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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Vivian is at Titan, and wants to know where her office is now located. Kate wants to know what she is doing there. Billie recognizes Nicholas as the hero who saved her and Hope that day on the pier. She then realizes it's Nicky Alamain. She says last time she saw him, he was little and that now he is grown up. He says that she hasn't changed a bit. Kate blows her top and tells Vivian to get out of there. Vivian taunts her and Kate threatens to have her thrown out. Nicholas suggests that he and Kate talk privately and he drags her into the conference room. Billie and Kate stand there mouths agape as they leave. Billie comments that Nicholas has turned into quite the operator and Viv agrees.

Inside, Nicholas says that he thought that they should talk privately so other employees wouldn't hear them...after all, you don't need office gossip. He pleads his aunt's case, saying that she just wants a purpose in life (what she has left)...a place to go everyday. He plays on her feelings for Victor, which seems to touch a nerve. He really lays it on thick and says that he knows that Kate is a caring compassionate woman. It doesn't work and Kate doesn't appear to soften. He turns to plan B and says that it makes sense for Kate to keep her enemies close by so she can keep an eye on Vivian...and he scores!

Outside, Vivian and Billie wonder what is going on in there. Kate comes out and tells them that Vivian can stay. Billie follows Kate back into the conference room and asks her if she has lost her mind. Kate assures her that she will be keeping an eye on Vivian and Mr. Alamain as well. Outside, Vivian is thrilled and hugs Nicholas. She senses something is wrong and asks him what deal he made with her. He tells her that the deal is that he promised Kate that he will keep an eye on her.

"Hope" is in her car racing toward the townhouse. She is ranting and raving about Bo. She says she is NOT going to jail and neither is Stefano. Bo is following closely behind in his car. He tells Greta on the phone, that Hope is running red lights (and so is he). Cops get after him and he tries to let them know who it is. "Hope" is in the townhouse basement. She grabs the fake seascape and heads upstairs to switch it.

She gets upstairs, painting in hand and stops when she sees the art expert in the living room. Bo arrives and asks if anyone else has arrived. "Hope" listens at the doorway to the basement, she is furious and says that it is time to teach him a lesson. She goes around the townhouse and rings the doorbell and pretends that she was hunting him. She says that Greta told her what was going on and acts excited that maybe they will learn something. Bo plays along and tells her about the art expert and the seascape. He says that she painted it and for some reason she and Stefano didn't want it given away.

Then he accuses her of faking the fainting spell and calls her a liar. She acts hurt and gets defensive. He says that he just wants the truth. As he looks at her he asks "Who are you?" He says that everyone knows something isn't right with her...even Lili. She lies and says that she wants answers just as much as he does. She tells the art guy to find out as much as he can. Bo hands the seascape to him and tells him to start with that one. There is an explosion in the basement. Bo takes off and as he opens the door, smoke pours out. He tells the art guy to get the paintings out of there and he will check it out. Outside, she switches the paintings. The expert tells them he is taking them to the lab and she tells Bo she was sooo worried about him when he went into that basement. If anything ever happened to him, she don't know what she would do. She hugs him as she eyes the painting and smiles.

John and Marlena are talking about Belle as John fingers the birth certificate. He says maybe it was just an ego trip, but Marlena tells him that she will allow him this one. She promises to be in his life and by his side always. They mockingly go through the traditional wedding vows, but John doesn't like the part that says "til death do we part." He says they will be together for eternity. They kiss and talk about the obstacles they have overcome.

John says that it has been one helluva journey. He remembers how he suffered when she was gone and their reunion on the pier. He promises to hold her forever and always protect her. He remembers when she protected him as well. Marlena says that what she did was just second nature to her. They also talk about when he was on trial for murder. John says that he is profoundly and passionately in love with

She says that nothing has ever been able to break their bond. John says nothing ever will. Later, they are lying on the sofa kissing and John has something for her. Marlena laughs this evil laugh and says "I bet you do!" No, silly, he has a GIFT for her. As she opens it, they talk about his extravagance. John mentions the $100,000 dance, but no flashback. She opens it and it is a charm. Looks like a heart with their wedding date on back. They flashback to when he gave her the charm bracelet and she gave him the watch at Christmas. They talk about how at that time they were fighting their feelings for each other. They both agree that they couldn't deny their feelings.

Marlena comments that their love was too strong for them to deny. They talk about how much they have told each other they love each other, which leads to a sequence of flashbacks of them doing just that. They kiss saying "I love you, I love you, I love you." Later, they are looking at a photo album of pictures of Brady-Horton picnics and talk about all of their memories. Marlena says that it seems like they have done it all. "But, we're just getting started" says John. Marlena: "The best is yet to come." And they kiss. John tells her that tomorrow, they will be Mr. & Mrs. John Black. Marlena says that it seems that she has waited forever. John assures her that there is nothing anyone can do to stop it...and they kiss.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Mike and Laura meet at the Java Cafe to have a talk about the lawsuit. Mike assures his mom that the lawsuit won't go to court because Ali is nuts, but Laura says that Ali looked pretty stable to her. She tells Mike that he's been very carefree about this, not only is his job at stake, but the Horton reputation. Mike asks his mom if she regretted having her affair? Laura says she doesn't regret having him.

Nancy and Ali talk in Salem Place, Ali is fed up with her mother and tells her to back off. They return to the hospital where Ali seems very adequate in doing her job and relating to others. Craig, Nancy, and Claire discuss Ali. Claire is upset by the evaluation because she doesn't want Ali's mental history in all the papers. Nancy goes nuts and says she knew something was wrong with that girl. Nancy says she found Carrie Reed is a whore written on a bathroom stall in bright red lipstick! Claire lets out an oh no, and grabs Ali and drags her out of the hospital to lecture her.

John has a long talk with Sami. Sami is concerned by what Hope told her earlier, that John may not make it to the wedding. John tells her that nothing will stop this wedding. He admits to Sami that he is having memory flashes and bad headaches, but he has them under control. Sami tells John that he raised her and she knows him as well as anyone and she can tell he is worried that what is happening to Hope could happen to him. John hugs her and promises her that nothing will stand in the way of this wedding.

Marlena comes to see Carrie in her office and talk to her about the wedding. Marlena tells Carrie that Sami has already agreed to stand up for her at the wedding, and she'd be honored if she was also her matron of honor. Carrie is touched, but says she doesn't feel like it is appropriate for her to stand up there considering her situation. Carrie tells Marlena that this is her day and nothing should spoil it. Mike and Laura arrive at the hospital, as does Sami, and they are all excited about the wedding. Mike pulls Carrie away to talk to her, and as the two kiss, Sami watches from the distance.

Eric runs into Nicole and the two argue. Nicole tells Eric that she married Lucas because she wanted to and she is very happy. Eric says she is not happy, and if she thinks she is she obviously doesn't know herself as well as he does. Nicole tells Eric that he doesn't know her at all! Eric storms off and runs into John. John asks Eric to be his best man, and with a little convincing, Eric agrees.

Roman and Billie arrive with the arson squad. Bo tells Roman and Billie that he is positive that Hope is responsible for the explosion, but the arson squad says it was a faulty knob. Still, Bo says the more and more odd things Hope does, the more it convinces him that DiMera is controlling her.

Stefano, Rolf, and Gina are discussing John's transformation. Stefano tells Gina that she must get John away from the wedding for a bit, knock him unconscious, and then use the device. Gina plans to use the compact to give John a headache which will knock him out. Stefano tells Gina that once the transformation is complete, John will believe it is still 1985. Stefano says that he is leaving for Europe immediately so he can't be suspected in John's disappearance, and Gina plans to attend the wedding and be as shocked as everyone else when John does not show up. Gina heads off, and Rolf asks Stefano if they can trust Gina's loyalty. Stefano says of course they can, and that he needs Gina to get him that last painting. Stefano leaves and Rolf worries. As Gina is driving in her car, she calls John and says she must meet him immediately. After she hangs up, Gina says soon she and John can spend the rest of their lives together, with their daughter!

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Laura teases Marlena for coming to work on her wedding day. Marlena tells Laura that she came to ask Carrie to stand up for her at the wedding, but she didn't feel that it was appropriate. Marlena and Laura talk about the Mike and Carrie situation and how they both feel that everything will work out. Laura then says they should be talking about happy thoughts today, like her wedding. Laura wishes she had been there for the announcement. Marlena tells Laura that "Hope's" reaction stole the show, and she tells Laura how worried she is about "Hope's" behavior lately. Laura offers to help "Hope" and Marlena is thankful to her for the offer.

Mike kisses Carrie, who eventually backs off and tells Mike that he better go. Mike tells her that it is almost the anniversary of their first kiss, which makes Carrie smile. Carrie says she can't talk about anniversaries today. Mike tells her that she doesn't have to work here if it makes her uncomfortable, but Carrie says she won't leave him now. Carrie says that protecting him is the most important thing she can do. Sami overhears this and wonders if Carrie even thinks about Austin. Mike tells Carrie that he wishes they could go to the wedding together, and he kisses her. Carrie tells Mike that he better go, so he does.

Mike goes back into the hospital and runs into Marlena. They talk about Carrie and his situation. Marlena tells Mike that it might not be a good idea for him and Carrie to be spending so much time together. Marlena tells Mike that he doesn't understand the kind of pain and guilt Carrie is feeling. Mike says he thought she would understand. Marlena says she does, but he doesn't understand the repercussions this could have. Mike is positive that everything will work out for the best, and he tells Marlena that he will see her at the wedding. Mike then runs into his mom, and they argue about Carrie. Mike refuses to give up on Carrie, but Laura says this isn't just about Carrie, this is about his career. Mike says the lawsuit will disappear, it's not even an issue. Laura talks with another nurse about the lawsuit, who supports Mike fully.

Sami confronts her sister. Sami tells Carrie that she is angry because she is still married to Austin yet can't give up her lover! Sami says that she saw her and Mike kissing, and she shouldn't be displaying her affection towards Mike in public! Sami tells her that she is supposed to think and act like an adult, which means not kissing Mike in front of half of Salem. Carrie says she is not her mother, this is not her problem! Sami says this is her problem because it affects Will, has she forgotten the promise she made to help her protect Will? Carrie says she does care about Will, and Sami asks Carrie if she cares about Austin anymore? Marlena shows up and asks what is going on here. Sami says it is nothing, and Carrie tells Marlena that she has someplace to be. Marlena wants to talk, but Carrie doesn't and tells Marlena that she'll see her at the wedding. Carrie leaves and Marlena gives Sami a lecture. Marlena asks Sami if she knows how long she has been without her twin sister, her aunt Samantha. Marlena tells Sami how much she misses her sister, and how words were said and she died before they could be taken back. Marlena says this is her wedding day and she wishes her sister could be here. Marlena asks Sami if she understands what she is saying, and Sami says she does.

Carrie runs into Mike, who tells her not to let anyone make her feel guilty, what they have is right. Carrie tells Mike that she loves him, but also feels that she has to make things right with Austin. Carrie says her heart is split in two and she doesn't know which half will win. Mike asks which half she wants to win? Carrie says that she honestly doesn't know.

Bo learns that "Hope" is heading out of town. Bo wonders what is going on, and Greta hopes that they are wrong about all of this. Bo wishes that were the case, but if it isn't, God help John and Marlena. Bo says he has to go find "Hope," and Billie tells him to be careful. Bo leaves, and Greta tells Billie that her mother looked at Father John the same way that "Hope" does now, and it scares her. Billie asks Greta if she thinks "Hope" is feeling for John what her mom felt for her? Roman says it wouldn't be far off if Stefano brainwashed "Hope" to be Gina. Roman has to go to over to Salem Place and asks Billie and Greta to join him. Billie says she can't believe Bo and "Hope" would end up apart. Greta mentions that "Hope" had another compact made to help her remember, which shocks Billie. Greta tells Billie that she didn't tell "Hope" she had the real compact, and she's glad she didn't. Billie says she doesn't have the compact anymore because it fell in the river. Billie then wonders if "Hope" planned their newfound friendship to get the compact back from her.

Nicole is still in Salem Place and is remembering her little blow up with Eric. She turns around to leave and runs into Brandon, who asks her if something is wrong? Brandon realizes Eric has upset her and wants to confront him, but she asks him not to. Brandon realizes that Nicole isn't over Eric. Nicole says she's not, but she has to get on with her life. Brandon tells Nikki that she is rich now and has everything she ever wanted. Nicole says everything but true love. Roman, Billie, Greta, and Eric all meet at the Java Cafe, Eric has just picked up Mom and John's wedding rings. Nicole overhears this and tells Brandon that it was a stupid dream. Nicole points out Billie and Greta to her brother, as well as Roman. Brandon tells his sister that love may keep you warm at night, but it can also break your heart. However, money will never let you down.

Gina calls John and asks to see him now. John becomes upset and asks if this is about his past? Gina tells him that it is not about his past, it is about his future. John says he is marrying Doc and it is none of her business. Gina says it is, they are friends. Gina tells John that if they don't talk, things may not happen as they are meant to. Gina says she can't talk over the phone because Stefano could be listening. She asks John to just give her five minutes, and John eventually caves in. Gina calls Rolf and tells him that everything is set for the transformation. Gina then has more memories of John, and how they planned to be free to be together forever. Meanwhile, Bo is in his car tailing "Hope." Gina looks in her rear view mirror and says "Oh God, not now!" Gina says she won't let Brady stop her, not when she's so close. Bo realizes that "Hope" has seen him. When he tries to speed up, Bo is run off the road by "Hope." "Hope" stops and asks Bo why he's following her? Bo says he was worried about her. "Hope" ends up grabbing Bo's keys and takes off in her car. Bo attempts to hot wire his car.

John arrives at the appointed meeting spot and has more memories and headaches. Rolf shows up and sees John collapse from the pain associated with his headache. John eventually concentrates on his love for Marlena to get him past the pain. John tells himself that he can't wait around for "Hope" any longer. As he is about to leave, he hears Rolf and wonders who is there.

Marlena and Sami arrive at the Penthouse Grill and are amazed with what John has done, but they wonder where John is. Back in the woods, "Hope" finally shows up and thanks John for coming.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will not air.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Due to NBC Sports coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives will not air.

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