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Monday March 15, 1999

Marlena comes home to find John playing the piano. Marlena is surprised by his new found talent. John tells her he didn't have any lessons, nor a memory breakthrough. John tells her that he installed a computer in the piano so that it will play music by itself. Marlena feels so lucky to be engaged to him. John asks her to marry him, again, and she says yes. Marlena wishes they could set the date right away. John tells her they will as soon as Sami is found. Marlena is still concerned that John might have a wife and family somewhere, but John tells her that he was a priest, he has no wife or family.

John asks her to stop worrying until they hear back from Bo and Greta. Marlena asks John if he wished he had gone with them? John says no, his future is with her and the children. John and Marlena have dinner and then do some dancing. As they dance, John promises Marlena that they will marry this time. Suddenly, John begins to have memory flashes of Princess Gina. Marlena asks John if he is all right? John says he is and tells her that he's perfectly in love with her and gives her a kiss. Marlena asks if they should go upstairs, but John has a better idea, he lifts her onto the piano.

Lilly and Gina toast to the return of Princess Gina. Gina asks if Lilly can keep this a secret and she says of course. Gina tells Lilly that she needs to ask a favor from her, and she'll need her help to which Lilly agrees. Gina tells her she just wants to act like Gina when she's with her. Lilly tells her that she'd be disappointed if she didn't! Gina then tells Lilly that she knows who her heart belongs to, it's not Bo, and she's determined to get him back. Lilly asks her who her one true love is Gina doesn't tell her, she just says that there is another woman in his life. Lilly tells her that no woman can compete with her. Gina says that she was devastated when she lost him the first time, and she won't lose him again. Gina says with her help she knows she will be reunited with her lost love, and if anyone gets in her way they will be sorry.

Eric asks a crying Taylor what is wrong? Taylor tells him about the photo shoot and how Nicole told her Lucas arranged to shoot only to make her jealous. Eric asks why Nicole would do something like that and she says because Nicole won't be happy until Nicole has it all and she has nothing! Roman is with Roberto and is pressing him to tell him the truth about Franco's murder. Roberto is coughing and choking and suddenly flatlines. Lexie rushes in and Roman tells her not to let Roberto die, he needs him to clear his daughter!

Roman is busy chastising Eric for what he did when Abe shows up. Craig comes out and tells Abe and Roman that they are doing all they can for Roberto. Craig tells them that Roberto has suffered a major cardiac arrhythmia and may not wake up. Abe leaves and Roman tells Eric that Abe doesn't believe the mob hit story, the only way Sami has a chance now is if Roberto survives.

Out on the street, Austin wonders why Carrie would bother marrying him if she was going to break up the second someone better came along. Austin hops in his car and drives away. Austin says that Carrie is still his wife and decides that he needs to talk Carrie. Austin sneaks into the hospital dressed in a surgeon's uniform to see Carrie and confront her about her affair. He then begins to think about his past with Carrie.

Eric spots Austin in the stairwell and goes to talk to him. He tells him about Roberto, and then suggests Austin get out of here. Taylor finds them and Eric sneaks out before she can see Austin. She asks Eric who he was talking to? Eric lies to her and then looks at the pictures from her photo shoot. He tells her she is a natural, but is curious what Lucas is up to, so he leaves to find out. Back in the stairwell, Austin spots Carrie with Mike and decides it's time for him to move on as well. Roman goes to see Abe and asks him to use this new information for Sami. Unfortunately, Abe is called away for work. Roman asks God to please let Roberto pull through.

Craig and Ali return from their appointment with Gregory. Craig is all riled up, but Ali isn't. Craig asks Ali not to tell him that she's considering changing her mind. Ali says the lawsuit will get her Mike. Ali calls her mom and brags to her about how she's going to sue Mike. Claire tells Alison that this is not normal behavior and she wants her to go back to therapy. Claire tells Alison that she needs to come down to earth, so Ali tells her mom to go to hell and hangs up. Later, Craig asks her if she thinks this lawsuit will win Mike over? Ali says that when Mike sees the length she'll go to for him, he'll come back to her.

Nancy talks with Mike about the lump in her breast and how scared she is that she might have cancer. Nancy doesn't want to have the biopsy here because she doesn't want Craig to know. Carrie says Craig should know, but Nancy says Craig counts on her to be optimistic and knows she rarely cries. Carrie tells her that Craig loves her and when two people love each other that much, nothing can come between them. Nancy says her mom had breast cancer when she was her age, but they didn't catch it in time.

Mike tells her that she caught it early and the odds are in her favor. Mike promises to do the biopsy for her and he will be discreet. Nancy asks why he is doing this for her and Mike tells her because she is his friend and he cares about her. Nancy leaves and Carrie tells Mike that she was so wonderful with Nancy, which is why she loves him. Later, Mike tells Nancy that the lump is benign. Nancy thanks them both and tells them that she'll never forget what they've done for them. After Nancy leaves, Mike tells Carrie that he wants to take her out tonight for her birthday.

Craig goes to talk to Nancy and tells her that it won't be long before Mike is gone. Nancy exclaims "No! We can't let that happen!"

Sami is driving and is positive that she'll be cleared soon and will live the life she was meant to live with Austin and Will. In the car behind her, the Moroni hit man pulls out his gun to shoot her. Sami wonders if the car behind her is following her, and she loses him on a sharp turn. Sami goes to see Tracey and tells her what she did. Sami says she is also going to do the right thing for Austin, by turning herself in. Tracey thinks Sami should wait till Austin gets back, but Sami says Austin will just try to change her mind.

Sami heads back to Salem. Suddenly, her car swerves off the road. Sami gets out of her car and begins to walk to the police station. Suddenly, Sami is shot and collapses into the snow, which turns red.

Billie asks her mom if she knew that Franco was tied to the mob before Sami's wedding. Kate laughs and tells Billie that she had nothing to do with the mob or Franco's murder. Kate tells Billie that she is the one who lied to Roman and she doesn't know if Roman will forgive her. Billie says that Roman will understand, but Kate says she's not so sure. Kate hopes this means that Sami will be bringing Will home soon. Billie says of course she will, but what about Austin? Doesn't she care about her son? Kate says of course she does, but Austin has been made some serious mistakes and she hopes he can salvage his marriage. Kate sneaks into Roberto's room at the hospital and tells Roberto that he better not sell her out.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Roman refuses to even hear Billie's explanation. He tells her that he doesn't want to hear anymore lies, he can't believe anything she says. Billie says that she did everything to clear Sami, but Roman says that they have nothing until Roberto names Franco's killer. Billie says that she promised Austin she wouldn't talk, but Roman says that she lied to her best friend and lover. Billie asks if Roman will forgive her? Roman reminds Billie that she promised never to lie to him after the baby fiasco.

Billie says this was about her brother and thought he would understand. Roman tells her that she thought wrong. Billie tells Roman that he's making too big of a deal out of this. Roman says she could have been beaten, raped, or the one lying in ICU. Billie asks if he'd care and he says of course, he can't deny that, but he doesn't know if he can trust her again. Billie tells Roman that he cares about her and Sami and she only got involved with Roberto to prove Sami's innocence.

Kate goes to see Roberto and tells him that he has to stay quiet about the fact that she knew about the contract out on Franco. Kate asks him if he told the police that she made him keep quiet? Roberto just mumbles that Sami shot Franco. Kate says yes, but Roman is trying to pin it on someone else. She warns Roberto that if he tells Roman that she knew about the hit on Franco, he will wish there was a contract out on his life. Roberto says he will keep her secret.

Nancy tells Craig that she no longer wants to oust Mike. Craig doesn't understand and she tells him about the lump and what Mike did for her. Craig tells Nancy that he loves her and wants to be there for her always. Nancy tells Craig that if Ali sues Mike it will ruin his life! Craig says if she doesn't, he'll never have a shot at being chief of staff. Ali shows up and asks where Mike is. Nancy says that he took Carrie to dinner for her birthday and Ali says "figures." She then tells them that she thinks Carrie was the one who arranged for her transfer. Ali says she is going to sue Mike and can't wait to see the look on Carrie's face. Ali goes to Carrie's office to take a call from her mom and Craig asks Nancy who she wants to be chief of staff here? Craig calls Gregory and makes sure that he won't be connected to Ali's lawsuit. Craig tells Nancy that LA might be good for them, it will give them a chance to relax, and when they returned he will become chief of staff. Still, Nancy doesn't look happy about it.

Carrie and Mike are at Tuscany celebrating Carrie's birthday. Mike invites Carrie to drive out to LA with him. Their song, How Do I Live, plays and Carrie thinks he planned this, but he swears he didn't. They decide not to waste the song and dance.

In Carrie's office, Ali and her mom continue to argue. Claire asks Ali to move back home because she's living in a dream-world, which is very destructive. Claire tells Ali that she can't expect to be loved when she doesn't love herself. She then tries to pair Ali up with a local guy, but Ali says she's not that desperate! Ali tells her mom that she will prove she is wrong about her. Claire tells Ali that she needs psychiatric help. Ali says if she does it is because of her put downs. Ali hides in the closet because Carrie and Mike show up. She overhears them planning their trip to LA. Mike takes Carrie by her place to pack her stuff and then they hop into Mike's convertible. Following Mike and Carrie are Nancy, Craig, and Ali!

Austin is driving back to the cabin and can't get the picture of Carrie and Mike out of his head. He says after he sees Sami and Will he will let Mike and Carrie know how he feels about being played for a fool. Austin arrives at the cabin to read Will a bedtime story. Austin asks where Sami is and Tracey says she went to the Police Station to turn himself in. She tells her all about Sami's plan. Austin realizes he has to stop Sami and heads back to Salem to stop her. Austin stops by the side of the road and ends up finding Sami's bloody wallet.

Sami is lying in the snow, which is red from her blood. Sami comes to, but realizes that she's been shot by a mob hit-man. Sami makes it to the car and drives to the Station to see her dad. Sami makes it back to Salem and collapses in her dad's arms.

Lucas and Nicole show up at Tuscany and are shown to his table. Lucas spots Carrie and Mike and is happy that Carrie has moved on. Nicole says that she thinks Austin and Carrie are in love, but Lucas says love isn't always enough. Nicole asks Lucas if she's finished at Titan and Lucas tells her she's not. She then asks what about Eric? Lucas says he shouldn't hire a photographer who publicly accused him of murder. Nicole says she thought he was guilty at one point to, but Lucas says she wasn't quick to judge him, probably because of her own past. He tells Nicole that everyone, including Eric, would be shocked if they knew what she was hiding.

Lucas vows that Sami will be behind bars and he will give Will a loving mother and father. Eric says Will has a loving mother and doesn't need a father who hits him. Lucas says that is the biggest lie Sami has EVER told. Lucas tries to have Eric kicked out, but Nicole gets Lucas to give them two minutes to talk. Eric wants to leave, but Nicole says she can't walk out on Lucas. Eric asks her why not? Eric doesn't understand her sudden loyalty to Lucas and tells her that he knows about the photo shoot with Taylor. Eric tells her that Lucas only does what his mommy tells him and he doubts Kate approved of the photo shoot. Nicole remembers Kate warning her what would happen if she uses Lucas. Eric and Lucas get into a fight and eventually Eric and Nicole leave.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Vivian wonders if she overdid it with the make-up. Celeste says it looks fine. Lexie, however, isn't enjoying tricking her father. Celeste explains to Lexie once again why they are doing this. Stefano orders Rolf to work day and night to find a cure for Vivian. Rolf says he hopes Vivian can hang on for a few more days until Gina completes the artworks so Stefano keeps them, and they don't fall into John, Celeste, and Ivan's hands. Stefano goes up to see Vivian, Celeste, and Lexie, and Abe soon shows up to pick up Lexie for dinner. He tells Vivian that he's very sorry about how ill she is, but he knows Lexie can help her. Lexie and Abe leave and Abe questions her about Vivian, but Lexie says she doesn't want to talk about it. Abe asks if John knows and Lexie says no, and it's better that way. Abe is beeped and has to go to the station. Lexie says she can do some work at the hospital and they can go out later, but she makes him promise not to tell John about Vivian.

Stefano plans a lavish dinner for Vivian, who tells Celeste that she can go on her way. Vivian tells Stefano she doesn't feel like eating and Stefano suggest they cuddle on the couch. Vivian collapses and says that everything is so dark. Stefano tells her that she just tried to do too much today and that she will be fine. He then leaves to get her some hot tea.

Gina sneaks out of the Horton House to have a smoke. She says she hates pretending to be someone she's not. Shawn D catches his mom as she finishes smoking and she uses some breath-spray to cover up. She then plays the good mommy to Shawn D. Shawn D tells his mom that he wants to go to boarding school, but dad said no. Shawn D says he was hoping she would be on her side because she went to boarding school at his age. Gina tells Shawn D that he'll have to speak to his dad first, but secretly she loves the idea of getting rid of him.

Gina asks where his dad is and Shawn D tells her that he and Greta left the country. Shawn D doesn't understand why he didn't tell her and Gina says he must not have been able to find her. Shawn D also says he knows there are problems between her and his dad and he thinks his dad went alone because she turned down his marriage proposal. Gina says that she needs to find out about her past before she can make a commitment. Shawn D says that is what his dad is trying to do now! Gina snaps and tells Shawn D. "Who the hell asked him to!" Shawn D says whatever and leaves.

Bo and Greta are on John's play flying to Capri. Bo tells Greta that they aren't returning to Salem until he gets the information he needs to reunite his family. Greta mentions her theory about John and Gina being more than friends, but Bo refuses to believe that John betrayed his vows. Greta tells him he would if Stefano was in control. Bo agrees and is troubled by what Stefano could have made Hope do, could she have killed for him? Greta tells him no way! Greta refuses to believe the kind man who took care of her wood have Hope kill anyone, but Bo says that is Stefano's game. Bo tells Greta that he will make sure Stefano goes to jail for the rest of his life for what he's done to his family. Greta asks if this has anything to do with a possible relationship between Stefano and Hope? Bo says he will no longer hide from the truth, he will learn everything. They arrive at the hotel in Capri and Greta says the hotel is exactly like her mother described it. When they go to check in, the man at the counter is stunned when Greta tells him her last name, Von Amberg. The man, Mario, says he knew Princess Gina and is delighted to learn that Greta is her daughter.

Austin finds Sami's bloody wallet by the side of the road and fears the worst. Austin realizes he has to go to her, and to hell with the consequences. Austin makes it back into town, only to be caught by Abe. Austin said he was coming to turn himself in, but Abe doesn't believe him. Austin say he just wants to find Sami, he knows she is hurt. Austin wants to see Sami, but Abe refuses to let him go and has a screaming Austin locked up.

Sami walks into the police station and collapses in her dad's arms. Roman doesn't understand what is wrong with her and keeps yelling at her to talk to him. He finally realizes she's been shot and Billie calls for an ambulance. Sami is taken to the hospital, and she asks Roman not to hurt Austin.

John and Marlena are in bed. Marlena tells John that he makes her so happy. When John pours some champagne, Marlena touches his tattoo. John tells her that he's been meaning to have that removed. Marlena says she's worried about inner scars and wants to help him find out about his past. John tells her all he wants is her. Marlena asks if he wants to go to Capri, but John refuses to leave until they know Sami is okay. John says they will be married in the spring, and then the next wedding they'll celebrate will be Bo and Hope's. Marlena doesn't understand why Stefano would transformed Hope into Gina. John doesn't know either, but thinks the answers are somewhere in his subconscious.

Marlena tells John that his relationship to Gina was important because of the looks "Hope" has been giving him. Marlena tells John that Hope accused her of not wanting him to investigate his past and she admits that she's been afraid of what he might discover. The phone rings and Marlena learns that Sami is back, but she's been shot. Marlena tells John she has to go and asks him to pray. John finds a rosary and then begins to have flashbacks of being trained as a killing machine, being the pawn, being a priest, and being with Princess Gina. Gina shows up at the penthouse to see John, who is furious about what Stefano has done to them.

Sami is taken to the hospital and Lexie tells her she will be fine, it was only a superficial wound. Lexie tells her that the bullet hit the medallion she was wearing. Meanwhile, Billie asks Roman to let her help him through this. Billie tells Roman that this proves the mob was involved in the murder of Franco. Billie asks Roman to let her help him, and the two hug. Marlena walks in and sees them in each other's arms. Lexie comes out and tells Roman and Marlena that Sami is okay and they can go see her. Sami apologizes for everything, but Marlena says there are no apologizes needed. Sami tells her parents that the person who shot her is the same one who shot Franco. Roman decides to go talk to Roberto only to find him heavily sedated. Roman tells Sami that Austin has been arrested.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Allowed to make one phone call after being arrested, Austin calls Tracey to explain what has happened in Salem. Abe assures a worried Austin that Sami will be fine after suffering from a gunshot wound. However, Austin is going to jail.

Marlena blasts Billie for putting her children in danger. Roman also tells Billie that he doesn't like liars.

Sami is released from the hospital, but Abe is forced to take her down to the station. Sami goes into hysterics. She says she can't go to jail unless she knows Austin is okay. Meanwhile, Billie visits Austin and he thanks her for the help. But he hopes she doesn't give up until she finds the necessary evidence to clear Sami. Later, emotions run high as Austin runs into Sami at the station.

"Hope" tells John she thinks there's a possibility he was never a priest, but he refuses to believe it. Later, "Hope" pushes John to delve into his past because if he doesn't, he'll never know the truth as to his relationship with Gina. John, suspicious, can't help but wonder if "Hope" is keeping something from him.

Bo and Greta are eager to find out information about Princess Gina's stays at the Capri hotel, but they run into some roadblocks. Bo loses his temper when the hotel manager says he cannot give out detailed information regarding former guests. Greta calmly tells the manager that she is Princess Gina's daughter and she would appreciate some cooperation. He's surprised to hear that Gina is dead.

Rolf shows Stefano that "Gina" has not finished the painting. Stefano tells Rolf he's afraid to give Vivian his share of Titan because if she would happen to recover, Kate would never forgive him. And Kate is definitely someone Stefano wants in his corner. Meanwhile, Vivian anxiously dances around the living room in anticipation of gaining Stefano's Titan stock, but she's caught off guard when he appears and wonders what she's doing.

Ivan, thinking that Vivian is on her deathbed, is a drunken mess. Celeste inwardly wishes she could tell him the truth, but she promised Vivian she wouldn't. Ivan opens up to Celeste about his feelings for her and begins to flirt with Celeste who starts to pour coffee into him. However, when he starts kissing her, she kisses him back passionately.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Eric apologizes to Nicole for his outburst at Tuscany, but he didn't like seeing her with Lucas. Nicole tries to explain that Lucas is an important factor in her career at Titan. Eric isn't so sure, but the two finally agree to set their differences aside. As they dance and kiss in the apartment, Nicole tells Eric that she loves him. Later, Eric expresses his love for Nicole and they end up under the sheets.

Lucas and Kate start the day on bad terms. He's furious with Kate for ruining his chance to win Nicole's heart, thus getting custody of Will. Kate tells Lucas not to throw in the towel just yet because things might still work out in their favor. Later, Kate and Lucas reconcile, but are shocked when they learn that Sami and Austin have been taken into custody. Lucas rushes to the jail and demands to know where Will is.

Billie visits Austin in prison. He blames himself for everything Sami is going through. Billie tries to calm her brother down. She says all they can do now is wait for Roberto to recover and give his statement. Later, Billie tells Austin she'll call Carrie to let her know what's going on, but Austin tells her not to. Austin also refuses to tell her where Will is.

Roman and Marlena are upset when they learn that Roberto is now on a ventilator. Both are aware of the urgency to get Robert's sworn statement in order to keep Sami from death row. The D.A. explains to Roman that he needs proof in order to clear Sami's name. Roman informs Sami that the D.A. has ordered her to be transferred to the prison. In counterpoint, Sami is rocked to the core when she is told the gritty details about "life" on death row.

Craig, Nancy, and Ali secretly follow Carrie and Mike to a motel. As Craig and Nancy sit in the car with her, Ali uses binoculars to spy on Mike and Carrie. Ali then daydreams about marrying Mike. After checking in to separate rooms, Carrie and Mike work on his speech. But Mike has other things on his mind. He turns on the radio and the two begin to dance. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy are forced to share a room with Ali, and it isn't going to be pretty.

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