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Monday, December 6, 1999

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole asks Victor why he is threatening her? Victor informs Nicole that Kate has told him all about who she is and what she's done. Vivian interrupts their conversation to bring him a glass of champagne. Philip also interrupts and proceeds to beg his dad for some more cash. Victor tells Philip that he will pay off his debts on his own, the same way he got into them. Elsewhere, Kate asks Nicholas if he knew about this party? Nicholas asks "Even if I did, do you think I could have stopped it?"

Nicole goes to see her husband and asks him if he ever misses drinking? Lucas says sometimes he does, especially when there is cause to celebrate, for example Victor's home coming. Nicole downs a drink and tells her husband this is a real cause for rejoicing all right. Lucas asks if she has a problem with Victor? Nicole says he is a little hard edged, but Lucas says that is just who Victor is and that is what made him one of the richest people in the country. Lucas wishes he was more like Victor because if you lie to Victor, your history with him. Lucas says he also respects Victor's family values.

Victor asks everyone for their attention and proposes a toast to Vivian, whom he says he owes his future to. Kate becomes fed up and says that the party is over because Victor needs rest. Victor doesn't like that at all and says he spent years rotting in that nursing home, he will decide when he goes to bed and he won't have her treating him like a child! Vivian tells Victor that Kate was only concerned about him, but Victor thinks Kate should leave him alone and let him enjoy himself. Kate gets the message and walks off.

Philip talks to Nicole about his dad and how he's cut off his cash flow. Nicole feels bad for Philip and asks how much money he needs? Philip says a few hundred dollars would be much appreciated. Nicole is about to give him the money, but Lucas butts in and asks what they are talking about? When Philip says credit card debts, Lucas tells him to wait till next week when he gets his huge allowance to pay them off. Lucas decides to leave to say goodnight to Will, and takes Nicole with him. Upstairs, Nicole tries to talk to Lucas about her problem with Victor. Lucas tells Nicole to make nice with Victor, but Nicole says that Victor is the one who doesn't like her, and she won't put up with it. Lucas doesn't want to hear her badmouth Victor, but she tells him to just keep Victor out of her hair and protect her from him. Lucas tells her that Victor is the last person she needs protecting from.

Nicholas finds Kate alone crying and tells her that he's sorry she's upset. Kate tells him that she's dreamed of this moment for so long, Victor's homecoming, but now Vivian has ruined it by making it all about her. Nicholas suggests he take her out for a drink after Victor goes to bed. Kate asks him if he's out of his mind? Suddenly, Victor wheels into the room and asks them what is going on between the two of them? Nicholas says that Kate is just a little upset because he suggested she call up Bo and some other people and invite them over. Kate says she thought it would be too much for him. Victor asks Kate what her problem is tonight? Kate says Vivian is her problem! Victor doesn't understand why she is so threatened by Vivian and accuses her of ruining the whole celebration. Kate suggests that perhaps it is best she wasn't here, and Victor agrees. Kate walks out, and Nicholas runs after her. Vivian apologizes to Victor for causing trouble, but Victor tells her that this is not her fault, Kate is the wrong one.

Philip finds his mom crying her eyes out in her room. He tries to comfort her, but she insists that she is fine. Philip knows things are hard between her and his dad right now, but he tells her that everything will work out. Kate wonders when her son became so wise, and she gives him a hug.

Craig checks his messages and has none from Nancy. He asks a nurse if anyone has called for him, but the nurse says no. He begins to wonder where in the hell his wife has gone off to with 25,000 dollars.

Lexie and Abe are in Lexie's office and have just finished "the deed." Lexie's ovulation test indicated that now was the time to try for a child, so they had to fit a quickie into their schedule. Abe doesn't like the idea of performing on demand, and Lexie says she's not crazy about letting a test dictate their sex life. She tells Abe that if things don't work out within a month then maybe they should have some more tests done. Suddenly, Brandon tries to open the door to Lexie's office, and finds it locked. He whips out a set of keys to unlock the door, much to LExie and Abe's shock. Lexie calls to him that she'll be right out. Brandon asks her why she's in there with the door locked? Lexie tells him to just give her a minute.

Craig shows up and asks if there is a problem? Lexie and Abe come out of the office and assure Brandon that everything is okay. Craig asks to speak with Lexie, so they leave for some privacy. Brandon tells Abe that his tie is wrapped around his collar. When Abe tells him to mind his own business, Brandon says it is his business because his wife is his boss, and that little office quickie probably just got her in trouble with the chief of staff. Abe tells Brandon that he's the one in trouble. Abe tells Brandon those assault charges against him are still pending and he won't drop them until he starts counseling. They start arguing about the boxing match and Abe tells Brandon that he knows about his last match and how he had no business ever fighting again. Brandon becomes angry that Abe has done a little background research on him. Abe tells Brandon that he has a choice to make, counseling or jail.

Lexie thinks she's in trouble because of her quickie, but Craig says that is not what this is about. Craig tells Lexie that he needs some cop advice. He asks her how long someone has to be missing to be considered "missing." Lexie tells him 48 hours, and asks if he's worried about someone? Craig says he is. Lexie asks if this is about Nancy? She realizes from the expression on Craig's face that he hasn't heard from Nancy. Craig tells Lexie he hasn't and he's very worried. Lexie says she will talk to Abe and see what he can do. Craig sheds a tear and thanks Lexie.

Lexie returns to Abe and pulls him away from Brandon to talk. Abe says he was finished with Brandon anyways. Brandon is furious and says that Abe is finished all right! Elsewhere, Lexie relays Craig's problems to Abe, who says he will look into it. He also agrees to think about going back to see Dr. Badar if she doesn't become pregnant soon. Abe is beeped, so he has to leave, but he asks Lexie to keep an eye on Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon makes some calls about Abe's past, and he impersonates a police officer to get some records!

A nurse approaches Craig with some requests forms to sign and asks him if he's all right? Craig says he's fine, he just has a lot on his mind. He signs the forms and the nurse leaves. He continues to wonder where in the hell Nancy is and prays to God that she is okay. Later, Lexie tells Craig that Abe will do some checking into Nancy's situation for him, and Craig thanks her. Craig gets a hold of the hospital phone records and finds that his wife made a call to a very interesting number. He calls it, and Mrs. Rush answers the phone! Craig tells her that he's looking for his wife Nancy Wesley.

Nancy finally meets Chloe face to face. She has long curly red hair, a face similar to Nancy's, and thick black rimmed glasses. Mrs. Rush leaves them, and Chloe asks Nancy who she is? Nancy introduces herself that she is Nancy and Mrs. Rush suggested she see her. Chloe thinks Nancy is a shrink come to talk to her about her latest failed foster situation, and Chloe insists that she is fine. Chloe asks Nancy if it is time to stare at ink blots? Nancy says she's not a psychologist, so Chloe asks if she's a social worker? Nancy says no, but she'd like to be a friend. Chloe asks how she can be a friend, she doesn't even know her? Nancy apologizes and says she was being presumptuous and suggests they start over. Chloe says very well and asks her once again who she is and why she's here?

Nancy asks to know about her first. Chloe tells her that she was given up at birth and adopted by an older couple, but they were killed in a car crash a few years ago and since then she's been bouncing from foster home to foster home. Chloe tells Nancy that she'll be 18 soon and will be on her own, and she's already been practicing saying "Would you like fries with that?" Nancy is visibly devastated that her daughter thinks so little of herself. Nancy tells Chloe that she heard her singing and she has such a wonderful gift. Chloe says music is her best friend. Nancy tells Chloe that she respects her, even envies her for her talent, and suggests she could even have a career in Opera one day. Nancy asks Chloe if she'd like to sing professionally? Chloe says she'd like to, but it is just a dream. Nancy thinks that she can make her dream come true, but Chloe doesn't understand how she can do that? Nancy tells Chloe that she's her mother.

Greta tells "Hope" that this is impossible, she can't be her mother. Greta asks "Hope" why she's doing this to her? Gina tells her that she loves her and wants her in her life again. Greta tells "Hope" that her mother is dead, she had her body exhumed and the dental records proved her identity. Greta tells "Hope" that she has just been programmed to be her mother. Gina tells Greta that there is one thing Stefano could not have given Hope that will prove she is her mother. Greta asks what? So Gina produces something from her purse and says "this!" It is a flower preserved in plastic, and Gina asks Greta if she remembers it? Flashback to the past when Greta was young. Greta brought her mom a flower she found in the forest, and Gina suggested that they press the flower to dry it so she can keep it forever. Greta remembers the flower and is moved to tears. Gina tells her that Hope could have known about the memory, but there is no way she could have this flower. Greta realizes "Hope" really is her mother, and the two hug. Greta thinks this is a dream, but Gina tells her it is real. There is a knock at the door and Lily identifies herself. Gina lets her in and Lily thinks she's interrupting. Gina tells her it is okay, she's told Greta the truth. Lily is thrilled and tells Greta that she knows the truth, her mother told her recently. Lily tells Greta that her mother loves her very much and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Lily gives them some time alone, and Greta asks her mom where Hope is?

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Nicole is busy having her evening drink when Brandon walks in. Brandon asks her if she's throwing a party for herself? She tells him hardly and says that it was a welcome home party for Victor Kiriakis. Nicole notices that Brandon is holding a folder and asks what is in it? Brandon says its just a file he was looking over for work. Brandon asks about Victor and what happened tonight? Nicole says that Victor has gotten bad press about her from Kate, and now she has to put up with him as well as Kate. Brandon says she could always skip town, but Nicole says she has some unfinished business here in Salem. Brandon looks at his folder and says he does as well. Nicole asks what unfinished business he has in Salem?

He says he does have a job, and mom is here. Nicole says it has been a long time since they've seen her, and she's alone now that Taylor has gone off to school. Brandon didn't know Taylor was gone and asks her what else she hasn't told him? When Nicole tells him about giving Eric his job back, Brandon asks her if she's nuts? Nicole says she is married now and can handle it, but Brandon points out that she's married to someone she doesn't love. Brandon warns her that she's playing with fire and will get burned, but realizes she won't take his advice.

Nicole reminds him about his fight and tells him that he has no right to give advice. She wishes he'd admit the truth about what set him off that night, he was thinking about their dad. Brandon can't believe she can still think of him as their dad. Nicole says despite of everything he did, she knows he loved her. Brandon can't believe her, but thinks it explains how she can stay married to Lucas and give herself to someone she doesn't love. Brandon leaves Nicole, who is in tears.

Craig calls the orphanage looking for Nancy, but Mrs. Rush tells him that Nancy isn't here right now, but she is fine. Craig asks her who he is speaking to, but Mrs. Rush tells him that she cannot tell him anything. Craig tries to find out where she is, but she says she is not at liberty to say and hangs up on him. Later, Lexi and Abe show up, and Abe tells Craig that they haven't found anything on Nancy yet. Craig says he's found out that Nancy is okay, but he doesn't know where she is. Lexie suggests Abe check out the number Craig called, so Abe says he'll get on it. He returns later and tells him that Nancy is at a place called Hayden House, it's an orphanage about 300 miles outside of Salem.

Nancy asks Chloe if she'd like to sing professionally? Chloe says she would, but it's just a dream. Nancy tells Chloe that she can help her make that dream come true. Chloe doesn't see how she can help her, so Nancy tells Chloe that she's her mother. Chloe is shocked at first. She touches Nancy's hair and then says "You found me, you came for me!" Nancy tells her no, she didn't come for her. Chloe asks her why she's here? Nancy says she wanted to give her some money so she could take care of her, but she heard her singing and had to see her face. Chloe asks her if she regrets that decision, but Nancy says no.

However, Nancy says she does understand her reaction, probably because she is hers. Nancy asks Chloe if she is what she expected of her mother? Chloe says she didn't think about her mom all that much. Nancy says she thought about her all the time, but she remembers a baby and not the grown up person she is now. Nancy begins to cry and can't believe she actually let her little baby go. Chloe asks Nancy why she gave her away? Nancy says she was a freshman in college when she got pregnant, and she came from a family where this thing just didn't happen. Chloe says "you mean it wasn't cool to have a bastard child?" Nancy tells her no, it wasn't cool. She says she was sent away, gave birth to her, and her father arranged for her adoption. Chloe asks Nancy if she didn't want her then, what is she doing here now?

Nancy tells Chloe that she signed up for an internet service to find her out of curiosity, and she eventually got a call from Mrs. Rush about her. Chloe realizes that Nancy came her to pay someone to get rid of her, but Nancy says she doesn't want to do that anymore. Nancy says she wants to help her grow into the person she thinks she can be. Chloe tells her that just because she gave birth to her doesn't mean she knows anything about her. Nancy would like to be given the chance to change that. Chloe asks her why? Nancy thinks that perhaps it is God's way of giving her another chance to make things right. Nancy tells Chloe that she wants to make things right. Chloe breaks into tears, as does Nancy, and the two hold one another. Nancy tells Chloe that she doesn't ever want to spend another minute without her, she wants her to come home to Salem with her tomorrow. Nancy tells her that she will make all the arrangements, and that this will work.

Philip returns after seeing his dad and Belle is glad to see he is back and has his family back together. Philip notices that Mimi is gone, and Belle tells him that her mom came to pick her up. When Philip rags on Mimi's choice in men, Belle tells Philip that Mimi is her best friend a she would appreciate it if he would speak of her with more respect.

Bo continues to worry about "Hope." Shawn and Alice make a bet on the next round, if Alice wins she will make him a weeks worth of donuts, but if she wins he has to play a tune on the piano for him. Shawn doesn't think so, but agrees when his family begins to make chicken noises at him. Shawn looks at his hand and thinks he can win, so he ups the ante. He tells her that if he wins she makes him donuts for a month, but if she wins he'll play the piano and sing.

Unfortunately for Shawn, Alice beats him. Alice asks everyone for their attention because her great-grandson has a surprise for them all. Shawn tells them that he's lost a bet, so this is his payoff. Shawn sits down at the piano and begins to play and sing "Jailhouse Rock." Bo and his mom dance as everyone claps and sings along with Shawn. Belle watches Shawn with a big smile on her face. After he is done Philip says he's never seen anything like that in his entire life. A smiling Belle says "neither have I."

Greta asks her mother where Hope is? Gina tells her that Hope is gone, she's dead. Greta tears up, and Gina tells her that she's so sorry. Greta asks Gina how she knows what happened? Gina doesn't know where to start. Gina tells her that she and Hope came face to face in Paris on a bridge, and both of them were shocked because they did not know the other existed. Gina says that she figured out everything on her own, that Stefano stole her memories from her and gave them to Hope at Maison Blanche. Gina tells Greta that Stefano's manipulation of Hope destroyed her mind. Gina claims that she tried to reach out to Hope, but Hope would not have it and was terrified of her. Gina tells Greta that Hope tried to get away from her, and ended up jumping to her death from the bridge. Greta wonders if Hope may still be alive, but Gina says her body was never found, it is probably at the bottom of the river and her soul is in heaven.

Greta asks her mother why she did not tell anyone, and why did she come her pretending to be Hope? Gina tells her that she did it to be with her. Greta tells her mom that Bo has to know the truth, so she's going to call him and tell him the truth. She picks up the phone to call him, but Gina hangs it up and says she cannot do that. Gina explains that as long as she pretends to be Hope she is sparing Bo and his family the pain of knowing that Hope is gone. Greta thinks it is wrong because she is not Hope, but Gina thinks she can be Hope and she can make Bo happy. Gina asks Greta is she does not deserve to be happy after all the pain she's endured over the years? She tells Greta that she didn't think it would be possible to fall in love again after John, but Bo is such a wonderful, kind, and gracious man.

Greta asks her mother if she is in love with Bo? Gina simply says that Bo loves her, and the more he does the more she shall become Hope in every way. Greta doesn't know about this, so Gina tells Greta that if the authorities find out who she is then she will go to prison for her crimes. Greta says they can explain to the police that she was forced by Stefano to steal. However, Gina says she was Stefano's willing accomplice, Hope was the one who was forced to follow Stefano. She assures Greta that if the truth comes out she will be sent to prison, and Greta will lose her mother again. Gina asks Greta to keep her secret for her, but Greta says she doesn't know because it is all to much. Gina tells her not to make a decision right now. Greta decides to go home to rest, but Gina asks her to spend the night here with her, so Greta agrees.

Hope and Kurt are hiding out in a cave from the police. Hope tells Kurt that she doesn't want to hide from the police anymore, she wants to turn herself in. Kurt tells her that she can't do that because they think she's an art thief and will throw her in jail. Hope tells him that he can prove she's not because she's his wife, can't he? When Kurt says no, Hope asks if he's saying he's not her husband? Kurt says of course he's her husband, but they don't have any ID on them. Hope asks him if they are married, then why don't they have any wedding bands? Kurt tells her that she must have lost hers when she fell in the river, and he took his off to do chores and must have forgotten to put it back on. Kurt tells her once they get back home they will have all the proof they need to prove to the police that she is his wife and not this Princess Gina person. Hope agrees to stay here with him for the night, so he goes to sleep. After Kurt falls asleep, Hope looks through his wallet and finds out that Kurt is single, he's been lying to her.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Vivian and Celeste meet at Java Café for coffee. Celeste saw Vivian on the news and congratulates her friend. Vivian is radiant and confident of her victory of getting Victor back from Kate. The two clink clear glass coffee cups while she tells Celeste how Kate fell right into her hands. Victor even came to her defense against Kate. Vivian tells Celeste that the only thing worse than a tramp is a boring tramp. She also wants Celeste she wants her to be her Maid of Honor and will fly in a French designer for their gowns. As they walk around the mall, Vivian is surprised she hasn't heard from Victor. She knows he had the downstairs bedroom made up for himself and isn't sleeping with Kate. She's going to go surprise him now.

Kate greets Victor at the breakfast table. Of course he's sitting at the head of the table. He asks her to sit down as he wants to talk with her. On the way to the table, Austin's asking Sami for a hint as to what she got him for Christmas. She tells him no and wants to be surprised herself. They see Victor and Sami asks what he's doing there. He answers, I live here. No one told them he was home and he tells them there was no obligation to tell them. His family knew and that's all that mattered. He tells Sami flat out he doesn't want to share his home with her either. Austin tells him Sami's changed while he's been gone. Victor doubts it and tells Sami if she wants to live in his home, she has to abide by HIS rules. Sami meekly asks if there's a curfew or something. No, he says. 1.) If she wants to live under his roof, she can't make any trouble for Kate and Lucas. Sami tries to defend herself, but he tells her to be quiet or he'll throw her out right now. 2.) He doesn't want to hear anymore about her saying Kate and Lucas' trying to frame her for Franco's murder, that's over 3.) If you persist in trying to take custody of Will from Lucas, she'll regret it. Those are his rules and don't slam the door on her way out. Austin said no problem, they'll go pack her stuff now.

Sami stops Austin and said she'd like to talk with Victor first. Sami tells Victor she will agree with his rules. Austin isn't as convinced about her staying, but Sami says after Victor's been around her a while, he'll see she's changed. Sami suggests she and Austin let Kate and Victor have breakfast alone and they leave. Kate asks about the changes and what they include. While he tells her he wants to marry her, it sounds more like to give Philip a family. It's been too long since the man of the house has been gone. He tells her he adores her, but before she accepts too heartily, she has to know all of the facts. Kate goes on about she feels after more therapy he'll be back to normal. They can walk on the French Riviera again and return to their room to make passionate love. She's going to hire therapists to help him. There's another problem. He tells her if they marry, it'll be a marriage in name only. They'll have separate quarters from now on. She asks if this problem is psychological or physical. He doesn't want to discuss it and she tells him she's his wife. He tells her NO, she isn't. That's why this next step is so important. He won't have Philip's life disrupted by a divorce. If she marries him, it's forever. She reminds him that the vows are for better or for worse. He understands, but he's giving her the opportunity to consider what she really wants. If they marry again, he'll love her of course, but she'll be sleeping alone.

Shawn, Bo and Caroline are sitting at a booth at the pub, having a nice BIG breakfast. While Bo is still concerned about his son, Shawn and Caroline both feel he's coming around. Caroline tells Bo that Shawn was going to share his winnings (donuts) with them, had he won. They talk about how Bo and Hope are doing now. He admits Hope is "different" now and he doesn't know what to do about it. He has no idea how to reconnect with her. Pop does. He tells them he and Hope were trying a little too hard at the high school dance. Pop tells him nature will sweep things along and to take her out on the Fancy Face II for a little trip. They always were happiest on the boat.

Bo agrees and tells Caroline she's married to a genius. She smiles and says no regrets, it's true. Alice arrives and when Shawn reminds her there are only 13 shopping days left until Christmas, Alice smiles and tells them she's almost finished with her shopping. Greta was suppose to go shopping with them and Alice tells them she called last night and was spending the night with a friend. Caroline and Alice both express their hopes that Eric and Greta will get together. Pop comments he's with the two most romantic women in the world, bless their hearts. He has an idea to help the Eric/Greta romance along too, just like he did Bo and Hope's earlier.

Nancy freshens up in the ladies room at the orphanage and remembers hugging Chloe and telling her she wants her back. She just has to make sure that Craig doesn't find out the truth. Just then, we see Craig knocking on Miss Rush's door. Miss Rush approaches down the hall and Craig doesn't waste any of his charm on her and asks where his wife is. He tells her he's not leaving there until he finds his wife and why she's there.

They go into her office and Craig tells her that he and his wife have a very open and honest relationship and tell each other everything. It's breaking his heart that she's going through something that's tearing her apart and he can't be there for her. He'll call the police if she doesn't tell him where she is. Nancy returns to Chloe's room and knocks on the door. Chloe lets her in. Nancy confesses she didn't sleep much the night before. She asks if Chloe prays and they both admit they do. Nancy prays that she had been stronger 15 years ago. Chloe tells her she didn't suffer, she had food and a place to live. Nancy asks about the older couple that adopted her. She asks if Chloe was loved and Chloe said they did their best. She asks Chloe if it's too late for them now. She knows she doesn't deserve a second chance, but would she agree to come live with her and her husband in Salem. Chloe said she didn't think about much else all night.

Miss Rush gives Craig the Inn's number where Nancy is staying. He leaves to go see her and warns Miss Rush not to warn Nancy he's coming. Nancy offers Chloe more time, but tells her about an empty bedroom on the second floor of their house that overlooks the garden. The real estate agent said would be perfect for a sewing room, but Nancy never learned to sew. Chloe knows Nancy isn't hurting for money by the way she dresses. She comments most foster parents are in it for the money. Chloe tells her not to expect her to be just like her. Nancy believes they'll have lots in common, but Chloe tells her she doesn't think so, just look in the mirror. Nancy gets a hurt expression on her face.

As she turns away from Chloe she said she's not surprised, looks mean everything to a teenage girl, but hoped they could get past the superficial. Chloe tells her every time she sees Nancy, she sees someone who's glamorous and sophisticated. Nancy smiles, turns and tells her daughter they can teach each other things. She can teach her to sing and she'll take Chloe shopping. Chloe likes dressing that way, it's comfortable. Nancy said she feels naked without her earrings, so they're different, so what? She has the most wonderful good feeling about each other and their future. She's kind of on the rich side and now if Chloe sees a t-shirt she likes, she can get one in every color. She'll be able to go to college or music school if she wants. She tells her that she didn't have the guts to protect her 15 years ago, but pity anyone that tries to hurt her daughter now.

Once she loves someone, if anyone tries to hurt them, they'll have to go through her. Chloe steps aside and picks up her doll to hold it, thinking. She asks if Chloe will come live with Craig and her and fill their house with singing. Chloe said she doesn't sing in front of people, only when she wants to. Nancy smiles and says DEAL and asks for a hug. She takes the doll from her and hugs her daughter. Chloe isn't as affectionate, but lets her hug her. Nancy apologizes and said she'll try to keep it down to one, maybe two, hugs a day. Chloe asks what they do now and Nancy said they'll speak to Miss Rush about the arrangements needed. Chloe asks when Nancy will talk to her husband and Nancy asks Chloe to do something for her to make it work.

Craig knocks on Nancy's hotel door, but the hotel manager tells Craig that he noticed Nancy's car is gone. Maybe she went to breakfast. Craig asks to wait for his wife in the room, but the manager refuses, hotel policy. Craig said he'll leave a note for her and be right in the lobby to wait for her, but kicks in the door as soon as the manager goes back inside. He goes through her drawers and finds the briefcase of money in the room. He goes to leave with the briefcase, but sees the Bible is open next to the bed. He picks it up and sees a passage was underlined. Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. He wonders if Nancy underlined it and plans to visit Miss Rush again. He leaves the Bible closed on the dresser. Austin and Sami go to Salem Place. They discuss Victor. Lucas has offered joint custody and he thinks now, especially, she should accept his offer. She doesn't want to mess with Victor. Sami still doesn't want joint custody. Austin tells Sami she's going to get herself into trouble messing with Victor. Sami tells him Victor doesn't scare her.

Gina awakens her daughter who's sleeping on the couch. She wants Greta to keep her secret as to her true identity. Greta is torn and really doesn't want to lie about it. Gina brings a platter of pastries to Greta, who squeals with excitement. They're the same pastry they shared every Sunday at 4 pm in France. Gina gave the recipe to the Inn chef and he whipped up a batch with the currants Gina had flown in from France. There's a knock on the door, and it's Bo. She kisses him and he notices Greta. She apologizes, but has a million things to do and rushes off.

After Greta leaves, he asks "Hope" to go for an overnight trip on the Fancy Face II and she readily agrees and even leaps in his arms. Bo asks her where she would like to go. She suggested they go to Smith Island to her grandparent's cabin. He's surprised at that suggestion after the time she found him with Billie there on their wedding day. Oops.. that thought slipped out of her mind. He decides to drop the subject as she watches him. She tells him the past is over, let's make a fresh start. But, if he thinks it's a bad, he agrees and leaves to get the FFII ready. He'll be back to pick her up and chart their course for the future.

Alone, she realizes it's going to be difficult to keep everything straight, but it will be well worth it to have a future with Bo Brady. Greta, now torn with what to do, goes to Salem Place and runs into Alice. Alice tells her she had time to find her a Christmas gift shopping alone. Greta tells her she spent the night with Hope. Alice knows Bo will be tickled the two are getting along so well and when Greta gets a troubled look on her face, Alice asks why. Alice tells her they all consider Greta family and promise to help her get through what's bothering her. Greta leaves and feels guilty for lying to Alice.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Philip worries when he loses another bet. His bookie Al demands $440 which is the interest on the money he owes. Mimi urges Belle to admit that she has a crush on Shawn. Shawn wonders to Bo why Hope would want to go back to the cabin where she caught him in bed with Billie. Belle teases Shawn about his singing earlier. When she trips, Belle ends up holding Shawn's hands as he catches her. She then reveals that she is going pond skating with Philip. Shawn confides that he is not sure Hope is his mom. Greta hears from Gina that she does not feel guilty about sleeping with Bo while pretending to be Hope. Abe argues with Lexie about forcing the issue in trying to get pregnant using scientific means. Brandon takes a peek at Abe's file to see what he can use to bring Abe down. Craig finally confronts Nancy. Chloe eavesdrops on Nancy lying to Craig as she claims that she once made a pact with a friend and vowed to take care of her child if she died. Craig refuses to take the girl home with them.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Victor questions Philip about his missing watch and learns that it is in for repairs. Philip then talks Victor out of $200 for those repairs. Philip then talks Henderson into giving him an advance on his allowance. Kate is very upset when she spots Vivian bringing Victor to work. Kate advises Victor that he has become very cold and judgmental and she won't take it anymore. Nicole boasts to Vivian that Victor and Kate have a home and child to share and she won't be able to compete with that. Vivian goes after Nicole but Nicholas holds her back as she warns Nicole she's just made a dangerous enemy. Nicole's upset when she finds Eric having coffee with Greta. Greta urges her mother to return to Europe with her but Gina explains that she is wanted as an art thief there. At the cabin with Gina, Bo tells "Hope" he sees Princess Gina in her. After he confesses his love, Gina kisses him. Hope realizes that she must get to the American embassy.

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