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Monday, May 3, 1999

Eric is holding Nicole's ring as he looks through the window of the jewelry store. Roman walks up and Eric tells him about the engagement. They argue about it and Eric storms off. Roman chases him down and apologizes for being so hard on him. He just doesn't want to see him hurt. They talk about Sami and about Roberto's condition. Roman fills him in about the coma and his suspicions about the nurse. They also talk briefly about Carrie and Mike being in Las Vegas and Austin going to bring her home.

Kate is pushing Victor around in his wheel chair, also in Salem Place. They are talking about Lucas and Nicole as Victor assures her that she has made the right move. They enjoy a cup of coffee at Java Café as they discuss the situation further. Victor sees that Kate is about to crack under the strain. She is afraid that Nicole will tell Lucas about her offer, but Victor assures her that she won't. He tells her that as long as Nicole has the check, she will consider it and is sure that in the end she will accept.

He tells Kate that they can survive this, he tells her "Hell, we've survived Vivian!...we can survive ANYTHING!" Roman spots them and he and Eric venture over to their table. They talk to Victor and Roman introduces Eric. He asks him if he has seen Bo yet, but Victor tells him that this is his first trip and he isn't quite up to it yet. The conversation turns toward Sami and Roberto's condition. Kate quickly changes the subject and asks Eric how he is doing. They talk about Nicole and Eric tells her about the engagement. Kate acts surprised and happy for him. Kate asks Roman how he feels about it and Roman says he just wants his children to be happy. Victor tells Kate he is tired and they leave. As Kate is wheeling Victor away, he encourages her to call Nicole and give her a little nudge.

Lucas promises Nicole that Kate doesn't have all the dirt on her, at least not the worst of it. He promises that he would NEVER use the information, for he loves her and will protect her. She tells him that she knows about the custody hearing and that is why he is pressuring her so hard. She needs space and room to breathe. Lucas tells the driver to stop and let him out. Nicole encourages him back into the car. He smiles and returns to the car and on they roll on their merry way. She tells Lucas that she is uncomfortable with him knowing all her secrets. Again, he promises to never hurt her.

They talk about Eric and she realizes she left her ring at home. She starts to confess about the proposal, but the phone rings. It's Kate and she asks to speak to Nicole. She asks her if she still has the check and Nicole confirms it. She gives her some food for thought and tells her to think hard about her future. She thanks her for her advice and hangs up. As they step out of the limo, 2 guys approach and one of them says "Nicky baby...long time, no see!"

John is packing up the picnic basket for a day in the park. As he puts the thermos in the basket, the light reflects off the lid and leads to flashbacks of Gina opening the gift again. Marlena is coming down the stairs and sees him wincing in pain. Belle and Brady come in with their toys and everyone is ready for a day of fun. John promises Marlena that he knows that his future is with her and the kids and they share a kiss. Later, they are in the park playing soccer with the kids, all of them laughing and having a great time. As Brady is kicking the soccer ball, John tackles Marlena and they kiss. Marlena tells him that in soccer, you can't tackle the goalie. Brady chimes in and says "you can't kiss her, either!" They all laugh and go to eat. Marlena hands out water bottles to the kids and tells them that it is a tradition to "kiss the coach" and they all pile on John and begin squirting him with water, all of them giggling the whole time

Later, they are eating and John is still drying off, Marlena suggests a game of hide and seak. Brady is "it" and as he counts, everyone else hides. As John is hiding behind a tree, he begins having a migraine headache. Brady finds Marlena and they go looking for Belle. As they are looking, John begins having flashbacks of Gina and the headache continues.

Bo continues his visit with Vivian and explains that he wants to bring down Stefano but needs her help. She is a bit leery at first and questions him further. He tells her that he is pretty sure that Stefano is responsible for her condition. Bo tells her that he knows that she doesn't really love Stefano and that Victor is the true love of her life. She admits this and becomes a bit misty. Bo offers his assistance. He wants to join forces with her and if she will help him with Stefano, he will help her destroy Kate. He explains that they can kill a whole flock of birds with one stone.

He asks her...are you in? She wants to know just what he wants. He explains he wants an "in" to Stefano's world and she can provide that. They talk about the relationship between Hope and Stefano and Vivian & Celeste both agree that they have been "thick as thieves" lately and how odd their relationship is. Again, Bo asks her for her help. She asks for a few moments alone with Celeste and asks her what to do. Celeste tells her she is in deep enough with Stefano now, don't take him on any further. Vivian thanks her for her advice, but ignores it. She tells Bo that they have a deal and they shake on it. Bo is thrilled, he says that they will make a great team and they will destroy DiMera once and for all.

Greta barges her way in at Lilly's wanting to know what is wrong with her. She sees the cigarette in the ashtray and says that the only person she knew who smoked that brand was her mother. "Hope" covers and blames Lucille. She questions her about why she has been hanging around John and the way she acts. "Hope" says she is curious to find out if Gina and John were more than just friends. Greta says but he was a priest. Hope snaps back and says he wasn't. When Greta questions her, she covers and says that with Stefano involved, anything is possible.

Hope tells her that they are running out of time that John and Marlena will be married soon and he needs his peace of mind. Greta tells her that all of this is making Dr. Evans very uncomfortable and uneasy, especially the terrible headaches he is having. Greta points out that she has good reason to be afraid of him. She also tells her that Marlena is concerned about Hope's actions around John, the way she talks...acts, etc. She denies any wrong doing...she says that they are just friends. Seeing how close Gretta is, Gope quickly changes the subject to Bo. Greta tells her that he loves her and asks her if she plans on torturing him forever. Hope shocks her and asks you want him? She tells her that Bo is her friend and has been kind to her...she just hates seeing him in pain and wants to help him. Hope tells her that she has something of hers and she wants it back. Greta tries to play dumb, but Hope tells her that she knows she stole the compact from her purse in the Bayou and she wants it back...she NEEDS that compact.

Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Eric is having coffee at Java Cafe. Taylor is walking by when he spots her and calls for her to join him. She notices that he has the engagement ring in his hand and asks him why he thinks Nicole left it behind. Taylor says maybe she did it on purpose - maybe she didn't want Lucas to know. Eric says Lucas was not going with but Taylor says that there would be others there to see it and it could get back to Lucas. Eric asks her if there is something she is trying to tell him that he should know. She chickens out and just tells him she wants him to be happy. He can tell she is still upset and says they are practically family now and she can tell him whatever is bothering her. OK she says - I'll just say it - I'm in love with you.

Eric looks a little stunned but then he says well I'm I love with you too and you should be the one that wears this ring. Then he asks her to marry him - and of course she says yes. Then we hear Eric calling out Taylor's name. She comes back to reality and just tells Eric she hopes that he is happy - that's all she wants. He mentions something about Nicole not having the glamorous life she had dream of but when they have kids she will slow down. Taylor is surprised to hear that Nicky wants children. Oh yea says Eric and goes on to say he does not want his children raised by a nanny . They finish their coffee and Taylor rushes off - anxious to get away from Eric and all his talk of him and Nicole.

Lucas and Nicole have arrived in Chicago and their hotel. They have been greeted by two guys from Nicky's past. They say hey babe as the hair on Lucas' neck stands up. They tell Nicole she owes them and explains to Lucas that all three of them had a scam going - a bait and switch type of thing. Nicky would reel them in they say and they would get the people. But as things heated up Nicky split and they did time for the crimes - 3 years. They say that Nicky owes them. They reach for her and knock her purse to the ground and Lucas steps up to them and tells them to scram. As Lucas is dealing with them (he calls a security guard to help),

Nicole sees that the check and picture have fallen out of her purse. She quickly gets them back in her purse before Lucas sees them. They go inside the hotel and are greeted but the hotel manager who apologizes for the troubles. He gets them a drink on the house. Lucas tells Nicole that Titan was thinking of buying the hotel but he not now. She thanks him for handling the guys and he says that he is glad to but says what if Eric heard what the two guys said about her and her past - would he forgive her for her past? He says he knows all about her past and he will protect her.

Marlena and Brady find Belle and head off looking for John. They find him and Marlena sees that he is having a headache. She grabs him and he says the headache is better. She suggests they not play hide-n-seek anymore. They kids go get on the swings as she and John sit on the blanket. He says he is OK now but she is not too sure about that. A little later they are playing touch football and after Marlena throws the ball to the kids John tackles her. She says he's not supposed to do that - it's not touch football. He chuckles and says he can do what he wants. She notices that Belle looks tired and suggests they call it a day. They arrive home and tells Chelsea that the kids are rather dirty and they will need an extra soak tonight. Chelsea takes the kids as Marlena talks to John about his headaches. She wants to do test but he says they won't go away until he knows about his past. He says he needs to go for a walk - to get some fresh air. Marlena wants to join him but he says he needs to be alone. She just says that she and the kids are his future and he agrees as he leaves.

Hope is questioning Greta about the compact. She says she knows that she took if from her in the Bayou. Greta tells her she buried it and when she went back it was gone. Hope wonders if it is still in the Bayou but Greta tells her it is gone - that she will never find it. But I have to find it shouts Hope - I need it to help me with my past. She asks Greta if she knows who gave it to her and Greta has a flashback of her talking to her mom about it. All that she was told was that it came from a very special friend. It will help John remember the past. "Hope" says she can always tell when her daughter is keeping things from her. Greta has made it to Salem Place and calls Billie and asks her to meet her there in a few minutes. In the meantime Hope says she was to follow Greta and see where she went and as she opens the door she about runs into John who is standing in the doorway.

Austin has made it back to Salem and goes straight to see Sami. She is surprised to see him and asks if he found Carrie. He lies and says they did not connect. Sami is worried about the hearing but he tells her not to worry that he got statements from all the Bradys saying that he should get Will. Sami says she can face the death sentence but she can't bear the thought of Lucas having Will. Austin tells her things will work out and then tells her that he has made arrangements with the help of Rev. Holt for her to watch the hearing via TV so she can see him get custody of Will. She is pleased with that as the guard says time is up. Austin tells her to hang in there. When he leaves she says that if Carrie's not being there causes him to lose Will that she will never forgive her.

Mike goes to the front desk and finds out that Carrie has checked out and did not leave him a message. He turns toward the front door just as Craig and Nancy walk through. They explain that they stopped there on the way to LA to renew their wedding vows. They suggest that he and Carrie join them for dinner but Mike says Carrie is gone. They mention they saw Austin last night and that she went back with him. They said they bet they had a real good night as they try to aggravate Mike. Mike leaves as they say to each other that things are going so well.

They are very pleased and they figure that by the time Mike gets back to Salem there will be a big scandal going on. Carrie is on a plane and is looking at Austin's ring and says to herself - what have I done? She is very upset and remembers Austin telling her he was trying to help Sami and then a conversation with Marlena where she asks Carrie is she was using Austin's running off as an excuse to turn to Mike. Mike tries to call Carrie's apt but gets the answering machine and hangs up. He says he has to be there for Carrie.

He walks up to Craig and asks if he will pinch hit for him and be the keynote speaker. All he has to do is read the speech - it's already been written. He says he called the convention and told them he had something personal come up.

Back at the prison Sami is about to return to her cell when they say she has another visitor. Who is it she says - Mickey, Dad or Eric as Carrie walks through the door.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

"Hope" runs into John, who thinks she is keeping something from him. "Hope" says she's not, she's just looking for Greta. John tells her that he needs to talk to her about his past. John says he is determined to remember his past, but Marlena won't hypnotize him anymore. "Hope" tells him that she believes if they can find the gift and he can hold it, his memory will come back to him. "Hope" tells him that the gift could turn up, she did have many of Gina's possessions at Maison Blanche. When she mentions some of her things, John remembers the silver compact.

"Hope" says "than you do remember it!" John tells her no, he only remembers her talking about losing it last summer. "Hope" says she is very determined to get it back and says she thinks he gave it to her. She suggests that maybe he and Gina were more than friends, but John says it never could have gone beyond friendship because he was a priest. "Hope" tells John that she has to go, but makes him promise not to give up his search for "their" pasts, which they can do together.

Greta meets Billie in Salem Place to talk about the compact, "Hope" wants it. Greta says she didn't tell her that she has it, but "Hope" is desperate to get her hands on it. They argue about the compact, and how it belonged to Gina. Greta says that "Hope" thinks the compact will trigger her memory, but she suspects "Hope" wants it back for some other reason. Greta says that "Hope" wanted it months ago, but forgot about it, but doesn't understand why she wants it again.

When Greta says maybe it is the G for Gina, but Billie insists that the G is for Georgia, the compact is a sign from God. Greta tells Billie that it meant a lot to "Hope," and to her mother. Greta remembers that her mom got it as a gift from a special friend, and she wonders if it Father John. Still, Billie refuses to give up the compact, she says it makes her feel close to Georgia. Greta understands, but hates lying to her good friend "Hope." Billie tells Greta that "Hope" is not worthy of her friendship considering what she's doing to Bo. Later, Gina walks around talking to herself, she knows Greta is lying to her about the compact. She then spots Greta with Billie.

Austin tells Marlena that he saw Carrie and Mike in bed, and now Carrie has ruined his chances of getting Will. Marlena asks him if he talked to Carrie, but Austin says there was no point, she betrayed their vows. He says he gave her his wedding ring and told her it was over. He even shows her the pictures of Mike and Carrie to convince her of their affair. Marlena asks Austin not to walk away from Carrie, not to make the mistake Roman did. Austin assures her that he won't leave Salem like Roman did, but only because Sami and Will are his family now. Marlena asks Austin if he can tells her that this marriage is honestly over, does he no longer love Carrie? Austin tells Marlena that he will never stop loving Carrie.

Carrie visits Sami in prison, and the first thing she asks is if her love affair with Mike blew up in her face? Sami asks her if she thinks she's getting what she deserves? Carrie tells her that they have all done things they regret, and she still loves her. Carrie tells Sami that she didn't realize how bad things are for her here. Sami tells Carrie that Will's custody hearing is tomorrow, and she knows she thinks Will should be with Lucas. Carrie tells her that she is not taking sides. Sami tells Carrie that the only thing that comforts her is that Austin wants Will, but he will need her help. Sami realizes that Carrie didn't come here out of the goodness of her heart, and she wants to know what is really going on. Sami tells Carrie that she knows what happened that Austin went to Vegas to find her. Carrie tells Sami that she did not come here to argue about Austin, she came here to apologize to her. She apologizes for not being there for her, for being so resentful towards her, and for her testimony.

Sami asks Carrie if she will stand by Austin tomorrow at the custody hearing? Carrie assures Sami that she will keep her promise to raise Will. When Sami tells Carrie how lucky she is to have a man like Austin love her, Carrie breaks down. Sami asks what is wrong, and Carrie tells her that she just feels terrible for what she's going through. She assures her that she will help her with Will, it's the only way she can make up for . . . . Sami asks "make up for what?" Carrie says that she's doubted Austin's loyalty, but Sami knows he can get over it. They both say they love one another, and Carrie leaves. Carrie hopes Austin will let her keep her promise to Sami.

Kate thinks that Nicole has turned her deal down. Kate gets a call about Nicole, and Eric shows up and asks what she is up to? Kate tells him that she's just making sure things are going smoothly for Nicole. Kate asks Eric if she's talked to Nicole since his proposal? Eric says he talked to her before she left, and she seemed fine. Eric asks if she's told Lucas, but she says no because he's in New York. Eric tells Kate that he wants to be the one to tell him.

Kate says Lucas will be shocked, but Eric doesn't think so because he knows he didn't have a chance with her and that Nicole can't be bought. Eric says that the most important thing to Nicole is family and love. Eric assures her that Nicole will only where his engagement ring. Eric leaves and Kate makes another call to George, a banker to ask if her check has been cashed, which it hasn't. After he leaves, Eric says he has another surprise for Nicole when she returns home.

Lucas tells Nicole that if she married him, she'll never have to worry about her past again. Nicole thinks about the money and tells Lucas that she has to be honest with him. Lucas cuts her off and tells her that he knows she loves Eric, but he's willing to look past that. He then starts on his "what if Eric found out" speech again. Lucas tells Nicole that he needs her answer tonight.

Suddenly, a special delivery package for Nicole arrives. Nicole opens it and inside is a wedding dress made of French silk encrusted with pearls and diamonds, especially designed for her. Lucas tells her that he knows she doesn't love him the way he loves her, but he thinks her feelings for him can grow into love. Lucas tells her that if she marries him, it will be on her terms, they can take the relationship as slowly as she wants. Lucas asks that they only go to the custody hearing tomorrow as man and wife. Lucas asks Nicole to marry him. He tells her that she doesn't have to answer him now, and says he will give her an hour to think. Nicole begins to review her options. As Lucas makes a call to his mom, Nicole's "friends" order her to come with them.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

As the parade of visitors continue, Austin shows up, just missing his wife. Austin is surprised when Sami reveals that Carrie just paid her a visit. He starts to feel sorry for himself, but Sami tries to cheer him up by saying that Carrie came back and wants to do the right thing by standing up for him at the custody hearing. Of course, Sami does not realize that Austin's pain is from Carrie sleeping with Mike. Sami is just relieved that Carrie is going to do anything it takes to make sure they get Will. Austin is not so happy about having to see his wife.

Meanwhile, Carrie makes her way to the penthouse and Marlena confronts her daughter and angrily asks how she could hurt Austin by cheating on him. Carrie claims that she is sorry for what happened with Mike. Marlena lightens up and tells her stepdaughter that she has to leave to go to the hospital, but they will talk about his some more. Alone, Carrie sees a picture of her wedding day with Austin and begins crying again.

Making a rare appearance, Laura runs into Mike at his house (or is it really Jack and Jenn's?) Anyway, Mike tells his mother that he returned to Salem before attending the conference. Wanting to know why, Laura is surprised when Mike relates that Austin caught him in bed with Carrie. She urges him to stay away and warns that Carrie is the last person he needs to see now. Mike is shocked, because it was Laura who told him to face his feelings. Laura counters, saying that was before she got married. Now all he has done is committed adultery. Mike is furious, saying that they love each other and he is not going to desert Carrie like Austin did. He storms out of the house.

The doorbell rings at Marlena's. Carrie wipes away the tears and answers the door and stands face-to-face with Mike.

Outside Roberto's room at the hospital, Eric and Roman are talking about Eric's life. Eric tells his dad that he is making a commitment to Nicole and is wanting to buy a house. Upset when Roman decides not to loan him enough money to make a down payment on a house, Eric boasts that he is going to prove him wrong about Nicole. Roman is wary, but offers to give Nicole another chance if Eric will put off marrying her. This infuriates Eric, who tells him no deal and storms off. Marlena walks up and gives Roman more bad news about his kids....Carrie slept with Mike.

While Lucas calls Kate, Dan and Marty (the two thugs) take Nicole to a nearby alley and threaten her, demanding money or they will tell their story to the tabloids. After the police cause them to leave, Nicole stares at Kate's $5 million check and decides to deposit it and remove $50,000 in hopes that Eric will understand.

Meanwhile, Kate learns that Nicole opened an account with her check. As soon as she hangs up the phone, she gets another call. It's Lucas, worried that he can't find Nicole.

Friday, May 7, 1999

At Salem Place, Billie is relieved when Greta assures her that she won't tell Hope about the engraved compact. As they talk, Hope spots them together and realizes that Billie is holding the missing compact. She runs into Bo, who has some news....he's going to solve the mystery of Hope's past by finding out what DiMera did during those years. Bo tells her what he's pieced together about Gina being an artist and a member of high society and that Stefano must be behind the art thefts. "Gina" is nervous that Bo is close to the truth and tries to talk him out of it, but he is persistent.

Figuring that she can't do anything about Bo, she tells him that she's going to see Billie and Greta. The foursome begin talking and Hope plays on their feelings by moaning that without any real evidence that once belonged to Gina, she'll never get her memory back and live a regular life. Greta is torn and Billie can't wait to get out of there. She takes off, but Hope follows and gets Billie to commit to having lunch the next day. Meanwhile, Bo laments to Greta that Hope is acting strange.

Knowing that Nicole cashed her check, Kate is confused when Lucas calls to report that Nicole has disappeared. Kate vows to find Nicole, wherever she is, and will make her pay. Meanwhile, Lucas is frantic, thinking that something bad has happened to her. He tells his PR guy to postpone the department store appearance while he looks for her. In his limo, he drives up and down the streets looking for her. At the bank, Nicole considers running away to end her conflict over Lucas, Eric and her past. Staring at the picture Eric gave her, she says that this is the best for everyone. She takes the $50 grand, hails a cab and instructs the man to drive her to O'Hare International airport.

Running into Austin at Salem Place, Eric admits that he is hopeful that he and Carrie will win custody of Sami's son. Austin worries that it's not an open-and-shut case and admits that he and Carrie have been having problems. Eric is surprised when Austin relates his guess that Carrie won't show at the hearing. Eric is crestfallen that Austin and Carrie are having such problems, but tells him that he and Nicole are engaged. Austin is happy for them, and even remembers when he proposed to Carrie. Austin tells Eric that right now, he is focused on getting Will, no matter what.

Carrie's surprised to find Mike at Marlena's. He admits that he cut short the trip to L.A. so that he could be with her. Carrie insists that they made a big mistake and now she fears that her marriage is over. Mike boasts that he's not sorry they made love and calls it the most incredible night of his life. Carrie admits that she felt loved and at home with him, but she hates herself even more because home should be with Austin. Telling him to leave, Carrie tells him that her only focus now will be helping Austin win custody of Will.

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