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Monday, December 13, 1999

Eric and Greta are walking around Salem Place, which has been decorated for Christmas. They both love Christmas and this time of year, and Eric tells Greta that he loves spending it with her. Nicole comes out of a store and gags when she sees the two love birds together. Greta thanks him for bringing her here. He tells her that this is nothing and that he does some serious gift giving this time of year, but admits that she is a tough one to shop for. He then pretends to use his ESP and says he thinks she wants chocolates from Paris. Greta remembers "Hope" sending her the same chocolates, and Eric asks her where she just drifted off to? Greta smiles and says with her mother. Eric asks her what she means? Greta tells him that she thinks about her mother often at this time of year, but she doesn't want to talk about it right now.

Eric returns to his original question, what she wants for Christmas. Suddenly, a very attractive woman in a very short Santa outfit shows up and gives Eric a flier and tells him that a local store is having a sale on teddies and bustiers. Eric lets out an "all right!" and asks Greta what she thinks about this? Greta feels very uncomfortable, and Eric tells her that he was just joking and apologizes. Greta tells him that he does not need to apologize, she is the shy one and wishes he could be more Nicole. Eric tells her that she couldn't be like Nicole if she tried, and he doesn't want her to be like Nicole. Eric tells Greta that he wants to be the person she is, that is who he is attracted to. Unknown to Eric, Nicole is listening in to every word he tells Greta. Nicole calls Titan and demands that they page Eric and tell him his lunch break is over, so he is to return to work.

Nicole returns to Titan and finds that Eric has turned the photo-shoot room into a virtual outdoor picnic for Greta. Nicole asks a guy there what is going on here? The man tells her that Eric called the shoot off and asked him to decorate the room this way. A gourmet take-out delivery man shows up with a picnic basket, hands it to Nicole, and asks her to sign for it. Suddenly, Eric and Greta show up, and Nicole is a tad surprised. Eric tells her that he's decided to shut down for the day, and she's upset that he did not consult her first. Eric thanks Ralph, the guy, for decorating the place. When no one is looking, Nicole slips a condom into the picnic basket, and then hands it to Greta. Nicole leaves, and Eric and Greta sit down to enjoy their picnic. Eric tells Greta that if she closes her eyes and listens really hard she can hear the birds chirping. Greta laughs and says she can't hear anything. Greta thanks Eric for doing this for her because she really needed it. Eric tells her to crack open the basket and tell him what she finds, he's not to sure what he ordered. Greta opens up the basket and flips out when she finds a condom. Greta flies out of the room, dropping the condom behind her. A clever Nicole shows up and picks it up before Eric sees it. Nicole leaves, and says that Greta isn't like her at all, which is why she doesn't stand a chance in hell.

Shawn continues to worry about his mom. Belle finds Shawn in la-la land and asks him if he is okay? Mimi, shows up with Philip, and she sees Shawn and Belle together. She asks Philip what is up with those two, they claim they can't stand one another, but she doesn't buy it. Philip tells Mimi that she's wrong, Shawn always does something to make Belle mad and he gives him five minutes. Mimi tells Philip that he's on, and begins the countdown. Back at their lockers, Shawn tells Belle that he is fine. He tells her that he told his mom about her doubts about him, but then she slipped into Perfect-Mom mode. Belle becomes upset and tells him that he loves using that word to insult people.

Shawn asks her what she is talking about, but then remembers calling her Perfect-Girl. Belle tells Shawn that she hated that name, and then she waves to Mimi and Philip over his shoulder.

Shawn looks behind him and sees Philip and calls him a Perfect- Guy and jokes how the two of them are so Perfect-Together. Belle becomes fed up and slams her locker door, and Philip gloats to Mimi that they have a new record. Philip approaches Belle and gives her a gift, pom-poms for her skates. Belle thanks him and gives him a little kiss on his cheek. Shawn walks over to Mimi and tells her that her new look is wild, but she looks great without all this extra stuff. Mimi thinks she is invisible without it, but Shawn tells her that she looked great without it. Shawn remembers the first day they had class together and how he couldn't take her eyes off her, and describes what she was wearing. He tells her that she was totally into being herself, and that is all that is important.

Shawn and Mimi then begin to take off all over her bangle bracelets as Belle watches. Belle suggests to Philip that the two of them double with Mimi and Shawn, but Philip says no because Mimi is too loud and Shawn is too introspective. Suddenly, Philip's bookie beeps him, so he has to leave. Belle approaches Mimi and Shawn and asks her why she's de-accessorizing? Mimi says it is because she doesn't need all that junk, and she decides to go to class when the first bell rings. Belle asks Shawn what he said to Mimi, she's never seen her so happy? Shawn tells her that he just told her to be herself.

Belle says she's been trying to tell Mimi that for months, but she won't listen to her. Shawn doesn't know why she'd listen to him, so Belle tells him that Mimi is totally hooked on him, she'd do anything he tells her to. Shawn is shocked and says Mimi has so much to offer, but he has nothing. Belle tells Shawn that is not true. Shawn asks like what, his retro dance moves? Belle asks Shawn why he shuts down on her and becomes so defensive? Shawn says he does it for protection. When she asks what he is protecting himself again, he tells her that she's the daughter of a shrink and should figure it out.

Philip meets up with his bookie in Salem Place and gives him another payment. Al tells Philip that he'll see him the same time tomorrow, but Philip doesn't understand why he can't just give him one lump sum by New Years? Al tells him no way, he likes it this way and plans on seeing him the same time everyday to collect money. Philip realizes there is no way he can scrape together another payment by tomorrow, and that he's dead.

At the Horton Cabin, Gina and Bo are busy kissing. Bo pulls away and tells her that he wants to make love to her. She grabs him and begins kissing him more fiercely than ever. She eventually backs away and tells Bo that she's a little nervous because this feels like it is there first date. Bo tells her the dance was their first date, and tonight will be wonderful. Gina tells him that she just wants to be honest with him from now on, and it makes Bo feel a little guilty. He tells her that he wants to be honest with her too. He tells her that lately he's been feeling she's not 100% back with him, and he hates feeling this way.

Gina tells him that it is all right, she'd much rather he says it than keep it inside. She also tells him that he has a right to have doubts about her because she's not Hope, exactly. She tells him that she's not complete yet, she's not whole yet because there is still so much of herself that she hasn't found. Bo asks her what she is getting at? Gina tells him that when Stefano altered her mind she thought she'd never get her life back together, but his love gave her the hope and strength to do so. Gina tells Bo that if he makes love to her, than she will be whole again. Bo tells "Hope" how beautiful she is, both inside and out. He promises her that she will be complete again, she will be his FancyFace. Bo picks "Hope" up and carries her to bed. As they roll around in bed, Bo flashes back to how it was with the old Hope. After the deed is done, a tear rolls down Bo's cheek and he tells himself that it wasn't the same, where is his Hope?

Kurt and Hope arrive at the Chateau, but Hope says this place has never been home to her. Kurt says that this has been her home for years, but Hope says it does not match her memories. Hope tells him that this place brings up feelings of fear for her. Hope want to leave, but Kurt grabs her and tells her to stop this! Hope tells Kurt to let go of her because he's hurting her. Kurt says he can't do that because she will run. Hope says she won't, and she asks him to take her to Paris to the American embassy so she can speak to someone. When he refuses, she says she'll go herself and tries to leave. Kurt grabs her and sternly tells her that she's not going anywhere! Hope asks him if she is his prisoner? Kurt tells her yes she is.

Hope struggles to break free, but she can't escape from him. Hope tells Kurt that she knows they aren't married and she wants answers, is she his prisoner, or his boss' prisoner? Kurt tells her that he's not telling her anything and orders her inside. Hope knees Kurt in his groin and makes a break for it. She hops on the motorcycle, and suddenly hears Bo telling her that he loves her. Kurt picks Hope up and carries her inside. Hope begs him not to do this, but he throws her into the turret despite her begging him not to. Hope says this place feels like a dungeon and asks Kurt what he wants from her? He tells her that it doesn't matter, she'll have everything she needs and he'll bring her food just like before. Hope asks him what he means, was she here before? Kurt ignores her and leaves, locking her behind in the turret. Hope bangs on the door and demands to be let out, but Kurt is long gone. Hope falls to the floor and asks whoever the voice in her head is to please save her. Suddenly, Hope hears Bo's voice asking her where she is? Hope tells Bo that she's here, she's here.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Nicole is talking to Brandon about her big plans and how she'll be damned if she's going to let "that man" ruin them. She tells Brandon that she plans to be happy in her marriage and she won't let Victor screw it up for her. Brandon says he thought she wanted out of her marriage? Nicole says she changed her mind, Lucas is a nice guy and he takes care of her. Brandon tells Nicole to stay away from Eric or she'll blow the good life. Nicole tells him that she's not stupid, and invites him out to dinner. Brandon says he's going to see mom for dinner, and he came by here to take her with him. Nicole tells him forget it, she is moving forward in her life, not backwards.

Brandon says she is their mother, but Nicole says their mom will probably just complain about the same old things. Brandon reminds her of the ten commandments and "honor thy parents." Nicole asks if she should honor their mom the same way he honors their dad? Brandon can't believe she wants him to honor a man who beat up his wife for burning toast, not to mention what he did to her. Brandon says that their mother did nothing but love them, and she deserves theirs in return. Nicole tells him to give her his love, she's going to dinner. After Brandon leaves, Nicole wonders why Brandon wants to go back there because he's just asking for trouble. Brandon goes to his mom's house, but as he's about to knock on the door he can't forget the bad times with his dad.

At the townhouse, Nicholas finds Vivian in the living room and asks her where they are going for dinner? Vivian says nowhere, she's made plans for them for the evening. Vivian brings Nicholas a margarita to tide him over while he waits for her surprise. Suddenly, Vivian announces it is time for her surprise!

Kate and Lucas are decorating the tree, and Kate asks Lucas why his wife isn't here because she's missing all the fun. Lucas says she's at a photo shoot and will be late. Kate comments "The later the better!" Philip, Victor, and Will are also helping finish up the tree. Kate tells Victor that this is the first year since his stroke that she hasn't dreaded Christmas because he is here. Victor says he's always happiest when he's with his family. When Kate says "me too," Victor asks her if she's sure about that? Victor tells her that he doesn't mean to pressure her, but this is a decision which will affect the rest of her life. Kate says that having him home is a miracle, perhaps they will get another one. Victor tells her not to count on that.

Lucas approaches his parents and hints to them that he'd like a car for Christmas. Later, Victor takes Will for a ride in his wheelchair. Lucas tells his mom that Victor is really good with kids, and perhaps Will will have a baby brother or sister next year, and maybe she and Victor can make an addition to their family. Later Victor tells Will about Christmas in Greece and how they had to protect their house from Christmas goblins by making sure they always had a fire burning so they couldn't get in through the chimney. Suddenly, Vivian and Nicholas stop by to deliver some gifts, but Vivian gives one to Victor and tells him that it must be opened now.

Victor opens the gift, which is Greek Christmas cookies, ones Victor was just telling Will about. Everyone enjoys the cookies, and Kate does not look pleased. Nicholas talks with Kate and tells her that he hasn't been able to sleep because he can't stop thinking about her, and he knows she's been thinking about him too. Kate tells Nicholas that she hates to deflate his ego, but she has more important things to think about. After the tree is finished, Victor makes a little speech. He tells them all that he has far more riches that he ever dreamed of having, and this will be a joyous millennium indeed. As Kate and Victor kiss, Vivian watches with hate.

Austin and Sami are dining at Tuscany. Sami thanks Austin for bringing her here, but asks if he'd rather be home trimming the tree? Austin says that he is right where he wants to be, though he's sorry he brought her here because all the guys are staring at her. She asks if her dress is too much? She is wearing a black sholder-less dress and her hair is pulled up. Austin tells her that she looks beautiful and he's glad she dressed up because he wants this night to be special. Austin orders caviar, but they both agree that it looks weird and are reluctant to try it.

Elsewhere, Greta and Lily are dining together. Lily is spoiling Greta rotten because Greta's mother is a princess, and she was raised to enjoy only the finest things. Greta worries about her mother because Bo is a bright and sensitive man and he will realize that her mother is not Hope. Lily tells her that she underestimates her mother, there is nothing she can't do once she sets her mind to it. The waiter serves their food and Lily tells Greta that she must try some of the caviar. Greta says she's not hungry, and Lily tells her that she forgot about her lunch with Eric. She asks Greta to tell her all about it. Greta remembers the condom incident, and tells Lily that she's not sure Eric is right for her. Lily asks her if Eric has disappointed her in bed? Greta is shocked and says she does not want to discuss sex right now. Lily changes the subject and says when Bo and "Hope" return she plans to throw a party to celebrate their reunion. Greta tells her not to send out the invitations just yet, her mom may be in jail soon. A look of shock comes over Lily's face, but Greta tells her that they both know her mother was an art thief and if she isn't arrested for that, then she will be arrested for assuming someone's identity. Later a man name Oliver Preston introduces himself to Greta and suggests she give him a call sometime. Greta tells him that she's seeing someone right now, but Oliver gives her his card anyways in case it doesn't work out. Lily tells Greta that Oliver is the type of young man her mother would want her to be seeing.

Greta and Sami run into one another, and Sami is very cold to her. She tells Greta that she saw her flirting with Oliver Preston, and she is not pleased. Greta says that Oliver may have been hitting on her, but she was hitting on him. She says that she can be trusted, but she's not so sure about Eric. Sami doesn't understand because her brother is the most honest person she knows. When Greta suggests she might not know him all that well, Sami demands Greta tell her what she knows. Greta says that that is a personal issue, and she hasn't even discussed it with Eric yet. Sami tells Greta that she better discuss this misunderstanding with Eric, because she knows they can work things out if they do because Eric is a great guy.

Sami returns to her table and tells Austin that she's learned there might be a problem between Greta and Eric. Austin suggests she let them work it out on their own, and Sami assures him that she won't interfere. Austin then produces a surprise for Sami, a gift. She says she hasn't even gotten him his Christmas gift yet, but he says it isn't a Christmas gift, just something he saw and wanted her to have. Sami opens the gift, which is a crystal Christmas tree charm on a necklace. She thanks him for the gift, which he puts around her neck. Afterwards he gives her a kiss.

Greta returns to her table and Lily tells her to stop dwelling on all the negative things and think about the positive stuff. Lily tells Greta that after years of loneliness her mother has found love with Bo, and she wants to be with him. She tells Greta that if Bo accepts her as Hope, then she must accept it as well.

Gina and Bo are resting in bed after making love. Bo realizes something is very wrong, and wonders where Hope is. Gina tells Bo that being with him was better than she ever could have dreamed. When Bo says nothing, she looks at him and asks him what is wrong? Gina tells Bo that she knows something was very off just now, and she doesn't want him to lie to spare her feelings. Bo tells Gina that he thought in time they would get back the magic they once had, but they don't have it back yet, and he knows why. Bo tells her that when they were in Paris he thought he had reached her, but he guess he didn't after all. Bo suggests that perhaps she is just trying to hard to connect to him, to please him. He tells her that perhaps they are moving too fast, perhaps they both need breathing room. Gina tells Bo that he's never run away from anything in his entire life and she's not about to let him run away from her now!

Bo says he's not running from anything, they both just need some time to get their lives back together. Gina tells Bo that they will do it together, and they will get back the magic they once shared. She then tells Bo that there might be a way to get the magic back sooner than they might think. Gina tells Bo that John is the one person who knows exactly what they are going through and he told her that his problems with Marlena were solved after they got married. Gina tells Bo that perhaps they should get married again!

Hope is on the floor crying and calling out Bo's name. She begins to remember her wedding, Shawn D's birth, and Santa Rosa. Hope smiles and picks herself off the floor. She remembers that she is Hope Williams and that she loves Bo Brady. She screams out "I love you Brady!" Hope remembers her wedding night, and how her dad told her how much he loved her before her wedding. Hope then senses that Bo is in danger. Hope realizes she has to get out of here, and she wonders why Kurt has brought her here. She forces herself to think back, and she remembers her accident a year ago which caused her to lose her memory. She then finds her old escape route behind the curtains, and Gina's warning that her enemies would die. She wonders why she can remember her life with Bo in Salem, but why can't she remember anything about this place? Kurt returns, and Hope demands that he tell her the truth about everything. Kurt tries to feed her lies about how she is sick and doesn't remember him, but this is her home. However, Hope informs Kurt that she does remember, she is Hope Williams and she belongs in Salem with Bo. She begs Kurt to help her get home to Bo and her son.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Lexie takes her temperature, and it indicates the time is right, so she sprays on some perfume, puts on some romantic music, and turns the lights down low. She lays on her bed and then screams for Abe. Abe comes running, thinking something is wrong, but she tells him nothing is wrong, they have a green light to go. Abe lets out a hallelujah and jumps into bed with his wife. After the deed has been done, Lexie tries standing on her head to improve her chances of getting pregnant, but she soon topples over. Abe picks Lexie up and decides that they should go for round two, just to be on the safe side. After the second try, Lexie manages to stand on her head for a full ten minutes. Lexie tells Abe that she wants to have a baby so much, no matter what they have to do. Abe knows that, but says even if they don't they still have one another, and that is enough for him. Abe then tells her that the third time is the charm, so the two go at it again.

Brandon knocks on the door, but his mom doesn't answer. As he is walking away, his mom finally unlocks the door and gives him a big hug. She invites him in, and it brings back memories of his father. Brandon's mom asks him if he's okay? He tells her that being back here just stirs up some memories. His mom notices that he's lost a couple of pounds, but she's prepared all his favorite foods for him. Brandon tells his mom that before they eat he has a surprise for her. He opens the door and produces a Christmas tree, which has already been decorated. Brandon's mom tells him this is perfect because she couldn't put any money aside for a tree this year. They plug the tree in, and Brandon tells her now it looks like Christmas. She hugs him, and then tells him to sit and eat! Brandon says its quiet around here without Taylor and Nikki.

Brandon's mom says Taylor is happy at school, and when your as rich as Nicole you don't need to see your mom unless you have to. Brandon says that Nikki wanted to come, but she tells Brandon that she knows Nicole is ashamed of her. Brandon says that she's not ashamed of her, she's just caught up in her new life and finally has everything she ever wanted. His mom says no, Nicole has never had everything she wanted, and never will because she always wants more. She talks about how much his dad loved Nicole, which upsets Brandon. Brandon doesn't want to hear her talk about his father like he was a good person because that bastard destroyed their family. Brandon's mom says that part of her believes that his father couldn't help it because he was tormented by his own inner demons. She tells him that they shouldn't talk about the bad times anymore, and serves him some apple crumb pie, his favorite desert.

Brandon's mother tells him that she's so glad he has a good job, and this Dr. Lexie sounds like a good person. Brandon says that she is married to a cop, and comments about how they used to have a lot of cops around here thanks to the nosey neighbors. When Brandon's mom says the cop Lexie married must be a fine young man, Brandon tells her that the guy is old enough to be her father. He tells her that she's married to Commander Abe Carver, which seems to have an affect on Brandon's mom. She tells herself "Abe Carver, no it can't be!" Brandon's mom packs up the leftovers and gives them to Brandon. Brandon thanks her and tells her that he'll try to come by for Christmas and bring Nikki, but she says she won't hold her breath. Brandon sees his mom is upset and asks her if she knows Abe Carver, was he one of those cops who use to come around their place back then? She tells him that was almost twenty years ago, she can hardly remember. They both say their "I love yous," and Brandon takes off. After Brandon is gone, Brandon's mom says she remembers Abe Carver and things would have been a whole lot better if that man had never come here. Outside, Brandon knows his mom remembers Abe, and he promises that he will pay for what he did to them.

Craig tells Nancy that there is no way in hell they are taking that kid home with them. He says they both agreed they would not have kids, so why in the hell should they take one home that isn't even theirs? Nancy says she didn't set out to change their plans, but sometimes life throws you a curve. Craig tells Nancy that child is not coming to live with them, it just isn't going to happen. Nancy asks him how he can be so cold? Craig says that if they take that child home it will change their lives completely, and it could possible end their marriage. Nancy asks Craig if he will leave her if she insists they bring the girl home? Craig apologizes for saying that, but he says that they both agreed never to have children. Craig says that having a baby right now would change their lives as they know it. He says that they's have to hire a nanny or a babysitter or something. Nancy tells him that they aren't talking about a baby, this girl is fifteen!

Craig is shocked, and then calls the girl a full grown juvenile delinquent who probably has head lice, crooked teeth, and boyfriend in prison whose name is tattooed across her butt! Nancy tells him that she is nothing like that. Craig realizes that Nancy has met her already. Nancy says she has, and that she is a wonderful girl. Craig asks if she's already asked her to move in with them? Nancy gives him a look that says yes, and he asks her if he's lost her mind? She tells him that they can make a difference in this girl's life, and she has to listen to what her heart is telling her to do. Nancy tells her husband that if he looked into his own heart then he'd agree to let this girl come live with them.

Mrs. Rush takes Chloe back to her room. Chloe asks her if she thinks Mrs. Wesley will be able to talk her husband into letting her come live with them? Mrs. Rush says she doesn't know, but it bothers her that she wouldn't tell her husband that she was her daughter. She wonders what kind of home they could offer her if they can't be honest with one another. Chloe says that Nancy lied to her husband because she's afraid he'll hate her if she knows the truth. Mrs. Rush asks her if she's prepared to live this lie? Chloe says she is because anything is better than living here and being sent to another foster home. After awhile, Chloe begins to wonder why they haven't heard from them yet. Mrs. Rush says maybe Nancy changed her mind. Chloe says if she did, she hopes she'll at least send her the money for singing lessons.

Bo and Gina return to Salem on the FancyFace II, and both Bo and Gina are being very quiet. Gina tells Bo that it is probably a good thing they came back now instead of spending the night at the cabin. Bo tells her that Christmas is right around the corner and they both have huge to-do lists. Gina tells Bo that spending Christmas with him and their son is going to be so wonderful and that they both will have the happiness they deserve. Bo couldn't agree more and kisses Gina. Gina tells him that she knows she has a way to go before she is whole again, but Bo tells her that they will get their soon. Gina tells Brady that she loves him so much, and the two hug. She says that she wants to be herself again, the woman who will love him for an eternity. Bo tells her that she will be, which makes her smile. He tells her that this will be the best Christmas ever. Gina tells Bo that she has to get going back to the hotel, but insists on driving herself because she has to prepare special surprise for him and Shawn. Bo kisses her and tells her that he loves her, and then she takes off. After Gina leaves, Bo thinks that Hope will come back to him soon, and perhaps if they were to get married it would speed up her return to him. He thinks that she is right and says the sooner she becomes Mrs. Bo Brady the better.

Hope begs Kurt to let her go home to Salem. Kurt tells her that this is her home now. Hope calls him a monster, but he says he is no monster. She tells him to prove it by letting her out. Kurt tells her that she has no right to make demands after what she did to Princess Gina. Hope says that the woman is dead, and when Kurt doesn't respond, she asks him if Gina is dead? Kurt tells her that all she needs to know is she is staying in this room and she won't be hurt as long as she behaves. Hope tells him that he can't do this to her, but he asks her how he will stop him? Hope tells Kurt that she is beginning to remember everything, including the storm when she had her accident and her car went off the road. She wonders how long ago that happened and asks Kurt what month and year it is? When he tells her it is December 99, Hope realizes that she's lost a year of her life.

Hope asks Kurt if he knows what has happened to her this past year, and who brought her here and why would they want to punish her? Kurt refuses to answer any of her questions because this is the way it has to be, be says it doesn't have to be that way. When she says he can't keep her locked up here forever her that she's not calling the shots. Hope says that Bo will come looking for her he will pay for what he's done. Kurt laughs and tells her that Bo isn't even looking for her! Hope says the only reason Bo would stop looking for her is if he thought she was dead. Kurt tells her that there is nothing she can do, and she might as well accept her fate. Hope tells him "Never!" Hope says that she needs answers. She asks him what his relationship was with Gina, and did she know him when she thought he was Gina? Kurt says that he took care of Gina during the last years of her life, but refuses to share any more information with her. Hope knows that Kurt can't be behind this, and she wants to know who is. Kurt says he doesn't have the answers, and he will come back later when she has calmed down. Hope thinks that Stefano is doing this to her and she begs him to tell her why. He refuses to answer her, and instead walks out. Hope damns Stefano and hopes he will die for what he's done to her and her family.

Back in Salem, Gina returns to the Salem Inn and thinks her plan is working perfectly. She tells herself that soon she will have Bo, Greta, and the son she never thought she'd have, Shawn. However, she realizes that Stefano could interfere with her plans, so she must find a way to stop him. She opens up a drawer and pulls out a gun and tells herself that if she has to kill him, then so be it.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Salemites gather at the site of the town Christmas tree for the lighting ceremony. Lucas argues with Nicole when he realizes how much money she has been spending on herself during the holiday season. Philip and Belle grow closer as they oooh and ahh the lights of the season. Later, Philip figures out a way to get the bookie off his back. Brandon arrives in a sour mood after a visit with his mother. Sami accuses him of having two distinct personalities: the bruising boxer and the compassionate counselor. Sami becomes upset when Brandon warns her that if she lied about Lucas hitting Will, her lie will come back to haunt her. Sami is curious when she watches Brandon's reaction to the mention of his mother. Pretending to be Hope, Gina confronts Stefano and demands that he leave town. When he wonders why, Gina reveals her true identity and claims that she didn't really burn the Renet. She offers him the painting if he'll agree to do as she commands. Furious, Stefano tries to attack her but backs off when she pulls her gun on him. To prove that she trusts him, she hands him the gun but then panics when he starts to strangle her. Vivian leaks to Victor about Titan's books and the $5 million dollars Kate offered Nicole to marry Lucas. Victor is furious with Kate for giving Nicole all the money and not keeping most of it in a trust over 5 years of marriage. Victor also doesn't like how she turned the house into a bizarre assortment of losers and vows to take control now.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Nancy and Craig are driving back to Salem with Chloe asleep in the back seat. They believe that she is asleep; however, she is listening when Craig makes negative comments about her to Nancy. Craig is very cold and uncaring toward Nancy and Chloe. Nancy implies she does not like this side of Craig after telling Chloe how "Nice and fun-loving" Craig usually is with her.

Nancy is embarrassed about Craig's behavior in front of Chloe. Nancy has a slip of the tongue and refers to Chloe as "her child" in front of Craig.

When Craig asks her what she means she covers and says she simply feels responsible for Chloe now. Chloe's feelings are hurt by Craig and she runs from the car. Suddenly, Nancy is hit by an oncoming car when she chases after Chloe. Craig rushes to her side while she lays on the ground. Philip is caught by his father, Victor, asking Vivian for $4500 in cash.

Vivian helps Philip cover and says she is giving Philip the money to buy a special Christmas gift. Victor apologizes to both of them and Philip is relieved. Vivian whisks Victor off to dinner at Tuscany only to walk into the restaurant and Vivian spots a steamy kiss between Kate and Nicholas which Victor does not see.

Stefano has his hands firmly around Princess Gina's neck until she reminds him that he would lose his precious freedom and go to jail if he kills her.

She proposes a deal to Stefano. She offers to give him the Renet if he will leave the country for good. She says she wants an uncomplicated life with Bo in Salem posing as Hope. When Stefano asks her if she killed Hope she dodges his questions. "Steffi" offers to turn John back into "the Pawn" for Princess Gina but she refuses saying that this would not be possible because they would have to remain on the run away from Salem for the rest of their lives. Rolf frets that all is well except that Y2k could have a direct effect on John's memory. Rolf says it is possible that John could regain his memory of his time aboard the submarine with Gina at midnight on December 31.

Meanwhile, Marlena and John have lunch with Abe and Lexie. Doc begins to have flashbacks about her counseling sessions with "Hope." She is beginning to wonder about the unaccounted time while John was "missing" during their honeymoon. Abe complains to Doc about Brandon and the fact he is not attending counseling sessions. Abe and Lexie go window shopping.

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