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Stefano and Rolf planned to turn Hope back into Gina again. Hope told Bo that she couldn't marry him until she found out about her past. The jury found Sami guilty of murder. Carrie turned to Mike after she thought Austin was with Sami and Will.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday January 18, 1999

Everyone awaited the verdict. Eric and Roman talked as Eric played with his lucky silver dollar. Mickey arrived, and everyone wanted to know if there was any word on a verdict. Marlena arrived right behind him, and he told everyone that the jury was still out, a good sign for Sami.

Roman saw that Marlena was upset and joined her. Roman reminisced with her about when Sami and Eric had been born and he had been the happiest man alive. He wondered how everything had fallen to pieces for them. Marlena said that she blamed herself and began to cry. Roman said he was sorry for making her cry and hugged her.

Roman wanted to know where John was. When Marlena told him, Roman became agitated and said that he should be by Marlena's side, not Greta's. He said that John should be there with her and that his past wasn't what was important -- it should be his present and future that concerned him. Marlena only wiped away her tears.

Later, Mickey's cell phone rang. He learned that the jury had reached a verdict.

Upstairs, Sami was on the phone with Lucas. He almost hung up on her, thinking she was only trying to trick him. She pleaded with him, and he listened. She wanted to clear her conscience and make amends with him, for Will's sake. He wondered just what she was up to.

As Lucas was on the phone, Kate walked up behind him and eavesdropped. Kate snatched the phone away from Lucas and told Sami to forget it. She told Sami to stay away from Lucas and her family and slammed the phone down. Sami was upset and went over to a sleeping Will and apologized to him. She said that she was sorry; she had tried.

Will woke up, and when Sami asked him what he wanted, he whispered that he wanted her to read to him. She read his favorite book, Love You Forever. She said that was just how she felt for him. As she began to read, she started to cry. Later, Will was asleep again. Sami sat there with him and repeated lines from the book. She said that she would always love him and would always be his mommy. She began to cry again.

Back at the Tuscany Restaurant, Austin listened as Craig was on the phone with Nancy. She told Craig that they had reached a verdict. He jokingly asked if he should order champagne for the Brady clan, and she told him not to bother. She also told him that she couldn't wait to get home to "jump [his] bones," and he assured her that he would keep the bed warm.

As Craig hung up, he turned and found himself face-to-face with Austin. Austin asked point-blank if the jury was going to convict Sami. Later, Austin headed out, saying he had to act immediately to save Sami. Kate and Lucas continued to argue, and the doorbell rang. Lucas thought it might be Gregory Charmaine with the custody papers.

Austin was at the door. He wanted to talk to Lucas alone, but Kate refused to leave. Austin said he wanted to talk "brother to to man...can you handle that, Lucas?" Kate tried to interrupt, but Austin said a real man didn't need his mother there. Kate finally relented and left the room, but she listened at the door.

Austin said that he was giving Lucas one last chance to come clean. He said to be a man and cut the apron strings. Lucas just said to stop wasting his time and that Austin should go home and pack Will's stuff, because Lucas would get custody and raise Will. Austin said not to count on it -- he would take Lucas down. As Austin started to leave, Kate scurried into another room.

On his way out, Austin said to himself that he knew what he had to do. Kate returned to Lucas and said that she was proud of him for standing up to Austin. She said that soon everything would be back to normal. Lucas asked, "What is normal?" Kate saw something on the television, and as they turned up the volume, they learned that a verdict had been reached. She wanted to go to the courthouse and watch in person because it was just too delicious to only watch on TV.

At the hospital, Carrie watched Mike and Ali hug and grew furious with Ali. She interrupted them, saying that she and Mike needed to talk. Ali left. Carrie and Mike went out to the terrace to talk. She told Mike what she had overheard Ali telling Nurse Lois earlier. Mike was shocked to learn that Ali was scheming. Carrie said that at least it was not out of hand yet, but he said that it might be too late.

Mike wanted to go inside, but Carrie wouldn't let him until he explained. He said it was all his fault, and maybe he had led Ali on or given her mixed signals. He said that he was a lonely man. He wanted someone to love and to have someone love him in return. She assured him that Ali was not that person. She said that there was someone out there for him and that he would find her someday. He said he already had, but he couldn't have her.

Mike asked if Carrie knew how hard it was to keep his hands off her. She said that she was sorry, and that things could have been different, maybe. Sensing that she was uncomfortable, he apologized for putting her on the spot, but he just couldn't help how he felt. He took her hand and told her they should get in out of the snow. There was an awkward silence as they stared at each other.

Mike told Carrie it was best that they not be alone anymore, and it was goodbye. He said that they needed to begin to build a wall between them that could never be torn down.

Bo and Shawn-D arrived on the boat, looking at the ring. Shawn-D wanted to call Doug and Julie, and Bo broke down and let him. Alone, Bo said that he was planning to go to Santa Rosa, and if all worked out, they would marry there. When Shawn-D returned, he said that Doug and Julie were excited and thrilled over the news. Bo sent him, with police protection, to Alice's to pack the rest of Hope's things and said that he had an errand to run before they left.

Back at the hospital, Greta awakened from her surgery. John was there with flowers -- camellias -- and she was thrilled. She thanked him for everything he had done for her and told him that she was in no pain. She told him that she had dreamed of him and her mother while she had been out. They talked about Gina, and John just wished he could remember.

Greta vowed to help John find out about his past. She said that when she was better, she planned on going to Europe and researching her mother to find out everything that she could. He told her that was his plan as well. They decided they could work together. Greta couldn't help but wonder how Marlena would feel about it. He told her not to worry because Marlena was just as concerned about his past as he was.

Bo arrived to see Greta before he left. He told John about Hope's flashbacks and how worried he was about her. They talked about what she might have done for Stefano. Greta became agitated and said that her mother wasn't a criminal. Bo also asked John to keep an eye on Stefano while they were gone.

After Bo left, Greta confided in John that when she was a little girl, she had always wished that he were her father. She had loved him very much, and she still did. John leaned over, kissed her forehead, and hugged her. Marlena stood in the doorway.

Rolf and Stefano were working diligently on the transformation. Rolf said they only had a short window of opportunity to accomplish their task. Rolf was upset over the storm. Stefano told Rolf to do something about the "damned blizzard." Rolf replied that it was time for a reality check -- he was not God.

Rolf said it would either work or it would not, but they would know in a few minutes. Bart called and told Stefano that Hope was on the move. Rolf told Stefano to get ready.

Hope continued to look at the photo of her and Stefano. She was shocked when Lili returned. Lili wanted to know what was wrong, but Hope didn't tell her or show her the picture. Lili begged her, but Hope became agitated and said she had to leave.

Hope drove her car in the snowstorm. She had flashbacks and was angry that she was aware that she had been an art thief and involved with Stefano. She said it was her worst nightmare come true as she looked at the picture again. She saw herself and Stefano dancing in her flashbacks.

Hope said that she had to get to Bo -- he was the only one who could help her. As she put the picture in her purse, she took her eyes off the road. The car swerved, and she screamed.

Bo returned to the Fancy Face, looking for Hope, but she wasn't there. He wondered where she was as he said this time nothing would go wrong. Hope, with blood streaming down her face, stumbled from the car and collapsed in the snow.

Rolf and Stefano started the countdown to activate the satellite. Hope lay in the snow, having flashbacks. She tried to get up but couldn't. Rolf counted 3-2-1 and the button was pushed. Stefano begged his Gina to return to him.

As she lay there, bleeding in the snow, Hope started having flashbacks of her life as Hope as well as Gina. Her memories went into fast motion -- her wedding, Shawn-D's birth, dancing with Stefano -- alternating between Hope and Gina. They grew faster and faster until her eyes flew open, and she just stared straight ahead of her.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Days of our Lives was preempted due to NBC News coverage of the impeachment trial.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Marlena went to see Greta in the hospital. John was still with Greta, whose face was bandaged. John told Marlena that it was nice of her to visit Greta, but Marlena told John that she was there to get him.

Greta didn't want John to leave because he had promised he would stay. Marlena said she understood, but her daughter's jury had reached a verdict. Greta apologized and said she hadn't known. John asked if they knew what the verdict would be, and Marlena said she didn't think it was good. She cried in John's arms and said she couldn't bear saying goodbye to Sami.

Marlena told John she needed him with her, and Greta told John he had to go. Greta said she understood because she had lost her mother when they were separated, and she'd do anything to have her mother back again. John damned Stefano for everything he had done to them. Greta told Marlena that she was sorry for being selfish and told John to go. John and Marlena left, but before they did, John told Greta that he'd always be there for her.

Austin showed up at the hospital to see Carrie, and Ali told him she was with Mike, as usual. Austin couldn't find them, and Ali said they had probably left the hospital. Ali said that she had been with Mike when Carrie had barged in and demanded that they speak, and of course Mike had left with her. Ali told Austin she wished Carrie would focus on her own life instead of Ali's and Mike's.

Austin told himself that he hoped Carrie understood what he was about to do, and he wrote a note. Austin turned on the television and saw that the jury would give its verdict in one hour. Austin recalled Craig talking with Nancy and how Craig had given it away that Sami had been found guilty. Austin got in his car and drove to the pub. On the way, he had horrible visions of a prison guard tearing Sami away from Will.

Mike and Carrie were outside the hospital. Carrie told Mike that she wanted to continue working with him, but she needed to stop feeling the way she felt for him and keep her commitment to Austin. Carrie attempted to leave, but Mike asked her not to go. He then apologized and said that when she walked through the door, they'd never be alone together again. Carrie said she had to commit to Austin, and Mike understood. Mike was beeped to the operating room, so he left with Carrie.

Roman decided to find Sami because the verdict was already back. Eric was upset because he knew Lucas had killed Franco, and it was not fair that Sami was going to be convicted for it. Roman went to see Sami, who was with Will. He told her that a verdict had been reached, and they had to go. Sami realized she was going to jail and had accepted it.

Sami swore she hadn't killed Franco, and Roman told her he knew -- that was why he wouldn't give up on her. Roman told Sami they had to go, and Will called for his mommy. Sami didn't want Will to see her crying and had hoped he'd be asleep when she left. Roman told her to stay with Will until he went back to sleep, and Roman would return to get her.

Roman went downstairs, and Eric told his dad that it was very messed up because once Sami went to jail, Lucas would get custody of Will. Eric said since Lucas' true colors were out, he understood why Sami had tried to change Will's blood type. He was sorry she hadn't gotten away with it. Roman was appalled and told Eric that what Sami had done was wrong; it had been criminal.

Eric apologized and said he just felt helpless. Roman said that Mickey would file an appeal, which would give them time to get the evidence they needed to acquit Sami. Roman said that perhaps Lucas wasn't the killer. It might be an older enemy of Franco's who had done it.

Will fell asleep, and Sami said goodbye. She told her son that God would always be with him. Sami saw Austin banging on the window, and she opened it for him. He told her to pack her bags and get Will because they were getting out of there. Sami didn't understand. Austin explained that he had heard Craig talking to Nancy on the phone, and it sounded like Sami had been found guilty. Furthermore, Lucas had drawn up custody papers and was going to file them the minute she was in jail.

Suddenly, Roman knocked on the door and told Sami that it was time to go. Sami told her dad she wanted to say one last goodbye to Will then she'd be downstairs. Austin told Sami they should go, but Sami said she didn't want to do it. She needed to face her punishment. Austin said she couldn't let herself be convicted of a crime she hadn't committed.

Sami said she'd have to put her faith in Mickey and her dad to prove her innocent of the crime, plus she didn't want Austin to get in trouble. Austin said he didn't care about the risks involved. He wouldn't let Will be raised by a drunken killer.

Back downstairs, Marlena and John arrived. John said that if there was anything he could do, all Roman had to do was ask. Eric went up to get Sami, then rushed downstairs and exclaimed, "Sami is gone!" Austin and Sami were on the road, and Austin told Sami that no matter what, he would make sure she was never separated from Will.

Bo waited for Hope on his boat. He didn't understand why she was late, so he called Lili. Lili said Hope had left but had been very upset. Bo thought maybe she was taking it slowly because of the storm, and both Bo and Lili promised to contact one another if they heard anything. Bo called the police to get accident reports, but none were of Hope's car. He began to worry as to where she might be.

Rolf and Stefano watched as the satellite went into position. Stefano said over and over, "Come back to me." Rolf told Stefano that the signal had been sent, and they just had to wait and see if it had penetrated through the blizzard. Stefano tried to call Bart, but nobody answered his cell phone.

Stefano started to worry then realized that Hope could have been alone when the signal was activated. Stefano asked if the signal would be more powerful if she had been outside, and Rolf said yes. Stefano said that meant Hope could be completely Gina. Rolf said that if she was Gina, she should also have Hope's memories.

Hope was lying at the side of the road, experiencing all sorts of mixed memory flashes -- pieces of her life with Bo and pieces with Stefano. Hope woke up and said, "Stefano," but then collapsed again. She started to moan Bo's name as well as Stefano's.

Later, a highway patrolman found Hope. Hope was taken to the hospital, and Mike recognized her. Carrie told Mike that she'd call Bo. Carrie called Bo to report that Hope had just been taken to the hospital; she'd been in an accident. Bo told Carrie that he'd be right there. Bo showed up and went to see Hope; he told her that he loved her and wanted her to return to him.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

At the hospital, Carrie told Mike she had to go to the courthouse for Sami's verdict. Mike suggested she go with Austin instead of by herself, but Carrie said Austin had already been there and left because he hadn't been able to find her. Carrie said that no matter what the outcome of the trial was, she had to try to make amends to Austin for not being a good enough wife.

Mike told Carrie that she was not the only one to blame in the situation. Austin was guilty as well. A nurse gave Carrie a note from Austin, and Carrie exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" Carrie asked Ali to excuse them for a moment, and she showed the note to Mike. She then decided to call her dad.

Mike and Carrie went to his office, and Carrie told Mike that she thought it was Sami's idea. Carrie feared Austin would be behind bars and wouldn't be able to protect his precious little Will. All Austin had done was to make things worse. Carrie then realized Austin had deserted her. He had chosen Sami. Mike comforted her, and Carrie cried on his shoulder.

Ali went to Craig and whined about how unfair it was that Carrie and Mike had been huddled together all night, and Carrie wouldn't let Ali be with Mike. Ali said she wouldn't let that "arrogant little bitch" treat her that way. Ali told Craig that one way or another, she would end up with Mike -- and Carrie seemed to be the only thing standing in her way.

Lucas and Kate watched the trial on television, and Kate was positive that Sami would get life. Kate couldn't wait to see Sami taken away in shackles, and Lucas couldn't wait to see the look on Austin's face. Kate and Lucas prepared to go to the courthouse, and Kate told Lucas not to make a scene. Lucas said he just wished Sami had been honest. He was also upset with the way Austin was treating Kate. Kate said that she hoped one day they could all reconcile, but Lucas refused to love Austin like a brother after he had turned his back on everyone.

At the pub, Eric told the family that Sami and Will were gone. Eric, John, and Roman went out to look for Sami but returned empty-handed. Roman was furious, but Eric said that Sami was just afraid. Roman said that what Sami had done had just made the situation worse. Roman got a call from Maggie. Mickey wanted to talk to Sami before going into court. Roman decided to try to buy time because when Mickey learned that Sami was missing, he would have no choice but to tell the court.

At the courthouse, reporters questioned Mickey when he tried to enter the court. Marlena, John, Roman, and Eric were waiting for him and tried to stall for Sami. Marlena told Mickey that no matter what happened, they were grateful for what he had done. Kate and Lucas showed up, and it sickened Roman. Kate realized that something other than the verdict was bothering Roman.

Roman got a call from Carrie, who told him that Austin, Sami, and Will had run off. Court began, and the judge was unhappy that Sami was not present. Marlena finally told Mickey that Austin, Sami, and Will were gone. Lucas overheard it and was angry. Mickey said the verdict would be rendered without her present, and she might be declared a fugitive.

The judge reconvened court and said Sami's absence would not stop her trial from going on with its conclusion. Nancy stood up and said that the jury had found Samantha Brady guilty. The judge asked all the jurors if they had voted guilty, and they all said yes. Kate was thrilled, but Lucas said it no longer mattered because Sami and Will were gone.

Austin, Sami, and Will were driving out of Salem when Sami heard her case on the radio. Sami wanted to go back, but Austin refused to let her die for a crime she hadn't committed. Sami asked how he knew what the verdict was, and Austin told her that he had overheard Craig talking with Nancy on the phone. Austin swore to Sami that he would prove she hadn't killed Franco, but Sami wanted to know how he was going to prove it.

Austin told Sami to have faith. Sami said it wouldn't happen, but Austin promised to make Lucas admit the truth. Sami was grateful to Austin for rescuing her, and she was also grateful to Carrie for letting him do it, but then she realized Carrie didn't know. Austin said he had left her a note, and she'd understand. Sami told Austin that he was the only one who truly believed in her, and that meant a lot to her.

Sami turned on the radio and learned court was in session and that she was not present. Later, Sami learned that she had been found guilty, was on the run, and was to be considered a fugitive. The FBI and state patrol had been called in to find her, but Austin told her that he would protect her. Suddenly, Austin noticed a roadblock ahead, and the cops were behind him.

Friday, January 22, 1999

At the courthouse, the reporters questioned Marlena and Roman about Sami. Marlena and Roman replied that they hoped Sami would return. Roman decided to go to Kate's to see if he could find out where Austin had taken Sami. John told Marlena not to worry; Austin would return when he realized he had made a mistake. Marlena wanted to see Carrie, so John said he'd drive her to the hospital.

Kate and Lucas were furious that Austin had taken off with Sami and Will. Lucas said Sami had Austin snowed, and they had to get his son back. Kate told Lucas there had to be a clue as to where they had gone, and they had to find it. Kate and Lucas went home, and Kate learned that Austin had taken the four-wheel drive vehicle. Kate realized that Roman had put an APB out on the wrong vehicle.

Roman showed up to talk with Kate. He told her that if Austin returned in 24 hours, no charges would be filed against him. Kate was relieved and told him that Austin had used her four-wheel drive to escape.

Back at the hospital, Carrie cried on Mike's shoulders about what Austin had done. Carrie was positive that Sami had convinced Austin to do it. Carrie asked Mike if he believed Sami was innocent, and he said he didn't know. Carrie feared that Austin might never return. Mike told her that she could always count on him. She thanked him and said she didn't know if she could count on her husband anymore.

Ali interrupted Mike and Carrie, and Mike asked her to wait. Ali told herself that she would get Mike's attention somehow. John and Marlena showed up. Marlena went to see Carrie while John went to see Greta. Marlena told Carrie that she shouldn't be leaning on Mike.

Marlena read Austins' note and thought Austin was the one who had decided to run off, but Carrie thought it was Sami's idea. Marlena said that if Austin returned within 24 hours, no charges would be filed. Carrie cried that if she had only been there when Austin had dropped by, she could have stopped him, but she might never see her husband again. Later, Marlena had a talk with Mike about his closeness to Carrie. Mike told Marlena that he intended to be there for her, unlike her husband.

Marlena called Roman and told him she thought she knew a way to get Sami and Austin home.

Out on the road, Austin hit a roadblock, and the cops were behind him. Austin told Sami to cover herself and Will up. The officer pulled them over and told them that the road ahead was closed. The officer let them go, but when he returned to his car, he heard the APB out on Austin and chased after them. Austin turned his car around and told Sami to hold on. Austin smashed through the roadblock and kept on driving.

Sami turned on the radio and heard the reporter say that they believed Sami was on the run with her brother-in-law, Austin Reed. The announcer said they had a special announcement for Sami. Marlena and Roman spoke over the radio and asked Sami to please return to Salem. Roman told Sami they would appeal the conviction and wouldn't stop until she was acquitted. Marlena added that they wouldn't let her lose Will. Roman also had a message for Austin: if he took their daughter home, he would not be punished. Marlena told Austin that Carrie needed him and wanted him to return home.

Austin asked Sami what she wanted to do. Sami wanted to go back, but Austin told her that he had made a promise to protect her and wanted to keep that promise. Sami told Austin that it was no life for any of them and that he should take her back.

Rolf and Stefano were at the hospital, talking about how they had lost Gina. Stefano remembered his Gina and stated how everything would be perfect if he had her back. Rolf went back to the house, and Stefano decided to pay Greta a visit. Stefano went in and saw a sleeping Greta. He talked to her until she woke up.

Stefano told Greta to relax. He had just stopped by to see how she was feeling. She told him that there was a little pain but nothing like it had been before. Stefano told her that when her bandages were removed, she would look as beautiful as her mother. Greta didn't think so because her mother had been very beautiful.

Stefano told Greta that her mother had meant a lot to him, and they had been very close. Greta asked him how her mother had died. John walked into the room and told Stefano to tell her. Stefano said he didn't know how she had died, but he would have done anything to prevent the tragedy. Stefano said he should go but would be back to visit her. He kissed her and wished her a good night. Greta told John that she didn't trust Stefano, and John told her that she was right not to.

At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian was receiving polka music through her teeth when Celeste showed up. Celeste told Vivian that she had Vivian's will. Vivian said that she had to sign the will that night and have it notarized. Stefano returned home, and Vivian showed him her will. He told her it was ludicrous and tore it up. However, Vivian got another copy of her will and made Stefano sign it.

Stefano said he could keep Vivian's will in his safe, but Celeste said she would take care of it. Vivian and Celeste left, and Stefano became angry and said he would not accept defeat. Stefano told Rolf they needed to make sure Vivian's will was lost before she filed it. Rolf apologized for failing Stefano, but Stefano vowed to find another way to turn Hope back into Gina.

At the Horton house, Bo asked Hope to marry him. Hope hugged Bo then Bo kissed her. When Hope recalled the picture of her in Stefano's arms, she pushed Bo away and slapped him. Hope apologized and said she didn't know why she had done that. She told him she couldn't think about the future at that moment. Bo pushed her for answers, but she told him she was just not ready for that.

Hope said she wanted to rest and gave him the engagement ring to keep safe. Bo asked her why she was doing that and Hope just told him that she needed to be alone. She asked him to go. Bo refused to leave her that way because he was worried about her. Hope told Bo that she needed to be by herself at that moment.

Bo looked into Hope's eyes and told her that he cared about her. He said he wanted to know what was going on so he could help her. Hope told him that the only thing he could do was to give her some time and space. Bo told her that she would wear the ring one day, and then he left.

Hope told her Gran about Bo's proposal and how she had rejected it. Alice didn't understand, and Hope snapped at her Gran. She then apologized and said she hadn't meant to snap; she was just tired. Alice asked Hope if she was having more flashbacks. Hope said yes, but she could handle them.

Hope told her Gran that she couldn't move on with Bo until she knew what she had done as Gina. She told her Gran not to worry about her. Hope said that she had to go out and put on a new hat -- the fur hat she was always wearing in her Gina flashbacks.

Bo went to the hospital and ran into John. Bo told John about Hope's mood change and the accident. In her room, Greta had a dream that her mother visited her, and her face was revealed -- it was Hope's.

Meanwhile, Hope went to the DiMera mansion. Hope handed Stefano the picture of them and asked if it looked familiar. He asked her where she had gotten it, and she said the only thing that mattered was that his game was over. She knew everything. Stefano tried to say he didn't know what she was talking about. She told him to save it and said she knew she had stolen Lili's paintings, and he would get what he deserved.

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