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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, June 21, 1999

Bo and Greta show up at the townhouse to break in, and Greta makes a comment that she left her cat suit at home. After breaking in, Greta looks at the seascape and tells Bo that it reminds her so much of her mother's work. Bo doesn't understand why Stefano would have a painting by Princess Gina when he can have Van Goughs and Gaugains. Greta says that maybe it was a gift from her mother, and Bo says or maybe Hope painted it while she was Gina. Greta asks how they can prove it when there is no signature?

Bo says he knows a way they can find out about the painting, and calls a friend who can take a look at the paintings and give them a skinny. Greta says that the thing that bothers her is that Stefano didn't care that Vivian was giving the paintings away. Bo says that he only cared when "Hope" keeled over, and the Bo decides to examine the painting a little more closely. Bo thinks there could be something hidden inside the frame.

Billie is still hugging Eric at the Cheatin Heart and Eric can't get the image of Lucas and Nicole out of his head. Eric vents to Billie about how Nicole married the man who almost cost his sister her life. Eric then apologizes to Billie for talking about her family, but Billie says Roman has had his suspicions about them from the beginning. Eric says that he believes Lucas has some type of power or control over her, that is why she married him. Billie tells Eric that sometimes they aren't meant to know why things happen.

Billie ends up talking about Bo and how he believes Hope is being controlled by Stefano. Billie says that she finds mind control a hard thing to believe, but that anything is possible with Stefano. Billie tells Eric about how Hope told her that she thought Bo was still in love with her, but she realizes now that Bo will never love anyone like he loves Hope. Billie wishes she could find a man to love her that way because she deserves it, and Eric tells her that she does. Billie tells Eric that they should talk about him and he should fall in love five or six more times. They then start talking about their lousy childhood. When Billie says she is through with love, and Eric asks if his dad knows about this? Billie says that she and his dad are just friends, and she tells Eric that Nicole was out of her mind. Eric and Billie pal around and play some pool.

Eric leaves to get them some drinks and Brandon comes in and starts hitting on Billie. Billie tells Brandon that she is with someone, and Eric returns and asks if everything is okay? Brandon tells Eric that he is a lucky guy and walks over to the bar.

Lucas accuses Nicole of keeping secrets from him. Brandon threatens to beat him senseless because he thinks this is Eric, but Nicole says this is her husband. Brandon decides to go back to her place and meet her there. Lucas says her place is his place, unless she wants to end this marriage. Nicole says she doesn't, and she says she just needed time to think because the past few days have been very confusing. Lucas then tells Nicole's low life friend that Nicole has moved on and is a member of one of Salem's most important families. Brandon can't believe Nicole married this guy, and Lucas says she did and he should go to California were living on the streets is easy. Brandon says that Nicole doesn't want him to leave, in fact she begged him to come here. Lucas asks Nicole why she did that? Nicole becomes fed up and tells Lucas that Brandon is her brother! Lucas is shocked and then starts kissing some major butt to make up. Lucas offers to allow Brandon to stay with them at the mansion to make things "cool." Brandon tells Nicole that he'll see her later, and Lucas tells Nicole that he doesn't want them to have any more secrets between them. Nicole asks Lucas "what about the secret your keeping from me?" Lucas says he's sorry he put her through the whole confession scare. He says he did not kill anyone and only confessed to help Will. He says that he will do anything for the people he loves. Lucas then tells Nicole how his love for her has changed him, and he even offered to share custody with Sami. Nicole can't believe he would do that after she helped him get custody of Will. Lucas tells Nicole she is not listening, and he tells her how much he loves her. Nicole tells Lucas that she hopes he doesn't lose Will to Sami. Lucas says if he did, he wouldn't hold her to their marriage, he'd give her a divorce if she wanted it. Nicole says she doesn't want a divorce, but admits she did earlier last night. She says that her brother made her change her mind. Nicole tells Lucas that she's lucky to be with him, but Lucas says he's the lucky one, and the two kiss. At this point, Eric and Billie show up, they are taking a walk through the park. Eric was just telling Billie how Nicole never loved Lucas, when he sees them kissing.

John has prepared a romantic candlelit bedroom setting for Marlena. John tells Marlena how excited the kids are about their mommy and daddy getting married. Marlena tells John that maybe it wasn't smart to announce their wedding plans because Stefano's has stopped weddings before. John says he has a plan to make sure Stefano won't stop the wedding.

Marlena asks him why he hasn't told her, is he trying to torture her? John says he just thought of it, they can elope. Marlena refuses to give up her dream wedding and accuses John of trying to save money. Marlena says she doesn't want to give Stefano the control of forcing them to change their plans, besides she wants the big wedding with all her friends and family. John assures Marlena that Stefano will never keep them apart, but Marlena says that is what Bo said about Hope.

John tells her that good always wins over evil. Marlena says she wants to believe that, but is skeptical after what happened to him tonight. She fears that Stefano has found a way to play with his mind again, or maybe Stefano's threats about what would happen if he and Hope looked into their past came true. When the wind blows open the balcony doors, John grabs Marlena and shouts "look out!" He then apologizes and says it was only the wind. As they hug, Marlena continues to worry about John, and she tells him that they should postpone the wedding, she fears he is using the wedding as a distraction from his memory flashes.

John says he is not running from the past, he's dancing into the future with the woman he loves. John tells Marlena that the memories are histories, he's letting it all go. He tells her that he can live with what he knows now, as long as she is with him. Marlena assures him that she is with him, but John needs proof. John says he needs to hear the vows, he needs to put a ring on her finger. They kiss, and then John begins to have more memories of Stefano telling him to fight or die. John then begins to do karate moves and jump on the bed, and throw things across the apartment. Then he grabs Marlena and looks like he is about to kill her. She shouts "John, no!" John fights the memory and tells Marlena that he beat it, and he knows when they marry, Stefano's power over him will be broken. John then says he doesn't want to talk, and kisses her.

Gina tells Stefano that she will copy the painting tomorrow, and then he can concentrate on bringing back John. Stefano becomes upset by Gina's one track mind. He tells her that he doesn't know if he can trust her anymore, he almost lost his priceless painting because of her. Gina says that she saved the painting. Stefano says she will replace the painting, but it will not fix the broken trust. Gina then tells Stefano if he brings the old John back, Marlena's world would be destroyed and he could once again go after her when she turns to him for comfort. Gina then begs for Stefano's forgiveness, but Stefano asks why Marlena would turn to him? Gina says she turned to him to save Sami, but Stefano says Marlena was desperate. Gina says that is exactly how she will feel when she loses John.

Stefano says he no longer needs or wants Marlena, but Gina says she knows he still loves Marlena. Stefano asks Gina why she has developed this sudden interest in his feelings for Marlena? Gina tells Stefano not to let her stupidity rob him of his future with the woman he loves. Rolf shows up and says they should proceed with the plans to turn John back, but Stefano says the plans have changed. Stefano decides to tend to his ailing wife and tells Gina to go to the townhouse and do her job. Stefano leaves and Rolf asks Gina what she did to change Stefano's mind?

Gina tells him that she blew it and explains what happened. She then informs Rolf that he will help her change Stefano's mind about John, she can't live much longer without him. Gina asks Rolf what John will remember once he demagnetizes the chip? Rolf says that the chip in his brain is suppressing memories of his prior life. Rolf says that once the chip is demagnetized, John will not remember Marlena and he will believe no time has past since he last saw Princess Gina. Gina says that is what she wants. Rolf asks what about Stefano, who is planning on being with her? Gina says that Stefano wants Marlena, and once John leaves her, Steffie will be there to help her pick up the pieces.

Gina says at least she won't be alone like she was when John left her. Stefano walks in and asks how she can compare her partnership with John to his romance with Marlena? Gina asks Steffie if he is still going to let her mistake ruin everything? Gina tells Stefano that he still has the painting, and once she and John steal the last Renet for him, he will be the wealthiest collector in the world! Still, Stefano says he doesn't like her wanting John back so badly. Gina says that she isn't just an art thief, she is an addict. She says that she needs the excitement she and John had back! Stefano tells her that he thought she wanted to be with him? Gina says she does, she is waiting for him to whisk her back to Europe.

Rolf asks if this means the transformation is back on? Stefano tells Rolf to get the demagnetizing apparatus so they can show Gina how to operate it. Gina is stunned that Stefano is going to let her do it, and she assures him that he won't be sorry! Stefano tells Gina that if he ever finds out she has lied to him again, she will not live long enough to have the luxury of regret!

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Alice comes to see Mike at the hospital and talk to him about Ali and the lawsuit. Mike tells his grandma that he will end the lawsuit, Mickey is going to have Ali undergo a psychological test, and when she does her lawyer will advise her to drop the suit. Alice says there could still be repercussions, for example this could hurt Carrie. Mike says he's already taken steps to prevent that, Carrie has quit her job. Alice asks if this means he has ended things with Carrie, but Mike says he is still committed to her. Mike says that Austin served Carrie with divorce papers, which means he and Carrie can marry. Alice can't believe Mike is being so cavalier about this. Alice leaves Mike's office and decides to get to know Ali a bit better. Alice introduces herself to Ali and says she'd like to get to know her better, because her late husband always knew everyone on staff. She asks Ali to go out for a cup of coffee. Ali agrees and they decide to meet at the Java Cafe in ten minutes. Ali gets in the elevator and is excited that Alice wants to get to know her better. She says that she should, she'll be a member of the family soon.

Austin shows up at the hospital and asks Ali if she has seen Carrie? Ali says she hasn't seen her around, and then asks if the messenger found her? Austin asks her how she knew about the messenger? Ali says he came here last night looking for her, so she told him to try Tuscany. Ali says that she hopes she didn't do anything wrong. Austin says that she couldn't have known that what the messenger was delivering were divorce papers. Ali tells Austin that she is taking his advice, she is going to fight Mike. Austin is glad to hear that. Ali tells Austin that she is going to sue Mike for sexual harassment, she's going to make that SOB pay for what he did to her.

Mike finds Austin in the hall and asks to have a word with him. Austin goes into Mike's office and Mike tells Austin that he is being very vindictive, serving Carrie with divorce papers in public was cruel. Austin says that he thought he'd be happy he's divorcing Carrie! Austin asks Mike when Carrie will be back? Mike says she won't because she doesn't work here anymore. Austin can't believe she quit, but Mike says he asked her to resign. Austin says that makes sense, how else is he going to cover his butt. Mike asks him what in the hell that is supposed to mean? Austin says that maybe he decided he was through with her, so he got rid of her so he didn't have to see her anymore. Mike says that he and Carrie will be together forever, but Austin says that is probably what he tells all his women before he blows them off. Austin says he knows about the law suit, and he doesn't want to see Carrie go down with him. He tells Mike that he knows everything, and hopes Ali wins!

Carrie is sitting by herself in Salem Place thinking about receiving her divorce papers last night. She then pulls out the papers to look at them, and Sami shows up and says "who thought it would ever come to this." Carrie tells Sami that she doesn't want to hear "I told you so," but Sami says she wants to help. Sami tells Carrie that she came to visit her in prison and she thinks it was for help. Carrie says she visited her because she felt guilty about the way she treated her. However, Sami believes she really felt guilty about Austin catching her in bed with Mike. Sami says she is not here to judge her, she want to help both her and Austin. Sami doesn't understand why Austin wants to divorce her, has she given him reason to believe there is no way to save their marriage? Carrie says that Austin has not given her a reason that he wants to save their marriage. Carrie thinks Sami isn't sorry about Austin and her, she has wanted this all along. Carrie knows that she has never stopped loving him and never forgiven her for exposing Will's paternity. Carrie says she knows Sami can't wait to make a move on Austin. Sami says she does love Austin, he is her best friend and she can't stand to see him hurting. Carrie tells Sami that Mike asked her to resign, and Sami says that is a good start because now she can work on making things right with Austin. Sami says that if she told Austin that she loves him and wants to work things out, he would drop the divorce in a second.

John is talking with all the wedding planners telling them what he needs and that money is no option. Marlena shows up and John tells them to head off to work. Marlena tells John that he doesn't have to do all of this, but John says a lot of people have been waiting a long time for them to get married. John assures Marlena that this will be a wedding that Salem will never forget. John also tells Marlena that he thinks they should write their own vows. Marlena says she will have to start right away because she has so much she wants to say to him.

We then see a flashback of the first time John and Marlena made love. After a kiss, Marlena says she has to call the children about the wedding. She feels bad for Carrie and Sami, who are struggling right now. John says they will find their way, and they will help them. Marlena hopes that they find their own soul mates, and John and Marlena have more flashbacks about their past together, this time we see them kissing in the park after chasing one another. Unfortunately, John has more mercenary flashbacks. Marlena asks John what he is thinking about? John says that he doesn't need to remember the past, because he has her with him right now. Marlena gives him a look and says she knows he was having a memory of being held captive by Stefano. John doesn't want to think about that and wants to concentrate on their future. Marlena asks him if he thinks Stefano will let them do that? John tells her that the wedding will happen, and asks if she knows who she wants as her maid of honor? Marlena says that she wants Sami and Carrie to both stand up with her. Still, Marlena is afraid of what Stefano might do, even though John tells her that Stefano doesn't have the power to stop their love.

Bo shows up at Lilly's place to talk with "Hope," but Lilly says she was gone when she got up. Bo wonders if she even stayed here last night. Bo tells Lilly that he thinks "Hope" may be working with DiMera, and he will uncover why. Lilly says that she has warned her about that man, and to think they may be working together. Lilly says that she loves her like a daughter, which is why Bo tells her that they have to help each other. Bo says that she has to tell her anything she can about "Hope," that she may be keeping from him, otherwise they can both lose her. Lilly says that she doesn't know anything. Bo tells her about "Hope's" fake fainting spell to save the seascape. Bo is positive that the seascape ties in with her painting thefts. Bo says that he looked at the police report of her theft, and Gina was never questioned. Lilly says that is because she was so upset that she had to be sedated. Lilly says that "Hope" has told her time and time again that she hates Stefano.

Bo pulls out the picture of Hope in Stefano's lap and asks her how she can explain it? Lilly is shocked by the photograph. Lilly asks where he got it, and he said he found it in "Hope's" room and she says she got it from one of her (Lilly's) books. Lilly says she did bring some of her brooks from Lugano over, and she remembers "Hope" looking through them the night of her accident. Bo says that is when "Hope" started acting strangely, and is angered that instead of answers he is coming up with more questions. When Lilly says they may never know the truth, Bo assures her that he will find out why the paintings are so important to DiMera. Bo tells her that he is going to have an expert examine the paintings, he will bring DiMera's reign of terror to and end and get Hope back.

Gina tells Rolf not to lecture her. Gina says the most important thing is that Stefano has agreed to bring back John. When Gina tells him that it is best if he keep his mouth shut and do as he told, Rolf yells that he does not work for her! Gina reminds him of the blackmail material and says he wouldn't want Steffie to know the truth. Stefano shows up and asks what Rolf doesn't want him to know? Gina says that Rolf doesn't think she is capable of bringing John back. Stefano says that the procedure is complicated, she has to render John unconscious and then demagnetize the chip with a device.

Rolf says he's not sure they should bring John back, but Stefano says it must be done because John is becoming too dangerous. Still, Rolf says that everyone will become suspicious when John disappears. Stefano already has a plan, he's coming up with an alibi to prove he had nothing to do with John's disappearance. Stefano says that thanks to Gina, John will not show up for the wedding. Stefano says that he will arrange for John's death, and Gina will come up with an excuse for why she must leave for Europe immediately, and then John and Gina will get him the last Rennet, and they will all live the life they are meant to live. Gina tells herself that she and John will live the life with the love they were meant to, until he took John away. Stefano tells Gina to find out everything she can about the details of the wedding, and Rolf is to get the demagnetizing device up and running. Gina calls the penthouse to talk with John or Marlena, but learns from Chelsea that they have gone to Salem Place to make wedding preparations.

Gina goes to Salem Place and spots John window-shopping. She manages to bump into him and congratulates him on his wedding. She hugs him and tells him that she's so happy for him. Elsewhere, Stefano runs into Marlena and tells her that he was just on his way to see her.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Craig tells Claire and Nancy that Mike's attorney wants Ali to undergo a psychiatric exam. Nancy tells Claire that this lawsuit will be thrown out because Alison is not exactly the poster child for mental health. Craig agrees that Ali can't pass this exam. Claire remembers Ali's suicide attempt and says that if Ali has problems it is Mike's fault. Nancy tells Claire that Ali thinks she has a chance to make Mike love her, she has lost touch with reality. Claire says that is because she is trying to escape the pain. Claire tells them that they will have to make sure Ali passes the exam. Nancy says there is no way she can pass, it's not like the SATs, which one can take a course for. Claire says Ali can be quiet lucid when she needs to, but Craig says not when they talk about Mike. Claire believes Ali will pass, and then they will name the hospital staff as co-defendants. Craig asks her what if Ali doesn't authorize that? Claire says she will call Gregory and authorize it for her! Still, Nancy thinks Ali won't cooperate with them.

Austin tells Mike that he knows Ali is suing him and he hopes she wins. Mike tells Austin he has no idea what he is talking about. Mike says he dated Ali, but it didn't work so they broke up. Austin knows Mike used Ali for kicks and then dumped her, and he's not going to let him do the same thing to Carrie. Austin says that he promised Ali a promotion to get her into bed, but Mike says that is a lie. Mike says that Ali is mentally unstable, but Austin says that she looked pretty sane to him. Mike says the lawsuit will be thrown out, and he forced Carrie to resign to protect her name. Austin says if he's not guilty, why should he protect her? As they continue to argue, Austin refers to Carrie as his wife. Mike reminds him that he served his wife with divorce papers. Austin says he did that because he can't stand the thought of his hands all over his wife. Austin tells Mike that he makes him sick, he is "nothing but a two-faced lousy bastard." Mike informs Austin that he loved Carrie before they even married, but he put them aside out of respect for him. He says that he only learned about Carrie's feelings for him after he ran off with Sami. Austin tells Mike that he took advantage of his wife and ruined her reputation, and one day Carrie will realize it. Austin says he is done with this and asks him to tell Carrie to sign the divorce papers when he sees her next. Austin then leaves.

Ali and Alice meet for coffee at the Java Cafe. Ali tells Alice that she respects her so much, she only wishes she could have met her husband. Alice asks Ali why she is suing Mike if she respects the Horton's so much? Ali tells Alice that Mike offered her the head nurse position to get her into bed, she felt used. Ali says this lawsuit is about integrity and injustice, not about money. She says she has to do what her heart tells her to do, she has to understand that. Ali tells Alice that she does care about Mike and the hospital and would drop the suit if Mike said he was sorry and tried to make amends.

Sami tells Carrie that Austin would drop the divorce if she told Mike that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Carrie says it isn't that simple, Mike was there for her when Austin wasn't. Sami tells Carrie that all she has to do is make the first move, and not make the mistakes their parents made. Carrie says it is not the same thing, but Sami says it is close enough. Sami says that things would have been different if Dad had stayed and fought for Marlena. Carrie begs to differ because she believes that John and Marlena belong together. Carrie says that sometimes there is no choice, you have to follow your heart. Sami says that following one's heart often hurts those who love you. They argue over infidelity and what she and Mike did. Sami tells Carrie that Mike has been after her since before she married Austin, is she that blind? Sami says that Mike set her up and she fell into his trap. Carrie says Mike is a good person, and then is angry when she spots Ali with Alice Horton at the Java Cafe. Carrie fumes and rants and raves about Ali's delusions that Mike and her will have a future. She says she has to find out what is going on and races over to see Ali. Ali tells Carrie that she is in a hurry, but Carrie says she wants the truth. Carrie asks Ali what she is up to, why is she being so chummy with Alice? Ali says she and grandma Horton have a lot in common. Carrie tells Ali that she is up to no good, and she won't let her get away with it! Carrie tells Ali that Mike is not interested in her, she is making herself the laughing stock of the hospital. Ali tells Carrie that at least she wasn't fired! Ali says that they have something in common, they've both been used by Mike Horton.

Meanwhile, Sami says that Carrie is obviously obsessed with Mike. Sami runs into Austin, who is still set on divorcing Carrie. Austin says Carrie is his past and he has to concentrate on their future. Sami asks him what he means by their future? Austin tells her that they have to concentrate on getting custody of Will. Austin says he has to go meet Mickey and he will ask him about getting custody.

Stefano runs into Marlena as she is shopping in Salem Place. Stefano wishes Marlena and John an abundance of happiness, but Marlena knows he doesn't mean it. Marlena asks Stefano how he plans on stopping the wedding? Stefano says he's not going to stop her wedding, but Marlena doesn't believe him. She asks where he will be taking her this time, so she knows how to pack. Stefano tells her that he has changed his ways and believes marriage is sacred, therefore he won't interfere. Marlena says she can't trust him because he did not help her when she begged for him to save Sami's life. Stefano assures Marlena that he will not hold her in debt.

Stefano says there was a time that he was obsessed with her, and has done some reprehensible things to her, but he has learned from those experiences and is sorry. He hopes they can find some kind of peace and she could find it in her heart to forgive him. Marlena can't trust his promises, and Stefano hopes she changes her mind one day. He then present her with a wedding gift. Marlena tells him that she wants nothing from him, so Stefano opens the gift for her. Inside is a set of opera glasses, and they remember the night he took her to the opera.

Sami shows up and tells Stefano to leave her mother alone. Stefano says he has her mother's best interests at heart, and says goodbye. Sami asks her mom what the gift was for? Marlena says she has news, she and John are getting married tomorrow. Sami is shocked, but says that she and John deserve so much happiness. Marlena says there is so much to do, she has to call Eric and Carrie. Sami tells Marlena that Carrie won't be in the mood for a wedding. Marlena asks why. Sami tells her that Carrie and Austin are getting a divorce.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, John tells "Hope" that she wasn't this happy last night when he made the wedding announcement. He asks her what was with her little fall last night? "Hope" says she just got a little lightheaded. "Hope" tells John that she was a little surprised that he and Marlena want to marry so soon. John says they didn't want to wait, and nothing will stand in the way of them being married. "Hope" once again says she's so excited for him and asks where the wedding will take place? John says he can't reveal the location because it is a big surprise for Doc. John tells her that all she has to do is clear her schedule for tomorrow because she will be coming with Bo, correct? "Hope" says "are you kidding . . . . of course I will!"

"Hope" suddenly becomes dizzy and admits to John that she's having some disturbing moments. John understands and tells her about his memories of being DiMera's mercenary. "Hope" asks if the migraines are still bad, and he says yes. Suddenly, "Hope" passes out and John catches her. "Hope" comes too and asks what happened? John says she fainted and he wants to take her to the hospital. "Hope" says she is fine, it must be the heat. She hopes the weather for the wedding will be better, and asks if it is outside? John tells her no comment, she'll have to be surprised like everyone else. They talk about John's headaches for a bit, John only remembers being a mindless fighting machine. "Hope" tells him that he can't have been under Stefano's control the whole time.

John says there is no way to prove it other than turning him into the man he used to be. "Hope" asks "then why don't we do that?" John asks her what she's saying? "Hope" says that maybe if he tried to remember his past he would know the truth, but John refuses to do that. "Hope" tells him that she knows he cared about Gina and Greta as if they were his family. John says that dredging up the past will do him no good, he doesn't want to jeopardize his future with Marlena and the kids. John tells her that if she won't support him, then stay away from him! "Hope" apologizes and says she doesn't want to lose him as a friend, she always wants him to be a part of her life. John tells her that he always wants to be her friend, he just Overreacted. She asks him if she ever learned more about John and Gina's relationship, would he want to know? He says he would. "Hope" decides to leave, and John spots Stefano and wonders what he is up to. John continues to remember more and more of Stefano's brainwashing of him into a fighting machine. In the flashback, John is hooked up to a computer and Stefano gives him his orders, "he will destroy the enemy." John suddenly grabs Stefano in a chokehold! Meanwhile, Gina believes she will have John back again, and he won't be under Stefano's control.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Carrie grabs Ali as she walks past and demands to know what she's doing with Alice Horton. Ali says that it's none of her business, but comments that Carrie had to resign. Carrie asks her how she knows that, but Ali says that it's all around the hospital, and now that Carrie's gone, Ali will resume her relationship with Mike. Carrie boasts to Ali that she is never going to have a relationship with Mike and adds that it is none of her business why she left her job at the hospital. Ali alludes to the fact that Mike is going to have trouble with his COS job, but does not reveal the lawsuit, even when Carrie presses her. Carrie leaves to find out what Ali meant.

Meanwhile, Mike confronts Claire, Craig and Nancy in Carrie's office and demands to know what the trio is up to. Craig lies and says that Claire was trying to get them to go against Mike in the suit and Claire backs up the lie. Mike assures them that the lawsuit will never go to trial, and Claire beams that Mike is going to settle out of court. Not so, says Mike. Mickey will proved that her daughter is mentally unbalanced and completely insane. Mike leaves and goes back to his office, and Craig and Nancy breathe a sigh of relief that they were not caught. Ali returns that they haul her into Carrie's old office. Ali tells them about her run-in with Carrie and that she let her have it....and even told her that her relationship with Mike is going to take off. Claire tells her daughter again that there will be no relationship with Mike.

Mike gets a knock on his door. It's Carrie, who has stopped by to tell Mike about her confrontation with Ali. She knows that something is wrong and to tell her the truth. Before he can, the board members enter his office and want to know if the sexual harrassment suit brought on by Ali has any merit. Mike gives Carrie an exasperated look, as she stares at him.

At Salem Place, Hope stops John from strangling Stefano by using a flash of reflected light from her compact. Stefano limps away, and John can't believe that he would strangle Stefano, especially because the voice in his head (Stefano's voice) told him to destroy the enemy. John is puzzled why he would ever think Stefano was his enemy while he was under his control. Gina recalls a conversation with Father John in which he plans to run away with Gina and doublecross Stefano. Gina begins to massage John's temples when Marlena and Sami arrive. Marlena quickly takes over for Hope and both Marlena and Gina are surprised when John thanks Hope but calls her "Gina." Hope says that they were talking about her past, and that it was a slip, which everyone buys. As John and Marlena go off, Hope asks Sami to join her for some coffee to "catch up."

As they prepare for their upcoming wedding, John remembers back to when he saved Marlena during her "possessed" days. He comments that the angel Gabriel, who helped John save Marlena, is still looking out for them. At the Java Cafe, Gina and Sami are talking. Sami says she can still recall her time in the death chamber. Gina tells her it is post traumatic stress syndrome, and says that John has it too. Gina says that Sami might want to get professional help, and hey, perhaps John should get some too. Sami says that Marlena is helping John, but Gina says that Marlena might actually be hurting him. Gina continues, saying that Marlena might be in danger if she continues to help John. Sami gets wide-eyed upon hearing this and worries about her mother.

At Titan, Kate tells Billie what a great job she's been doing. Billie thanks her mom for the vote of confidence then wonders where Kate was all night. She reveals she was with Victor for the evening and that leads to a discussion of the party. Kate says that Vivian was hanging all over Victor and that the couple could not wait to leave. Kate leaks to Billie about Stefano giving Vivian shares of Titan stock. Billie is shocked and Kate can't wait for her to die so that the stock gets transferred back to Victor.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian complains to Nicholas that Titan is faltering because Kate is not aggressive enough in the world of business. Nicholas says that no matter what Vivian says about Kate, he thinks she is a facinating woman and that Victor is a lucky man. Needless to say, Vivian is not pleased to hear this. Knowing that he'll never convince his aunt otherwise, he turns the topic back to business. Nicholas suggests that Vivian take a more hands-on role at Titan now that she is a major stockholder. Vivian agrees and the two set off. As Kate and Billie finish up their conversation, there is a knock on her door. Kate is furious when Vivian and Nicholas arrives at Titan.

In the secret laboratory, Stefano can't believe that John would try to kill him, but that will change once he is under Stefano's control again. Rolf worries that John may not be as loyal to Stefano and he thinks. Stefano just says that if that is the case, John will be eliminated, one way or another.

Friday, June 25, 1999

John sees a picture of Doc and Belle and he remembers when he held his daughter for the first time. The doorbell rings and a curious Roman wonders why John has invited him to the penthouse. John breaks the news that he and Marlena are getting married, and Roman gives them his congratulations. John continues to say that he's convinced that if the pieces of his past could connect with Hope's then they would be able to put Stefano away for good. However, he does not plan to search out for his past...he's going to focus on Marlena and the kids. Roman is disappointed to hear this, but understands John's reluctance.

Eric arrives at the bridal shop, where he learns that his mother is getting married tomorrow. Marlena asks for his blessing, which he gives (but reluctantly). Sami and Eric help Marlena pick out a gown for her wedding. They go through lots of dresses (and Eric nearly falls asleep from boredom), but in the end, they agree that the dress Marlena has chosen is perfect (we don't see it, though).

Bo is on his cell phone with Greta. He tells her when she finds Hope, to tell her their plan to hire an expert. If Bo's hunch is right, Hope will go straight to DiMera and that will prove that he is controlling her.

At the townhouse, the art expert is looking at all the paintings that Vivian gave away. The expert take a quick look and deduces that the same person painted all of them. Bo is intrigued, and the expert says that they are certainly not masterpieces. Upon a closer look at the seascape, it reminds him of a technique whereby masterpieces are painted over and therefore hidden. Bo can't believe that this would work, but the expert assures him that with the right paint, masterpieces can be covered up. Bo is excited and instructs the expert to take the seascape and all the others to a lab for further analysis.

Meanwhile, Greta runs into Hope, who is at the Java Cafe looking at her compact and vowing that John will be hers again. Greta wonders if that is the original compact, but Hope lies and says it is a duplicate that she had made to try to jog her memory has Greta's mother. Alas, Hope says, she has not had any memories. Greta is wistful, saying that she misses her mother and always had a fantasy that Father John was her real father. "Hope" says that her dream may come true and leaves it at that.

Speak of the devil, John and Roman have transported to Salem Place, where Roman spots Hope and Greta at the cafe. John says that he does not want to see Hope, because she'll just drag him into another conversation about her past and he wants to move on.

Back to Gina and Greta, the talk turns to the impending marriage of John and Marlena, with "Hope" all happy for the two betrothed. Greta muses that it is quite a switch from Hope's actions at Vivian's party. Greta wonders if Hope and Bo will be back together. "Hope" says that she wants to be back with the man she loves. This gives Greta the opportunity to tell "Hope" about Bo's investigation with the art expert. Gina chokes on her coffee and hightails it outta there. Greta whips out her cell phone and tells Bo what has just transpired. Bo is dejected, but he figured Hope would act that way. As Gina is walking, she remembers her promise to Stefano that she would finish the seascape, switch it and no one would be the wiser. She's obviously worried and curses Bo for his meddling.

Roman and John arrive back at the apartment, just as Marlena, Sami and Eric arrive. Marlena wonders what the two men are up to, when John gives her an envelope. Her gift are the legal papers that names John Black the father of Belle. Sami is a little embarassed, as it was her deceit that kept Belle's parentage a secret. John assures Sami that it's all in the past and they are moving on.

At the secret lab, Stefano can't wait for John to be his loyal servant again. Rolf tries to warn Stefano by wondering if there was something more to Gina and John's relationship. Stefano dismisses the idea, and laughs at the thought of those two together.

At the hospital, Craig and Nancy tell Ali that she has to submit to a psychological test (and pass it, Nancy adds!!). No problem says Ali and struts off to see Mike. Craig and Nancy think that perhaps she can pull off being sane for the evaluation and that there is nothing to worry about.

In Mike's office, Winston and Lewis want to know what plan of attack Carrie will engineer to save the hospital from scandal. Before Mike can say anything, a patient who is grateful for the way Mike saved her and her son's life, arrives. She tells the story that she contracted HIV when she was pregnant and Mike was the only doctor who would help deliver her baby. Mike has always been there for her and her son to make sure they get their medication. Mike is then given an AIDS T-shirt to wear. The four resume their strategy session, and Mike says that they'll prove Ali is mentally imbalanced. The board member balk at this, especially since Ali treats patients. Mike assures them that Ali is being reassigned to paperwork. Besides, if he fired her, it would look like he is guilty. Lewis leaves to go to another meeting, and Carrie asks if Winston can leave them alone for a moment. Reluctantly, she leaves, and Carrie surmises that this lawsuit is the reason he asked her to resign. He admits it protect her. Carrie says she can take care of herself, and demands to know if there is anything else she should know. Mike recalls his night with Ali, but says that there is nothing else of importance to tell her. Carrie tears up her resignation letter and starts the task of proving Ali and malicious liar.

Mrs. Winston and Mr. Lewis both separately talk to Ali. It becomes clear to Ali that she has Mike right where she wants him. Now all she has to do is get rid of Carrie.

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