Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on DAYS

Eric told Taylor that he and Nicole were engaged. Kate told Victor that Nicole had refused the five million dollars to marry Lucas. Austin found Carrie in bed with Mike. Craig and Nancy were happy at Claire's plan to make Mike pay. Under hypnosis, John started to remember giving Princess Gina a gift, but the session was cut short.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, April 26

At the penthouse, Marlena hypnotized John, and he remembered giving Gina the compact with a G on it. Gina believed that once John saw the compact, all his memories would return. However, John couldn't see the compact because the box lid reflected light in John's face. The light caused him pain, and he grimaced. Gina shouted, "No, John, not again!"

At Titan, Lucas told his mother that he planned to marry Nicole the following day. He was going to sweep her off her feet in Chicago. Kate doubted that Nicole would marry him, but Lucas vowed to make it happen. After he left, Kate went down to the photo lab and ran into Taylor, who was in tears. She had just finished a long conversation with Eric, trying to convince him that Nicole wasn't right for him. She had failed.

Kate asked Taylor what had her so upset, and Taylor said that Eric and Nicole were engaged. Kate made Taylor promise not to tell Lucas because she wanted to be the one to do that. After Taylor left, Kate decided that she had to help Lucas.

Nicole had visions of her happy future with Eric. She told herself that Eric's love had changed her; money and fame were nothing compared to Eric's love. However, she then had a horrible vision of Eric learning about her past from a tabloid story, and in her vision, he left her. When Eric returned, a crying Nicole ran into his arms and told him that she had been worried about him because he had been gone so long.

At the hospital, Roman lectured Austin about how running off with Sami had been wrong, and he explained that Carrie felt like he had chosen Sami over her. Austin finally realized that what he had done was wrong. Roman told him that he had two options: he could fight for Carrie or walk away. Austin decided to fight for Carrie and made plans to fly to Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, Carrie showed up at Mike's door and kissed him. He told her that he wouldn't let her leave there that night. She had no intention of leaving and asked Mike to make love to her. As they fell on the bed and made love, the bed spun around against an outer space background. After they had finished, Carrie said she never wanted the night to end. Mike told her that the night would end, but their life together never would.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

John left the session with a severe migraine, so "Hope" massaged his temples. Marlena asked her what she thought she was doing. "Hope" said she was trying to help John. John said it was helping. Marlena asked John if he was all right. John said he was. Bo asked "Hope" why she had said, "No, not again." "Hope" said she had run into John earlier when he'd had a migraine, and massaging his temples had helped.

Marlena became concerned and wanted to have John checked out, and she said there would be no more hypnosis until then. "Hope" begged John not to stop, not when he was on the verge of a breakthrough. "Hope" asked John if he had seen Gina's gift, but John said he hadn't. "Hope" asked Marlena to hypnotize John again, but Marlena refused until John got checked out. Bo and "Hope" decided to leave for the night and hoped John felt better.

John told Marlena not to worry because he was fine. However, Marlena said that he should have told her about the headaches. John said he hadn't wanted her to worry like she was doing. Marlena said, "What did you expect? I'm your wife." She then said she really wanted to be his wife. John promised her that it would happen.

Bo and "Hope" took a walk, and Bo asked "Hope" if she knew what the gift was. "Hope" told him that she didn't. Bo asked "Hope" if she thought John and Gina had been lovers. "Hope" said that was impossible because he had been a priest. "Hope" then remembered spending time with John and talking about how "Father John" was a fraud. Gina had told John that she longed for the day when they could to stop pretending and could be together all the time.

Bo snapped "Hope" to and asked her what was wrong. "Hope" said that it had just been an emotional night. "Hope" told Bo that she felt like they were on the verge of a breakthrough. They had to convince Marlena to hypnotize John again. Bo didn't think that would happen. Gina told herself that she didn't need Marlena. She needed the compact. She thought that when he saw it, John would remember everything.

Kate paid a visit to Victor and told him about Nicole's engagement to Eric and her fears that Lucas would do something terrible when he found out. Kate also said that if Lucas didn't get married, he could lose Will. Kate didn't like to think about Lucas marrying Nicole, but Victor told her that there might be no other choice. Victor suggested that Eric see the private investigator's report on Nicole, but Kate said it could backfire, and Eric could still marry Nicole. Victor told Kate that he had a way to help Lucas, but his plan depended on her. When Kate heard Victor's plan, she flat-out refused to do it. Victor told her that she had no other choice.

Lucas was walking through Salem Place, thinking about Nicole. He told himself that he wouldn't use the dirt on Nicole to get her to marry him. Suddenly, Taylor ran right into Lucas. He asked her what was wrong and asked if it was Eric and Nicole. Taylor told Lucas that it had just been a bad day.

Lucas offered to buy Taylor a cup of coffee and cheer her up. Lucas told Taylor that Will's custody hearing was the next day, and he had 48 hours to convince Nicole to marry him. Taylor told him that it was too late. Lucas asked why. Taylor told him that Nicole and Eric were getting serious.

Taylor asked Lucas why he was so desperate to get Nicole away from Eric. Lucas said because he loved her, Eric couldn't make her happy, and she would help him get custody of Will. Later, Taylor had a fantasy in which Eric told her that he had realized she was the woman he really loved and the one he wanted to marry. Nicole cried on Eric's shoulder and said she didn't deserve a guy like him. Eric told Nicole that he wanted to spend his life with her. When Nicole mentioned her past, Eric said that was no longer an issue. They had been through it already. Eric told Nicole that she had changed his mind about love and made him believe he could have a real relationship. Nicole told Eric that she was lucky she had found him.

Later, Eric told Nicole that he had told Taylor about their engagement. Nicole said that was okay and asked how she had reacted. Eric said that she was too hard to read. Eric said he wanted to find Lucas and rub it in his face, but Nicole told him that he couldn't do that. Eric asked why, and Nicole said that she wanted to be the one to tell him. Nicole also told Eric that she had to go to Chicago for an appearance the next day, and she was going alone.

After Eric left, Nicole received a call from Kate, who said that she would meet Nicole at her apartment in twenty minutes. Back at the home, Victor told Kate that she was doing the right thing. Kate just hoped he was right.

Nancy and Craig had just finished renewing their vows; they'd been married for one year. Nancy suggested they make it a tradition from then on. They then wondered how Mike and Carrie's night was going. Craig called Carrie's room, but no one answered, which could mean only one thing. Nancy decided to check on Ali, only to learn that she had checked out.

Nancy told Craig what had happened and then checked for some messages for them at the counter. They had a message from Claire. Claire told them she had taken Ali back to Salem. Craig decided to go upstairs and check on Mike and Carrie.

Meanwhile, Nancy called Ali and talked with Claire. Claire told Nancy that she would not let anyone hurt Ali. She was taking control of the situation. Nancy asked what she meant. Claire told Nancy that she intended to make Mike Horton and the hospital pay millions. Claire promised Nancy that Mike would never exploit another woman like he had her daughter again.

Mike and Carrie were holding each other in bed and looking up at the stars -- the walls of Mike's room were a movie-projecting device. Later they watched fireworks and remembered their first kiss. Carrie told Mike that she had a confession to make. She was never going to let him go. She then started tickling him. Craig showed up at that point and listened to them through the door. Carrie and Mike then had fantasies about winning the Carrie and Mike casino loto. As they kissed, money rained down upon them.

Craig went downstairs and told Nancy about Mike and Carrie's pajama party upstairs. Nancy then told Craig the news about Ali. She also told him that she was worried about Ali. Claire had spoken in an odd tone.

Austin was on a plane heading to Las Vegas, looking at the pictures of Mike and Carrie kissing. He vowed not to lose her to Mike Horton. Austin then reflected back on the pledges Carrie had made to him, his arguments with her, and Marlena and Roman's speeches to him. Austin's plane landed in Vegas, and he hoped it was not too late to save his marriage. Austin headed to the hotel and ran into Nancy and Craig in the casino.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Greta was sitting at the table at the Horton house when Billie showed up. Greta invited her in because "Hope" wanted to talk with her. Billie told Greta that she knew she was wrong to lie to Bo about the baby, and she shouldn't have involved her; she was asking for her forgiveness. Greta told Billie that she did not judge people. She knew what she had done had been out of love for Bo. Billie thanked her for being so understanding. Billie reminisced about Georgia and how she had found the compact.

Greta and Billie started talking about "Hope's" heart and who it belonged to, and Billie said she didn't think it belonged to Bo anymore. Billie asked Greta if she thought "Hope" was acting a little strange. Greta said that lately she'd thought that her mother had been reborn in "Hope," as strange as it sounded. Greta then wondered if "Hope" could be back under Stefano's control. Billie asked how that could be.

Later, Billie asked Greta if she had ever told "Hope" about the compact. Greta said she almost had once. Billie asked her to please keep it a secret. Greta said it could trigger "Hope's" memory but agreed to stay quiet when Billie begged her not to tell "Hope."

Bo and "Hope" were in Salem Place. "Hope" was very worried about John, but Bo told her that Marlena could take care of John -- she was a doctor, after all. "Hope" decided to go home, but Bo said they should get a cup of coffee. They sat down, and Bo started talking about how nobody had recognized John in Capri. Meanwhile, Lucille and Lili were fighting about Gina staying with them. They ran into Bo and "Hope," and Bo asked them to sit and join them.

Bo mentioned Capri to Lili, and she said that she never remembered Gina spending time in Capri. Bo started asking Lili about when her art had been stolen. Lili told him that January 15, 1992, was the day, and she said she was thankful that Gina had been there for her. "Hope" turned pale, and Bo asked her if she was okay.

"Hope" said that she didn't like seeing Lili get worked up over it. Bo got a call from his Italian inspector pal and learned that the theft dates didn't coincide with the art thefts. Lili didn't understand. Bo told her that there was a possibility that Gina could have been involved with the art thefts.

"Hope" told Bo that she had had it with the investigation. She wished he would drop it. She then stood up and stomped off. Lili told Bo that Gina had been like a daughter to her, and she knew that Gina had not been involved in a life of crime. Bo hoped she was right but was going to continue with the investigation. Meanwhile, Gina realized how close Bo was getting to the truth and that she had to find a way to stop him.

Eric ran into Lucas in Salem Place, and the two exchanged insults. Lucas asked Eric what he was "so damn happy about." Eric said that he was happy that there was justice in the world, after all. Lucas asked if Sami had gotten out. Eric said no, but she would soon. Eric then accused Lucas of wanting to see Sami fry. Lucas said that he had never wanted Sami to die, just spend her life in jail for the lies she had told. They soon ended up arguing about Nicole, and Eric told Lucas that neither he nor Nicole needed anything from him.

Nicole arrived home and waited for Kate to show up. Kate showed up moments after Nicole got home and strutted into Nicole's living room. Kate congratulated Nicole; she had run into Taylor and learned the news. Kate told Nicole that she would not tell Lucas about the engagement -- "not now and not ever." Nicole didn't understand what the visit was all about and eventually told Kate to get out. Kate refused to leave until they reached an understanding.

Kate accused Nicole of manipulating Lucas to further her career and keep her secrets safe. Nicole asked Kate if she was threatening to expose Nicole's past. Kate said she had an offer for Nicole and handed her a check -- a five million dollar one. Nicole thought that Kate wanted her to leave town. Nicole said that she was going to marry Eric and live right there in Salem. Kate told Nicole that she was missing the point. Kate wanted Nicole to marry Lucas and be a mother to Will.

Roman paid Sami a visit. Roman told Sami that he was there to tell her that Austin had gone to Las Vegas to see Carrie to straighten things out. Sami didn't know why he had even bothered. Carrie had given up on their marriage. The two argued and bickered. Sami thought that Carrie would go so far as to blame her affair with Mike on Sami.

Roman asked Sami if her attitude was about Sami not wanting Austin and Carrie together. Sami said she didn't want to see Austin hurt again and then told her dad about her dreams of marrying Austin and raising Will. Roman told Sami that Carrie would always be Austin's first and only love. Sami said that at that moment, the only thing that mattered was that Lucas didn't get a hold of Will, and like it or not, Carrie and Austin being together was what was best for Will. Roman promised Sami that things would work out for the best.

In the casino, Austin ran into Craig and Nancy. He told them he was looking for Carrie, and Nancy and Craig pretended that they didn't know she was there. They said they were there to renew their wedding vows. Austin started quizzing them about taking pictures and if they had sent him something. Nancy told him no. Unfortunately, a casino worker approached them to make sure they were having a good time, and he was sorry that their friend had needed to leave.

Austin asked them what friend that would be. Nancy said that it was her maid of honor; she had gone with them for their anniversary. Austin asked about his wife, and Nancy and Craig acted shocked when he was told that she had checked in with Mike Horton. Austin told the man that he was there to surprise his wife, so the man offered him and his wife a free romantic dinner later that evening.

Later, when Craig and Nancy started talking about what was about to happen, Nancy started feeling bad for Mike again. Craig told her that Mike had caused it all for himself. Nancy and Craig played the slot machines and won the jackpot.

Meanwhile, Austin and the manager couldn't find Carrie anywhere, so the manager gave Austin the key to Carrie's room. Upstairs, Carrie led a blindfolded Mike into her room, which was filled with candles. Their clothes fell to the floor, and they jumped into a tub full of bubbles. Outside, Austin knocked on Mike's door to see if he knew where Carrie was. When Mike didn't answer, he assumed that Carrie was out with Mike.

Austin unlocked the door to Carrie's room and headed in. He found a picture of him and Carrie in her suitcase and realized that Carrie had never stopped loving him. Austin took his wedding ring out of his pocket and put it back on his finger. Room service showed up at Carrie's apartment, but Austin told him that he had the wrong room.

The man went to Mike's place, and Carrie offered to run into the bathroom. Mike told her that it was okay; nobody would see her. Mike answered the door and signed the room service ticket. Unfortunately, Mike didn't close the door all the way behind him, and Austin peeked in and saw Carrie in Mike's bed.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Outside room 503, an unsuspecting Mike headed to the door to tip the bellboy. He was greeted by Austin's fist as Austin punched Mike and barged into the room. Carrie could only look on in horror and pull the covers up around her. She ran after him, but Austin angrily revealed that he had seen her kissing Mike up at Green Mountain Lodge, and he had just caught her in bed with the guy. He handed back his wedding ring and boasted that he was through with her and their marriage.

Carrie was devastated and rushed back into Mike's room to get her clothes. There, Mike explained to Carrie that Austin was the person who had walked out of the marriage. Carrie did not want to hear about it; she just wanted to find Austin. She told a brokenhearted Mike that everything had been a mistake and that if they had only waited one more night, none of it would have happened.

As he rode down the elevator, Austin wondered if Las Vegas was the place for quickie divorces. He left the hotel, and Carrie arrived moments later. The desk clerk informed her that Austin had already left. A devastated Carrie packed her bag to return to Salem as Mike was drowning his sorrows at the hotel bar and Austin was on the plane back home.

Kate told Nicole that her five million dollar deal was an honest one. All Nicole had to do was cash the check and marry Lucas. She would live in the lap of luxury with a man who loved her. Nicole countered that she did not love Lucas and could not be bought. Kate just rolled her eyes. Nicole stood firm that she would rather live with Eric as his wife in a one-bedroom apartment than marry Lucas.

Kate reminded Nicole that if Eric found out about her past, he'd dump her, and then she could not even afford to live in that one-bedroom apartment. Nicole ordered Kate out of her place, and Kate left. Nicole still had the check and wondered. Just then, Eric called, and she told him that she was crying because she was happy. He had just called to tell her that he loved her. She hung up, even more confused.

As Hope worked on another stolen painting, she explained to Stefano that if the paintings were found, he could go to prison for life. Since she had finished the last of the copies, Stefano determined that they could move to the next phase of his plan -- to steal the last Renet. Gina used the opportunity to tell Stefano that they could use John's help. No, Stefano said. John could not return because the chip in his brain was not as sophisticated, and all the memories had been wiped out. Gina thought to herself that John would remember.

Running into Bo at the Brady Pub, Roman explained to him and Billie that he thought the person involved with the art heist was someone on the inside who'd had access to the wealthy people on a social level. Bo admitted that he thought that Gina had been involved with the stolen paintings because of Stefano, and Billie agreed. Roman also told Bo that Lili Faversham had told him a different story of who had been with her the night that her masterpieces had been stolen, and she had not mentioned that Gina had been there. Bo chalked it up to Lili's failing memory.

At the prison, Sami congratulated Eric on his engagement to Nicole. Sami had to tell her twin that Austin and Carrie's marriage was on the rocks and that Carrie had been having an affair with Mike. Eric decided to call Nicole on his cell phone, and Sami got a chance to offer Nicole her best over the phone.

Gregory warned Lucas that the custody hearing was around the corner. Lucas whipped out the huge rock of an engagement ring and fretted that he wouldn't be able to get Nicole to marry him in a day. Kate returned from her meeting with Nicole and told her son that she had given him her blessing to marry Nicole. That shocked Lucas, who was still bumming that it'd be a million-to-one shot if it worked. As he left the room, Kate sighed and said, "How about five million?"

Friday, April 30, 1999

Kate was disgusted with herself that she'd had to beg Nicole to marry Lucas. She knew that Nicole marrying Lucas would give them the advantage for gaining custody of Will, but that meant she'd have Nicole as a daughter-in-law. Kate was frantic that Nicole had turned down the offer. Kate was climbing the walls, wondering if Nicole had changed her mind. Victor offered that maybe she did not know Nicole as well as she had thought. Kate called Nicole, who curtly told her no and to stop calling.

Kate was at her wit's end, but Victor advised Kate that as long as Nicole had not torn up the five million dollar check, there was still a chance she might accept it. In the meantime, Victor had another way to ensure Nicole said yes to Lucas.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas convinced Alice to support his efforts to win custody of his son the next day at the hearing. He told his grandmother that all of Sami's family would have statements that Austin could do no wrong, and it would only be Kate standing up for him. Alice agreed to stand by Lucas, but she made him promise that he would fight hard for Will. Lucas had Henderson pull the limo around -- fully stocked with champagne, caviar, and the works -- to go pick up Nicole.

At Nicole's apartment, she gazed at her engagement ring and recalled Eric's proposal. She took off her ring when the doorbell rang. It was Taylor. Taylor asked her sister how she could marry Eric if she couldn't be true to herself. Nicole started getting nasty with her sister, saying Taylor had no idea who the real Nicole was, and Taylor agreed. Taylor told her that neither did Eric. He was in love with a persona that Nicole had created, but Nicole couldn't keep up the charade forever.

The doorbell rang again, and it was Eric, who surprised Nicole with a photo of their new house, which featured them in it. The doorbell rang again. Thankfully, it was the limo driver. Nicole packed the last of her things, including the photo from Eric, but also took Kate's check with her. Nicole got into the limo and was shocked to see Lucas there.

At Lili's, Gina was trying to get Lili to stop hoping that the authorities would capture whoever had stolen her paintings. Lili was shocked to hear Gina say that, and Gina covered, saying the whole thing had been so traumatic for Lili, she just did not want the poor woman to be disappointed all over again. Gina said that Bo would not be able to catch the thief, after so many years and the fact that no one from the European police or the ISA had been able to either.

At the Horton kitchen, Bo told Greta that Gina could be a victim of Stefano's. Greta wondered if Stefano might have gotten rid of her mother. Greta, after hearing what Bo had to say about the art thefts, wondered if her mother might have been involved. Bo did not think so, because Gina was a princess with lots of money. The conversation turned again to Hope, and Bo was frustrated about her moodiness.

Vivian and Celeste arrived back at the DiMera mansion after spending time in Switzerland. Vivian played the sickly woman to the staff and learned that Stefano was not home. Alone with Celeste, Vivian jumped up and said that she couldn't wait to take down Stefano and Kate by running Titan.

Vivian wistfully remembered her love for Victor and wished she could tell him how poorly Kate had run the company. If Vivian could get just two percent more of the company's stock, she'd have controlling interest. Then she could show Victor how well she could run the company. Celeste realized that Vivian was still in love with Victor. The doorbell rang, and Celeste answered it. It was Bo, who surprised Vivian with flowers and asked for a moment to talk with her.

Alone, Gina lit up a cigarette and wondered how to get the compact back when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Lili, she answered but was surprised to see Greta. Greta entered and asked "Hope" why she kept pushing Bo away. However, Gina was too preoccupied, staring at the lit cigarette she had not put out.

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