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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 30, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday November 30, 1998

Eric assures Nicole that it isn't her past that bothers's the lies. She asks him about his past and Eric gets this far off worried look on his face and he acts very uncomfortable as she questions him. He finally says that the past shouldn't distract from what they might have in the future. She is thrilled and talks about the future. Eric says they should focus on the present and they kiss.

Earlier, Roman asks Kate to dinner and she accepts. She tells Roman about Viv's performance at the stockholders meeting. Roman asks her why she isn't dancing in the hallways and Kate tells him that she isn't happy...she finds Vivian's breakdown a bit frightening. She says as much as she dislikes Vivian, she wouldn't want to see her spend her life in a mental institution. She says same goes for Sami...she wouldn't want to see her spend her life in prison. She just hopes that Roman can prove that Sami shot Franco in self-defense or by accident. She asks him if he has found any evidence and he tells her no, and that he is taking a break. He also tells Kate that he is going by the toy store to pick up his gift for Will and asks if she wants to come with him, and she accepts.

Lucas is pouting around the hospital because Will has gone home. He tells Taylor to give him the car keys and she refuses. He chews Taylor out and she tells him to just go ahead...if he goes to see Will, Sami will have him arrested and if he goes to a bar, he will violate his probation, either way SHE quits! (and hands him his keys). He backs down and tells her she is right...she is ALWAYS right! He decides to exert some self control. She wants to know why he and Sami hate each other so and she urges them to mend fences and make up. He says it will never happen and that when Sami goes to prison, he will go after custody of Will.

She asks what if Sami is acquitted and he says she will NEVER be acquitted. She urges him to support Sami at her trial. She asks Lucas if he thinks Sami deserves to go to prison and Lucas says no. Kate and Roman walk up and stops him. Taylor explains her suggestion about making up with Sami and Kate does NOT like it. Then they all disagree.

Eric and Nicole show with a birthday present for Will and Lucas tells him that he was released. Roman decides to call and see if it is too late to drop by the penthouse. Eric and Nicole are going to the Cheatin' Heart and Nicole tells Eric that Lucas and Taylor are going along as well. Eric is a bit disturbed by this information, but Nicole tells him that Kate suggested it. Lucas tells Taylor to forget about him making up with Sami. She asks if he really thinks Nicole will go for him and Lucas says "I'll let you know in the morning" . As Roman and Kate leave, he asks her why she is so opposed to Lucas working out his problems with Sami. Kate says that Sami will just turn on him again, but Roman .

Ali is still standing in the doorway watching Mike and Carrie. Mike has his hand on Carrie's shoulder. Ali interrupts and Carrie explains that she had something in her eye. Carrie remembers Will's birthday party and says that she lost track of time. Ali, says yes, Mike has that effect on women. They tell her about the press release and Carrie excuses herself. Ali asks Mike if Carrie is jealous of her and Mike denies it. Ali points out that Carrie spends a lot of time with Mike and that Austin spends a lot of time with Sami and asks what all that is about. He points out that Sami needs support right now and that he and Carrie have ALWAYS been close. She says that she understands and also tells him that being with him means more than the head nurse job did. She then proceeds to surprise him with a big kiss. Mike has to tear her off his face but she keeps on coming on to him. She tells him about the weekend she has planned and he seems a bit surprised and upset by her news. He tells her that he has too much work and wishes she would have asked first. She goes to leave but instead locks the door and dims the lights and begins to undress. Mike looks uncomfortable and she starts kissing him again.

An upset Nancy and Craig discuss how their plans went amiss. Craig informs her that he has a new plan and if she knows what they say about a woman scorned. Nancy tells him that she doesn't like this plan one bit. Nancy is sure that Mike will pursue his relationship with Ali, but Craig assures her that his plan will work because when Mike breaks it off with Ali, she will want revenge...and he will be there to help her with it! Nancy seems to like this plan and smiles.

John shows up at Marlena's office and tells her about Vivian's episode earlier at Titan. They decide she must be admitted to the hospital immediately. John also tells her about what he has learned so far about Jonesy's bank account and what Celeste told him about Kristen's connection. They wonder what the connection is between Jonesy and Stefano. They are both confused, knowing that Social Security checks didn't buy that townhouse, art, Vivian's clothes and jewelry. Marlena gets a call and she tells them that the patient MUST be admitted tonight...they MUST make room. The patient's name? Vivian Alamain Jones. Marlena pulls strings and arranges for Vivian to be admitted and John plans to sign admittance papers. They take off to Vivian's.

Vivian tells Stefano she wants to marry him immediately. Ivan protests but Celeste supports and talks her into a Christmas wedding. Viv's eyes light up at the thought and she agrees. He tells her no, and she doesn't think she will live until Christmas. Celeste suggests a weekend. But Stefano says no, they will marry tonight to which Vivian agrees. Stefano goes home to pack and tells her to do the same. After he leaves, Celeste and Ivan try to change her mind, but she says she is dying and doesn't want to die alone.

Stefano rejoices with Rolf about his impending marriage. He tells Rolf that Vivian agreed because she thinks she is dying. They turn on the monitor and watch Celeste and Ivan argue with her. They urge her to go to the hospital and she agrees. Stefano hits the remote and Vivian has a violent attack. He says she appears to be having a heart attack. Viv does her Fred Sanford impression and cries that she is coming to join Jonesy as Ivan rushes to the phone to call 911. When they ask for the address, he doesn't know it and neither does Celeste. He says the address is "Jonesy's Townhouse!". Vivian pops up and says she is okay and trots off, leaving Celeste with instructions to run her a hot bath and Ivan to bring her tea.

They just stare at each other in shock, but are relieved as are Stefano, and Dr. Rolf. Stefano bids Rolf farewell and heads off to Vivian's. Vivian goes to the door to find John and Marlena and two attendants from the hospital with a stretcher. John tells her that she is going to the hospital and she refuses. Everyone begins to tell her it is for her own good and that they have her best interest at heart and she freaks out, punching one of the attendants.

Will's birthday party continues with cake and the singing of Happy Birthday. Caroline is taking pictures. The party comes to a screeching halt when Caroline slips and comments on what a happy family the three of them are. She apologizes immediately as Shawn asks where Carrie is. Austin says that she must have lost track of time...she seems to do that a lot when she is with Mike. Shawn and Caroline take all the kids to bed. Austin and Sami talk...she is really depressed and stands to lose everything and that she has no one to blame but herself. She wishes she could take everything back.

Austin assures her that she has changed and she tells him that she hasn't changed at all. She tries to explain, but he interrupts her and then Carrie comes in. Sami comments on Mike not choosing Ali for head nurse and Carrie defends his decision. Austin goes to tuck Will in and Carrie and Sami get into a heated argument. Sami accuses Carrie of being in love with Mike and Carrie denies it, but Sami urges her to admit it. They continue to argue and Sami says she KNOWS that Carrie is in love with Mike and soon EVERYONE in Salem is going to know it as well.

Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Nancy congratulates Lexie on becoming the new surgical resident. Nancy tells Lexie that there has been so many promotions this week and then comments that she thought Ali would make head nurse. Lexie says that Mike chose the best woman for the job.

Meanwhile, Ali tries to seduce Mike. He doesn't think this is the proper place, but Ali says that's what makes it exciting. Ali sheds her nurses uniform and asks Mike to make love to her. Mike tells her that they can't do this because a quickie on his desk isn't right. Ali tells Mike that he's such a gentleman. She suggests they spend the night at her place tonight, when Lexie walks in to see Mike. Ali leaves and Lexie. Mike says nothing happened, but Lexie doesn't understand and asks what is going on with him. Mike says he doesn't know. He says that he likes Ali, but everything changed when he kissed Carrie. Mike tells Lexie that he can't get Carrie out of his mind. Lexie tells him that he can't lead Ali on and Mike says he's trying to find the right time to end it.

Nancy runs into Ali and she starts telling Ali how terrible it is that she didn't get the job. Ali says she's not to bothered by it too much because she still has Mike. Nancy asks if she is going to do anything to Mike for not naming her the head nurse, but Ali says she's not because she loves Mike and wouldn't want to hurt him. Nancy asks Ali how she would feel if Mike didn't love her and wanted to break up with her. Ali asks Nancy why she thinks Mike doesn't have feelings for her? Nancy says she just doesn't think Mike is as committed to their relationship. Ali is positive that Mike won't end things.

Vivian slugs one of the guards. John tells Vivian they only want to take her to the hospital for a few tests. Vivian refuses and thinks they are trying to have her committed. Vivian runs away from them, but they catch her. John asks Vivian to trust him and she agrees. She says this might be a kick and says she'd like to drive, but they don't. She asks if champagne will be served, but they say no. She then asks them to turn on their siren. Marlena tells John that it's worse than she thought when Vivian begins to sing "Hail, hail the gangs all here, what the hell do we care." When they arrive at the hospital, Vivian starts doing the congo. Dr. Kurt shows up and John introduces him to Vivian. Vivian hugs him and says "Stefano, you are here for the wedding!"

Bart is driving Stefano over to the townhouse so he can marry Vivian. Stefano calls Rolf and tells him he's ready to start working on the satellite, but as he does, Hope may have memory flashes of being Gina. Stefano arrives at the townhouse to pick up Vivian. Celeste and Ivan tells Stefano that Vivian is not her. He demands they tell him where she is and they tell them that John and Marlena took her to the hospital.

Stefano goes to the hospital and asks Lexie where Vivian is. Lexie says that Vivian is not here and she proves it to him by showing him the list of admissions. Stefano realizes that John and Marlena tricked him. Stefano calls Rolf and tells him what is going on. Stefano says that he has to keep her in an up mode to get her to marry him when he finds her. Stefano and Bart go hospital searching for Vivian.

Sami tells Carrie that the thing causing problems in her marriage is the fact that she loves Mike. Sami tells Carrie that she spends more time with Mike than her husband. She asks how long she expects to carry on like this without Austin finding out? Carrie says she is just committed to her job. Sami wonders when Austin is going to find out the truth, that Mike is the man she really loves. Sami says she doesn't like her playing Austin. Carrie tells her that she is the one playing games. Sami tells Carrie she can deny it all she wants, but she is in love with Mike and dreams about him when she is in bed with Austin. Sami says Carrie doesn't need to worry because she won't tell Austin because she likes having him around for her and Will. Austin walks into the room just as Sami says she won't say a word to Austin, and Austin asks what she's not saying a word about. Carrie says that she had decided to lighten her work load to spend more time with him and it was supposed to be a surprise.

Austin says he's sorry the surprise was spoiled, but he's happy to hear it. Carrie suggests she and Austin leave, but Austin wants to talk to Sami about the trial tomorrow. Austin suggests that Carrie sit for Will while he and Sami go to court. Carrie says she was just going to cut back some, not give up her job. Austin says he's not asking her to do that, he just wants her to watch Will. Carrie says she will take as much time off as she can to help with Will. Austin and Carrie say goodbye to Sami and then leave. Austin asks Carrie what she and Sami were arguing about this time, he sensed the tension. Carrie tells Austin that she wants to concentrate on them tonight and says she loves him so much and wants to make love.

Greta is looking at the Horton family photo album when Hope walks into the room. Hope senses something is bothering Greta and she asks what is wrong. Greta says that she feels like her and Bo don't trust her after seeing her with Stefano. Hope says that they were shocked because she had told them that she was afraid of Stefano. Greta says the reason she was afraid is because of the pain her surgeries caused her. Hope tells Greta that there are many pain free surgery techniques nowadays, but Greta refuses to have any more surgery. She says she'd rather look like a freak. Hope tells her that she's a very beautiful woman, but Greta asks why everyone turns away from her? Greta tells Hope that she is a freak will never fit in. Hope tells her that she is not a freak, but Greta tells Hope about how some kids at Salem Place where making fun of her.

Greta says that Billie saved her, but she can't get over the betrayal. They begin to talk about Billie and what is keeping Bo and Hope apart now, when Hope begins to hear the waltz. Greta asks Hope if she's okay. Hope snaps to and tells Greta about the waltz she keeps hearing. She asks Greta if Gina liked classical music and Greta says she loved it and used to play the piano. Hope says she wishes she could remember her time as Gina. Greta recalls being bandaged and seeing Hope at Maison Blanche and thinking she was her mom. Hope wonders what the real Princess Gina's connection was to Stefano. Greta says that the only person she knows that was friends with her mom was Father John. Hope tells Greta that she believes her mother and Stefano were up to something secret and he had to use her (Hope) to finish whatever he and the real Gina started. Greta becomes upset and says she doesn't want to talk about her mom anymore.

Greta tells Hope that she rarely got to see her mom, but used to dream about spending time with her mom when she grew up, but then her mom died. Hope tells Greta that her mom died saving her from getting hit by a car. Hope says that she doesn't even remember her mother at all. Greta tells Hope that being with her almost makes her feel like her dream of spending time with her mom can come true. Greta tells Hope that she feels closer to her now that she knows she lost her mom too. Greta tells Hope that she remembers some things about her mom and tells her about her 10th birthday and how her mom played a special song for her and her friends. Greta remembers watching her mom play the piano and suddenly, Hope gets up and walks over to the piano and starts playing the exact same song!

Wednesday, December 2, 1998

Roman escorts Kate into the restaurant for dinner. He comments to her that every man checked her out when she walked in the place. Kate is suspicious of Roman's motives of being so nice to her and asks him about it. Roman tells Kate he thinks she doesn't want Lucas talking to him as he might be able to clear Sami. Kate point blank asks him why he just doesn't take her down to the police station. Kate stands by her story of not hearing or seeing anything and Lucas wasn't even in the house at the time. She gets up to leave and he asks her to sit down and promises to behave himself. Later, Roman tells Kate he enjoyed his dinner, did she? She tells him she did too and thanks him. Roman asks about why she threw the big wedding for Sami and Franco? She tells him it was for Will and they are interrupted by a Mr. Harold Reese.

Roman knows him by reputation as a fundraiser and financier. Mr. Reese tells Roman he's a lucky man for having such charming dinner company and kisses Kate's hand and leaves. Roman asks how they met. Kate remembers being with Harold in her call girl days. She tells Roman they met "professionally" years ago. Roman said Harold looked at her more than he would a business contact.

Back at Kate's, Roman thanks her for a nice dinner and leaves. Kate knows Roman is playing a cat and mouse game. The phone rings and it's Roberto. He tells her about his visit with CAPTAIN Brady who was asking questions about her. Roberto tells her he didn't say anything, but Brady is tough, like a bulldog who won't stop digging, Kate tells Roberto that Roman must never know about the Moroni's contract on Franco.

Lucas hobbles around on crutches and suggests to Nicole that they go out sometime. Meanwhile, Eric and Taylor play pool. Eric tells Taylor he'd rather be alone with as they have a lot to talk about. He's worried about Sami and her trial starting the next day. Nicole tells Lucas she's always liked Sami and realizes it was the wrong thing to say. He tells her it's ok, he's just bummed since he can't visit with his son on his birthday. Eric doesn't know why Nicole bothers with Lucas and Taylor explains he's her boss. Eric feels Nicole's career is established enough she doesn't need to worry about that. Taylor asks Eric why he can't forgive Lucas like he did Nicole.

Eric gives Nicole a hard time about being nice to Lucas and she explains she was just showing him some compassion. Nicole tells Eric the only side she's on is his and they start kissing and petting in the middle of the pool hall . Lucas asks Taylor if seeing that tears her up like it does him and maybe they can help each other out . Taylor tells Lucas it's obvious Eric and Nicole are committed. Lucas says he can stop that and walks up to the bar on his crutches and pretends to start to fall as Nicole catches him. Lucas thinks he twisted his knee and Nicole thinks they should take him home.

Sami looks at the photo album on Marlena's coffee table with the kids pictures in it. Marlena and John return and tell Sami they admitted Vivian to a mental hospital under an assumed name so Stefano can't find her. Sami asks more about what John's doing in investigating his past and John gladly tells her. Sami inquires about the "Gina" situation and Hope. Sami is upset thinking they're both crazy for pursuing this as Stefano may come after their family again. John tells Sami they'll protect her and goes up to check on Belle and Brady. He kisses Marlena on the cheek and goes upstairs. Sami tells Marlena she's worried that Stefano will take her away again. She figures she's going to go to jail and Will won't have her, but if his Grandmother is gone too? She begs Marlena not to let Stefano take her away again.

Stefano returns home and tells Rolf he couldn't find Vivian. They must have admitted her under an assumed name somewhere . Rolf tells Stefano that Hope may be Gina sooner than he thinks. Rolf explains that Hope may be having actual Gina memories, not just flashes now. Rolf goes on about the satellite and the computer on the same frequency and that Hope may have memories of being Gina. Stefano figures they can use this for their own benefit. Maybe Hope will blame Greta for her memory flashes and not trust her.

Hope continue to play Que Sera Sera on the piano. Bo has returned home and he and Greta watch open mouthed as Hope plays. Greta wants to know how she knew to play THAT song and Bo wants to know how she knew how to play the piano., which Hope can't answer. She just sat down and started to play. She can't paint, play the piano or play baccarat either. Greta said when Hope was playing the piano, it was almost like her mother. Hope wonders why Gina's memory is coming back and Bo figures it's because Greta mentioned her mother. Greta comments Hope shares a lot of her mother's mannerisms, like the way she flicks her hair back when she laughs. Greta is asked about what she remembers about her mother and she said she loved her, but was always being sent away to boarding school, which was normal there.

Bo & Hope plead Greta to keep talking and remembering. We go back to the past and see Gina telling Greta of course she'll see her again and promises her horseback riding and picnics. John pats Greta's back and said to think of the new school as an adventure. Gina promises to see Greta as often as she can, but Greta said she didn't see her very often after that and asks to change the subject.

Hope comforts Greta. Bo asks Greta the name of the school in New Orleans she went to and Hope tells Bo. She figures Greta had told her the name of the school, but Greta tells her she hadn't and she knew it on her own. Greta tells Bo & Hope she wants to help Hope and Father John find the answers to their past. Bo tells her that it's important to keep her distance from Stefano . Greta again tells Bo if Bo can't trust her, she doesn't know what she'll do and runs off. He apologizes for upsetting her and she asks him if he trusts her. He admits seeing her in Stefano's arms concerned him. She reiterates she really wants to help him and he said ok. John calls and asks to speak with Greta. Bo hands the phone to Greta and gives her privacy. John tells Greta he's sorry for not seeing her more, but Stefano's been giving him a hard time. Bo returns to Hope and standing behind her, holds her and confirms she's not going to lose him again. Bo promises to protect Hope and Stefano will never tear them apart.

Thursday, December 3, 1998

Ali spots Craig and Nancy by the coffee machine and saunters over with a big smile on her face. The two question her as to why she is so happy and she replies that she might have lost the head nurse's job, but she still has the thing she wants most: Mike. She tells the two that her plan to get Mike away for the weekend was ruined, but she has another surprise.

In Mike's office, Mike is worried about what might have happened with him and Carrie if Ali had not come in earlier. Mike is brought out of his reverie by a knock on the door; it's Lexie, wondering if he has broken it off with Ali. He tells her no, and hopes that she will understand when he does. He's just not ready for a commitment. Lexie tells him that she'll take it hard, but Mike disagrees. A package arrives, from Ali. She comes in and he has a stunned look on his face.

She tells him to open it, when Craig and Nancy come in. They know what the surprise is and want to see his reaction to it. So, in front of Lexie, Ali, Craig and Nancy, he opens the gift. It's gourmet coffee, a coffee mug with Ali's picture on it, and a mug warmer. Mike is embarrassed, but thanks her. Nancy digs around in the gift box and pulls out a slinky white teddy. Now it's Ali's turn to be embarrassed and hastily puts it away, saying that was for Mike's eyes only. Everyone leaves, and Mike thanks Ali for the gifts. She tries to seduce him, but he pulls away, saying that he's got lots of work to do. She sighs, but leaves. Mike is worried now, because he can't break up with her after she gave him the gifts. Later, Mike is leaving when Ali comes up behind him. She again tries to get him over to her place. He turns to her and tells her that they have to talk about their relationship.

Austin is in bed, looking down at a sleeping Carrie. He is recalling earlier when she started crying when she was talking of starting a family. He is concerned about his wife as he looks on. Carrie is dreaming of Mike. In her dream, she tells him that they can't lie to Austin anymore, they both love each other. Carrie wakes up and sees her husband. She starts off apologizing for last night. He wants to know why she was so upset about the baby talk. She says she feels guilty about the way she's treated him. He disagrees....they both love each other and that's what counts. Carrie tells him that she will prove to him that she loves him, and the two make love.

Afterwards, she is telling him that she hopes this proves how much she loves him. He kisses her and leaves to take a shower. Alone, Carrie remembers her fight with Sami. Sami tells her that she is in love with Mike; it's totally obvious.

At the hospital, Carrie runs into Craig and Nancy. The two take pleasure in telling Carrie that Ali had a "special" gift for Mike. Craig leaves and Nancy plants the idea that Ali is really pursuing a relationship with Mike. Carrie is confident that that relationship is going nowhere, and she recalls her kiss in the rain with him. Nancy wonders if Carrie knows more than she is letting on. She continues by saying that it looks like the next party the hospital throws will be Ali's bridal shower. Carrie assures Nancy that they will never get married.

At the loony bin, Dr. Kline is explaining to Celeste and Ivan that he will perform an MRI on Vivian to determine what's wrong. A nurse bursts in to say that Vivian is missing, concerning Celeste and Ivan. False alarm, Vivian is in with the other patients, teaching them how to play charades while Celeste, Ivan and Dr. Kline look through a one-way mirror (BTW, it was My Best Friend's Wedding that she was acting out). Ivan and Celeste are embarrassed for Vivian, who is thoroughly entertaining the other patients. It's time for the MRI, and the attendants take her to the medical room. There, the doctor instructs her to remove her jewelry and anything else metal. Vivian does so, except for removing her engagement ring, which she hides. She lies down on the table, and the procedure begins.

Meanwhile, Stefano is furious that he can't track Vivian down. In his computer room, Dr. Rolf is working away on the Gina files and Stefano vents his frustration that all his plans will be ruined if Vivian has an MRI (it will destroy the chip in her tooth). Stefano racks his brain, and comes up with a solution. What if Rolf modifies the transmitter to track Vivian. Rolf is dubious, but opens up the device and starts to tweak with it. Amazingly, Rolf gets a fix on Vivian, 42 miles outside Salem. Getting out his Rand McNally map, Stefano locates Vivian as Greenhaven Sanitarium. He and Rolf rush to get there as soon as possible.

Sami is having a nightmare about Franco. He is telling her that he only wanted to marry her to avoid being deported. Franco continues to torment Sami, saying he never loved her, and Sami starts to become unglued. She suddenly has the gun in her hands and fires, killing him. Sami wakes up, dazed. She then recalls Kate's words as to how Sami could have shot Franco. Sami starts to wonder what Kate is up to.

At Marlena's, Roman shows up to check on Sami. He tells Marlena what his suspicions are: that Kate knows or heard something about that night. The conversation turns to Roberto and his relationship with Kate. The phone ring and Marlena answers it. On the other end is Celeste, telling her that Vivian is going for the MRI. She hangs up and Roman picks up where he left off about Kate. He thinks Sami has some dirt on her, and is sure that Kate is lying to protect her children....she has a history of it. Marlena can't believe what Roman is saying about her friend, and wants to know how it can help Sami. It's at this point that Sami comes downstairs.

Downstairs, she is worried about the trial. Roman tries to assure her that he is working on a way to clear her. He again mentions the stuff about Kate. Sami tells him that she appreciates what he's done, but it's time to be realistic. Besides, she just had a nightmare about Franco, and it seemed so real. Roman asks if that is really what happened. She's not sure. There is a knock at the door. Thinking it is Mickey, Sami opens it, to be greeted by reporters and photographers, all wanting an interview. Roman runs them out, yelling that he'll haul them down to the police station if they don't leave. Roman goes to comfort Sami, who is shaken by the experience.

Kate is watching the local news which is reporting that Sami's trial is starting today. Lucas arrives, totally nervous about the trial. He's worried that Sami will remember that Franco was already dead when she got there. Kate is sure that Sami won't be a problem, because she went out with Roman and knows that he does not have any info that will help the case. Anyway, if it comes down to testifying, Kate will say anything to protect Lucas. He's worried still, but Kate hugs him and tells him that there is nothing in the world that she would not do for him.

Austin comes in to talk with him mom and brother. They immediately get into the whole taking sides issue...Sami and Austin and Carrie and Lucas. Kate and Austin sit down where she gives her son some advice. She tells him that his continual siding with Sami over the needs of his own wife will drive her into the waiting arms of Dr. Mike Horton.

Eric enters the strip club, looking for Candy. One of the bouncers tells Eric to leave, but he says that he's there for one of the strippers. The bouncer tells him he wouldn't know what to do with her. Eric ignores the put-down, and sees Candy walking away. He tries to go to her, but the bouncer blocks his way. Candy is intrigued and comes over to talk to Eric. He pleads his case that he's there to help Sami, who is being wrongfully convicted of Franco's murder. He's there to see if she might have some information that will help Sami. Candy is not forthcoming, and Eric tries to appeal to her conscience, saying that if she knows of something that could help Sami and she does not say anything, she will have to live with it the rest of her life. Eric just wants to know if Franco ever had a violent streak; that would show a pattern of abuse and that could help Sami. Candy recalls an incident where Franco was strangling her. When she looks back at Eric, she tells him that she can't help him.

At Marlena's, Eric knocks at the door. Roman and Sami are glad to see him. He steps aside, and Candy enters. A shocked Sami wants to know what she's doing there. Eric says that Candy has some information that is vital to Sami's case.

Friday, December 4, 1998

Stefano is on his way to Greenhaven, talking to Rolf on the phone. Stefano assures Rolf that he'll normalize Vivian as soon as possible, but Rolf says it won't matter if she has an MRI. Sirens are heard in the background and Stefano groans because he is pulled over by a policeman. The cop gives him a DUI test, and he passes. The officer still gives him a ticket for doing 80 in a 55MPH zone. Stefano tells the cop to hurry up, and the cop tells him he has a pompous attitude. Stefano takes off again, and Rolf has heard the whole thing. Rolf tells him to put Vivian into the normal mood immediately.

John is out walking and asks God to keep an eye on Sami and Marlena. He hopes that the judge at Sami's trial will be understanding and merciful. John senses Greta come up behind him and Greta tells him that he always could sense her presence. They talk and John tells Greta about his troubles. He explains to her about how he came to Salem and how he found out he was really Forrest Alamain. He tells Greta that his life in the seminary is sketchy and hopes she can help him. Greta tells John that he was the only father figure she had because her father died when she was young, and all she knows about him was that he was a prince. Greta tells him that she loved him like a father and recounts a memory of them on a picnic together. John is surprised that he never seems to be wearing a clerical collar in Greta's memories. Greta just says that he wore normal clothes all the time. Suddenly, John gets a call from Celeste. Celeste tells John that they need his help to calm Vivian down for an MRI. John says he will be there and asks Greta if she's up for a ride.

At Greenhaven, Vivian is in the MRI machine, but pulls the table out, saying that it is too confining. The doctor tries to calm her down, when her engagement ring falls. The doctor chastises her for wearing jewelry, and tries to get Ivan to take the ring. Vivian gets upset, saying that Ivan and Celeste are kleptomaniacs. John shows up and Celeste assures Vivian that they won't steal her ring. Vivian goes into the MRI machine and suddenly she reverts to the normal mode, thanks to Stefano pushing the button. She leaps out of the machine and asks what is going on. John tells her to calm down and Vivian says she'll calm down when she's out of this hell hole. John tells her that it will be all right. Suddenly, Stefano shows up. He asks her if she's had the MRI yet and John asks him "so what if she has?" Stefano tells them he's taking Vivian out of here, but John says he can't do that because HE has power of attorney and has the authority to do this.

At the penthouse, Marlena invites Candy in, but Sami blames her for everything. Eric calms Sami down and asks Candy to tell Sami the truth about Franco. Candy tells them that one night she made a joke about him marrying Sami. She says that he threatened her and started to strangle him, she feared for her life. Candy even took a photograph to document the incident. Roman says that this proves Franco was violent towards women and Sami says that Bo believed that all along. Roman asks Candy if she would testify in court and she says yes. Everyone thanks Candy. Sami hugs Eric and cries. Marlena also hugs him to thank him. Sami apologizes to Candy and she says that it is okay, they are both victims of Franco. Sami says that she's more convinced than ever she shot Franco in self-defense, but she wishes she could remember doing it.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate warns Austin that he is going to drive Carrie into Mike's arms. Austin tells her that she's way off base. Kate tells him that he has his priorities screwed up. She tells him that Sami is not the victim here, Lucas is. They begin to argue about whether or not Lucas hit Will. Austin defends Sami. Kate tells him that while he visits Sami in prison, Carrie will have to raise Will alone and will probably go to another man for comfort. Austin doesn't want to quarrel anymore and offers his mom a ride. She leaves to get her coat and Lucas comes in and starts arguing with Austin about Sami. Lucas says that Sami is single handily destroying families in this town. Austin suggests that he forgive and forget. Lucas says he wants to, but Sami won't do that. Lucas informs his brother that he intends to reform himself and asks Austin if he does, is there any reason he shouldn't be a part of Will's life? Austin says that for now, he is going to abide by Sami's wishes, which is to keep him away from Will. Lucas says he doesn't want to see Sami die, but Austin says that he wouldn't give Sami a life preserver if Sami was drowning. Lucas tells Austin to take their mom's advice. Austin leaves and tells his mom that he'll just meet her at the courthouse. Kate tells Lucas to stay home and rest and she leaves. Lucas tells himself that he needs a drink. Lucas then proceeds to search the house for some booze. He finds the plaque from Nicole and realizes that he was about to flush all the progress he made down the toilet. He tells himself that he needs a distraction, so he turns on the TV to watch the news on Sami's trial. The newswoman says that tonight on the news they will have a special: The Gas Chamber versus Lethal Injection. Lucas tells himself that he can't let Sami die. Later, the news reports on the slow and painful death that awaits Sami in the gas chamber. Lucas can't take anymore and decides to go to the courtroom.

In Salem Place, Nancy is talking to Carrie about how she really feels about Mike and Ali. Carrie says she has more important things to think about, like her marriage and work. Carrie tries to talk about the boxing match, and Nancy says Austin is so preoccupied with Sami and the trial. Carrie says they better go back to work. Once at the hospital, Craig makes some jokes about Mike and Ali having a little love in the afternoon. That bothers Carrie and she tells him that is not what Mike and Ali are doing. Nancy has to head to the courthouse and Carrie says she has work to do. Austin shows up to see Carrie and tells her that they have to talk. Austin says that he thinks she is keeping something from him and wants to know what it is. Austin says he feels like she's not the same woman he married. Carrie tells Austin that he's right, she's not the same woman.

Mike and Ali are sitting in front of a shop in Salem Place. Ali thinks nothing is keeping them apart now, but Mike says something is. Mike says that he is standing in their way. He tells her that he doesn't see a future between them. Ali doesn't believe him and Mike tells her that he cares for her, but he's not in love with her, which is why he thinks their relationship should come to an end. Ali cries and tells him not to say that. Mike says that he owes her the truth because he doesn't want to lead her on. Ali tells Mike that she can't accept this because he hasn't come to terms with him accepting that he loves her. Ali says that she knows he wouldn't make love to her without loving her. Mike says that he cares for her, but as a friend and he hopes they can remain friends. Ali asks Mike to give them another chance, but Mike says he can't. Ali cries that he's the best thing that's ever happened to her. Mike says he wishes he could make things right and Ali says he can, take back what he said and don't give up on them.

Everyone gathers at the courthouse for the trial. Roman informs Mickey about Candy and Mickey asks him to check around to see if there were any other girls who had been roughed up by Franco in the past. Roman and calls Abe and says he may have found something that will help get Sami off. Kate, who has shown up, gasps "what!" Roman turns around and asks Kate if something he said bothered her. Roman finishes his call and then tells Kate that they have something which will turn this entire case around. Kate asks what this evidence is and Roman says he thinks it is enough to acquit Sami. Back in the court room, Sami asks Mickey where Austin is. Mickey tells her that he can't come in until he testifies. DA Palmer begins his argument and accuses Sami of premeditated murder and is seeking the death penalty.

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