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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday September 21, 1998

Due to NBC News coverage of the release of the President's grand jury tapes, Days of our Lives was not shown today.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Wayne and Earl are asleep outside of the cave and Bo is watching them. He needs to find a way to take care of them and get back to Billie and Greta and get them out of the bayou. Greta is also asleep as Billie watches over her. Billie wonders just how much Greta knows and if she knows the truth about Georgia. Bo sneaks up on Wayne and Earl and grabs their rifle, but Wayne wakes up and grabs him. They want to know where their "Swamp Girl" is but Bo lies and says that she ran away days ago. They don't believe him and start to beat him up. Bo gets away from them.

Meanwhile, back down in the cave, Greta wakes up and she and Billie wonder where Bo is. Greta just hopes that Wayne and Earl haven't captured him. Billie tries to persuade her to trust her and Greta reluctantly agrees, saying that if Billie is a friend of Bo's then she must be okay.

Billie wants to try her makeup on her, but Greta is doubtful it will do any good. Billie convinces her to change her clothes. Later, Billie is finished with her face and she hands Greta the compact. As Greta looks at her reflection, she is shocked Billie says she will teach her how to apply the makeup herself and she will never have to hide her face again. After getting over the shock of seeing herself, Greta begins to examine the compact and has flashbacks of the baby's burial. She turns to Billie and says "I know who you are, Billie!"

Eric is in the park reading the Salem Spectator. The headline reads "Wedding Day Ends in Murder and Tragic Accident". Eric blames himself for not seeing through Franco's lies and deceit. Jay is hiding in the bushes watching him. Nicole shows up and asks about Sami. She feels bad for her AND Eric. She comments how hard it will be to find a fair and impartial jury for Sami in THIS town. Eric feels helpless and says it all started with Franco's lies and it makes him wonder if ANYONE is ever truthful. Nicole asks if he trusts her and Eric says only if she is completely honest with him. She tries to convince him that she is hiding no secrets from him. Jay wonders what all she is lying about now. Eric gets ready to go to the courthouse and Nicole offers to join him and they kiss. Jay realizes that she is lying to either him or Eric and decides it's time to give him a dose of reality.

Carrie and Austin are at the hospital still asleep. Carrie is dreaming that it is Mike in the bed with her and they are kissing as they profess their love for each other. As she looks at Mike, he morphs into Austin. She wakes up in a panic. She slips out of the room and guess who she runs into...Mike. They talk about Austin and Will. Carrie takes the paper from Mike and starts reading the article about Sami. Kate is also reading the same article, then we see Roman...who is reading the article to Shawn, Caroline and Kim at the pub. Roman tries to convince them that he believes Sami acted in self defense, but Kim points out that there was no sign of struggle. They are all hopeful, but yet, skeptical. Mickey and Maggie show up and Mickey says he doesn't have good news. He says he spent half the night with the DA trying to convince her to reduce the charge to manslaughter. He isn't sure if he was successful. Mickey leaves to go visit with Sami and Roman is headed for the hospital to try to talk to Lucas.

Kate visits with Lucas. She wants to be alone with him, but he won't allow it. She leaves, vowing to return. Marlena is outside of Will's room and is joined by Austin. They talk about Will and Austin asks if she has seen Carrie. Marlena thanks him for being there for Will. As Marlena leaves, she tells Austin if she sees Carrie she will tell him he is looking for her. Austin picks up the paper and begins to read and says "Poor Sami". Kate walks up and says "Poor Sami, my foot"

She proceeds to tell Austin he needs to have his head examined. They get into it again as Austin asks Kate to show a little compassion for Sami. Kate says she can rot in Hell for all she cares. She asks him if he has forgotten all that Sami did to him and Carrie, but he says that she has changed. Kate says that she brought all her troubles on herself and that her family needs to accept some of the responsibility. Austin says if that is true, then she needs to accept some of the responsibility for Lucas' actions as well and stomps off.

Meanwhile, Mike and Carrie step out on the terrace and she tells him that she will write a statement for the hospital, since it will probably be crawling with reporters. She then plans to accompany Austin to the arraignment. She says she needs to be there for the family and Austin's sake. She says that she needs to support Austin. Mike points out that she needs to really be committed to the marriage. Carrie says that she is and goes to leave. Mike stops her and offers his hanky and apologizes for making her cry. He advises her to take some time off but she declines.

After she composes herself, he tells her to go and be with Austin. On her way back inside, she runs into Marlena. Mike comes in and gets an odd look from Marlena. He fills her in on Austin and Carrie spending the night together. After he leaves, Roman shows up and as he and Marlena talk, they see Kate across the room. Roman says that he is sure that she knows something. Kate sees him and wishes he would just leave her alone. Marlena tells him that Kate is going through enough right now and not to pressure her. He says that their daughter is as well and he will do whatever it takes. She says that she will trust his judgment. Marlena leaves and Roman says he will join them at the courthouse later. Kate overhears Roman telling the cop that Mike said it is unlikely that Lucas will regain consciousness today. Kate thinks if she goes to the arraignment, it will appear that she is supporting the Brady's and maybe get Roman off her back, so she takes off. After she is gone, we find out that it was a trick and that Roman is staying behind to talk to Lucas...alone. Later, we see Lucas dreaming about the shooting and the accident and begins to wake up. The cop rushes out and tells Roman and Mike that Lucas is awake.

Sami is in her cell dreaming that she is in hell. She sees Roman's face yelling at her and saying she disgraced the family and not to call him daddy. Then, Marlena, Eric, Nicole all take their shots at her. Carrie says she didn't disappoint HER at all and that she is getting what she deserves. Then Austin says she has lost her son forever. The dream ends with Kate telling her to rot in jail and cackling like a witch.

Sami jumps up and asks the lady cop about the arraignment. She says she wants to get out on bail and the cop tells her to not hold her breath. She says they won't set bail for her and from what she read in the paper, she will be lucky to live. She says that the P.D. has an open and shut case against her. Sami tries to remember what happened but draws a blank on the missing time. Mickey shows up and Sami pleads for him to get her out on bail. He tells her that he is trying for a charge of manslaughter and asks her how she wants to plead. Mickey tries to get her to remember, but she can't and becomes frustrated. After he leaves, the cop comes to take her up for the arraignment.

Everyone is there for the big event...Caroline, Shawn and Kim are there as well as Marlena, Mickey and Maggie. Carrie and Austin show up as does Eric and Nicole. Kate slips in the back. Sami is brought into the court room in handcuffs and her ankles are shackled. The cop sort of pushes her and she stumbles. Marlena rushes to her and helps her out. As the charge is read, you can see Marlena's hands rubbing her hair and shoulders. The charge reads like this..."We the People of Salem charge Samantha Brady with MURDER in the first degree."

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Bayou Wayne & Earl are looking for Bo. Bo creates distraction and runs the other direction. Billy covers Greta's face with makeup and the scars are gone. Looking at compact, Greta says "I know you." to Billy and realizes that Billy was the woman who lost her baby. Billy is worried now, as Greta recalls the burial of Georgia. Billy asks if Bo knows. Billy offers the compact to Greta in exchange for Greta's silence. Billy is desperate to have Greta keep her secret. Greta feels uncomfortable keeping the secret because Bo has been so honest. Bo walks in as they are talking about it. Bo sees Greta's face and is ecstatic at the transformation...she's beautiful and should not be hiding out. Bo says they should leave the Bayou now. Greta agrees and the three take off.

Wayne and Earl figure out Bo tricked them. As the trio make their way, Billy is spotted by Wayne and Earl and, guns pointed, question her about Bo and Swamp Girl.

Empress Express Hope is deciding what to wear to her party. Lily is concerned that she will only upset Stefano. Hope is determined to find out what she did as Gina. In a elegant gown, Gina and Lily continue talking a Lily confesses that she doesn't want Gina to find out her past because then she will leave her again and forget all about her. Gina reassures her that she won't ever forget her very dear friend. Lucille comes in to tell Gina that all the arrangements have been made.

Viv is confused about her dream. Stefano tells Vivian that he dreams of taking care of her, to cajole her into signing the power of attorney. And what a thoughtful guy....he has the papers all drawn up ready for her to sign. Vivian remembers her dream of Jonsey who warned her not to trust anyone. Viv tells Stefano "Never, you can take your power of attorney and stuff it." Stefano tries to convince Viv that Jonsey would trust him. Viv's mind won't be changed. Viv gets a headache and requests a doctor. Worried, Stefano puts Viv in an up mode and collapses. She wakes up and and wants to party. Stefano wants her to sign the papers, but she can't be bothered with work.

Viv comes out and sees Jonsey in the mirror, who tells her to remember what he said. Viv is worried that she is hallucinating. She answers the door and learns that there is a party and struts off saying "Vivey wants to party."

As Viv is changing, Stefano meets the monacled man and learns that Gina is in the parlor car....her room is empty. Stefano plots to search her room and ensure that the train does not reach the festival. Stefano searches Hope's room and finds the copy of Renet's Garden At Twilight. Stefano is concerned now, as drawing was Gina's talent, not Hope's. He wonders if Hope is becoming Gina on her own. Stefano returns to find Vivian gone and is concerned as to havoc she could wreak. Stefano learns that Vivian is at Princess Gina's party.

At the party, Lily tells Lucille to help Gina and Lucille is more determined to get rid of Princess Gina. Gina inquires as to what is keeping Rudolpho. Gina tells her guests that she has amnesia and can't remember her life as Gina. As everyone looks on, Vivian comes in and hears that Princess Gina is there. Viv wonders if she should courtsey to royalty. Lily introduces Kevin McDonald, who has met Gina before. He tells her that she stole something very precious to him....his heart. Just as he is about to tell her more, Vivian comes up and exclaims that this is NOT Princess Gina but Hope Williams Brady from Salem, USA.

Hospital Mike checks on Lucas, who is starting to wake up. Lucas asks where he is...he thinks he's in prison. Roman is standing outside, chomping at the bit wanting to talk to Lucas. Lucas recognizes Mike, and wants to know what happened. Lucas starts flashing back to the accident, and wants to know where Will is. Mike tells him that Will is stable, but in a coma. Lucas is devastated. Lucas pleads his case to Mike saying he would never hurt Will. Lucas, overcome with guilt, wants to die. Mike tells him to pull himself together as the police want to talk to him. Mike goes outside tells Alice and Roman that Lucas is OK. Mike lets Roman go in to question Lucas. In Lucas' room, Lucas says, "I did it, I'm guilty....Go ahead, arrest me." Lucas admits to going to the Kirikas mansion to kidnap Will, violating the restraining order. Roman then asks what Lucas did and witness when he broke into the house.

Courthouse Sami is being charged with murder in the first and the DA will ask the jury for the death penalty. Everyone is shocked. Sami bursts out yelling that her son needs her. Mickey tries to calm her down. The DA outlines case: Sami is woman scorned, wanted revenge and had time to plan and execute murder. There is a witness that Sami wanted to kill him. Still telling the story, Sami got the gun, waited for Franco and shot him. Sami said that's not how happened, and Kate looks worried. Sami starts yelling at the judge that she can't get the death penalty, Will needs his mommy. As Mickey and the DA talk to the judge, Sami turns to Marlena for comfort. Kate thinks that she and Lucas will raise will. Mickey makes a motion to change charge to voluntary manslaughter. Mickey and the DA start arguing their case. Judge Perkins orders charge of murder in first degree. Sami enters a plea of not guilty to that charge. Mickey argues that Sami be released on bond, to the objection of the DA.

While the judge has taken a recess to ponder the bail request, Sami looks at the engagement ring on her finger, takes it off and gives it to Marlena. The judge returns and relents setting her bail at $1 million. Sami freaks, because she does not have the money. Marlena says they will call John. Kate tells her not to call John, she will pay Sami's bail. And the credits roll...

Thursday, September 24, 1998


Wayne and Earl are questioning Billie as Bo and Greta hide. Billy tells they duo that she has not seen either of them. Wondering where Billie has been, she tells them that she found shelter for the night and then went looking for the brothers. They are suspicious, but Billie starts playing the scared little girl routine. They buy it, and decide to check out the cave again. Greta is worried that Wayne & Earl will find them. Bo reassures her that won't happen, that she can trust Billie. Greta flashes to Billie asking Greta to keep the secret of Georgia's burial in the bayou. Greta is obviously torn. As Wayne & Earl head to the cave, Billie fakes them out by claiming she thought she heard Swamp Girl in the other direction.

Wayne & Earl take Billie to investagate, they don't want to lose her again. Bo and Greta come out of the cave and Greta reassures Bo that they won't hurt Billie. The walk for a while and are about to get onto the main road when Bo pushes away a tree branch to find Earl with a shotgun trained on them.


Kate reiterates that she will pay Sami's million dollar bail only because Will needs his mother by his side. Sami doesn't care who pays her bail as long as she can get back to the hospital. Marlena and Mickey, Carrie and Austin all thank Kate, who is wondering where Roman is. Kate hands a check to Mickey and as Sami leaves says softly so that only Kate will hear, "I know you're up to something...I just don't know what."

Carrie tells Kate that Roman is at the hospital questioning Lucas. Kate freaks, learning that Lucas is conscious and bolts out of the courthouse. As she's driving, she gets pulled over by a cop. The cop is letting her off easy, but she gives him attitude and warns her that if she doesn't slow down, she'll end up in the hospital.

Nicole has a change of clothes for Sami and the two talk about Franco. Sami tells her that she really loved him and would live happily ever after. When she found out that he cheated on her, she figures she must have gotten her gun and shot him. She still can't remember, but right now all she cares about is Will. Nicole is suspicious that Kate paid her bail, but Sami is not looking a gift-horse in the mouth. Sami thanks Mickey, then leaves to go to the hospital. As she leaves the courthouse with Marlena, she is attacked by the press who want to know all the details. Carrie comes out and makes a statement to the press that Sami has pleaded not guilty to murder. Sami looks on in amazement that Carrie would help her.

Eric and Nicole are talking about Sami. Eric is obviously worried, but Nicole thinks Sami has a good chance to get acquitted because she does not remember doing it and any good lawyer can find holes in the prosecution's case. This gives Eric some hope and he wonders how Nicole knows so much about the law. TV shows, she answers. Eric is grateful for Nicole being there and the two kiss. Hospital

Lucas tells Roman that he wants to cooperate and tell him everything he knows. Roman starts off with asking Lucas to tell him everything he saw when he was at the mansion. Lucas starts to talk, but is overcome with a coughing fit. When Roman gets Lucas some water, Lucas is impressed that Roman is being so nice to him; he figured he'd be in handcuffs with all the trouble he's in. Roman tells him that while he is in trouble, he is more concerned about what happened to Franco.

Lucas starts off that he snuck into the house during the wedding preparations, knowing it would be too busy for anyone to see him. Roman asks if anyone helped him, but Lucas says no. It was all his idea. He went upstairs and got Will and brought him to the car. But it wasn't easy....he had to hide while everyone came in to see Will. In the car, Will was crying for his bear, so Lucas went in to get it. Roman asked if anyone saw him the second time. Lucas is thinking, and Roman gets him some more water. Roman asks about Kate...if she helped him kidnap Will. Lucas emphatically says no, Kate knew nothing about his plan. Roman believes him and asks what happened when he went in the second time. Lucas flashes to Franco about to kill Kate, then writhes in pain.

Mike checks on Lucas and tells Roman that he's in pain, but should be able to continue questioning him. Lucas wants to know why its so important. Roman says he just wants his version of events. Roman wonders why Lucas would risk going in a second time, and Lucas says because Will wanted the bear. It's a good thing to, Lucas says, because if he didn't go back in.....then he stops talking. Roman asks if he saw Sami. He says no. Roman asks if he saw Franco and Sami arguing. Lucas says, no, it wasn't like that, he's got it all wrong. Lucas says he doesn't know how and Roman keeps badgering Lucas as to how Franco was killed. Lucas claims he's too tired, but Roman is pushing him.

Carrie and Austin arrive and Mike tells them Sami is visiting Will. The press have showed up again, and Carrie decides to go talk to them. Austin is grateful and Mike agrees that she's doing the right thing. Carie is doing it to save her marriage. Sami is talking to Will telling him that mommy is back and that she loves him. Austin looks on, proud of Sami.

Viv's Townhouse

John arrives at Viv's townhouse, and Celeste answers the door. He knows she is on the Empress Express with Stefano. Celeste mentions that Hope is on there as well. She proceeds to tell John that she and Ivan were worried about Vivian and that's why they went along. When Celeste discovered that Hope was on the train, she tried to warn her. John tells her that he did warn her, to no avail. Hope is certain that she will find the answers to her past on board. Celeste predicts that if Stefano feel threatened, no place is safe for Hope. Celeste then proceeds to tell John that they were worried about Vivian's health, but when Stefano found out they were on the train, he deliberately made sure they did not get back on. John is curious, because he knows Vivian's moods have been erratic since before she left. Celeste tells him her moods are worse and that it is somehow Stefano's doing.

Celeste then tells the story of how she and Ivan had their wallets stolen in Milan and missed the train. They had to hitchhike to Venice, where they got separated. Celeste looked up some old friends to borrow money to get back to Salem. Ivan's whereabouts are unknown.

John is concerned about Vivian, and Celeste is amazed that he has feeling for her. Yeah, she's his aunt. Besides, if Stefano is involved, then it could help Hope and John with their pasts. John begins to admire all the artwork of Jonsey's and wonders how he got the bucks to pay for all of it. Especially since everyone thought he was just a bum. They talk more about Vivian's erratic mood swings. The conversation turns back to Hope and John tells Celeste that Hope and Stefano have run into each other. John then poses the question if Celeste knew what Hope was doing while at Maison Blanche.

John tells Celeste about the plastic surgery, or lack thereof, on Hope. So what happened during those year, John wants to know. Celeste tells him what she told actuality, she was only with Hope a short time before John rescued her. She has no idea what Hope was doing. If Celeste hears from Vivian, John asks for her to tell her. Celeste then looks around and says that Stefano is a collector of art, he may be after Vivian's treasures. John pulls out the picture of him as a priest in Switzerland and shows it to Celeste. Celeste commiserates that it must be frustrating, but that she will help him any way she can. Empress Express

Stefano and the monacled man about Hope. Stefano is confident that the party she is throwing will not lead to anything significant about her time as Princess Gina, but he is concerned enought that he vows to stop the train.

Vivian, still in an up mode, announces to all that Princess Gina is really Hope Williams Brady from Salem. Hope is upset at Vivian and fears that Vivian will blow her chance to find out about her life as Gina. Vivian is going on and on about Hope when Rudolpho comes in. Viv asks Rudolpho to verify that it really is Hope. Hope decides to turn the situation around by exposing Rudolpho Meradi as the notorious criminal, Stefano DiMera.

Hope tells the guests the tragic tale of what Stefano did to her...taking four years of her life, making her family believe she was dead. Vivian tries to cover for Stefano, saying that this is Rudolpho, she's known him for years and everyone knows he's Rudolpho. Then she leans overs and whispers "Ix-Nay on the Ephano-Stay" (LOL). But Hope continues telling everyone that she is Princess Gina. Then she plays the trump card...she's got the royal birthmark to prove it.

Hope introduces, Dr. Reneault, the plastic surgeon, to verify the birthmark. Surprisingly, Stefano is just standing there, but he wonders how Hope found out about the birthmark. Rudolpho takes Gina aside and tells her that she must be disturbed, that everyone should enjoy the party without these foolish accusations. Gina knows she's got him on the ropes and that he can't stall her forever. Don't count on it, Stefano thinks. Meanwhile the monacle man is lurking in the hallways.

Vivian wants get the party started, and goes to the pianist to play some party music. Along the way, she passes Lily, who looks at her strangely. Vivian starts singing the Chatanooga Choo-Choo. Lily is about to throw Vivian out, when Vivian spots her and faints!

Stefano is concerned about Vivian, and puts her in a normal mode. He rushes to her side and Vivian is dazed. She thought she just saw.....and then sees Lily again and passes out. Lily questions Hope about how she knows this woman. Hope tells her that she is John's aunt and lives in Salem. Lily is curious and Hope is concerned about Vivian's behavior. Vivian is weak and Stefano goes to help her out, when the lights start to fade in and out. The the train starts to rock, throwing the guests about. People are falling down, and when the train stops, all the guests are unconscious, and Hope has blood trickling down her face.... and the credits roll.....

Friday, September 25, 1998


Wayne and Earl, guns pointed at Bo, Billie and Greta, ask Bo where he's been. Bo replies that he's been close by the whole time. He then attacks Wayne, but has to stop when Earl holds a gun to Billie's head. They ask him where Swamp Girl is....Bo then realizes that they don't recognize Greta. Bo leads them on by saying she's still in the swamp; he could not get her to come with him. Wayne and Earl figure Greta is Hope, but she looks different. Billie pipes up and says she cut her hair differently, and the two believe her. Bo decides to attack them again, and they fight. Greta grabs a rock and hits one, but the other brother holds the gun to Billie again. Bo relents and Wayne and Earl say how much fun their going to have with the women after they get rid of Bo. Billie asks them not to hurt Bo, and the brothers wonder why she cares; Bo left her for another woman. She tells them that's her business.

The boys finally agree to leave them alone if they promise never to return to the swamp. Bo agrees eagerly, knowing Greta is coming with him. As they are leaving the swamp, they come upon Georgia's grave. Greta flashes back to the burial and Billie shakes her head for Greta not to say anything. Earl is going to take Billie to get the car while Wayne stands guard of Bo and Greta. Billie doesn't want to leave, but has no choice. Afterwards, Bo notices the grave and says that it wasn't here the last time. He turns to Greta and asks if she knows who's grave it is.

Empress Express

All the passangers are laying on the floor unconscious. Hope wakes up and calls to Lili to see if she is OK. Lucille wakes up and tells Hope that the buffet table is on Lili. Hope gets to her and cradles her in her arms. A porter also wakes up, and Hope wants him to call for help, but they are in a mountain pass and can't call anyone.

Stefano wakes up and sees the Vivian is still out. He pushes a table off her and checks her pulse. She's alive, but he needs to give her CPR. During this time, Lucille has found Stefano's mood device and puts Vivian in a UP mode, and she wakes up, puts her arms arround Stefano and tries to kiss him. He's telling her to calm down, but all she wants to do is kiss him. He finally calms her down and he goes to see how the others are doing. He sees Hope with Lili and goes to move the table off Lili. Then he says that he has a special radio that he can use to get help. Hope follows him, passing Vivian who is juggling fruit and trying to entertain the guests (LOL). Before Hope can reach him, Stefano finds the Renet painting he wanted laying on the ground. As he rolls it up, Hope asks what he's doing and he says that he wants to find a porter to give it back to the rightful owner. Hope goes with Stefano to get the radio.

Back in the car, Lili is staring at Vivian. Lucille hits the DOWN button and Vivian screams. She starts calling for her mommy and runs off to find Stefano. She finds him and sobs for him to never leave her. Then Lucille puts her in a NORMAL mode. They return to the car and inform everyone that he has called for help. Hope rejoins Lili who says there has never been an accident on the Empress Express. Hope doesn't think this was an accident, that Stefano did it. Vivian and Lili continue to glare at each other when Vivian passes out.


Nicole and Eric are talking again about Sami. He invites her to dinner and maybe go back to her place. Nicole is worried about going back to her place, she doesn't want to do anything that she may regret. Eric reassures her that he would not regret anything. Nicole agrees, but wants to pick up a dress she left at Titan.

Titan Offices

Taylor is cleaning the offices and sees Jay. He asks what she's doing there and she tells him she works for the cleaning company. Taylor learns the mystery man found Nicole and sent Jay to get her. The two talk about the past. Then she tells Jay that no one knows she is related to Nicole. Jay asks her about Nicole and Eric and Taylor says Nicole is not involved with anyone now. Well, he's got a score to settle with Eric, Jay says. Jay begins questioning Taylor where Nicole lives, but Taylor doesn't know. He asks her to look in the personnel files, but she won't. As they talk, Jay figures out that Taylor has a crush on Eric and begins to tickle her. She's laughing loud and Eric and Nicole walk up the hall and can hear the laughing and wonder what's going on.


Roman is questioning Lucas about what he saw at the mansion. Lucas tells him again that he went to get Will's teddy bear and that he had to protect....Roman pushes him some more when Marlena walks in and asks Roman to talk to her. He snaps at her, saying not now. She tries again, and Lucas starts moaning in pain. Marlena gets a nurse to give him something for the pain, and Roman and Marlena leave. On the way to the balcony, Roman tells the cop standing guard at Lucas' door not to let anyone in. Marlena wonders why he was not at the hearing. He figured he could do more to help Sami if he questioned Lucas. Marlena tells him that Sami was charged with first degree murder and could get the death penalty. Then she tells him Kate posted Sami's million dollar bail. Roman and Marlena are suspicious of Kate's reasoning, but they don't do anything more about it.

Kate has finally made it to the hospital and is able to distract the cop. She gets into Lucas' room and closes the blinds. She tells him that she's been so worried about him and they talk about Will. He says he told Roman everything and Roman walks in a yells at Kate for being alone with him. She tells Roman that she's been worried about Lucas. Marlena comes in and gets Roman to agree to question Lucas with Kate in the room. He continues the question about who Lucas was trying to protect. Lucas looks at Kate, who shakes her head. Lucas said he was trying to protect Will from Sami. Roman then asks if he heard a gunshot or see Sami and Franco fighting, when Kate steps up and says that Sami shot Franco because she found out he was cheating on her. Roman tells Kate to shut up, and Lucas lies and says he did not hear a thing. Roman takes Kate outside and tells her that he's grateful that she posted Sami's bail. He then tells her that he has finished questioning Lucas. Kate goes back into his room and tells him what she did (framing Sami). Lucas tells her it's wrong to frame Sami like that. And the credits roll....

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