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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 15, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, February 15, 1999

Mike is working in his office and wondering where Carrie is. Craig comes to see Mike to make sure he's all right after last night. Mike says that he won't let what happened affect his work. Craig leaves, but not before hearing Mike call his secretary to see if Carrie has called.

Alli comes into work and Nancy asks her if she's feeling okay. Alli tells her "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" Nancy says she just seems so calm under the circumstances. Alli says she won't let what happened affect her work. Nancy wonders if Carrie knows about the fight and decides to talk to her, only to learn she's taken a few days off.

Mike finds Alli at the nurse's station and asks her to come into his office so they can talk. Mike is furious at Alli for what she did. Alli says that she was just holding onto her dream, and someday he may change his mind about the two of them. Mike tells her that won't happen. Alli doesn't understand why and says they were so good together. Mike says it was nice, but it's over. Alli accuses Mike of dumping her because they slept together. Mike says no, he just realized it wasn't meant to be. Alli screams "WHY!" and Mike screams back "Because I'm not in love with you, you have to accept that!" Alli says she doesn't know if she can, so Mike tells her that he doesn't know if she should continue to work at this hospital. Alli says she can't believe what she's hearing and asks if she's being fired? Mike tells her no, but she can't have her feelings affect her work and the hospital. Alli says she won't and she promises to accept the fact that they can only be friends. Mike thanks her. Alli leaves and tells herself she won't let him get away with it!

Carrie is at Green Mountain Lodge and wonders if she should call Mike. However, Carrie tells herself that she can't keep running to Mike. Carrie decides to talk a walk to stop thinking about Mike. Carrie returns with a paper and says she completely forgot about a hospital meeting. Carrie calls Nancy and says she doesn't think she'll make it back in time for the meeting. Nancy asks where she is and Carrie says a place very special to her. Nancy tells her to take care of herself and says goodbye. Nancy happens to run into Mike and tells him that Carrie has gone out of town, someplace that holds very good memories for her. Mike realizes where she is and takes off.

Austin recalls his argument with Carrie on the roof. He wonders what he's done to Carrie. He thinks about calling her, but realizes he can't. Sami sees him and knows he was going to call Carrie. Sami tells Austin that she's worried about his marriage, but Austin says Carrie understands and will always be there for him. Austin checks on Will and Sami says that Carrie is probably in Mike's arms at this very minute. Later, Austin tells Sami not to worry about him or Carrie, just worry about proving her innocence and taking care of Will. Austin says he thinks he'll take Will out and make a snowman. Sami continues to tell herself that Carrie is playing him for a fool. Sami suddenly gets an idea and calls the hospital asking for Carrie and learns that Carrie isn't in. Sami wonders if Mike and Carrie have gone away and how to find out if they have. Sami calls the hospital again and pretends to be a reporter who wants to interview Mike. Nancy tells her that Mike has left on personal business, which shocks Sami. Austin walks in and sees Sami hang up the phone and demands to know whom she was talking to.

Rolf is helping Stefano get over his hangover with his special witch's brew. Rolf asks Stefano what happened to him last night and Stefano says it was Vivian's fault, and he suspects she got him drunk on purpose for some reason. Rolf wonders if Vivian is on to them, but Stefano says that Vivian knows nothing about their plans. Stefano says they did spend a night of passion together and recaptured their feelings from years ago. Rolf tells him to stop worrying about Vivian and focus on Gina. Stefano says Gina is fine, but Rolf says last night she grilled him about John and Greta. Stefano says he hopes Gina finishes the artworks soon, then he will just take her off to Europe, away from John and Greta. Until then, Stefano tells Rolf to find a cure for Vivian. Stefano says that he can't worry about Vivian right now, he has to deal with Gina and the art treasures.

Celeste and Ivan show up at the DiMera Mansion to check on Vivian. Vivian is singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Celeste and Ivan think she is behaving crazy again. Vivian tells them that she is perfectly fine. Vivian tells them that she has learned that Stefano really does love her. However, she says she isn't going to stop searching for what he wants from her. They start talking and Celeste remembers finding the odd device in Stefano's pocket one day and realizes that must have been what he was using to control her. They all start searching for the device when Stefano shows up.

Greta is looking at her face in the hospital when Bo shows up with a gift. Greta opens the gift, which is a hairbrush and mirror. Bo says Hope admired those at one time and he thought she'd like them. Greta tells Bo that "Hope" was here last night, and something strange happened. Greta tells Bo that she seemed so much like her mother, and she knew things about the past she couldn't have known. Bo says she must be having more memory flashes and that she keeps pulling away from him. Bo asks her to tell him everything she said, so Greta does. She says that it sounded like she was desperate for John to remember. She then tells him that when she talked about John leaving her and her mother, "Hope" began to cry.

Bo fears that Stefano is gaining an influence over Hope and it scares him. Greta tells Bo that she will help him try to find out about Hope's life as Gina. Bo thanks her, but says it's not necessary. Greta knows Bo still doesn't trust her and she says she's told him everything she knows. Bo tells her that he still doesn't know what happened between Stefano and Hope, when she was Gina. Bo asks Greta if Hope and Stefano were close at Maison Blanche. Greta says she was so out of it back then that she doesn't remember. She tells him she's sorry, but Bo tells her not to be because he appreciates her help. Bo says he'll have to figure another way to get to the truth. Greta tells him that she knows how, find out if Gina and Stefano ever stayed in one room at the hotels they stayed at.

Gina is in Salem Place and is so happy that she was able to see her sweet Greta. Gina says she's missed a lot of things, a lot of people. Gina remembers Greta telling her about John's hypnosis session. Gina hopes John gets his memories back so he remembers how they once felt about each other. Gina remembers another memory, one of her seeing a romantic movie with John. John says even people who share the most intense love are torn apart. Gina says that she hopes he isn't talking about anyone they know. Gina comes back into the present and says they were torn apart, but can they recapture the love they felt for one another? In another memory, Gina John puts a locket on Gina, who is in the red dress and sporting a tiara.

Meanwhile, John is also in Salem Place and sees a dress similar to the one Gina was wearing in his memory. John wonders what he and Gina meant to each other. Gina, who is watching John, says that she has the distinct feeling that John does remember his feelings for her. Gina has another memory of her and John at a museum or house. They are looking at a Rennet painting. Gina comes back to the present and says she so wants to run into John's arms and make him remember. Later, Gina sees John being drawn to a painting and she says "you will remember me John, you will!"

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Vivian, Celeste, and Ivan are searching for the remote when Stefano shows up and wonders what they are up to. Stefano pulls out his remote and wonders if he should use it or not to stop Vivian. He also wonders if she knows about the device and as he is about to use it, Vivian sees him. Stefano asks what she's looking for and Vivian says the medication his doctor proscribed. Stefano tells her that it is in the bed table. He then suggests that Celeste and Ivan leave, and threatens to have them removed by force.

Stefano tells her that she knows he loves her, he remembers last night. Stefano tells her what he remembers, but Vivian says he left something out. Vivian says he told her that everything he owns is hers, which includes the 49% share of Titan. Vivian says she wants it now, but Stefano doesn't think she's fully recovered. Vivian says she is new and improved now and she will get his coat and take him to the lawyers to sign over the stocks. Stefano pulls the remote out and says "that's what you think." Stefano uses the remote and is surprised that she doesn't respond. She asks if something is wrong and he tells her "most definitely."

Celeste and Ivan go to the townhouse and Ivan fears that something horrible might happen to Vivian. Ivan wishes she'd just divorce Stefano, but Celeste tells him that Vivian is determined to get the 49% share of Titan. Ivan hopes that Stefano doesn't use the remote and finds out that Vivian isn't responding. Celeste says that worries her, but she's more worried about what could happen when Stefano finds out he's been double crossed.

John goes to the hospital and finds Greta ready to leave. Greta is happy to see him in a better mood, and she thinks he remembered something about her mother last night. John says he didn't have a memory, but a feeling, a sensation. Greta thinks the hypnosis is working and says this is so exciting. John tells her that he still has no conscious memory of her or her mother, but Greta says he will eventually and they just have to keep trying. Greta asks him to tell her everything. John tells her that he doesn't want to talk about the past, he wants to think about the future. John tells her that he wants to take her out to dinner tonight. Greta says she doesn't know if she's ready for that yet. John tells her that she is ready and he wants to do this for her, so she agrees. Greta packs up her stuff and thanks John and hopes she can repay him one day, maybe by helping him remember his past.

Gina is in Salem Place remembering dancing with John. She can't believe that John forgot what they meant to one another. Bo comes up behind "Hope" and scares her. "Hope" tells him that she was admiring the beautiful dress in the window. Bo says it is nice, but it is something a princess would wear, not her style. "Hope" asks why he isn't with Greta? Bo says he was, and Greta is worried about her. "Hope" asks why and Bo tells her about his conversation with Greta. He asks her why she started to cry when they talked about John? "Hope" says she was emotional about Greta's face, but Bo says Greta thinks she cried because she was having memory flashes. "Hope" admits that she has had a few. Bo tells her they need to go to Europe ASAP, but "Hope" tells him to stop hounding her, she's not ready. Bo is confused and asks her why she changed her mind about Europe? "Hope" says she's afraid to leave Shawn D again and Bo tells her that she's right, they should spend more time with him. Bo suggests they go to the Cheatin'Heart, but "Hope" says she's feeling sick. John calls Bo and tells him about the celebration for Greta. Bo says he can go, but he doesn't know about "Hope." "Hope" asks Bo what is going on, and then she says she wants to go. Bo asks "Hope" how come she changed her mind. "Hope" says she doesn't want to go, but it would be good for Greta and for them to get out. Bo says she makes it sound like it's going to be unpleasant for her, like she doesn't want to have a future with him. Bo apologizes for pushing and leaves to take care of things. Gina says she's finally going to see John again.

Abe comes to see Lexie at the hospital. She tells him that Mike took off after Carrie. Mike is on his way to see Carrie to let her know that he'll always be there for her. He calls Lexie and tells her that he's heading to Green Mountain Lodge, which is where he thinks Carrie is. Lexie relays it to Abe. Lexie tells Mike that the board needs to meet with him about fund raising. Mike tells her to have his secretary give them an excuse. Lexie says goodbye to Mike and is beeped to work. Abe calls the cops and asks for some men to be sent to Green Mountain Lodge in case Austin shows up. Later, Lexie tells Abe that she's two weeks late. Abe asks if she is pregnant and Lexie says if she was to guess, she is. However, she says they won't know for sure until the results come back, but Abe is already planning. Later, Lexie gets a call about her pregnancy. Lexie tells Abe that the results of her test are in.

Austin yells at Sami not to use the phone, but then apologizes for snapping at her. Austin says he's been thinking about what she said to him earlier about Carrie, he does need to see her again. Austin decides to go to the hospital, but Sami tells him that Carrie isn't in Salem. Austin asks how she knows and she says she called the hospital to talk to her and they said she left town. Austin thinks as to where Carrie could have gone and suspects she went to Green Mountain Lodge. Austin decides to go there and races out. Sami says Carrie is probably there with Mike and Austin is in for a shock. Tracey and Will come inside and Tracey asks why Austin went off over the mountain? Sami tells her that he went to see his wife, but she thinks his wife might not be alone. She also fears that if Carrie is alone, she'll talk him into going back to Salem with her. Sami calls the lodge to see if Mike is with Carrie, and she finds out that Carrie is alone.

Carrie is remembering being at the lodge with Austin before via flashbacks. Carrie wonders if she and Austin can get passed the pain again and asks God to help them love one another again. She then remembers the last time Austin was supposed to show and didn't. She tells herself if Austin doesn't show up this time, it's over. Carrie says that Mike is the one who has been here for her, but she can't keep running to him. She wishes Austin were here because she knows they could make everything right again. On his way to the lodge, Mike is pulled over by cops and given a ticket. Mike finally makes it to the lodge and hopes Carrie is still here. Carrie is still in her room remembering being with Austin in the very same room. Suddenly, there is a knock on her door, and she thinks it is Austin.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Lucas is furious that his mom had Nicole investigated. He decides to doctor the report because he has to marry Nicole to get his son back. Suddenly, Kate walks in and asks what he's doing? Lucas says he was just looking at the sales reports and he thinks they should make Nicole their spokesperson. Lucas tells his mom that he wants to give Nicole his own line of Countess Willamenia cosmetics. Kate asks Lucas why he's pushing Nicole when she doesn't love him? Lucas says he will make her see that he is the man she needs, that's why he's going to marry her. Kate says Nicole would be a horrible mother, she's untrustworthy, and she's the kind of women who would climb over anyone to get to the top.

Lucas tells his mom that he bets she's done some things to get where she is that she's not proud of. Kate tells Lucas that she just doesn't want to see him hurt. Lucas tells her there is nothing she can say to keep him from marrying Nicole. Lucas leaves and begins to wonder how he can use this folder to his advantage. He says he could show it to Eric, but that would hurt Nicole. However, he doesn't believe she's slept with him because she wouldn't choose Eric over him. Back in her office, Kate is worrying about the file her private detective should have dropped off by now. Kate calls the PI and he tells her that Lucas picked up the file last night, he thought he would give it to her.

Eric and Nicole have spent most of the day in bed, they both feel they are lucky for finding one another. After they stop kissing, Eric tells Nicole that he has a confession to make. Eric tells her that she is his first. Nicole wishes she could tell him the same. Eric tells her that it is okay, he understands and Jay is in the past, and there are no more secrets between them. Nicole tells Eric that she never meant to hurt him and she still feels horrible about the pain she caused him. Eric tells her that as long as there are no more secrets, everything will be fine. Eric tells Nicole it's getting late and he needs to shower and get to work.

Eric jumps in the shower, and Nicole follows him. Afterwards, Eric jokes that he never wants to shower alone again. There is a knock at the door and it's Lucas with roses. Lucas tells her that he wanted to thank her for last night. He asks her if she's going to invite him in? Nicole says she just got out of the shower. Lucas asks Nicole if she'll go out with him tonight, but Nicole says she can't because she has to visit with her mom. Nicole goes back inside and Eric asks her who gave her the flowers. Nicole tells Eric that they are from her to him, she wants him to know how much he means to her.

Roman tells Billie that Austin has blown his deal, and time is running out for Sami. Billie asks what he means. Roman says she will be sentenced tomorrow, and if she's still on the run, she could get the death penalty. Roman says Austin should return with Sami and Will. Billie mutters something about Austin only wanting to see Carrie. Roman hears her and asks if she's seen Austin. Billie says no, she was just referring to when he first ran off with Sami and Will. Roman gets a call about Carrie and he asks his officers to be careful and not to let anyone get hurt. Roman tells Billie that Carrie is at the lodge, and they are expecting Austin to show up to see Carrie. Billie and Roman start arguing over Austin's wanting to help Sami. Roman says Austin can't walk around and investigate things on his own, he'd have to have help. Billie tells Roman that she is not helping Austin. Roman tells her that she has to understand what Austin is doing is wrong and dangerous. Billie says she gets the picture, and Roman makes her promise to tell him if Austin calls her.

Lexie tells Abe that they have a problem, she's not pregnant. Abe says they can keep trying, but Lexie says they should take fertility tests. However, Abe is sure that the problem is that they are both busy with stressful jobs. He says that they'll take time off for one another and that they'll keep working on it. Later, Abe goes to see Roman and tells him that he has a plan to smoke both Austin and Sami out.

Also at the hospital, Craig is still pushing Ali to sue Mike for what he's done to her. However, Ali says she loves Mike too much to hurt him. She goes to Lexie and asks her if she knows where Mike is. Lexie says she doesn't, even though she does. Craig continues to try to convince her to sue Mike. He gives her Gregory Charmain's number and says she should call him. Craig walks off and Claire shows up. She tells Alison that she has no self-respect, working at a job where she is mistreated. Ali tells her mom that she's wrong about her, and she'll prove it. Claire tells Alison to use her head and quit this job, unless she wants to come out the loser again. Ali tells her mom that when she's finished with Mike, she'll be a winner, a big winner. Claire tells Alison that she has to catch a plane back to New York. Claire tells Ali to face reality, salvage her pride and move on.

At the cabin, Sami learns that Carrie is at the lodge alone. She becomes sad and Tracey asks her what is wrong? Sami tells her that she's worried Carrie will convince Austin to come home with her. Sami says that she may have to turn herself in to save Austin and Will, and Austin and Carrie's marriage. Tracey tells Sami that she doesn't think her sister loves her, she couldn't say it at the trial. She asks Sami why this animosity started? Sami tells her the whole story in short form. Tracey tells Sami that it sounds like Carrie doesn't deserve Austin's love. Sami tells Tracey that she knows she'll never have Austin's love, she'll never have any man's love. However, Tracey tells her that the right man will come along one day. Tracey asks Sami if Austin knows about Mike and Carrie. Sami says no. Tracy tells her that as Austin's friend, she should tell him the truth. Sami says she can't do that, he has to find out the truth on his own because she wants Austin to be happy, and if Carrie makes him happy, so be it.

At the lodge, there is a knock on Carrie's door. Carrie, thinking it's Austin, rushes to the door. When she opens it, she sees Mike. She invites him in and they talk. Carrie tells Mike that she wants to make her marriage work. Mike asks her if she talked to Austin last night and she says she did, he wouldn't turn himself in and he risked his life to get back to Sami. Mike says he knows she came to the hospital last night, and then asks if she wanted his help? Carrie says she did, but then realized that would be wrong because this is about her and Austin. Mike asks if she expects Austin to show up. Carrie says she did, but now she realizes that Austin has chosen Sami over her, and she may have lost Austin forever. Carrie thinks that Austin has given up on them and thrown their future away for Sami and Will. Mike tells Carrie that it will be okay, he'll help her through it. Carrie says that the reason she left the hospital last night because she was afraid of being alone with him. Carrie tells Mike that she wants him to know how much it means to her that he knew to come here, how much he means to her. Carrie tells Mike that she expected him to be Austin, but now she realizes that he (Mike) is the man she can count on. Mike tells her that is because he'll always be here for her because he'll always love her. The two end up kissing.

Austin is sneaking around inside the lodge trying to get to Carrie, but the cops are still on his trail. Austin has to leave the lodge and hide out when an avalanche hits.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano panics when his device doesn't work on Vivian. Vivian, who is looking in the mirror, sees Stefano pushing the buttons on the device and realizes what it is. In order to fool Stefano, Vivian realizes she has to pretend to be crazy, but doesn't know what mood he's trying to put her in. Stefano goes to see Rolf about the device not working and Rolf says that perhaps he has used it too much and it no longer works. Vivian finds him and says they must go, so Stefano pushes a button. Vivian pretends to go into an up mood to fool him and it works. The two dance around and when they finish, Vivian announces that she has to go run an errand, but will be right back.

John and Greta are getting ready to leave the hospital when a nurse hands John something to hand Greta, a valentine from a secret admirer. John says it's not from him, so Greta wonders if it is from Bo. The hospital staff tell Greta that they will miss her and she is so beautiful. John tells Greta that in preparation for tonight, he wants to buy her a new dress.

John and Greta go to Salem place and see the red dress in the window of a dress shop. Greta says it looks like the one her mother wore when she taught him how to dance. She asks John if he remembers it, but he says he doesn't know if it is a memory or the power of suggestion. However, he says that red dress isn't as elegant as Gina's. Greta tells him that he's right, he must remember! John says he is just remembering her description.

Bo goes to see Marlena about Hope, he needs advice dealing with her. Bo tells Marlena about Hope's anger toward him and her emotional outbursts. Bo tells her that he thinks Stefano is somehow controlling her. As they talk about Greta, and whether they trust her, Marlena tells Bo about John's breakthrough memory, which couldn't have happened without Greta's help. They continue to talk about Hope and Bo suggests he have Hope come see her. Suddenly, John calls and asks Marlena and Bo to join her in picking out a dress for Greta tonight.

Bo and Marlena show up at the dress shop and help John and Greta pick out a dress. Greta says she is so blessed that she has so many friends and she only wishes her mom was here with her tonight. Bo tells Greta that Hope will be with them tonight and will be happy to see her all dressed up. Bo tells Greta that he wants the first dance with her. When Bo and Greta leave to pay for the dress, Marlena tells John that Bo came to see her about Hope, he's very worried about her.

Gina goes to see Lilly and asks a favor from her. Gina asks her to use her connections to get a dashing red ball gown ready for tonight. Lilly asks if the dress is for her, but she says no, it's for someone special and close to her heart. Gina gives her a sketch and Lilly says she'll have her man get on it, and then asks if Bo is the someone special this dress is for? Gina tells her that it is a secret, all women have them. Gina starts dancing around with joy and Lilly is so happy to see her happy again. However, Lilly tells Hope that lately, she seems so different. She asks what it is? Gina tells Lilly that she should be able to guess, they never had any secrets. Lilly tells "Hope" that she is so much like Gina right now, but that's not possible. Gina tells Lilly "why not? trust your instincts!" Gina tells Lilly that Princess Gina is back! Lilly asks if it is really her? Gina remembers Stefano's warnings and she tells Lilly that what she meant was that when she's with her she feels like Gina. Lilly's dressmaker arrives. As Gina and the dressmaker talk, Lilly tells Lucile that tonight is the night Princess Gina returns! Gina looks at her dress and is positive that John will remember everything tonight. Meanwhile, Lilly realizes Hope is changing back into Gina. Lily serves Gina some tea and scones and Gina recognizes the plate Lilly serves them on. Lilly says Hope was not knowledgeable about antiques, but Gina was!

At Roman's house, Abe tells Roman that it's time to play hardball with Austin and Sami. Roman is angry and says he won't let his daughter be put in danger. Abe says that anyone who is caught aiding and abetting Sami and Austin will be prosecuted to the full extant of the law. Roman makes a television plea for Austin and Sami to turn themselves in. Afterwards, Billie tells Roman not to loose faith, she's sure Sami saw it.

Up on the mountain, Sami is afraid she is going to lose Austin. She says she'll always be grateful to Austin, but she doesn't want to see him get hurt. Tracey decides to check the TV for news and Sami sees Roman making a plea to her to surrender. He tells her that if she doesn't turn herself in, both her and Austin will go to jail. Roman tells her to do it for Will. Sami tells Tracey that she has to go back and face her sentencing, she can't let Austin go to jail. She says she's going to turn herself in, but only if they free Austin. Tracey asks Sami if she really wants to do this. She is positive and says she doesn't want Austin and Will to pay for her mistakes.

At the lodge, as Mike and Carrie are kissing, Austin is buried under a ton of snow. Carrie and Mike make their way to the bed. However, Mike decides they can't do this, it is wrong because she is vulnerable, and he loves her too much to do this to her. Carrie tells Mike that there is no marriage anymore, Austin has chosen Sami. Carrie tells Mike that she wanted to kiss and make love as much as he did. Mike refuses to come between her and Austin, but Carrie says there is no Austin. Mike tells her that he's never hid his feelings for her, he loves her and wants to help her, but if he doesn't leave now, he may never leave. Mike decides to leave, but Carrie tells him not to. Carrie tells Mike that they have to face the truth, and she tells him that she loves him.

Austin digs his way out of the snow and makes his way to the lodge. However, on his way, cops show up and Austin is forced to hide. When Austin makes his way to the lodge, he spots Carrie in Mike's arms!

Friday, February 19, 1999

At the Horton House, Bo tells Alice that being around Hope is frustrating lately. He tells Alice that he talked to Marlena about counseling and hopes Hope will agree to go. He says he plans to fight for Hope. Later, Bo decides to use tonight to connect with Hope, he just hopes it doesn't conjure up memories from her past. Alice tells Bo to forget about Hope's past and celebrate Greta's recovery. Bo says the one good thing that has come out of this is Greta.

At Lilly's, "Hope" recognizes the antique dishes Lilly is using and then makes an excuse why she recognized them, she says it was just a lingering memory of Gina. "Hope" says she wants everything to be perfect for Greta tonight. Lilly tells "Hope" that she sounds like she's talking about her own daughter. Hope says she is just very protective of Greta. "Hope" invites Lilly and Lucille, and Lilly accepts. Gina leaves and tells herself to make sure everyone still thinks she is Hope.

Greta is getting ready for her night out and remembers her mom catching her putting on makeup when she was little. Greta asks her mom if she had a good night with Father John and she says yes, it was a magical night. Greta asks her mom if she really cares for John and Gina tells her very much. Greta wonders if her mother was in love with Father John.

Greta goes downstairs at the Horton House and Bo tells her she looks lovely. Bo says that as soon as Hope shows up, they will leave. Greta is puzzled that Hope isn't here yet. Gina shows up outside of the Horton out and asks God not to let her feelings for Greta and John to overwhelm her tonight, she can't give herself away. Gina enters and is moved to tears by Greta. Bo tells "Hope" to hurry up and get dressed, but she says she won't be able to join them this evening. Bo tells her that everyone is expecting her and Greta says it won't be the same without her. "Hope" tells them that she's still feeling a little sick, but is sure they'll have a good time. After Bo and Greta leave, Alice asks "Hope" if she's pushing Bo away. "Hope" says she's not, she is just taking some time for herself before making a commitment. "Hope" tells her Gran that she knows what it is like to lose a love, and she couldn't bare to face it again. She asks her if she understands and Alice asks "Hope" how she could ask her something like that. "Hope" says she's sorry and rushes out of the room.

At the penthouse, John is reading a fairytale to Belle and Brady and Brady asks John when he and mommy are getting married? Marlena walks into the room and says she hopes they can answer that very soon. Belle tells her mommy that she is very pretty and Brady tells them they should get married just like the prince and princess in the story. The kids go off to bed and John suggests they start planning their wedding tomorrow. As Marlena is putting John's bow tie on, John remembers dancing with Gina. John tells her that he had the same memory flash.

John and Marlena arrive at the Tuscany and the waiter says that they must be newly weds and will have a special song played for them. John tells Marlena that their love is obvious to everyone. Marlena then apologizes to John for letting fear rule her heart instead of faith. She tells John she now realizes that Stefano, Greta, and his past will not come between them. Bo and Greta arrive and Greta doesn't know what to do because everyone is staring at her. Bo tells her to smile and enjoy it. Ms. Faversham and Lucille show up as well, and Lilly shocked to learn that "Hope" isn't here.

Back at the Horton House, the seamstress delivers the dress to Gina, but Gina doesn't think she'll be wearing the dress. However, when she looks at it, she says it is perfect, which is another reason why she can't go. GIna says if she wore this dress, everyone would see the truth written on her face. Gina remembers when Stefano told her that John has gone home, so she will be doing his job on her own. Gina tells herself that she can't see John tonight, she just can't.

Back at the Tuscany, Bo introduces Greta to Lilly. Lilly and Lucille take their seats and Bo and Greta dance, as do John and Marlena. The waiter decides to play the song he promised them. Marlena asks John if he meant what he said about getting married soon? John says he did, and they should announce the date tonight. Suddenly, Gina walks into the restaurant sporting the red dress and tiara. John begins to remember his dance with her.

Tracey is driving Sami to Green Mountain Lodge. Sami is determined to turn herself in to save Austin, but has to make sure Carrie doesn't convince Austin to return first. When they arrive at the lodge, Sami decides to sneak in the service entrance. She makes it in, and then says now all she has to do is make it to Carrie's room.

At the lodge, Austin sees Carrie and Mike kissing through the window. In Carrie's room, Carrie tells Mike that she loves him and they kiss some more. Austin says he's going to tear Mike apart. Carrie stops kissing Mike and says this isn't right, she still loves Austin. Mike tells Carrie that she doesn't belong with Austin and she'll only be happy with him. Mike tells her that he's going to fight for her and will NEVER let her go. Carrie tells Mike that they shouldn't be alone together, he better go. Suddenly, Mike hears a noise, which is Austin leaning against the wall outside. As Mike is about to check it out, the police knock on Carrie's door. The officers tell Carrie that her father sent them to watch over her. Carrie tells them that she doesn't know where her husband or sister are, and asks them to leave her alone. Austin overhears this and says it is Mike's lucky day. The cops leave and Mike tells Carrie that she can't keep blaming herself for her marital problems, Austin ran out and chose Sami and Will over her, even though he does love her. Mike tells Carrie that he'd never chose anyone over her. As they kiss, there is another knock at the door. This time it's room service, Mike ordered some dinner. Carrie tells Mike that he always took such good care of her. Outside their room, Sami looks inside and sees Carrie with Mike. Meanwhile, Austin goes back to the cabin, only to find it empty. Sami, Will, and Tracey return. Sami asks Austin if he saw Carrie and he tells her no. Sami tells him that he was gone for so long, but Austin says he didn't see Carrie. Sami wonders if he's lying, and if he saw Mike and Carrie together.

Vivian walks into the townhouse waving the control to Celeste and Ivan and singing "Look what I've got!" Vivian tells them that Stefano is working very hard to control her, and she thinks the missing piece to the puzzle is somewhere in this house. Vivian starts tearing things apart and accidentally finds the secret compartment in the fireplace.

Downstairs, Stefano and Rolf find that Gina has done very little painting and wonders what she has to do that is more important. Rolf says she has to pretend to be Hope, otherwise people will get suspicious. Stefano says he misses Gina, and then says Gina and John were such a good team, Gina stole the art and John smuggled it! However, Stefano says it would be disastrous if John and Gina where ever in the same room together. Rolf reminds Stefano that Gina has to finish these paintings before Vivian dies. Stefano becomes upset and says he won't lose Vivian or his paintings.

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