in jail. Sami says that nobody will believe his charges and Lucas says he'll tell everyone what Sami is blackmailing his mom with. Gregory asks Lucas what he knows, but Lucas says he wants to save it for the judge. Sami tells Lucas that he's not scaring her and she will win this case. Later, Lucas starts craving for a drink and begins to get the shakes. Lucas remembers his promise to Alice not to drink and he vows to keep his promise. Kate shows up and Lucas tells her that he threatened to tell the judge about Sami's blackmail, in hopes it would scare her. Kate hopes she isn't exposed because she'd be the one who would lose everything. Sami goes to Salem Place and hopes Lucas won't expose her in court.

Down in the bayou, Swamp Girl is still trapped in the cage Wayne and Earl put her in. She is recalling seeing both Bo and Stefano at different times, as well as Wayne and Earl's warnings about Bo. Swamp Girl begins to wonder if Bo tricked her. Back in Wayne and Earl's house, Erlene takes care of her sons. Wayne and Earl tell Erlene about Bo, but they think he's gone. Erlene says that they have to keep outsiders out of the bayou and keep Swamp Girl safe. Erlene hears some noises outside and Wayne stops her from investigating because she'd be unhappy if she found out that they've captured Swamp Girl. Bo has finally come to, but he keeps passing out. He makes his way to Wayne and Earl's and passes out. Wayne was about to shoot Bo, but Erlene stops him and asks Wayne to bring Bo inside. Wayne asks why she's carrying for Bo and Erlene says if he's with the people at the mansion and doesn't return, the people will send others to look for him. Earl takes some milk to Swamp Girl, who breaks out and attacks Earl. Wayne shows up and saves Earl and puts Swamp Girl back into the cage. Wayne and Earl go back to the house and Bo keeps asking for Hope. Bo dreams of horsing around with Hope, but then Hope turns into Swamp Girl.

At Ms Faversham's place, Hope and John show up and see Roman and Billie. Hope calls "Jesse Bob" Roman and Lucile asks why ? Roman covers and says that they were talking about Rome and how he's feeling like a Roman lately. Roman introduces himself and Billie to Hope and John. Lucile tells Hope that she's surprised to see her back and Hope asks Lucille to tell Ms. Faversham that Princess Gina is here. Billie begins to laugh and mutters Princess Gina? Lucille says Ms. Faversham is resting because of a coughing spell.

Still, Hope asks Lucile to check on Ms. Faversham and ask if she is up to seeing her. Lucile leaves and John asks Roman what is up, which is what Hope would like to know. Suddenly, John realizes that Roman and Billie are undercover for the ISA. Roman asks why they are here and John and Hope explain. Roman tells them that he met Ms. Faversham years before, when she was very lucid. Ms. Faversham shows up and is delighted that she has company. Ms. Faversham looks at Hope in her dress and is reminded of a party a long time ago. Hope asks her to tell her about the party. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she was wearing a dress very similar to the one she's wearing now. Ms. Faversham looks at John and says he looks familiar and becomes upset, when she can't remember him exactly. Lucile suggest they leave, but Ms. Faversham says no and asks everyone to stay for dinner. Everyone agrees and Ms. Faversham asks Lucile to go help cook prepare a splendid dinner. Lucile brings out some champagne and spikes one of the drinks. Meanwhile, Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she was the object of many men's affection, but she was true to one man only. Hope asks who that was and Ms. Faversham tells her that he's right here in this room.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Carrie is talking to Austin about her new job. Austin is angry that she took the job without talking him, but Carrie says he was busy. Carrie tells him that the hospital was in a bind and this was such a great opportunity. Austin cuts her off and says "a great opportunity to work with Mike." Carrie says she will be working with Mike, but she'll also be working with everyone else at the hospital. Carrie says this is a great opportunity and now that she's making more money, they can buy a house and plan for their future. Austin asks if their future includes a family and Carrie says she wants to have children, when the time is right. Austin is still angry and asks if his opinion even matters to her anymore. Carrie says of course it does, but he was so busy that she couldn't talk to him because of Will. Carrie says she thought he would be happy for her, but Austin says how could he be happy about his wife working with Mike day and night. Carrie says she has a good working relationship with Mike, but her marriage is the most important thing in her life. Austin asks her if she'd quit the job if he asked her to, but Carrie says she hoped it wouldn't come to that. Carrie says if that's what he wants she'll call Mike and quit. Carrie begins to call the hospital, but Austin stops her and says that the fact that she was about to quit for him is all he wanted to know. Austin tells her that he was being selfish and he's sorry. Austin tells Carrie that he's glad she does something she feels passionate about and wishes he could say the same about his work.

Stefano, Celeste, and Ivan bring Vivian into the hospital. Dr. Wesley takes Vivian's case, but Stefano demands to have Mike. Lexie tells Stefano that she will get him. Craig asks Lexie who the hell that guy is and Lexie tells him that he's her father. Mike shows up and Vivian starts to have convulsions. Meanwhile, Nancy shows up and sees Stefano and tells Craig how he is important in this town, and the world, and they could use his support. Nancy asks why he's not handling the situation and Craig tells her that Stefano wanted Mike instead. Craig also tells Nancy that Stefano is Lexie's father. Ivan is demanding to know what Stefano did to Vivian. Eventually, Celeste drags Ivan away from Stefano because they are in an emergency room. Nancy introduces herself to Stefano, who really could care less about her. Craig approaches Celeste and Stefano and tries to make small talk, but they give him the brush off as well. Lexie thanks Mike for taking the time to come down and see Vivian. Ali talks to Mike about their date, which Mike forgot, but he says it's still on. Nancy doesn't like this and hints to Craig to start hitting on Ali or do something to keep her away from Mike. Meanwhile, Vivian comes to and Stefano stays by her side. Vivian says she's very afraid of what is happening to her, but Stefano tells her that she will be fine and he will take care of everything. Ivan hates this and tells Celeste that he'll make Stefano pay. Celeste points a finger at Ivan and tells him to never utter that phrase again. Celste warns him not to be a fool and go after Stefano, because he will wind up dead.

As Ms. Faversham tells Hope the man she loved is in the room, Lucile drugs Hope's champagne. Lucile mumbles that Princess Gina should never have come back here. Ms. Faversham realizes that she has made a mistake, Princess Gina's lover isn't here. Lucile serves the champagne, but Ms. Faversham can't drink the champagne. Hope suggests she join Ms. Faversham in a drink of mineral water, but Lucile says Ms. Faversham would want her to drink the champagne. Ms. Faversham says that she does want Princess Gina to enjoy herself and tells her to drink the champagne.

As Hope raises the glass to her mouth, she stops and runs across the room to look at a picture. The picture is of Ms. Faversham with her late husband, the Duke of Windiam . Lucile says that dinner is served, so they all go to eat. Hope leaves her champagne behind, and Billie almost drinks it, but Lucille stops her. Billie lags behind everyone else getting to the dinner table and wonders about Hope. Billie hopes that if Hope finds her long lost four years, maybe she'll stay out of her and Bo's lives. Billie goes to the dining room and Ms. Faversham tells stories about Princess Gina. Ms. Faversham tells everyone that Princess Gina was like a daughter to her and nobody ever made her feel the way that the princess did, which is why she is so happy to have her back. Billie starts asking all sorts of questions about Princess Gina, but "Jesse Bob" tells her not to be so nosey. Ms. Faversham says she really doesn't remember how Princess Gina came into her title. Lucile leaves the room to get Hans to clear the table and Billie leaves to powder her nose.

Ms. Faversham starts talking about all she's gotten back today and asks what happened to the brush. John says it was lost in a fire. John asks about why the antique dealer told them the comb was stolen, but Ms. Faversham said he was just trying to protect her. She says that she did give the comb and brush to Princess Gina. John starts to question her more, but Roman drags him out to have a cigar and warns John to back off. John tells Roman that he doesn't really care about the ISA, he only cares about Hope. However, Roman and John realize that they could both benefit by working together. Meanwhile, Billie finds Lucile going through Hope's purse. Billie asks Lucile what she thinks she's doing. Lucile says that she thought the Princess might have needed it. Hope comes in and Lucille gives her her purse and goes to get Ms. Faversham's medicine. Billie and Hope start arguing about Billie's interest in her past. Hope asks about Billie's involvement with Roman and the ISA, but she says she's not at liberty to divulge such things. Later, Hope asks about Ms. Faverham their past together. Ms. Faversham says that she loved art and used to sit and look at "Garden of Twilight. Hope asks if she can see the painting, but Roman tells her that the painting was stolen a few years ago.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Hope is shocked to hear that "Garden at Twilight" was stolen. Ms. Faversham says it breaks her heart because she was going to leave that painting and the rest of her estate to Princess Gina. Hope drinks her laced champagne and Billie starts talking to her about how interesting it must be to be a princess. Hope becomes woozy and John asks her if she's okay, Hope tells him that she is fine. Ms. Faversham suggests they retire to the drawing room, so they all leave the table. Ms. Faversham plays some music and Hope suggests they recreate one of their parties. Ms. Faversham says that she doesn't do that any longer because her protectors fear she may embarrass herself. Both Hope and Billie say that a party sounds great, as does Roman who offers to invite all the bigwigs in Lugano. Lucile says that a party is not possible, but Ms. Faversham says she thinks she's up to the challenge of hosting a party. Hope asks Ms. Faversham if she has any pictures of past parties and Ms. Faversham says she has slides and asks Hans to set the projector up.

Lucile shows up with Hope's champagne and tells her she left it back at the table. Ms. Faversham starts showing slides, but Princess Gina is not in any of the slides. Ms. Faversham asks Lucile if she knows where the pictures of Princess Gina are and Lucile says she wasn't working for her when this party occurred and she doesn't recall seeing any pictures of her ever. Suddenly, Hope passes out and Ms. Faversham exclaims "Princess Gina!" Roman gets some smelling salts and Hope wakes back up. John wants to take Hope back to the hotel, but Hope says that she is ok. Lucile says that it is late and Ms. Faversham needs her rest, so the party comes to an end. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she will find the pictures of her. Roman tells Billie to keep everyone busy while he plants a bug in the house. While Roman is trying to plant the bug, Lucile catches him and asks what he's doing. Roman says he was just going to steal the last bon-bon. Hope and John go outside and Hope says the night air is making her feel better. Roman comes out as does Billie and Hope says she almost felt like Princess Gina tonight. Roman says what upsets him is that Stefano may be involved because he's connected to Ms. Faversham somehow through Gina. Roman, Billie, John, and Hope leave and Lucile watches them go. Lucille tells herself that next time she'll take care of Princess Gina for good.

Hope and John go back to the hotel and Hope tells John that she's getting worried that nobody else recognizes her other than Ms. Faversham. Hope says she thinks Lucille doesn't want her around and John says that is why he thinks Stefano is connected to the house. Hope also wonders if the great love of her life Ms. Faversham told her about was Bo. John tells Hope that it's possible that she had no memories of Bo when she was Gina. Hope wonders if that is true, who this love of her life could be.

Roman tells Billie that Stefano's involvement could turn things around and he has to call the ISA. Billie holds Gina's compact and wonders who gave it to her. Billie says she'll be happy to help out Princess Gina because once she's finished with her, she'll be sorry she ever came back as Hope Brady.

Eric meets Marlena for dinner. Sami shows up and tells herself that she has to get through this dinner because she needs her mom's support. Carrie shows up and Sami makes wise cracks about Austin not being here. Suddenly, Ali shows up with Mike and Sami comments to Carrie that this isn't going to be her night. Marlena tells them all that she has to leave town for a bit because her mother is having hip surgery and she needs to be there for her, and she's taking Belle and Brady. Sami says she hopes Grandma gets well soon because she wants her to come to the wedding. Marlena asks when the wedding is and Sami says August 26. Carrie gets angry because that is the day she married Austin. Sami says that that was the day that SHE was supposed to marry Austin. Marlena suggest she chose another day, but Sami says she wants to marry Franco soon to provide a solid home for Will. Carrie accuses Sami of lying about the charges against Lucas and Sami tells Carrie that she's to busy with work to see the changes in Lucas and to give Austin a son. Marlena tells Sami that she spoke with Joan today and is giving her the benefit of the doubt. Carrie tells Sami that Will needs a father and Sami says he has Franco and Austin. Carrie excuses herself to say hello to Mike and Ali before she decks Sami.

Sami starts going on and on about how she can't wait to plan her wedding with her mom. Carrie returns to the table and hears Sami talking about how once Lucas is out of the way, Will will have Austin back as his dad. Carrie accuses Sami of being in denial about Lucas and Sami says "speaking of denial, how is Mike?" Sami and Carrie start arguing, but Sami says they should be celebrating her engagement and Eric's first photo shoot. Eric says they also should be celebrating Carrie's new job. Carrie starts picking on Sami about how Franco really doesn't love her and Marlena asks them to please get along. Sami excuses herself to call Franco and Eric leaves to do something as well. Marlena tells Carrie that she wishes she would reconsider working with Mike, but Carrie says that everything will be find. Marlena disagrees and says she doesn't think they can control their feelings for one another. Sami and Eric return to the table and Marlena leaves to take a call from John. Sami and Carrie almost end up in a fight, but Eric stops them.

Down in the bayou, Wayne is telling Swamp Girl that she can't trust Bo, but all she does is scream at him through her gag. Inside the house, Bo comes to and finds that he's tied up to the bed. Bo pretends to be sleeping when Wayne and Earl come to check up on him. Wayne and Earl plan on offing Bo, but they hush up when Erlene comes to check on Bo. Erlene tells her kids that Bo needs rest and tells them to leave. Erlene puts a cloth on his head and leaves and Bo starts to work towards getting free. Erlene talks with her boys, who believe that Bo wants to take Swamp Girl from the bayou. Erlene gets ready to go take care of some woman's child and Wayne and Earl tell Swamp Girl that once their mom leaves they are going to take care of Bo. Earl digs Bo's grave and Wayne goes inside to take care of Bo.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Sami begs Franco to lie that she is not blackmailing Kate in case Lucas makes good on his threat to expose her. Franco says that Sami has nothing to worry about if she is telling the truth about Lucas. Sami later learns that she is set to appear before the judge in an hour. Lucas is tempted to take a drink, but Kate interrupts him. Austin takes Will to the psychiatrist. Later, Austin is further troubled by Carrie's new job when he discovers that her office is right next to Mike's. Nancy offers to be Carrie's assistant, while Craig hits on Ali. Rolf tells Stefano to leave Vivian in the normal mode so that nothing shows up in any tests. Stefano later tries to prevent Ali from running tests on Vivian. Nicole prays that someone from her past hasn't emailed her at the Bella website.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Bo manages to escape, but when he finds Swamp Girl, she is afraid to trust him, thinking that he is working with the bad men. Stefano prevents Vivian from having an MRI because the test may erase the computer chip in her tooth. He puts Vivian in an "up" mood so that she feels well enough to leave the hospital. Austin and Carrie continue to disagree about Sami and Lucas as they head for Sami and Lucas' hearing. At the hearing, things go Sami's way when Craig testifies that Sami seemed truly distraught over Will and Austin reports that he has seen Lucas drinking. By the time Sami takes the stand, Lucas's lawyer, Gregory, feels that the only way to regain ground is to reveal Sami as a blackmailer. Kate agrees and so Gregory accuses Sami of using information against Kate.

Friday, July 3, 1998

Due to NBC's broadcast of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will not be seen on Thursday, July 2, and Friday, July 3. Days of our Lives will return at its regular time on Monday, July 6.

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