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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 11, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, October 11, 1999

Marlena and Belle are coming back from lunch, Marlena is worried because she thinks something is up with Belle. When they go inside the penthouse everyone surprises Marlena with a fifties birthday party. After a quick outfit change, Marlena makes another entrance in her greasers outfit, which matches John's. Marlena asks Belle if Sami is coming? Belle says she wanted to come, but she and Lucas had to go to the capital to sign custody papers. Belle says that Austin can't come either, but Lexie and Abe might stop by. Carrie is there and wishes Marlena a happy birthday. Shawn, Caroline, and Maggie all remember the fifties. John says nostalgia has its place, but 1999 is the best year of his life because it is when he married Marlena. Marlena says this has been the best of her life too, so far.

Later they discuss Shawn D. Caroline and Shawn say he is not coming home until Hope and Bo return from Europe. Shawn asks Maggie if she knows what this trip Sami and Lucas took is about? Maggie explains that they have to finalize the joint agreement, Mickey says it's just a formality. Caroline and Shawn hope there are no more problems, but Carrie says Sami will find away to make problems. John and Marlena talk about Eric, and John tells Marlena that he just heard from Eric and Greta, they are on their way home. Marlena's birthday cake is then brought in, and Marlena makes a wish and blows the candle out. John asks what she wished for? Marlena says what she wished for is right here. John kisses MArlena and wishes her a happy birthday. He then presents her with her gift, a silver and emerald bracelet. She is moved to tears and tells him that this is the most extraordinary day. John promises her that it will only get better.

Lexie runs into Brandon at the hospital. When someone bumps into Lexie, she drops a bag containing an ovulation kit. Lexie tells Brandon that she is trying to get pregnant. Brandon is surprised because he didn't know she was trying to have a baby. Lexie asks Brandon if he has a problem with it? Brandon just apologizes if he embarrassed her, but Lexie says it is no secret she and Abe want to have a family. Lexie also says she doesn't know how this will affect either her future at the hospital. Lexie tells Brandon that her future is in the hands of Craig Wesley. Lexie says if she is fired, she may just have to go to another hospital or start her own practice. Brandon asks "what about the baby?" Lexie tells Brandon that it is possible to have both, this is the nineties.

Lexie goes home and Abe soon shows up. Abe asks if she wants to go to Marlena's party? Lexie forgot about it and says she has to be back to work in forty-five minutes. Abe asks what is in the box? She tells him it is an ovulating kit to tell her when she is most fertile. Lexie says the stick says today is not a good day. When Abe wants to "practice," Lexie says they can't. Lexie tells him that he has to save his energy for when the time is right. Abe asks if this kit is going to determine when they will make love? Lexie says no, but if they want a child they have to wait for the green light.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole tells Austin that he is so naive where Sami is concerned. She tells him that Sami's only agenda is to push Lucas out of Will's life. She tells Austin that the best thing he can do for Will and everyone else is to move out. Austin says he has just as much right to live her as Lucas does. They start fighting about Sami again, and Austin turns the argument around to the reason she really married Lucas. He asks if she married Lucas to help him get custody of Will?

In the helicopter, Lucas and Sami are still arguing. Lucas tells Sami that if she wants to sue for full custody then don't sign the papers when they get to the capital. Sami says she just may do that! They arrive at the capital and meet with the judge. The judge thinks Lucas is being fair and generous offering to share custody with Sami. Sami says that Lucas tricked her into signing that agreement, it is all a charade just like his phony concern for his son! Sami asks the judge if she thinks she could get full custody of her son? The judge says she has a chance, and Sami says that's all she needs. Sami tells Lucas she will not sign any agreement, she is going to fight him and win!

Lucas calls Nicole and tells her that he and Sami should be home soon. When she asks about the papers, Lucas says he'll tell her when he gets home. Lucas says he is looking forward to Chicago tonight, but Nicole says he will probably be tired. Lucas says he wants to go, so Nicole says she'll pack a bag. After the call, Austin tells her that she doesn't sound to happy to hear from her hubby. Nicole tells Austin that she knows what he is doing, he's trying to get her to admit marrying Lucas instead of Eric was a mistake, but she's not going to. Austin tells her that maybe when she lets her guard down the two of them can be friends. Nicole doesn't see how, but Austin says they both come from similar places. Nicole says she needs another memosa. Austin tells her that if she ever needs to talk, she can talk to him. Austin leaves and Brandon shows up. Brandon asks her what she and Austin were talking about? Nicole says they were just shooting the breeze. Nicole then tells Brandon that when he fights Austin, don't hurt him because he's a nice guy. Brandon says she should be worrying about Austin not hurting him. Nicole tells Brandon that she has every faith in him, he will win.

On the helicopter, Lucas and Sami are still fighting. Lucas tells Sami that if she goes to court than she'll never see Will again. Suddenly, the pilot is hit with chest pains and passes out.

In Paris at the castle, Eric and Greta ask Kurt what secrets he is keeping from them? Kurt gets out of answering their question by asking them what secrets they are keeping from him? Greta and Eric don't understand what he means. Kurt asks Greta why she was pretending the woman at the ball was her mother? Greta turns around and asks him why he kept the truth about her mother a secret, did Stefano pay him to keep quiet? Kurt says he's never met Stefano until tonight. Kurt asks her again why she pretended to be that woman's daughter? Greta says that she was protecting two of her friends. Kurt asks which friends and why they need protecting? Greta says she can't answer that without putting her friends in jeopardy. Greta asks Kurt if his mother is here, she'd like to speak with her. Kurt tells her that he put her on a train back to Germany because seeing all her old friends tired her out.

Greta asks Kurt what he means "her old friends?" Kurt says that his mother has not been out socializing for some time, she's slowing down. Eric leaves to load the luggage, and Kurt wishes Greta a safe trip. He also apologizes for the way he treated her and Eric when they first arrived. Greta asks him why he treated them so coldly? Kurt says he has no excuse, he was wrong and she has every right to be here. Greta thanks him and tells him to take care. As she is walking out, Kurt asks her to wait. He says he has something to tell her. Greta asks what he has to say? As Kurt is about to break something to her, Eric comes back to get Greta. Kurt tells her that he just wanted to say he hopes she comes back soon. Eric and Greta say goodbye, and Kurt leaves. Greta wonders what Kurt wanted to tell her? Eric says they can take a later flight back if she wants to talk to him, but Greta says she is anxious to get back to Salem.

Stefano and Bart are having breakfast in a cafe. Stefano doesn't know if he can trust Bart, or anyone, anymore. Stefano rants and raves about the painting and orders Bart to find Bo. Bart leaves to do as he is asked. Later, Bart returns and tells Stefano that he can't find Bo. Stefano knows exactly where he is, he is in jail for breaking into the Harriman estate. Bart tells him that he can tell Gina/Hope where he is, then she will give him the painting. Stefano says he can't do that because she will feel sorry for him, and Bo will give her more reasons to betray him and not give him the painting. Stefano says it is best he leave Bo in jail for now.

At the Paris house, Gina/Ilsa tells Hope/Gina that John can't be alive. Hope/Gina tells her that John is very much alive, living in Salem, and is happily married. Gina can't believe what she is hearing, but Gina/Hope assures her that it is true. Hope/Gina tells her that John is committed to his wife Marlena and their three children. She tells Gina that John has no memory of who he was, Stefano erased John's memory to send him to Salem as Roman Brady. Gina/Hope explains that when she first became Gina, she thought he was dead too, but when Stefano transformed her again she saw John in Salem and remembered all her feelings for him. Hope/Gina says she tried to make John remember, but he didn't want to remember. However, Hope/Gina says she did manage to get John back for one night of love making.

To herself, Gina is angry with Stefano for making Hope believe she was her, and Hope for making love to her beloved John. Gina asks what happened after her night with John? Hope/Gina says Stefano transformed him back. Hope/Gina produces John's wedding ring and says it will be a reminder of how Stefano interfered in their lives. Gina tells herself that Hope interfered too, it is as much her fault as it is Stefano's. Gina tells Hope/Gina that she must be devastated, she must want her revenge. Hope/Gina says of course she wants her revenge. Gina tells her to take it, destroy Stefano! Gina/Hope says she can't risk it, but Gina tells her that she must. She tells Hope/Gina not to give the last Rennet to Stefano. Gina/Hope says she can't do that, right now she is confused. She says she is hearing voices asking her to choose between Gina and Hope, she does not know what to do.

Gina tells her that she has only one choice. Gina asks Hope/Gina to join forces with her to defeat Stefano! Hope/Gina says it is not possible, Stefano always wins. Gina says this time it shall be different because they have the advantage. Gina says Stefano does not know she is onto him, and he does not know she (Hope/Gina) is not following his orders. She tells Hope/Gina that she may not be able to get back her stolen years, but if they join forces she can get back her future. Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell and knocks on the door. Hope/Gina leaves to answer it, and when she is gone, Gina removes her veil. Hope/Gina answers the door thinking it is Bo, only to find Stefano. Stefano grabs Hope/Gina, shakes her, and tells her that he wants the Rennet now!

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

At the Penthouse, John stops Marlena from cleaning up the party. Belle says she will do the cleaning, and John tells Marlena that they will be going upstairs. Marlena hugs both John and Belle and tells them that she is so lucky. Belle asks her mom if she was really surprised? Marlena assures Belle that she was. As John and Marlena are about to head upstairs, someone rings the doorbell. John thinks it might be Abe and Lexie, but it is a flower delivery man. John signs for the flowers, but they aren't from him. Marlena looks at the card, it is from Eric. The card indicates that he wants to take her out to dinner when he returns from France. Belle remembers Sami left a present for Marlena as well, so Belle gives it to her. Marlena reads the card, which moves her to tears. Sami tells her mom that she will never take her for granite again and looks forward to the happy days they will spend together in the future. Marlena opens the gift, which is a certificate for a day at the Salem spa with her daughter Sami.

John and Marlena go upstairs to party, and Belle cleans up. As John and Marlena kiss in their bedroom, the phone rings. John stops Marlena from answering it because Belle can get it. Belle answers, and Princess Gina asks to speak to John Black because her call is very urgent. Belle tells her that he can't come to the phone right now, but Gina insists she must talk to John. Belle asks her if she is a telemarketer? Gina says no, this call is personal. Belle tells her unless it is important he can't be disturbed. Belle eventually hangs up on Gina. Gina calls once again and begs Belle not to hang up on her. She asks Belle if John is there? Belle says he is. Gina asks what he is doing that is so important? Belle tells her that he and his wife are celebrating his wife's birthday in their bedroom, so she should call at another time. Back in John and Marlena's room, John and Marlena make love. Marlena tells John that she loved her party and presents, but she treasures their future together the most. After the phone rings a second time, John goes downstairs and talks to Belle about this mysterious caller. The phone rings once again, and John decides to talk to this person. John answers, and Gina is speechless. John asks whoever it is to talk to him, but all Gina can do is cry.

Carrie finds Austin training in his private gym. Austin asks how Marlena's party was? She says it was fun and he should have come. Austin says he's sorry Sami missed it, but Carrie says Sami could have tried a bit harder to get back in time. Austin asks Carrie when she is going to cut Sami some slack? Carrie asks Austin if he's forgotten everything Sami did to them? Austin asks Carrie why she came here? She tells him that she brought some posters, and unrolls a giant one of Austin boxing. Carrie is positive that she will sell them all. Austin thinks it is odd that girls will by posters of him. When Carrie says she can't believe Sami doesn't have a lifesize picture of him hanging in her bedroom, Carrie and Austin once again start arguing about Sami and all the horrible things she did, especially to Lucas. Austin tells her that they have been down this road before, and she's not going to change his mind. Austin asks her how working at the hospital has been? Carrie says it is a relief having Ali gone. Austin can't believe Mike left her, but Carrie says things don't always work out the way you plan. Austin says that is the truth, a year ago he wouldn't believe they'd be divorced and he'd be living with Sami. Austin tells Carrie that what he's trying to say is he is getting over it. Carrie is glad because she wants him to be happy. Austin then convinces Carrie to take out some of her anger on the punching bag. Carrie sees Sami on the punching bag antagonizing her, so Carrie throws a few punches at her sister's face. She eventually stops when she feels guilty that Sami is not here to defend herself. Austin tells Carrie that Sami doesn't deserve this anymore because she has changed. Carrie doubts that and thanks him for the workout. Austin hopes she and Sami can be friends again one day. Carrie says maybe one day they will be close again. As Austin walks Carrie out a man hands him a registered letter. Carrie asks what it is? Austin shows the papers to her, it is their final divorce decree.

Up in the Titan helicopter, Lucas discovers that their pilot is dead! Sami tells Lucas to do something, but Lucas says he can't concentrate with her screaming at him. Lucas pushes some buttons and attempts to fly the chopper. Sami suggests he use the radio to see if someone can help them. It begins to rain, and Lucas manages to make contact with a nearby airport. Lucas thinks he can be talked through landing, but the weather is bad. The man at the airport tells him to remain calm, he will talk him through it. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes and Sami freaks out. Lucas tells Sami to get it together, the controller has talked him through the control panel and he thinks he can fly this copter. Unfortunately, as Lucas is about to make his decent, the radio goes dead! Sami asks God not to let their son become an orphan. She wishes Lucas would have given custody to Austin because now his bitch of a wife will raise Will! Lucas tells her to shut up because the radio is coming back. The radio fades in and out, and the weather grows worse. Lucas thinks he can land the copter on his own. Unfortunately the weather is too rough, so Lucas tells Sami to hang on. Lucas and Sami crash, and Sami screams.

Kurt is driving to the Paris house and can't help but wonder what she is doing to Stefano. Unfortunately Kurt runs into a roadblock. A policeman tells him that the road is closed off because of rains and he must return. Kurt thinks this is a sign that Princess Gina needs his help tonight.

At the Paris house, the real Gina watches as Stefano shakes Hope/Gina and demand she give him the Rennet. Hope/Gina tells him that if he kills her, he will never see the Rennet again! Stefano lets her go, and she lights up a cigarette. Stefano asks her what she wants? Hope/Gina says she wants her freedom and Bo's safety. Stefano doesn't like what he is hearing, suddenly Bo's safety has become her number one priority. Stefano tells her if she wants to live her life as GIna, or return to Salem with Bo? Hope/Gina realizes she has to make Stefano think she does not care about Bo, so she tells him that she wants to live her life as Gina of course. Stefano asks her why she cares for Bo then?

Hope/Gina says she and Bo share a son, and wants Bo around to raise Shawn D since she won't be there for him. Stefano tells her that he does not know where Bo is, it may take time to track him down. Hope/Gina tells him to stop wasting time and find him! She tells him when he brings Bo to her, they will discuss the painting. Stefano asks her why she doesn't want to take up a life with Bo, is she fantasizing about getting John back? The real Gina tells herself "Over my dead body!" Hope/Gina tells Stefano that what she does with her life is none of his business! She tells him once he has the Rennet, their relationship will be over! Stefano tells Hope/Gina to be careful what she wishes for. Stefano says they will talk soon, and then he leaves. Once he is gone the real Gina thanks Hope/Gina for not giving her away. Hope/Gina says the thought did cross her mind. Gina asks Hope/Gina to promise her to keep her presence a secret. Hope/Gina says she has her word. Gina wants them to work on planning their revenge. Kurt shows up and Gina tells him that she told him not to come back! Hope/Gina says she has to be going, but Kurt stops Gina from following her. Gina slips out of Kurts hold and runs after Hope/Gina, and she leaves her veil behind! Gina returns after failing to find Hope/Gina and tells Kurt that he has ruined everything! She orders him to get out of her sight so she can think. Kurt want to help, but she says he has helped her enough this evening. Kurt leaves, and Gina thinks about what Hope told her about John. Gina decides to call John, but Belle answers. She tells Belle that she must speak to John. Belle tells her that he can't come to the phone right now, but Gina insists she must talk to Belle. Belle asks her if she is a telemarketer? Gina says no, this call is personal. Belle tells her unless it is important he can't be disturbed. Belle eventually hangs up on her. Belle says he is. Gina asks what he is doing that is so important? Belle tells her that he and his wife are celebrating his wife's birthday in their bedroom, so she should call at another time. Gina refuses o believe John could be in love with another woman. She pours herself a drink and calls John once more. John answers, and Gina is speechless. John asks them to talk to him, but all Gina can do is cry.

Hope/Gina takes a walk to the pier and is confused, she does not know what she want. She tells herself that she has to make her choice. She says Bo is a wonderful man and he does love her, maybe she should give up this nightmare she is living and become Hope again. Suddenly, Hope/Gina sees an image of herself as Gina in a ball gown. Gina tells her that she will never let her go! Hope/Gina tells her to go away, but Gina says she will have to kill her.

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

At the Kiriakis mansion, Carrie looks over the final divorce decree. She tells Austin that she's not sure what the right thing is to say. Austin says there is nothing to say, they are divorced. Carrie tells Austin that Marlena says one gets used to being divorced, but she doesn't know how. Austin says the shock will wear off. Carrie tells him that she will never stop blaming herself and wondering where it all went wrong. Austin tells her that it wasn't just one thing. Carrie's not so sure, she thinks the night in Vegas was the turning point, but Austin says their marriage was slipping long before that. Austin says his staying away with Sami and her working at the hospital both factored into it. Austin tells her that he was responsible for their breakup just as much as she was. Carrie decides to let him be alone, but Austin says since she was there in the beginning, she should be here for the end. Austin produces some jellybeans, and he and Carrie share some. They both remember the good times they shared together.

Sami and Lucas' helicopter has crashed onto a hillside and it is still raining heavily. Lucas comes to and gets out of the helicopter, but Sami has been thrown out of the chopper and is unconscious. Lucas asks her to wake up, and she eventually does. Lucas helps her up and carries her to a nearby cave. Sami calls out for Austin, but Lucas tells her that he's not Austin. Lucas tells her what is going on. Sami's leg is badly injured, and says she is so cold. Lucas tells Sami that he has to go find her a doctor, but Sami begs him not to leave her. Sami fears that he will leave her here to die, but Lucas assures her that he won't. Sami works herself into a frenzy and eventually faints. When she comes too again, Lucas wraps a scarf around Sami's leg to stop the bleeding. Sami is still cold, and Lucas tells her that they are going to walk out of here. She tries to get up, but faints yet again.

Stefano and Rolf are working on the satellite. Rolf tells him that if they miss the upcoming opportunity, they will not be able to turn Gina/Hope back into Hope for two or three months. Stefano tells Rolf that there will be no waiting, this transformation will take place as he has ordered! Rolf reminds Stefano that he doesn't have the Rennet yet. Stefano tells him that is why he must delay the satellite's trajectory until she hands the Rennet over to him. Rolf says he's not all powerful, but Stefano slams his hand down on the desk and orders Rolf to do as he commands.

The real Gina, who is on the phone with John, is speechless. John asks who this is, but she says nothing. John says this is annoying and he wants them to stop calling his house and harassing his family. Marlena tells John to just hang up. John takes the phone away from his ear and does not hear Gina finally calling to him. John hangs up on her, leaving Gina devastated. Kurt shows up and asks Gina what is wrong, she looks like she's seen a ghost? Kurt asks her if she called someone? Gina says no, she knows no one and no one knows her. Kurt decides to make her some camamille tea to soothe her nerves.

Gina looks at herself in a mirror and tells herself that John can't see her like this, time has not been kind to her. She says she would do anything to see her John again, but not like this. She looks at an older picture of herself, the way she looked last time John saw her. She wishes she could turn back the years, and then thinks it is possible and she knows exactly how she can do it. Gina opens a secret panel and looks into the lab where Stefano and Rolf are working. Gina sees Stefano leave to take a call from Marlena (see below), so she goes into the lab, but sees Rolf is still working. She turns the heat up in order to get Rolf out of the lab, and once he's gone she enters. She searches the place and comes across a file which she reads. She also finds the CD-ROM with Hope's memories. She pops it into the computer, and up comes a picture of Hope. She removes the CD, and then she steals it!

Bo is still sitting in jail waiting to be released. He ends up grabbing a guard through the bars and demands to be let out so he can get to Hope. Bo is released from his cell and signs the release papers. He gets his cell phone and calls the townhouse hoping that Gina/Hope is there, but there is no answer. He calls the airport and learns Stefano has not left Paris, which means Hope must still be here.

Back in Salem, John calls Bo and learns he has lost Hope. John thinks he may have a way to help Bo, so he leaves. Before he leaves he tells Marlena and Belle that he thinks he'll have their number changed and unlisted. Marlena doesn't like the idea of giving up, so Belle says they should dial *69 and have it automatically dial the number of the last person who called. Marlena dials *69 and gets the number of who called them. Belle looks it up and learns whoever called was in Paris, France. Marlena realizes that Stefano is in Paris. In Paris, Rolf's phone rings, and he hands to Stefano. Stefano asks who is calling? Marlena tells Stefano to stop making harassing phone calls to her. Stefano has no idea what she is talking about, and excuses himself to go to the study. Marlena tells Stefano that she wants this harassing phone calls to stop, but Stefano says he did not order any phone-calls to her home. He wished her and John all the best and meant it, he also assumes John gave her a wonderful birthday party today. Marlena asks how he knew it was her birthday? Stefano says "You can't think I'd forget your birthday?" Marlena tells him to leave them alone, and she hangs up. John returns, and Marlena tells John that Stefano's number was where the calls where made from, but she believes he didn't call them.

On a pier in France, Gina/Hope sees an apparition of Gina standing next to her. Gina tells Hope/Gina that she wants some insurance that she will continue to exist. Hope/Gina asks what she meant when she said she'd have to kill her to make her go away. Gina tells Hope/Gina that she was just upset. Gina tells Hope/Gina that she is well aware she wants to return to her former life as Hope, but she cannot ever return home again! Hope/Gina says she can't stop her, but Gina asks her what she is going to do about moi? Hope/Gina says she just won't exist any longer, but Gina asks how she will pull that one off? Hope/Gina says Bo's love will save her. Gina laughs and says John's love wasn't able to save her, John betrayed her when he forgot about her. Gina tells her that the minute she hands the Rennet over to Stefano, Stefano will betray her, and then Bo will betray her. Hope/Gina doesn't believe her, so Gina calls her a fool.

She tells Hope/Gina that the only way for her to survive is if they work together. Hope/Gina tells herself that this is not real and that Princess Gina is dead and her soul belongs to Hope. Gina tells her that she owns her soul now and forever! Hope/Gina says Stefano couldn't take John's soul, so why isn't it the same for her? Gina tells her that Stefano had other plans for John, but Hope/Gina says John still had control over who he was. Gina reminds her once again that her soul belongs to Princess Gina, that is who she is now. Hope/Gina tells her no, the real Gina is dead and she was a creation of Stefano's. Gina reminds her that she was oh so happy to live as Gina all those years ago, and to have John in her bed. Gina tells her that she can still have John again, does she really want to throw John away for Bo, who will forsake her? Hope/Gina says she knows she can trust Bo, that is the one thing she doesn't have to question. Gina reminds her that Bo has let Hope down, disappointed her, even devastated her before. Hope/Gina says Bo is not perfect, but he is flesh and blood. Hope/Gina says she has faith in Bo, and there is nothing she can do or say to change that.

Hope/Gina tells Gina to get out of her life now and forever! Gina says she cannot get rid of her, but Hope/Gina says "Watch me!" Hope/Gina turns her back on Gina, who begins to fade away.

Gina doesn't understand why the satellite didn't eradicate Hope. Hope/Gina says it probably would have if Bo's love hadn't saved her. Hope/Gina tells Gina that Bo is her soul mate and nothing can keep them apart. Gina tells her that there is one thing that can keep them apart! Gina says death will keep her and Bo apart, because that is what is waiting for her if she tries to leave her behind. Hope/Gina says she won't leave Bo. Gina tells her that Stefano will not let Bo survive, it is her turn to rescue Bo by letting him go back to Salem where he has people who love him. She says that Bo will live, and so shall she as Gina. Gina asks Hope/Gina to give her her hand. Hope/Gina reaches her hand out to Gina, but Bo suddenly shows up. Gina tells Hope/Gina to get rid of Bo for his own sake. Hope/Gina is confused and looks at both Bo and Gina. Bo asks her what she is looking at? Hope/Gina says she is looking at Gina. Bo is confused and asks if she is no longer inside her?

Hope/Gina reaches out to Gina, but Bo stops her and asks her what Gina wants? Hope/Gina tells him that she wants her to be Gina again. Bo asks Hope to look at him, so she does. Bo tells her that he doesn't remember not ever loving her, even when they were separated. He tells her that their love still lived on in his heart and dreams. He goes on and tells her that he cannot survive without her love. Gina tells Hope/Gina not to listen because Bo will just go back to Salem and find another Fancyface. Bo tells Hope that both her son and him need her, he asks her to trust him. Hope/Gina says she wants that. Bo tells her all she has to do is believe in the love they share, it will set her free. Hope/Gina looks at Gina and says Bo's love will free her from the hold she has on her. Hope tells Gina that it is over, and as Bo holds Hope, Gina vanishes as she sobs. Hope asks Bo what he is doing here? He says he came to find her. She asks how he knew where to look? Bo tells her that their souls are connected. Hope can't believe he still loves her so much. Bo tells her that he will always love her, forever. Bo realizes he has Hope back, and they hug, and finally kiss. After he kisses her, Bo is positive she is his Fancy Face. Bo tells her that he's never letting her go, and Hope says good!

Thursday, October 14, 1999

Henderson greets a soaking Carrie and Austin at the mansion. The two decide to go to the living room to warm up. There, they talk about their relationship. Carrie is still venting that Sami is up to her old tricks, but apologizes to Austin for always talking negatively about Sami to him. He admits that they both were to blame for their breakup, but it's time to move on. He does say that Carrie is still a good woman. Nicole comes sauntering in, drinking glass after glass of mimosas (orange juice and champagne). Austin is getting worried that Sami and Lucas haven't returned from their trip to the capitol. Jogging her memory, Nicole updates them with the news from Mickey that Sami refused to sign the custody agreement. Austin quickly assumes that Lucas must have been so angry that he did something to Sami but Carrie doubts this and guesses that they simply came home separately. Austin begins making phone calls to find out where the two are, as Carrie and Nicole look on. He yells at Nicole, wondering if she is the least bit worried about her husband, but she shrugs and says that maybe the power was out where they were and they could not call. Austin worries when he receives word that the helicopter Sami and Lucas used failed to come back to the airport and may have gone down in the storm.

In the mountain cave, Sami panics when she comes to and is alone. Her anxiety turns to fury when she figures that Lucas has left her there to die. As the storm intensifies, a rockslide hits the cave and Sami frantically moves out of the way of the falling rocks. She hears a noise and calls out Lucas' name. He has returned. He gives her the bad news that his cell phone no longer works nor does the radio in what's left of the helicopter. Sami begins to berate Lucas, saying that at least Austin and Will are worried about her and have probably started a search party, but that no one would care if he was gone. Lucas says that Will loves him, along with his mom, Alice and even Maggie. Sami says it's interesting he didn't say Nicole's name. She knows that Nicole could care less about Lucas and that she's probably counting her millions because Lucas is missing. Lucas has had enough of Sami's mouth, and tells her to shut up. He says that any other sane person would have left a lying, conniving bitch to die in the mountains without any other thought. But he came back for her because he has compassion. This shuts Sami up and the two, to stay warm, hold each other. In the distance, a wolf's howl can be heard.

Gina is holding the CD of Hope's memories on it, pleased that her plan is starting to take shape. Kurt arrives, and Gina hides the CD. Kurt is relieved that Gina is safe, but worries about her plan, which involves doublecrossing Stefano. Gina says her only objective is to reunite with Greta and John. Kurt tries to tell Gina that John will never love her, because he is happily married. Gina realizes that Kurt has seen John, and the man confesses that John was at the Chateau with Greta and Eric. Gina is furious, but forgives Kurt. She decides to call a famous plastic surgeon to see what can be done about her looks. Meanwhile, she instructs Kurt to make a copy of the CD.

Elsewhere, Rolf tells a furious Stefano that the CD is missing. As Kurt rifles through all his papers and other CDs, Stefano thinks Bo may have stolen it. He calls Bart on the cell phone and wants him to find Bo now. Bart calls back and tells Stefano that Bo was in jail, but just got released. Rolf thinks perhaps Stefano took it with him when he went to the other room to talk to Marlena. The two leave, and that gives Kurt the opportunity to return the CD. Rolf and Stefano return and they find the CD.

Out in the Paris alley, Bo holds Hope, he asks for her forgiveness for all he put her through. He blames himself for all of this because when she came back from Maison Blanche, he should have known she was Hope. Instead, because he did not believe in their love, he turned to Billie. Bo says that he's learned alot about love, and that when Hope was rejecting Bo this past year because she was Gina, the pain he felt was just a fraction of what she went through when he was with Billie. He says that they is nothing he can do to erase the past, but he hopes that she will forgive him. Hope assures him that she loves him and never wants to leave him. The two decide to start celebrating, and a street vendor arrives. Bo goes to check out what he's selling, when her phone rings.

The real Princess Gina calls Hope and, posing as Ilsa, boasts that she needs her help to nail Stefano. Hope can't wait to get back at Stefano, and says that the three of them can take him down. Gina says that Bo cannot be involved. Hope says that she won't lie to him now, but Gina says it's just a little lie. Gina instructs Hope to meet her at Gina's Paris house. Bo returns and gives Hope a tiny rock that is supposed to relieve stress and fear by rubbing it. Hope thanks him for the gift and says that she is emotionally and physically tired from her ordeal. She tells Bo that tomorrow they will start their life together and leaves.

Friday, October 15, 1999

At a Paris cafe, Doug and Julie are relieved to hear from Bo that he was able to reach Hope. Bo is thrilled, and informs the pair that Hope is resting. Bo suggests that he and Hope head back to Salem, which her parents agree on. But Doug is disappointed because they must leave for a royal wedding at which Doug will be singing. Julie pipes in that they will just have to book a trip to Salem. Bo suggests that when he and Hope remarry, he wants Doug to sing as well. After Doug and Julie leave, he gets a phone call. It's his pop, whose called to tell him that Shawn Douglas is missing from school.

At the Chateau, Princess Gina stares at the disk filled with Hope's memories. She is puzzled that Hope did not meet her at the Paris house like she promised. She calls Hope, and tells the woman to meet her at the Chateau and to ring the bell at the gate. No matter, says Hope, because with her Princess Gina memories, she recalls where an extra key is hidden. Hope agrees to meet "Countess Ilsa", but has a new plan of her own to take down Stefano that does not involve any danger. When Hope arrives, Princess Gina is looking through the wall holes, as Hope is marveling at the Chateau. The Countess comes in, wearing the black veiled hat. Hope tells her that she is free of the Princess Gina persona and that her plan to capture Stefano involves having the ISA arrest him when she takes him to the stolen Renet. Before the countess can answer, Hope's phone's Bo wondering where she is. Hope continues her lie, saying that she is at a spa to relax. Bo, worried about the missing Shawn D, suggests that he return to Salem to prepare her welcome home. Hope agrees and says that she'll meet him in a couple days. With Bo out of the way, Princess Gina tells Hope that is not happy about the change in plans. Hope says this is the only way to get Stefano back for taking away 4 years of her life. Princess Gina says that it was really her life that was stolen, and, pulling back the veils, reveals her face. A stunned Hope realizes that the real Gina is not dead!

At the pub, Shawn and Caroline are worried about their grandson, but decide to go back to bed. Shawn D. shows up at the Brady Pub with a new look that includes spiked hair and pierced ears. As he is sneaking around the pub, Shawn turns on the lights, baseball bat in hand. Relieved to see his grandson, the boy informs them that he left the school because the boys there were all rich snobby jerks. Shawn and Caroline laugh, and Shawn wants to call Bo, but Shawn D says no.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is still drinking, and not phased in the least that Lucas is missing. Austin is calling the search party to find out more info. Seeing the tension between Kate and Nicole, Carrie calls Roman to see if they know anything. Austin and Carrie go to check on Will, leaving Kate and Nicole alone. The young woman starts leafing through a magazine, drinking. Kate calls her a "heartless bitch" for not being concerned about her missing son. Nicole gets mad and says that they have a lot more in common then they think....both of them would love it if Sami never came back! Austin and Carrie return with Will, who can't sleep because he wants his mommy and daddy.

Marlena, Roman and Belle wait anxiously by the phone. Marlena and Roman try to keep a positive attitude because Belle is fearing the worst.

In the cave, Lucas goes to try to find help, but a scared Sami won't let him. He tells her that they can't survive unless he tries to find help. Sami makes him promise that he won't let her die alone and that if she does, that Austin be a part of Will's life. Lucas refuses to make those promises because he is not going to let her die. He leaves to go to the helicopter. Inside the cave, Sami says that she's going to survive for Will's sake and tries to get up and leave. At the helicopter, Lucas finds a flare kit, but the flares won't light. He sees a distress transmitter and activates it. A while later, he sees the rescue plane, but it flies overhead and out of sight. A dejected Lucas returns to the cave, and sees that Sami has tried to move, but has passed out. Cradling her, Lucas says that even though they are at each other's throats, Will is the best thing to have happened between the two, and hopes that Will does not remember the two of them always fighting. Hearing voices outside, Lucas is relieved when the paramedics find him and Sami. They get the two out before the storm acts up again.

At the penthouse, John calls Marlena with the news that the two are found and hastily tells Doc that Sami has been hurt. The three of them rush to the hospital. Marlena makes a quick call to Kate to tell them the news.

Austin and Carrie rush to the hospital, leaving Will's care in Kate's hands. Kate prepares to go with Nicole, but since Lucas is fine, Nicole has no plans to go to the hospital. Kate suggests that Nicole watch Will, much to her dismay. Will is playing Go Fish with Nicole, who is obviously not having fun, and continues to drink her mimosas. Will is not tired, so Nicole leaves the boy alone, puts her drink down and starts leafing through the magazine again. When the boy says that he is thirsty, Nicole is not paying any attention to him. He spies Nicole's drink and starts to take a sip.

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