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Monday August 3, 1998

Bo is trying to get her to trust him again and undo all the damage that he knows Wayne and Earl has caused. She hovers in the corner and moans and groans. He talks about the night when she almost opened up to him, but the closer he gets to her the more she groans. He talks about how he was hit by lightening and how she saved him from Wayne and Earl, watching over him. He says she trusted him once, why can't they try again. She finally allows him to untie her but scoots away. He sees parts of his motorcycle scattered around the shed and becomes upset. He tells her that they took it apart to prevent them from escaping. He asks her about her time in the hospital as she has flashbacks of being in bandages and seeing Stefano. When he mentions Stefano DiMera's name, she becomes agitated. Bo asks her who she is afraid of and she says she is afraid of Bo. Bo continues to argue his case and tells her that he only wants to help the woman he loves...Hope. He says he has never given up on Hope and he won't give up on her either. He breaks the lock on the cage with a sledgehammer and tries to help her out of the cage, but she swats at him. Wayne, hog-tied on the floor curses Bo and says he will make him pay. Swamp girl comes out of the cage and Bo tells her that they need to get out of there. Bo opens the shed door to find Wayne standing there with the barrel of a gun pointed up his nose.

Roman & Billie and John and Hope are all working on theories. John and Hope talk about the stolen painting and wonder if Stefano is involved. John did some checking and found out that at the time that Mrs. Faversham's things were stolen was around the same time that they were all in Maison Blanche. He cautions that even though Stefano wasn't directly involved, he has people all over the world. They also talk about Billie and Roman's behavior and how well they are playing the lovers. Hope wonders if there is more to it than what they are telling.

They also talk about the night that John rescued Hope at Maison Blanche and went to the inn to find Bo & Billie. Hope comments as to how that night changed everyone's lives forever. Hope also feels guilty because John is helping her find her missing years when so much of his own life is missing. They wonder if Stefano created Gina, why it would be a princess...why not someone with a lower profile. Hope has a theory that Stefano found her like he claimed and didn't know who she was until they were into the reconstructive surgery. When he realized it was Hope, he brainwashed her with the real Gina's memories. John suggests that maybe she really IS Gina and Hope strongly disagrees. She says that Alice knew who she was immediately and reminds him of the puzzle box. She becomes agitated and says that she had memories that even Stefano could NEVER have known about. She is positive she is Hope. They finally come to the conclusion that she and the REAL Gina must have resembled each other and Stefano decided to use her to take the place of the real Gina. They wonder where she is and if she is still alive. Later, John tells her that he did some research and found out that the nephew of Paul Renet (the artist) lives near Lugano and they decide to visit Maurice Renet and see if he recognizes Gina.

Roman is talking to Caroline on the phone and getting a Sami update. After he gets off the phone, Roman and Billie discuss the Sami/Lucas situation and then decide it's best NOT to discuss. Billie asks if there was any word on Bo and Roman tells her no. Billie and Roman have almost the same conversation as John and Hope. The female ISA agent brings them towels and a report stuffed inside. It is newspaper clippings regarding Mrs. Faversham's parties. They find no mention or photos of Princess Gina in them. They too talk about the time frame of the thefts and the fact that they were all at Maison Blanche. They also wonder if Gina was actually a real person or just a Stefano creation and just how he fits into all of this. Roman decides he needs to return to Mrs. Faversham's house and plant the bug, but Billie wants to do it instead. She argues her case and Roman reluctantly gives in. Billie is excited because she knows that Lucille doesn't like Hope/Gina and Billie decides to use that to her advantage.

Later, the foursome meet up in the lobby. Hope asks her about her outfit and wonders just where she got it. Billie asks if they are going to see Mrs. Faversham. John tells them they are going for a ride in the country. To which Billie replies "Well, be careful cause last time I went for a ride in the country, after having a fight with someone, the results were tragic". Roman hustles Billie on out of there before there is a catfight. After they leave, Hope turns her back to John and asks him if there is a knife there and to pull out. Then she makes cat hissing sounds and imitates a cat taking a swipe at something. He basically tells her to ignore Billie, it's her problem and she will have to deal with it. As John goes to rent a car, Hope hears the "Stefano Waltz" and sees images of the painting. 2 nuns come in and start talking and looking at Hope. Nope, it's NOT Hope they are looking's JOHN! They approach him and one of them calls him "Father" and they say it's wonderful to see him again. Billie and Roman show up at Mrs. Faversham's house. Roman tells Billie to be careful and kisses her. Lucille answers the door and asks that if she is there to visit Mrs. Faversham...and Billie says no, I'm her to see YOU!

In the courtroom, Sami is still on the stand and beginning to squirm under the pressure. Mickey objects as Gregory asks Sami if she is willing to perjure herself. Sami is like a trapped animal and wonders what to do as the blackmail info is about to come out. The camera flashes around to everyone's reaction to the news that Sami has been blackmailing Kate. Finally, after a conference, the Judge decides that it is irrelevant Lucas erupts and Gregory asks for a recess to which the judge agrees. Sami thanks Mickey for helping her out, but he isn't pleased with her. They all gather as Austin wants to know the truth about the blackmail scheme. Lucas offers to spill the beans, but Kate stops him. She decides to explain it herself. She tells the whole story about hiring Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Alice is shocked and can't believe that Kate was the cause for all of Hope's grief. But Kate says she did it all for the love of her daughter. Austin asks Franco to confirm it and he does. The judge returns and Mickey calls Steven Spader to the stand. He tells of his interview with Will and that Will showed aggression especially when handling the "daddy" doll and the "Will" doll. He said that Will made the daddy doll punch the Will doll. Gregory wants to call Will to the stand, and right on cue, Caroline enters with Will in her arms. Mickey objects but the judge allows Gregory promises to be gentle with him but the judge says she will stop it if it gets out of hand. She talks with Will and then introduces Gregory to him. She asks him if he sees Mommy and Daddy and Will nods. Gregory tells him that Daddy wants to give him a hug and tells him to go and hug Daddy. They set Will down and he scampers off to Austin. Lucas almost cries as Sami smiles about this. Gregory's point??...His point is that Will doesn't even know who his "father" is! Gregory states that for 2 years Will thought Austin was his father and points out that Austin was a former boxer. He asks Austin if he ever shadow boxed in front of Will or played boxing games with him. Austin says yes. Gregory says that Will couldn't accuse Lucas (his father) of hitting him when he thinks that Austin is his father. The judge decides that she has heard enough and will return with her decision later. Mickey tells Sami that he doesn't know what will come of this. Alice tells Lucas that she is sorry about this, but it will probably help his case. Lucas tells her that he doesn't care about the case...only about Will. Alice reminds him that it's never too late to bond with a child, especially when the parent loves him and it is quite clear that Lucas loves Will. Lucas thanks her and she tells him that he is a Horton and "we Horton's stick together!" The judge returns and tells them that she has reached a decision.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

In court, the judge says that there is no way to learn which parent is telling the truth. However, there is no evidence to support Sami's charges, so Lucas is found innocent. However, the judge says until Lucas completes a rehab program and can prove he's sober, he is ordered to stay with Alice and not to be left alone with Will. Sami gets full custody of Will. Lucas says that he may have a drinking problem, but Sami has emotional problems. Sami and Lucas start arguing, but the judge orders them to sit down. The judge then urges Sami to put away her hatred for Lucas for the sake of her son because emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse.

The judge also tells Austin that she hopes he will continue to be there for Will while his father is in rehab. Austin says he will always be there for Will. Sami thanks Franco for being there for her and Franco says now they need to plan their wedding. However, Sami says first she wants to plan his birthday celebration. Franco is shocked that she knows his birthday is coming up, but Sami says she knows everything about him. Eric congratulates Sami and Sami tells Eric that he knows she will be very happy with Nicole, and that she'll aim her bouquet at Nicole at the wedding.

Carrie tells Austin that she can't stand the fact that Sami is going to raise Will alone. Austin points out that Franco will be there, whom Carrie says is a great role model. Kate apologizes to Lucas that things turned out this way. Alice tells Lucas that things will work out in the end. Lucas thanks his grandma for being there for him and he goes to say goodbye to Will. Kate is left alone with Alice and tells her that what she did she did for Billie, but she knows it's not an excuse. Alice tells Kate that she refuses to judge her and now is the time to think about the future, not the past. Kate thanks Alice and gives her a hug. Lucas goes to see Will and tells him that he loves him and he's going to miss him, but will try to visit every chance he gets. Sami waltzes up to Lucas and tells him to give her her son back, she's taking him home.

Carrie stands up to the reporters who try to hound Lucas, and Lucas thanks her. Caroline asks Sami what happened and Sami fills her in on the details. Caroline is unhappy with the ruling and then stays unhappy when Sami tells her that she's marrying Franco on August 26th because that's Austin and Carrie's anniversary. Carrie is furious that Sami destroyed another life, but Austin asks Carrie to give her a break. Later, Sami and Kate start quarreling. Kate says that if she had to she would have exposed everything about her (Sami) and herself if it had helped Lucas. Sami says that they'll have to keep the blackmail a secret, for now. Sami, Franco, and Will all leave for home. Sami tells Franco that she's so happy she's rid of Lucas because now they can plan their wedding. Sami also tells Franco that she wants to make his birthday very special. Meanwhile, Kate doesn't know how she can stay in the same house with that witch and Austin warns Kate to watch what she says around Will. Austin then comes up with a brilliant idea, he and Carrie can move in to help her with Sami and Will.

Lucas goes back to Alice's place and is craving for a drink and begins tearing Alice's place apart to find some booze.

Nicole checks her email, hoping there won't be any reminders of her past. Meanwhile, a mysterious man in prison begins to send "Nikki" email. Nicole continues to read her fan mail and the phone rings. Nicole answers it and it's Jay. Jay tells Nicole he saw her in Bella, but the clock is ticking and her fifteen minutes of fame are almost up. Jay and Nicole start arguing and he tells her that someone isn't going to be happy when he learns out what's going on. Jay hangs up and Nicole says she has to find a way to shut him up. Nicole returns to her email and gets the message from the man in prison, which upsets her. Nicole replies and tells the person never to contact her again because he is her past, which she's buried and forgotten. Suddenly, Eric shows up and asks Nicole what she's doing. In LA, Jay goes to prison and visits the mysterious man.

Wayne has a shotgun pointed right at Bo. Wayne starts telling Swamp Girl that Bo isn't her friend, but Bo asks her not to listen to Wayne. Swamp Girl stands with Bo and Bo tells Wayne that if he lets Swamp Girl go, he will stay with him as his prisoner. Earl shows up and also helps try to turn Swamp Girl away from him by saying Bo is with the people who want to take her away. Bo asks what people, but Wayne tells him he knows the people because he works for them, or used to work for them. Bo begs Swamp Girl to trust her heart. Wayne goes to shoot Bo and tells Swamp Girl that he's doing this for her own good. Swamp Girl manages to distract Wayne and Bo charges him. Wayne's shotgun goes off and Swamp Girl screams. Bo and Swamp Girl run into the swamp and Wayne and Earl follow. Swamp Girl ends up getting her foot caught in some vines and Bo struggles to free her.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Sami tells Franco that after they are married she wants to move to Italy. Franco tells Sami "Never!" Sami asks why and Franco says he doesn't want to take her away from her family and that America is a much more beautiful country. Franco tells Sami that she reminds him of her favorite movie star, Marilyn Monroe; who was sexy, intelligent, and misunderstood. Nicole is replying to the man in prison when Eric shows up and asks what she's doing. Nicole tells Eric that she was just emailing a friend. Nicole asks about the hearing and Eric tells her that Sami won full custody. Nicole says Sami must be pleased now that she can plan her wedding. The talk and joke about Nicole getting married one day and how it will be the biggest wedding Salem ever saw, but Nicole says it's too early for her to settle down. Plus, she says she has her career to think about now that she no longer has to worry about Sami firing her. Suddenly, Sami storms into the photo lab and tells Nicole that she's fired! Sami laughs and said she heard Nicole talking about being fired and was just playing around. Nicole decides to go home and change, but then she gets another email. Nicole prays it isn't from a certain person. Unfortunately, that is from whom the email came.

An Italian hitman arrives in Salem and Franco's good friend Roberto is involved with him. Roberto says he doesn't like being any part of this, but the hitman tells him that he's in to deep and shows him a gun to remind him. Later, Franco meets up with Roberto and the go to a strip club.

Stefano takes Vivian home and suggests she take a bath and relax. Vivian goes to take her bath and Stefano calls Dr. Rolf. Stefano asks Rolf is there is anything else he should be aware of. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that the device in Vivian only controls her moods, unlike the memory controlling devices in the others. Dr. Rolf tells Stefano that all these devices are perfectly safe. Vivian apologizes for interrupting him, but he said it is no trouble. Stefano tells Vivian that he wants to be there fore her and watch after her things and her well being. Vivian asks Stefano if he knows something she doesn't, like is she dying. Stefano tells her that she's not going to die. Vivian doesn't believe him and says the only person she trusts completely is Ivan. Stefano tells Vivian that Ivan isn't someone strong enough for her to rely on, but it is her choice. Stefano then adds that she should associate with her piers, those worthy of her. Vivian says she's not ready for history to repeat itself and be burned by him again. Stefano says he wants to remember the good times of their past and would like to re-invent them. Vivian asks Stefano what he has in mind and Stefano says he wants to host parties and galas with her just like the old days. However, Vivian says she doesn't want end up being dumped again. Vivian says she has her collection of beautiful artwork to admire and it cheers her up so much. Stefano then puts Vivian in a down mood and she starts crying about Jonsey and how she loved him so. Vivian says she needs to be alone and leaves. Stefano gets a call from Rolf, who says that he shouldn't have put Vivian in a down mood so soon. Stefano says he had to because she wouldn't shut up about her things. Rolf tells Stefano that he can't use the devise like a toy, even if Vivian is annoying him.

John and Hope are driving out to meet Renet's grandson. John is distant and Hope wants to know why. John says that two nuns at the hotel recognized him as father and Hope says this is a clue to his past. Hope and John show up at the Renet estate and meet with Maurice Renet. John asks Maurice if he ever went to Ms. Faversham's parties and he said he went to some, but not many. However, he says he's had many dealings with Ms. Faversham over the years. Hope says it was such a tragedy that "Garden at Twilight" was stolen and John asks if he has any idea who stole it. Maurice says he doesn't have a clue and nobody can seem to locate it. Maurice then starts talking about the last party he had with Ms. Faversham and John asks if he has photographs. Maurice does and he gets them. Hope looks at the picture and says, "This is amazing!" John asks what she found and she shows him the picture. In the back is John, sporting long hair and a beard, resembling a Sasquatch actually, and John sees himself and says "Oh my god, it's me!"

Meanwhile, Billie goes to Ms. Faversham's place to talk with Lucille. Billie tells Lucille that they share a common concern about someone who might be pretending to be someone else to take advantage of Ms. Faversham. Lucille promptly invites her in. Lucille leaves to checkup on Ms Faversham and Billie says she needs to plant Roman's bug, but she doesn't want to miss the opportunity to question Lucille about Hope. Lucille returns and Billie asks her if she thinks Princess Gina is a fake. Lucille says that of course she's a real princess. Billie says she just didn't want her to take advantage of Ms. Faversham and she asks Lucille what she knows about Princess Gina. Lucille says that all she knows is what Ms. Faversham has told her. Billie asks Lucille what she really thinks of Gina and Lucille says she found her a bit common and wouldn't be surprised if she was a total fraud. Lucille tells Billie that she keeps tab on all the Royal of Europe and she's never heard of Princess Gina and thought that she was a figment on Ms. Faversham's imagination. Billie pushes Lucille to do some investigating into Gina and her men. Billie comments that John and Gina went out to the country, which causes Lucille to say "So Gina isn't in her hotel room." Suddenly, Lucille has to run an errand. Billie says she'll stay here to watch over Ms. Faversham until she returns. Lucille goes to the hotel and breaks into Hope and John's room.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

As Mike and Allie get ready for their romantic dinner at the Penthouse Grill, Craig and Nancy scheme to push them apart so Mike and Carrie can get closer. Nancy calls Carrie at home and tells her the press is getting aggressive about pursuing the Lucas Roberts story and the hospital's information leak. Carrie promises to rush right over, despite the fact that she and Austin are planning a romantic dinner of their own at the Penthouse Grill. Austin agrees to meet Carrie at the restaurant, first taking their things to Kate's house so they can move in with Kate, Sami, and Will until Lucas' rehab is over. Austin and Carrie have their usual argument about whether Sami has changed, with Austin on Sami's side and Carrie telling him that he's being naive. At the hospital, Mike, in a tux, runs into Carrie while waiting for Allie to get ready for their date. Allie shows up, looking gorgeous in an evening gown, but an orderly intercepts Mike at the last minute and tells him he needs to settle a contract dispute among the orderlies before they all walk out. Carrie rushes to assist Mike while Craig and Nancy watch gloatingly. Alllie agrees to go ahead to the restaurant and meet Mike there later. Mike and Carrie get the dispute settled, working together, and Carrie sets up a recorded message for reporters regarding Lucas and Will. Mike is amazed at her ingenuity and tells her how smart she is. Craig tells Nancy he might as well order his Chief-of- Staff plaque now, and Nancy tells him she already did.

Nicole receives an email from Jay telling her that she will never be rid of her past. She decides to deal with him via instant messaging, and they have a conversation in which Nicole assures Jay she will get together with him in the future in LA. Neither one of them believes the other, but they pretend to be on good terms. Meanwhile, after a conversation with Sami in which they talk about Franco and Nicole, Eric is in his office when the new cleaning girl comes in. She and Eric start a friendly conversation and he learns that her name is Taylor and she's working as a cleaning woman to save money for college. He tells her he did the same thing in Colorado. She drops something and they touch hands when they both try to pick it up, and Taylor is obviously smitten. She leaves the room and watches Nicole go in and tell Eric that she is sorry she has been giving him mixed signals, but she wants tonight to be a fresh start. While Nicole goes to wardrobe to change and meet Eric at the Penthouse Grill, Taylor starts stuffing rolls of toilet paper from the custodian's cart into her backpack. Eric tells her good night, and Taylor calls someone on the phone, telling the person all about the nice, handsome guy she met at Titan. She gets a look of disappointment as she agrees with the person on the other end that Eric was probably just being polite to her and she had better not hope for anything more.

After her conversation with Eric, Sami goes up to the Penthouse Grill, dressed in a black gown, to make sure everything is ready for her special night with Franco. Meanwhile, at a sleazy strip club, Franco stares at the stripper he had noticed a few weeks ago as she does a sexy dance for him. Roberto reminds him he has to go to his dinner with Sami. The hitman from Italy watches them carefully. The stripper, whose name is Candy, makes a date to see Franco later, after his dinner with Sami. As Franco leaves, the hitman follows him and is about to take him out when Candy comes out and confirms their date. Franco leaves, frustrating the hitman, who goes back in to see Roberto. Roberto tells him that Franco will be having dinner with his fiancée tonight. Franco shows up at the Penthouse Grill, but Sami is immediately suspicious when she smells cigar smoke and women's perfume on Franco. He explains that Roberto took him out for a drink, and the bar owner, a woman friend of Roberto's, gave him a hug when she heard it was his birthday. Sami accepts his explanation after he flatters her smoothly and they sit down to dinner. They are soon joined by Eric and Nicole, looking beautiful in their evening clothes. Sami asks Nicole to be her maid of honor at her wedding. Nicole is surprised, but honored, and accepts. Franco asks Eric to be his best man and he also accepts, although less enthusiastically. Franco asks what his surprise is, and Sami says there's no rush; they have all night. Franco thinks of his later date with Candy and says to himself, "that's what you think!"

Abe and Lexie, having a night out at the Penthouse Grill, see Austin come in alone and ask him to join them while he waits for Carrie. A few minutes later, Allie comes in alone and they call her over. They ask her where Mike is, and she says he has been detained at the hospital. Austin asks if she saw Carrie while she was there, and Allie says yes, Carrie was with Mike. Austin immediately looks upset.

Stefano and Rolf discuss the woman in the swamp, saying that she is the only one who knows all Stefano's secrets and his master plan, but that she is almost certainly dead. But in the bayou, Wayne and Earl continue to chase Bo and Swamp Girl, taking shots at them. Swamp Girl tells Bo to trust her and leads him to a rocky cave entrance and deep into the cave. Wayne and Earl pursue, but can't find them. As they come up to a dropoff, Bo looks over and loses his balance, falling, as Swamp Girl watches in horror.

Friday, August 7, 1998

In Lugano, Lucille uses her master key from when she was a maid at Hope's hotel to break into Hope's room, looking for evidence that Hope is a fraud trying to inherit Ms. Faversham's estate. She is almost caught by a hotel maid coming out of John's room, but pretends she is just delivering invitations. Lucille discovers the picture of Hope in front of Ms. Faversham's house, but decides it might have been taken yesterday and just made to look old. She swears that this Princess Gina fraud will not waltz right in and inherit everything Lucille was supposed to get, not after Lucille put up with the crazy old lady all these years. Meanwhile, at Ms. Faversham's, Roman shows up and Billie explains that she's staying with Ms. Faversham until Lucille returns from her errand. As they're talking about the investigation, John and Hope arrive. John explains that they were at Maurice Renet's estate trying to dig up information about Princess Gina. Roman asks if they found anything, and Hope says there was nothing about her, but they found out something about John. John shows them the picture of Ms. Faversham with a much younger John black, bearded and long-haired, in the background. John says it must have been taken from before Hope's time in Lugano, because he was in Salem the entire time Hope was missing. While they are trying to figure out what it means, Ms. Faversham comes in and is delighted to have company, especially Princess Gina. John asks her if she remembers the auctions at the Renet estate. She says of course, and Princess Gina remembers them, too, but Hope reminds her that there were auctions for years before they ever met. John asks her if she remembers an American priest being at the auctions, and after thinking about it, she says yes, and he was handsome, too. John shows her the picture and asks if this is the man, and she says yes, but she hasn't seen him in over 15 years. As John is digesting this information, Lucille comes in and proclaims that Princess Gina is a fraud, and she has proof. She holds up Hope's passport.

At Mrs. Horton's, Alice and Kate discuss how proud they are of Lucas for going to his AA meetings. Lucas comes in and they ask him how the meeting was, and he sarcastically says that it was wonderful; listening to a bunch of drunks feel sorry for themselves is not his idea of fun. Kate and Alice try to encourage him by saying the hardest part is already over, but Lucas swears that he will make Sami pay for the humiliation she has inflicted on him. Kate and Lucas decide to go have dinner at the Penthouse Grill.

At the hospital, Mike and Carrie discuss Carrie's marital problems. Mike tries to be encouraging, telling her that it's just a result of the strain of Sami's accusations against Lucas. They reminisce about the time that Sami sent Mike to Rome to interfere with Austin and Carrie's honeymoon. They have an awkward moment as they remember that her suspicions of their feelings for each other were obviously not totally unfounded. Carrie says she's going to get ready for her night out with Austin, and they prepare to go to the Penthouse Grill together.

Half of Salem seems to be at the Penthouse Grill, including Sami and Franco, Eric and Nicole, Abe and Lexie, Kate and Lucas, Craig and Nancy, and Austin and Ali, waiting for Mike and Carrie. Also there are Franco's assassin and his sexy Italian girlfriend, waiting for their opportunity to cack Franco. While Abe and Lexie enjoy a rare night out on the town, Sami has Eric and Nicole help her prepare for her surprise for Franco. All Franco can think about is his upcoming date with Candy, the stripper, but he tries to put on a happy face. Nancy makes sure to tell Austin and Ali that Mike and Carrie are huddled together at the nurses' station, doing God knows what, since they're already done with their tasks. Mike and Carrie finally arrive, laughing together, and Austin gives Carrie a big hug while Mike goes off to rescue Ali, who has been railroaded into dancing with Craig. The assassin almost nails Franco when he goes out into the lobby to call Candy, but Austin walks by in time to spoil the plan. The assassin mutters that Franco is a lucky man, but his luck is about to run out. Lucas is shocked when Sami reveals to him that Austin and Carrie are moving into Kate's mansion to keep an eye on Will. Lucas accuses Austin of trying to take Lucas' place as Will's father, and he is upset that Carrie is going along with it. Lucas accuses Austin of having lost too many brain cells while boxing, and Austin tells Lucas to get away from him.

At Eric's signal, the waiter dims the lights as everyone in the restaurant wonders what's going on. Eric goes up to a podium and announces that in honor of Franco Kelly's birthday, his fiancée, Samantha Brady, has a special surprise - Marilyn Monroe. Sami walks into the spotlight in a blonde wig, heavy makeup, and a tight sequined dress. As people clap and whistle, Lucas remarks to Kate that she's the star of "How to Blackmail a Millionaire" and "The Seven Year Bitch." Sami launches into her rendition of Monroe's "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy, but substitutes Franco's name. As Franco smiles, the assassin draws his weapon and aims, but people keep getting in his way. Finally, as Sami finishes her song, Franco stands up to hug her. The assassin fires just as Franco moves, exposing Sami, who is struck by the bullet, to everyone's confusion and horror.

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