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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Stefano tells Vivian that she is feeling better, which pleases him. Vivian tells him that she is, her mood swings and depression days are over, now she can spend time being Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Stefano drinks his special martini, so Vivian pours him another. Stefano tells her they should have some dinner because these things are lethal on an empty stomach. Vivian wants to keep drinking, but Stefano tells her that this may not be healthy on her system. She reminds him of all the pubs they closed in Europe together and jokes that he can't keep up with her.

Stefano can't turn down a challenge, so tells her to keep them coming. Vivian tells herself that after a few more of these, she'll get all the answers she needs. Stefano drinks some more and tells Vivian that he has a confession to make. Stefano tells her that listening to the music she has playing reminds him of all his children he so misses and his old friends. Stefano starts to get tears in his eyes and says that people accuse him of being ruthless and cold, but very few people have seen his other side. He tells Vivian that is the side he wants to show her. Stefano asks Vivian to indulge him for a moment. Stefano changes the music and puts on some opera music and starts singing along to Vivian. After he finishes, Stefano tells Vivian that there are things about him that nobody knows. Vivian tells Stefano to tell his wife all about it. Stefano tells her that she is right, he needs to be honest with her about why he has been pursuing her. Stefano tells her that the old passion he felt for her came back for her, but he fears he did things to make things between them worse. Vivian asks what things and Stefano says, for instance, he demanded she only rely on him. However, she is getting better, so it was for the best. Stefano tells Vivian that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her.

Carrie yells to Mike that she's stuck in the elevator and needs help. Mike tells her that he won't go anywhere until he gets her out. To try to cheer her up, Mike calls Carrie on her cell phone and pretends to be conducting a survey. Mike tells her that maintenance is working on getting her out, but he will keep her company until then. Carrie says that he has plans with Alli's mom, but Mike says he can be a little late.

Later, after talking with maintenance, Mike tells Carrie that she's going to be stuck in there for awhile. Carrie asks if he will stay with her and Mike says he'll stay all night if need be. Carrie is eventually saved and she tells Mike he should go to dinner now, but thanks him for keeping her company. Mike asks what she is going to do and Carrie says she's going to go home. Carrie tells Mike to go, but he says it's too late, so he'll just hang around here and do work.

Celeste and Ivan are at the Tuscany drinking and praying for Vivian's safety. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy show up and meet Alli's mother, Claire. However, Claire wants to know where Mike is. Nancy tells her that there is a problem at the hospital with the elevator. Claire doesn't understand why Mike has to deal with something so trivial. Alli says there is no problem too small for Mike. Claire says still, it's not polite to keep his fiancée's mother waiting. Craig and Nancy give each other a look. Nancy tells Claire that her outfit is lovely. Claire responds by telling Nancy she likes her outfit as a well and it's nice to meet someone who doesn't feel the need to make a fashion statement. Nancy and Craig, in unison, say "what a bitch!" in their heads.

Craig tells Claire that Mike was very close to hiring Alli as head nurse. Nancy ads that Mike chose a woman who survived breast cancer because she thought she was an inspiration and wanted to play it safe. Alli tells her mom that Mike was afraid their personal relationship could cause a favoritism scandal. Claire says that she rather Allison be a wife, she never wanted her to be a nurse, she only became one when she couldn't get into med school.

Alli decides to go call Mike, but Nancy says she will do that, Alli should spend time with her mom. Claire tells Alli that obviously Mike's job means more to her than she does. Claire leaves to freshen up and says if Mike isn't here when she returns, they are starting without him. Craig asks Alli about her mom thinking that she and Mike are engaged. Alli says she let her think that, it's only a matter of time anyway. Craig asks how she will deal with the fact that Mike isn't going to show tonight? Alli says Mike will be here, he wouldn't disappoint her like that. Later, Mike finally shows up. Claire tells him that she was beginning to think he was a figment of her daughter's imagination.

Roman tells Abe that he thinks Austin may try to contact Eric to try to get his help. Abe reminds Roman that Austin only has a few hours to turn himself in before the DA's deal ends. Roman knows that and says that he's probably already lost any chance of getting custody of Will. Later, a cop, who has the hospital security tapes, comes and tells Abe that Austin showed up in Salem to save Carrie in the hospital parking garage the other day.

Eric finishes taking pictures of Nicole in her current dress and tells her to change. Billie and Eric talk about Austin's safety while Nicole is gone. Eric tells Billie that being Kate's daughter, he thought she'd be more like her mom, but she's not, which he thinks is nice. Billie says that she loves her mother, but she doesn't get along with her all the time and they don't always agree. Eric asks Billie if she thinks Sami is innocent? Billie says that if Sami found Franco dead, there must be another explanation, she successfully avoids answering his original question.

Eric says that he's positive Lucas killed Franco and Kate covered it up. Billie says that she hopes there is another explanation, she doesn't think Lucas could kill Franco. Eric says that neither does Nicole. Billie asks Eric how he and Nicole are these days and Eric tells her that they are just really good friends. Nicole returns in a new dress and Roman shows up as well. Roman asks Eric if he has seen or been contacted by Austin?

Lucas accuses Austin of bluffing about having any proof, so Austin plays the tape for them. Austin tells his mom that he knew she hated Sami, but not so much that she'd let her go down for a crime she didn't commit. He tells them that if they don't tell him the truth, he'll take this tape to the police. Kate tells Austin that he is risking everything for Sami. Austin says that she is risking everything for her drunken, child-beating son! Kate says that Lucas did not hit Will and he did not kill Franco, but they have a theory about who did. Kate tells Austin that Franco was into the mob and he crossed them, and they tried to kill him before. Austin asks when and Kate reminds him the time that Sami was shot at the Salem Club, but it was Franco who was the real target, and Abe said the job was professional. Kate tells Austin that perhaps Franco's friend, Roberto, worked for the mob and sold Franco out and it was the mob, possibly Roberto, who killed Franco and framed Sami. Kate starts crying and says that he owes it to his family to look into this before accusing his brother. Lucas suggests he turns himself in, but Austin refuses because he can't let Sami go to prison.

Kate cries that he's going to end up in prison along with her. Kate tells Austin that she loves him and doesn't want to see him throw his life away for Sami. Austin tells Kate that if she loves him than she'd understand why he's doing this. Lucas asks Austin "what about Carrie?" Austin thinks Carrie will understand, but Lucas says he left Carrie for Sami. Lucas asks where Will is, but Austin refuses to say. Lucas wants to turn him in, but Kate tells Austin to go. Kate and Lucas leave and Lucas asks Kate how she came up with the hitman theory? Kate says she didn't make it up, she knows there was a contract out on Franco. She tells Lucas that she hopes to throw Austin off the trail long enough until Sami is caught and sent to prison. Lucas says Austin will go to prison as well. Kate tells Lucas that they have to play the cards they are dealt, at least she was able to save him. Lucas tells his mom that he hates these lies, and then leaves for his "date" with Nicole.

Austin crawls back through the ducts to the photolab, but right as he gets there, he hears Roman ask Eric if he's seen or been contacted by Austin. Roman gets a call from Abe before Eric can answer. Abe tells Roman that he had some men look at the hospital surveillance tape last night and has learned that Austin is in town, he saved Carrie last night. Roman tells Eric and Billie he has to go check out a convenience store robbery and leaves. Nicole asks Eric if he's ready for dinner yet? Eric says he has a few more things to do and will meet her there. Nicole leaves and Austin climbs out from the air ducts. Austin tells Eric and Billie that he has a new lead, but will tell them later. He asks them to call Carrie. Billie calls Carrie, who is at the hospital, and tells her that Austin wants to meet her on the rooftop right away. Carrie tries to rush home, but is caught by her father, who asks her if she's rushing off to see Austin?

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Billie tells Austin that if he doesn't turn himself in he'll lose Carrie forever. Austin refuses to turn himself or Sami in until he follows up on a new lead. Eric asks what it is and Austin tells them he has to talk to Roberto and find out if a hit was put out on Franco. Billie think they should leave this to the police, and Austin and Eric say the police won't get Roberto to open up. Eric tells Austin that the police know he is in Kate's car, but Austin says the license plates have been changed. Still, Eric tells Austin that he'll go to find Roberto.

Lucas asks Nicole to go to dinner with him, but she has plans with Eric. Lucas tells her to dump Eric, but Nicole says she can't. Eric and Billie exit the photolab and Eric tells Nicole something has come up and he'll meet her at the restaurant in a couple hours. After Eric leaves, Nicole asks Lucas what is going on, why are they all acting strange? Lucas tells Nicole that he's just worried about a project he recommended to his mom. Nicole tells him not to worry, everything will work out. Lucas asks her if she thinks so and she says she does she's always been straight with him.

Lucas asks Nicole to be straight with him and asks what is going on between her and Eric. Nicole says she doesn't want to discuss this and asks if he wants to eat or not? He says yes, but then gets a call about Bella magazine drivers going on strike. He asks Nicole if she can wait while he handles this and she says yes. Nicole overhears Lucas telling someone on the phone that he doesn't want anything to happen to the drivers on strike and that he will be available all night via his cellphone. Nicole is impressed by how much he cares for his employees. Lucas tells Nicole that they will dine wherever she wants, reservations are not a problem.

Eric goes to the strip club to search for Roberto and talks with a guy about him. He tells him that Roberto is a regular, but hasn't shown up yet tonight. Roberto shows up later with some friends and Eric asks them if he can talk to their friend alone. Roberto knows Eric is Sami's brother, but he doesn't know what he wants from him. Eric tells him that he needs information on Franco.

At the hospital, Carrie asks her dad why he thinks she was going to meet Austin? Roman tells her that he knows Austin saved her in the parking garage and he knows he'll be in touch with her. Roman can tell by the look on Carrie's face that Austin has already contacted her. Carrie tells him that she hasn't seen or heard from Austin sense the garage, but the last thing she's going to do is turn him into the cops. Roman knows Carrie is hiding something from him. Billie shows up to see Mike about a charity event, but Carrie says Mike isn't here. Roman asks Carrie to join him and Billie at the Cheatin' Heart, but Carrie says she wants to go to bed.

Carrie leaves and Roman calls Abe and tells him to have men sent over to Austin's place. Billie hears this and asks Roman how could he do that? How could he spy on his own daughter? Austin is only trying to protect Sami and prove her innocence. Roman tells Billie that is the police's job, furthermore some reward-hunting-trigger-happy person could shoot Sami or Austin for the reward. Billie asks if he is trying to scare her. He says no, but after tonight, Austin's deal runs out and he will go to jail, so it would be best if she tells him anything she might know. Billie tells Roman that she doesn't know where Austin is and hasn't talked to him since he ran off. Roman tells Billie that Austin will be caught if he tries to contact Carrie tonight. Billie prays that Austin isn't caught.

Carrie arrives home and finds two officers assigned to guard her and the apartment. They tell her that they have a warrant to search her apartment. Meanwhile, Austin is spotted by the police as he tries to make his way to the roof, but manages to lose them. Carrie goes up to the roof to look for Austin, who is hiding from the cops that were on his tail. Austin and Carrie finally hold each other and kiss. Carrie asks Austin to give himself up, do it for her, do it for their marriage.

John is reading Belle a book when Marlena comes home. Belle insisted she wait up for Marlena to come home. Chelsea puts Belle to sleep and John asks Marlena what is the matter, is it Carrie? Marlena tells John that she's been so hard on Carrie lately and she hopes Austin returns soon, not just for himself, but for his marriage. John asks Marlena if Mike factors in this somehow and Marlena says that Mike cares for Carrie, and Carrie is in a vulnerable place right now. John interrupts and says that Mike is an honorable man, he wouldn't do anything to break up Austin and Carrie. Marlena says that she just fears that Mike and Carrie may not have their priorities straight. Marlena gets a call from Abe and learns that Austin is back in town and they think that he may try to contact Carrie. John changes the subject and tells her about the news he and Bo found out about the real Princess Gina, which may help him find out something about his past. Marlena is happy and she tells him that she's been selfish about his search for his past. John thanks her and tells her that the past is the past, his future is with her and the kids. John makes them some hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch and kiss. John looks at her hand and says that there is a wedding band missing from her finger and suggests they set a date. Marlena tells him that they should do it, and then they continue to kiss.

In Gina's memory, she is very friendly with Father John and tells him that they should go on a picnic. John says he thought she wanted to finish her painting. She says she does, she just needs some inspiration. The two hug and Gina's memory ends. Rolf says that she only lived as Gina for four years, she isn't the real Gina. Gina tells him that she has all the real Gina's memories and she is the only Princess Gina at this point in time. Rolf reminds her that she owes her loyalty and life to Stefano. Gina says she knows that, has she not demonstrated her loyalty? Gina says that she is happy to be in Salem, it gives her a chance to reunite with John and Greta. Rolf tells her that she was warned not to do that. Gina says she just wishes John could remember his past with her. Rolf tells her that Stefano deleted those memories from his brain, and she is not to do anything to give herself away! After Gina leaves, Rolf looks at her painting and says there is something different about Gina and he hopes he and Stefano can control her.

Bo is making chili when Shawn D. comes home. He tells his dad that he only makes chili when he's in a good mood. Bo tells Shawn D. that he has some good news for him. Shawn D. exclaims "oh wow, you and mom are getting married again?" Bo tells him no, he has information about Princess Gina. They talk about Gina and Hope, Shawn D. is afraid his mom could become Gina again. Bo tells him that will never happen. Shawn D. asks when they will move back to the boat and be a family? Bo tells him that he hopes it will be soon.

Bo calls Abe to ask for time off to go to Europe with "Hope" and he gets the time off. "Hope" shows up and Bo tells her they have something to celebrate, he shows her Princess Gina's credit report. Princess Gina's credit stopped when she took on Princess Gina's role, and the credit stopped at a hotel in Rome. "Hope" remembers the hotel and blurts out the name, The Viviana. Bo asks her if she remembers being there? "Hope" says no, Lily told her. Bo tells her that they know Gina was involved with DiMera, and anything she did, and he means ANYTHING, is not her fault. Bo wants to go to Europe and investigate Gina, but "Hope" tells him she isn't sure. Bo is confused and says he thought she wanted to find out about Gina and get some closure? "Hope" tells him that she needs time right now, she can't go away. Bo is still confused. Gina tells herself that she is sick of being boring Hope, she wants to be Gina. "Hope" tells Bo that she has other things to do right now, she needs time before she can follow up on this lead. Bo asks "Hope" if she is hiding something from him? She tells him that she's just tired and doesn't want to talk about this right now. "Hope" tells Bo she'll have some chili tomorrow, it tastes better the second day anyway. Bo tells her good night and says he's going out to the boat. Bo leaves and wonders what is up with "Hope." Meanwhile, Gina says that she is not Bo's Fancyface and she will recapture her glamorous life, no matter what Stefano says.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

John and Marlena come to see Greta. Marlena tells her that she looks beautiful. Greta says she's glad Father John brought her here, but Marlena says this was her idea. Marlena tells Greta that she wants to put John under hypnosis again, and needs her help. Marlena tells Greta that she's decided that John does need to know about his past, he will never be free of it. Greta says that she will do anything to help Father John. Greta tells John and Marlena about a time when John and her mom were going to go to a ball, but John didn't want to go to the ball because he couldn't dance. Princess Gina decides to teach John how to dance and she asks Greta to put on dance music, it's the mysterious Viennese Waltz!

As Gina tries to teach him how to dance, he makes jokes, but then the mood gets very serious. The two lock eyes and dance. Greta tells them that night was one of her happiest memories. John remembers giving Gina an intense look and Marlena realizes that John has finally remembered something. Just as Gina and John were about to kiss, Greta claps and interrupts them. Gina tells Greta that it is bedtime for her. Greta leaves and John asks Gina if she realizes what is happening? John recovers and says what has happened is that she's taught him how to dance. John asks when they leave and Gina says the limo is waiting for them now. Gina tells John she feels lucky and blessed to have him in her life, but John says he is the one who is blessed. Marlena brings John out and says, "you remembered didn't you?" John, however, says he didn't remember anything and asks to be excused. John leaves the room and Greta asks Marlena what is wrong with him? Marlena says that she thinks John remembered something. She goes out to see John, who does indeed remember almost kissing Gina. He wonders that if it is real, and that if it is, what does Gina mean to him?

Vivian asks Stefano if he really married her because he loves her. He says of course, why else? Vivian says maybe for her money, which makes Stefano laugh because he's loaded. A very drunk Stefano tries to cheer Vivian up and says he'll give her anything her heart desires. Vivian asks for 49% of Titan. Vivian says the company is rightfully hers. Stefano tells Vivian that he does not have controlling interest, Kate is in charge. Vivian says she will find a way to oust Kate. Stefano tells her that everything he owns is hers, but he doesn't want to talk business. Vivian changes the subject and asks Stefano what is really going on between him and Hope. Stefano tells her that Hope was trying to get him to admit to anything he knows about her missing years, which he knows nothing about. Stefano suggests they talk about them, and then suggests they go out to an exciting nightspot. Stefano also tells her that he has a suggestion as to what she should wear.

Bo nearly gets into a fight at the Cheatin' Heart, but Roman saves him. Roman asks why he and Hope aren't celebrating their engagement? Bo tells Roman that she turned him down. Roman is shocked and asks why? Bo says that Hope claims she hasn't gotten over his time with Billie. However, Bo hopes to have a future with Hope and Shawn D. Billie walks over to Bo and Roman and Bo asks them how long they've been hanging out together.

Stefano and Vivian dressed in "cowboy clothes" walk into the joint. Stefano asks Bo how Hope is and Bo tells him that she isn't the same and it's because of him! Stefano says he wants to spend a pleasant evening with his wife tonight. Bo says he wants to do the same, but he and his wife are separated because of him. Stefano reminds Bo that if it weren't for him, he wouldn't have gotten Hope back. Stefano tells Bo that he is the one who has rejected Hope time and time again, he married Billie and got her pregnant, so Bo shouldn't blame him for his personal disasters. Bo says he takes full responsibility for hurting Hope, but he's turned her into this Princess Gina and will do anything to stop them from getting to the truth. Stefano tells Bo that he is paranoid. Bo promises Stefano that he will get Hope back and he'll never hurt her again. Vivian wants to go home, but Stefano says he's talking to Bo about Gina. Bo wants to know why he just called her Gina? Stefano tells Bo it's time to face the truth, Hope is Gina and she is here to stay! Meanwhile, Billie, who knows Roman is thinking about Carrie and Austin, suggest they go back to his place to "pass the time." Roman tells her that she talked him into it, and they leave.

Mike, Ali, Nancy, Craig, and Claire are all having dinner, Mike is annoyed by Claire. Claire asks Mike and Ali when they are going to set a wedding date? Mike says he should explain, but first Claire says she wants to propose a toast to them and suggest they plan a June wedding. Claire starts looking through a datebook and Ali tells her "not now." Mike says that he and Ali are just getting to know each other as friends, but Claire says she knows it's gone beyond that. Mike says he feels like dancing and he and Ali hit the floor. Mike asks Ali what the hell is going on, why did she tell her mom they were engaged?

Mike tells Ali that she has to tell her mom the truth. Ali tells Mike she can't, her mom will kill her! As they dance, a photographer takes a picture of them, Claire's idea. Mike tells Ali that she has to tell her mom the truth. Mike tells her if she won't . Ali tries to tell her mom, but runs out. Claire asks Mike what he's done to her daughter? Mike says he didn't do anything. He tells her that Ali and him broke up weeks ago, they are supposed to be just friends. Claire accuses Mike of sleeping with Ali, not giving her a promotion, and then dropping her so he didn't have to commit. She tells him that he makes her sick and slaps him.

Outside the strip club, Eric asks Roberto if he knows anything about Franco's ties to the mob. Roberto laughs at him, but Eric tells him to cut the act. Roberto and Eric go to the Tuscany and Eric asks Roberto who ordered a hit on Roberto? Roberto tells Eric that he can't help him. Eric tells Roberto that he thinks he sold Franco out and if he doesn't talk, the cops will make his life a living hell. Roberto tells Eric that he'll tell him everything he knows. Eric points out Joe Moroni to Eric and tells him that Franco may have known him and he may have the answer he's looking for. However, Roberto warns him that Joe Maroni is dangerous!

Lucas and Nicole show up at the Tuscany for dinner and Lucas promises him that she'll find him much more exciting than Eric. Lucas tells Nicole that he's contacted a Hollywood agent, who will send over some feature film scripts. Nicole tells Lucas that she doesn't know how to thank him. Lucas tells her that he thinks they have a very big future. Lucas tells Nicole that he's been blessed with wealth and power, but it means nothing without someone to share it with. Lucas tells Nicole that together, there is no limit to what they can do. Nicole says she cares about him, but she's in love with Eric. Lucas tells her she'll grow out of it, Eric can't give her what she wants out of life. Lucas then takes Nicole's ring size for future reference.

On the rooftop of their building, Austin tells Carrie that he'd love to come home to her. Carrie thinks that is wonderful and says she will call her dad, but Austin tells her that he can't come home now. Austin tells Carrie about the new lead on the mob ordering a hit on Franco. Carrie asks Austin how Sami got him to abandon his wife and throw his future away for her. Austin tells her that Sami didn't make her do anything, this was all his idea. Austin says that he couldn't let them put Sami away and he knows Lucas and Kate were planning to file for custody of Will. Carrie tells Austin he is wrong about Lucas and he was wrong to run away with Sami and Will. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her, but he is all Sami and Will have. Carrie says he is all she has and wants to know why he is choosing Sami and Will over her? Austin says this isn't about choosing. He tells her to trust him, he will be back soon. Carrie tells him if he really loves her, he will come home and give up Sami and Will. Austin promises her that he will be back. The two kiss when the police show up and aim their guns straight at Austin.

"Hope" gets an attitude with Alice. Alice tells her that she looks like she's going out. "Hope" says she is going out, but not to meet Bo. Alice asks "Hope" what she's up to. Alice tells her that she hasn't been herself for days, she thought she wanted to marry Bo? "Hope" says she does, but the time has to be perfect. "Hope" says she hasn't dealt with the pain of Bo and Billie. Alice tells her not to give up on Bo. "Hope" says she won't give up on fighting for what she wants, and she silently says she wants what she lost so many years ago. Hope then begins to remember the romantic dance she shared with John, the same memory he recalled. Alice asks "Hope" what is wrong and "Hope" says she was thinking of a romantic time. Alice tells her she can make it come back if she really wants it, and "Hope" tells her that she is so right. Later, Gina says John was so good to her and her daughter, but could he honestly have forgotten what they shared?

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Black Bart (a.k.a Stefano), Vivian and Bo are having words at the Cheatin Heart. Bo wants to know what Stefano meant by his Gina comment. Stefano, obviously having had a few too many beers, is cognizant enough to concoct a lie to Bo. Vivian steps in to defend her hubby, and Stef lets it slip that he knows that Hope rejected Bo's proposal. He catches him and wants to know how Stef knows that. Stef covers again, and Viv lays into Bo saying that it was Stefano who saved Hope, and it's not his fault if Bo and Hope are not together again. Bo gets frustrated and leaves to play pool. Viv and Stefano leave and outside the bar, he kisses her passionately. Viv is confused as to Stefano's feelings, but she is determined to get back at him for the implant in her tooth. Bo recalls Hope's refusal of his proposal and the other strange acts she's done and rushes out of the Cheatin'Heart to find her.

Gina is at the hospital, going to see her daughter. She recalls telling Rolf that she is able to fool everyone, including John and Greta. Meanwhile, John is outside Greta's room, having flashes of dancing with Gina. Marlena comes out, worried. Inside her room, Greta is being checked out by Lexie. Greta is reluctant to talk about Stefano, due to Lexie's feelings. Once again, Lexie swears that Stefano has changed. John and Marlena return, and Lexie tells them all the good news...Greta can leave tomorrow. Lexie leaves and Greta thanks Father John. She turns to Marlena asking if she would hypnotize John again. John says that right now, they should focus on Greta, but he is upset about going through another session.

Gina enters Greta's room and recalls when her daughter was born. Back in reality, Greta is brushing her hair and Gina comes in. Gina offers to help with Greta's hair and puts it up in a french twist. Greta is shocked, because her mother used to put her hair up like that. Gina covers, saying that she used to put Jennifer's hair up like that. Gina thanks Stefano for bringing Greta to Maison Blanche, but Greta thanks John and Bo. The two start talking about Father John and that Greta is helping him get his memory back. Gina wonders what John has remembered, and Greta tells her that he hasn't had a breakthrough. Greta continues, saying she told them about the time Gina helped John dance. Gina recalls that memory and the two continue to talk about John and why he left Europe without saying goodbye. Gina recalls a meeting with Stefano (she's dressed in the red highlights). Gina wants to know where John is and Stef says that he was reassigned to the States. Gina refuses to believe it, and back in reality, Gina says this to Greta. Greta is shocked that she would know this, and Gina covers saying Stefano told her. Gina remembers the aftermath of Stefano's proclamation of John's leaving, and Hope begins crying. Greta is getting suspicious now, and Gina leaves. Alone, Greta is wondering about Hope's strange behavior, and realizes what has happened.

At the Penthouse, John and Marlena are discussing the hypnosis session. Marlena knows that he remembered something. John confesses that he recalls dancing with Gina, who looked exactly like Hope. John thinks that perhaps he dreamed it, because Greta's account was so vivid. Marlena says that John has feelings about this episode, so it was a real memory. John launches into how the dress that Gina was wearing felt against him and that Gina looked so beautiful. Marlena turns away, upset of the vivid memory. She wonders what she has started. John realizes that Marlena is upset and tells her that he is going to stop the search. He says that he has everything he needs right there and doesn't want to risk it.

At Tuscany's, Mommie Dearest, er, Claire McIntyre slaps Mike. She says that he used Ali. Mike says that they dated and broke up. Claire brings up the whole head nurse/sleeping with Ali deal. Mike retorts, saying that Claire's constant berating of her daughter has made Ali totally insecure. Claire is shocked to hear this and storms out. Nancy comes up, hearing the whole thing (and smiling all the way). Mike is sure that word of this event will get back to the staff. Nancy tells Mike that Craig has gone to console Ali. Outside, Craig is listening to Ali badmouth could he do this, yadda, yadda, yadda. Craig uses Ali's crushed feelings as his opportunity to tell her about the sexual harassment case that she has against Mike and the hospital. In fact, Craig knew of a similar situation in which a woman got a $3 million settlement. Ali agrees to think about it.

On the rooftop, Carrie and Austin are cornered by the police. A noise is made down below, and the cops turn to look. This gives Austin the opportunity to jump over the side of the building. The cop fires a warning shot, and Austin is found hanging on the side drain. As he climbs up, the drain gives way, dropping Austin. He lands at the next building over, on the balcony of another apartment. The cop and Carrie rush to the street and beg Austin to turn himself in. He yells down that he is not, until he proves Sami innocent. He tries the french doors, but they are locked. He breaks the glass door and enters the apartment. The cops are canvassing the area, and can't find him. He's hiding behind some crates in an alley.

At the hospital, Carrie is looking for Mike and asks Lexie where he is. Since he was not there, Carrie tells Lexie about the whole Austin situation. Lexie goes to call Abe, and Carrie leaves, just as Mike and Nancy walk in. Lexie comes up to Mike and Nancy, looking for Carrie. Mike tells Lexie about the horrible evening, and Nancy tells Mike that there is only one way to fix this situation....get rid of Ali.

Tracey has returned, bringing food for Sami and Will. Will comes out with a video to watch, when amazingly, a news report comes on and tells of Austin's predicament at Carrie's building. Tracey says that they need to move now, but Sami refuses. There is a rustling and Tracey goes to hid, as Sami has told her that if it is the police, she's going to give herself up. Before she can answer the door, it opens and Austin walks in.

Carrie is driving in her car, listening to the radio news update saying that Austin eluded the police. Carrie starts crying. She remembers Austin saying that he's got to help Sami. Then she remembers Mike telling Marlena that he would never desert her like Austin did. Carrie continues crying because she can't choose between Austin and Mike.

Friday, February 12, 1999

At Marlena's apartment, Carrie complains to her that it was Austin's idea to take Sami. Carrie is an emotional mess as she tells Marlena that she begged Austin to come home, but he decided to go back to Sami. Carrie can't help but wonder if her marriage to Austin is over. Marlena urges Carrie not to give up on her marriage. She suggests Carrie take a few days off to get away and evaluate the situation. Carrie says that Green Mountain was always a favorite place for her and decides to go there. Later, Mike calls Marlena to ask where Carrie might be and learns that she left town to be alone.

When she pulls away from his attempt to kiss her, Lucas boasts to Nicole that he will wait for her to come to her senses where their future is concerned. She politely reminds Lucas that she's in love with Eric. Lucas is inwardly hurt, but he's not giving up. Lucas heads to the office to visit Kate, who strongly discourages him from going after Nicole. Later, Lucas intercepts a shocking discovery - he starts to read the report his mother ordered on Nicole.

Roberto lies through his teeth as he tells Eric that the guy at the end of the bar may be one of the mobsters Franco was involved with so Eric moves in close to eavesdrop on their conversation. Eric hears them mention going to the Blue Note, he decides to follow them, taking along a reluctant Nicole who has asked him to take her home so they can make love. Eric, however, suggests that first they stop by the Blue Note for a nightcap. Later, Eric gets into trouble at the Blue Note after accidentally spilling the drinks of the mobsters. He diffuses the situation and the mobsters do not know who he is.

Austin returns to the cave residence and explains to Sami Kate's theory that the mob killed Franco with a hired hit man. As he talks, Sami thinks to herself that Carrie is not going to wait much longer for Austin to return and will run to Mike for comfort. At hearing the theory, Sami has difficulty believing this, but after Austin's explanation it all comes clear for Sami -- maybe Lucas didn't kill Franco after all.

Roberto calls Kate and meets to accept another payment. She warns him that this is the last one.

Mike confides in Lexie about his humiliating evening with Ali's mother. Mike admits he feels sorry for Ali, but he can't pretend to have feelings for her.

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