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Monday, October 18, 1999

Eric and Greta arrive at the Horton house. Eric asks her if she is happy to be home? Greta says this isn't home, and she's imposed on Mrs. Horton long enough. Eric offers to help her find her own place. Greta tells him that he's done enough already, she doesn't know how she'll repay him. Eric tells her that he'll always be there for her. Greta asks Eric if he is happy to be home? She takes one look at his face and says she doesn't know why she even asked. Eric tells her that it is okay, they are both dealing with the harshness of reality. However, he says he is glad to be home to start over again. Greta says they both have new beginnings. Eric tells her that perhaps they can celebrate their coming home together. He says that he knows it wasn't supposed to be a pleasure trip, but he did have a good time. Greta tells him that she did too. Eric leaves, but tells Greta that he'll call her around noon. After he leaves, Greta remembers Eric kissing him. There is a knock at the door, it's a package for her. She signs for it and upon opening it she realizes it is her mother's ashes. She tells her mom that it is still so hard to accept her death, probably because she never got to say goodbye. She asks "Why did you take her away from me Stefano?"

Brandon asks Lexie what is wrong? Lexie says Craig won't let her assist on Sami's surgery. Elsewhere, Belle offers to get coffee for everyone. On her way she ends up running into Shawn D. She doesn't recognize Shawn D, but he recognizes her. Alice is stunned when she sees him because he's supposed to be in school. Shawn D tells her that boarding school wasn't his scene. Alice asks him exactly what is? She tells him that he looks like a homeless person! Shawn D says that is because he is. Alice asks what that means? Shawn D says he was joking, but Alice doesn't think it is a very funny joke. When Shawn D takes his black leather jacket off, Alice just about keels over when she sees he has a tattoo. She asks if his parents gave him permission for that tattoo? Shawn D asks if his dad had permission to get his? Did his parents get permission to leave the country? Did his mom ask permission to turn into a different person? Alice says his parents have their problems, but they both love him. Shawn D tells his great gran that he is better on his own. He then leaves in a huff.

Lucas runs into his grandmother, who tells him that he is a hero. Lucas says he doesn't think Sami sees it that way. He tells her that she didn't sign the custody agreement, and if they go to court he will win and he and Nicole will raise Will. Austin butts into the conversation and tells Lucas "Not in this life time!" Lucas tells Austin that he was willing to compromise with Sami, he saved Sami for Will's sake, so now it is Sami's turn to do something good for Will. Lucas leaves, and Carrie tells Austin that Lucas is right. Austin says no way, he doesn't trust Lucas. Carrie tells Austin that if Lucas was out for himself then he would have let Sami die.

Shawn and Caroline show up and Carrie tells them that Lucas saved Sami's life. Austin says he never thought he would be grateful to Lucas for anything, but he is. Marlena, Roman, and the rest of the Brady's talk about Sami and what happened. Later Marlena asks if that is Shawn Douglas talking with Alice? Caroline says it is. Roman says he sure does look different. Caroline hopes it is a phase. Caroline tells Shawn that they should call Bo again about Shawn D.

Belle runs into Brandon at the coffee station. She asks him if he has time to talk, but he says he has to take Lexie some coffee. Brandon leaves, and Belle watches him as he goes. Unfortunately she isn't paying attention and overfills the cup of coffee she is pouring. Shawn D shows up and tells Belle that she's doing a great job. He was just teasing, and as he helps her clean up, he can't take his eyes off of her. Belle asks him when he did he go grunge? Shawn D asks when she turned into a klutz? Belle asks why he isn't in boarding school? Shawn D says it didn't work out. He tells her that he is sorry about Sami, and she thanks him. Belle walks off, and runs into Nancy. Nancy tells Belle that Craig is taking good care of Sami. As Belle and Nancy talk, Shawn D still can't stop looking at Belle.

Brandon takes Lexie her coffee, and when Abe shows up, Brandon becomes agitated. He quickly excuses himself and Abe tells Lexie that he has a feeling that Brandon doesn't like him. Lexie tells Abe that Brandon was probably just intimidated. Later, Craig comes out of surgery, but he's only taking a break. Lexie asks him how it is going, did he save Sami's leg? Craig tells her that it isn't looking good.

Kate walks into the room to find Will drinking Nicole's mimosa. She snags it away from him and tells him that he must never drink from other people's glasses. Kate tells him go see Henderson for some apple juice, and when he leaves she scolds Nicole. Kate suggests she teach Will to make his own memosas, that way he won't bother her! Nicole says it was an accident, but Kate wonders how Lucas would feel if he knew his wife was becoming a lush! Nicole tells her to go ahead and tattle on her, but she will tell Lucas that his mom paid her five million to marry her loser of a son! She reminds her that Sami did not sign the custody papers, and if they go back to court and the five million dollar deal comes out, she will not only lose her son but her grandson! Kate tells Nicole that she is a stupid idiot! She tells Nicole that Sami seeing her drunk is all the ammo she needs. Nicole tells Kate that she is going out for awhile and suggests Granny take care of Will. After Nicole leaves, Kate says if anyone loses it will be her! Lucas returns home later, and Kate is thrilled to see him. Will is also happy to see Lucas, he runs into his arms. Will asks Lucas where his mommy is? Lucas tells him that his mommy will be home soon. Lucas gives Will a piggy back ride, and later Will points at Nicole's mimosa and says he wants more juice. Lucas looks at his mom and asks what that is about?

Eric learns Sami is in the hospital and heads over there to be with his sister. Eric thinks this had something to do with Lucas, but Roman tells him that Lucas saved Sami's life. Lexie comes out to talk to the family. She tells them that Sami's leg is in bad shape, if the circulation can't be restored she might lose her leg. Roman says the will have to pray. The Brady's link hands and Marlena leads them in prayer. Nicole shows up looking for Lucas and finds out that Eric is home. Brandon notices his sister looking at Eric and tells her to stay away from him. Craig comes out after surgery and Marlena asks if he was able to save Sami's leg?

Bart tells Stefano that he lost Gina/Hope. Stefano calls him a complete idiot! He says the satellite is almost in position and he has to get that painting back before he can transform Gina back into Hope. Bart says he does have good news, Bo Brady has gone back to Salem alone, so he is safe as Gina/Hope has asked. Stefano says he will find the painting himself and make sure Gina pays for double crossing him. Stefano goes to the Paris house and is shocked to find it a mess, there are clothes thrown all over the place. He checks the safe to see if Gina put the painting in it, but she didn't. Inside is a porcelain figure of some sorts. He remembers the night Gina stole for him. The figure in the safe was something she stole from the Count, who also owned the painting. Gina made Stefano play hot and cold to find the painting. She eventually revealed it to him, she hid it under a couch cushion. Back in real time, Stefano looks under the same couch cushion, but it is not there. He becomes frustrated and begins throwing things. He ends up throwing the statue at the wall, and inside it is a note. He reads the note, which says "Not even close."

Hope is stunned to see that Ilsa is actually Princess Gina. She wonders how this is possible, it can't be, she is dead! Gina lights up a cigarette and tells Hope that Stefano is pure evil and can do anything. Gina tells Hope that the future Stefano promised her (Hope) belongs to her (Gina). Hope asks her where she was living all this time? Gina tells her that it is a sad story. She says Stefano took John away from her, and she fell into a deep depression and became useless to Stefano. Therefore, Stefano found a replacement for her. Hope says she remembers Maison Blance and the memory transfer, but what happened to her afterwards? Gina tells her that Stefano kept her imprisoned in this castle. She says she probably would have died unless Greta arrived here. Hope asks her why she didn't tell Greta the truth? Gina says not telling her was the most difficult decision she ever had to make.

She says she feared what Stefano would do to her or Greta. She tells Hope that because she lived her life, she owes her. She begs Hope to help her get her revenge on Stefano her way. Hope asks what she wants her to do? Gina says they should pool their resources to make an unbeatable combination. Hope reminds Gina that she is no longer Gina anymore, Bo brought her back. Gina reminds her that they have both had their future ripped away from them, so they should take Stefano's away. Hope wants Stefano behind bars, but Gina says that is not enough. She wants Stefano to suffer by taking away everything he holds dear, starting with Spring Morning. Gina asks Hope where she hid the painting? Hope says she can't say, that painting is the only thing keeping her alive. She tells her that it is in a very safe place, not very far from her in fact. Hope plans to use the painting to put Stefano away for good, but Gina says she cannot do that. Gina says she was Stefano's willing accomplice for years, and she will go to jail with Stefano. Hope tells her that won't happen, Stefano caused her breakdown. Gina says she will not be institutionalized either, she wants her freedom and will do anything to get it. Hope tells her not to be angry, and pulls out her phone to call Bo. She picks up a bust of Shakespeare and clobbers Hope upside the head with it. Hope falls to the ground, and Gina tells her that she made the wrong choice!

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Bo comes to the Horton House to see Greta and learns that Shawn D is home, thanks to a call from Shawn and Caroline. Greta asks where Hope is? Bo says she is still in France, but she is safe. Greta is overjoyed by Bo's news. Bo thinks the entire nightmare is finally over. Bo asks how she is? Greta says she will be find. She says that Stefano paying for the heartache he caused is satisfying. Greta tells Bo that she got Eric a thank you gift, but ask Bo if he thinks it is too forward? Bo asks her if something happened between them in France? Greta says she and Eric kissed, and she thought it meant something, but now she's not so sure. Bo tells her that Eric is not the kind of guy to kiss just anyone. Suddenly, Bo gets a call from Roman about Sami's helicopter crash. Bo decides to head over to the hospital and he invites Greta because Eric is there.

Lucas puts Will down for his nap, and then asks Kate what that event earlier with Will wanting the liquor. Kate says he must have been confused and then tells Lucas to get some rest. Lucas says he can't get any rest until he gets Sami to sign the custody papers. Kate comments "If she survives." Lucas says she will survive and his mother shouldn't talk that way. Kate says she can't help it, plus neither one of them would morn Sami if she was to die. Lucas can't believe his mom call Sami heartless and destructive, but wishes her dead. Kate says she only meant that she wants her out of their lives. Lucas says Sami will never be out of their lives, and he can't believe he's saved Sami's life twice. He says he will do everything he can to get Sami to sign the joint custody papers. Lucas leaves, and Nicholas drops by to see Kate. Kate says that she needed to talk to him about the internet company, she has seen some potential problems. Nicholas already knows what she is talking about and he tells her that he was up half the night working to rectify them.

Craig tells the Brady family that Sami is fine, they were able to save her leg. Craig says she can't receive any visitors yet, but she has been asking for Austin. Craig tells him that he can see her in a bit. Marlena thanks Craig, and she also thanks Lexie. Marlena hopes Lexie will stay on after her residency is over. Lexie thanks Marlena and says she doesn't know what her plans are yet. Craig shows a phony show of sympathy by telling Lexie that he hopes she stays because they need all the doctors they can get. Craig leaves and Marlena asks Lexie if there are problems between her and Craig? Lexie says that Craig resents her for liking Mike, and she doesn't know what her future at the hospital is. Craig calls Nancy and tells her to rev up the hot tub, they have some celebrating to do. Craig tells her that in Marlena Evan's eyes, he is now a hero!

Lexie meets with Brandon about a new patient. She asks him if he could come in a little early to talk to him/her, he/she is a new chemo patient. Brandon says he can, and then asks for a break to do a little training. Lexie becomes concerned and asks Brandon if it is wise for him to be fighting Austin, he is in better shape. Brandon tells her that she is doing wonderful things for his confidence. Lexie says she doesn't want him to get hurt, but he assures her that he will win.

Roman talks with Shawn D about his attitude and clothes, but Shawn D resents being given a lecture. Marlena says she hasn't seen Belle for awhile and wonders where she is. Roman decides to go look for her, and Shawn D decides to tag along. Billie drops by to tell Eric that she was thinking of him and missed him. She tells him to give Sami her best. Billie tells Carrie that it was great seeing her, and asks Shawn D to walk her to her car. Eric asks Carrie what she is thinking?

Carrie says she is glad Sami is okay, but even in her state she is still calling for Austin. Eric reminds Carrie that she and Austin are divorced and he is free to be with anyone he wants. Eric tells Carrie that everyone but her has noticed the positive change in Sami and she has to let the anger go. Carrie apologizes, and decides to leave.

Brandon sees Nicole staring at Eric and drags her out of the room. Brandon tells Nikki that she is married to Lucas and needs to forget about Eric. Nicole says she just wanted to reach out to Eric because he is upset over this Sami issue. Brandon wants to take her home, but Nicole tells him that he doesn't own him! Nicole goes to talk to Eric. When she gives him a big hug, Greta walks in! Bo shows up and is glad to see that Shawn D is okay. Shawn D could care less about his father, and asks if he should call him Bo now?

Lucas sneaks into Sami's room and demands she sign the joint custody papers. Sami tells him to get out, but Lucas tells her that if she doesn't sign it now he will make her life a living hell. Austin walks in, and he and Lucas get into a huge fight. Roman yanks them both out of the room and tells Lucas to get the hell out of here! Lexie calms Sami down and she eventually gets back to sleep. Roman decides to post a guard to make sure Lucas doesn't get back in. Back in her room, Sami has nightmares of the crash and the cave in. When she wakes up, Austin is by her side.

Kate and Nicholas talk and flirt, Billie comes home and sees her mom with Nicholas. Billie welcomes Nicholas home, he was in Chicago. Nicholas decides to leave, and Billie tells Kate that Sami is fine, in case she was wondering. Kate asks her if she went to the hospital? Billie says she did, she went to see Eric. Kate tells Billie that she and Eric are getting close. Billie tells her mom she is getting close to Nicholas. Kate assures her daughter that she is not after Nicholas, she wants Victor. Billie accuses her mom of keeping Nicholas in her back pocket in case Victor doesn't recover, or maybe she gets a kick out of having a younger man interested in her? Kate tells Billie that is a cheap shot, and Nicholas knows she is 100 percent committed to Victor. Kate thinks she is attacking her because Nicholas hasn't asked her out again. She tells her daughter to grow up and stop acting like a jealous teenager!

Stefano is steamed that Gina/Hope has betrayed him. He wonders where she could have hidden the painting, and then thinks it is in the air shaft above the Harriman gallery. Bart goes to the Harriman estate to retrieve the painting, but the only thing in the air shaft is an empty tube. Bart tells him that Gina is getting careless, she left a glove in the air shaft. Stefano says the glove is old and worn, it could not be hers. Bart asks if she has an accomplice? Stefano says it is possible that someone at the party may have learned more than he or she should have known. Bart asks Stefano what he wants him to do next? Stefano orders him to return to the Harriman's and bring back the surveillance tapes.

Bart returns later with the tapes and sees "Countess Ilsa" and remembers their chat in the art gallery. He wonders how she knew so much about him, Gina, and the art thefts. Bart suggests Kurt told his mother, but Stefano doesn't think Gina, in her present state of mind, could have told him anything. He wonders if Gina/Hope could have been careless and let "Ilsa" overhear their plans. He orders Bart to find out everything he can about "Ilsa" and to find Gina as well.

Gina clubs Hope over the head with a bust. Kurt shows up and asks what has happened? Gina tells him that she had no choice, Hope was going to ruin her plan. Gina asks Kurt for his car keys, but refuses to say what she wants to do with them. Kurt asks what they are going to do about Hope? Gina tells him that they will take care of her once she returns. Gina returns later with the Rennet. Gina managed to retrieve it before Bart could. She tells Kurt that they must find someplace safe to hide the Rennet. Gina writes out a list of things to do for Kurt while she takes care of some things herself. Gina tells Kurt that after he has taken care of Hope, plant a rose bush because nobody will question why the ground has been dug up. GIna leaves, leaving Kurt concerned.

Stefano expects "Ilsa's" arrival as he had Bart follow her. Stefano invites "Ilsa" inside. She comments about the mess, she says someone is obviously searching for something. Stefano tells her that she knows damn well what he has been searching for. He demands she give him his painting now! He accuses her of being Gina's accomplice. "Ilsa" tells Steffie that he is not even close! Stefano says there can only be one explanation, and he whips off her veil. He is stunned to see Gina!

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

At Titan, a blonde purposely bumps into Nicholas to get his attention. She is a model here for the new faces campaign and thought her meeting was with him, a Nick somebody is what she says. Nicholas tells her that she wants to see Nicole Roberts, he is Nicholas Alamain.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie tells her mother that she is the one acting like a jealous teenager. Billie tells her that she keeps trying different hair styles, and if her skirts get any shorter . . . . . Kate tells her that she is being very rude. Billie tells her mother that she should just admit that she has the hots for Nicholas. The phone rings, providing a distraction for Kate. Billie says it is probably Nicholas. It is Lucas is calling asking his mother where Nicole is. Kate says he hasn't a clue, but wherever she went she was in a hurry.

After the call, Kate asks Billie what she can do to convince her that she is wrong? Billie says nothing, she is in denial about her feelings for Nicholas. She also tells him it is not all her fault, Nicholas is always hanging around and calling her. The phone rings again, and this time it is Nicholas. Billie answers this time, and she tells him that it is so funny that he called because she and her mom were just talking about him. Billie hands the phone to her mom, and Kate is snappy towards him. Nicholas asks if he has done something wrong, is that why they were talking about him? Billie decides to leave the two of them alone to talk.

Greta sees Nicole giving Eric a hug. Nicole tells him that Sami is so lucky to have him. Eric pushes her away and says that he and Sami will always be there for one another, it's called being loyal. Nicole tells him that she was worried about him, doesn't that mean anything to him? Eric tells her anything that meant something between them ended when she married Lucas. Greta goes storming out of the hospital, but Lucas stops her when he recognizes her as Eric's friend. Greta tells Lucas that she heard what happened to him and is glad he is okay. Lucas thanks her and says he'll be a lot better when he finds his wife. Greta points to Eric and Nicole and tells him that she's over there.

Eric asks Nicole what she's looking for? Nicole tells him that she wants him to understand that she didn't mean to hurt him by marrying Lucas. She says they don't have to hate each other, they can be friends. Eric tells her that he has high friendship standards and she doesn't make the cut. Eric accuses her of only pretending to care for Sami to get to him. Nicole tells him that they were so good together and he shouldn't throw it all away. Eric tells her that she threw it all away when she married Lucas. Eric then glances behind Nicole, sees Lucas, and asks him if he needs anything? Nicole turns around and asks Lucas how long he's been standing there? Lucas obviously wasn't there for long. Eric decides to leave, and Lucas tells Nicole that she must have been so worried about him. Lucas holds her and promises they will be together forever. Nicole obviously isn't listening to her husband because she's busy watching Eric walk out the door.

Nicole and Lucas go home and Nicole realizes she missed a meeting with a model. Lucas tells her that she doesn't have to work. Nicole tells him that she can't shop all day. Lucas tells her that she doesn't, she takes good care of him and Will. Lucas hugs her and tells her that they should have a special celebration. Lucas tells her to stay put while he gets something. Nicole chugs down a mimosa and remembers Eric proposing to her. She then fantasizes about what could have happened earlier at the hospital. Eric tells her that he could never get over her, and she told him that she still loves him, and nothing else matters. She begs Eric to make love to her at his place, now! The two then begin making out right in the hospital hallway! Lucas brings her back to reality when he returns. He tells Nicole that he's going to thank her in style. Nicole asks what he has to thank her for? Lucas tells her that when he was out on that mountain he thought about giving up, but she and Will gave him the strength to press on. He kisses her and tells her that he wants to go upstairs and show her how much she means to him.

Greta runs into Billie in Salem Place, and the two talk about Paris. Billie asks Greta if she found the answers she was looking for? Greta says she found out her mother is really dead, but she and Eric did have a good time. She then produces the compact and tells Billie that she wants her to have it. Billie says she couldn't accept it, it was a gift from John to her mom. Greta says that it only reminds her that Stefano controlled her mom and John, so she wants her to have it because it will mean more to her. Billie hugs Greta and thanks her. She then asks if this is okay, she seems upset? Greta confides in Billie that she's so confused about love. Later, Greta remembers Eric offering to go to Europe with her, and she says she really wanted it to be him. Greta decides to check her messages, not thinking she has any from Eric. When she looks around, she sees Eric not to far away from her busy dialing someone on the phone. When he sees her, he smiles and hangs up.

Kate goes to Titan and finds Nicholas in her office flirting with the model, and Kate is not pleased. Nicholas says he was giving this model a tour while she waits to meet with Nicole. Kate says all of Nicole's appointments have been rescheduled, so she's sorry to have wasted her time. The model says she had a great time, and says goodbye to Nicholas as she leaves. Kate is visibly upset about the flirting that was going on between them. Kate asks him if he doesn't have work to do? Nicholas asks her what has her so upset? He refuses to leave until he knows what is troubling her. Kate asks him when the last time he saw Billie was? Nicholas says it was a while ago, they had fun, but nothing more will come of it.

Kate doesn't understand why he doesn't like her daughter, she is very beautiful. She tells him that she doesn't have a problem with him dating her daughter. Nicholas wasn't expecting to hear that. Kate asks him to take her daughter out again, but Nicholas asks "Doesn't what I want matter?" Kate says she hadn't thought about how he wants, she just hoped he would go out with Billie again because it would boost her self confidence. As she is telling Nicholas that this would really mean a lot to her, Billie walks in and hears everything. Billie says she just needed to turn in a report and says she will get out of their way. Nicholas asks her to wait, so she stops. Nicholas says he was looking for her, he wants to know if she'll have dinner with him tonight.

Bo tells Shawn D that he's rather attached to be called dad. Shawn D says not everyone has a dad or a family, but Bo tells him that he has both. He asks him what is up with him? Shawn D says he's looking around and doesn't see mom, as usual. Bo tells her that she'll be here, but he's glad she isn't because of what he's done to himself. Bo and Shawn D go to the java cafe and Bo asks him why he ran away from boarding school? Shawn D said he hated it. Bo says he knows that, but they agreed he would stay there until he and his mom could pick him up. Shawn D said he changed his mind, something his parents seem to do quite often. He asks his dad why his mom isn't here worrying about him? Bo says he didn't tell her about his running away because he didn't want to worry her anymore than she already is.

Bo tells him if he stops acting like a punk, this may be the best year of their lives. He decides to call Hope, but Shawn D stops him because he doesn't want his mom bummed out. Bo says "Awww, the tough guy has a heart." Bo tells him to drink his coffee and then they can go back to the boarding school and get his stuff. Shawn D blurts out "No way!" Bo tells Shawn D that he owes the head master an explanation, but Shawn D doesn't understand why he even has to go to school period. Bo says he is sorry to hear him say that because he was going to work on the boat some more, but without an education he can't be too much help. Shawn D agrees to go to school, but only if he has his stuff from boarding school shipped here. Bo tells him that he has a deal. He then tells Shawn D that his mom will be home soon and they will be a family. Bo realizes Shawn D doesn't believe him, so he decides to call Hope and have her tell him herself.

In France, Hope is unconscious and lying on a bed. Her phone rings, and she begins to stir awake. She slowly reaches for her purse. However, Kurt comes in and yells at Hope not to go near the phone. Hope gets up and knees Kurt in the groin. She answers the phone and yells "Bo Bo!" but Bo hangs up before he can hear her. Bo thinks she must be at the spa. Bo asks Shawn D if he got the chocolates they sent? Shawn D says he did. Bo tells him not to fall over thanking him. Shawn D says chocolates aren't the center of the universe. Bo and Shawn D end up arguing about Bo and Hope's relationship, and Bo tells him to just shut up and listen. He tells Shawn D that he plans to propose to his mom when she gets home, and he thinks she'll say yes. Shawn D says she turned him down last winter, but Bo says there were some extenuating circumstances back then, but not anymore. Shawn D wants to believe his dad, but his dad is overly optimistic.

Bo tells him that he is going on a gut feeling and his faith, he'll know what it feels like when he falls in love some day. Bo promises Shawn D that now he and his mom are okay and safe, taking care of him is their number one priority. Bo says everything will be back on track, but Shawn D tells his dad that their lives will never be back on track, and he doesn't need school to teach him that. Shawn D stomps off, and Bo calls Hope in order to get some help. However, he only gets a French operator telling him that all circuits are busy,

Stefano is shocked to see Gina standing right in front of him. She tells him that this was hardly the reception she was hoping for. Stefano tells her that she looks so . . . . Stefano asks her how she got out of the turret room? Gina asks him if he though he could keep her locked there forever, but then realizes he did. Stefano tells her that he did it for her own good, but she tells him that is rubbish! She tells him that she knows about the new Gina he created using Hope. She accuses him of robbing her of her future with Greta and John, so she must repay him. She starts stroking his hair and tells Stefano that she has come up with a plan to deprive him of that which he prizes about all else. Stefano says it is not possible for her to deprive him of anything because he controls her. Gina corrects him and says DID control, past tense.

Stefano asks how she knows all about this, is she working with Hope to trying to defeat him? Gina says Hope stole her life and wants nothing to do with her. Stefano is glad to her that and says he has been distracted from finding his Rennet for too long. Gina tells him that if his intention is to go look for her, he shouldn't waste his time. Gina tells Steffie that if he wants the Rennet, he needs her! Stefano tells her to just tell him where the Rennet is if she knows. GIna asks him why she should do that? Stefano says fine, he'll just ask Hope when she gets here because it is the only way she'll get the future she wants. Gina sips the drink she just poured and says, under her breath, that Hope doesn't have a future.

Gina thanks him and says she happened to paint that picture today. Stefano tells her that he didn't realize she still practiced her craft. Gina tells him that it is closer than he thinks. He approaches the painting and peals the canvas off, which reveals Spring Morning. He exclaims "The Rennet is mine despite you and Hope!" Stefano starts talking about his art collection. Gina tells him that those paintings are like she was, locked away from the world. Stefano says when you have something valuable, you tend not to want to share. Gina walks over to a desk, picks something up, and walks back over to Stefano, who is still admiring his painting. They both stand there, cocking their heads from side to side. Suddenly Gina squirts lighter fluid all over the painting and sets it on fire! Stefano watches in horror as his Rennet goes up in flames.

At the castle, Kurt is worrying about Gina and her risky plan. He starts shaking the shovel he is holding and says if Stefano learns of her plan, he will bury them both alive! Kurt goes inside and gets into a fight with Hope when he sees her going for her phone. Kurt manages to get the phone away from her, and tells her not to bother screaming because this room is sound proof, and nobody is around for miles. Hope asks him what is going on? Kurt says he follows his orders, that's all. Hope warns him that if she doesn't get home, Bo will come looking for her. Kurt assures Hope that there are ways to make sure nobody comes looking for her. Hope is positive that Bo will come for her because he loves her. Kurt tells her that Gina used to say the same thing about John. Kurt leaves, and Hope bangs on the door that Bo will come for her!

Thursday, October 21, 1999

At Titan, Nicholas invites Billie out to dinner tonight if she'd like to go. Billie smiles and says she is free. They decide to go to Tuscany. A very grown up Philip shows up to see his mom. Kate asks him what he's doing here, he's supposed to be at school. Philip says he stayed home because he was feeling sick, but he's better now and wants some cash to catch a matinee at Salem Place. Kate tells him that if he is well enough to go to the movies, he is well enough to go to school. She then asks why he is asking for cash? Philip says his account is low, so Kate says she'll have the bank transfer funds this afternoon, after he gets home from school. Billie tells Philip that she will walk out with him to make sure he heads in the right direction. Billie and Philip leave, and Kate thanks Nicholas for asking Billie out, it made her happy. Nicholas asks Kate if it made her happy? Kate says she just wants Billie to be happy. Nicholas tells Kate that he would do anything to make her, Kate, happy. He also says that he believes Billie is sensing that he'd rather be out with her mother, and she's right. Kate tells him that he is a business associate, nothing more! Nicholas tells Kate that they both know why she wants him to go out with Billie, should Kate says she has no idea what he is talking about. Nicholas says she is pushing him to date Billie because she is afraid of her own feelings for him. Kate tells him he is as vain and arrogant as Vivian, and tells him to get out. Nicholas leaves, but knows Kate is denying her feelings for him.

At Salem High, Shawn D is sitting outside the Principal's office when he spots "Barbie" Black and her buddy skipper. Belle asks Shawn D what he's doing here? Shawn D says he is waiting to see the principal to fill out some late registration papers. Belle tells him to save everyone the time and paperwork and drop out now. Shawn D says he's not dropping out, he needs an education to do what he wants to do in life, working on films. Belle tells him first he should shave. Some guys who knew Shawn D's show up, and Shawn D tells them to call him Shawn. Jason, the ring leader, picks on Shawn and tells him now that he has a grown up name, he needs to grow up. Shawn threatens to smack him across the face, and Jason tells him to just try. Jason walks away, and Mimi tells him to forget about that jerk, and she's sorry she called him the wrong name. Shawn says he should have changed it years ago, everyone made fun of it. Belle makes a pouty face and asks him if that is why he ran away from boarding school? Shawn says he ran away because it was full of rich conceded preppies like Philip Kiriakis. Belle says she hasn't seen Philip around, but she happens to think he is a sweet guy. Shawn says he may be a nice guy, but they are two different people. Shawn asks Belle if she has the hots for Philip or something? Belle says she doesn't, she doesn't have the hots for anyone here because all the guys are immature jerks. Belle and Mimi take off, and Philip runs into Shawn. Philip asks who the blond he was talking to was? Shawn says it was Belle Black. Philip hasn't seen her in awhile, and he says she is looking good. Philip tells him that looks are deceiving. The principals secretary calls Shawn into the office, and Philip thinks this will be a very interesting year. School eventually lets out, and Belle realizes Mimi might have a thing for Shawn. Philip eavesdrops in on their conversation.

In Salem Place, Eric walks up to Greta and says he was trying to call her at Mrs. Horton's, but the line was busy. Greta says she was checking to see if she had any messages, but she didn't. Eric apologizes for not calling, he got caught up at the hospital and lost track of time. Greta tells him it is okay, she understands, he must have had a reason. Eric says he was with Sami making sure she was okay. Greta tells Eric that she got him a present to say thank you for helping her. Eric tells her that she didn't have to do this. Eric opens his gift and is shocked to find it is a digital camera. He asks how she knew he wanted one? Greta says he mentioned it in France. Eric hugs Greta and thanks her. Greta says she came by the hospital earlier, but she decided not to bother him. Eric realizes what is going on, she saw him with Nicole. Eric tells her that he wishes she would have interrupted him, Nicole is the last person he wants to be with. He tells Greta that being with her in Paris helped him out, he doesn't want to be with Nicole. Greta says that they did spend a lot of time together, but they've never been on a date. Eric gets the hint, and says he was going to ask her out anyways. Eric asks her if she'll go out with him tonight? Greta accepts with a smile. Greta decides to shop for something new to wear, and says she'll see him later.

At the Java Cafe, Bo meets up with Roman for coffee. Bo tells his brother that Hope will be home soon and they will begin starting their lives soon. Roman hopes he will be able to put Stefano away soon. Bo says Hope still has Gina's memories, so she can testify against him. Suddenly, Bo gets a feeling that Hope is in danger. Bo tries to call Hope again, but her phone is turned off. Roman offers to go to Paris with him if he wants to. Bo thanks him, but says Hope has been telling him to trust her, so he needs to do that. Besides, he thinks the feeling he is having has to do with Shawn D's problems. Bo tells Roman about his problems with Shawn D. Roman laughs and tells Bo that his son is exactly like him. Later, Eric runs into Bo, and Bo notices the look on Eric's face. He asks what is going on with him? Eric admits that he has a date with Greta tonight. He then shows Bo the camera Greta got him. Bo tells Eric that Greta is a special woman, who has led a very sheltered life. Eric knows and he says they are taking it slow, he learned what can happen when you rush into a relationship. Bo says he knows what it is like to have your life ripped out from under you, and he tells him to keep trying, it will get better.

Billie and Greta run into one another at a dress shop, both are shopping for dresses for their dates. Greta asks Billie if she's talked to Bo since he's been back. Billie says no, she thought he'd be busy with Bo. When Greta says Hope is still in Paris, Billie turns her head and a look comes over her face. However, she learns that Hope is back, and she and Bo will be together. Roman comes into the store to buy a nightgown for Sami. Greta buys her dress and runs. Billie tells her to have fun with Eric. Roman is glad to hear that Eric's taste in women has improved. Roman can tell that Billie is going out tonight as well. She says she's going out with Nicholas. Roman hopes she is going into this with her eyes open. Billie says she is not going to get hurt, but she'll make sure he knows what type of woman she is. They both leave the store, and Roman realizes Billie still has a thing for Bo. Billie tells Roman that she is trying to move on, why is he bringing this up now? Roman says he just wants her to be happy. Billie says she is trying, and then leaves to get ready for her date. Roman can't help but feel that Billie is setting herself up for a heartbreak. Greta runs into Eric in Salem Place, and he tells her that he'll pick her up around six thirty. He then sneaks a picture of her with his camera. Shawn runs into Bo, and insist his dad drop the D from his name. Bo says whatever it takes to keep the lines of communication open. Shawn tells his dad that he sounds like Dr Marlena Evans now. Bo says they can talk more about this at home. Shawn asks where that might be? He is living with his grandma, Bo is living on the boat, and Hope is still in France. Shawn stomps off, and Bo hopes Hope comes home soon.

In Paris at the castle, Hope bangs on the door and yells at Kurt to open the door. He of course doesn't, and Hope eventually gives up. She begins looking around the room, and finds all of the sketches of John in closet. She feels bad for Gina, but worries about what type of revenge she is out for. Kurt returns later to see if Hope wants anything to eat. Hope asks Kurt why Gina is keeping her locked up here, she did not do anything to her. Kurt tells her that she stole Gina's life. Hope says Stefano stole Gina's life and hers. She says she wants her life, not Gina's. She begs Kurt to let her go, but Kurt says he can't do that. Hope tells him that he is sealing his own fate, she and Bo always know when the other is in trouble and he will come for her. Kurt grows tired of her "whining and idle threats" so he leaves.

At the Paris house, Gina sets Stefano's Rennet on fire, and when he runs up to the painting, she squirts lighter fluid on him so he catches on fire. Stefano turns into a human torch as Gina screams "Burn!" Stefano collapses to the floor, Gina takes off, and Rolf finds Stefano on the floor. Stefano is barely alive. Rolf tells him to stay calm while he runs and gets a special ointment for him. As Rolf applies it to his charred skin, Stefano screams in pain. Stefano says GIna has escaped and destroyed the painting. Rolf bandages Stefano, and he looks like the invisible man. Rolf tells him he needs to get him to a burn specialist, but Stefano says he has to get to Gina before she can turn evidence in on him. He realizes that Gina is probably at the chateau. Stefano tells Rolf to bring the car around. Rolf leaves to get the car, and Stefano says Gina is going to pay with more than her freedom!

Gina returns to the castle, and Kurt asks what happened to Stefano? Gina says she wishes she could say he is burning in hell, but he is close. As she puffs on a cigarette, Gina tells Kurt to head back to Paris to start working on phase two. Kurt tells Gina that Hope is very unhappy and thinks Bo will come looking for her. Gina says she will take care of Bo, and anyone else, who stands in her way. Kurt leaves to carry out her orders, and Gina goes to see Hope. Gina tells Hope that she had to take care of Stefano, and the Rennet. She says she found out where the Rennet was. Hope asks what she did with it? Gina says she gave it to Stefano, but then she destroyed it! Hope can't believe she is still alive. Gina laughs and says Stefano was too preoccupied with saving his Rennet to notice her walking away. Hope tells her that Stefano will come after her for revenge. Gina is counting on it, and she is going to help her nail Stefano. Hope says she will do anything she wants her to do. Gina tells Hope that she wants to know everything she did to help Stefano, and how she won John's love. Hope tells her everything she did, and Gina says that it all is so beyond imagination. Hope tells Gina that she knows she wants to reclaim her life, and she can help her by proving to John and Greta that the woman in the casket was not her. Hope says without her, Greta will thinks she is another imposter. She begs Gina to let her help her, she can have her entire life back, John included.

Kurt goes to the Paris house and realizes Stefano is still inside. He takes out his cell phone and calls the house. Inside, Stefano hears Kurt leave a message on the machine to meet him at a certain bridge at midnight. Stefano thinks Kurt wants to meet with Gina, so he decides to go there as well.

Friday, October 22, 1999

Austin is in Sami's room showing her some get well cards and making her laugh but it hurts so she asks him to stop. He says he will try to make her depressed when Carrie comes in and Sami says ≠ problem solved. Carrie has set up a phone interview with some paper and needs him. Sami is not too happy about it but Austin and Carrie head off before she can object. After the interview, she comments on how nice it is to sit and talk. She then tells him she still worries about ≠ always has and always will. They grab each other hand in friendship?

In the meantime Lucas has made it into Sami's room and wants to talk to her and have a conversation between two adults here. Of course she won't hear a word he has to say and they are arguing as Austin walks back in and throws him out. Sami and Austin are chatting when Carrie comes back in again ≠ now she has set up an interview with a TV station at 10 for him and Brandon. She suggests he change clothes as Sami says she thinks he looks fine. Carrie tells him to run home and put on the shirt she gave him from Rome and black pants. He says he was going to get Sami some supper but Carrie says she will get a messenger to get it and pushes him out the door. Sami chirps up that Carrie just can't stand the fact that Austin is spending time with her and they get into it. Carrie says this is for charity and she can't believe that Sami is so selfish that she is not supporting this. A nurse brings in the supper and asks Carrie if Sami told her about the card Mike sent. Ouch slap Carrie in the face as the nurse says he sent a postcard saying he is having a great time with his son but she is sure Carrie already knows that. Sami sees Carrie is upset and rubs it in that Mike has not sent her a card. Carrie leaves and you can tell she is upset by what she heard.

Bo and Shawn have arrived at Gran's and Bo wants to help him pack to move home but Shawn says that his home is there ≠ it's the only home he knows right now and runs off. The doorbell rings and Bo answers it ≠ it's Eric there to pick up Greta. He looks dapper in his suit and then Greta comes in the hallway. He says she looks fantastic and Greta blushes. Bo smiles and when Eric says he promises to have her home by 10 and that they're going to Tuscany for dinner.

Bo says she can stay out as long as she likes because he trusts Eric. Cute ≠ almost like Bo's the daddy here. Bo wants to call Hope while they are there and when he tries her phone is still off. He is a little worried about this and wonders if maybe he shouldn't return to Paris. He tries again and this time the call goes through but it's PG that answers pretending to be Hope. When she hears Bo's voice she hangs up and so Bo tries again. She lies and says there was a bad connection and before she can say much Bo hands the phone to Greta to say hello. This catches PG off guard as she hears Greta's voice. They talk briefly and she hands the phone back to Bo and she and Eric head out. S-D comes in the room and so Bo puts him on the phone. When he says he hated boarding school ≠ she says it builds character. He says he thought she liked his character. He says they won the championship but she hasn't even asked him about that. Oh yea she says, how many goals did you score. What says Shawn ≠ I played baseball not soccer ≠ who are you ≠ you are not my mom. Bo's ears perk up at that comment. PG says she just got confused and tries to cover. Bo takes the phone back and PG starts crumpling paper and pretending the connection is bad and hangs up. Bo and S-D sit on the stairs and Bo comes down on him for giving Hope such a hard time ≠ he says she has been through a lot with Stef and stuff. Shawn just says he will always take up for Hope and Bo agrees to that.

Nicole is out in the garage and Lucas finds her wondering where she ran off to after they made love ≠ he says he thought she enjoyed it as much as he did. She covers saying she is just upset about the crash and it has all finally hit her. He promises her she will never lose him and asks if they are still on for dinner at Tuscany's. She says yes and goes to get dressed. He says he will meet her there he has something to do. When she comes out to get in the car she finds Brandon giving the punching bag hell. He is hearing voices ≠ apparently from a boxing match ≠ you hear a man and woman hollering no don't hurt him etc. Nicole comments about how hard he is hitting the bag and he says it can take it. But can Austin she asks? She heads out and Austin arrives to tell him about the interview at 10. Brandon says they have time for a short round but Austin says no they both need to get changed. Austin promises to take it easy on him in the match as Brandon gets this look on his face like Austin's the one that needs to worry.

At the hospital, Lexie is leaving after a 16-hour day. Brandon is there and finds out that she is going home to an empty house because Abe in on a special case. He talks her into joining him at a restaurant across the street for pasta. But before they can leave Abe arrives ≠ the case was wrapped up early and they can spend the evening together. Hmm Brandon didn't like the sound of that as Lexie takes a rain check and dumps their dinner plans to be with Abe. She and Abe head home and straight to bed. She comes out of the bathroom in a lovely negligee but says she is nervous. She worries whether she will be a good mother. Abe says they just need to relax and not worry about that as they begin kissing. We come back to see Abe pulling a bottle of apple cider from under the bed and pours them both a glass. He spills some on himself and Lexie begins to lick it off!!! She puts their glass downs and says she hasn't worked up a sweat yet and begins kissing him.

Eric and Greta are seated at their table when she looks up and sees Lucas and Nicole arrive. She offers to go somewhere else but Eric says he is fine staying there. N&L spot G&E too. Nicole heads to the ladies room and guess who else does too ≠ yep Greta. Lucas comes over to speak to Eric and Eric thanks him for saving Sami's life but that's the only nice words exchanged between them as they disagree about Sami and the whole custody thing. Nicole is in the ladies room when Greta comes in. Nicole quickly asks if she and Eric are on a date and Greta says yes. Your first date asks Nicole as Greta says yes again. Ah says Nicole ≠ I remember our first date ≠ Eric brought me flowers and we spent all night talking but she says you already know how sweet Eric is don't you. Greta seems uneasy ≠ is she upset Eric did not get her flowers. Nicole goes on to say that she is glad they are dating because she just wants Eric to be as happy as she is with Lucas but she is not sure he can do that. Unlike her who has moved on she does not think Eric will ever get over her. Poor Greta is at a loss for words.

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