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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, September 27, 1999

Austin comes home and continues to give Sami the cold shoulder. Austin goes to check on Will, and Sami fears that Austin hates her. Later, Sami offers Austin some of the lemon chicken she is cooking, but he says he is not hungry. She asks Austin if he thinks Lucas will try to get full custody of Will, but Austin doesn't know what is going on in his brother's head. Sami hopes Lucas won't punish her for one mistake because that wouldn't be fair. Austin tells Sami that she made Lucas miss his son's first day at school. Sami says she did it for Will and thought he would understand that. Austin says that he understands Lucas must hate her. Sami says this is all Carrie's fault. Austin asks what that is supposed to mean?

Sami says it's not hard to figure out, he spent all afternoon with Carrie and now he's hardly speaking to her. Austin says they were working on a boxing match. Sami says she doesn't want to fight and is sorry. She changes the subject to the boxing match and his new opponent. Austin says he thinks Carrie will come up with some great ideas. He tells Sami how great it is to be working with Carrie again. Austin decides that he doesn't want to talk about Carrie and he has nothing to say to her. He says he is tired and leaves to go to bed. Sami fears that Austin will never forgive her.

In the mansion, Nicole is busy mixing herself some alcoholic beverages. She picks up a phone and calls Eric, but she gets his answering machine which says he is out of town. Nicole wonders if Eric misses her? Brandon walks in and tells Nicole that she has to forget about Eric now that she is married. Brandon snatches the bottle of booze away from her and Nicole tells him that she doesn't need a lecture! She pours herself another drink and asks him how his job is?

Brandon says it is going good and he is helping a lot of people, he just wishes he could help her. Brandon asks what is wrong with Lucas, is he mistreating her behind closed doors? Nicole says no, Lucas is too good to her. Brandon suggests she get out more often and asks her to go out with him one night. Nicole says her calendar is pretty full. Brandon hopes she can make room for him, he's going to be boxing Austin in a match. Nicole is shocked and asks Brandon if he remembers what happened the last time he got in the ring? Brandon says he will be fine, but Nicole thinks this fight will be nothing but trouble. Brandon says she sounds like Sami, who hates the idea of Austin and Carrie spending time together. Nicole says that is tough and that Austin and Carrie were in love, and those feelings just don't go away when you sign divorce papers, it's just a piece of paper? Brandon asks "Like a marriage certificate?" He then asks if she will ever stop loving Eric? Nicole says Eric is in France with Greta and she is married to Lucas, she can't change that. Nicole says she can't forget about Eric, and asks Brandon what is wrong with her? Brandon holds his sister.

In Paris at the ball, Greta tells Eric that she doesn't know how she will pretend that Hope is her mother. Eric tells her that she will know exactly what to do when Hope arrives. Elsewhere, Bo, Doug, and Julie all await Hope's entrance. Kurt is busy looking for the real Gina, but can't find her anywhere. Suddenly, the Duke introduces Princess Gina Von Amberg, and in walks Hope/Gina. She is wearing a white gown underneath a black silk cloak, and a tiara on her head. Kurt sees Gina and exclaims "It can't be!" Gina tells everyone that Princess Gina is back and here to stay. Everyone applauds, and Greta tells Eric that she looks so much like her mother. She tells Eric that she knows her mother is dead, but seeing Hope walk in as her mother brought so many memories. She just hopes Bo's plan works. Doug and Julie can't believe what they are seeing, this is not their little Hope. Bo approaches Gina and tells her all these people love her because she is beautiful and glamorous, but he knows all one million reasons to love her. He promises her that they will bring DiMera down tonight and be together for the rest of their lives.

Suddenly Nathan approaches Gina and says she is not Princess GIna! Everyone gasps and begins to gossip amongst themselves. He tells her that she hasn't changed since the last time he saw her, which was when he was eleven! She says he was eleven, and madly in love with her Greta. Gina says she could never forget the boy who picked all her roses to give to Greta. Greta approaches her "mother" and the two hug. Gina says she has missed her terribly. Nathan excuses himself to get them all some champagne. Greta is upset and tells Gina that she never expected to see her mother again. Gina puts her hand up to Greta's cheek and assures her that she is not going anywhere. The Duchess steals Gina away to say hello to her old friends, and Greta is almost at the point of tears. She doesn't understand how Bo can say so strong watching Hope pretend to be her mother. Bo says it has to play out this way, otherwise their plan won't work. Greta fears Hope may get carried away playing Gina, but Bo is positive that Hope is back and on their side. Doug and Julie great the Highness, and Doug tells Gina that her parents must be very proud of her. Gina just thanks them. Bo talks with Doug and Julie, who are deeply troubled. Julie fears that Hope may never come back to them after this party. Bo tells them that Hope is strong and will not fail, he will not give up on her.

The Duke and Duchess talk with Gina and tell her that she must look at the Rennet in their gallery. Gina says she would love to see it, so they escort her to the gallery. As they leave, Gina nods her head to Bo as she passes him.

Kurt continues to look for his mother, and both Eric and Greta agree that Kurt and his mother are very weird. Nathan returns, hands Greta a glass of champagne, and toasts to her, his first love. Greta decides not to drink because she hasn't eaten yet and her stomach is empty. Nathan knows just what she needs, caviar and cream cheese! Greta is impressed that he remembers what she liked to eat when she was younger. Nathan leaves and Greta tells Eric how she used to beg her mom to bring her to these type of balls. However, Gina never took her because she was so young, but Greta always dreamed of going to them with her mother when she grew up, but that was when she was alive. The Duke overhears this and asks her what she just said about her mother? Eric butts in and says that Greta meant this party has lifted her mother's spirits again. The Duke and Duchess say they love Gina and her, and they hope she and her mother will be frequent guests in their home. Nathan returns without the cream cheese because the chef had none. Greta says it is okay because she is not very hungry. Nathan asks her to dance, but Eric says this is his and Greta's song and insists they dance.

In the art gallery, the real Gina remembers Stefano's anger when she failed stealing the Rennet for him years ago. She approaches Stefano from behind and asks "Once you fall in love with a painting, you never forget it, do you?" Stefano turns around to see a mysterious woman draped in black. He looks at her, shakes his head, and says it can't be. He tells her that there is something familiar about her. Gina introduces herself as Countess Elsa of Hapsburg. Stefano doesn't recall meeting her and asks to be excused, but Gina won't let him leave. She says that she knows him, Stefano DiMera a.k.a Rudolpho Meradi. She knows he is an avid art collector and says he seems to have an eye for Spring Morning. Gina tells him that all the other Rennets have been stolen, but this is the most beautiful Rennet. Stefano tells her that she knows a lot about art, and Gina says she is an artist but her works were never appreciated the way they should have been.

Stefano says he is sorry, and Gina tells him that his apology is not accepted! She tells him that life is cruel sometimes, but we live to right the wrongs of their pasts. She looks at Spring Morning and wonders who would have the gall to steal such a masterpiece. Stefano claims he couldn't imagine, but Gina tells him that he is too modest because he knows a great deal about the art of stealing art! Stefano says what he knows about stolen art he has read in the newspaper. Stefano asks if there is a point to all of this? Gina says very well, and says that this party is in honor of Princess Gina, and he and her were very close. She says that she remembers the last party the two of them attended here and says she heard shortly afterwards that Gina fell into a deep depression. Stefano claims he lost touch with Gina after the party and tries to walk away from her. However, Gina stops him by telling him that Gina is now dead.

Stefano says this party is for Gina, how can she be dead? Kurt shows up and finds his mother before she can expose her true identity to Stefano. Stefano leaves and Gina tells Kurt that he has horrible timing! Gina tells Kurt, who didn't know, that the man she was talking to was Stefano. Kurt tries to tell Gina about the imposter, but Gina won't let him get a word in. She tells him that she plans to crush Stefano into the ground tonight! Kurt tells Gina that he has something to tell her, and perhaps they should leave. Suddenly, Gina hears everyone calling her name.

Stefano intercepts Gina/Hope, and the Duke and Duchess on the way to the gallery and steals Gina away from them for a second. He is not happy that she was late, but Gina says she had to make a grand entrance. She tells him not to worry, she knows exactly what she has to do here. Stefano sees Bo watching them, but Gina says nothing will go wrong. Stefano tells her not to make the mistakes of the past, the real Gina was not able to redeem herself after failing him. He then tells her about the unusual conversation he had with a woman in the gallery who is under the impression that the Gina is dead. Gina simply says that the reports of her death are greatly exaggerated and she hopes he set her straight! Stefano wonders how she got that idea when he only told Greta that Gina had died. Gina says Greta and her friends are being discreet about the whole matter, and says that Greta looks absolutely magnificent tonight. Stefano tells her to pay attention, she has one mission and one mission alone, to steal the Rennet. Bo approaches them and asks DiMera if he is enjoying Gina's company. Stefano tells Bo that he was telling Hope how lovely she looks, but doesn't know why everyone thinks she is still Gina.

"Hope" says he was the one that turned her into Gina, and she will find out what she did for him! Stefano tells her to do as she wishes, and tells her to have a productive night. Stefano leaves and Bo tells Gina that it is hard to believe he shares an agenda with Stefano, both their plans hinge on nobody finding out that the real Gina is dead. Gina tells him that nobody here doubts that she is Gina, but Bo says that he does. Gina says she is Gina. The Duke and Duchess approach Bo and Gina to borrow Gina for a moment. Doug and Julie see the upset look on Bo's face. They ask what is wrong? Bo says that "Hope" is just very convincing tonight. Stefano returns to the gallery to admire the Rennet, and Bart serves him some champagne. Stefano tells Bart that he is sure Gina will do his bidding tonight. Bo shows up in the gallery door right as Stefano says now that everything is ready for Gina to make the painting switch, it is time to take care of Bo.

Out on the dance floor, everyone begins to clap and chant "Princess Gina! Princess Gina!" Gina/Hope is blindfolded, and everyone has formed a circle around her. The real Gina shows up to see why everyone is calling her name. Through Gina's black veil she vaguely sees the outline of Hope/Gina. Gina/Hope plays some form of blind mans bluff, but the real Gina looses track of Hope/Gina. Kurt tells Gina that this party is not a memorial to her, it is a celebration of her eternity. He says the woman over there claims she is Princess Gina! Gina finally gets a good look at her impostor dancing with another man.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Sami is looking at the picture Will drew and says that she and Austin should be Will's true family. She says she only wanted to make Will happy, but now everyone is mad at her. Austin walks into the room and Sami asks if they can talk. Austin says he wants to take a shower and just needs a towel. Austin gets the towel and quickly leaves the room, then Sami leaves the guest house.

Brandon is hugging Nicole, who says she will stop crying now. Brandon tells her to cry all she wants, but lay off the booze. Nicole says she does not have a drinking problem and doesn't need a lecture! Brandon doesn't understand why she is upset, all her dreams have come true. Nicole says she has one dream that will never come true, no matter how much money she has. Lucas walks into the room and asks what dream is that? Brandon decides to excuse himself, but Nicole asks him to stay. Lucas asks to be filled in on what is going on? Nicole says Brandon has good news and she wants him to tell Lucas. Brandon says it is nothing big, so Nicole tells Lucas that Brandon is fighting Austin in the charity boxing match. Lucas laughs and says "Perfect, you can bash my brother's face in while helping kids!"

Lucas tells Nicole to write out a check for Brandon from their joint bank account. Lucas tells Brandon that they should sit down and talk, he'd love to hears his life story. Brandon doubts he would be very interested, but Lucas says it's bound to be more interesting than his. Lucas tells Brandon that his life didn't become interesting till he married Nicole, a woman whose dreams he loves to make come true. Lucas asks Nicole to fill him in on the dream she was talking about. Nicole says it is something he can't give her, it is something she wants to give him. Nicole tells Lucas that she wants to have a baby with him. Lucas says this would make him very happy, but only if she is ready. Nicole says she is ready. Sami walks in and tells Lucas to be careful, having a baby with someone who is using you to get over someone else is, well, we've been there before!

Nicole asks Sami why can't she stay out of their lives? Sami says she is just telling the truth! Brandon keeps them from fighting, and Lucas asks Sami if Austin has kicked her out of the guest house yet? Sami and Nicole end up arguing about Lucas framing her for murder, and that Lucas paid Nicole to marry him. Lucas tells her to get her own life instead of bashing his, but he forgot she tried and blew her life with Austin. Lucas tells Nicole that he has a present for her, which Sami calls a bribe. Lucas thinks Sami is just jealous of his and Nicole's happiness, so they leave to go upstairs and open Nicole's gift. Sami tells Brandon that he owes her five bucks, he lost the bet. Brandon gives her five bucks and says he is sorry. Sami tells Brandon that she doesn't want his money, she wants her best friend back. Austin walks into the room, he overheard them settling the bet.

Austin tells Sami that he was hard on her and he is sorry. Sami says she made a mistake, but Austin says she is only getting stuck in the middle of his and Lucas' fighting about Will. Brandon leaves to workout, and Sami says this means they've survived their first fight. Austin still wants to talk to Sami about what she did at Lucas. Austin tells her that she can't cut Lucas out of Will's life, it's not fair to either of them. Austin has bad feelings about Lucas as well, but Lucas has what he thinks is best for Will in his mind. Sami and Austin joke around with one another, and Austin tells Sami that she is his best friend. They both promise not to let the other one down again.

Upstairs, Nicole opens her present, which is lingerie. Nicole says this is a present for him, and Lucas smiles and says that marriage is all about sharing. Lucas notices that Nicole is distant and asks if he did something? Nicole says no, she just keeps trying to forget about her past. Lucas tells her that doesn't matter to him, nobody is perfect, including him. Nicole asks what he has to feel guilty about? Lucas says kidnapping his son for one. Lucas tells her that the best thing he ever did was marrying her, and he hopes she feels the same way. Nicole kisses Lucas and leaves to put on her present. As they go to make love, Nicole just isn't "into it." Lucas tells her that it is okay. Nicole says she is just upset about Sami. Lucas tells her not to worry about it, and Nicole says she'll make it up to him. Lucas leaves to take a cold shower, and Nicole goes out into the hall. She runs into Brandon and tells him that she has something important to tell him, the real reason she married Lucas.

Hope/Gina dances with an admirer as everyone watches. Over on the other side of the room, Greta dances with Eric. Eric tells her that Nathan hasn't stopped staring at her all night. Greta says that she and Nathan played Romeo and Juliet at the academy in Paris. Eric says he thought she played Juliet at the school in New Orleans? Greta tells him that she played it twice. They talk about Romeo and Juliet, Eric says he prefers happily ever after endings.

Greta says that some stories don't end happily, like her mother's for instance. Eric tells Greta that after Bo is done with Stefano, he will never hurt her again.

Another admirer dances with Hope/Gina as everyone watches and applauds. The real Gina can't believe what she is seeing, this woman is a fraud! Gina shoves her way through the crowd and taps Hope/Gina on the shoulder. Hope/Gina ask the real Gina just what she thinks she is doing? Gina says that is the exact question she was about to ask her! Gina asks her what she thinks she's doing? Hope/Gina says she is dancing, and enjoying herself. Gina laughs and says she did not answer her question! Hope/Gina says she is the guest of honor, Princess Gina Von Amberg, and does a little curtsey. Gina says "In your dreams!" Hope/Gina asks who else she would be?

Gina makes a fist and says she does not know yet, but she intends to find out! Gina demands Hope/Gina identify herself at once. Julie and Doug begin to worry, and Doug leaves to find Bo. Hope/Gina tells her that she is obviously not well, and Gina says of course she isn't well under these circumstances. Hope/Gina asks what circumstances, so Gina replies that she would be delighted to inform her. Gina claps her hands twice and tells everyone that she has some very astonishing news for everyone.

Bo shows up as Stefano tells Bart, who is disguised as a waiter, it is time for him to take care of Bo. When Stefano and Bart turn around, they find Bo standing in the doorway. Bart offers Bo some champagne, but Bo refuses, so Bart leaves. Stefano asks Bo if he has been spying on him? Bo just says that he's noticed he seems to like this painting. Bo asks why the Harrimans' have it guarded so well? Stefano says Rennet was a visionary, and this is that last Rennet that hasn't been stolen. Bo doesn't know much about art, but he says Gina is a real art form and takes his breath away.

Stefano claims to be worried about Hope because she is taking this masquerade to the extremes and should stop this search for her past. Bo asks why he cares, he doesn't know what she is going to find. Stefano says he knows exactly what she will find! Bo asks him if he has a crystal ball allowing him to predict the future? Stefano says it is obvious what will happen, Hope will be exposed as a fraud! Bo asks how that would happen, unless he did a lousy job implanting Gina's memories into Hope at Maison Blanche! Stefano asks Bo if he believes that nonsense? Bo tells him that Hope is a dead ringer for Gina both inside and out, everyone here believes she is Gina. Bo says if the real Princess Gina was alive and here tonight, they probably couldn't tell which is which. Doug shows up at tells Bo that the woman with the big veil is demanding to know who Princess Gina really is. Bo and Doug rush off, and Stefano laughs and tells Bo to enjoy his evening with Gina because tomorrow they will both be out of his life for good.

Everyone wonders what Kurt's "mother" is doing. Kurt tells her mother to come with him, but Gina says it is time for the truth to come out for the sake of friends and family. Gina looks at Greta, who thinks Gina wants her to come with her. Bo, who has arrived, tells her to stay still. Still, Greta thinks the woman looks familiar. The Duke and Duchess asks her how they can assist her. She can't believe her dear friends have forgotten her completely. Meanwhile, Stefano tells Bart to find out what he can about this woman. Kurt apologizes the Duke, Duchess, and Princess Gina for his mother's actions.

Gina cries "How dare you!" and smacks him with her purse. Kurt tells her to come away now, but Gina refuses to leave until she finds out who that woman is. Hope/Gina says she is Princess Gina Von Amberg, but Gina demands she tell them all the truth. Bo goes to Hope/Gina's side to make sure she is all right. Hope/Gina says this woman needs a doctor, but Gina says she is quite sane, she faced the devil himself and lived to tell about it. Gina says the devil tried to take her soul, but she was fare to strong. Gina tells them all that this woman is not worth of the honor they have bestowed upon her because she is not who they think she is.

Gina suddenly faints, and everyone looks at her. Bo thinks she can't breath with the veil on and goes to take it off, but Kurt insists it is left in place. Kurt claims her mother just had a bad reaction to her medication. Bo says she has a pulse, and Stefano suggest they take her to the foyer where she can rest. Bo says that she could need a doctor. Stefano wonders where he could have meet this woman, and flashback to yelling at Gina after she failed to steal Spring Morning. Bo picks her up and carries her to the foyer and puts her down on a sofa. Gina comes to, and Kurt says his stepmother needs privacy. A woman named Ava introduces herself to Stefano, and the two go back to the ball and dance. Bo leaves to call a doctor, and Kurt scolds GIna. Gina says Stefano wouldn't know who she was, her beauty has dissipated, unlike the woman claiming to be her. Bart spies on them, but Kurt quickly tells him to leave. Gina asks if he intends to keep her a prisoner in the foyer? Kurt says he is afraid what Stefano will do if he finds out who she is, but Gina says to hell with Stefano, he has taken 14 years away from her and the people she loved! Kurt says Stefano is dangerous, and leaves to get the car before Stefano sees her again. Gina asks herself if it is so wrong to want the truth known? Greta shows up and asks if she may speak with her? Gina says yes, and asks Greta to sit next to her. Greta asks her why she is so certain this woman who claims she is Gina isn't her mother?

Stefano excuses himself out of Ava's company and talks with Bart, who fills him in on what he has found out about this "Elsa." Burt tells him that she is the stepmother of Kurt Schwengle, the caretaker of Chateau De Revees. Stefano decides he will have to introduce himself to this Kurt.

Back in the ballroom, the Duchess apologizes to Hope/Gina for the way that woman has ruined her party. Hope/Gina says as long as she has a man at her side she is happy. The Duke and Duchess leave to talk with their other guests, and Bo dances with Hope/Gina. She asks Bo who that woman was? Bo says it is the mother of the keeper of the Chateau de Revees. Hope/Gina says "A yes, my country estate," and Bo quickly corrects her and says it is Gina's estate. Hope/Gina tells him to try being two people at once. Bo tells her she is doing fine and she only has to keep it up for a few more hours. Bo assures her that she will be home free after tonight. Bo knows she is afraid she will end up like the real Gina, but he won't let that happen.

Hope/Gina asks how he is so sure he will get Stefano tonight? Bo knows he will because Stefano is too focused on getting that painting, and not paying attention to anything else. Bo chuckles and says he can't wait to see the look on Stefano's face when he realizes he has lost not only the painting, but his princess. Hope/Gina sees the portrait of herself and begins to have doubts.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

Carrie is working in her office when Lexie drops by to see her. Lexie and Carrie talk about how Craig has let the power go to his head. Lexie tells Carrie that Craig is treating her like an incompetent fool, but she won't let it get to her. Carrie tells her that Mike would advise her to just remain cool. Lexie asks Carrie if she's heard from Mike, but she hasn't. Carrie says that he needs time to get his life together. Lexie asks Carrie if she's having any regrets? Carrie asks Lexie if she's asking if she means about her marriage? Carrie says that Austin wanted a divorce, so she signed the papers. Lexie says Mike wanted to go and she let him! Lexie asks her if she wants a future with Mike? Carrie says that is up to Mike, right now her focus is on her job.

Lexie asks how the boxing match is going? Carrie tells Lexie that Austin will be fighting Brandon Walker. Lexie is shocked. They talk about Brandon's friendship with Sami, something Carrie hopes will blossom into more than friendship. Lexie doubts that because Sami is so focused on Austin. That comment makes Carrie uneasy, and Lexie notices. She asks Carrie if she wants Austin back? Carrie says part of her will always love Austin, she doesn't have any intentions on getting back with him, but she doesn't want Sami to hurt Austin. Lexie says maybe she won't hurt him, but Carrie can't imagine Austin being with Sami. Lexie tells Carrie that it is up to Austin now, she can't do anything about it. Carrie says "maybe there is."

Sami is in tears because she is happy Austin forgave her. Austin tells Sami that she has to get along with Lucas for Will's sake. Sami promises to try, when suddenly Lucas walks into the room and tells her that her promises aren't worth anything. Lucas tells Austin to wake up and realize that Sami hasn't changed at all! Sami says Austin has shown her the error of her ways, but Lucas doesn't believe her. Sami and Lucas end up arguing about Nicole, Sami says everyone knows how upset Nicole is.

Austin says Nicole seems a little tense, but it is none of his business. Lucas thanks him for saying that, but Sami keeps on insulting him by telling Lucas he bought a wife and thought it wouldn't backfire on him. Lucas says he never bought Nicole. Sami says he's just denying it like he denies setting her up for Franco's murder. Sami tells Lucas that perhaps Nicole is upset because she sold herself to a murderer! Austin's eyes are on Lucas, who is fuming. Lucas says "So long for your promise to get along with me!" He tells Austin that if he wants to be a fool and trust Sami he can go right ahead, but he will never, EVER, trust her. In fact, even when he has left the room, Lucas keeps shouting NEVER! Sami says Lucas keeps baiting her and she falls for it, but Austin says she went after Lucas and he can understand how he thinks she hasn't changed. Sami asks if he is on Lucas and Nicole's side now? Austin says this is not about taking sides, her worst enemy is her own destructive attitude. He asks her to end this war with Lucas, stop throwing everything in Lucas' face. Sami says he is right, and Austin promises to help his "best friend" through this. He then gives her a hug.

Nicole tells Brandon that Lucas needed a wife to get custody of Will, but Brandon says he already knew that. However, Lucas could have picked any girl, and he asks why her? Nicole says because he loves me, but Brandon points out that she loves somebody else. Nicole tells Brandon that Kate offered her five million dollars to marry Lucas. Brandon is shocked and starts shouting "Five Million Dollars!" To get him to shut up, Nicole pushes him into the pool. Brandon gets out of the pool and says he can't believe this.

Brandon asks if Lucas wasn't insulted by this deal? Nicole says Lucas doesn't know, she married Lucas so Eric wouldn't find out the truth about her. She tells him about the PI Kate hired, but Lucas managed to remove the worst part of the report before his mother could see it. Brandon says that was very decent of Lucas, who obviously overlooked what he learned. Nicole says Lucas loves her and doesn't care about her past. Brandon says maybe Eric would have too, she wouldn't have 5 million bucks, but at least she'd be happy. Nicole says Eric would not have been able to handle it, and he can never learn the truth.

Brandon tells her instead of protecting Eric, she ripped his heart out, and now she will never have him. Brandon tells her that he doesn't want to hear her complaining anymore, she made her own bed and now she has to lie in it. Nicole turns her back on Brandon and holds back the tears when he tells her not to look for sympathy from him! Nicole says she thought he'd understand she had no choice, but Brandon tells her she made the safest choice, and he hopes she can be the kind of wife to Lucas that she was paid to be. Lucas walks out onto the patio at this point and asks Brandon what in the hell he is talking about? Lucas looks at Nicole and asks her if she was paid to be his wife?

Nathan asks Eric for a moment of his time. Nathan asks Eric how close he and Greta are? Eric asks Nate why he should discuss his relationship with a complete stranger? Nathan says he's not a stranger to Greta, in fact he's been thinking about her for years because she was his first love. Nathan asks Eric if he has forgotten his first love? Eric thinks about Nicole, and tells him no, but it is getting easier. Nathan asks if it is because of Greta? Eric tells Nathan that Greta is beautiful, and intelligent, and he enjoys her company. Nathan thought she would be married by now. Eric tells Nathan that Greta was recently burned in an accident and her life is just beginning again. Nathan thinks that must be why nobody saw Greta or Gina for awhile, Gina was caring for her daughter.

Stefano takes a glass of champagne from Bart's tray and wonders where he can find Kurt. Bart says the last time he saw him, Kurt was in the foyer. Bart asks why he wants to meet with him? Stefano tells Bart that he hired him to do a job, and for his own sake he better have followed his orders.

Bo and Hope/Gina are still dancing, but Hope/Gina sees the portrait of herself and stops. Gina/Hope downs a glass of champagne, and Bo tells her that Gina's life is not hers, and if she does give it up she might end up like the real Gina. Bo thinks Stefano had, but Gina/Hope cuts him off and tells him that Gina died of natural causes, the autopsy proved that. Bo tells her that Stefano is a master at covering his tracks, and when he's finished with her she will just disappear. Hope/Gina asks why he is doing this to her now? Bo says she has an important decision ahead of her, and if she sides with DiMera she will end up like the real Gina.

However, if she sides with him then he will arrest DiMera and make sure she never has to fear him again. Bo looks into her eyes and says he sees his Fancyface looking into his eyes, and if she trusts him, he will get her out of this mess. He promises her that he will not let DiMera get between them again. Gina/Hope says even from prison Stefano can get revenge on them, but Bo promises to protect her. Gina excuses herself, and Doug and Julie approach Bo. They fear she is going to bail on them, but Bo says he just needs to reassure her some more. Julie asks Bo to let her try, and she runs after Hope/Gina. Doug tells Bo that he wants Hope out of here and to hell with his plan. Bo tells Doug to calm down, he will protect Hope. Doug still thinks something might go wrong, and what a dangerous position he is putting Hope in. Bo knows how dangerous this is, but he has to stay calm and focused in order to protect Hope in case something goes wrong. Gina/Hope goes into a powder room and is hearing Bo and Stefano's voices inside her head. Julie puts her hand on her shoulder, which startles her. Julie asks if there is anything she can do to help? She says she just needs some time, but Julie says that is hardly likely with Bo. Julie tells her that Bo loves her with all her heart, the way she loves him. When Julie tries to tell her a story, Gina/Hope says now is not the time for a trip down memory lane. Julie tells her to let the Gina memories go, her only future is as Hope. Hope/Gina says she really must go, and as she goes to leave, Julie yells out "Oh God!"

She tells Hope/Gina that she wishes she could just exorcise the Gina persona out of her. She tells Hope that she will not let her go without a fight. Gina/Hope looks at Julie, who tells her that they love her and respect her, and that Stefano is not all powerful. She tells her that Bo will protect her. Julie tells Hope/Gina that their mother showed so much courage when she gave birth to her, and the love of their family sustained her. Julie says she, Doug, and Bo are here for her now. Julie hugs Gina/Hope, who is obviously touched. A woman comes in and sees them hugging, so Gina/Hope tells her how lovely it is to see her again.

They rejoin the party, but before entering the ballroom Julie whispers to "Hope" to come back to them, she knows she has the power. Julie runs off, and Hope/Gina is left in tears. Julie returns to Doug, and Bo goes to check on Gina/Hope. Gina/Hope is talking with Bart, who is telling her it is almost time for her to do her thing. Bart leaves, and Bo asks Gina/Hope if the waiter was hassling her? Gina/Hope says that was no waiter, so Bo asks who he is? Gina/Hope covers and says he was once a wealthy man who has fallen on bad times. Bo asks her if it is time yet? Gina/Hope says not yet, so Bo asks her to dance. Gina/Hope says she would like that, so the two take to the dance floor. As they dance, Bo tells his Fancyface that he loves her. Bart sees the expression on Gina/Hope's face and doesn't look very pleased.

Greta asks Gina, who she thinks is Kurt's mother, why she doesn't believe the woman in the other room is Princess Gina? Gina doesn't understand why Greta is even asking her such questions. Gina tells her that she is Gina's daughter and knows her better than anyone. She apologizes if she is wrong by questioning her. Greta remembers Eric telling her that they have to make Bo's plan work, so Greta says of course that woman is her mother. Gina asks her when the last time she saw her mother was? Greta admits that it has been years. Gina asks why so long? Greta tells Gina that she was in a terrible accident and was badly burned, it took her years to recover. Gina tells her "darling" how sorry she is and begins to weep. Greta asks why she called her "my darling," and why she is responding like this? Gina apologizes and says the accident saddens her. Gina asks how it happened? Greta tells her about the explosion, but says she is fine now.

Gina tells her that she truly is her mother's daughter. Greta says people keep telling her that, but she thinks they are flattering her. She tells Gina that her mother was so full of like and it is hard to think that she's . . . . Gina asks her what she was going to say? Greta says that she was going to say here tonight, she thought she'd never see her again. Gina asks why she would think that? Greta says because of her accident, she was ashamed how she looked so she hid in the Bayou in Louisiana, and her mother went back to Europe. Greta questions "Elsa" about her mother, and if she remembers her when she was little? Gina says she remembers her very well, and asks Greta if she remembers her? Greta says there is something familiar about her, and if she could see her eyes she would remember her. Gina damns Stefano for doing this to her daughter, and then tells Greta that she may look into her eyes. Greta begins to lift Gina's veil, but Stefano shows up and asks what she is doing? Greta stops and says she was just trying to help the countess.

Stefano asks the countess where her son is? Gina says she does not know, she has just been getting to know Greta. Stefano asks the countess to please excuse them, he wants to show Greta the gardens. Gina reluctantly says yes of course, but hugs Greta before she leaves. Out in the gardens, Stefano asks Greta how she could be so careless, she almost gave Hope away! Greta tells him that he wouldn't want to everyone to find out that he turned Hope into Gina, but Stefano says he had nothing to do with that. Greta says that is not what Bo believes, Bo believes he turned her into Gina on purpose! As they argue, Gina spies on them. Gina lifts her veil to get a better look, and Greta and Stefano hear her rustling in the bushes. Stefano checks things out, but finds nothing. He then tells Greta that he can't believe she believes Bo instead of him, the one who took care of her and never lied to her. Greta says he has done nothing but lie to him. Gina listens closely as Greta accuses Stefano of making Hope Williams into his latest pawn, his Gina pawn.

Stefano becomes fed up and says he did nothing to Hope. Greta tells Stefano that he possessed her with Gina's spirit, but Stefano says she was the one who put the idea into Hope's head at Maison Blanche. Gina hears Stefano tells Greta that her comment that Hope looked like her mother is what possessed her to come to Europe and live as Princess Gina. Gina remembers back to Maison Blanche when Stefano told her that Rolf was going to cure her depression, and later she heard Stefano telling Rolf to get Hope ready for the procedure. Greta asks Stefano if Hope wasn't his creation, why did he tell people Princess Gina died? Stefano says what Hope does is none of his concern, who is he to ruin her fun? Greta refuses to be his lies and says she knows he turned Hope into her mother to carry out her mother's work, whatever it was, and promises Stefano that she will not stop until she find out what he really did to her mother. Greta walks away from Stefano and right into Eric, who asks what is going on? In the bushes, Kurt finds Gina. She tells Kurt that she knows who the woman who stole her life is.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Austin is putting together a telescope that he bought for Will. Sami thinks that the boy will be pleased by the present, and comments that when she was in jail, she would try to imagine the stars. She learns that Austin is going to the gym for a late night workout, which reminds her that he is working with Carrie. Austin picks up on this, but Sami says she just does not want him to get hurt. It would be like if Nicole and Eric started working together....Eric would not be able to handle it. Nicole would find some way to cry on Eric's shoulder, and Eric would fall for her again. Will comes downstairs, accompanied by the nanny. Sami asks if Will has said goodnight to his daddy (trying to score points with Austin). When Will says no, Sami learns from the nanny that Lucas, Nicole and Brandon are at the pool, in a heated discussion. Sami wishes she could hear what that conversation was all about.

Poolside, Lucas wants to know what Brandon meant by his remark. Nicole is at a loss for a lie, but leave it to big brother to come up with one. He says that with this lavish lifestyle, Nicole's only job is really to be Lucas' wife, so it's like he's paying her. Lucas does not buy it, and Nicole gets defensive. Brandon leaves them alone, and Lucas gets upset about Nicole's feelings. Specifically, that she still loves Eric. Nicole, who has now poured herself another drink, tells Lucas that they both knew going into this marriage that it was not perfect. Heck, he wanted a wife to get custody of Will. Lucas does not deny it, but says that he also loves Nicole...but she can't say the same for him. In fact, the reason she married him was for his money! Nicole tells him to get over it, that she could have chosen any man she wanted, but she chose him to help him get custody of Will. She says that why they married eachother should not be the focus point, but where their relationship is going. Lucas laments that they are not acting like happy honeymooner, which leads her to strip off her clothes and jump into the pool. She suggests that Lucas follow her, which he does. The two start to get romantic in the shallow end.

Meanwhile, when Brandon bumps into Sami and Austin, she pesters him with questions about Lucas and Nicole. He claims that they are happy and asks her to stop trying to ruin their relationship. In fact, Austin agrees and urges Sami to say out of it. As Austin leaves for the gym, Brandon tells Sami that she's setting herself up for a fall. Sami says what would really make her happy would be to take down Lucas Roberts!

Zipping over to Paris, in the garden, Greta tells Stefano that he was the one to single-handedly ruin her mother's life, and she will never forgive him for it. Eric comes to Greta's side and starts harassing Stefano, telling him to stay away from her. During the heated discussion, in which Eric is losing his temper, he warns Stefano that he will be ruined after tonight. Intrigued, Stefano wants to know what he meant, but Eric says that he does not have to explain himself to Stefano. Nathan comes out, and this gives Stefano an opportunity to leave. Nathan informs Greta that there will be a toast for her mother. When it becomes apparent that Greta is not going to join him, Nathan leaves. Eric asks Greta about Nathan, specifically, if she likes him. She says that he's nice and that he probably wants to spend time with her, but Eric groans and says that he would marry her on the spot if she gave the man a chance. Eric continues, saying that Nathan is pushy when it comes to Greta and getting back into her life, and that he basically interrogated Eric about their relationship. Greta wonders what Eric told the man, and he begins to hem and haw. Greta wonders if they are a couple, and Eric says that he's not sure, but if they were, he would do this. He leans in and gives her a tender kiss.

In another part of the garden, Princess Gina tells Kurt everything that she's learned....that Hope was given her thought, memories and feelings during a transformation at Maison Blanche. It sinks in that Hope was living Gina's life as she was held prisoner in the castle. Gina starts crying and goes back inside to the party. Kurt wants to know what she is going to do...and all she says is that she will make Stefano pay for what he's done to her; he will feel the pain that she has suffered all these years.

Out on the dance floor, Hope is dancing with Bo, when she spots Bart in his waiter disguise. Realizing that their plan is going to go into action, she freezes, and Bo is concerned. Nathan comes in wondering where Greta is. They tell him that they do not know, and Hopesays the boy is in the throws of first love. Bo says he is too, and gives Hope a passionate kiss. Doug and Julie, along with everyone else, has witnessed this. Doug wants to dance with his daughter, so Bo and Julie hook up. Bo says that he was kissing Hope just then, and that he'll protect her from DiMera because she is going to defy him. Doug tells Hope that he is so proud of her and that he loves her. The foursome get together and start their plan. Bo goes to talk to the Duke, and Hope, seeing Stefano give her the "get a move on it" nod, excuses herself. The Duke likes Bo's plan for a toast, and suggests that he give it. Bo is shocked and looks around for Hope. The Duke presses for an answer, and Bo says he'd love to, but the guest of honor should be in attendance. Bo learns from Doug and Julie that Hope went for some fresh air, and he's upset that she left.

Hope, in her Gina mode (or is it really Gina...I'm not sure) meets Stefano and Bart in the gallery. She assures Stefano that all will go well tonight...that she has everything planned, including how to take care of Bo. She saunters off, and Stefano confides in Bart his fear that Bo will spoil everything and decides to take care of his "problem" himself.

In the hallway, Hope is checking her makeup, when Gina takes her by the arm and tells her that if she values her life, she will listen to her.

Friday, October 1, 1999

In the Kiriakis mansion, Sami and Brandon continue their discussion about Sami's motives for being in the house. She is complaining that being in the same house with Lucas is stressful, so Brandon suggests that she move out if Lucas bothers her so much. She refuses and claims that she wants to be close to Will. He laughs at the idea and guesses that she really wants to be near Austin. Sami comes clean and confesses that she does like Austin. Brandon urges her to find someone better because she deserves it. The phone rings and Brandon answers it. He's off to the hospital when Lexie calls for some help regarding a patient's medical test results. Turns out that one of Brandon's patients does not have much longer to live. Meanwhile, Sami fantacizes that she has told Austin that she loves him. He responds in kind, and the two kiss. Coming back to reality, she decides to give him a call.

At the gym, Hector the trainer is talking to Austin, rehashing all of Austin's marital woes. Austin tries to be neutral about bringing up his past with Carrie, and that he's getting a divorce and that he's living with his soon-to-be-ex-wife's sister, but he is starting to get upset, and taking it out on the jumprope. Carrie and a photographer arrive to take candid shots of Austin training, and when Brandon arrives, pictures of the two opponents. The photographer starts with just Austin, and Carrie comments that it's good to see Austin so happy. The photographer then wants pictures of Carrie and Austin together for the society page. Reluctantly, the two agree. During the photo session, Carrie recalls happier times with Austin....the two of them rollerblading, and sharing a kiss. The phone rings, and Hector answers it. It's Sami, wanting to talk to Austin. When Hector informs her that Austin is busy with Carrie taking photos, an upset Sami says that Carrie has gone too far this time.

In Paris, Greta and Eric almost kiss but miss when she bumps into a table. Deciding it's better not to talk about what almost happened, Eric says Greta must be having a hard time with all the tributes to "Princess Gina." Nathan interrupts and invites Greta to come back inside with him for a dance but she responds that Eric is the only man on her dance card tonight. Nathan makes an effort to convince Greta to move to Europe permanently but she insists that Salem is the place for her. Eric is pleased to hear this, but Nathan is crushed. Eric escorts Greta back into the party.

The real Gina drags Hope into the foyer and warns her that Stefano will destroy her and asks her to meet her after the party. Before Hope can respond, Stefano arrives. In an awkward moment, both Gina and Hope call out to Stefano when he addresses Princess Gina. Startled, Hope looks at the woman, who takes her leave. Stefano comments that the woman is strange. He then turns his attention to Hope and the plans for tonight. She assures him that all is taken care of and goes back to the party.

Bo is looking for Hope, but is sidetracked by the Duke, who he has promised to regale with stories of his days as a merchant marine. When Hope enters, he gives his toast. Everyone is in attendance to hear the toast...Doug, Julie, Greta, Eric, the real Gina, Kurt, Stefano and Bart. Bo's toast sounds like it would apply to Princess Gina, but he is really saying it to Hope...that this beautiful, regal woman is a loving, generous, caring person whom he loves with all his heart, and will for the rest of his life. Everyone applauds, except for the real Gina, who is upset. She laments that the toast should have been for her...but she will get her revenge on both Stefano and Hope.

Bo and Hope agree that now is the time to put their plan into action. Hope begins dancing the last dance with the men at the party. Bo tells Doug, Julie, Eric and Greta to start leaving. Greta wants to go back to the castle, and they say goodbye to Doug and Julie. Outside, Greta tells Eric that she has made some decisions about her life. As soon as the paperwork is through, she's going to see the Paris house and the castle, and start her new life as the surviving daughter of the Princess Gina Von Amberg in Salem USA.

Bo finally gets his turn to dance with the Princess, and tells Hope that he will be there to protect her and this should she fall, he will catch her. He tells her that he loves her, and in an overwhelming moment, Hope kisses him. Another man wants to cut in, and this gives Bart his chance. In a french accent, he tells Bo that he has a phone call from the U.S. Bo thinks it is John and Bart leads him to an unused room. He's carrying a remote control device and presses the button as Bo picks up the portable phone. The phone emits some knock-out gas and Bart drags an unconscious Bo away.

Meanwhile, Stefano signals Hope it's time to act. Hope feigns a fainting spell and is escorted out by the Duke. They are both unaware that Princess Gina is watching, and she tells Kurt that she knows exactly what is going on. This was the same script she was to use when she was to steal the Renet, so she knows exactly what will happen next. But, she wants her revenge on Stefano, so she is going to rewrite history and Stefano and Hope won't know what hit them!

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