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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, October 4, 1999

Lexie and Brandon go to visit Rachel. Lexie tries to tell her about the cancer, but Rachel already knows it is back. Brandon offers to talk to her if she has any questions. Rachel asks him if he believes in heaven? Brandon says he does, and that God has a plan for everyone. Rachel asks Brandon if he thinks she will see angels in heaven? Brandon says he does, beautiful angels. Rachel hopes she also sees her grandparents, and some of the other kids she made friends with in the ward. Rachel wonders when the angels will come for her, and she asks how much time she has to get ready? Lexie says it is hard to say, and asks what she needs time to do? Rachel says she wants her parents to get back together, but doesn't think she has the time to do that. Rachel says her parents tell her that it isn't her fault that they have separated, but she thinks they just don't want her to feel guilty. Brandon says relationships break up for many reasons. However, Rachel knows she is the reason because when she got sick, they started fighting. She wonders if they can make up once she is gone. Lexie and Brandon leave Rachel's room. Lexie is in tears because she is saddened that Rachel blames herself for her parents breakup. Brandon tells Lexie that he is going to do whatever he can to make Rachel's wish come true.

Carrie and Austin are talking. She asks him if he thinks their love was a mistake? Austin doesn't answer, so Carrie says she thinks it wasn't a mistake and hopes that it won't stop him from loving again. Austin says love is the last thing on his mind. Carrie asks him if Sami knows that? Austin says he and Sami are just friends and she knows that.

Sami is on the phone demanding that "it" be ready tonight. Henderson shows Fast Eddie, Austin's trainer, in to see Sami. Sami discusses her plans with him, plans we don't hear. Later, Sami gets another call and tells the person that Fast Eddie showed up and she thinks she can count on him to get it done. Austin returns home and tells Sami how into this event Carrie is. Sami tells Austin that she has a surprise for him, and takes him into the garage. In the garage, Sami has his own private gym and ring set up for him. Sami says Fast Eddie helped her do this. Sami says he can work out here whenever he wants so he doesn't have to miss saying good night to Will.

Bart drags an unconscious Bo to a warehouse. Stefano calls Bart, who says Bo will no longer cause any more problems for him. Bart asks when the robbery will go down? Stefano says it will happen soon, there are still some people hanging around like Kurt and his mother. Stefano tells Bart that he plans to have a chat with Kurt's mother. Bo eventually comes to and finds Bart shining a flashlight in his face. Bart orders Bo and gunpoint to empty his pockets and take his jacket off. Bo does as he's told, but then attacks Bart. The two struggle over the gun. Bo's phone begins to ring as he and Bart fight, and it is thrown across the room. When Bo gets to it, Bart knocks him out cold. When Bo wakes up he finds himself hanging upside down from the rafters. Bo tries to get Bart to say his boss is Stefano, but Bart claims he doesn't know who he is speaking of, he has enemies all over Europe. Bo says he also has a lot of friends, who will be showing up shortly. Bo calls Stefano and tells him everything is going as planned, but wonders if Bo has talked with Interpol? Stefano says he doesn't think so. After the call, Bart hears sirens, and Bo laughs at him. Unfortunately the sirens come and go. Bart begins pouring gasoline on the floor around Bo.

Princess Gina tells Kurt that this is the exact same plan she was supposed to follow years ago to steal this last Rennet. Gina tells him little does Hope know, she has a plan of her own! Kurt suggests they go back to the castle, but Gina refuses. Kurt fears Stefano finding them out, but Gina is positive Stefano has left because it is part of his plan, he is waiting for Hope at the airport. Kurt asks her what her plan is? Gina simply tells him to bring her another glass of champagne, then they can leave. Kurt leaves to get the champagne and is confronted by Stefano. Stefano accuses Kurt of betraying him.

Kurt says he has followed all his mothers orders, Gina is safe in the castle. Stefano tells him to stop lying, he has watched his mother all night and knows that . . . . Suddenly Gina asks Kurt what is taking so long, where is her champagne? Stefano turns around and comes face to veil with Gina. Gina bluffs Stefano by saying her son is such a good man and has taken care of Gina's castle for many years, but she has never once visited. She claims that she thought Gina was dead because nobody has seen her in years. Stefano says that Gina often vanishes from time to time, and he thinks she will vanish again soon. Gina leaves to get her champagne, and Kurt tells Stefano that his mother isn't in her right mind. Stefano buys the lies and asks how Gina is? Kurt says she is in her own little world, she doesn't do much other than paint. Stefano is glad to hear it and tells him to keep it that way. After Stefano leaves, Gina returns, Kurt was afraid she would give herself away. Gina tells him not yet, first she has to deal with Hope, then she will deal with Stefano.

Hope/Gina is in a guest room and lights up a cigarette. She remembers "Kurt's mother" warning her that her life depended on them speaking later. Hope/Gina says that woman does not know what she is talking about, her life depends on stealing Spring Morning and that is it! Hope/Gina paces around the room, and eventually begins looking at the gallery floor plans. She remembers Bart instructing her where the security panel is and which wires to cut to disarm it. Gina/Hope lights up another cigarette and tells herself that she can do this. When there is a knock at her door, Gina quickly straightens up her room and jumps in bed. She says they may come in. The Duchess enters with her personal physician to check Gina out.

Gina thinks she is just over exhausted, she has had trouble sleeping lately. The doctor checks her out and tells her first she should give up smoking, and then decides to leave some sleeping capsules for her. She warns her only to take one a night. Gina asks the Duchess if she may rest for a bit, but the Duchess insists she stay the whole night. After they leave, Gina pulls out a black bag from the closet and then remember Bo telling her to tell him when she has stolen the Rennet. Gina wonders who she should betray, Stefano or Bo? She calls Bo, but he does not answer his phone because he's filing with Bart. Gina puts on her black cat suit, makes it look like she is sleeping in her bed, and then climbs up through an air shaft in the ceiling. Gina crawls through the air shaft and makes her way to the gallery.

In the gallery, the Duke tells the guard he may go for the night. He then activates the security system, and we see the gallery go dark and lasers shoot all over the room. Stefano tells the Duke that he has an impressive security system. The Duke says the floor is even weight sensitive and their cat set it off one night. Stefano asks about Gina's condition. The Duke says Gina will be staying the night with them, and he wishes the remaining guests would leave so he and the Duchess can go to bed. Stefano offers to persuade the stragglers to leave, and the Duke thanks him.

Eric asks Greta if she is okay? Greta says she is just glad that this party is over with. Eric tells her once Bo gets the goods on Stefano this entire ordeal will be over with. Eric and Greta drive back to the castle, and Greta thinks about Kurt's mother. She thinks there is something familiar about her, and hopes Kurt brings her back to the chateau so they may continue talking about her mother. Greta and Eric arrive back at the castle, Greta can't stop thinking about Stefano's reaction to Kurt's mother. Greta thinks that Kurt's mother knows a lot more about him that she is letting on. Eric tells Greta that Kurt's mother has delusions, but Greta still wants to talk to her. Eric asks why, is she thinking about staying in France? Greta doesn't know and says that she wants to know about her mother's life. Greta finds a letter from the french authorities addressed to her. When she opens it she ends up in tears, it is her mother's death certificate. She says this makes everything so final. Greta cries on Eric's shoulder.

Kurt and Gina, minus her veil, arrive at the Paris house. Gina looks around at her things and says at least she can take solace knowing John is in a better place. Kurt thinks they should call the authorities and let them deal with Stefano and Hope, but Gina wants her revenge for the crimes committed against her! Gina says she has much bigger plans for Stefano and Hope, she will make sure Stefano never gets his hands on the last Rennet.

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Nicholas and Kate are out taking a walk after their drink. Kate says she has to get home, but Nicholas knows she doesn't want to go. Kate admits she doesn't, but only because she can't kick back and relax like she used to be able to do before Nicole and Sami moved in. When Nicholas says he has an empty townhouse to return to, Kate asks "Vivian's not home, is that what this is all about?" Kate accuses Nicholas of distracting her so Vivian can sneak back in and see Victor. Nicholas denies her claim and says it is after hours, she can't visit Victor anyway. Kate says rules never stop Vivian, and she is going to call the home and find out if Vivian is there. She says if Vivian is there, it is over for Vivian and him! Nicholas tells her to go ahead and call. After the call, Kate apologizes to Nicholas for not trusting him. Nicholas says he can find it in his heart to forgive if she goes into the Blue Note with him to have a night cap. Kate accepts his deal and they go inside.

Billie and Roman are in the Blue Note, Roman is drinking beer and Billie is drinking a soda. Roman asks Billie what is on her mind, she's being awful quiet. Billie thinks about Nicholas and tells him nothing. Roman doesn't believe her and asks her to be honest with him. Billie tells Roman the truth, she's met a guy. Billie tells Roman that this guy is attractive, well mannered, attentive, and intelligent. Roman says this guy sounds too good to be true, which is what Billie is worried about. Roman says she didn't mention the most important attribute, honesty. He asks her if she thinks this guy is being up front with her? Billie says she's not going into this with blinders on, and that she's only been on one date with the guy.

Roman thought she and this guy were already tight, and tells her to go slow. Billie tells Roman that she is, and she knows now it is time to get over Bo and move on. She tells Roman he needs to move on as well, but Roman says he doesn't have many hopeful prospects right now. Roman would like to meet Billie's guy, and she says she'd like that because he has great instincts. When she says she wishes Eric had listened to him about Nicole, Roman tells her not to get him started on that. Roman says they should focus on her and he asks if she is the only gal this guy is interested in? Billie says she doesn't know, but she hopes so. Suddenly, in walk Nicholas and Kate. Kate goes right up to Billie and Roman because she is surprised to see them here. Billie is surprised to see her mom with Nicholas, and asks what they are doing here.

At the home, Vivian is busy spying on two nurses who are in Victor's room. She is positive that something is not right and has to find a way to see Victor's chart. After the leave, Vivian sneaks in and sees that the nurses have given him 10 milligrams of sleeping medication, which isn't much at all. As she tries to wake Victor up, the phone begins to ring. Vivian hides, and a nurse answers the phone. Kate is on the other end and asks to speak to Victor. The nurse tells her that she can't Mr. Kiriakis is in a deep sleep because he's taken his medication. Kate asks if Vivian has been in to see Victor, but the nurse says nobody has been in to see him. Kate thanks her and says goodbye. The nurse leaves, and Vivian comes out from behind the curtains. She wonders why the phone didn't wake Victor, and why is Kate calling? Vivian tries to wake Victor up, but he won't come to. She then looks at his medication bottle, which indicates that 25 milligrams, not 10, are to be administered nightly. Vivian realizes something is terribly wrong.

In Paris, at the warehouse, Bo tells Bart that he's not going to get away with this, and he will hunt down Stefano. Bart lights a match and sets the gasoline ablaze. Bart tells Bo bye as Bo struggles to get free. Bo begins swinging and manages to catch his hands on a metal spike in one of the various crates stacked around him. He uses the metal spike to cut through the rope tying his hands together. Bo continues to swing to try to free his legs, but the rope holding him above the flames begins to burn and is about to break. Luckily, Bo manages to free his legs and swing out of harms way just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, he soon finds out that he's locked in. The flames become more intense, and then the roof crashes down upon him!

Stefano returns to the lab singing "bum bum bum, ba ba bum." Rolf comments someone is a good mood, and Stefano answers "Oui Oui!" Stefano tells Rolf that at this very minute Gina/Hope is taking the Rennet and Bo is no longer going to be a problem. Stefano then informs Rolf that he is not going to give Gina/Hope her freedom, she knows too much. Rolf says she's always known his secrets and kept her mouth shut, but Stefano says things, goals, ambitions change. He feels Gina would betray him if it suited her needs. Stefano says he has a fool proof way to insure Gina is not a problem. Stefano then receives a call from Bart. Bart tells Stefano that Brady has been neutralized, and he's pretty burned up about it. Stefano laughs and says "Excellent!"

Gina packs and tells Kurt that she is positive that Hope woman will come back here if she steals the Rennet. Kurt asks her if she think Hope won't do it? Gina says that she can't help but wonder if the same thing that happened to her years ago will happen to her arrogant imposter. She then damns Stefano to condemning her to this life. Gina tells Kurt that when she finally saw Greta, reality came crashing down. Kurt still thinks Hope is nothing but a pawn, but Gina doesn't believe it because she saw how much Hope was enjoying being her. Gina plans to make that life come to a crashing halt, unless Stefano beats her to it. Kurt asks her what she is going to do? Gina tells him that it is better he not know. Kurt says he is worried about her, but Gina tells him that neither Stefano nor Hope know she is onto them. Still, Kurt wishes she would return to the castle with him because she is not thinking clearly.

Gina tells him that he is wrong, she is thinking more clearly than she has in years, and tonight she will get her sweet revenge! They hear a noise, and Gina thinks it is Hope. She tells Kurt to go downstairs and check on Hope, then come back up to her. Downstairs Stefano is looking for Gina's passport. He finds it and laughs because he says where Gina is going she won't need a passport. He checks his watch and sees that Hope/Gina won't get to the plane for awhile, so he decides to have a nightcap. Kurt spots Stefano, and returns to Gina to tell her who her visitor is. Gina doesn't understand why he is here, he is supposed to be waiting at the plane. Gina tells Kurt to return downstairs and continue watching Stefano. Gina remembers when she fell into her depression and Stefano told her that Dr. Rolf would perform a procedure on her to remove her mood swings. She then remembers crying over John's letter years later.

Gina tells herself that no one, not even Steffie, does those horrible things to her and gets away with it! Downstairs, Kurt hears Stefano talking about both Gina's agendas. Stefano says he will not allow this to happen, he dealt with the first Gina, and will deal with the new once once the Rennet is taken. he then toasts to her highness Princess Gina and says "may she rest in peace!" Stefano calls Rolf to see if he has heard any news. Rolf says no, but he is getting "it" ready for Stefano when he needs "it." Stefano tells Rofle this call is keeping him from his work, so he will see him soon. Kurt wishes Stefano would leave, but Stefano decides to have another drink because he has time. Back upstairs, Gina continues to pack her belongings when she comes across some pearls Stefano gave her. She wonders if she should go downstairs and return them. She then has a fantasy of confronting Stefano in her Isla disguise, but soon reveals her identity to him. Stefano is shocked as hell and drops his wine glass. He can't believe how she looks, but she assures him it is her. She tells him that she has dreamed about this moment for a long time, picking up right where they left off. Gina walks behind Stefano, and then stabs him in the back with a dagger! Back in reality, Gina convinces herself that her revenge will be much sweeter if she waits to take care of Hope and Stefano together. Gina dresses up in a slick black catsuit similar to the one Hope/Gina is wearing. She says if Hope/Gina does show up here to meet Stefano, she will have to make her little fantasy come true. As she looks in the mirror and puts on some lipstick, Gina says she will make sure she is the one and only Princess Gina before this night ends! Back downstairs, Stefano leaves, or so Kurt thinks. When Kurt comes out of his hiding place, Stefano is waiting right there for him! Stefano tells Kurt that he is going to tell him exactly why he is here!

At the Harriman's place, Gina/Hope is in the air ducts above the gallery and wondering who to trust and who to betray. She decides to focus on the job, and lowers herself down through the ventilation shaft with a rope. Down in the gallery, red laser lights are flashing all over the place. Suddenly, one of the pulleys slips out of place, Gina drops a few feet. She stabilizes herself and then finds the alarm control box and goes to work disabling the system. Unfortunately she fumbles again and almost drops a bolt. She once again hears both Bo and Stefano telling her that she has to do this, but for different reasons. When she opens the security panel she finds something unexpected, all the wires are black! Bart had told her she needed to cut the green and white wires in order to disarm the system. Gina has no idea which two wires to disconnect! Gina makes a guess and disconnects one wire, and the alarm is not triggered. She only has one more wire to disconnect, and she picks the right one. The security system goes off and has 10 minutes to reconnect the wire before the alarm reactivates itself. Gina/Hope is haunted by Bo and Stefano's voices telling her that she will be free if she does this. She manages to gather her thoughts and replaces Spring Morning with the forgery just in the nick of time. The alarm system turns back on as Gina/Hope is about to leave, she runs right into Bo! Bo thinks she is all set to steal the Rennet. He says once she does and delivers it to DiMera, he'll arrest him and it will all be over for good. Hope/Gina tells her that she just can't do it!

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

At the Blue Note, Billie is shocked to see her mom come in with Nicholas. Billie asks what they are doing here? Nicholas says they just finished a late dinner. Kate tells Billie that Nicholas has some wonderful business ideas. When Billie says she'd love to hear them, Nicholas says he's tired and he and Kate stopped in here just to hear some music. Roman invites them to join him and Billie, and Nicholas accepts. Nicholas and Kate join Roman and Billie at their table. Nicholas asks Roman about Bo. Roman says he's still in Europe trying to save Hope. Billie points out that she is no longer Hope, she is Gina now. Nicholas says hopefully someone will put an end to Stefano's games, and Billie says Bo will bring him and all his accomplices down. This bothers Kate, but she claims to be thinking only of business. Nicholas says she is supposed to be having fun, and asks Kate to dance.

Kate turns him down, but Billie quickly accepts the invitation. Billie and Nicholas take to the dance floor, leaving Kate and Roman at the table. Roman asks Kate how long Billie and Nicholas have known one another? Kate says they've known each other for a long time, but he just recently came back to Salem. She says they became friends working together at Titan. Roman thinks they look good together and thinks Nicholas may be the right person to help her get over Bo. Kate doesn't think so because he is Vivian's nephew, there is a question of loyalty. Nicholas and Billie return to the table, and Nicholas orders them some drinks. Kate excuses herself to freshen up, and Billie follows her. SHe can't believe Nicholas knows what she likes to drink, have they been out for drinks before? Kate says it was just a business dinner and Nick remembered what she likes. Billie replies "Oh, so now we're calling him Nick." Billie thinks her mom is dating Nicholas. Kate assures Billie that she is not dating Nicholas, she is in love with Victor. Billie says if that is the case, why is she here and not with Victor? Kate says Victor was sleeping when she called. Billie wonders if Nicholas is pursing her because she is the boss, not the bosses daughter. Meanwhile, Nicholas talks with Roman about Kate. He asks him how Kate got to the top at Titan. Roman says he doesn't know, but Nicholas thinks maybe Stefano helped her. Roman says he doesn't know, but he thinks Kate is a woman with a lot of secrets.

At the home, Vivian realizes either the nurse made a mistake in the dosage she gave Victor, or someone wants to over-medicate the patients. Vivian runs to Victor's side and tries to get him to wake up. She begins crying over him, and then decides to give him mouth to mouth. Victor is still sleeping, but calls out Kate's name. When Victor comes to he asks what she is doing? Vivian says she was giving him CPR because he wouldn't wake up. She tells Victor that he is being over-medicated, and that the doctors are lying about his prognosis. Victor says over-medicating a patient is a serious charge. Vivian has some thoughts on why they would do this, but she won't say without proof. She shows Victor his bottle which indicates 25 milligrams are to be taken, but says his chart instructed that he was to be given 10. Vivian asks to be allowed to investigate things. Victor says he's still not functioning the way he should be. Vivian knows something is very wrong, and then realizes what is wrong. Vivian tells Victor that she is going to have to go out of town for a bit, but it will be to help him. She asks Victor for his permission to help him,

At the castle in France, Eric is looking through a book while Greta takes her shoes off. The book is a photo album of Greta's, and when she Eric is looking at it she grabs it from him and says she took that out to pack, not for him to look at. Eric teases her and asks if she doesn't want him to see her little naked body on a bare rug? Greta can't believe he saw that and says it is not fair! Eric says he also so the picture of her in a mermaid costume, and they could crop the geeky guy in the sailor outfit out of that picture. Greta tells Eric that the geeky guy was Nathan. Eric pokes at Nathan, but Greta tells him to have some compassion for Nathan because she gave him the heave hoe tonight. Eric says the guy is rich and can have any woman he wants, and then he says too bad Nicole is married because she would have snatched him up in a second. Eric manages to get the photo album back from Greta, and she chases him around trying to get the album back. Greta hides behind a desk, but she sneezes and gives her location away to Eric. Eric grabs her and starts tickling her. When they get VERY close, Greta and Eric stop laughing and joking around. Greta tells Eric that he is not getting this album back because she doesn't want him to see the geekey pictures of her when she was twelve. Eric brushes her cheek with his hand, and the two kiss. Greta pulls away from Eric, and Eric apologizes.

He says he just realized that was something he wanted to do for awhile, but won't do it again. Greta tells Eric that she's not upset, she is just startled because she's never been kissed before. Greta thinks she doesn't have as much experience as the girls he's dated before, and she has felt un cool lately because she's shy, not confident, not assertive. Greta laughs and says her goal in life is to become cool, confident, assertive, maybe even bossy. She thinks it is what makes people desirable, but Eric says she has it all wrong. He says that he likes her just the way she is. Greta talks about her inexperience with kissing. She says she kissed Nathan in Romeo and Juliet before, but it wasn't real. Eric asks if their kiss was real?

Greta says it was and she can't describe how it made her feel, because it was the first time it ever happened to her. Eric asks if what just happened change things between them? Greta asks him if he wants it to? He tells her that isn't an answer, so Greta says she doesn't have one. Eric says he shouldn't be asking her anyway, his dad is always telling him to live in the moment. Eric tells her that he has to learn to be more fun, but Greta tells him he is fun. She tells him that he is an amazing guy and needs to give himself more credit. Eric tells Greta that she is sweet and vulnerable, he's never met anyone like her. Eric tells her that she is one of a kind and he never wants to see her get hurt. Greta asks "you mean the way you were hurt?" Greta apologizes for bringing it up, but she thinks talking about things can help. Eric says he made a mistake, he fell in love with someone he didn't know. Eric walks out of the room, and Greta hopes Eric doesn't think kissing her was a mistake.

Stefano wants to know what Kurt is doing there? Kurt says he came to get some things for Princess Gina, but Stefano says she doesn't need anything. Kurt says that Gina has become withdrawn over the years and he is very concerned about her. Stefano had hoped that time would have healed Gina's wounds over the years. Gina, who now has her hair tied back and is wearing a black hat with a mini veil which very funeral like, is spying on Kurt and Stefano and vows to make Stefano pay for what he has done to her. Then, only then will she be able to heal. Kurt asks him why he never came to visit Gina? Stefano says he wanted to remember her the way she was.

Gina says "the way Hope was this evening, that party should have been mine, those were my friends!" Stefano asks Kurt if she has gotten over John yet? Kurt says no, and then asks who the woman at the party pretending to be the Princess? Stefano says it is just some American girl with amnesia or schizophrenia who thinks she is Gina. Gina is furious with Stefano and promises to rob Stefano of his future and make Hope sorry that she ever trusted Stefano. Stefano tells Kurt he can continue with his packing. Kurt asks Stefano why he is here? Stefano says he wanted to offer Eric and Greta a ride back to Salem on his jet. Gina knows he is lying because Greta would never have anything to do with him. She then wonders if Greta is involved with Stefano as well, she was going along with that Hope woman. She doesn't know what is going on, but says she will have all the answers by the time this evening is over. The phone rings and Stefano answers it because he says he's been waiting for a call.

Gina thinks it is Hope, so she tries to listen carefully. It is Rolf calling from the plane, he tells Stefano that Gina/Hope is not here yet. Rolf asks how he will break the news to Gina/Hope about Bo? Stefano tells him that she does not need to know. Gina ends up knocking something over, which Stefano hears. Stefano hangs up on Rolf and thinks Kurt is listening in on his conversation. Stefano finds Kurt carrying some close and he asks Kurt if he was knocked the cup off the table? Kurt says it must have been the dress that snagged it. Stefano says he is leaving and doesn't know when he will be back, so he is to keep watching Princess Gina. Kurt walks Stefano out and Gina wonders where Hope is. Kurt returns to Gina, who fears Hope has left for the airport already. She tells Kurt that they must go to the airport, she has to see this Hope woman. Kurt asks why? Gina says she has two reasons, the first is that she wants to see what it would have been like if she had stolen the Rennet. Kurt asks what her second reason is?

Gina/Hope tells Bo that she can't steal the painting. She asks Bo what he's even doing here, this isn't part of the plan. Bo says the plan has been changed, someone has spent the past few hours trying to kill him. Gina/Hope asks who? Bo says Stefano of course. Gina/Hope says this is too dangerous, but Bo tells her that they can't back down now. Bo tells her that they can't change the past, but they can change the future. He tells her that she has a choice to make, trust DiMera or trust him. Gina/Hope still refuses to steal the painting. Bo tells her that both of their lives depend on her stealing that painting, Stefano will not let her live if she fails. Gina/Hope remembers Stefano warning to end her life if she ever betrayed him. Bo asks her to trust him, don't make the same mistake the real Gina did. Gina/Hope says that won't happen, but Bo fears it will. He tells her that he can't lose her again. Bo tells Hope/Gina that Stefano can't destroy their love, and it is their love which will set her free. He becomes upset and says he doesn't know what Stefano promised her, but Stefano will get rid of her because she has used up her usefulness.

Hope/Gina says they should go, but Bo refuses to leave until she steals the paintings. He tells his Fancyface that there is nothing here they can't overcome if she does as he asks. If she does, Bo says they can go back to Salem and live the lives they want to live together. Bo knows she still loves him, even if she won't admit it. He says he can't believe she is giving up on him, but Gina/Hope tells him that he has no idea what she is going through right now. Suddenly, Gina/Hope and Bo hear footsteps coming down the hall towards them.

Gina/Hope tells Bo to get out of here, but Bo tells her to leave, he will cover. A voice suddenly shouts "Stop! What are you doing here!" The voice is the Duke, who wants to know what Bo is doing here? Bo says he came to check on Princess Gina, but the Duke asks why he is outside the gallery and shouting? Bo says he was shouting for help, but the Duke doesn't believe him and says he is calling the police. Gina/Hope is in the air ducts and is watching everything as it happens. She looks at the painting and says Stefano will get what he wants, and she will have what she wants. However, she wishes it was not at Bo's expense. She tells herself that she has to do this or Stefano will kill them both. She says she did it for "us" and hopes Bo will forgive her.

At the airport, Rolf and Stefano are aboard Stefano's jet waiting for Hope/Gina to show up with the Rennet. Stefano asks Rolf how the satellite is coming? Rolf says he is almost finished aligning the coordinates, then they can eliminate Gina for good.

Thursday, October 7, 1999

At the hospital, Carrie is there to meet Austin and Brandon for an interview with a reporter. Sami has come along, too. Brandon and Lexie arrive and he informs Carrie that he can't make the interview because of his patient, Rachel. He updates the group on Rachel's condition (it's critical), but that he wants to fulfill her dying wish of getting her parents back together. Sami makes a point to say that if two people don't want to get back together, they should not. Rache's parents arrive, and they are hostile towards each other. Brandon meets with the dying girl's parents and tries to convince them to stop their bitter arguing for the sake of their little girl. When his words get through to them and they agree to go to a counselor. Lexie's impressed with all that Brandon has done to help Rachel, and says that for all the boxing and training he's done, the muscle he's worked the most is his heart. They both go in to see Rachel, who is happy that her parents were not fighting and says that God must have brought Brandon to watch over her. Brandon and Lexie are talking out on the balcony and they both agree that Rachel's outlook on life is one that they want to emulate....not taking anything for granted and being good people.

Meanwhile, Carrie, Austin and Sami hear about the wonderful job that Brandon did. Austin says that it's great that the parents could work it out in counseling, but that counseling is not for everyone. Sami gives her sister a sneer, and Carrie goes to get the photos that they took the previous night. When she returns, she overhears about the home gym Sami set up for Austin and accuses her sister of spending money she doesn't have. Getting frustrated that the two are fighting, he asks them to call a truce. Sami and Carrie both say truce and shake on it. Austin leaves, and Carrie tells her sister that there was no reason for Sami's being here....she's clingy and desperate, and that frankly it's pathetic. Sami is getting mad, and accuses Carrie of wanting Austin back. Austin returns, and Carrie shows him some of the pictures that the publicity department took of them. As they joke around, Carrie looks at a picture of the two of them and gets a wistful look in her eye. Sami shows up and offers Austin a soda, but he turns it down and gives it to Carrie....much to Sami's annoyance. Austin leaves to go home, and Carrie takes off back to her office. Sami sees one of the publicity pictures and is certain that Carrie wants him back.

At the Harriman's, the police arrive and the Duke accuses Bo of trying to steal his paintings. Bo denies it and even asks the Duke to look around, which he does. The Duke points out that breaking and entering is a crime. Bo tries to lie, saying he was just returning to see how Princess Gina was doing. The Duchess returns with a note from the Princess, who said that she had to leave. Without an alibi, Bo tries to con his way out saying that he is also a policeman. The Duke won't have any more of this, and orders Bo be arrested. In jail, Bo is yelling that he wants a phone call, and that he is innocent. The officers are telling him to be quiet in French, but since Bo doesn't know French, he keeps yelling. Finally, an English-speaking cop tells him to shut up. Bo, sensing that the billigerant behavior won't get him anywhere, wants to make a phone call, but the cops says that no one will be up at this time of night. The cop says that in France, one is guilty until proven innocent, so he should lay down and go to sleep, or he'll be there for a very long time.

Kurt is driving Princess Gina to the airport. Kurt is not sure they should be doing this, but Gina silences him. They are not going to do anything dangerous....this is just a fact-finding mission. They arrive at the airport and sneak on Stefano's jet. They are able to hear Fake Gina and Stefano talking.

Hope eavesdrops on Stefano and Rolf's conversation. Rolf again worries about Gina's loyalty, but Stefano blows him off. Hope enters, and says that Stefano is right...she's finished the job, but wants to talk to Stefano alone. It's at this moment that the Real Gina and Kurt arrive and listen in to the conversation. Hope announcement that the painting is safe, but that Stefano must bargain for it. She continues, saying that Stefano will get the final painting once Bo is safe and on his way home, and that she will be able to live her life. Stefano says that from this moment on, Bo will be safe and that he has always promised that Gina would be free after this. Pleased, Hope says that she will get the painting for him, once she has proof that Bo is OK. She leaves, and Stefano is furious that his "Gina" would do this to him. The Real Gina and Kurt leave the plane and decide to follow Hope.

Stefano asks Rolf if the satellite is in position. When Rolf tells him that it almost is, Stefano says that he will take care of Gina once and for all.

Hope is walking down a dark alley, when a black-gloved hand reaches out and renders her unconscious. Kurt is surprised at Princess Gina, saying he's never seen her like this. Gina says that this is just the beginning.

Friday, October 8, 1999

In Nicole and Lucas' bedroom, Lucas wakes up and rolls over and kisses Nicole. Nicole wakes up and asks what time it is? Lucas tells her that he let her sleep a little later than usually because he tired her out last night in the pool. Lucas apologizes for accusing Nicole of marrying him only for his money. He asks if she can forgive him? Nicole says she will, but only if he promises to never question why she married him again. Lucas promises her, and she says she will hold him to it. Lucas says he will still ask her other things, like does he make her happy? Nicole tells Lucas that he saw how he made her feel last night. Lucas says last night was wonderful, but tonight they will fly to Chicago for dinner at the hotel they were married in. Lucas tells Nicole that he loves her, but she can't say it back. She just says "I know you do," and they kiss.

Austin and Sami are scarfing down their breakfast at the Kiriakis mansion. Sami teases Austin about his huge appetite. She also wonders how Brandon will find the time to train. Austin says he thinks helping that little girl is more important than training for this fight. Sami sympathizes with Rachel, she knows what it is like when you know your going to die. Austin tells her that she is alive and that is what matter. Sami tells him "No thanks to Lucas!" Maggie shows up to see Sami and Lucas. Maggie tells Sami that she has to deliver a message from the family court judge, who wants to see her and Lucas about Will's custody. Sami doesn't understand what this is about. Maggie tells her that since she has been released, the family court has decided that the decision to give Lucas full custody of Will is now null and void. Sami realizes that she could get full custody of Will. Lucas and Nicole walk in the room and when Lucas hears what Sami says, he blurts out "Over my dead body!" Sami tells Lucas that his custody agreement isn't valid, but Lucas will not allow her to have custody of Will. Maggie says this isn't about custody it is about finalizing their joint custody of Will. Sami says forget that, she wants full custody of him. Lucas tells her if she wants to go back to court it is fine with him. Austin breaks the two bickering parents up and to do what is best for Will. Maggie says that means allowing Will to grow up with both of his parents. Maggie tells them that all they have to do if go to the state capital today and get the stamp of approval on the custody agreement. Sami and Lucas both say they have plans, but Nicole and Austin say this is more important. Lucas and Sami both agree to go for Will. Maggie says Mickey has already sent the paperwork to the court, so it won't be a long trip. She also tells them that it is in Will's best interest to get along. Sami decides to go change, and Lucas says he'll call the limo and meet her outside. Hendersen offers Nicole breakfast, but she'd rather have a memosa. Austin tells her it is a tad early to be drinking, but she tells him to mind his own damn business. Austin guesses she's not feeling very happy these days. Nicole says she's ecstatic, everyone hates her. She tells him that he is a little more understanding than Sami, who will never change. She says there is not a snowballs chance in hell Lucas and Nicole will ever put their hatred behind them. Outside, Sami and Lucas continue to bicker. Sami asks if there is a faster way to get there than the limo? Lucas says they could take the Titan Helicopter, and he calls to have it ready.

In Paris at the Chateau, Eric receives a call from Bo. Eric asks Bo if it is over, is Stefano in jail? Bo tells him to slow down, and he explains that nothing went the way it was supposed to. Bo tells Eric that he is in jail, and he has no idea where Gina is, Hope hasn't broken through DiMera's hold. Bo vows to get Hope back and tells Eric that the police can't hold him too much longer. Bo tells Eric to get himself and Greta back to Salem ASAP. Eric says they are on their way out, Greta is just finishing up with the real estate lady. Bo says he has to leave, and tells Eric good bye.

Greta is talking with a realtor about selling the chateau. The realtor tells her that first she will make an appraisal, and then she will show it to the qualified buyers. Greta thanks her and tells her that she will have to call her in Salem. The realtor is shocked to learn that Greta is leaving Europe now that her mother is here. Greta says she'd prefer to live a very different lifestyle than her mother did. The real estate lady asks why she speaks of her mother as if she were in the past tense? Greta says that she meant she does not want to live the life her mother did when she was here age. The realtor says she will be in touch and leaves. Eric shows up and talks with Greta about her decision to sell this place. She says that nobody lives here anymore, and she had her mother cremated and her ashes sent back to Salem. Eric realizes that Greta does not intend to return. Greta tells him that there is no reason to, but she is grateful to him for everything. Eric tells Greta about his phone call to Bo, and that Stefano is free and still controlling Hope. Eric says they have to get back home now. Eric says he has a lot of loose ends to tie up, he doesn't even have a job. Greta says she has to find a place to live because she can't keep living with Mrs. Horton. Eric asks if she would like to do it together? Greta smiles and says she'd like that.

At the station, the police tell Bo that he still can't leave until he is seen by a judge. The inspector tells Bo that he is guilty of trespassing, which is a very serious charge. Bo asks him to call the ISA and speak with Shane Donovan, he will vouch for him. Bo tells him if he lets him out they can bring down a major criminal and he can save the woman he loves. The inspector tells Bo that he will see what he can do. Bo yells until the inspector comes, and Bo asks him if he made the calls? Can he get him out of here? The inspector made the calls, but he can't be released until the paperwork is taken care of.

On the plane, Stefano is damming Gina for doing this to him. Stefano fears he will never get the painting because Bo is dead. He realizes that Gina has her own agenda, just like the original Gina. Stefano says their first priority is to get the painting. Rolf says that won't happen because Gina wants proof that Bo is safe. Stefano says they will just have to fool Gina somehow. Rolf starts talking about how this never would have happened if they were able to brainwash Bo. Stefano says he would have preferred it that way, but what is done is done. Stefano says he'll try to find away to convince Gina that Bo is alive, and he wants Rolf to work on the satellite. Stefano tells Rolf that he no longer wants to turn Gina back into Hope, he wants to wipe out Hope and Gina. Rolf says but that will . . . . Stefano says he knows what her fate will be, she deserves it for what she has done to him! Stefano tells a concerned Rolf that it is a little to late for moralizing and just do as he says. Rolf leaves, and Stefano realizes he can't destroy Gina/Hope before he gets the painting, and if he doesn't get the painting before the satellite is in position it is too late. Stefano thinks he may be able to find a Bo lookalike, he did it with Gina and Hope, and Kristen and Susan. Bart shows up and is looking very nervous. Stefano tells him that he better have good news for him. Bart says the news is bad, real bad. Bart tells him that Bo Brady isn't dead. A look of relief comes over Stefano's face. He hugs Bart, thanks him, and gives him a big kiss! Stefano tells Bart that they have to find him right away, this is the best mistake he's ever made! Stefano tells Bart that he's going to give him a raise. A confused Bart thanks Stefano.

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope dreams about Bo offering to save Hope. Stefano shows up and tells her that she is Princess Gina. They both offer their hands to her, and she doesn't know who to chose. Hope/Gina eventually wakes up and finds the Countess Isla by her bedside. Gina/Hope quickly sits up and says she has to get out of here, but Ilsa, a.k.a Gina in disguise, grabs Hope/Gina's shoulder and tells her that she is not going anywhere! She tells Hope/Gina that she is still too weak to go anywhere. Hope/Gina lays back down and remembers being grabbed from behind on the street. Princess Gina says she is lucky she came along when she did, her attacker fled. Gina/Hope asks her if she called the police? Princess Gina says no because she is smart enough not to contact the police when Stefano DiMera is involved. Gina/Hope asks Princess Gina how she knows about him? Princess Gina tells Hope/Gina that she knows what Stefano has planned for her, and she wants to help her. Gina/Hope asks how she knows Stefano? Princess Gina tells her all in good time, first she must rest. She then excuses herself to get something for her pain. Princess Gina leaves and runs into Kurt, who wants to know what she is going to do? Gina says she has to get Hope to trust her somehow. Kurt still doesn't like betraying Stefano, and Gina orders him to return to the chateau because she can't stand his nagging. Kurt leaves and Gina goes back in to see Hope/Gina. She brings her a warm towel and tells Hope/Gina that she will answer all her questions. Hope/Gina asks her why she was warning her about Stefano. Gina tells her that she will tell her everything, and she will see that she's on her side. Gina tells Hope/Gina that she heard Stefano talking to his henchman about what he was going to do to her. Hope/Gina asks if it was the same man who knocked her out in the street? Gina says yes, and Hope/Gina asks her what Stefano said? First, Gina tells her that she is well aware that Stefano forced her to steal the last Renet. Gina knows Stefano promised her her freedom, but he will do away with her once she gives him the painting because he'll have no use for her. Gina warns her not to give him that painting under any circumstances. Gina/Hope thinks Stefano has sent her here, but Gina says if she worked for Stefano she would not be advising her to double cross him. Gina/Hope lights up a cigarette and asks "Isla" how she knows so much about Stefano? Gina says that is not important, what is important is what will happen next. Gina tells her that if she bargains with Stefano and do as he says, she will be signing her death warrant. Gina/Hope doesn't think Stefano will kill her, and she asks "Ilsa" why she should trust her? Hope/Gina says it doesn't matter because she has not given Stefano the painting yet, and will not. Hope/Gina tells "Ilsa" that she doesn't know if she can trust her because she can't look in her eyes. Gina says she knows her very well, she knows she made Stefano promise to give her her freedom for the painting. Gina/Hope says she also made him promise not to harm someone she cares about. Gina says "Ah yes, Bo Brady. I sense that he would do anything to protect you." Gina says she knows what it is to truly love, and that is the kind of love this man feels for her. She asks Hope/Gina if she returns this man's feelings? He may be her last chance to truly love somebody. Hope/Gina says it is too late, she does not think that Bo will forgive her for what she has done. "Ilsa" says she does not believe that and she should never underestimate the power of true love. Isla also tells Gina/Hope that she know she fears that Bo was her only chance of escaping Stefano, but what she should truly fear is what Stefano will do to her if she gives him the painting. Gina/Hope tells her that she knows more than one could learn from eavesdropping. "Ilsa" says she was a very good friend of Gina's and knows what Stefano did to her. Hope/Gina says "Her? You mean ME!" "Ilsa" tells Gina/Hope that she is an imposter, the real Gina died years ago of a broken heart. She tells Hope/Gina that she doesn't want to see her make the same mistake. "Isla" says she is a lot like the real Gina, she was willing to risk the wrath of Stefano for the man she loved. Gina/Hope says the same thing happened to her with John Black. Gina says John is the man the real Gina was in love with years ago. Hope/Gina says she knows, and then tells Isla that her name is really Hope Williams. She says Stefano did this to her, he gave her all of Gina's thoughts and she to risked everything for John, she even double crossed Stefano. Gina says she is talking nonsense, John is dead! Hope tells her that is not true, John is alive. Gina begins to weep uncontrollably.

Kurt returns to the Chateau and finds Eric and Greta about to leave to return to Salem. Greta tells Kurt that she will send him a list of some of the things of her mother's she'd like to have. She also asks Kurt for her mother's address so she can write her. Kurt tells her "you can't do that!"

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