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Vivian shocked Stefano and told him that she was not dying. She removed the microchip that he had implanted in her tooth and blackmailed him in exchange for her silence. Abe begged Lexie to cut ties with Stefano. Eric agreed to help Greta find information about her mother's death. A mentally ill Princess Gina waited for John to rescue her.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Mike is working in his office when Lexie comes to see him. Mike asks Lexie if she know if he has any support here? Lexie says many of the doctors and nurses are behind him, but some have sided with Ali, and others are confused. Mike says that would include Carrie. Mike tells Lexie that he finally told Carrie that he slept with Ali, and Carrie thinks Ali's lawsuit might be justified. Lexie asks Mike if he thinks Carrie is secretly siding with Ali? Mike says Carrie believes Ali more and him less, but Lexie says deep down Carrie supports him. Lexie tells Mike that she will be happy to testify for him.

Mickey walks in and says good, after hearing Lexie's support speech, and tells Mike that he needs to go over a list of people to call to the stand. Lexie decides to leave, and Mickey talks with Mike about the list of nurses to be called to the stand. Mike notices that Carrie's name is absent, so when Mickey goes to add it, Mike says "no!" Mike says he doesn't want Carrie dragged into this, but Mickey says if they don't, Gregory will. Mike wants to protect Carrie because they will make a life together after this trial. Mickey tells him to forget about that for now and focus on the trial.

Ali is talking to her Carrie doll on the balcony and strangles her for slandering her in front of the reporters. Claire shows up and tells Ali that they have a meeting with Gregory today. Ali wants to go alone, but Claire refuses to let her do so. Ali says fine, but not to get involved because she is going in for the kill. As she says that, she pops her Carrie doll's head off behind her back. Ali and Claire go to see Gregory, who wants to talk about who they will call to the stand. Gregory plans to call Craig and Nancy Wesley, some of the nurses, and Claire offers to bring in character witnesses from Ali's past. Ali interjects and says that the only person she cares about is Carrie Reed. Ali says she wants Carrie to feel the pain and humiliation she has by making Carrie testify that she had an affair with Mike.

Nancy tells Craig how nervous she is, but Craig says its just because they are so close to their goal. Craig tells her that she doesn't need to worry about anything, but Nancy says Carrie is still on Mike's side and they can't publicity come out against him. She also thinks that Claire and Ali are powder kegs and if they talk, their future will go up in smoke! Ali and Claire return and Ali tells Craig and Nancy that they are going to call Carrie! Claire tells Ali that is not the goal of these proceedings, but Ali says all she cares about is ruining Carrie's life. Ali's eagerness to get revenge on Carrie only makes Nancy more nervous. Craig thinks Claire will control Ali, but Nancy says Claire doesn't know how to control her daughter! Craig tells her not to worry, by this time next month he will be Chief of Staff.

Claire runs into Mike and Mickey and says she will see them at the deposition. Meanwhile, Ali grills her Carrie Reed doll like she was on trial. Ali makes the doll say that Carrie slept with Mike while she was married to Austin, she bored him to death, but she couldn't steal him away from her because he loves her too much. Carrie is talking on the phone to a reporter and defends Mike, but after the call, she says she doesn't know what to believe. Austin shows up and tells Carrie that they need to talk.

Austin tells Carrie that she can move back into the apartment, he is moving into the Kiriakis mansion to spy on Lucas. Carrie thinks maybe this is for the best and he will see that Lucas isn't hurting Will. Austin doesn't want to get into this again, and neither does Carrie, so they call a truce. Carrie tells Austin that she owes him an apology, Mike did sleep with Ali and he was right all along. Carrie says that she still think Mike's wouldn't harass anyone, but Austin asks her as a woman if she has any doubts about the perfect doctor Mike. Carrie says she still supports Mike. She apologizes for not signing the papers earlier and says she will do it now. As she is about to sign them, Austin stops her and tells her to wait. Carrie doesn't understand, so Austin tells her that he talked to Sami and she convinced him to give counseling a try. Austin grabs the divorce papers from her and says counseling will be important for both of them.

Stefano comes home and tells Vivian, who is still with Nicholas, that he heard her and her nephew talking. Stefano says, "your not really dying are you Vivian?" Vivian tells him that he is hearing things, but Stefano says that Nicholas was talking like she had a long life ahead of her. Vivian begins to put on a show by holding her head and crying. Stefano applauds Vivian on her wonderful performance and tells her that it's not going to work this time. Nicholas calls Stefano a heartless bastard and calls Lexie. Nicholas asks Lexie to come to the mansion, Vivian has taken a turn for the worse.

Lexie says that she will be there in a few minutes. Lexie arrives and cares for Vivian, checking all her vitals and sorts. Lexie says that Vivian needs rest. Stefano asks Lexie, in private, what is really going on. He says that he trusts her completely, is Vivian really dying? Lexie says that Vivian has taken a turn for the worse, the shots she's been giving her are no longer doing their work. Stefano asks how long she has left. Lexie says she doesn't know. Back inside, Vivian tells Nicholas that was a performance, and Lexie gave her a placebo. Vivian says she has a plan and asks Nicholas to run an errand for him.

Greta and Eric are dining in a French restaurant, Greta has to help Eric with ordering his dinner. Greta thanks Eric for coming with her because she can't imagine doing this alone. Eric asks Greta when she saw her mom last. Greta says it was at her house her in Paris, she was missing Father John. Greta pulls out the compact and says Father John gave this to her mom, it meant a lot to her. Eric comments that it was nice of Billie to let them use it. Greta looks into the compact and wishes it could tell her what happened to her mother. Greta once again thanks Eric for coming with her and promises that the trip won't be all business, she wants to show him all the sites in Paris. Eric says he wants to see them, and the house where she grew up.

Eric says that he can't believe Hope was able to impersonate her mother for years and fool all her friends. Greta says she wants to know what happened to her mother after Hope took over her life. Eric chokes when he sees the bill, but relaxes when Greta translates it into American money. As Greta plays with the compact, she finds the secret compartment with the key inside! Greta has no idea what the key is too, but it had to be pretty important to hide.

Gina is still looking for John's letter at the Paris house. She remembers John telling her about the safe deposit box at the Faversham bank and thinks that the letter must be there. As she is opens the door to leave, Gina walks right into Bo! Bo struts inside and asks Hope if she is redecorating? Gina tells him to leave now, but Bo just tells her how messy she is getting. Gina asks him once again to go, but Bo says he can't go until he helps her. Gina asks if he read her goodbye note, and Bo says yes. Gina tells him that she thought she made herself clear in the letter. Bo says she was clear, but he's stubborn.

Gina tell Bo that she told him it was over between them and she thought he would have gotten the message. Bo says he has. Gina asks how he found her, and Bo tells her that he knew she lived here as Princess Gina. Bo asks if she came here right after the wedding, and Gina tells him that is none of his concern. Bo says it is, and tells her about John and Marlena's honeymoon. Bo tells Gina that John has been found, alive, but doesn't remember anything. Gina is shocked to learn that John remembered Marlena. Gina says she is happy that everything worked out for them.

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Outside of the DiMera Mansion, Stefano begs Lexie to tell him the truth about Vivian. He asks exactly how much time Vivian has left. Lexie accuses her father of feeling guilty for not being there for Vivian. Stefano says he and Vivian have a European attitude towards their marriage, they don't have to be there for one another every second of the day. However, Stefano takes solace that she will be there to comfort him when Vivian passes on. Stefano tells her that he cherishes how close they have become and that they can confide in one another.

Inside, Vivian tells Nicholas that everything is going their way. She says she has the perfect way out of this, all he has to do if follow through with his assignment. Nicholas agrees to do what she wants, and so he leaves. Nicholas goes to get Stefano and tells him that Vivian wants to see him. Nicholas talks to Lexie, and Lexie tells him that Vivian has to be honest with Stefano. Nicholas says that Vivian has something far different in mind. Nicholas asks Lexie to be patient a little while longer, Vivian has a plan to settle this once and for all. Lexie asks what Vivian is planning, but Nicholas can't say.

Stefano goes to see Vivian, who puts on a performance for Stefano. Vivian tells Stefano that she needs him to make sure her last wish comes true. Stefano tells her that of course he will grant her last wish. Vivian thanks him and says having him here by her side is enough. Stefano says he hates to see her in this condition. Vivian says it's not his fault, it's not like anyone was controlling her. Vivian says her nervous system is worn out and nobody can undo the damage. Lexie walks in and says that is not true. Lexie says that Vivian's condition is terminal, but . . . Vivian interrupts her and says she can die happy with her husband by her side. Vivian says she missed him while he was in Europe, and Stefano says he thought that she didn't need him because she had Nicholas. He asks what is going on between her and Nicholas. Vivian says that Nicholas has helped her get an office at Titan where she can at least feel useful. Stefano tells Vivian that he will be with her until the end, and Vivian says she looks forward to it. She then quotes Bible passages, "As ye sow, ye shall reap."

Meanwhile, Nicholas goes to see Dr. Wu. Nicholas asks Dr. Wu if he still has the device? Dr. Wu does, he has it in a jar of ether. Wu says it is an instrument of evil, and asks Nicholas what they are planning to do? Nicholas asks Dr. Wu to do some work on the device, his aunt has a surprise for Stefano.

Craig tells a nervous Nancy that they are coming into the home stretch now. Nancy wonders where Ali is, and Craig says she's getting ready to drop another bomb on Mike. Craig tells Nancy about Ali's interview, and Nancy worries that Ali might not be able to handle it. Craig says that she'll be fine. One of the other nurses shows up an complains about her shift, she says, "I guess if you don't sleep with the chief of staff, you get a lousy shift!" Craig takes this time to tell the board members that the sexual harassment suit is affecting the moral of the staff. The board members say they have noticed this and have decided to take action.

Claire wants to coach Ali for her TV interview, but Ali tells her mom that she already knows what she has to say. Gregory tells Ali that her mother is just trying to help. Ali says she's not worried about the interview, she is worried about getting Carrie to admit to her affair on the stand. Ali says this deposition is the best way to bring Carrie to her knees. We then see a fantasy of Ali's in which she grills Carrie on the stand. Carrie admits that she had sex with Mike so he would leave. Ali spaces out and starts screaming she rests her case, guilty as charged! Claire tells Ali to snap out of it! Ali finally comes to and the TV reporter shows up to interview Ali. The reporter tells her that if she brings his ratings up, he'll make her a household name.

In Mike's office, Mike tells Mickey that Carrie is researching Ali's past. Mickey says it won't do any good, in sexual harassment cases the accusers past sexual history can't be used against them. Mike thinks that mean he and Carrie are safe, but Mickey says that he and Carrie are fair game. Mike says he can't let his affair with Carrie come out because Carrie will be dragged through hell. Mike wants to end this as soon as possible, and Mickey says there is one way to speed up the process. Mickey explains to him what his option is off camera, and Mike agrees to do it, so Mickey goes to set things up.

Mike goes out in the hall and learns from Nancy that Carrie is with Austin at the marriage counselor. Mike looks at his schedule and sees that one of the nurses has crossed her name off the list to assist him in the OR. Craig asks Mike if he is okay? Mike says he is great aside from the fact that half the staff is treating him like a pariah. Suddenly, one of the nurses sees Ali on TV and they turn the volume up. Ali says that she is standing up for women everywhere. Everyone in the hospital watches as Ali says that Mike uses women and tosses them aside, Mike should not be in a position of power. Ali closes by saying when the truth comes out about Mike and his PR machine, everyone will know just how low Mike Horton will go. After the interview, everyone stares at Mike, who says he hopes they wait until all the facts come out before passing judgment.

The board members tell Mike and Mickey that they have decided to call a board meeting for all parties involved will attend. Craig tells Nancy that they can start the countdown till how many minutes Mike has left as Chief of Staff. Mike is worried about this, but Mickey tells him that he should worry about Ali. Mike is happy that Carrie won't be here for this.

Back at the Java Cafe, Rex, the TV Reporter, tells Ali that he wants to do a primetime interview with her soon. Rex leaves and Gregory leaves to take a call. Claire tells Ali how proud of her she is, she didn't expect to be her to be so charismatic. Ali tells her mom that show business is in her blood, and perhaps she become an actress or talk show host. Gregory returns and tells ALi that he has heard from the hospital.

Ali, Claire, and Gregory show up at the hospital and see Mike and Mickey. Mike tells Ali that she is doing a nice job of tearing the staff apart. Ali tells him that he did that himself. She is unhappy that Carrie won't be here, but says that both he and Carrie will get what is coming to them! They all go into the meeting and Craig and Nancy wish they knew what was going on inside. Inside, the board says they want to settle this lawsuit out of court. Ali refuses and shouts "absolutely not!" Ali demands her day in court! Claire asks Ali to be reasonable and listen to what is being suggested. One of the board members says they want to bring in an arbitrator to deal with this, but Ali says she won't accept this! Gregory asks to talk with Ali about this. Mickey tells Mike that this is the best way out, but it is up to Ali. Claire and Greg try to convince Ali that arbitration works to their advantage. Ali asks if they can still call Carrie to the stand and expose her for the lying bitch she is? Gregory says yes, so Ali agrees to it. Later, Ali tells her Carrie Reed doll that she will be the loser, and then she wrips some of the doll's hair out. Elsewhere, Mickey tries to convince Mike to stay away from Carrie, but Mike refuses.

Carrie thanks Austin for agreeing to go to counseling. Austin says this is their last chance, if it doesn't work, their marriage is over. The marriage counselor, Pat Ramsey, shows up and meets with them to talk. They explain to the counselor that Carrie was unfaithful, and Austin found out about it in a very humiliating way. Carrie says that it is all her fault, but Pat says while they are here there is to be no moralizing, judging, or blaming. Pat says that adultery does not occur in a vacuum, Austin must share his responsibility for Carrie's mistake.

Carrie says no, she is fully responsible. Pat asks Carrie how she was feeling before the affair? Carrie says she was feeling abandoned because Austin ran off with her sister. Austin says he didn't love Sami, and Sami needed him. Carrie says she needed him too. Austin accuses Carrie of using his attempt to help Sami as a way to justify her affair with Mike. Pat wants to stay focused on the two of them right now. She says that she knows they went through a great deal to be together, so can they draw on their history of overcoming obstacles to find their way back to one another? Do they want to be together again? Carrie says she thinks they can work through their problems, but Austin isn't sure because Carrie's feelings are split. Pat asks Austin for his feelings? Austin says he loves Carrie with all his heart, but he can't trust her. Carrie says she can understand, but will do anything and everything to make it up. Pat asks Austin if he can find it in his heart to forgive her?

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Austin says he doesn't know if he can forgive Carrie. Pat tells Austin that if he wants to save his marriage, he has to forgive and learn to trust again. Austin tells her that he doesn't think he can do that. Pat tells Austin that he needs to meet Carrie half way by letting go of his anger toward her. Still, Austin says he can't forgive her and doesn't want to go through this again. Austin tells Pat that he's angry, she not only slept with Mike, but she delayed their family because of work.

Carrie says she can have a career and kids, but Austin refuses to put his kids in front of a TV or leave them with a sitter. Carrie can't believe Austin is giving up and asks Austin what happened to the fighter she married? Austin asks her if she wants him to beat up Mike in the ring? Carrie says no, and that this isn't Mike's fault. Austin is angry that she is defending Mike again and says he is a sleaze. AUstin hopes that this lawsuit will cause Mike to lose his job and dreams just like he has. Carrie says she is the bad guy here, not Mike, that is all she is trying to say. Carrie says she's sorry for wasting the marriage counselor's time. Pat asks her to ask Austin if he can forgive her?

Carrie does, but he says not as long as she loves Mike. Pat asks Carrie if she can tell Austin that he is the only man she loves? Carrie says that she can't pretend she doesn't have feelings for Mike. Austin wonders why they even came here, it was a waste of time. Austin says it's over and walks out. Carrie gets up, and Pat tells her that she should give Austin some time to cool off before following him. Carrie says that is not where she is going. Carrie says that whoever said you can't love two people was wrong. Pat tells Carrie to sit with it for awhile, don't do anything right away. Carrie says she has to put an end to the pain for both of their sakes.

Mike goes to see his grandmother to tell her that the lawsuit won't go to court, it will be settled through arbitration. Alice is thankful to hear this news. Mike feels bad that she is not proud of him. Alice says his grandfather would be proud of him, she just wishes he hadn't gotten involved with Ali. Mike comes clean with his grandma and tells him that he did sleep with Ali, and he told Carrie as well. Mike says he will never forget the look on Carrie's face when he told her. Alice tells him to think about how Austin felt when he learned of their affair. Mike says he didn't want to hurt Austin, but Alice says he did. Mike says he should have waited, and Alice says he should have because Carrie is not available. Mike says that he could handle losing his career, as long as he doesn't lose Carrie. Alice hopes his grandfather isn't listening and heard that remark! Mike says of course he cares about his Chief of Staff position, he is confident he will win this case, but he's not sure about keeping Carrie. Alice tells Mike that the greatest proof of his love for her would be to let her go. Mike says that Carrie loves her, but Alice says that is not the answer to everything. Alice tells her that he is forgetting honor and commitment. Mike says he has those and plans on asking Carrie to marry him one day. Mike says his future is at stake here, but Alice says not only his. Mike tells Alice that she is right and he knows what he has to do. Mike goes to the Cheatin Heart and finds Austin sitting there.

Stefano leaves Vivian, and Lexie tells Vivian that she doesn't like doing this. Lexie tells Vivian that she could lose her license for this. Vivian says it will be over soon. Lexie asks if she is going to tell her the truth? Vivian says no, she's going to give him the shock of his life. Lexie tells Vivian that she has lied to her husband and father and is violating her oath as a physician. Downstairs, Nicholas returns home and as he is about to open the door, Stefano opens it and runs into him. Stefano asks Nicholas what is in the jar? Nicholas tells him that it is pickles, Vivian wanted some. Stefano asks Nicholas if he knows what Vivian would want in the way of a funeral? Nicholas says she'd want a thoughtful memorial with friends and family. Stefano says he will see to it, and goes out for some air. Nicholas takes the chip up to Vivian, who tells him "you know what to do!"

Nicholas leaves and Lexie and Vivian argue about Stefano. Stefano returns and asks Vivian what she was talking about him being a monster? Vivian says she was telling Lexie that she is lucky to know Stefano now and not when he was the man was. Lexie has to return to the hospital, leaving Stefano alone with Vivian. Nicholas returns and Vivian asks Stefano for a few moments with him, so Stefano leaves. Nicholas tells his aunt that "it" is ready, but asks if she wants to do this? Vivian says she does, she's about to give him a taste of the hell he's put her through. Stefano goes downstairs and thanks Lexie for making the house call. Lexie hates seeing her father suffer like this. Stefano says there is nothing anyone can do, but Lexie says he is wrong. Before she can elaborate, Abe shows up. Nicholas comes downstairs and tells Stefano that the end is near, and she is asking for him. Stefano goes upstairs and Lexie tells Abe that she has been lying to her father and him about Vivian's condition.

Abe wants an explanation, but Lexie says not here. Abe asks her what Stefano did to her, but Lexie says it isn't that way. Abe and Lexie go outside and Lexie tells Abe that Vivian is not dying. Upstairs, Stefano puts on her act for Stefano. She says she wants to share some tea and scones and pretend things are normal, this could be their last meal together. Stefano bites into a scone and screams out in pain. Stefano pulls out the device and asks what the hell is this? Vivian says she thought he'd recognize it, it is the device he implanted in her tooth to control her. She also adds that there is another word for what he tried to do to her, murder!

Bo calls Abe from Paris and tells him about "Hope." He tells him all about his plan to fool Gina by pretending she is still "Hope." Meanwhile, Gina ransacks her house trying to find John's letter, but of course she doesn't find it. She tells herself that the real Princess Gina must have received it, and possibly took it to her grave. Bo shows up at Gina's place in a tuxedo to take her out to dinner at the La Roulette. Gina tells him that is for Rock Stars and Models, they could never get a table. Bo says he already has reservations, but he can cancel, he doesn't mind staying here with her. Gina tells him that she will go with him, it would be a shame to waste a reservation. Bo asks her about her memory, but she says she hasn't remembered anything new. Bo says he's going to call John, so Gina asks if John remembers anything? Bo says he doesn't know, he'll ask him. Gina tells herself that she will go out with Bo tonight, but will spend the rest of the night searching for John's letter. She truly believes John will remember and come back to her. Gina returns all dressed up and Bo says that John is happy that he (Bo) is here helping her. Bo says that he thinks John would be interested in anything they find out, as long as it doesn't come between him and Marlena. Gina says that sometimes things happen that they can't control.

Bo asks if she'd care to elaborate? Gina gets cranky and tells him to forget dinner tonight. Bo asks her if the dress she is wearing is Gina's? Gina says yes, and comments that it is odd that this house has been closed up for years, though it seems like someone has removed items from the house. Bo asks her if they are going out to dinner or not, and she finally agrees to go. Bo says he wonders if they'll run into someone from her past, and Gina says that wouldn't surprise her.

Kurt returns to the real Gina. Kurt has returned from her Paris house with some gowns for her. Gina tells Kurt that she needs him to go back to the Paris house, there is something she must know. Kurt says he will do it after dinner, he has made reservations at her favorite restaurant. Gina says "La Roulette? and comments that it would be nice to spend an evening out with friends." Gina tells Kurt that this is going to be an unforgettable evening! However, Gina suddenly wonders what would happen if John came for her when they were out? Kurt, realizing Gina has no idea how long it has been, tells her that he's sure he won't.

Gina says he is right and then combs her hair. Gina says that she'll have to tell her friends that tonight is the last night she will be able to dine with them, because once John arrives she will have no time for them. Kurt asks "not even time for your friend Kurt?" Gina tells Kurt that she is sure Stefano will take care of him, just like he has taken care of her. Gina says it was Stefano who brought her here to wait for John to return. Kurt knows the real reason Stefano brought her here, and mumbles Stefano brought you here to protect you. Gina asks Kurt what she needs protection from? Kurt says that she needs protection from men might prey upon her because of her beauty. Gina says that the men mean her no harm. Besides, the only man she needs is John. Gina says she hasn't been out in ages, and asks if there is a full moon? Kurt says yes, and Gina says the last time there was a full moon, she was in John's arms. Gina grabs John's letter and they leave for the restaurant, but not before writing John a note saying she is out for the moment, but will be back soon. Kurt wonders if they'll run into someone from her past, and she says nothing would surprise her.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Abe and Lexie return to their house, and Abe is still mad because she lied to him. Personally, Abe could care less that Lexie lied to Stefano, because he is a monster. Lexie is getting mad, but still explains to her hubby that Celeste asked her to go along with the charade. Abe says that he knew something was up with Vivian, and is happy that she's getting revenge on Stefano. Lexie is on the brink of tears, but Abe apologizes and the two make up. Abe suggests trying to start a family, but Lexie begs off for the night, but promises to make it up to him tomorrow night.

At the mansion, Vivian confronts Stefano with the device he implanted in her tooth. He starts off by playing dumb and tells Vivian he doesn't know what she is talking about. This infuriates Vivian, who grabs him from behind and starts to strangle him but Nicholas pulls her off. Vivian begins gloating that she only used Stefano to get the Titan shares, which by the way, will revert back to Steffie upon her death. She gleefully tells him not to hold his breath, she's not dying anytime soon. Stefano begins to put two and two together, and realizes that Celeste was in on the charade. Stefano becomes sad when he also realizes that his daughter Lexie lied to him. To make matters worse, Vivian shocks him with the news that she knows he's the real owner of the townhouse and adds that she hopes he rots in hell. Defeated, Stefano wants to know what Viv wants....she wants a divorce, the 49% of Titan and the townhouse. Stefano agrees to all her demands and Vivian and Nicholas leave the house. Alone, Stefano is furious at Vivian and for her schemes. Rolf enters and says he overheard it all. Trying to cheer up his boss, he says that now Stefano can go to Europe and be with Princess Gina. Stefano says that he will go there, but he has a few loose ends to clear up.

At the Reed apartment, Carrie finds Sami packing Austin's things. Sami wonders if the counseling went well, but Carrie is reticent to share any info with her sister. Sami says that it must not have, considering Austin is moving out. Sami then blasts Carrie, saying that until she can admit that she no longer loves Mike, Austin will never forgive her. Sami continues to twist the knife in Carrie's heart by saying that it must hurt defending a man who lied and used women. Carrie is upset that everyone knew Mike and Ali slept together except her, but she knows that Mike is not the person that Ali makes him out to be. Sami leaps on this, saying that Carrie is always defending Mike, and that she should just let Austin go. Carrie begins to understand her sister's motiviation, and says that Sami has started to revert back to her old ways. Carrie says that Austin will never love her the way she wants, but Sami drops her own bombshell...Austin has asked her to move in with him at the mansion.

At the Cheatin Heart, Mike sits down with Austin. He confides to him that he is sorry for what happened between him and Carrie and urges him to forgive Carrie. Austin is trying to remain civil, but basically tells him that he can rot in hell. In fact, Austin hopes that Mike loses his job, his friends and his relationship with Carrie. Austin leaves, and Mike says to himself that it did not go well, but he had to try. He now realizes that Carrie needs him more than ever.

In Paris, Gina arrives at the restaurant with Bo and is immediately recognized as Princess Gina. He suggests that she pretend to be the real princess. The duke and duchess who own the last Renet stop by and talk to the two. Bo asks a few questions and the two learn that the painting is heavily guarded by a security system. The duke invites Bo and Gina to a yatch party, and they accept. Continuing with their meal, Bo and Gina banter about how suave and sophisticated Bo is tonight. Gina appears to be warming up to him. As she reaches for her purse to check her makeup, Bo surprises her with a look alike compact he just bought for her today. He hopes that the compact will have the same meaning to her (as Hope) that it did to the real Princess Gina. The two end up dancing a waltz, and again, Gina is impressed that Bo is dancing a waltz with her.

Meanwhile, the real Princess Gina imagines that she is at the same restaurant. She and Kurt talk to the imaginary guests. Gina is clearly delusional. She begins searching for her compact and becomes distraught. She begins yelling that whoever stole her compact must return it immediately. Kurt calms her down, and Gina suddenly realizes that something is wrong. She dully sits down and laments that her life has been wasted. She is sad that John has not come for her. Kurt tries to reassure her that John will be here soon, he has just been delayed. This seems to cheer the princess up, and Kurt offers to dance with her.

Friday, July 30, 1999

Carrie is still blasting Sami for going back to her old ways, just as Austin walks in. Carrie confronts her husband as to why he failed to mention to the marriage counselor that Sami was moving in with him. Austin figures that it wasn't going well at the counselor's so why should he. Carrie has had enough of the two and tells Sami that if she had supposedly reformed, she would not be trying to sneak around behind Kate's back. And, if Austin is supposedly this honest guy, he's put Sami's needs in front of his wife's and now his own mother's. Carrie sneers that Austin must be really proud of himself. Carrie then warns Sami that once Austin learns the truth about Lucas' supposed striking of Will, she'll face Austin's fury. And she has learned from experience that Austin is not a forgiving man. Sami's eyes get wider upon hearing that, but no one else sees it. Carrie leaves in disgust. Sami feels bad for Austin, but he tells her not to worry. Austin then reminds Sami that in order for their plan to work, she has to do something to Kate before they move in. Sami is reluctant, but she agrees to it.

Opening up her locker, which houses lots of pictures of Mike and Carrie, along with the Carrie doll, Ali sneers at the Barbie that she'll finally get her revenge. Claire arrives as Ali is locking up, and warns her daughter to forget about Carrie, just win the lawsuit. Ali storms out, saying that she's got another surprise for Mike and not to worry, she'll win. Meanwhile, Mike walks up to Craig and Nancy, wondering where Carrie is. They don't know, but they again reassure Mike that they will support him at the arbitration hearing the next day. Ali sees the trio talking and she begins to verbally harass Mike. She suggests to Mike that he clean out his office. She even tries to enlist Craig and Nancy's help, but they just laugh it off. A photographer snaps a picture of Mike getting angry at Ali, especially when she says that she knows all Mike's dirty secrets and will expose them at the hearing. Mike apologizes to the staff for all that Ali has told them.

Happy at the way the confrontation went, Ali goes back to her locker and begins talking to her "Carrie doll." In her fantasy, the Carrie doll comes to life and Ali kills Carrie with a knife. Back in "reality", Ali has a pleased look on her face.

At everyone has left, Craig warns Claire that she better not allow Ali to take them down with Mike or else all secrets will be revealed. Claire promises to do her best.

Carrie has arrived at the hospital long enough to hear Mike and Ali finishing their argument. She runs off to her office, but Mike catches up with her and pulls her into his office. Mike professes his love to her again and says that he would sacrifice anything to protect her. Carrie is sad because her day is not going well....she tells him about the flop at the counselor and that Sami and Austin will be moving into Kate's house. Mike takes Carrie in his arms and holds her.

In Paris, Princess Gina tells Kurt that she would give anything to see her Greta again. Gina continues to live in her fantasy world, and Kurt continues to compliment Gina on her beauty. She becomes distraught again because she cannot find her compact, but Kurt diffuses the situation. Gina orders Kurt to go to the country house and air it out. Reluctant to leave, Kurt does, but not before locking the door so that Gina cannot leave. Alone, Gina is positive that John will come for her tomorrow.

At the restaurant, Hope is impressed with Bo's dancing. Coincidentally, Eric and Greta arrive and the maitre-d' tells Greta that her mother is hear. The two are surprised, but agree to see them. Eric reminds Greta that they can't let "Hope" know they have the compact or that they found the key. Also, they can't let her knew that they know she is Gina. They go and see Bo and "Hope" and Hope is genuinely happy to see Greta again. As she hugs her, Bo, Eric and Greta exchange knowing glances. They all sit at the table, and Eric and Greta reveal that they are searching for what happened to the real Princess Gina. Bo explains that they are pretending for the patrons' sake that Hope is Princess Gina. "Hope" denies having any memories, save for the flashes. Greta reveals that when John left her, her mother suffered a breakdown. Hope exclaims that it is not possible, then covers saying that all the flashes of memories she's had always had Princess Gina as a strong woman. Greta tells "Hope" that it's been learned that John and Gina were lovers and the last time Greta saw her mother was after John left. Her mother was depressed and despondent. "Hope" is suddenly worried, and leaves the restaurant alone. The remaining three begin to talk about what they have learned on the trip to Paris.

Hope returns to the country house, worried that she does not remember the real Gina going mad. She worries that this could happen to her, and recalls Stefano's threat that he would hurt her if he ever betrayed him. "Hope" hears a noise in the house and thinks that she's just spooked. She hears the noise again, and calls out Steffie's name. She goes to the curtains, and pulls them aside. She is frightened by a figure that is hiding in the curtains (Kurt), so much so that she screams and faints. Bo, who has followed Hope to the house, hears her screams and finds her on the floor, unconscious. The figure is still hiding behind the curtains.

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