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Monday April 5, 1999

Lucas is pacing around his office thinking about Nicole, and vows never to give up on her. Gregory gives Lucas a call and tells him that he can't get a date for the custody hearing. Lucas says he will do whatever it takes to get Will back, including marriage. Taylor shows up and asks Lucas if he used the photo shoot to make Nicole feel insecure? Lucas denies using her, but Taylor says that she doesn't know what he'd do for Nicole. Lucas says that he and Nicole belong together, which prompts Taylor to tell Lucas that he is crazy. When Lucas goes to get Taylor a drink, Taylor finds Lucas' file on Nicole. Lucas tells her the file is none of her business, and she apologizes.

Lucas then tells Taylor she should patch things up with her sister. He also starts saying that soon, Nicole will realize Eric is not the one for her. Taylor tells Lucas she heard him on the phone earlier talking about getting married. Lucas admits to wanting to marry Nicole so he can get Will back, but he loves Nicole nonetheless. Lucas says Eric is a zero, which angers Taylor, who defends Eric. Lucas realizes Taylor has something for Eric and says that he remembers his first crush when he was a kid. Taylor becomes angry and storms out. Lucas drags her back in and promises not to knock on Eric anymore. Taylor then makes a confession to Lucas, Eric is shopping for an engagement ring for Nicole. Lucas says there is no way in hell he will let this happen.

Eric shows up at Nicole's place with flowers and tells her she did a very wise thing. Nicole asks what Eric is talking about and he assumes she quit Titan today. Nicole says she didn't quit, which upsets Eric. Nicole tells Eric that Lucas has set up meetings and shoots for her, she would be a fool not to take advantage o Lucas. Eric tells her that she doesn't need Lucas, she can do this on her own. He says that the last person she wants to owe is Lucas Roberto. Nicole hopes that Eric is not asking her to chose between a future with him and her career. Nicole assures Eric that she can handle Lucas. Eric tells Nicole about the family dinner he has set up and hopes her mom can come, but Nicole says her mom is still recovering from back surgery. Later, Nicole and Eric kiss and talk about their fantasies. Nicole can't seem to get Lucas' words out of her head and asks Eric to promise that he'll always love her. Eric says that's an easy promise.

Nancy is now driving Craig and Ali along the highway when Ali decides to make a call. Ali calls her mom and asks to borrow a set of luggage. Claire asks where she is going and Ali tells her on her honeymoon with Mike. Claire tells Alison that she is becoming more delusional and she wants her to come home, she even got her a job at her hospital. Ali tells her mom that she would never work for her, she won't let her run her life. Ali tells her mom to just send the luggage and she hangs up. Meanwhile, Nancy tells Craig that if Ali tries to jump out of the car again, they should let her.

Carrie is singing along to "Crush." She asks Mike if something is bothering him? Mike is remembering the nurse at the clinic and realizes it was Ali. Carrie asks him if he really thinks it was Ali? Mike says she sure reminded him of her, but it couldn't have been her. Carrie turns on the radio and "Crush" is still playing, so they both sing to it. Suddenly a cop tells them to pull over. Craig tells Nancy to keep driving and they'll wait for them in the next town, but they are ordered to pull over as well.

Mike and Carrie are taking into jail for reckless driving, and they have to wait till the judge shows up, which could be the next day. Carrie asks for some food and the officer says he might be able to get them some food. Another cop brings Nancy, Craig, and Ali in. Craig tries to bribe the cop, but he doesn't take it. Mike talks with the others in the other cell and suggest they get them to put them in one cell so they can play cards. Ali shouts out YES! Nancy covers Ali's mouth and Craig, speaking with a really bad accent, talks with Mike. One of the officers returns with food for sale, and Craig buys his hat from him. Mike and Carrie buy food as well and Carrie asks to use the rest room. Carrie is let out and Nancy, Craig, and Ali hide under their bunks. Ali then starts flirting with BJ, but Ali isn't her type, Nancy is! Craig tells BJ that Nancy is taken, but she says she will give him a kiss if he lets them all go. However, Craig won't let Nancy kiss BJ, so BJ leaves. BJ returns later and has news, the judge, who is cranky, is on his way over. Mike and Carrie are led out of their cell, as are Craig etal. However, Craig says they aren't ready to go yet, they are still eating. Ali refuses to stay in jail one more minute and runs out. Craig follows, but Nancy is left behind with BJ.

John tells Marlena that he was at the hotel with Gina. John tells Marlena about his memory of drinking champagne with Gina, who is in a slinky nightgown. Marlena says that it must have been the power of suggestion, because Greta says that the clerk at the hotel doesn't remember him. Later, John and Marlena go to bed, but John is still worried about his memory, which he is positive was real.

Gina is out on the hotel ledge while Bo and the manager pull up the records. Bo searches through them. Gina hopes she got rid of all the files and listens in with a spy device to hear what is going on inside. Greta arrives and watches as Bo searches through the records. Meanwhile, Gina uses a rope to try to hop to the next building, but Bo and Greta hear something come from outside the window. However, Bo doesn't catch her. Gina continues to listen in and she overhears Bo say that Hope stayed here as Gina, but there are no records of the real Gina or John staying there. Bo hopes that by showing these records to Hope, Hope will want to return with him to investigate further. Gina says "don't count on it Bo!" Suddenly, Gina drops off the ledge and clings for life when one of the hotel guests opens the window to look at the view.

Gina escapes and believes Bo and Greta have gone back to Salem, so she decides to have some fun. Gina goes to the El Gratto and reunites with Aldo and her old friends. Aldo tells Gina about the strangers asking questions, but Gina tells him that they have left Capri. Gina and Aldo sit down and remember old times. He asks her where she has been? Gina says she went away for awhile, but now she is back for good. Later, Aldo and Gina dance.

Back at the hotel, Bo learns that he can't take John's plane back to Salem till tomorrow. Greta asks Bo to search for John in the hotel records, but John isn't there. Bo then decides to search for Alamain, but it's a no go. They then decide to go back to the El Gratto and are about to walk in on Aldo and Gina dancing.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Kate catches Lucas making a phone call ordering a special gift for a special someone. Lucas asks Kate if Roberto named a hitman, and Kate says that is the last thing they want! Lucas says that Roberto has to tell Roman what he wants to hear, but Kate says that will make Sami free to make their lives miserable again. Lucas says he won't let that happen. Kate says that Sami will do everything she can to keep Will from him if she is freed. Lucas again says that Sami doesn't deserve to die. Kate says that she won't die, Mickey will file an appeal and it will take years before she is executed. Lucas tells his mom that Roberto will take the deal, and she can't do a thing about it. Kate says he's wrong, she can stop Roberto.

Roman is allowed to speak to a critical Roberto. Billie shows up and goes with him to help, but he freaks when he sees her. Billie and Roman leave and Billie apologizes for being stupid. Roman tells her that she's not stupid, but this might work to their advantage. Roman tells Billie that if Roberto doesn't start talking, he'll bring her back in. The doctor tells Roman that Roberto wants to see him, alone, and the doctor warns Roman that if he upsets Roberto again, it will be his last visit. Roman goes in and asks Roberto if he's ready to accept his deal? Roberto wants the truth about BeBe first, and Roman tells him that she's not a cop, she was working on her own. Roman then asks once again for the name of Franco's hitman. Roberto tells Roman that his life is not the only one at stake, his family's lives are as well. Roman can't offer Roberto what he wants right now, protection for his family, so Roberto says he has nothing to say. Roman begs Roberto to think of his daughter, she will die without his help. Roman eventually leaves and Roberto tells himself that he can't tell Roman what he wants because his family will be as good as dead. Roman takes a peak at Roberto's chart in hopes of using it to his advantage.

Austin pays Sami another visit in prison. She asks him if he's talked to Carrie, but he says no. Austin tells Sami about the doctor he spoke with at a clinic and he says that he really resents that Carrie is out having a good time while her sister is in jail. Austin changes the subject and tells Sami that he came here to tell her that he's committed to helping her, and he will get custody of Will. Austin thinks no judge will give custody to Lucas because he's abusive. Austin says he's sorry Carrie didn't believe her side of the story. Sami says she had a good reason not to. Sami says she has done nothing but ruin his and Carrie's lives. Austin tells her the past doesn't matter, what happens now does.

Craig and Ali make a break for it, leaving Nancy with BJ, the perverted jail guard. Meanwhile, Mike and Carrie appear before the judge when they hear Ali scream "let me go!" Both Carrie and Mike think they recognize the voice, but ignore it. Carrie sweet talks the judge into letting them pay the fine now. Meanwhile, Craig and Ali return to get Nancy and Craig feigns sick to save Nancy. The guard then yells that one of the prisoners is sick, so Mike offers to look at him. Nancy tells her sweetheart "nice going!" Craig punches BJ out and all three of them jump out the window and land in a dumpster. After getting out, they make a break for their car. Craig leaves some money for their fine and Ali cries that she has chicken nuggets in her hair. Ali finds her phone and makes a call to her mom. Her mom tells Ali that her sister is pregnant. Claire asks her to come home and see a doctor, but Ali says she doesn't need a shrink. Ali says she's going to see the man she loves, and then they will have sex! Ali tells her mom to tell that to her country club friends and hangs up. Ali wants to stop somewhere and wash someone's happy meal out of her hair, but Craig says they have to continue on and get photos of Mike and Carrie. Ali tells herself that she is the one Mike loves, and she will surprise him in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, the deputy finds BJ and then goes after the speeders. Mike looks at BJ, and then the judge asks Dr. Horton if he can look at a thing he has on his behind. Mike says okay, and the judge drops his pants. Mike tells him that he has a boil. The judge is glad he doesn't have a tumor and offers to drop the charges against Mike. Mike and Carrie are about to leave, but Carrie wants to take a picture to show her grand children one day. Mike says that he hopes he'll be there that day, but then apologizes for saying that. Carrie tells Mike that she loves him so much.

Aldo and Gina are dancing when Bo and Greta walk in. Bo and Greta are in disguise. Everyone is watching Gina and Aldo, so Bo and Greta decide to check it out. One of Aldo's thugs recognizes the disguised ones. The lights suddenly go out and Gina is grabbed! Aldo helps Gina escape and two of his thugs find her sketch pad, which has a drawing of Greta in it. Outside, Aldo gives Gina a key, but she says she can't do "it." Aldo realizes that Gina left an earring behind, and Gina says she has to find it! Gina looks in the door and is angry that Bo brought Greta here. She decides to do something about Bo.

Aldo looks for Gina's earring. Bo buys the sketch of Greta from a man who claims he drew it. Greta and Bo try to order some dinner, but Aldo says they are closed. Bo then asks Aldo who was dancing. Aldo says it was him, and then walks off. Greta suggests they leave, but Bo wants to look around. Bo finds Gina's earring and thinks whoever was dancing with Aldo was wearing the earring, which he tells Greta is exactly like some of Hope's. Greta says that this is just a normal, trendy, earring. Bo and Greta decide to leave, and Aldo pockets the earring, which they left behind.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Greta dreams that it was her mom dancing at the El Gratto last night. Bo tells her that is impossible, but Greta can't help but wonder who they were trying to hide. Bo tells Greta that he will figure everything out, even if he has to do it on his own. Greta tells Bo that she isn't giving up on her search, but Bo thinks it's getting too dangerous for her. Greta insists that she can take care of herself. Bo eventually agrees to let Greta continue helping him. He tells her the first thing he will do upon arriving in Salem is show her the records. The pilot then informs them of their descent.

John tells Marlena that the memory he had was so real. However, Marlena suggests that Hope may have somehow triggered the memory by suggesting John and Gina were more than friends. John says what if . . . but Marlena says that he was a priest, and the John Black she knows would never break a sacred oath. John tells Marlena that it's possible Stefano just brainwashed him into thinking he was a priest. Marlena says she wants to talk about something more positive, like their future. John asks Marlena once again to marry her, and she says she loves answering yes. John gives Greta a call from the plane and asks to meet her in 30 minutes in Salem Place.

John meets up with Greta in Salem Place and she tells him that she has news about him and Princess Gina. Greta says that Father John Black was never in Capri, besides the hotel was romantic, not a place a priest would stay. Greta tells John that he and her mother were nothing more than friends.

Caroline and Alice are talking about Hope's odd behavior. Alice tells Caroline that Hope still feels betrayed and needs time to sort out her feelings. Caroline says that she knows Bo has made mistakes, but isn't Hope making one now? Alice says Bo and Hope will just have to work things out on their own.

Gina goes to see Stefano and tells him that Bo has Greta working with him now. Gina doesn't like Bo getting close to her daughter, but Rolf says technically she's not her daughter. Gina tells Stefano that if Bo and Greta keep searching, they just might put all the pieces together. Stefano asks Gina why she is so worried, did they find anything against her? She says no, but Bo won't give up so easily. Still, Stefano wonders that there is something she has not told him that is worrying her. Gina says of course not, she's just afraid Greta and Bo might find something. Stefano says that won't happen, besides she herself said she covered her tracks, didn't she? Stefano tells her not to worry, soon everything will be like it once was in Europe. Gina leaves, but tells herself that the life she longs for isn't in Europe, it's with John. After Gina leaves, Stefano and Rolf talk about John. Rolf says it's to bad John can't come back. Stefano says that will not happen, they had to return John's free will when they made him Roman. Rolf comments "at least we have Gina," and Stefano says yes, and he won't let her go to Bo or anyone else.

Bo arrives home and talks with Alice. He asks if "Hope" is around, but Alice says she hasn't seen "Hope" today. Bo wonders if she could still be sleeping, and decides to surprise her. Bo goes upstairs and notices that "Hope's" bed hasn't been slept in. Later, "Hope" returns home and Bo asks her where the hell has she been? "Hope" asks where the hell has he been?

Carrie and Mike are back on the road. Carrie tells Mike that she thinks Austin no longer cares about her. They soon arrive at the next clinic and Mike has some messages. Carrie decides to use her phone to see if there are any messages on her home machine, but there aren't. Carrie then picks up the paper and learns what has happened to Austin and Sami. Carrie decides to find out what is going on, and calls the hospital. She asks if she has any messages, she has only one from Mr. Lewis. Carrie wonders why Austin hasn't contacted her, but he must not know where she is. The nurse, Amy, tells Carrie that Austin has Mike's itinerary.

Austin is handed a subpoena to Will's custody hearing. Austin says if Carrie was here, Lucas wouldn't stand a chance. Austin says he'll have to prove he can provide a good home for Will, without Carrie. Austin drops by Marlena's place, he brought Will some toys, but Marlena says he went to the park with the other children. Marlena tells Austin that he can wait. Austin comes in and asks Marlena how Will is doing? She tells him that he misses his mother. They talk about Will and the upcoming custody hearing. Austin says that he will do whatever it takes to protect Will. Marlena says that its so odd that he's turned out to be Sami's most loyal friend. Austin says that Sami and Will are his family. Marlena asks Austin what about Carrie? Austin just says that he hasn't talked with Carrie, she went out of town with Mike for the convention in LA. Marlena asks if he tried to reach her and he says he tried once, but missed her. Marlena suggests he leave a message so she can call him next time, but Austin says there won't be a next time. Marlena tells Austin that he has to reach Carrie, she felt very hurt and confused when she ran off, she feels abandoned. Mike says Carrie is the one who abandoned her, he knows all about Carrie and Mike.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

At the penthouse, Marlena is shocked to learn that Austin knows about Carrie and Mike. Austin says that his wife broke their vows and slept with Mike. Marlena counters, saying that Austin is not blameless in this matter...he walked out on his wife. Austin argues, saying it was to protect Sami and Will, but Marlena says that his protection of another woman cost him his wife. Carrie was hurt and betrayed by his actions. Austin assures Marlena that he didn't break his marriage vows. When she argues that he did and points out his hiding with Sami as proof, Austin goes on the attack and reminds her of the affair that Marlena had with John. He quickly adds that it's obvious to him that Carrie is having an affair with Mike. Marlena quickly tells him that the only way he will ever know what Carrie is thinking and feeling is if he calls her. Marlena pleads with him to call Carrie but he walks out.

At the clinic, Carrie is hurt that Austin has not tried to reach her. Mike continues to play the nice guy and says that she needs to call him and tell him about her feelings. Carrie is worried, but he says that he will support her like always. When Mike insists that Austin will not reject her, Carrie agrees to call Austin.

Nicole worries to Eric that she hasn't worked much lately. Lucas interrupts and Eric takes it upon himself to inform Lucas that Nicole is leaving Titan. Lucas asks Nicole if this is true and she says no. Lucas is relieved and suggests that he'll have plenty of modeling jobs for her. Nicole is happy and goes off to buy a dress that she was eying earlier. Alone, Eric boasts to Lucas that he and Nicole are a team and she cannot be bought. Lucas then buys Nicole a car and calls it one of the perks of working for him.

Admitting he was hypnotized by Marlena again, John advises Greta that he had a memory of being at the hotel in Capri but doesn't tell her everything. Greta begins to fear that she didn't really know her mother. She fears that her mother had a dark side because of the places she hung out at in Capri. But, she assures John, he was never like that. John looks like he may know otherwise.

Bo and "Hope" are fighting in Gran's living room. Bo, out of concern for Hope, and "Hope" because she just loves to pick fights. Hope lies to Bo that she left a note for him to explain where she was and then arranges for him to find that note on the floor. Gran leaves and "Hope" tries to make nicey-nice with Bo, when he starts in about Stefano. Again, "Hope" defends Stefano, confusing Bo. He then shows her the printout of the dates that she was in Capri as Gina. He tells Hope that he's going to compare the dates of Gina's visits to the hotel to any criminal activity in the town. "Hope" knows that the dates are all wrong because she changed them in the computer. The two decide to call a truce. Asking where his son is, Bo is furious to learn that Shawn Douglas was sent to boarding school.

Friday, April 9, 1999

At Salem Place, Kate is checking on the status of Roberto as Billie listens in. Kate is startled to see her daughter eavesdropping, but covers saying that Roman must be beside himself that Roberto has not said anything. Billie is confident that Roman will get Roberto to talk as he is bringing a special person to see him. Roman bring Roberto's sister Rosa to see him.

Austin punches the bag during a workout and can't stop thinking about Carrie. Billie comes in and tries to get her big brother to open up, but he refuses. Billie switches subjects and tells Austin that Roman has a plan to get Roberto to talk. The two decide to go to the hospital to check on Roberto.

Kate decides to check on Roberto herself, and disguised as a nurse, Kate offers a deal to Roberto, offering him money for the rest of his life if he'll only keep his mouth shut. He agrees but they are interrupted by Roman.

Meanwhile, Carrie calls Austin's cell phone but can't get through. She begins to wonder if he's avoiding her. Mike reminds her that they can't move on with their relationship until she takes care of her marriage. Carrie learns that Austin is at the hospital and has him paged. He answers the phone and is shocked to hear her voice.

Roman pays Sami a visit and gives her the bad news that Roberto refuses to talk. He tells Sami that Will is always asking about her, which makes her glad. After Roman leaves, she fantasizes that Austin and Will have come to free her and Austin asks Sami to marry him.

Greta and John are still talking about Greta's memories of her mother as a kind, glamorous woman. Greta worries that she will learn of her mother's darker side.

Bo angrily tells Hope that she has no right to send their son to boarding school without first talking to him. She tells him that the Hope he knew is gone and the past doesn't matter to her. Hope continues to defend Stefano, further infuriating Bo. She then packs her bags and leaves. A really mad Bo sweeps the things off Hope's dresser and is rocked to find a photo of Hope sitting on Stefano's lap. Elsewhere, Hope tells herself that once she takes care of Stefano, she'll be free.

Finding his boss talking about the love he has for Gina, Rolf warns Stefano that he better keep a grip on his feelings for this Gina because he was in love with the real princess. Stefano says that this Gina has all the spirit and soul of the real princess Gina. The doorbell rings and it is Gina, saying that she is free.

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