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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday September 28, 1998

Eric and Nicole hear Taylor laughing and wonder what is going on. He leaves as Nicole goes in to see what Taylor is up to. She walks in and doesn't see Jay because he is hiding behind the door. She is very rude as usual to Taylor when Jay speaks up and asks if she has a hello kiss for her. She is shocked to see him and then turns to Taylor and tells her to get out . Taylor quickly leaves and Nicole slams the door behind her and turns to Jay. Jay tells her that "he" sent him to check on her and get her help getting out of jail. She says there is no way she will ever help him. They argue back and forth and he tells her he knows that she and photo boy are more than friends. She denies it but he says he saw them in the park this morning holding hands and kissing but she still denies it and says she was just comforting him. He tells her that "he" would not be happy about this and she realizes that if Jay messes things up for her "he" would not be happy either.

She tells him to leave before Eric returns but by now Eric is right outside the door. He has just returned from where ran into Taylor. She says she was laughing at herself for being so clumsy and knocking over a can. Eric says it is good to be able to laugh at yourself. He thanks her and she says that she has found her faith in God has always helped her through rough times. He says he has not been a very religious person but thinks she is right. She invites him to come to her prayer group with her after work but he refuses but does ask her to say a prayer for Sami. She agrees and when he leaves she feels like an idiot for inviting him to join her.

Kate is trying to convince Lucas that he needs to go along with her lies. Kate says Sami will finally get paid back for all the pain that she has caused her and Lucas. Lucas can't believe what Kate is saying and says that it is wrong. They talk about the trouble he is already in for kidnapping Will and driving drunk but Lucas says he was only protecting her when he shot Franco. Kate says that doesn't matter because they could get in trouble for framing Sami if he tells the truth. Kate tells him that Sami probably would have killed Franco anyway because of what he did to her. She says they can raise Will and he will be better off.

Billie and Earl get the car and head back to the others. Billie panics but Greta keeps her mouth shut about the truth but does say that Erlene was putting flowers on the grave. Billie says it probably is a family member. Bo accepts this and puts his arm around Greta and heads to the car. Billie stays behind to say good-bye to Georgia. When she catches up with the others Erlene arrived and says it's good to see Billie again and asks if she's OK. Bo wonders how they know each other and Billie says they met when she came looking for him. Erlene realizes to keep her mouth shut about the baby. They notice a storm is brewing but then also realize it's a tornado. Wayne, Earl and Erlene realize a storm is coming and get the dog and head to the cellar for shelter. When the storm is over Earl goes out to check the damage and comes back to let them know that the house was completely destroyed. In the car Bo is so glad they are leaving and says that Salem will be Greta's home now. He tells Greta that he promises to take care of her and Billie says yea Bo keeps almost all of his promises. Bo says he promised Hope he would help her find out about her past and again Billie chirps in that he always puts Hope first.

Hope is talking to Lili and says she is sure that Stefano had something to do with the wreck but Lili comments that he is trying to help everyone. Hope says that's what he does so he looks like the hero. Stefano hunts for Vivian and finds her just as Lucille hits the up button. Vivian quickly makes a fool of herself. Stefano says he thought he left her in the normal mode and reaches into his pocket for the remote. He realizes he doesn't have it and panics. Lucille has now pushed the down button and Vivian crashes. Stefano is worried that Vivian could die and that upsets him. Stefano looks around and finally sees it in Lucille's hand and practically yanks it out of her hand. Hope sees this and goes over to see what he has. He says it's a pager and Hope wants to see it as she has never see a pager like that but then they hear helicopters and Stefano starts hollering at everyone what to do. He tells everyone that he has made arrangements for them to be taken to a hospital if needed or private jets to take them home.

Hope speaks up and asks if anyone is still going to the festival but no one is. She looks at Stefano and says that's just what he wanted. Almost all have left except Lili, Lucille and Hope. Hope has a very tearful good-bye with Lili and says she is worried that she will never see her again but Lili asks if she can come visit her in Salem and Hope says she would love it so off they go which leaves her, Vivian and Stefano. Lili comments as she leaves that she can't believe she was on the train with that crazy woman - meaning Vivian.

Stefano offers Hope to return to Salem with him on his private jet but she says she would rather fly commercial. She then thinks to herself that she will be so glad to get home to everyone and hopefully Bo will have resolved his problems and can be with her when she resumes the search to her past. Stefano is out with monocled man and thanks him for causing the wreck and he's glad that no one was killed. Stefano smiles and says he believes that he will get it some day and maybe the same way he got the others and looks at.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Jay confronts Nicole in the photo lab and threatens her. Nicole threatens to call security, which causes Jay to back down. Jay leaves and Eric finds Nicole crying. Nicole says she thinks she has a cold and her eyes are just scratchy. Eric suggests they get some take-out and just go back to her place, however, Nicole says she is really tired and would like to take a rain-check on the dinner. Eric thinks Nicole is acting oddly and asks her if she's having second thoughts about their relationship. Nicole tells Eric that she just needs a good night's sleep. Eric accepts her answer and takes her home. Jay, who was hiding in the closet, heard every word and swears to teach Nicole a lesson. Eric takes Nicole home and then decides to go to the hospital to check on Will. Nicole tells herself that she has to get Jay out of her life for good when suddenly, Jay shows up. Jay barges his way in and tells Nicole that he thinks they should hang out together like old times and then forces a kiss on her.

In his room, Lucas tells Kate that it's wrong to let Sami go to jail for killing Franco. Kate says that Sami is guilty for so many other crimes and it is up to them to stop her because they'll never have another chance like this. Roman walks in and asks Kate what chance she's talking about. Kate says they were talking business, which Roman doesn't believe. Kate and Roman end up in a fight about Lucas' drunk driving accident and Roman finally tells Kate that he doesn't give a damn about Lucas' feelings or hers. Roman says Will could die because of Lucas and then walks out. Lucas begins to cry and asks his mom why she didn't tell him that Will may die.

Sami and Austin are still by Will's side. Sami begins to cry that Will may not make it, but Austin tells her that Will will make it. Austin decides to pray to God to bring Will out of his coma and heal him. Roman and Carrie show up and Roman says a prayer as well. Suddenly, Will comes out of his coma and calls to his mommy. Everyone rejoices. Carrie asks her dad if Lucas could give him any clues to help Sami, but Roman says no. Kate begins to worry when she hears Roman tell the family that he is going to investigate Franco because he believes Franco was hiding more secrets than they knew about.

Kate goes to see Lucas and tells him that Will has come out of his coma. Kate tells Lucas that he can have a future with Will now, but Lucas says he doesn't deserve to live. Kate tells Lucas not to think that way and that he can have a future with Will if he keeps quiet about how Franco really died. Lucas goes to see Will, but Austin stops him and tells him that he will never let him see Will again.

Alice tells Carrie that she's very proud of her for taking so many measures with the press to protect Sami. Carrie leaves to make some calls and Alice tells Mike that she can sense the tension in him from being around Carrie all the time. Mike tells Alice he can handle it and assures his grandma that he will find happiness one day. Alice leaves and Carrie returns. Carrie has some fund-raiser proposals for Mike to look over.

Greta rushes out of the restaurant because her make-up has warn off and people were staring at her. Bo and Billie rush after her and Billie tells her they just need to touch up her make-up. Greta and Billie go into the ladies room and they fix up her make-up. Greta tells Billie how much Bo talks about Hope and how much he must love her. Billie says he does love her, but Hope left Salem and she doesn't think she'll be returning anytime soon. Billie and Greta go back to the restaurant where Bo is busy scarfing down food. Greta starts slurping her soup from her bowl and Billie and Bo do the same to make her feel comfortable. A guy wants to dance with Greta, but she refuses and almost breaks his arm when he won't take no for an answer.

Billie and Bo check Greta into a hotel and Bo asks Billie not to tell anyone about her yet and he asks her if she can stay with Greta while he goes to visit Shawn D. Billie decides to take a shower and Greta runs out of the room. Billie hears her leave and follows her.

At the Venice airport, Hope learns she can't get a plane back to Salem for awhile. Stefano approaches her and tells her that he will fly her back in his plane. Hope accepts his offer and on the plane she talks with Vivian, who is still recovering from the train accident. Vivian asks Hope what was with the Princess Gina thing and Hope explains it all to her. Stefano walks in on their conversation and Hope makes no attempt to hide what they were talking about. Stefano tells Vivian that Hope is confused, but Hope doesn't believe so. Hope mentions Lily Faversham and Vivian's blood begins to boil. Hope tells Vivian that Lily is coming to Salem for a visit, which upsets Vivian even more. Stefano, however, is intrigued that Vivian knows Lily somehow. Vivian passes out, which concerns Hope, but Stefano says she will be okay and Vivian wakes back up. Stefano once again tells her how concerned he is for her and her finances, which is why she should give him power of attorney. Vivian finally agrees to sign and Stefano pulls out the legal documents. As she is about to sign, Vivian remembers Jonsey's warnings and tells Stefano that she can't sign. Hope gets Vivian some water, but she falls back asleep before Hope can give her the water. Hope tells Stefano that Vivian needs a doctor, but Stefano says he can care for Vivian. Hope and Stefano begin to argue about her being Gina. Hope mentions that she is remembering more and more and that she will reclaim her past back and bring him down. Stefano says he doesn't like being threatened and Hope replies if she did nothing wrong, why should he feel threatened? Stefano tells himself that if Hope continues on her quest to find the truth, she may end up being more use to him now then she was before. Hope begins thinking about Bo and how maybe they can solve the rest of her past together. Meanwhile, Vivian has a horrible dream that she has died and Celeste is preparing her funeral. The plane lands and Vivian wakes up. She tells Stefano that she is dying and has to go to the hospital.

Bo arrives at Alice's house to see Shawn D., but he's at a friends house. Alice asks Bo how he's doing and Bo tells her that he's learning to deal with the loss of the baby. Bo asks about Hope and Alice says John may know where exactly she is. Alice knows Bo still loves Hope, but Bo tells Alice that he doesn't think she feels the same about him and he knows things will never be the same between them. Alice says that they belong together and believes they will be together again one day. Suddenly, Hope runs through the door and into Bo's arms. Alice gives a subtle "Yes!" as the two embrace.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

The reunion

Bo and Hope are holding each other, both wondering if it is a dream. As they part, Hope tells Brady that she had no idea that he was at Gran's. Speaking of Gran, they look around the room and realize that Alice has left them alone. Bo tells her that Alice has always believed the two of them belong together. Bo looks tenderly into Hope's eyes and says that she's not the only one.

Bo notices that she looks different (her hair) and that she look beautiful no matter what, like a princess. They both admit that they missed each other. Hope is anxious to see Shawn D, but he is at a friend's house. Hope wonders where Bo went. Since there was nothing he could do for Billie, and could not stop Hope, he decided to go to the Bayou. The two start to talk about what Hope learned in Lugano and what Bo learned in the Bayou.

Bo tells Hope that she found Swamp Girl. He recounts everything that happened: locking Greta in the cage, escaping, finding the catacombs under Maison Blanche. Bo makes sure to tell Hope that nothing is between them but friendship. Bo then tells Hope that the reason she wore the mud was that she was in the cage over the acid, not Hope. Hope reveals that she learned she was never burned or had plastic surgery from the doctor on the Empress Express. She also tells Bo about meeting Lili Faversham and a host of others who knew her as Princess Gina. She smiles as she remembers Lili and says it was so exciting being Gina, winning at baccarat, drinking kir royales. But, Hope explains, that is the one memory she has, being over the acid. Bo explained that Greta was switched with Hope to be in that cage and she fell into the acid.

Hope feels sorry for Greta for all the pain she endured. Hope asks Bo what he thinks happened to her during that time...he says they both know, Stefano took her, erased her memories and turned her into Gina. But why make her Gina? Bo tells Hope that Greta was hired by Ernesto at the last minute and has no idea why Stefano would take Hope. Greta remembers being in the hospital with Stefano there, and threatening her not to tell anyone what she knows. Hope realizes that Greta has come to Salem at a great risk, but Bo assures her that he will protect her. Hope is lamenting that their future was ruined by Stefano, but Bo tells her that their future is just beginning. Bo tells her that he never wants to be separated from her again.

Bo is ranting how Stefano ruined their lives. That he knew all along who she was and made her go through the process of proving she was Hope. "He's made our lives hell," Bo says. But their hell is not over yet, says Hope. "In fact, it may be just beginning."


Austin is blocking Lucas' entry to see Will as Kate, Carrie, Sami, Roman and Mike look on. Kate tells him to step aside, but Austin refuses, stating that Lucas is the reason Will is even in the hospital. Kate and Austin begin fighting again, and Austin says if it was up to him, Lucas would never see his son again. Lucas says that he has rights, but Austin counters that he gave up those rights when he kidnapped Will. Roman backed him up and said that the restraining order is still in effect. Sami poured salt in the wound by saying that Austin is the father figure that Will needs. Austin walks off, and Lucas tells Sami that she got what she wanted: Lucas out of Will's life. Kate wheels Lucas back to his room.

Carrie wishes Austin would give Lucas a break, but Roman is adamant that Austin is doing the right thing for Will. Once Carrie is a parent, she will understand. Roman goes off, leaving Carrie and Mike to talk about the situation. Carrie is defending Lucas saying that he saved Will, even though he had broken ribs and was barely conscious. Mike agrees with Carrie, who is upset that this situation will tear them apart even more. Mike tries to remind Carrie that she loves Austin. In Will's room, Sami and Austin are talking. Sami is thankful that Austin is there for Will, as she does not know how much longer she will be free. Carrie looks on, obviously upset. She turns to Mike and tells him that Austin needs her support know. Mike goes to get Will a drink, leaving Carrie with Sami. Sami is so happy that Austin will be taking care of her son, and Carrie reminds her that Lucas is Will's father. Sami vows to keep Lucas away from Will.

In Lucas' room, Kate is telling Lucas he is feeling guilty and not thinking. Kate tells him that she's hired the best lawyer to defend Lucas and that when this is all over, he will be with his son. Lucas tells his mom that she seems confident that Sami will go to jail. The police have an airtight case, she says, and should even get the death penalty. This only fuels Lucas' guilt, and reiterates that they can't let Sami go to jail for a crime she didn't commit. Lucas gets agitated and says that Sami's not the one...but Kate interrupts him as Roman walks in.

Kate covers for Lucas, saying Sami is not the one to decide if he should see Will. Roman buys it, and tells Lucas he should get a lawyer to represent him with all these charges. Lucas is despondent, saying Will is his concern. Roman agrees, and gives him another chance to tell him anything he remembers about that night. Kate pipes up and says that Lucas has told him everything he knows. Roman leaves, and Lucas is torn. Kate tells him to keep his mouth shut! Kate and Lucas are planning what will happen when Sami goes to jail. In order to have a chance with Will, Lucas has to lie about what he knows. Kate leaves and Lucas says that he can't send Sami to death row.

Back in Will's room, Sami and Roman are discussing her predicament, and Roman urges her to remember every detail of that day. Outside, Carrie and Mike are talking and she offers to share a takeout dinner with him in her office. "Your tempting me," Mike replies (with the obvious double meaning), but she should have that dinner with Austin. Carrie looks disappointed. Roman receives some information on Franco, and in the report is a copy of his green card. He remembers seeing Agent Raskin at the 4th of July party and puts two and two together. He makes a phone call to someone asking them to meet him at the police station. Meanwhile, Sami returns to the Kiriakis mansion and sees the chalk outline of Franco. She is trying to remember, when Kate walks in and says "a killer always returns to the scene of the crime." Motel

Greta has run away from the motel room and Billie chases after her. She finds Greta hiding behind a dumpster in an alley behind the motel. After the open space and solitude of the Bayou, Greta is overwhelmed by the four walls of the room and the looks of the restaurant patrons. Greta is beginning to regret coming to Salem, but Billie tells her not to say that...she just wasn't expecting Bo to take off to find Hope so soon after putting the women up in the motel. Billie reminds Greta that the only reason she was brought to Salem was to help Hope; the Bo's focus will always be on Hope.

Back at the room, the two wait for Bo. They continue talking about Bo, and Greta wonders why Billie does not want to tell Bo about losing the baby in the Bayou. Billie (not telling the whole truth) said it was too painful to discuss, even to Bo, but Greta got the impression that Bo is a compassionate man. Billie tells her "its a complicated situation" and leaves it at that. Greta starts to piece things together that Bo was the father. Billie gives her this nasty look as Greta asks shouldn't Bo have the right to know where his daughter is buried.

Greta is trying to convince Billie to tell Bo about Georgia's burial. Since Bo will never love anyone but Hope, its not like she would be losing him. Billie agrees, but tells Greta the story of when she was in Rome, kidnapped by drug dealers who got her hooked on heroin. Bo rescued her and, thinking there was no chance with Hope, made a promise to Billie that he would be with her. But Bo broke that promise. Greta then gets mixed signals, because in the Bayou, Billie said that she could trust Bo, but now it seems she can't. Billie gets mad saying "Bo made a promise to me and he didn't keep it, period." But since Greta's relationship with Bo is different from Billie's, he needs her. But, Billie offers this word of caution: when Bo gets around Hope, he tends to forget everyone else.

Billie continues to tell Greta that Bo is always drawn to Hope, even when she was carrying his child. Greta recalls Billie's pain during the burial, Bo should know what happened. Billie is getting mad now, saying that Bo promised to be there for her, but when she needed him most, he was off with Hope. Greta backs away and Billie apologizes. What it comes down to is that Billie wants Greta to keep the secret. She then pulls out the compact and, without saying the words, implies that Bo would be devastated to learn that Greta stole the compact. Billie likens the compact to Bo, it is something that both Greta and Billie hold special, but, like Bo, belongs to Hope.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Salem Park

Eric is walking though the park, seeing a group of people sitting around a guitarist (it appears to be a prayer group), and decides to give Marlena a call at the pay phone. Marlena is having dinner with John at the Penthouse Grill. Marlena updates Eric on Will's condition, and he is very happy. The group breaks up, and Eric calls for Taylor. The two start talking about the prayer group, and Taylor says that she had the group say a special prayer for Sami and her family. It worked, Eric says, because Will is OK. Eric offers to buy Taylor an ice cream to repay her for the kind thoughts.

Eric returns with the ice cream and they talk about school. Taylor says that it's hard, but her goal is to be a physical therapist. Eric worries that she is spreading herself too thin, but Taylor has a positive attitude. Eric is impressed with Taylor's fortitude. He got handed the job at Titan, and the success he has is due to Nicole. Taylor is crestfallen at the mention of her sister's name and says that she sure is beautiful. Eric agrees, but beauty is not the most important thing in a woman to him, honesty is. Taylor recalls telling Nicole that she will not tell anyone they are sisters and she feels guilty for keeping the secret from Eric.

Taylor gets up to leave and a copy of Bella drops out of her backpack. Taylor thinks that Eric has it all, but, he tells her, he doesn't have someone to share his life with. He then tells Taylor that when she finds the right one, he will be the luckiest guy. Taylor has a fantasy about Eric, the two of them laying on a blanket at the park looking up at the stars. He tells her to make a wish on one, and she tells him that he has made all her wishes come true. Back to reality, Taylor says that the girl he ends up falling in love with will be lucky too. Eric fantasizes about Nicole answering her door in a negligee. He enters, and the two start kissing. Eric comes back to reality with a grin on his face.

Gran's House

Hope is concerned that their hell may just be beginning because she does not know what she did as may be something awful. They recap the fact they have so far: the photo John found at Maison Blanche was taken in front of Lili's house in Lugano. Hope starts talking about Lili and how wonderful she was when Hope arrived, even wanting to take her to Count Olenska's art festival. That's how she got on the Empress Express and met many people who knew her as Gina - including Stefano, who was using the alias Rudolpho. Bo wonders how Stefano took the news that Princess Gina was on board, and Hope tells him that he saved her life by pulling her up from the side of the train.

The two continue talking about Stefano and what he wanted with Gina. Hope was certain that she was close to finding out the truth. She suspects that Stefano engineered the accident to prevent her from learning anything else. Bo surmises that Stefano is worried Hope will find the truth, and that only makes Hope more determined. Hope confides in Bo that she never wants any one to ever control her like Stefano did.

Bo and Hope talk about Greta and how Stefano can't know that she is in Salem. Hope detects that Bo is protective of Greta. Hope continues to talk about the trip. She flashes back to all the people she met and how it was this great adventure being Gina. Gina has become a real person to Hope, and that is why she must continue on her quest. Bo looks worried, he is concerned that Hope will lose her identity as Hope. "I would never do that," Hope says, but Bo looks at her questioningly.

Bo tells her that he will never lose her again. Bo is upset about Stefano and they plan to find out why Stefano would take her. Hope is grateful that Bo went to the Bayou to find Greta. The conversation turns to Franco and that Kate hired him to break to two up. Hope is surprised that Bo knows, and he informs her that Billie told him when they met in the bayou. Bo tells Hope that nothing will ever come between them again, and that they can't recapture their past, but they can recapture their love. Hope wants to believe him, but there is something that is between them....the loss of Bo and Billie's baby. Bo assures her that he does not blame her for losing Georgia. If anything, he is to blame. But that's his problem to deal with, he loves Hope and will do anything to get her back. He pleads with her to tell him it's not too late for them as he holds Hope in his arms.

Penthouse Grill

Marlena and John are having dinner, and they talk about John's visit to Celeste. He updates Marlena on their conversation: Celeste following Stefano and Vivian to Europe, getting arrested, Stefano continuing the trip with Vivian. John is curious as to why Stefano would take Vivian with him. It must be that he wants something from her. The two try to ascertain what Stefano could want from Vivian. John is making it his mission to find out what's up and prevent Stefano from destroying any more lives.

The two decide to stop talking about Stefano, so as not to ruin their evening. Marlena offers to help Vivian, and John asks if she would talk to Vivian. Speak of the devil, Stefano walks up with Vivian, who is in the UP mode. She's a regular Chatty Cathy, saying they are the best looking couple. Stefano tells them that the train derailed and all three are back in Salem. Viv is rambling on about how Ivan is not around, so perhaps she will call a cute young houseboy to work for her. A salsa tune starts playing and Vivian wants to dance. Marlena gives John this look like "I can't believe Vivian is acting like this." Vivian and Stef start dancing, and Marlena is worried. John and Marlena start dancing and Stefano twirls Vivian who bumps into a waiter and starts dancing with him. Stefano puts her back into a normal mode, and she runs off to the ladies room with Marlena right behind her. Stefano needs to get Vivian back to the house so that she can sign the papers. John walks up to him and they talk about Gina. She is close to finding out the secrets of her past, and John is also searching his past as well. John tells him that they are close to remembering everything. When John leaves, Stefano vows that the next time Hope starts posing as Gina, she will be loyal only to him, and there will be nothing that John or Bo can do to get her back.

In the bathroom, Vivian is looking in the mirror and sees Jonsey. They are talking about how she is not trusting anyone, when Marlena sees the whole thing. She asks Vivian what's going on, but does not believe the lame excuse Vivian makes up. Marlena is worried about Vivian and suggests that they go to the doctor first thing in the morning. Vivian is relieved and agrees, and Marlena says to keep the appointment just between the two of them.

Nicole's Place

Nicole puts her hand to her face where Jay has hit her. Jay tries to attack her again, but she eludes him and threatens to call the police. As she picks up the phone, Jay taunts her and says that he will tell Eric's dad the truth about her. Nicole is stunned that he knows Roman is a cop, and Jay says he knows all about her. Jay starts arguing with Nicole, saying he heard her and Eric talking when he was hiding in the closet at the Titan photo lab - he knows they are more than friends. Nicole attempts to cover, but he doesn't buy it. Nicole pleads with him to leave, but he won't. Jay starts freaking out, saying he gets so jealous. Nicole tells him its over for good, but he won't accept it. He grabs her and starts to kiss her.

Nicole pushes Jay off her and he starts to taunt her again. He tells her that once Eric finds out the truth, he'll turn away from her so fast. Nicole turns it around on Jay saying if her "old life" got out, that would be the end of her modeling career, and she would not be able to make any money. Jay won't leave, and he starts to unbutton his shirt saying they have some unfinished business to take care of. Jay tells Nicole to relax, he won't tell Eric anything, as long as Nicole proves that he is still her main man. He wants to see the tattoo. Jay is still trying to kiss Nicole, but she pushes him away and grabs a knife. Jay wrestles the knife from her and holds it to her throat.

Stefano's Plane

Vivian wants to go to the hospital to find out about her mood swings. Stefano, knowing that the tests will disrupt the device Dr. Rolf planted, discourages's only stress. Vivian is adamant, and Stefano tells her that he can't let her go now. Vivian is getting upset that Stefano won't take her to the hospital; she thinks that if Stefano wants her to sign a power of attorney, there is something wrong with her. Stefano says all in good time and tries to alienate Vivian from turning to anyone else. Stef uses his dear, departed daughter, Kristin, as an example of what can happen if one's affairs are not in order. Vivian starts to doubt Stefano, throwing his partnership with Kate in his face. Stefano says that if he cared for Kate, he would have invited her to Europe, not Vivian. Stefano tries to get Viv to sign the papers again and stomps off saying the next professional she will see is a doctor. Reluctantly, Stefano put Vivian in an UP mode.

Salem Motel

Billie and Greta are talking about the compact, and Greta deduces that Billie has not told Hope that the compact is part of Billie's makeup kit. Billie figures she and Greta have the same problem about Bo, but Greta disagrees. "Your lying to Bo, I'm not." she states. Billie informs Greta that Bo lied to her by saying he loved her. Let Georgia rest in peace. Greta is still not convinced, and Billie sneers that she of all people should understand not wanting to hold onto the worst moment of your life.. Greta flashes back to the explosion. Billie continues that telling Bo about Georgia would only add to his grief and guilt.

Billie is trying to explain why Greta should keep her would only drive Bo back to Hope. Greta counters that it looks like nothing will keep the two apart, so why not tell him. But Billie knows something that will drive the two apart, that's why her secret must never be revealed. Greta figures out that Billie can't accept that Bo wants to be with Hope, and Billie asks if she is also willing to accept that. Greta left the peace of the Bayou to come with Bo, who promised to protect her. Billie has been there, believing Bo's promises. She warns Greta that if she doesn't want to end up hurting over Bo's broken promises, she will keep the secret.

Greta is alone and turns on the radio. As the song is playing, she remembers her time with Bo in the catacombs. Greta realizes that she is starting to have feelings for Bo. She sees the compact and looks at herself. Then she rummages through Billie's cosmetic case and finds cold cream. She takes off the makeup and her scars are visible. "This is who I really am," she says.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Lucas' Room

Maggie comes in to visit Lucas. Lucas figures Maggie will tell him that he is substituting one addiction for another: first booze, now painkillers. Maggie says no, that he is really in pain and needs relief but will speak with Mike about getting his medication adjusted. Lucas tells her he does not deserve anything good.

Maggie tells him what he did was wrong but knows that he would not hurt him. Lucas admits that he was drunk when he put Will in the car, but no one knows the hell he was going though. Maggie relates a story of when she lost her daughter, Janice. Her drinking kept her from being the kind of mother she should be and her daughter was taken away. Maggie wonders if the reason Lucas wants the medication is to dull the ache in his heart. Lucas admits that he wants to forget everything.

Maggie stands up for Lucas when he tells her that Austin says he should never be able to see his son again. Right now, everyone is in pain, but once Will recovers, Austin will not be angry with him. Now is the time for everyone to heal. For Lucas, the first step is to admit the truth. She tells him that God has given Lucas a second chance, so don't let him down. As part of the 12 step program, he needs to make amends. Maggie tells him that he has to try, to face his mistakes openly and honestly. As she leaves, she tells him that she will be there for him...she is his sponsor and that there is hope. Her departing words are a favorite quote of Alice's: "The truth shall set you free."

Rose, the head nurse, is checking on Lucas and tells him that Will is doing fine and that he is in his room alone. Lucas decides that this is a good time to see his son. He wheels himself into Will's room to tell him that he is sorry and that he must tell the truth, even though he hates Sami. Sami, who has come from Kate's house, goes in to check on Will and sees Lucas. Lucas is praying and Sami listens. Lucas begs Sami not to make any trouble, he knows that he is not supposed to be there but he had to see Will with his own eyes. Sami starts crying saying that she is the one in trouble...she's going to prison, probably executed and will never see her son again. Lucas tells her its not going to happen, he won't let it.

Outside Will's Room

Carrie and Austin are checking up on Will's progress from Mike, Ali and Craig. We find out that today is Mike's birthday, and he plays it off like it's no big deal. Craig tells the group that Will is out of danger, which, Austin says, will be a relief to Sami. Carrie wonders where Sami is, and Austin says that she went to the Kiriakis mansion to pick up some clothes as she will be staying with Marlena.

Rose tells Carrie that she is thinking about retiring. Ali is nearby and hears everything. Ali walks away and sees Lexie and Abe who are rejoicing that they both have the night off. Ali wonders if they would come to an impromptu birthday party she is throwing for Mike. The two reluctantly agree, and Nancy walks by wondering what will be so fun. Upon learning about the party, she walks over to Craig and the two plan to undermine Mike.

Carrie and Austin are out on the balcony starting to talk about Lucas when Nancy comes out. She tells Carrie of Ali's plan to throw a surprise party with all the works. Carrie says that Mike hates surprises, and would not like all the attention of the party. She suggests that a quiet dinner at the Penthouse Grill with friends would suit Mike better. Carrie goes off to stop Ali, and Nancy takes the opportunity to tell Austin how well Carrie knows about Mike. Inside, Carrie tells Ali dinner at the Penthouse Grill would be more appropriate. Lexie and Abe agree and Ali is bummed, but agrees. Mike walks up and Ali tells him that she has a wonderful idea, she wants to invite all his friends to the Penthouse Grill for a birthday dinner. Carrie just looks at her in amazement that she would take credit for her idea. Mike gushes at the low-key idea and Ali says, "I knew you'd love it."

Penthouse Grill

Mike, Ali, Craig, Nancy (who invited themselves), Abe, Lexie, Carrie and Austin are sitting at the table. Carrie and Mike are looking at each other. Austin proposes a toast, an thanks Mike for saving his son ... his nephew he corrects. Mike is humbled, and Ali asks him to dance. Carrie watches on as the two dance and dreams that Mike is slow dancing with her telling her how much he loves her. Austin brings her back to reality, and says he knows why she was staring at Mike and Ali....because Ali took credit for the party. Carrie figures that she should agree. Craig and Nancy are dancing and they continue to plot to get the COS job away from Mike. The figure that they need Ali to help them.

Nicole's Place

Eric is suspicious of Nicole's behavior at the photo lab when he thought she was crying. He decides to go to Nicole's place to find out, armed with Grandma's chicken soup.

Jay is holding Nicole at knifepoint, telling her she better do what he tells her or he will mess up her "pretty face." Nicole gets away and hurls a lamp at him. He ducks and drops the knife, which Nicole picks up and threatens to cut him up if he comes near her. Jay won't leave, and she lunges at him. He grabs her and gets the knife.

Eric walks up to Nicole's door, and her next door neighbor comes out and asks if Eric is a friend. Seems the neighbor heard some shouting and something break, but it may be the TV. Eric is worried. He knocks on the door and Jay, still holding the knife to Nicoles throat, tells her to get rid of him. She tells him that she will call him later. Eric leaves (so they think). Inside, Jay throws Nicole onto the couch and starts to kiss her telling her to give him what he wants. She is trying to fight him, but he is too strong. He rips her dress strap and Nicole screams NO. Eric hears the screams and kicks the door in. He pushes Jay off Nicole and the two start fighting. The two trade punches and Jay runs off. Nicole is crying and Eric rushes to her asking what is really going on. He asks if Jay raped her, but Nicole just wants him to hold her.

Police Station

Roman is going over Franco's file when Abe comes out. Roman is sure that there is something he missed about Franco's death. Abe plays devil's advocate by saying that it does not look good for Sami. Roman is sure that there is more to the story and is going to find out before Sami goes to trial. Roman is agitated, constantly looking at his watch. He tells Abe that he is waiting for someone to arrive, and he can't get here soon enough.

Agent Raskin comes in, and Roman is glad to see him. Abe leaves, and the two start talking about Franco. Roman questions Raskin about the 4th of July party. Raskin tells Roman that Franco was working on a fake green card and had just received his deportation notice. Roman is stunned to find this out. Raskin goes on to say that Franco was about to be shipped off, when he arrived at his hearing with a marriage license. Franco knew that marrying a US citizen would give him a legitimate green card. Now, Roman realizes, this is why Franco was in such a hurry to marry Sami.

Roman is furious, but Raskin tells him that he suspects Sami was in on it to keep Franco here. Roman asks if Raskin ever spoke to Sami, but he says that he had a long talk with Kate Roberts. He goes on to say that Kate told him she didn't know he was an illegal, but that Sami and Franco were in love. Roman is shocked to learn Kate knew anything about this.

Kiriakis Mansion

Kate picks up the fire poker, the same one Franco was going to use to kill her. She puts it back, and Sami comes in to tell her that she is all packed and ready to leave. Enjoy the time, Kate sneers, because soon she will be convicted. Kate, though, didn't wish this on Sami...she would have preferred Sami to marry Franco and leave Salem. Still, Sami counters, Kate must not be sad that Sami is in trouble.

Kate wishes for Will's sake that this never happened. How is Kate supposed to tell her grandson that his mommy is in jail for murdering her lover in cold blood on their wedding day. Sami tells her it wasn't in cold blood, but she can't remember. This act won't work, Kate says. Sami faked amnesia once before; the judge is not going to buy it again. Sami says she genuinely can't remember, and Kate tells her to take her word for it: she killed him. In fact, she knows Sami so well, she can tell her exactly what happened.

Sami is curious how Kate, who told Roman she was up in her room the whole time, could know what happened. Kate explains that she can guess the logical progression of what took place and tells Sami this story: Austin tells her that Franco is unfaithful, having an ongoing affair with Candy (Sami tells Kate that she remembers that part and that she was furious), Sami then went looking for Franco, got the gun from the locked drawer and went into the living room to find him. Franco came in, and she confronted him about the affair, pointing the gun at him. Franco tried to reason with her, but Sami didn't care and she shot him. Horrified by the trauma and overwhelmed at what happened, she fainted.

Sami says she doesn't remember any of that, but Kate reminds her that all the evidence points to this story and that is why the DA charged her with murder in the first and is seeking the death penalty. Sami doesn't believe it because Roman told her it was self defense. Kate tells her it can't be that way because there was no sign of a struggle. Kate goes further saying that Sami's behavior of vindictiveness and spite against anyone who crosses her path makes it all the more likely. Sami says she never wanted Franco dead, but Kate throws back what Austin said Sami told him. Sami says that she said that in anger, she didn't really mean it. Kate marvels at the irony of the situation: Sami shot Franco with the same gun he gave her to protect herself.

Sami is walking around, still trying to figure out why Franco wanted to marry her, when she picks up the fireplace poker. Kate looks worried and tries to get Sami's mind off the poker buy taunting her about how Franco was such a ladies man, but that she took care of that. The conversation turns to Lucas and Kate tells her to admit that she lied about Lucas hitting Will. Sami won't confess and Kate says that Will will recover, but he has to endure the shame of having to live with Sami's actions. This gets to Sami and she runs off. Kate can't believe that Sami bought the story. There is a knock at the door and it is Roman. Kate wonders what he wants. As she opens the door, Roman tells her that he just had an interesting conversation with a friend of hers, Agent Raskin of immigration.

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