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Stefano recruited Wayne and Earl to find Greta. Billie worked on Greta to leave Salem. Greta was on her way out of town when she peered into the pub and saw a familiar face from the past. Eric was curious about Taylor's fascination with Nicole's career. Wayne and Earl were overwhelmed by Stefano's wealth. Eric and Roman had a heart-to-heart discussion about Nicole. Nicole asked Taylor to lie to Eric. Greta's mother was the real Princess Gina. Billie saw Wayne and Earl outside the pub, and she screamed. Kate fired Sami, and she vowed revenge. Greta started to fill John in on their time together. Wayne and Earl delivered Georgia's casket to the Kiriakis mansion.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday October 19, 1998

Craig tells Nancy he asked Ali not to mention anything about her name being on the list for Head Nurse to Mike. Mike and Ali are now dancing, and their dating comes up, but not for long as they kiss. Mike said he left the candidate's names to Rose and he doesn't know who's on the list yet. Ali remembers when Craig told her that she's on the list. Ali accuses Mike of seeing someone else and he remembers THE KISS. He tells her there's no one else. She gives him a little shoulder rub and then takes off his tie and unbuttons his shirt. She took a class on healing and wants to ease his tensions.

Later his shirt is off and she's giving him a shoulder rub from behind. Mike remembers Austin telling him that now that he's COS, he needs a good woman to settle down with, like Ali. Ali tells him she doesn't want to be pushy but she thinks he's a wonderful man and he needs someone in his life like her. She wants him...and they kiss, yet again. . She stands up and unzips her dress and steps out of it. She leads him into her bedroom and they fall on the bed kissing. Her arm stretches out and grabs the comforter and his hand follows and encompasses it. We come back later to find them in bed in each other's arms. Ali comments it was even better than she imagined and how right it feels to be with him.

She asks him if he knows what she means and his mind wanders to imagining himself in bed with Carrie. Ali asks him what he's thinking about and if he's sorry about what happened. He tells her no. He likes her and wouldn't hurt her. She feels lucky to be with him like this, all the other nurses would kill to be her. He laughs back saying he doesn't want to be with any other nurse. If she keeps this up, he might have to make her head nurse. She asks if he means that and he laughs, telling her he doesn't even know who's names are on the list Rose gave him. He tells her she does have ways of getting the bosses mind off his problems.

Carrie finds Nancy at the nurses desk and comments she didn't know Mike had left already. Nancy smiles, then turns around to tell her Mike's been gone for quite a while, but not to worry, it's only dinner. She then tells Carrie about the list of Head Nurse candidates waiting for Mike on his desk. Austin walks up behind Carrie, pulls her into his arms and kisses her. He wants to take his wife out to dinner. Carrie agrees and Nancy invites herself and let's all go together. She wants to get input on that charity boxing match from Austin too. Austin and Carrie, being nice folks, agree. Austin comments that Nancy is use to getting her own way and Carrie agrees, but said she thinks Nancy means well. He tells her that's one of the reasons he loves her so much, she gives people the benefit of the doubt. He thanks her for agreeing to raising Will if Sami goes to prison. Carrie tells him that Sami will have to realize Lucas is Will's father and will want to raise his son. Carrie tells Austin that if Lucas straightens himself out and stops drinking, they'd have to give custody of Will to him.

John and Marlena are with Abe and Lexie. They share the news about Viv and Celeste going to the clinic. John and Marlena are not happy about that as Marlena wanted Viv to get a thorough check up. John says Stefano isn't capable of love and Marlena said yes he can, the love of power. Abe goes on about the "game" Stefano loves. Lexie listens and finally said he has changed. They all disagree. Bo FINALLY sees his parents, well, at least Shawn. Caroline is off feeding the homeless at the shelter. First thing Bo asks is for his folks to fix a special dinner for someone special. He has Shawn sit down to explain who this person is. While Bo's at the pub, Hope has some time alone with Greta. She encourages her to try to remember whatever she can to help her. Greta stares hard at Hope, saying it's like seeing a ghost. It can't be true. Hope reminds her of someone. The subject changes to Stefano and how he had sent men after her in the bayou before. Hope swears she and Bo will not let Stefano hurt her again.

Billie & Roman were also out that night together. It's so strange being without Bo Billie says. She finally realizes she's doing all the moaning and here he's worried about Sami. He puts his arm around her and tells her no problem, that's what friends are for. They enter the pub while Marlena watches. They slam the door as they enter and join the others. Roman tells them that Sami is not pleading to guilty and going to court instead. Roman feels Kate still knows more than she's telling. Bo and Shawn come downstairs and Bo is warmly welcomed by them all. He offers his help to Roman with Sami's investigation. Abe gives him a look and tells him it's about time he returns Detective Brady. Billie asks for a minute alone with him and pulls him away. She asks where Greta is and he tells her she's with Hope. Billie looks worried and after Bo returns to his family, fears Greta may tell Hope the truth about Georgia. Roman asks what's wrong.

The pub fills up as Austin, Carrie, Nancy and Craig enter. Carrie goes to see Marlena who comments that Carrie either looks tired or stressed. Carrie explains it's stress as they just signed papers for Will's custody should Sami go to prison. Carrie tells Marlena she feels Lucas should have Will, not them. Having Will may be best for Sami, but not necessarily for her and Austin. When Marlena asks if that will stop her and Austin from starting a family, Carrie tells her that she doesn't see herself having Austin's baby anytime soon. When Marlena looks for what she meant by that, Carrie excuses herself to say hi to Shawn. Austin comes up to Carrie and tells her she's distracted and knows it's about Mike.

Austin tells Billie everything is ok between him and Carrie now. Bo and Roman talk about Franco/Sami. Billie had filled Roman in, so he knew. Billie steps up and shoos Roman off to talk with Bo. She tells Bo that Greta shouldn't be alone with Hope. Bo returns to the room and Greta gives him a big smile. She feels so much safer when he's there. Bo tells her he was afraid she had run away before meeting her family. He and Hope assure Greta that everyone at the pub is great and will make her feel comfortable. Pop's got the chowder on the stove and he's starving. Greta agrees to go tonight, but she is going back to the bayou tomorrow and doesn't want them to stop her.

Marlena and John talk about Billie & Roman. He tells her about her part in Roman's ISA case in Lugano. He looks at his picture from years ago again. He shows the picture to the others and how he wants to pursue it. Carrie and Nancy talk with Craig and Austin about the boxing event. Nancy tells them the money will go for women's shelters and Austin asks Carrie what she thinks. Carrie is NOT listening and Austin comments on it. She apologizes. He asks her about his mom sponsoring the fight and she said to ask her. Nancy is excited about working on it. Craig's beeper goes off and Nancy rushes off with him. Austin tells Carrie he loves her. Bo and Hope bring Greta into the family quarters of the pub. They want to take her downstairs, but she's not ready to meet all those people at once.

Stefano is in the catacombs, in disbelief. Greta can't be alive! Bart swears those "boys" say Greta is dead. Bart finds a wine glass with lipstick on it and realizes Bo wasn't there alone. Stefano launches the wine glass at the wall. They hear a noise and hide behind the wall. It's Wayne and Earl. Stefano and Bart look worried with the entrance of Wayne and Earl, but bats move around and they comment how since Bo took Swamp Girl back to Salem, this place isn't the same. This confirms to Stefano who was there and where they went

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Lexie tells Austin that Will is getting stronger. Austin says that is good and then he tells Lexie that he's planning to buy a house for them, and all their future children. Lexie asks how Carrie feels about this. Austin says that Carrie shares his dreams of having a family. Still, Lexie says that is a big burden he is putting on her shoulders. Austin says he knows Carrie's thoughts and she is geared toward providing the perfect family for him and Will.

Mike finds Carrie at the hospital and she asks if he and Ali had a fight, she doesn't understand why he's back. Mike says no, and then hesitates. Carrie asks what is wrong and Mike tells Carrie that he's very nervous about speaking in front of everyone tomorrow. Carrie tells Mike that he can give the speech to her for practice. Mike says she has stuff to do, but Carrie says there is nothing she'd rather to do to be with him, then she corrects herself and says to help him. Mike gives Carrie the speech and Carrie tells him he was perfect. Mike says she's easier to give a speech to than uptight board members. Carrie says she'll be there and he can just look at her.

Mike says there are different kinds of happiness. Suddenly, Austin walks in. Austin says he is ready to go home with his wife and asks Mike if his date went well. Mike says it was great and Austin says he doesn't think he could go back to work after a night with his special lady. Austin and Carrie go home and when Austin starts kissing her she tells him she's tired. However, they eventually end up in bed together. Carrie recalls her little slip up with Mike in his office and tells Austin to just make love to her.

Eric and Taylor return to Titan after the prayer meeting. They end up talking about work and how Sami hasn't been able to schedule anymore photo shoots lately. Taylor asks if that puts Nicole's career in jeopardy and Eric asks her why she's so interested in Nicole. Taylor says she's just curious. Eric says Nicole will probably become a supermodel, but he doesn't seem very thrilled about it. Taylor says she better go and Eric tells her she's a sweet kid. Taylor damns Nikki for making her lie to him because she hates it. Back in the lab, Eric starts tearing up pictures of Nicole when he finds a letter from her. Eric reads the letter, which says he's so wonderful and caring, but she thinks they can get past this. In the letter, Nicole tells Eric that he loves him and hopes he can forgive her and love her as well. She ends by saying the next move is his.

In jail, Nicole tells the mystery man Paul that she can't help him right now and she plans on keeping him secret from everyone else in Salem. Paul asks for just a little bit of money, but Nicole says that she doesn't even know if she has a job anymore. Nicole tells Paul that she was making a good life for herself, but when the letters started coming she had to lie. Nicole says if the people found out that he was her . . . that he was in prison . . . that she was nothing but trash. Paul says he understands and she can yell at him if she wants, but nothing will break their bond. A tearful Nicole asks him to forget her and runs out. Nicole calls the Titan photo lab, but Eric just left and Taylor has shown up to clean and answers the phone. Nicole tells Taylor that they have to talk and tells her to meet her at her place. Taylor is suspicious, but agrees to meet her. Nicole says that Taylor better come through for her because Eric is her future and Paul is her past.

Stefano, Bart, Wayne, and Earl board Stefano's fancy "air vehicle." Stefano tells Wayne and Earl that once they get to Salem they are to find Greta. Bart takes Wayne and Earl to the breakfast table and Earl asks where the grits are. Meanwhile, Stefano calls Rolf for an update on Vivian. Rolf asks about Greta and Stefano tells him that she's in Salem with Bo, but he has a way to take care of her and looks at Wayne and Earl. He tells Rolf that he plans to use the Stone Age boys to bring Greta back to the swamp. Stefano fears the thought of John and Greta reuniting because she could remember because they weren't able to perform the "procedure" on her. After landing, the stone age boys make their way to the pub.

At the pub, Hope wonders what made Greta leave, and then she sees Billie. Hope realizes that Billie left the pub for awhile and must have said something to drive Greta away. Hope accuses Billie of driving Greta away, and for some reason she keeps trying to leave after they are alone together. Billie denies driving Greta away, but Hope says she knows she doesn't want her here and asks why.

Bo finds Greta staring into the pub window and Bo tells her that they are his family and friends, he's known them most of his life. Greta asks who they are and Bo points them all out. When Bo points out John Black, Greta says "Father John, I knew it!" Bo brings Greta into the pub and she jumps into John's arms and says "it's you, it's really you!" John asks her if she knows him and Greta says of course she does and then thinks he's teasing her. Greta says "Of course I know you, Father John, but your clothes are different. Aren't you a priest anymore?" John is shocked and asks if she knew him when he was a priest. Greta is hurt that John doesn't remember and Hope explains to her that Stefano brainwashed John.

Greta realizes that Stefano brainwashed Father John just like he did to Hope. John shows Greta the picture of himself in Lugano and Greta says she knew him when he looked like that, in Europe. Greta says that she was just a kid, but she remembers him in Europe, not New Orleans. Greta tells John that he was a good friend to mother. John doesn't remember anything, but like Hope, he's trying to find his past. John asks Greta who he was. Greta says that he was a friend of her mother's and that her mom sent her to boarding school, but when she came home on break he'd be there and help her with her studies. Greta tells John that she used to help him with her French lessons. John is shocked because he doesn't speak French. Marlena asks who her mother is and Greta says her name was Gina, but people used to call her Princess Gina.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Eric goes to the Cheatin' Heart and is still recalling the words in Nicole's letter. Eric tells himself it's too late and runs into someone, yells "come on pal," and then realizes it's Roman. Roman asks Eric what is wrong and Eric says "my life." Eric says that Nicole lied to him and he asks his dad to says "I told you so." Roman starts talking about how he tried to warn him and then uses Sami as an example. Eric lays into his dad by saying that maybe he and Sami are so messed up because they didn't have a mom and dad to show them what a lasting relationship is. Roman tells Eric that was Stefano's fault, but Eric says he's tired of him always blaming Stefano. Eric says that Stefano didn't make Marlena sleep with John and Stefano didn't make him leave instead of working things out with Marlena. Roman tells Eric that he is sorry that his behavior caused him and Sami problems with their relationships. Eric says that he's following in his dad footsteps because he'll never trust anyone again.

The worst part, according to Eric, is that he thought Nicole was the greatest thing. Roman tells Eric that you can't base a relationship on lies and he is lucky he found out the truth about Nicole. Roman says that Stefano is partly to blame for his and Marlena's breakup, but in the end he is responsible. Eric says that if he had fought for his family then maybe things would have been different. Roman says maybe, but he can't go through life blaming everything on his parents. Roman tells him that he needs to forget about Nicole and move on. Eric says he'd like to do that, but he's in love with her.

Taylor shows up at Nicole's place and is amazed at where she lives. Taylor asks Nicole why she has invited her here. Nicole tells Taylor that she has new clothes for her and mom. Taylor asks Nicole what does she want and Nicole says that she wants to be real sisters because she loves her. Taylor cries and says that she loves her too, but she doesn't trust her. Taylor says she hates having to hide their relationship, but now she wants to bribe her with gifts, so Taylor asks Nicole what it is she wants. Nicole says that she is afraid of losing her job now that Sami is in trouble and she and Eric got into a fight, so she may lose his recommendation. Taylor says she's seen Eric lately and now she realizes why he was so down. Taylor asks Nicole what she did and Nicole said she left out details of her past. Taylor tells Nicole that mom always said she'd end up in trouble. Nicole tells her sister that she didn't mean for it to go this far and that Jay tried to rape her the other night. Taylor says she's sorry. Nicole asks Taylor to tell Eric the reason she didn't tell him that she was her sister was because she was embarrassed. Taylor refuses to lie to Eric for her. Nicole says she can't tell Eric this because it will be another lie. Taylor tells Nicole if she wants Eric to know the truth then she should tell him herself.

Austin is asleep, but Carrie is still thinking about Mike and wonders why he chose Ali. Carrie calls Nancy and asks her if she can run over some ideas about the charity-boxing match with her tomorrow. Nancy says she (Carrie) will be busy with Mike's speech, so she can come over now and talk. Nancy shows up and Carrie admits that she can't concentrate on her work because she saw the list of head nurse candidates and Ali is on it. Carrie says she hates to think what Ali would do to get that job.

Lexie tells Mike that he and Carrie love each other and they have to deal with the truth before it's too late. Lexie asks Mike if he loves Ali, or is he using her to get over Carrie. Mike says that he likes and respects Ali. Lexie tells him to be careful because he is her boss and it could cause problems. Mike tells Lexie that even Rose knows it because she nominated her for head nurse. Lexie says this is bad because it could cause problems now that he's sleeping with one of the candidates.

Craig drops by to wish Ali the best of luck with Mike and the head nurse job. Mike suddenly calls Ali and tells her that she's on the head nurse list. Ali is shocked and Mike tells her she is a great nurse. Ali hopes this won't change anything between them and Mike says it won't. Ali thanks Mike for calling and then says goodnight. Craig applauds Ali's performance

Stefano is walking the streets of Salem hoping that Wayne and Earl find Greta soon. Wayne and Earl are looking into the pub and don't see Swamp Girl anywhere. Inside the pub, everyone is shocked that Greta revealed that her mom is Princess Gina. Hope tells Greta that Stefano brainwashed her into believing she was Princess Gina. Greta tells Hope that she looks a lot like her mother, the resemblance is amazing. Hope says that isn't possible, but Greta says she only meant she looked like her mom, she's not her mom. Hope asks where Princess Gina is now and Greta says that she died eight years ago. Greta says that she was studying acting in the states when she got word that her mother had died.

Wayne and Earl see Billie and says they should give her Georgia's casket now. However, Wayne says they should report back to Mr. DiMera. Wayne and Earl call Stefano and tell him that they saw Bo, but not Swamp Girl. Stefano tells them to go back to the pub and wait for Bo to leave, if they follow him they'll find Greta. Back in the pub, Greta tells everyone that she didn't spend much time with her mom because she was in school a lot, but she has a lot of memories of Father John. John tells her to just call him John because he's not a priest anymore. Greta tries to tell them about her mother, but she gets choked up and leaves to get some water. John and Hope talk about how Stefano must have taken her to play Gina, but the picture he is in is so old that he couldn't have known Hope when she was playing Princess Gina. Greta returns and tells everyone that her mother was born into an exiled branch of Prussian royalty and kept the title for show. She says her mom was briefly married to a prince, but never talked much about him.

John asks Greta if her mom knew Stefano DiMera, but Greta says she doesn't think so because the first time she met him was at Maison Blanche. Hope asks if her mom knew Rudolpho Meradi. Greta says she doesn't think so. Hope says this is very important and asks Greta if her mom had birthmark behind her ear, but before she can answer Billie spots Wayne and Earl and screams. Bo asks Billie what is wrong and Billie says that she just saw Wayne and Earl. Bo doesn't see them and Hope asks if she really saw them. Billie says yes and that they've come for Greta. Greta says they won't hurt her and she want to stay with Father . . . John. John tells her they'll have a lot of time to become reacquainted. Bo and Greta leave and John tell Marlena how excited he is to have meet someone who can tell him about his past.

Wayne and Earl go to see Stefano and tell him that Billie saw them. Stefano is furious and tells them to go find Bo and Greta now! They leave to trail Bo and Greta and Stefano says once he finds Greta, he'll take care of her. Bo and Greta make their way through an alley with Wayne and Earl right behind.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Sami is outside Will's room looking at the signed custody papers. She's glad that Lucas won't be able to get his hands on Will should she be convicted. Nicole walks up with an enormous gift basket. As she looks at Sami, she recalls her conversation with her sister in which she is fearful for her job. Nicole says to herself that she must make sure Sami and Eric are on her side, because her future depends on it. She gives the basket to Sami and the two begin talking, but not before Sami sees a nurse and asks her to give a copy of the guardianship papers to Lucas. Sami updates Nicole on the Will situation and gets a satisfied look on her face knowing that Lucas will be devastated to learn of the guardianship arrangement.

Sami then asks about Eric. Nicole tells her that Eric has been upset lately. Sami says that Eric can't stand deceit and lying, which is what Franco did to Sami. Nicole asks if she thinks that's what has made Eric so mad. Sami says that it is probably not the only reason. Nicole presses on asking what Sami thought and she tells Nicole that when she asked Eric what was going on between the two of them, he did not answer her. Nicole 'fesses up that they got into a fight because she lied to him, but she desperately wants to make things right. Taylor is looking on in disgust at her sister then walks off.

Nicole tells Sami the unhappy story of when she was with Jay. She was naive and Jay was controlling and abusive. She ended the relationship badly and came to Salem. The photo shoot in LA was where Jay found her. Nicole was embarrassed about her past and told Eric that Jay was her cousin. Jay then came to Salem looking for her. He attacked her, but Eric rescued her. It was there that Eric discovered their past. Sami sympathized with Nicole about what she was going through, especially when Nicole told her that she was almost raped. Nicole starts to cry saying that she fears Eric will never trust her again. Sami says that she can't promise anything, but she will talk to him. Nicole is grateful and gives her a hug. She thanks Sami, saying without her and Eric, she would never had gotten her modeling career off. Nicole slyly turns the conversation to the New Faces campaign saying that it is probably going to be scrapped now that Sami is in all this trouble. Sami had not thought of that, but has to admit that it would probably happen.

Nicole continues to talk about the New Faces campaign saying that Eric will probably not support her if she gets let go. Taylor walks up behind Nicole and can hear every word. Sami assures her that she won't give up on her job or the campaign. Sami vows to make sure Kate does not cast her aside and will use Austin as support. As Sami leaves to go to Titan, Nicole makes sure Sami will talk to Eric. Sami tells her that she believes Nicole's story but asks if there is anything else that she is lying about. Nicole looks her in the eyes and says no as Taylor hears the whole thing. Sami tells Nicole as long as she has a job at Titan, Nicole will too. When Sami leaves, Nicole has a satisfied look on her face and Taylor walks up to her and tells her off.

Taylor sees through her sister's sob story, but Nicole sneers that she was being sincere and that it's none of her business. Nicole tries to guilt Taylor into helping her, but Taylor is wise to that too. Taylor's parting shot is to tell Nicole that the mystery man is yet another secret she has to keep, and it will get out, and once Eric finds out, he will be madder than he is now.

Lucas is so happy to learn that he is being release from the hospital. He made arrangements to continue physical therapy from home. He tells his mother that he has big plans for the future, but starts to get depressed when he thinks about Sami. Kate tells him to focus on getting better then he can start to rebuild his relationship with his son. There's a knock on the door and the nurse comes in to deliver the papers to Lucas. He is stunned to read that Carrie and Austin will have custody. He tosses the papers and starts to rant saying that Sami has won.

Pointing at the papers, Lucas says that he will never be able to see his son again. Kate tries to allay his fears by saying that they will work on Carrie. Lucas can't see that fact there is no point in getting better because he has lost his son. Lucas continues his pity party and wonders why Sami changed her mind about her plea. Kate figures that she retaliated when she learned Lucas got off on the drunk driving charges with probation, a fine and suspended license. Lucas worries about if they have to testify. Kate says they'll do whatever is necessary. "Commit perjury," Lucas infers. But, Lucas says, even if she is convicted Sami will find a way to beat the wrap, so there is no hope. Kate tries to bolster him up saying that when he gets home, it will be better. Lucas doesn't see it that way....he gets around in a wheelchair, can't drive, can't see his son....there's nothing to live for. Kate tells him that she never wants to hear him say that again. Lucas could care less and orders his mother out of his room. Kate leaves, cursing Sami all the way.

Lucas wheels down to Will's room and the nurse informs him that he cannot see his son. Caroline is visiting him, and Lucas tells the nurse that she can make sure Will does not get upset when he goes to see him. The nurse blocks his way and threatens to call security. Back in his room, he is venting about Sami and how she sabotages any chance of happiness. He's still fuming when Taylor comes in to start his physical therapy. He yells at her to get out of his room.

Kate is standing outside Sami's office at Titan when she spot Marie. Kate wants her to do a favor for her. Sami comes in later and Marie and some of the other women are standing around Sami's office. They look at her funny and Sami asks Marie to come over. Sami tells her that she is sure they are talking about her behind her back, but she is innocent until proven guilty and that she is here to stay. As she opens her door, there are two men packing up her things. Sami demands to know who ordered this, when Kate walks in and says, "Who do you think?" Seems Kate can't have a murderess working for her, so Sami is fired.

Stefano is just sitting down to breakfast in the mansion when the phone rings. It's Dr. Rolf who gives him an update. The news is so good, Stefano orders him to come back to Salem. Rolf's new job will be to reclaim Hope, er, Gina.

Wayne, Earl and Bart come in from their night of reconnaissance. they were camped outside Bo's hotel room all night, but Bo never returned. Earl, seeing the lavish food at the table, mentions that some breakfast might be nice. Stefano tells them to help themselves and they remove the cover off one of the dishes. Wayne looks strangely at the eggs and wonders what the yellow gunk on top of them is. Stefano sighs and informs the two it is a hollandaise sauce. The boys are not thrilled with the menu and wonder if Stefano has any biscuits or gravy, sausage or grits. Stefano just looks at them quite exasperated and tells them "No." The boys decide they should go back to the Pub for some real food. Stefano tells them that no one must see them. The fact that Billie saw them is the reason Bo did not return to the hotel room. Stefano issues them a warning that this is serious and they must be very careful.

Wayne and Earl assure Stefano they want Swamp Girl as much as he does. Stefano says all he cares about is that they have a mutual agenda. Wayne and Earl look at each other and Earl pipes up that he doesn't know about that but he's sure they all want the same thing (LOL). Swamp Girl is their good luck charm they say, but she is not Stefano's. The sooner Greta gets out of Salem, the better it is for Stefano. The two are about to leave when Stefano tells them to get a change of clothes, something less conspicuous. After they leave, Stefano starts analyzing what possible damage has been done. He figures Greta has told Bo and Hope about the Ernesto/switcheroo, and he can live with that. But if Greta comes into contact with John and starts filling him in on his past and Stefano's involvement with the real Gina, then that would be a catastrophe.

Wayne and Earl model their new clothes, looking like the Men In Black with their black suits and sunglasses. They are uncomfortable and Earl says his collar is strangling him, as he tugs at it. Stefano says that's a pity, he was looking forward to doing that himself. Earl looks panicked, and Stefano tells him it was a joke. Stefano tells them to avoid any of the Brady's usual hangouts when Wayne says that they have an errand to run for their momma. Stefano gets angry saying finding Greta is their number one priority and they better come through for him. they rush out, not wanting to incur anymore of his wrath.

Greta has a dream/memory of herself as a little girl. She is in her bedroom, drawing, when Father John comes in (sporting a priest's outfit, 3 o'clock shadow and a fun-ky Ger-man acc-sent). As she runs into his arms, he tells her that she is getting more beautiful every day. Father John asks about Greta's mother, and she gets a sad look on her face saying her mom is out on one of her trips. Father John holds out a gift for Greta and when she opens it, they are American rock n roll tapes. She tells him how "rad" they are, when he has her say the same statement in French. Greta wakes up from this restless sleep and is sad that Father John does not remember her, even though they were so close.

Bo and Hope are at the Horton's having breakfast. The two banter like the old times. They talk about Greta and her reaction to seeing John and the real Princess Gina and the relationship between the two. They both feel sorry for Greta in that her mom was never around. Bo continues saying that he thought Greta was about to tell them a lot more when Billie saw Wayne and Earl. Hope says that she does not believe Billie, but Bo does. Bo tells her that if anything, Billie has it out for Hope, not Greta. The conversation turns to where Bo and Greta are staying and Bo wonders if it is OK they are staying with her. She tells him yes, in fact, it is nice to have him under the same roof as her. She moves closer to him, and they are about to kiss when Greta walks in. Hope jumps back and quickly asks if Greta wants some coffee. She says yes and Bo asks how she slept. Not well, she concedes. She is worried that if Stefano erased Hope and John's memories, there is no telling what he would do if he knew that she was alive.

Bo is not concerned about Stefano, but he is worried about Wayne and Earl. They will have to outsmart them, which prompts Hope to tell them that should be easy, they aren't the brightest lights in the universe. Hope is anxious to get the answer to the question she posed last night to Greta: Did her mom have a birthmark? Greta says she does not know, which disappoints Hope. She slowly brings her hand to the back of her head, rubbing the mark and wondering. Bo asks if Greta will tell them anything and everything about her life and her mom's. Greta says that she was born in London, but lived in Europe for most of her childhood. She was raised by a host of nannies as her mom was always out traveling. Greta is saddened as she recalls her lonely life. When she was ready for school, she was shipped to many boarding schools. Greta figures this is why she was able to spend so much time in the Bayou alone. Hope feels bad for her and says that she probably can't wait to go back to the Bayou. Greta surprises the two by saying that now she does not; she wants to spend as much time with Father John as possible. Hope leaves and Bo is worried that they can't stay with Mrs. Horton. Greta says that's OK, she'll stay with the one person she feels comfortable with: Father John.

Greta has fond memories of Father John, saying that while her mom was always off with her jet setting crowd, Father John was there for her. Bo agrees that John is like that. Hope wonders if Greta can fill in the missing years of his past. Greta says that John never really talked about his past and agrees to go to talk to him some more.

John is looking at the picture of himself from 15 years ago, with a smile on his face. Marlena enters and chides him for not sleeping much last night. John is so happy that Greta knew him so long ago. Marlena shocks him by saying that she is not sure they can trust Greta. When John asks her to explain, Marlena wonders that it is odd that someone just happens to show up who is the link to his past and Hope's. Marlena thinks it is lucky or a setup by Stefano, which makes John think. John does not buy it because Gina's emotions when talking about John and her mother was too real. Marlena concedes that it may be possible and turns away. John is positive that Greta is the key to his past. Marlena turns around and, with tears in her eyes, says that she desperately wants him to learn about his past, but what if they find out something that will tear them apart?

John assures Marlena that no matter what he finds, it will not ruin what they have. Marlena falls into his arms, relieved. But, he has to follow up on these leads. Belle and Brady come downstairs and Brady asks if he will go to the park with them. John is mesmorized by the picture and does not hear his son. Marlena brings him back to reality and he tells Brady that any other time he would be able to, but he has some important stuff to do. The kids leave with the nanny and when Marlena turns to look at John, he is staring at the picture again with a smile on his face. Marlena tells John she is leaving for the hospital when the phone rings. It's Greta and she invites John over to see her. Marlena is worried and John is hopeful that before the day is out, he will have the answers to his past.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Eric is sitting at the Java Cafe when he pulls out Nicole's apology letter. He reads the passage in which she begs his forgiveness because she loves him. He's torn on what to do when Hank arrives. Hank wonders if their prayer group session has helped Eric to forgive the person who betrayed him. Eric says he can't and does not want to talk about it. Hank can relate to Eric's problems and Eric wonders how he got past it. Hank said the prayer group helped to vent and could later move on. Hank did not get back together with the woman who betrayed him, but he was able to ask another girl out. Eric is surprised Hank was able to move on when he was in love with this other woman. Hank said he was surprised too, and that maybe he did not love her as much as he thought. This gives Eric something to think about.

Eric can't forget the person who betrayed him, and can't stop wondering what other lies she has told. Hank gathers that Eric really does love this girl, which he admits to. Hank offers him some hope, saying that you can rebuild trust. Eric pessimistically believes that he will get burned again, but Hank counters that maybe he won't. Eric says he'll think about it.

Just across the way, Nicole is leaving a boutique when the sales person rushes after her to give her a present that she left behind. Seems Nikki decided to do some shopping to cure her blues. The sales person comments that Nicole must have lots of boyfriends, being a supermodel and all. Nicole says that she only is interested in one person and he is mad at her right now. The salesperson tries to lift her spirits saying that this person won't be mad at her for long. As Nicole is leaving, Roman spots her and calls out to her. Nicole says hi and mentions that it is a beautiful morning. Roman sees that she is in a good mood, which she confirms, and Roman twists the knife in deeper saying that Eric probably is not. Nicole is embarrassed that Roman knows what happened. But, she assures him, she is sorry and wants to make it up to him. Roman says that Eric will get over this and frankly would be much better off without her.

Roman is not buying Nicole's apology saying that Eric is a straight shooter and expects honesty from the people he is with. Roman goes on to say that if Nicole really knew Eric, he would know how hurt he would be, but, Roman continues, she was not expecting to get caught. Nicole tries to explain that she made a mistake. She leaves with a stinging accusation of her own: the only mistakes Eric and Roman can forgive are Sami's. Roman calls after her and admits that was a good point. He apologizes for coming down so hard on her. She accepts the apology and tells him that she's blown her chance with Eric and from now on the only person she's looking out for is herself.

Wayne in on the phone with Stefano assuring him that he and his brother will find Swamp Girl, er, Greta. Wayne also tells Stef that he understands the meaning of "suffer the consequences." Earl rushes up to his brother and exclaims that he has to see something. Earl shows him a woman having a makeover at a Countess Whilemina booth. Earl is smitten with both ladies and Wayne figures out that is how Bo was able to get Swamp Girl out of the Bayou, by putting makeup on her. Earl wants to get some makeup for his momma and inquires about it to the sales lady. She asks him cosmetic questions, but Earl sheepishly says he doesn't know anything about it. She gives him some samples to take back to his momma and the two leave. They have to deliver the coffin to Billie like they promised Erlene.

Lucas is still yelling at Taylor to get out of his room. She is persistent, though, and refuses to let Lucas walk over her (no pun intended). She stands her ground and says that the P.T. will help him heal faster, but Lucas doesn't care. Lucas starts ranting about how Sami is causing him so much pain. He tells her about the guardianship papers and Taylor tries to help asking if Lucas has rights. He says that he has been fighting Sami for months and can't seem to win. He goes on to say that Sami has convinced everyone he is an irresponsible drunk. Taylor mentions that he was drunk when he got into the accident with Will, which just infuriates Lucas even more. Taylor tells him she did not say that to hurt him, but Lucas concedes that is what caused him to lose his son. Taylor feels sorry for him, but Lucas does not want her pity, he just wants her to leave. She goes and Lucas curses Sami.

Lucas wheels into the therapy room and talks with the head therapist, who is surprised to see him. Lucas decides that going down there was a bad idea and turns to leave when Nicole comes in looking for him. He's obviously happy to see her. She apologizes for not seeing him sooner, work being crazy and all. Lucas knows the real reason: Nicole is tight with Sami and Eric and she does not want to get on Sami's bad side, which he can understand. Nicole gives him a present: a plaque with an inspirational message on it. Nicole says that she thinks he is a fighter and can get through anything. Nicole continues to tell Lucas that she never believed that he hit Will and Lucas warns her not to let Sami know she feels that way. Nicole keeps playing the innocent saying that she felt guilty for not standing up for Lucas, and Lucas buys it saying he understands. Nicole continues on about how Lucas will lose everything if he does not recover. Taylor appears in the doorway and hears Nicole sucking up to Lucas. She is furious and storms out, running into Eric. He is worried about her and she tells him how disgusted with how phony some people are. Hewonders if it is anyone he knows and she tells him, yes, as a matter of fact, he does.

Sami is stunned that Kate would fire her, especially now. Sami tries to reason with Kate, saying that at least publicly Kate needs to support Sami for Will's sake. Kate, obviously relishing the anguish and humiliation that Sami is going through, could care less. Kate ushers the men packing up Sami's office out while the two women talk. Sami tries to work Kate over using the "do it for the family's sake" routine. Kate tells her that family is important to her, but she would never support Sami after what she's done to destroy Lucas in Will's eyes. In fact, Kate can't wait to let Will know what an evil monster his mother is. Sami narrows her eyes, listening to the tirade. Kate tells Sami again that she is fired and tries to leave, but Sami blocks her way. Sami wonders how this will look to the rest of the Brady family, since Kate paid her bail and is now firing her. Kate says that she has a business to run and that Sami has not been in her office since Franco was murdered. "Well, I was in jail," Sami says. But what about all her projects, like the New Faces campaign? Kate will take those over, since Sami can't work on those projects in jail. Sami is confident that she will be acquitted, but Kate doesn't see it happening that way. Kate informs Sami she has 30 minutes to leave, and Sami tells her that she will regret doing this. Sami brings up her past as a hooker, but Kate dares her to blackmail her....this will only strengthen the D.A.'s case as portraying her as a vindictive woman, not to mention that Austin and Roman would be disappointed in her.

Sami tells her that she can't do this to her as Roman walks in and wants to know what is going on. Sami, figuring Roman will defend her, tells him that Kate is firing her, and Roman agrees with Kate that it is the right move for her business. Sami is shocked, as is Kate. Sami starts to get upset, but Roman tells his daughter to take it easy, in fact, to keep a low profile throughout the trial. Let Mickey and the family support her now. He asks Sami to leave so that he can talk with Kate privately. Kate says she feels bad for Sami because she will be spending the rest of her life in jail. Roman figures that Sami must deep down believe she did not do it or she would have taken the plea bargain. He tells Kate that the reason she put up Sami's bail was to throw him off her trail. In any case, he vows to get to the bottom of the Franco murder, so if Kate knows anything else, now would be a good time to fess up before it comes out during the trial.

At the photo lab, Sami is furious and vows revenge on Kate. She recalls Kate's story of how Sami "killed" Franco. Sami starts to get suspicious and wonders how far Kate would go.

Greta and Bo are munching on Mrs. H's famous donuts. Greta says that she can feel the love and safety of the Horton household. She recalls that the only other person who made her feel that way was Father John. On cue, John walks in and Greta rushes to hug her old friend. She can't get used to the fact that John has no memory of her when she has lots of memories of him. John is happy about this and asks Greta to fill him in on everything she remembers.

John surmises that Stefano erased John's past, erased Hope's four missing years and brainwashed her into portraying Greta's mother, the real Gina. Greta says that she can't even comprehend that kind of evil. Bo asks her if she remembers seeing Stefano in Europe; she says the first time she ever heard of him was in New Orleans. She does not remember Stef asking her about her mother. Bo goes on to say that Stefano must have known Gina very well to give Hope her memories. Greta comments that Hope looks like her mother. But John wants to know how he knew the real Gina. Greta has no idea how Gina and John met. She also does not recall when she first met John. John was the one constant in her life, as her mother's other friends just came and went. Gina, according to Greta, needed to be the center of attention. Bo decides to let the two talk, and he leaves to try to find Wayne and Earl. Greta feels bad that she can't help him more. John tells her nonsense, he now can confirm he was a priest in Europe, assigned to a particular church. He asks her if she recalls what church he belongs to.

Greta can't recall what church he belonged to, but John presses on. She does remember Gina and John talking about the Vatican and him travelling around Europe on church business. John will check with the Vatican. John is confused about the whole priest thing. He only learned about it a few years ago, and figured his first involvement with Stefano was during the time he was at Maison Blanche to counsel a woman there. Now, he wonders, perhaps he knew Stefano long before that. Greta vows to help John learn everything about his past. He does know one thing....the time he spent with Greta in Europe must have been a very happy time. John asks if she knew her father, but she doesn't. Gina never spoke of him. Greta did not even learn of her mother's funeral until it was over. Greta admits that her mother never really loved her. John, in a trance-like state, says that she did love her and says Greta's name in that funky European accent. Greta is surprised and wonders how John would know that when he does not remember her.

Bo is in Salem Place and gives Erlene a call. Using a phony New Orleans accent, he asks if either Wayne or Earl are there. Erlene says they went out of town and Bo asks if they went to New Orleans. When Erlene says no, she asks who it is, but Bo just says he'll call them later and hangs up. Bo surmises that the boys are in Salem when Abe walks up. They know the boys did not fly commercial and Bo figures they drove up, so he puts an APB out on their truck. They walk to the Java Cafe and Abe wonders why the boys want her. Bo explains that Greta is their good luck charm. He vows to keep Greta safe, even if he has to move her. Abe offers his place and Bo tells him he may have to accept. Bo then asks about Stefano and Abe confirms that he is in town. Bo figures Stefano must not know about Greta or he would have made a move by now. Bo then asks about Sami and if they found any more evidence. Abe says no, but Sami's actions are building the case against her: by giving Austin and Carrie guardianship of Will instead of Lucas, she appears to be a vindictive person who could commit a brutal murder. As Abe is leaving he tells Bo that at least one good thing has come out of this turmoil: Bo and Hope appear to be reconciling. Bo says that he's working on it, and Abe leaves. Wayne and Earl are walking up towards to the Cafe.

Billie saunters down the stairs of the Kiriakis mansion, upset that Greta has not left town; she fears Greta will tell Bo and Hope where Georgia is buried. Add to that Wayne and Earl and Billie has lots of problems. Another one shows up, in the form of Hope. Billie is exasperated that Hope has come over, but Hope knows what Billie is up to and won't let her get away with it. Billie wonders what Hope is accusing her of. Hope says that Billie made up the story of Wayne and Earl (which Billie denies) to get Greta out of town. Billie agrees that she wants Greta out of Salem to protect her; Stefano won't find her in the Bayou. Hope doesn't buy it; there is another reason why Billie wants Greta gone. The claws come out with the women; Billie says that Hope is selfishly searching for her past and Greta's safety be damned. Hope counters that Bo will protect Greta from Stefano and Hope will protect Greta from Billie. Billie can't believe Hope would harass her, and brings up the fact that because of Hope, she went into premature labor and lost her baby. Hope rolls her eyes and tells her to get over it. Hope tells Billie to stop living in the past and take some responsibility. Hope figures that Billie wants Greta gone because the bond that the two developed pose a threat to Billie. Billie tells her that she is wrong, but Hope goes no to say that Bo won't go back to Billie and she admits that she knows that, but he won't go back to Hope either. Bo does not blame her for what happened to their baby. Billie tries to get to her by saying that's what Bo may say, but he doesn't mean it. Billie tries to get Hope to slip and tell her where Greta is, but Hope catches on and won't tell her.

Outside, Wayne and Earl deliver a large crate to the front door. Inside the crate is little Georgia's grave.

As Billie continues to denigrate Hope, Henderson interrupts with news that a package has arrived for her. The crate has been moved to the foyer, where Billie assumes it is Countess Whilemina stuff. Henderson begins to open the crate, but Billie takes over and lifts the lid. She recognizes Georgia's coffin and looks at it in horror. She is stunned that it is here. She drops the lid and backs away saying "Oh my god, oh my god." She backs right into Hope's arms and jumps away. Hope looks at her and asks her what is wrong.

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