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Monday January 4, 1999

John and Greta meet up at the hospital. Greta just met with Dr. Renault, who told her that he can remove her scars. Greta tells John that they shouldn't worry about her and asks what he and Marlena are going to do. John tells Greta about his surprise for Marlena. Marlena shows up and Greta tells Marlena how John has a surprise for her. Marlena asks Greta how she feels about having surgery and Greta says she is nervous, but she has her friends to support her. John wishes Greta a happy New Year and John and Marlena leave.

John leads Marlena to his plane and Marlena asks if she is going to New Orleans. John tells her good guess, she's right! John tells her that he has many surprises for her tonight. John presents her with 2 bells for her charm bracelet. John tells her that he has a question for her, will she marry him? Marlena tells him anytime anywhere. John says he just wanted to make sure he asked her at midnight so he could get an answer this year. Marlena promises they will marry this year. John tells Marlena that he wants her to plan the perfect wedding and they kiss.

Greta says this isn't how she was hoping to spend New Year's Eve and then daydreams about John. Greta's scars are gone and John tells her that her mom would be so proud of her. John tells her it is time for her to find the man of her dreams and he wants her to be happy because they are family. John says before her dance card fills up he'd like the first dance, so the two dance.

Craig and Nancy are discussing how long Mike and Carrie have been in Mike's office. In his office, Mike tells Carrie that he is in love with her and he knows she loves him too. Carrie says she doesn't know what to say and Mike tells her that she doesn't have to say anything. Mike tells her that he knows she is committed to Austin and he respects that, but he can't keep denying his feelings. Carrie says she doesn't want to stop him from having a relationship with someone else. Mike tells her she is not to blame. Carrie tells Mike that she has to tell him how she really feels. Carrie says she can't back out on her commitment to Austin. Mike tells her that he didn't expect her to and suggests she go be with Austin to ring in the new year. Carrie agrees and says goodbye to Mike.

However, she stops at the door and tells him a gift was at his door. She tells him good night again and they wish each other a happy new year, and share a tiny peck on the cheek. Carrie leaves and Mike tells himself that was a stupid thing to do. Mike opens the gift, which are his favorite cookies and a note from Ali saying she's happy to be in his life as his special friend. Ali walks in and asks Mike if he feels like celebrating. Mike says he just has too much work to do, but thanks her for thinking of him. Ali gives Mike a kiss and just says "until later." Ali leaves and Mike daydreams about spending New Years, and the rest of his life, with Carrie. Later, Mike runs into Ali right as New Years rings in and she says it's fate that they are together and kisses him.

Austin asks Sami what she thinks Carrie and Mike's relationship is. Austin asks her if something is going on between Mike and his wife. Sami says that she just doesn't want to see him get hurt. Austin asks if Carrie is going to hurt him and Sami says she doesn't know, all she knows is that he and Carrie are always arguing, mostly about her. Austin says Carrie is always running to Mike for comfort and if she knows something then he deserves to know. He asks Sami point blank if Carrie is in love with Mike. Sami says that maybe Carrie has feelings for Mike that she can't admit. Austin says he has to leave, but wishes her a happy New Year. After Austin leaves, Sami says Carrie will answer to her if she hurts Austin.

Carrie goes home and asks Austin if he is here, but he doesn't answer, so she thinks he's with Sami. Carrie finds a note from Austin and heads to the roof, where Austin has a huge celebration planned for them. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her and all he wants to do is be with her tonight, and every New Years after. Austin and Carrie celebrate New Years together with a kiss, but Carrie can't help but remember kissing Mike. She snaps back and tells Austin that this New Years will bring them closer. Austin says it already has and they kiss again. Sami is alone at the penthouse and toasts to getting everything she wants this year.

Roman has set up a little demonstration for Lucas' benefit. There is a Franco dummy on the floor and a Sami dummy as well, with a gun in her hand. Roman asks Lucas if this brings back any memories and if he'd like to tell him what really happened the night Franco was murdered. Roman tells Lucas about his theory of how he shot Franco and framed Sami, with Kate's help. Roman tells Lucas that if he confesses now, he will save himself a lot of heartache. He says if he killed Franco in self-defense, than the jury will be sympathetic, but if he keeps lying, he will go to jail. Roman tells Lucas that he can't let Sami go to prison for life, or possibly be executed, for something she didn't do. Lucas says he does have something to tell him when Nicole screams. Nicole "falls" down the stairs and Lucas rushes to her. Nicole whispers to him not to say anything because it's a trap. Nicole says she just tripped, but has to go. Lucas walks her out, but before leaving tells Roman he won't let him frame him for Sami's crimes. Lucas and Nicole leave and Billie shows up and asks what is going on. Roman damns Lucas and says he was just about to tell him the truth. Billie tells Roman to relax and they should celebrate New Years together. Billie serves champagne and they toast the New Year together.

Eric is arranging a surprise for Nicole. When Nicole returns home she sees that Eric has decorated the place and he gives her a dress. She says she doesn't deserve this, but then quickly says she meant she can't believe he is being so nice to her. Nicole leaves to change and Eric calls his dad and learns Lucas didn't confess, but Roman doesn't tell him about his suspicions concerning Nicole. Nicole returns in her dress and she and Eric kiss. However, Nicole can't forget Lucas telling her that if she sticks with him he'll see to it that she gets it all.

Hope confides in Lilly that Shawn D. has been kidnapped. Lilly doesn't understand who would do this and Hope says Bo believes Stefano did it, and she agrees. Lilly says Stefano would never kidnap a child! Hope asks Lilly why she would say something like that, is there something she is keeping from her about Stefano. Lilly says that she knew Stefano as Rudolpho and he was a very caring man, not the monster she describes. Hope says that Stefano is a monster and he's kidnapped Shawn D. to distract her from finding the truth about her past. Lilly learns that the kidnappers want 2 million dollars and she offers to pay it. Hope thanks her and says she prays this will be over soon. Hope tells Lilly about her memories of Stefano and wonders if they were intimate. Lilly says she doesn't know, but that Gina and Stefano were always happy to see each other and shared secret smiles. Hope wonders if Gina was in love with Rudolpho and if he was the man she always spoke of that was in her heart.

Bo confronts Stefano at the townhouse and demands to know where his son is. Stefano tells Bo that he has no idea what he is talking about. Bo tells Stefano that he knows he arranged Shawn D's kidnapping and if he doesn't talk, he's a dead man. Stefano says he had nothing to do with it and even offers to pay the ransom, but Bo says he doesn't want his money. Stefano says he has no reason to kidnap Shawn D, but Bo accuses him of trying to keep Hope from remembering the truth. Stefano reminds Bo that he saved Hope's life. Stefano says nobody knows like he does what it is like to lose a son. Bo asks Stefano "then how could you take my son from his family?" Stefano says he did not do this. Bo says that he will find his son and he will make sure he never terrorizes his family again. Stefano offers Bo his help and Bo simply asks Stefano to let Shawn D. come home unharmed. Bo leaves and warns Vivian that she could be her husband's next victim.

Vivian goes into the living room and hears Stefano on the phone telling the kidnappers that he's paying them to do a job and not get caught. Vivian asks what is going on and Stefano says he was talking to his broker. Vivian asks why Bo was so upset and Stefano tells her that Bo won't let Hope's missing years go. Stefano tells Vivian he doesn't want Bo to celebrate their celebration and he produces a gift for Vivian, a diamond bracelet. Stefano proposes a toast to Vivian, who is picking up New Year's music on her tooth.

Bo returns to the Horton house and tells Hope that Stefano pretended to know nothing. Hope tells Bo that Lilly will pay the 2 million dollars and Bo says no, but she says she won't take no for an answer. Lilly leaves to get the wire transfer and Bo promises Hope that they will find Shawn D. and nail Stefano for it. Hope and Bo wait for the kidnappers to call and Bo tells Hope that everything will be okay.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Austin and Carrie celebrate the New Year on their rooftop. Carrie thanks Austin for the wonderful surprise, and Austin says he has another. He gives her an orchid and tells her it reminded him of her, precious and delicate. Carrie remembers the night they first got back together on this rooftop. Austin says he's sorry for some of the things he said to her earlier, but Carrie tells him it wasn't his fault. Austin tells Carrie they should agree to communicate openly and honestly with one another this year and not let anything or anyone come between them again. They dance and tell one another that they love each other. Austin says their love will just keep growing. Carrie and Austin begin to undress each other by a fire Austin has built and they make love.

Roman returns to the penthouse and tells Sami that Lucas did not confess, and he doesn't think they can prove Lucas killed Franco. Sami asks her dad what kept Lucas from confessing and Roman doesn't tell her about Nicole, he just says Lucas must have pulled it together just in time. Sami goes to check on Will and Roman says he hopes Nicole hasn't betrayed Sami, for both her and Eric's sake. Sami asks her dad not to give up, but Roman says he's done all he can, it's up to her now. Roman convinces Sami to take the stand.

Eric tells Nicole that he's sorry he wasted so much time with her and wants nothing to get in the way of their relationship again because he wants them to trust each other. Nicole remembers what she did for Lucas earlier and tells Eric that he can trust her, she promises. Eric tells Nicole that he wants her so bad and then he carries her to the couch. A phone call from Roman interrupts them. Eric asks his dad what is wrong and Roman says he wanted to check on Nicole because she fell down the stairs at the Kiriakis place. Eric had no idea and Roman tells Eric he had a feeling she wouldn't mention it to him. Roman tells Eric that he doesn't think he can trust Nicole and asks if he told her about their suspicions about Lucas.

Eric says he did and Roman tells Eric that he thinks Nicole tipped Lucas off about their trap. Eric thanks his dad for the call and says goodbye. Eric sits down and asks Nicole what she told Lucas tonight. Nicole plays innocent and Eric asks her if she told Lucas Sami had her memory back and that they were trying to prove Lucas killed Franco. Nicole is insulted and says he should leave if he doesn't trust her. Eric says he's sorry and says he trusts her, he just had to know. Nicole says she knew his dad didn't like her, but she didn't know how much. Eric says his dad just wants Lucas to confess.

Kate returns to see Victor and tells him how much she misses him and needs him. Lucas shows up and tells his mom that Roman paid a visit to him tonight and almost got him to confess. Lucas tells his mom that it was Nicole who saved him by telling him that Roman was trying to trap him. Kate asks how Nicole knew and she says maybe Eric told her. Kate says that Roman broke their deal, so she's going to have Sami arrested for attempted murder and will have Roman thrown off the force.

Lucas tells his mom he told her from the start that he wanted to tell the truth, but Kate says it's too late now. Victor eventually yells at them to stop fighting. Victor tells them that they have to play it cool, if they go after Roman they will only make things worse. Victor says Roman will start pushing back if she pushes him and he will eventually learn the truth. Victor tells her Roman only has a theory and only she can give him a way to prove it. Kate tells him that he is right. Victor also tells them that if they need to, they can use the fact that Sami tried to kill them and Roman bargained with them not to call the police.

Stefano tells Rolf that he knew he could find a cure for Vivian, his serum is working! Rolf tells Stefano that the drug is experimental, so he doesn't know how long it will last. Rolf tells Stefano that the lunar eclipse will take place any day now and that the satellite will be in position to turn Hope back into Gina. Stefano says Gina will be his permanently soon, and Bo will have lost Hope.

The female kidnapper take Shawn D. to a boat and Shawn D. attempts to escape, but is caught and the male kidnapper tells him he just made a huge mistake. However, the female kidnapper saves Shawn D from the male, who was about to kill him, or at least do permanent harm to him. Stefano calls the kidnappers and gives them more instructions, which they are to follow to the letter.

Bo and Hope are still waiting for the kidnappers to call. Hope is agitated and says she needs to know Shawn D. is okay, she needs to hear his voice. Bo tells her that he's sure Shawn D. is okay and they will bring him home. Lilly arrives with the money and the kidnappers call Bo and Hope. Bo speaks with Shawn D, who tells his dad that if he doesn't do what the kidnapper say, they'll kill him. The kidnappers tell them that they will be in touch again and tell them where to drop off the money, and if they double-cross them, they'll never see their kid again. The kidnappers talk about their plan. The female is afraid their boss will learn that they are asking for two million instead of one. The male says that everything will work out and they'll be long gone with the money before anyone is the wiser, as long as the kids parents play along.

Bo gets another call where to drop the money, but this call is a recording from Stefano, which is a trick to throw Bo off track. Abe traces the call and it is from a voice service downtown. Abe says they better play Stefano's game. Bo says he will follow the instructions and hopefully when he returns he'll have Shawn Douglas. Hope wants to go, but Bo tells her she must stay behind to see if the kidnappers call back. Hope tells Lilly she is afraid what Stefano might do to Shawn D, but Lilly says Stefano would never kill anyone. Lilly asks Hope if she thinks Stefano is capable of murder and Hope says she just doesn't know how far Stefano would go to get what he wants, which makes the situation even more terrifying.

Back at the townhouse, Rolf tells Stefano that the satellite is nearly in position. Stefano laughs and says his ultimate plan is about to go into effect, he will have Gina, and Bo will have Shawn D, if he doesn't play the hero. Stefano gets a call from a cop from his spy at the Salem PD and learns that Bo double crossed them, so he calls the kidnappers to warn them.

Bo and Abe go to drop off point. Bo is going to drop the money off and Abe is going to have the kidnappers nabbed when they pick the money up. Bo goes to drop off the money. Back on the boat, the kidnappers are preparing to pick up the money. Shawn D says he's hungry, so the female gives him some food. Shawn D pretends to choke and when she tries the Heimlich maneuver, he makes a break for it and falls right into the icy Salem River.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Thursday, January 7, 1999

At the hospital, Ali is walking around like the Queen Nurse and she reluctantly goes into Greta's room. There, Greta is in her hospital garbs in bed with John by her side. Ali cheerfully tells Greta that the doctors will be in later to answer any questions. John recalls that she is "Mike's friend.", but Ali is quick to correct him and say that she is his girlfriend. Ali leaves to get Mike and John turns to Greta wondering how she is feeling. She is nervous, but with him there, it will be OK. The conversation turns to Marlena and Greta again worries that Marlena does not trust her. John tells her that Marlena is wary of anyone with a connection to Stefano and that the work John did for Stefano may be criminal.

In Mike's office, Carrie is stunned that Mike is suggesting that she resign from her job. Mike reminds her that the pressure they are both under stems from their feelings for each other. Mike goes further saying it was a mistake to tell Carrie that he loves her, but since he did, it would be best if they stay as far away from each other as possible. Carrie tries to persuade Mike that they make a great team and that they won't let their feelings get in the way of their job. She says that she can't stand the thought of leaving, the hospital. There is a knock on the door; it's Ali saying that Dr. Renault is waiting on the consultation of Greta. Mike leaves and Ali asks if Carrie is alright. Carrie says she needs to be alone, and Ali leaves. Carrie heads over to Mike's computer and begins typing.

In Greta's room, Mike, Dr. Renault, Ali and John are talking to Greta about the surgery and Dr. Renault asks if she has any questions. Greta is still apprehensive about the procedure, specifically the pain, and it's Ali that is able to calm the young woman down. Outside her room, Ali has a fantasy that she and Mike have just finished Greta's surgery and are alone in the operating room. The two begin to kiss passionately. Ali comes out of her reverie, gives Mike a quick peck on the cheek and leaves for surgery.

Mike returns to his office and sees Carrie finishing her letter. Carrie gets up from his desk and hands him her letter of resignation. Mike looks at it briefly and tears it up, saying that he can't bear to have her out of his life. He leans over and kisses her. Carrie comes out of her fantasy, crying as she puts the finishing touches on her letter.

Across town in the courthouse, Marlena is on the witness stand. Reluctantly, she must answer Yes to a barrage of questions from the D.A. regarding Sami's past such as Sami kidnapping Belle and trying to sell her on the black market. Marlena tries to do damage control, but the past is too damning. Austin comes in and Sami is glad to see him, but he sadly tells her that he was subpoenaed to testify again. After Marlena's testimony, the D.A. calls Eric to the stand. Kate is in the back, gloating about the hell Sami is going through. The D.A. makes Eric tell everyone about Sami's faking amnesia and paralysis and trying to switch the blood type of Will. Again, Mickey tries to negate the bad image the jurors have of Sami, but to no avail. Eric leaves and the D.A. calls Austin again. The D.A. grills him about all the bad things that Sami has done. Mickey picks up on this and gets Austin to tell the jurors that even though he has seen the worst of Sami, he knows that she has changed and would not kill Franco. The D.A. rebuts and asks if Austin has any evidence to prove that Sami is not lying about suddenly "remembering." Austin cannot produce anything and reluctantly says so. With that, the state rests its case.

At the docks, Bo is holding Shawn D's jacket. Abe tries to assure him that there is still hope and orders a search of every boat within a 2 mile radius. Abe updates Bo about the search....which is really no news. Abe has also requested divers to search the river, but Bo can't believe that his son would drown. Abe gets a call that the divers have pulled a body out of the river. From the info that Abe got, the body had on jeans and a T-shirt with no jacket or shoes. Bo can't even remember what Shawn D was wearing, but the part about the missing jacket has him worried. Abe says that the body is going to the morgue and Bo wants to go. Abe tells him that he shouldn't; Abe will go and ID the body. Bo decides to go be with Hope and swears that he won't tell her that their child is dead.

Hope is staring at Stefano, furious that he is at her Grandmother's house. He claims that he only wants to help with her son, and Hope begins having flashes of her Gina life. Stefano enters, and Hope can't believe that she did not slam the door in his face. Inside the Horton house, Hope and Stefano are getting into it about helping Shawn D. Stefano swears he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He asks what he would have to gain by this deed. Hope just vows to kill Stefano is anything happens to her son. She knows how he operates, orchestrating disasters to come in and save the day. Stefano just shakes his head and says that he has changed. Hope jumps on this and begs for him to tell her where her son is and what she did as Princess Gina. He won't and Hope says that she is starting to remember, so he is lying. This worries Stefano and he asks exactly what Gina is remembering.

Hope picks up on his slip that he called her Gina. Stefano covers, saying that Hope looks so much like Princess Gina, he sometimes gets confused. Hope decides to roll the dice and tells Stefano that she is remembering her past as Gina. Again, Stefano presses to know exactly what she knows, but Hope won't divulge the information. Suddenly, Hope is assaulted with the snippets of images she has been seeing for the past months.....As Gina dancing with Stefano; running down an alley; playing baccarat; receiving papers from Stefano; getting presents from Stefano. All the images show Gina and Stefano laughing and having a good time. Hope comes out of her daze and begins to break down crying. Stefano comes up to her and begins to comfort her.

Bo walks in to see Stefano holding Hope. He grabs the old man by the jacket and throws him out of the house. Outside, Stefano readjusts his jacket, furious that Bo interrupted his moment with Gina. He can't wait until the transformation is complete and Gina is his again. Inside, Bo and Hope hold each other. She asks if there is any word on Shawn D. when she sees his jacket. Hope starts screaming and Bo can only try to comfort her.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Due to coverage of the Senate hearings yesterday, NBC re-broadcasted Thursday's episode today.

Friday, January 1, 1999

Due to the New Year's holiday, Days of our Lives did not air today. Broadcasting will resume Monday and pick up where Thursday's show ended.

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