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Monday, September 13, 1999

Gina is spying on John, Greta, and Eric from behind the wall. She can't see John's face, but recognizes his voice. Kurt tells Gina that she must get back to her room, but on the way there Gina remembers that she forgot to close the spy holes and doesn't want Eric and Greta to learned they were being watched. Kurt goes back to shut the spy holes, and John, who heard voices from behind the wall, comes extremely close to finding Gina in the hallway, but stops when he receives a phone call from the morgue.

Gina eavesdrops and later asks Kurt what all this talk of a body is about? Kurt tells her that they are exhuming her grave. Gina thinks it will be empty, but then hears John mention a woman's body in the grave. She asks Kurt who Stefano buried in her grave? Kurt doesn't answer her, he just whisks her back to her room. Upstairs Gina thinks that once the autopsy proves she is not buried in the grave, Greta will know she is not dead. Kurt tells Gina that Stefano would not want her roaming around free, but Gina doesn't care what Stefano wants. Gina vows to take her life back and get revenge on Stefano. She looks at herself in the mirror and asks Kurt how he is at cutting hair? Meanwhile, downstairs John learns that Princess Gina is buried in the grave, they matched her dental records, and she died of natural causes. Greta is heartbroken.

Bo chases Gina/Hope until he catches her and asks if she ran away because of something Stefano said? Gina dodges the question, and Bo works on her some more. He tells her that he is not going to leave her until he knows she is safe. Gina smiles and tells him that she knows that. As they sit at a little bistro, Bo and Hope's song comes on over the radio. Gina asks how he did that, but Bo says he didn't. Bo asks her to dance, and as he holds her close, Gina has conflicting memories. She has memories of her times with John, but also of Hope's life with Bo. Bo tells Gina that he knows she is opening up and letting Hope out. Gina asks how he knows, and Bo tells her that he can feel their souls connecting. Gina smiles and says she feels it too.

Stefano is worried about Gina, and Rolf knows why. Rolf knows that Stefano fears that now that Gina has lost John, she will go mad like the real Gina did. Stefano says yes, but he's also worried about Gina's growing fondness for Bo. Rolf shows Stefano a CD which has "Hope Williams Brady's memories" printed on the cover and tells him that this is all that remains of Hope. He also has a CD for Bo as well, and starts working on their plans for him. Stefano is still concerned, and when they talk about the real Gina, Stefano is positive that the poor thing is probably mad by now. Later, Stefano decides to call Gina to find out when she gave Bo the potion and when they can meet her at the house.

Billie comes home and finds her mom sitting on the couch. Billie tells Kate about her night with Nicholas, which worries Kate. Billie assures her mom that she is still suspicious of Nicholas, but he is charming. She also wishes her mom would get out there and date. Kate says she is happy waiting for Victor to come home, and Billie says he may never come home. Kate tells her daughter "than I'll be happy knowing I loved a man like Victor and kept my vows, if they were legally married, to him."

Vivian is quite upset that her nephew is dating Kate's trashy daughter. Nicholas says that Billie is classy, but Vivian says if her skirts were any shorter she could be arrested! Vivian tells Nicholas that he is supposed to be concentrating on Kate so she can work on Victor. Nicholas asks Vivian how she caused Victor's stroke, so she explains that her lawsuit to try to get custody of Philip did it. She fears that Victor may never forgive her, but Nicholas is positive that he will because they both share a deep connection. Vivian just wishes there was a way to get him out of the nursing home.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

At Titan, Kate shows up to find Nicholas telling Billie a joke. Kate comments that his joke is as old as Vivian's first face lift. Billie comments that there is nothing like a little hostility to start the day off, but Nicolas says that Kate just doesn't like joking around at the office. Nicholas tells Kate that he has a new financial projection figure for the internet company site if she'd like to hear it. Kate says she would, if he could spare the time. Nicholas asks if he has done something to upset her? Kate tells him that he went to see Victor. Nicholas asks if that is a problem?

Kate says that she didn't mean to imply it was a problem, it was just a surprise. Nicholas says they go back along ways. Kate thanks him for taking the time to see Victor because it lifted his spirits. Nicholas excuses himself to get the projection, and when he is gone, Billie asks her mom what is really going on between her and Nicholas? Kate says Nicholas is an employee, and despite resenting him at first, he is a good worker. Kate asks Billie if Nicholas was coming onto her? Billie tells her mom that they were just talking ,but since he works here she thinks one of them should get to know him a bit better. Kate asks if that means she is throwing Roman out for Nicholas? Billie thinks her mom is after Roman and tells him she can date him, he will show her a good time. Kate says that Roman still thinks she and Lucas framed Sami, but Billie tells her mom that she has her permission to date Roman. Kate doesn't understand why her daughter is pressuring her to date other men, especially Roman Brady. Billie asks her mom who she wants to date, Nicholas? Kate says she doesn't want to date anyone. After Nicholas talks to Vivian, he invites Kate and Billie out to lunch.

Vivian shows up at the nursing home to see Victor. She knocks on his door, and he tells her to come in. Victor is not pleased to see her, he is in a very bad mood. She asks if everything is all right? Victor tells her that he feels like killing someone! Vivian hopes he doesn't want to kill her, even though he should. Victor is upset because he feels that he is ready to go home, but the doctors say no. Vivian says to hell with traditional medicine and asks him if she can call Dr. Wu for him. Victor says he needs top quality medical care, not VooDoo. Victor asks Vivian why she came here today? Vivian says to catch him up on business, but Victor asks again why she really came. Vivian is glad that he is willing to spend some time with her, despite everything she did. Vivian sees the photo of her, Nikki, and him, and thinks he still cares. Victor tells Vivian that Nicholas brought the photo. Vivian wonders why he would do that? Victor tells her that he thought it would inspire him. Vivian looks at the photo and says despite of his parents' influence, Nikki grew up to be very wonderful.

Victor tells her that she gave Nicholas a strong foundation to build on. Still, Vivian is touched that he decided not to throw it out. A nurse comes for Victor's PT, so Vivian excuses herself. Outside his room, Vivian thinks her plan is working like a charm. Vivian calls Nicholas and asks him to stretch his meeting with Kate out, she needs more time with Victor. She says because she put Victor in that chair, she wants to help him get out. Nicholas tells his Aunt that they will get everything they want, and controlling Titan will be the jewel in the crown. Vivian returns to Victor after he has changed into a sweat suit. Vivian tells Victor that his hard work will payoff soon, he will be out of here in no time.

Roman finds Austin working out on the bench. Austin asks Roman what he wanted to see him about? He says if this is about Carrie, it's nobody business. Roman says last time he checked he was still Carrie's dad. Austin puts it another way, he never had any use for him as a son in law, so why should he care about his advice? Roman tells Austin that he is not here to give advice, he is just worried about his daughter now that Mike is gone. Roman says maybe now that Mike is out of the picture, but Austin interrupts and says Mike isn't out of Carrie's heart. Roman asks "What if that is not true?" Austin tells Roman that it is over, he should know from his experience with Marlena. Roman says that if he had known better he would have continued to fight for Marlena. Austin says the only thing he can do right now is let go of his feelings for Carrie and get on with his life. Roman asks "with Sami?" Austin says that he and Sami are just friends, nothing more. Roman tells Austin that while he is mending his broken heart, Sami is about to get hers busted, and he won't let Sami get hurt. Austin says he would never hurt Sami. Roman asks Austin if he loves Sami, but Austin doesn't answer. He asks if he still loves Carrie, but still Austin doesn't answer. However, Austin promises he won't hurt Sami. Roman tells him that hurting Sami would be very bad. Austin says that the only two things important to him right now are fighting and moving on without Carrie.

Lexie is showing Brandon around when Carrie shows up. Lexie is excited to have Carrie back at work. Carrie asks how things have been around here? Lexie says they have been different, Mike set very high standards as chief of staff. When Craig and Nancy step off the elevator, Lexie decides to make herself scarce. Nancy and Craig approach Carrie, and Nancy asks her if she has heard from Mike? Carrie says no. When Nancy says she still wants to be her friend, Carrie says she's decided not to get chummy with co-workers from now on. Craig says that would be former co-workers. Carrie says the board offered her job back, and she has accepted. She hopes that won't be a problem, and Nancy asks why it would be? Carrie tells them that she still suspects Ali had help bringing Mike down, so as she is working she will be keeping an eye on Mr. and Mrs. Chief of Staff.

Craig says he never wanted this job at Mike's expense. A nurse tells Carrie that she has a call, and calls her Mrs. Reed. Nancy can't believe Carrie is still using her married name. Carrie says the divorce won't be final for a few weeks. Carrie leaves to answer her call, and Craig chews Lexie out for making a notation on a patients chart. Lexie doesn't understand what is wrong with the notation, which Craig says could cost her career. Craig says that she wrote "see me re dosage," he specifically sent out a memo last week that all instructions for the nursing staff be written out. Lexie says that Mike believed the doctors communicate face to face with nurses. Craig says Mike is no longer around and she is to follow his rules now!

He says if she finds that difficult to handle she should work elsewhere. Craig walks off, leaving Lexie infuriated. Later, Lexie explains the schedule to Brandon, but she's still distracted thanks to Craig. Brandon saw the whole thing and doesn't think very highly of Dr. Wesly. Lexie says they have to find a way to make things work Craig's way. Brandon asks "what if you can't, could you really lose your job?"

The next time we see Lexie and Brandon they are talking with a young man named Trevor about having exploratory surgery done. Trevor doesn't want to have the surgery, but Brandon talks him into it. After Trevor goes to his room, they return to the original conversation. Lexie tells Brandon that Mike wanted her on permanent staff, but with Craig in charge she'll be lucky to finish her residency here. Later, Lexie gives Craig the changes he requested to the form.

Carrie can't get any work done in her office because Nancy is having Craig's office redecorated, people are hammering very loudly. Carrie asks how long this racket will go on? Nancy's decorator says only when perfection is achieved! Carrie decides to take a break. Craig shows up and tells Nancy that her painters are painting awfully loud. Nancy says it will be worth it. Craig needs to go in his office, but Nancy stops him and tells him he can't go in. Craig asks his wife what she is up to? Nancy tells him the paint is still wet, but Craig says that doesn't explain the hammering. Nancy makes up a new type of painting, banging, it leaves the walls looking tough and masculine. Craig says he still needs some papers from his desk, so Nancy goes in to get the papers and returns with them. She promises him that he can see his office soon.

Belle is at the Java Cafe telling her sister Sami about her first day at school and who her teachers are. Belle doesn't think anything she is learning about is relevant to her life. Sami says she thought that when she was young, but now she knows that history repeats itself. Belle thinks she is talking about her war with Carrie over Austin, and assures her sister that they would never get into a fight over a man. Sami tells Belle how Carrie is after Austin to participate in a charity boxing match for the hospital. Belle asks Sami if Carrie goes after Austin again, will there be war? Sami says that there will be no war, but does admit that it will take Austin awhile to get over Carrie. Still, Belle says Carrie may get her hooks back into Austin before she (Sami) can get him to fall in love with her.

Sami is positive Austin and Carrie will never be a couple again, but they still have feelings for one another. She also tells Belle that she and Austin are just friends. She says while she'd like there to be something more, you can't make someone love you. Sami changes the topic to Belle and the mature guy she likes. Sami knows her sister has a crush, but won't tell her on who. Belle says when it becomes real, she'll be the first to know. Carrie shows up, and Belle leaves to start her first day of work at the hospital. Carrie decides to leave, but Sami asks her not to go because she wants to talk about Austin. Sami tells her that she and Austin will be spending a lot of time together because of the charity boxing match and she doesn't think she and Austin should be spending time alone. Carrie accuses Sami of being jealous and acting like Austin's girlfriend. Sami says she knows that she's not Austin's girlfriend, so Carrie tells her to stop acting like she is his girlfriend. Sami tells Carrie to leave Austin alone so he can get over her, but Carrie thinks Austin is over her. Sami says she and Austin will be spending a lot of time alone together, and one thing could lead to another. Carrie says she is not going after Austin, does she have to sign it in blood. Sami gives her sister the evil eye and warns her that if she makes one move on Austin she will answer to her!

Belle shows up at the hospital and tells Nancy that she is the answer to her prayers. They talk about her volunteering, Nancy has assigned her to post-op, but Belle says she has to be in the pediatrics ward. When Nancy says no can do, Belle tells Nancy how her father pours a lot of money into this hospital, and she has a lot of control over who her father donates money to. Belle implies she can make her dad throw a lot of money her way. Nancy tells Belle that she speaks her language, and welcomes her aboard. Later, Belle rushes to find Brandon and tells him that they'll be working together. Brandon really could care less because his mind and eyes are on Lexie. Craig talks with Nancy later and tells her that if Lexie doesn't get her act together, she'll have to get another job.

Thursday, September 16, 1999

At the Java Cafe, Carrie and Sami are still getting into it about Austin, when he and Roman arrive. Carrie asks if Austin can spare some time this morning to work on the fundraiser, but Austin says he has an important date with Sami. Carrie looks at Sami, who has a pleased look on her face. Turns out that today is Will's first day at pre-school, and Sami and Austin are taking him. When Carrie wonders why Lucas is not involved, Sami shrugs her shoulders and says that Lucas is out of town. Carrie then says that Austin should not become so involved in Will's life...that Lucas is Will's father. Austin says that he is a positive influence on Will's life, and Carrie counters saying that it is because Lucas was generous enough to let Sami have joint custody. Sami gets mad, saying that Lucas killed Franco and framed her for murder, but Austin says they can't prove it. Austin says that he is going to make sure that Will has a happy childhood, unlike his with his father, Curtis. Carrie says that Lucas is not Curtis, he would never strike his child. Roman finally intercedes and things calm down. Austin and Sami leave to get Will, and Carrie tells her father that Sami is trying to control Austin's life. Roman reminds her that they are getting a divorce and that Sami and Austin are only roommates. Carrie sighs and says that if only she had trusted in Austin's love for her when he went on the run with Sami, they would not be in this situation.

At the daycare, Sami is sad that her little boy is growing up. The teacher comes out and mentions that Will has some loving parents. Sami says that Austin is the boy's uncle, and that she shares custody with Will's father. Both Sami and Austin hug Will and tell him to have fun and the little tyke goes into the school. She gets misty wondering if she is this emotional when he goes to daycare, how will be act when he goes to college? Austin looks at her and tells her that he will be there with her every step of the way.

At the hospital, Brandon gives Lexie a present, a corsage. Meanwhile, Abe shows up, and Belle points out that Lexie is with Brandon. When Abe sees the flower, Brandon lies and says it was from a patient. Lexie goes along with the fib, but is clearly uncomfortable. Lexie tells Brandon about a patient that broke both her legs in a car accident, and is clinically depressed. Brandon is confident that he can reach the girl, so he leaves. Elsewhere, Belle receives some forms to fill out from Nancy. Belle tries to get Brandon to join her for coffee, but he is busy and tells her that she is too young to be having so much coffee. Belle follows Brandon, and also meets up with her friend Mimi. Mimi and Belle are watching Brandon talking with the little girl, but Belle insists she does not have a crush on the man. Nancy comes up, and Belle basically forces Mimi to also volunteer. Belle assures her friend that working at the hospital will be so much fun.

Alone with her husband, Lexie confides in him that Craig is out to get her. She says that it is because she was loyal to Mike that Craig is being hard on her. Abe reassures his wife that she is a good doctor, and that she'll be fine. Lexie goes to check on the little girl and Abe asks that Dr. Wesley be paged. The nurse informs him that he's in a meeting, but Abe says he doesn't care...tell him Commander Carver needs to speak to him.

The big meeting that Craig is in involves his wife. Nancy surprises Craig with the new decorating of his office...but it is just lots of painters cloth covering the walls and furniture. Craig is confused, but Nancy shows him the real surprise...a hot tub she had installed in his office bathroom. The two start to cuddle, but the page interrupts the moment.

Craig meets Abe at the nurse's station and Abe lays into him about his poor treatment of Lexie. Brandon has walked in and overhears the entire exchange. Lexie arrives, and commends Brandon for lifting the little girl's spirits, but when Brandon tells her about Abe and Craig's meeting, she is shocked to see her husband reading Craig the riot act.

At Titan, Nicholas' invitation for a working lunch with Kate and Billie is turned down by Kate. Billie is disappointed, but she receives a page and excitedly tells the two to wait for her in Kate's office. Alone, Kate and Nicholas begin talking, and Kate is extremely defensive, saying that Nicholas and Vivian are only out to take control of Titan. She is also mad that he is visiting Victor, but he explains that he has a close bond with him. In fact, he just wants to establish that same bond with her, if she would only trust him. Nicholas moves in closer, and tells Kate that he can read her well, and has seen her at her most vulnerable. Kate recalls breaking down into Nicholas' arms after learning about Victor's condition. Kate says that she will not let her emotions get the best of her again. She goes to pour herself some water, but Nicholas stops her, and leaning very close to her says that she can trust him. He begins to lean in, almost to kiss her, when Billie returns. She wants to use Nicholas' body for an experiment in sexual chemistry. Kate is shocked, but Billie says that she came up with a new men's fragerance for Countess Whillimenia, based on her date with Nicholas. She applies some of the cologne onto Nicholas and leans in to test the results. She says that it is irresistable. She then suggests that Kate check it out too. Kate also leans in and she's definately turned on. But, she composes herself and says that it should be a big hit for the cosmetics company. Billie agrees and says that if Nicholas wears this on their next date, she may not be able to control herself. An astonished Kate says she did not realize that they were officially dating, but Nicholas is quick to say that he is not dating anyone. Billie looks mad, and Kate is intrigued.

At the nursing home, Vivian laments to Victor that she wishes he was better. Victor says that he wants to go home so that he can walk down the isle with Kate. Vivian recalls some tender moments between herself and Victor, and says that she wants Victor to be well too. The physical therapist arrives and takes Victor away. Vivian follows and watches the session. She fantasizes that she is helping Victor and he is able to walk. In the dream, he attributes his miraculous recovery to Vivian and that she is the motivation he needed. Back in reality, she chats with Victor's doctor. The doctor says that Victor has come a long way, but that there is a lot of work to do. However, he says that attitude plays an important role, and that he's seen lots of other patients just like Victor make recoveries and lead productive lives. He stresses to Vivian that he is getting the best care. The doctor leaves, and the PT counselor tells Vivian that Victor is doing well considering. Vivian steals a look at Victor's chart and reads that he still can't raise his right arm. Vivian looks at Victor, who is talking to his doctor, and Victor raises his right arm to shake the man's hand. Vivian has a puzzled look on her face.

Friday, September 17, 1999

At the Java Cafe, Roman has a frank discussion with his daughter. He basically tells Carrie that she was pretty selfish for making Mike and Austin put their lives on hold while she decided whom she wanted to be with. Carrie agrees with the assessment. Roman's advice to her is to make her decision now. If she wants to be with Mike, she should buy a plane ticket and leave for Israel. If it's Austin that she still loves, she should talk to him and tell him her feelings and do everything in her power to make it work. Carrie laments that Austin has moved on with Sami, but Roman wonders if she is mad because there is a chance that Sami will be with him.

Meanwhile, at the park, Sami and Austin are watching Will play soccer, with a picnic lunch waiting in the background. Austin says that he has a surprise for Sami, something that will remind her that they are a real family. Sami is happy, and says that she knows what the surprise is. Austin laughs and says that since she knows, he won't keep her in suspense. He take an engagement ring from his pocket and tells her that now that his divorce is final, he's come to a realization....that she was the woman he's always loved. He proposes marriage, and an elated Sami says yes.

Oops, back to reality. Actually, the surprise is a photographer there to capture some family photos. Sami masks her disappointment with a smile and says that it was a thoughtful idea. The three of them have fun having their pictures taken. Carrie has finished her talk with her dad, and decides to take a stroll through the park. She comes upon Sami, Austin and Will laughing and joking around. Austin tells the two that he is very happy with them, and Carrie hears the whole thing.

At the chateau, Bo calls Greta and convinces her to go all out tonight at the Harriman's ball as Princess Gina's daughter. She reluctantly agrees. She then dresses up in her mother's clothes and jewelry.

In the foyer, John and Eric are talking. John says that he's going to leave for Salem. He has no interest in finding out his past with the real Gina. Kurt is listening through the peephole, and decides to give Princess Gina a surprise.

Kurt goes to bring Gina some hand cream, but Greta stops him. He's startled by the resemblance, and says so. Greta is curious, since Kurt has said he never met Gina, but he covers saying that he's seen her picture. Greta queries him on the tray of hand cream and flowers, but Kurt says they are for himself. He's going to his room, and Greta asks him where that is. He says it's down at the end of the hall. He leaves, and Greta follows him, but she loses him when he goes into the secret room behind the bookcase.

Greta enters the foyer, and John and Eric are also taken aback by the resemblance. Greta says that even though her mother is dead, she is alive in Greta, and wearing her clothes and jewelry makes her feel close to her. Greta says that after the Harriman ball, she will be returning to Salem, and will sell the chateau. John thinks it is a good idea, and wonders where the deed to the house is. She says that it is in her room, and Eric offers to get it. Alone, Greta tells John that she's going to pretend that Hope is her mother at the Harriman ball, which concerns John. Upon learning that John is leaving, she asks him to stay, at least until after the party.

Kurt arrives in Gina's room, and tells her that he's got a big surprise for her. He says that she should put on some makeup and he will get an outfit for her to wear. Gina can't help but wonder what the surprise is, because the ball is not until the evening.

Kurt helps himself to some of Gina's jewelry, and begins to take some clothes to the princess, when Eric catches him in Greta's room. He pointedly asks Kurt what he is doing there.

In his lab, Stefano announces to Bart that they're going to have to change their plans for Bo because of the bad reaction to the potion Rolf concocted. However, the plans are still in motion to use Hope to steal the last painting. Bart wonders about Gina's loyalty, but Stefano is confident that Gina will not betray him. He is worried, however, about Gina's mental state. Bart also wonders what Stefano is going to do about Bo, especially since he's not going to turn him into his pawn. Stefano says that if Bo gets in the way, he'll take care of him. Bart asks his boss if he plans to resume his life with Gina after they steal the painting. Stefano does not answer right away, and when Bart asks again, Stefano says that with the last painting his Renet collection will be complete, and Gina will be expendable.

In her room at the Paris house, Gina is hearing voices and Hope is fighting to break through. She has flashes of her Gina memories, dancing with Father John, stealing paintings, etc. Then, she remembers last night with Doug, Julie and Bo. She's clearly at odds with the two personas. She's startled when Bo comes in, but she runs into his arms and tells him that she would do anything for him. Bo knows this, especially since she disobeyed Stefano by lying that she gave the potion to Bo. Gina says that Bo saved her life by going along with the story she concocted about him having a bad reaction to it. They agree that they need to work together to take Stefano down. He tells her that she has to go along with Stefano's plan to steal the last Renet. Gina is stunned that he knows about that, but Bo says that he put all the clues together and figured out that she stole lots of paintings for Stefano. But this time, the tables will be turned, because Bo is going to catch Stefano with the stolen painting and put him in prison! Gina is nervous, and does not think she can do it, but Bo assures her that he will protect her. She finally agrees, and leaves to go see Steffie.

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