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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Mike wakes up to find himself sleeping in Ali's bed, her head is on his chest. He tries to escape from her, so to speak, but she's got him pretty much stuck. Ali finally wakes up, hugs Mike, and asks him not to leave. Ali apologizes for being needy, but Mike tells her that he understands. He suggests she see a counselor at the hospital , and she says she will. Mike still feels guilty about not walking her to the car, but Ali says he wanted to walk her there, but was distracted by Carrie. However, she says she's not blaming Carrie, she understands he needs to be there for Carrie and feels that their relationship is a lot like Carrie's and his.

Carrie spent the night in her office because she didn't want to go home. Nancy tells her that she feels responsible for Austin leaving. Carrie asks how and Nancy says because she found Sami guilty. Carrie tells Nancy that she does not blame her at all. Nancy asks who the person who rescued her last night was and Carrie says it was a good citizen of Salem. Nancy suggests she take the day off, but Carrie says she has a lot of work to do.

Carrie asks if Mike is in, but Nancy says he took Ali home last night and hasn't come in yet. Carrie says that she owes Ali an apology for suspecting her of staging her mugging. Nancy says she is pretty suspicious of Ali, and Carrie adds she's also suspicious of Craig. Nancy asks why and she says that she's seen and heard them talking about Mike. Nancy says that everyone confides in Craig, he's a good listener and gives good advice. She assures Carrie that Craig has great respect for Mike and wouldn't try to hurt him. Carrie apologizes. Carrie decides to go to Mike's office to take a shower. Nancy stays behind to put her blanket away when Mike calls, expecting Carrie. Nancy asks if she can take a message and he tells her that he'll be late for their meeting. He tells her that he stayed the night with Ali, and is still there.

Mike and Ali eat breakfast. Mike says he has to take a shower, so Ali tells him that he can take one here. Mike eventually agrees, and when he goes into the bathroom, Ali gets a call from her "mugger." Ali asks him if he hurt her too badly, did she? The mugger says someone came to her rescue, but he didn't get a good look at him. Ali tells her mugger that she'll meet him later at Salem Place.

Nancy brings Carrie the morning paper, which Carrie can't read because it's about Austin. Nancy then tells Carrie she should meet with Ali and clear the air. Carrie decides that Nancy is right, so she heads over to Ali's place. Carrie talks with Ali in her doorway and the two fight about her intentions towards Mike. Ali tells Carrie to stay out of her life, but Carrie refuses to let her take Mike in. Ali asks Carrie if she ever considered that Mike might want to be with her? Carrie says no, when Mike comes out of the bathroom in a towel and asking for shaving cream.

Marlena asks John if he would accompany her to some interviews to three private schools. John tells Marlena that he feels public school is the way to go, but she can go ahead and do whatever she wants. Suddenly, Belle starts screaming and John yells at Brady not to tease his sister. John apologizes for yelling at him. Later, Marlena asks what is wrong with him? John says he's just frustrated because he is making no headway with the search for his past. Marlena tells John that she's still afraid he'll find something horrible. John tells her that nothing will ever come between them. He tells her not to let him forget to go by Saint Luke's later to light a candle for Sami, Austin, and Will. John tells her that he believes they will turn themselves in. John has to go to see Greta, so he tells her to go to the private schools and they'll both go to the one she likes best.

Billie and Roman are in his bed. Billie wakes up, and Roman does soon after. Roman kids with her, saying he had a dream that they made love, but then says "it wasn't a dream!" Billie laughs and asks Roman what have they done? Roman says he has no regrets and Billie says she doesn't either. Billie tells him that she never thought they'd share this kind of closeness again. She tells him that she doesn't want a commitment, and Roman feels the same about her. He knows they both are in love with others, but they can help each other get over their loves. Roman and Billie get up and eat some breakfast and Roman vents about Austin, Sami, and Will. Billie, who is wearing Roman's robe, decides to go get dressed.

Roman goes to get the paper, only to find Marlena on his doorstep! Roman invites her in and Marlena tells Roman to look at the paper, Sami and Austin are on the cover. Marlena fears someone will shoot and kill Sami before she turns herself in. Roman tells her that won't happen. Marlena says she's feeling alone because John has been busy . . . . . Suddenly, Billie trots down the stairs. Marlena decides to go, but Billie tells her she was about to leave. Billie tells Marlena she hopes Sami and Austin come home soon, and then she leaves. Roman tells Marlena he's sorry for putting her in an awkward position. Marlena asks if Billie spent the night and Roman says she did. She realizes this isn't the first time. Roman tells her it isn't.

At the hospital, Greta is having another dream that her mom has come to see her. Greta doesn't want her mom to see her with the bandages. Gina tells Greta that everything will be fine, she is here for her now. John comes in and wakes Greta up, who wants to know where her mom has gone. John tells her that she was asleep, it must have been a dream. Still, Greta says she feels her mother's presence.

Stefano tells Rolf that Vivian has gone to New York, so he tells Rolf to work on a cure for her while Gina copies the paintings. Rolf is still worried that Gina will be found out by Bo because the real Hope is gone. Stefano says that he wishes Gina would get rid of Bo, but he knows that's not possible. He says that he just has to make sure Gina goes to Europe without Bo.

Vivian is hiding at the townhouse with Celeste and Ivan. She's furious at Stefano for what he's done to her. She says she hopes Ivan, Celeste, and John will remember her fondly when they look at her paintings. Vivian gets a great idea. She says while Ivan brings the car around, she'll get Jonsey's gun and then they will go kill Stefano! Ivan tells her she could spend her life in prison, but Vivian says nobody will convict her! Celeste tells her that Stefano doesn't know that she knows the truth, which sparks Vivian's imagination. She tells them that she knows exactly what she's going to do.

Bo goes over to the Horton house to see "Hope", but Alice tells him that she's still sleeping. Bo thinks something is going on with "Hope" and he intends to find out what it is. Bo tells Alice about "Hope" slapping him, and then how "Hope" told him that she hasn't gotten over his betrayal with Billie and doubting her when she first returned to Salem.

Gina wakes up and says she can't wait to get back to Europe. She tells herself that after she does Stefano's job, she won't let him nor anyone stop her from living her life how she wants to live it. Gina is so happy to be back and says she doesn't want to waste another minute. She calls Steffie, who tells her to go to Vivian's townhouse and tells her about the secret entrance in the basement. He warns her to be careful where Bo is concerned, but Gina is confident that she can handle him.

"Hope" comes downstairs dressed in one of her Gina outfits. She tells Bo and Alice that she has things to do today. Alice thinks their is something different about her. "Hope" tells her that it is probably the outfit. Bo asks if he may come with her to her appointments, but "Hope" says he has to clean Gran's garage. Bo suggests that they go see Greta because her bandages come off today. "Hope" wants to see Greta, but remembers Stefano's warning and tells Bo to just say hi to Greta for her.

Gina goes to the back of the townhouse and uses the secret door to get inside. Gina tells herself that she can't wait to get back to Europe and reunite with her daughter and partner. Stefano is waiting for her inside and Gina asks Stefano if he really expects her to paint in THIS place? Stefano promises to make it all pleasing for her and will provide her with paints and espresso. However, Stefano tells Gina not to rush through the paintings, they must be perfect. Gina asks which painting to do first and Stefano asks her which one does she think? Gina answers the Rennet and Stefano says "of course!" As the two head upstairs, thinking Vivian is in New York, Vivian hears something.

Bo goes to the hospital to see Greta, who is with John. Greta asks how Hope is and Bo says she says hi and will come to see her later. Greta asks Bo why he seems blue, so he tells her that Hope turned down his proposal. Greta doesn't understand why and Bo says that Hope is nervous about making a commitment to him. However, he says he won't give up on Hope. Dr. Renault shows up to take off Greta's bandages.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Carrie and Alli are arguing at her front door when Mike walks out of the bathroom wearing a towel and asks for some shaving cream. Mike is stunned to see Carrie. Alli says Carrie came to apologize for doubting her attack last night, in fact Carrie was also attacked. Mike says he should have been there for her, but Carrie tells him that he obviously had his hands full with Alli. Carrie decides to leave, but Mike asks if she is okay. Carrie says yes, someone came to her aid.

Alli thanks Mike for staying with her last night, he's a good friend. However, she hopes Carrie doesn't cause a problem because she may have got the wrong idea. Mike tells her that she's just upset about Austin. Mike leaves and Alli picks up the phone. She calls the mugger and asks him to meet her at the Java Cafe. She tells him that she'll pay him extra, and may need to use him again in the future. She tells herself if Carrie tries to ruin her progress with Mike, she may have to get her out of the way for good. Alli looks at her picture of Mike and says she won't let anyone stand in her way. There is a knock at the door and when Alli answers she says "you!"

Nancy tells Craig that Mike stayed at Alli's place as a friend to comfort her, and she just sent Carrie over. Carrie returns to the hospital and cries to her about what she saw at Alli's place. Nancy tells Carrie that she's never seen her this angry. Carrie says she's sick of being lied to and she's sick of Alli's tricks. She cries that she never thought Mike would do this, not after. Carrie asks Nancy if she could be alone for awhile and Nancy says of course, and tells her that she'll be here for awhile if she needs her.

Nancy tells Craig that Carrie acted just like a jealous lover! Nancy says soon, they will be Mr. and Mrs. Chief of Staff. Mike shows up to see Carrie, who is picking up the pieces of her picture. Carrie tells him that she thought he was the one person she could trust, but she was be wrong. She tells him to get out, but Mike refuses. Mike tells Carrie that he wasn't with Alli like she thinks, he stayed there as a friend. Carrie tells Mike that Alli is manipulating him and wishes he'd open up his eyes and see Alli's true colors. Carrie tells Mike that Alli won't stop until he falls in love with her. Mike tells her that he's ended his relationship with Alli because of her, what more does she want? Carrie tells Mike that Alli is in love with him and he's falling for all her tricks. Mike tells Carrie that she's projecting her anger for Austin on him.

Roman tells Marlena about his history with Billie in Paris. Marlena says she understands he needs someone in his life, but she doesn't think Billie is a good choice. Roman tells her that they should just agree to disagree about Billie. Roman asks her how things are with John and she says not well, he's determined to find the truth out about his past and he's becoming close to Greta. Roman asks if she has a problem with Greta and Marlena says that she does not trust Greta because she could be controlled by Stefano.

Roman realizes that Marlena is afraid Stefano may draw John back in, and he could hurt their kids. Roman tells her that he knows John won't let Stefano hurt her or the kids. Marlena says she no longer thinks Stefano is obsessed with her, but Roman says he is and he'll do anything to make the Bradys suffer. However, right now, Roman says they need to concentrate on Sami. Marlena hopes Sami has the sense to turn herself in. Roman wishes he could have proven Lucas shot Franco, but he hasn't given up on his search for the truth yet. Marlena tells Roman she's worried about Carrie's marriage as well, and hopes she doesn't turn to someone else for comfort. Roman tells Marlena that he thinks Carrie and Austin's relationship is strong enough to get through this. Roman returns to the topic of John and tells Marlena to help him find out the truth about his past because they must find out the truth about Stefano.

Greta's bandages are removed and she asks how she looks. Dr Renault gives her a mirror and Greta exclaims "Oh my God!" Dr. Reneault tells her the redness will go away. Greta tells him that she's crying because she's happy, her scars are gone. Dr. Renault tells her that the surgery worked because whoever operated on her previously did an excellent job. Bo says he never thought he'd be thankful to Stefano for anything. Greta says she is so relieved. Dr. Renault leaves and Bo tells Greta that she has a bright future ahead of her. John tells her that every young man in Salem will be lining up to take her out. Greta says she wants to find out about her mother and help John find out about his past. John says Marlena can hypnotize her if she wants. Greta says she thinks Marlena is reluctant and John tells her that Marlena is afraid of what he might find out about his past, and Gina's. Greta says she wants to go to Europe to find what happened to her mother. John tells her that he and Marlena will go with her and Bo says he and Hope will go with her as well. Bo and John decide to start searching and say that when they learn the truth about Gina, they will also know what Stefano is up to.

Stefano and Gina are about to head up the stairs at the townhouse, thinking Vivian is in New York. Upstairs, Vivian hears something and fears Stefano has come for her. Celeste hears the noise as well, and they go to the basement door to investigate, not knowing Stefano is heading upstairs. However, Stefano hears Vivian and he and Gina hide. They are saved by a phone call from Dr. Wu, who has the studied the implant. Vivian tells Celeste and Ivan they have to leave immediately, and rush out.

Gina and Stefano go upstairs and Stefano wonders if Vivian has lied to him and is up to something. Gina looks around the place and says this is much more her style. Gina starts to smoke, but Stefano grabs them from her. He tells her that Hope does not smoke, which means she does not smoke. He tells her not to do a thing to give herself away! Gina looks around at the artwork she's done, and then she looks at Garden at Twilight and remembers stealing it. Stefano tells Gina he wants her to make a copy of all these forgeries. Gina looks at him and tells him that she won't do it.

Stefano says she has to do this, Vivian is going to leave these paintings to his enemies. Gina says she only wishes she had gotten the last painting and Stefano says he almost had it on the Empress Express, but Hope got in the way. Gina says they must get that painting and asks when they leave for Europe? Stefano says they will leave as soon as she forges these paintings. She says she yearns for her old life and remembers her partner. Stefano tells her that from the time she became Gina, she worked alone. Gina tells him that he gave her all of the real Gina's memories, so she remembers her partner, Father John! She asks Stefano to bring him back again. Stefano tells her no, he has no memory of what he did and it could be dangerous. He tells her to work alone. Gina says she wants to see her friends and family, but Stefano tells her she can not see John or Greta. Gina says he can't keep her away from her daughter! Stefano tells her that she's not the girl's real mother, but Gina says she has her memories and in her heart and soul she is Greta's mother. Stefano warns her to do as he says if she wants to stay Gina. Gina says she wants to, so Stefano tells her to stay away from Greta. Gina tells Stefano that if he turns her back to Hope, he'll have another enemy, but as long as she stays Gina, they both get what they want. Stefano says as long as they both want the same thing. Gina tells him of course they do and tells him not to worry so much.

At Dr. Wu's, Vivian looks at the implant through a microscope. Vivian asks what it is and Dr. Wu tells her it is a microprocessor, it received signals from a device that that changed her moods. Celeste and Ivan tell Vivian that is why she was behaving so odd, and Vivian wonders why Stefano was controlling her mood swings. Vivian remembers when the device was implanted in her and that she dislodged it after falling out of the hot air balloon. Vivian says she thought she was losing her mind.

Ivan tells her that was his plan. Dr. Wu wonders what Stefano wanted from her. Dr. Wu tells her that the device has also taken a toll on her body and she doesn't have long to live. Vivian asks how much time she has left. Dr. Wu doesn't know, but says he will prepare a serum for her to help her delay the inevitable. Vivian says she has a plan to turn the tables on Stefano, but she'll need Dr. Wu's help. Celeste asks Vivian what she's planning? Vivian says this time, Stefano will get a taste of his own medicine.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Gregory tells Kate and Lucas that the custody papers have been filed. Kate tells him he will get his son back, but Lucas screams that Will is gone! Gregory tells Lucas that Austin stealing Will will help his case. Lucas asks how and Kate tells him that he kidnapped his son, nobody will give him custody now. Lucas says that Sami and Austin always find a way to keep him from his son. Kate says not in this case. Gregory tells them that Sami will be convicted and Austin will most likely spend some time in jail. But, that doesn't mean Lucas will get custody. Kate exclaims "what!" Gregory says Lucas isn't the model dad right now. Lucas says he's kicked drinking, what else does he want? Gregory tells Lucas to go to his AA meetings and perform his public service duty by working in a children's home.

He also says it would look better if Lucas was married. Kate says Lucas can't come up with a wife on short notice, but Lucas already has someone in mind. Gregory leaves and Lucas tells Kate that marriage is the answer. Kate tells Lucas that marrying Nicole is a terrible idea, besides, Nicole is dating Eric. Lucas says that is a temporary situation and only he can give Nicole what she wants. Lucas calls Nicole's place, but Eric takes the phone off the hook. That steams Lucas and he tells his mom that Eric may be in the way of him and Nicole now, but it won't be that way for long. Kate tells Lucas that Nicole is only looking out for one person, herself. Lucas tells her that she doesn't know Nicole. Kate tells him neither does he, that's the problem!

Marlena apologizes for dropping her problems on him, but Roman says he wants them to be friends. Marlena says that is important to her too. Roman remembers the good times they spent in this house. Abe calls Roman and tells him that they've cranked up measures to find Austin and Sami. Marlena asks Roman what could happen to Sami after she's caught? Roman doesn't like to think about it, but he tells her that there is a good chance that the judge could give her the death penalty. Roman says that what Austin did was stupid and put everything at risk. Marlena adds including his marriage to Carrie. Roman doesn't think that, but he asks Marlena if she knows something he doesn't? Marlena says before Austin left, there was a distance between him and Carrie. Roman says he was so preoccupied with Sami that he neglected Carrie. Marlena says that is what Austin did as well.

Eric tells Roman, that he is at Nicole's if he needs to reach him. Roman tells Marlena that Eric is at Nicole's. Roman feels that Nicole only cares about herself and he fears she has already sold Eric out. Marlena asks him to tell her what he means, so he retells the incident with the steps. Marlena doesn't want to see Eric being used. Abe comes over to see Marlena and Roman and tells them that they are searching some of the cabins up on the moutains right now. Marlena decides to go see how Carrie is holding up. Abe gets a call and tells Roman that his people may have found Austin and Sami.

Eric and Nicole are still in bed. Eric wonders why they waited so long. Nicole tells him that they wanted everything to be right. Eric wishes Austin and Sami would contact him, he needs to know if they are safe. Nicole gets out of bed to get them something to drink, and later she tells them they have to go to work. Eric offers her a ride, but Nicole says they should keep this phase of their relationship between them for now. Eric leaves and Nicole calls *69 to see who called her earlier, and it was Lucas. Nicole tells him that she thought it was him that called. She tells him she didn't mean to hang up on him. She tells him that she has a photo shoot today and better go. Lucas tells her that he'll see her when she gets to Titan.

Alli's mom shows up to see her, which shocks Alli. "Allison's" mother tells her that it is good to see her, but she's putting on weight. Alli's mom says she came to comfort her after she botched the head nurse job. Alli says she doesn't need comfort, but her mom says she always took rejection hard and she took her failures far more worse than her (Alli's mom) and her father did. Alli raises her voice to her mother and says ENOUGH! Alli asks her mom why she is here and her mom says she came to discuss her future. She will most likely have to leave Salem because she can't stay at a hospital that doesn't think she's worthy of a promotion and where the head chief of staff doesn't think she's worthy to date. Alli tells her mom that she and Mike have NOT broken up, it was a misunderstanding. Still, Alli's mom says she has a bad track record with men. Alli knows her mom is dying to brag to her lady friends that her daughter is married and she tells her that she is going to marry Mike Horton. Alli's mom says she sure sounds confident. Alli tells her that she raised her to be. ALi's mom asks when she gets to meet Mike? Alli suggests they do it tonight over dinner. Alli's mom says this will be so exciting and leaves to make plans.

Mike tells Carrie that she is projecting her anger for Austin onto him. Mike says not seeing him is the cause, but Carrie tells Mike she did see him, last night. Mike asks where and Carrie tells him that Austin saved her last night in the garage. Carrie is sure Sami has manipulated Austin into doing this. Mike asks her if she really believes that? Carrie starts to cry and wonder if she drove him a way. Mike tells her that is not true, she changed her life for him by agreeing to care for Will. Carrie says that Austin didn't see it that way. She says now Austin's thrown away their marriage for Sami. She then says she wishes she hadn't exposed Will's paternity because Austin and Sami would be married now and she wouldn't have to think about either one of them. Mike tells her that she's hurt and angry and not thinking strait. Carrie tells him t hat he's right, but she is confused. She doesn't know whether to protect Austin or turn him in. Carrie cries that her whole world is falling apart. Carrie apologizes for taking her anger out on him, the one person who has always been there for her. He tells her that will never change, which Carrie says means a lot to her. Mike tells Carrie that he longs to kiss her, but as the two move in to kiss, someone bangs on the door. He tells them to come in, it's a nurse telling him that he's needed in the ER. Mike asks Carrie to wait for him and she says she will. Carrie starts daydreaming about Mike and when Marlena comes in, she accidentally expected him to be Mike. Carrie lashes out at Marlena before she can even say anything to her.

Austin wakes up and Sami makes him some breakfast. Austin tells Sami that he plans to prove her innocence. Sami asks Austin if he's going back to Salem and he says yes. Sami thinks it is too risky and this place is dangerous. Austin tells her that everything will be fine. Will draws Austin a picture and shows it to him, Austin tells him it is very good. Sami sends him off to draw her a picture. Sami continues to worry about Austin going back to Salem. Austin says that he's done it once, he can do it again. He tells Sami that he hopes he can make Carrie understand why he is doing this. Austin tells Sami to trust him. Sami hugs him and says she does. Austin leaves and tells Sami when he comes back, he'll have Lucas' confession and she will be free. Sami has a fantasy about being freed and Lucas being dragged off in chains. Suddenly, someone kicks in the door and holds a shotgun on Sami!

Austin makes it back to Salem and plans to crawl into the air ducts at Titan. Unfortunately, Austin runs into Eric in the photo lab. He begs Eric not to turn him in. Outside the photolab, Lucas has shown up and is about to enter.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Nicole confronts Kate about her conversation with Alex, the P.I. Kate covers saying that she wants Nicole to do more promotions. Nicole says that she is looking for Lucas, when Kate tells her that he is at the photo lab. Kate wonders if she and Eric are back together, but Nicole is not willing to admit that they slept together. She tells her boss that she likes Lucas, but she is her own person and can see who she wants. Kate warns Nicole that she will do anything to protect her children and Nicole snidely mentions that Lucas and Austin are on opposing sides because of Sami.

Lucas is looking at a picture of Nicole, recalling his talk with his mom about his plans to win over Nicole. Inside the photo lab, Austin and Eric are talking when Billie walks in and sees her fugitive brother. She tells them that Lucas is right outside. Austin goes to hide while Billie delays Lucas coming in. Inside, Eric and Lucas start getting into the whole Sami situation, with Austin listening to the whole thing. Lucas gets up to leave, bumping into the screen that Austin is hiding behind.

Eric grabs the screen from Lucas, who leaves. Billie and Austin have a mini-reunion and get down to business about finding the proof. His plan is to use the heating ducts above Kate's office to listen in on Kate and Lucas' conversation. Billie and Eric agree to help Austin. There is a knock on the door, and Austin hurriedly gets into the ducts, just as Nicole walks in, wondering what is going on. Eric and Billie cover and Nicole buys it. Billie leaves, and Eric tells her that he can't stop thinking about her and that there are no more secrets. Nicole flashes to her acceptance of her dinner date with Lucas.

Lucas spots Nicole in Kate's office and asks her to dinner. Nicole accepts, and Kate can't believe her son's actions. Lucas knows that his relationship with Nicole is just what the judge wants to see before giving custody of Will back to Lucas. Kate is raining on Lucas' parade about Nicole. Lucas is confident that Nicole is perfect for him and that he knows the kind of person that Nicole is. Meanwhile, Austin is trying to find Kate's office duct. Amazingly, he does. He can hear Kate and Lucas talking about Sami. Unfortunately, the heat cannot be turned off in the ducts, so Austin is roasting. Lucas keeps talking about telling the truth. Austin pulls out a tape recorder and pushes the record button.

Marlena tells Carrie that she has come to her office to apologize. Carrie is confused about the abrupt change, but Marlena concedes that what Austin did was wrong. Carrie starts venting her frustrations, saying she turned to Mike because he was the only person she could count on. Marlena offers her support, but Carrie refuses. And, she can't forgive Austin for choosing Sami over his wife. It's at this moment, that Mike walks in. Carrie wants Marlena to leave, but she won't, so Carrie storms out. Mike wants to go after her, but Marlena cautions him that Carrie needs a new person to lean on now. Mike argues that he has been the constant in her life, but Marlena worries that Mike's feelings are getting in the way. Mike shoots back saying that if he was married to Carrie, he would not run off with someone else. Mike says that he will not desert Carrie, like her husband did, as Carrie walks up and hears this confession. Mike is still defending Carrie, when she walks in. Marlena doesn't want to leave with Carrie so upset, but she apologizes and heads out. Alone, Carrie thanks Mike for supporting her.

Mike sees the newspaper with Sami and Austin on the front page. Nancy sees Mike and casually mentions that she is glad he's there for Carrie. Meanwhile, Alli sees Craig and goes to invite him and Nancy to dinner with Mike, Alli and Alli's mom. He agrees and Nancy comes up wondering about Alli. He tells his wife about their dinner plans. Mike talks to Alli asking how she is feeling. She's fine, and tells him that her mom is in town and that she'd love to include Mike in the big dinner they are having. After much convincing, Mike agrees. Alli calls her mom to confirm the time. Her mom starts digging into Alli about all the problems in Alli's life: not getting the promotion, not being married. Alli hangs up and has a fantasy about the bridal shower that the staff is throwing her. Nancy and Craig are wishing that Mike and Carrie would get locked into a room, when Alli comes up, asking Craig for a favor, to let her off early. Nancy gets an idea for setting Alli over the edge. Nancy sees Carrie and informs her about Alli's party. Carrie just says "that's nice" and leaves, leaving Nancy to wonder what is going on.

The woman pointing the gun at Sami wonders what she is doing in her cabin. Doing what comes naturally to her, Sami lies about what she is doing there. However the woman recognizes her from the newspaper. Tracey Simpson, the cabin owner, offers to make Sami some tea. Additionally, Tracey's vibes tell her that Sami is innocent. The two talk about Sami's situation which quickly turns to a political monotribe by Tracey about all the ills of the world. Tracey sees that Sami cares about Austin and vice versa. Tracey holds out hope that Austin will find the proof. Tracey tells Sami that if she were on the jury, she would not have found her guilty. In fact, she knows who killed Franco. Sami says it was Lucas, but Tracey says it was not Lucas, it was someone else.

Friday, February 5, 1999

Bo and John arrive at the Horton house to tell Hope the news they found out about Gina, but Hope is no where in sight. Bo and John discuss what they have found out, Princess Gina's credit card bills stop in 1990 in the Riviera. Bo is excited about the idea of working with Hope again and comments that he could use a dose of the good old days because the new days are putting a strain on their relationship! Bo looks at a picture of Hope in her wedding gown and says as soon as they solve this Gina stuff, they can work on their life together.

Gina and Stefano are at the townhouse. Gina is reading a book of poetry and she and Stefano remember the good old days in Europe. However, Stefano tells Gina not to display her knowledge of Keats around Bo. Gina says she knows what she is doing. Stefano asks her to start copying some paintings, but Gina says not now. Stefano reminds her of the threat of Vivian, but all Gina has to say is "Vivian Schmivian." Gina tells him that if Vivian denies he has nobody to blame but himself. Stefano says he has Rolf working on that problem. Gina says she knows all about Rolf and the man is not God. Stefano reminds her that he created her, but Gina says it's no fun being herself again when she can't BE herself. Stefano promises to whisk her to Europe once she finishes the paintings and she'll never have to be think about Hope again. Gina tells Stefano that she longs to see Greta and John again, but Stefano tells her that they have discussed this before. He asks her to get to work on the paintings, which she does. Stefano leaves her and Gina has a memory of painting long ago. Father John enters the room and starts giving her a massage. The two embrace and Father John, minus the accent, asks if he's interrupting? She tells him the painting can wait and they hug.

Vivian arrives at the DiMera Mansion looking for Stefano, but he's gone. Vivian is furious that Stefano has disappeared, just when she was going to get back at him. Vivian decides to make some special drinks for Stefano when he returns home. Ivan and Celeste are concerned about what she's planning, but she assures them that she has everything under control. Stefano returns home and Vivian tells Ivan and Celeste to get out. Stefano is surprised to see Vivian and asks her why she's home, what happened? Vivian says she just couldn't stand being away from her sexy husband and asks him for a big kiss. Vivian gives Stefano a cocktail and toasts to a night to remember.

At the hospital, Carrie tells Mike that she let him down by the way he behaved about Alli and tells him he's free to be with whoever he chooses. Mike tells her that he is not free to be with the woman he wants. Mike tells Carrie's he's sorry for saying that. Elsewhere, Craig talks with Alli and doesn't understand why Mike all of the sudden wants to meet her mom? ALi says that she and Mike are playing friends right now, but they won't be friends for long. She tells Craig that if she can get Mike again, she can keep him this time. She's positive she and Mike will be a couple again. After Alli walks off, Craig and Nancy plot to keep Mike from making it to Alli's dinner party. Alli goes to Carrie's office and asks Mike if he's ready to go to the restaurant. Mike tells her that he'll meet her there, he's looking forward to meeting Alli's mom. ALi leaves and Carrie tells Mike that meeting Alli's mom sounds serious. Mike says Craig and Nancy are going as well. Carrie apologizes once again for interfering in his life. She tells him to go and have a great time. Mike asks her what she is going to do and she says she will stay here and work.

Alli calls her mom and tells her that Mike has been detained for a little while, but he will be there. Meanwhile, Nancy and Craig set a plan in motion to keep Mike from showing up at the dinner with Alli and her mom. Nancy goes to talk to Carrie and tells her that the charity boxing match has been postponed. Nancy encourages her to go up to administration to deal with it. Carrie gets into the elevator and Craig throws the switch shutting off the elevator's power. Mike shows up and asks Nancy and Craig if they've seen Carrie? They tell him she was headed to administration. Craig and Nancy leave for the restaurant and Mike says he'll meet them there. Suddenly, Carrie sounds the elevator alarm. Mike learns Carrie is trapped in the elevator and goes to save her.

Alli and Claire are waiting at the Tuscany for Craig, Nancy, and Mike. Allison's mother tells her that the dress she is wearing makes her hips look big and she needs more mascara to bring out her eyes. Alli wonders where their waiter is and Claire wonders where her fiancé is. Alli tells her not to call him that, they aren't ready to announce their engagement. Claire begins to wonder if Mike's being late is a way to tell her to back off. Alli asks what that is supposed to mean and Claire tells her that she is a tad too needy and perhaps another woman could snatch him up. Alli tells her mom that she is and always will be the only woman in Mike's life.

Up on the mountain, Tracey tells Sami that Lucas couldn't have killed Franco because it's to obvious, the killer is another person. Sami asks who could it be? Tracey goes over the case with Sami and reminds her that Franco was desperate to marry her. Sami say yes, because he was going to be deported. However, Tracey tells her that Franco could have just married Candy to stay in the country. Sami doesn't really know why Franco would chose her. Tracey tells her that she has an influential family and clout, something Candy doesn't have. Sami asks Tracey if she's saying that Candy killed Franco? Tracey says of course she did! Tracey tells her that Candy obviously shot Franco and framed her and Lucas and Kate kept quiet about it.

At Titan, Austin tapes Lucas and Kate arguing about Sami in Kate's office. Lucas refuses to let Sami and Will get killed in a shoot-out because of their secrets. Lucas blurts out that they know Sami didn't kill Franco and it's time they tells the truth. Suddenly, Kate hears a noise, but Lucas tells her that she's being paranoid. They continue to argue and Lucas says that he thinks it's time he told everyone what really happened when Franco was shot. As they talk, Lucas hears something and then tells his mom that he thinks she was right, they aren't alone. Kate tells Lucas to call security, but Austin drops down from the ceiling. Lucas tells him that he's in a lot of trouble, but Austin tells Lucas he is the one in trouble. Lucas says he is going to call the police. Austin tells him to call the police, he'll just play them the confession he has on tape which will free Sami and put them in hot water.

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