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Nancy fought for her life while Craig sat at her bedside. Kate and Nicholas continued to fight their attraction as Vivian caught on to them. Gina locked Hope and Stefano up in the country house in Paris. Rolf and Bart tried to erase John's memories. Bo announced his engagement to "Hope" at the Horton Christmas party.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, December 20, 1999

The kids from Salem High were hanging out at a cyber café. Belle convinced Mimi to use her computer to send Shawn a message. Shawn was busy playing a video game with Philip, who wanted to put money on the outcome of the game. Shawn told Philip that he was too obsessed with money, and perhaps he should stop betting. Philip accused Shawn of not knowing how hard it was not having money, but Shawn told Philip that his dad could have had the Kiriakis fortune but had turned it down because he believed in working for a living. Shawn eventually told Philip to drop it, and the two continued playing their game. As they played, they exchanged insults.

Shawn told Philip that he was pretty good at it, but then he should be, because he didn't do anything but sit around his house all day on his butt with nothing better to do than play games. Shawn eventually beat Philip, who was angry to lose. Meanwhile, Mimi sent Shawn her message then told Belle that Brandon was there. She teased Belle about him and asked if she was going to say hello to her old heartthrob. Back at their computers, Shawn got his anonymous message. When Philip asked who it was from, he looked over toward Belle and Mimi and said he had a pretty good idea. The message said that "it is the season of three kings. You're the king, and I'd love to hear you sing!"

Suddenly, Grandpa Shawn and Caroline showed up, dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus, to collect donations for the hospital Christmas party. Philip joked about their lame fundraising attempt, which ticked Shawn off. Grandpa Shawn asked Shawn if he would sing for the kids at the hospital, so he agreed. Shawn made an announcement that if anyone wanted to hear him sing, he would be at the hospital Christmas party. He then urged Philip to donate that fifty bucks he'd wanted to bet him earlier. Belle looked at Philip and told him that he could afford to give a little to charity. Philip reluctantly handed over his money, and Grandpa Shawn and Caroline thanked him.

Brandon met up with a hacker at the café and asked him to get access to the Salem Police Department files. Brandon told him that he needed all the information on Abe Carver that he could get. The hacker told Brandon that it was going to cost him, but Brandon said he would pay anything. The hacker asked Brandon what he had against Abe Carver. Brandon said he was just returning a favor, and gave the hacker some cash. The hacker told him it was just a down payment; the information he wanted was going to cost him a whole lot more.

Abe and Lexie returned home and were still arguing about their infertility. Lexie wanted to get medical help to conceive a child, but Abe refused. Abe lit their Christmas tree and asked for a holiday truce. Abe and Lexie shared a kiss, and Abe apologized for his behavior. He told her that he believed making love to his wife should be private and personal, not something to be discussed with doctors and nurses.

Lexie told Abe that she understood how he felt. Abe told her that the night before, he had been thinking about the Christmas miracle and how he believed that they might be able to make their own Christmas miracle that year. Unfortunately, their miracle was delayed when Lexie was paged by the hospital and was given the news about Nancy's accident. Abe told Lexie that he'd drive her to the hospital, so they left.

Vivian walked into the restaurant and saw Kate and Nicholas sitting at the bar, kissing. Victor was wheeled into the restaurant, and when Kate heard the maître d' welcome him back, she prayed that Victor hadn't seen her kissing Nicholas. Luckily, he hadn't, and Nicholas gave Victor and Vivian a cover story, saying that he and Kate were meeting to discuss the projected Internet sales for the next year. Victor invited Kate to have dinner with them, and Vivian suggested that they both have dinner with Victor because he had spotted Ivan and Celeste and decided to go dine with them.

Vivian told Celeste that she looked fabulous and hoped they didn't mind if she joined them. Ivan told "Ms. Alamain" that they did mind because they wanted to dine alone that night. Ivan was hurt that she had been ignoring him, but Vivian said she'd been very busy helping Victor. Ivan told her that the obsession with Victor was only going to get her hurt. Vivian asked him to be happy for her for a change.

Ivan told Vivian that he hoped she found the happiness he had found with Celeste and that the two of them planned to spend the rest of their lives together. Vivian was shocked and decided to go touch up her makeup. After she left, Celeste asked Ivan what that was all about. She asked him why he'd lied to Vivian. Ivan told Celeste that he was trying to protect Vivian and make her realize that she was making a mistake going after Victor.

Victor asked Nicholas to please join them for dinner so they could talk about their future together. Nicholas excused himself for a second to go pay his bar bill, and Victor told Kate that she looked tense. Kate said she had a headache and wanted to go home, but Victor said he wouldn't allow it. Kate was furious with him. He told her not to make a scene because they were not the kind of people who could afford to have public indiscretions.

When Nicholas returned, Victor proposed a toast to him, the man who'd taken care of Victor's family when he had not been able to and who was a friend to his wife. He told Nicholas that he had always considered him like a son and hoped that Kate would learn to feel the same way about him. Kate excused herself, and Victor told Nicholas that she seemed a little edgy. Nicholas said that she just had a lot on her mind.

In the ladies' room, Vivian asked Kate to tell her all about Kate's evening with her nephew. Kate told her that she and Nicholas worked well together; however, she was with Victor, and they would stay together, no matter what Vivian did. Vivian told her to just keep thinking that way because it would help her sleep. When Vivian left the bathroom, Nicholas asked her if she'd said anything to accept Kate. Vivian teased him and told him that both he and Kate were "mighty defensive tonight."

Vivian returned, saw Ivan and Celeste, and told them that she missed them and planned to make it a New Year's resolution to see more of them. She then returned to Victor's table to be with Nicholas and Victor, "the two most handsome men on the planet." Ivan told Celeste, "So much for seeing more of Madame!"

Chloe told Nancy that it wasn't working out, so she was out of there. Chloe fled from Craig's car, and Nancy ran after Chloe. Craig followed Nancy, who was run down by a passing car. Craig rushed to his wife, who was lying on the ground, unconscious. Chloe watched from the bushes and wondered what she had done. The car that hit Nancy stopped, and Craig told the driver to call an ambulance. Craig performed CPR on Nancy, but her lungs had collapsed.

Craig called the hospital and demanded an ambulance staffed with the best EMS crew get out there immediately, and he wanted the trauma unit ready for Nancy's arrival. As Craig raced to his car for his medical bag, Chloe thought to herself that she had killed her mother. Craig returned to Nancy with his bag and reinflated her lungs. The ambulance showed up, and Nancy began to breathe again. Nancy awoke and tried to speak to Craig, but he told her to take it easy. Meanwhile, Chloe grabbed the cash out of Craig's car and told herself that she couldn't go back to that orphanage.

Abe and Lexie entered the hospital, and Abe was furious because Brandon had cut him off walking into the ER. Brandon told him that he should have used his signal, but Abe said he had. Lexie told Abe that it was her fault because she'd forgotten to tell him the signal was out. Lexie left to tend to Nancy, and Brandon and Abe argued. Abe eventually told Brandon that if he didn't shut up, Abe would teach him a lesson he'd never forget. One of the nurses told Abe to please keep his voice down because everyone could hear him.

Later, Brandon called his hacker to see if he'd made any progress. The hacker told Brandon that it would take him some time to break into the police department's computer.

Nancy was taken in with Craig, and he said he wanted to supervise. Lexie told him that he couldn't treat his own wife. Craig told her that she couldn't give him orders, but Lexie told him if he did it, he would regret it for the rest of his life. Craig eventually agreed to let one of the other doctors handle Nancy's case, but he told Lexie to drop the phony concern because he knew she didn't care about him or his wife. Lexie told him that was not true.

Craig broke down, and Lexie asked him how it had happened. Craig said it was all "that damn kid's fault." When Lexie asked who he was talking about, he said nothing. He began to cry and told Lexie that Nancy was everything to him, and she had to make it. Lexie comforted Craig. A surgeon showed up and told Craig that Nancy was hemorrhaging, and they needed to rush her to the OR for emergency surgery. Craig begged the surgeon to save his wife.

The police questioned the driver of the car that had hit Nancy then they spotted Chloe trying to sneak away. One of the cops told her to freeze and asked where she was going. Chloe said she was walking home from the library. They asked her if she had witnessed the accident, but she said no. Chloe asked if anyone had been hurt. The cop told her that a lady had been hit head-on, and she might not make it.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Nancy was rushed into the OR, and the surgeon questioned Craig about Nancy's medical history and any allergies. As she was prepped for surgery, Craig stood by her side and talked to her. He told her that he would be standing right outside the door while Dr. James performed the surgery, and he asked Nancy to fight. The doctor was ready to begin, so Craig was asked to step outside. Later, Craig learned that Chloe had called about his wife. He began to cry and said it was all her fault.

Back in the OR, Nancy dreamed that she gave birth to Chloe again, but when she asked the nurse to hold her baby, the nurse backed away and told her that her baby didn't want her. Suddenly, Nancy crashed. The doctors managed to save Nancy, and after the operation, the doctor told Craig that Nancy had made it through the operation and was stable, but they didn't know anything about her neurological state. He told Craig that if Nancy were to regain consciousness, it would be a miracle.

Abe asked Lexie how Nancy was. Lexie said that she was bleeding internally, and it looked pretty bad. Roman showed up, and Lexie told him Abe should go talk to him to see if he'd learned anything new about the accident. Abe talked with Roman about the accident for a bit, but they soon started talking about Brandon Walker. Roman thought that trouble ran in the Walker family genes.

Roman decided to stop by the station on the way home and run a computer search on Brandon. Abe thought that was a good idea, so he decided to go with him, as well. Unfortunately, they uncovered nothing on Brandon. Abe did some asking around and learned that Brandon and Nicole had grown up in Salem, and he knew the kid had secrets and was trouble.

Lexie went to the nurses' station and learned about Brandon's scene with Abe earlier. Lexie found Brandon with one of his patients, assuring him that Santa wouldn't skip over him while he was in the hospital. Brandon told Tommy, the patient, that he'd broken his arm one Christmas and had had to spend it in the hospital, but Santa had delivered him all sorts of goodies. Lexie and Brandon told him that it was late, and he should be sleeping, so they left. Outside, Lexie asked Brandon if that story had been true about him breaking his arm. Brandon said it was. He remembered his mom going to visit him in the hospital with all sorts of presents, and she'd told him that his father had never meant to hurt him.

Lexie asked Brandon why he had been in the hospital. Brandon said he'd fallen and broken his arm, and that was all he would say. Brandon asked Lexie why she'd gone looking for him. Lexie said she'd heard about his and Abe's altercation. Brandon said that Abe had been the one screaming at him, and Abe was out for his blood.

Brandon told Lexie that he was thinking of just resigning from the hospital and leaving Salem. Lexie told him that he couldn't quit because the kids needed him, and so did she. He agreed to stay and told Lexie that she was the best friend he had in Salem. He hoped her husband knew how lucky he was to have her in his life and that he treated her like gold.

Bart and Rolf went to the hospital to spy on John Black to see if he was okay. Bart found some Christmas costumes and suggested to Rolf that they disguise themselves then take advantage of the hospital setting by performing some brain surgery. Rolf and Bart changed into their Christmas elf costumes and planned to adjust John's microchip.

Alice was disappointed to learn from Bo that Hope wouldn't be at the hospital Christmas party. She told him that Hope had been missing a lot of family engagements lately, and she wondered if Hope was missing them on purpose. Bo told Alice that Hope wasn't avoiding the family; she was just exhausted after their long day at the cabin. Grandpa Shawn and Caroline showed up, still in costume, and Bo showed them what he'd gotten Hope. Bo produced a wooden music box that played their love song.

John showed up, and Bart and Rolf spied on him. John remembered that Marlena had left some gifts in her office, so he left to retrieve them. Rolf and Bart quickly followed him but were caught by Alice, who thought they were the hospital workers who had volunteered to help them. When they said they wanted to get some food, Alice told them that she had some doughnuts, so they could eat while they wrapped presents. John returned with Marlena's gifts, and they all returned to the workstation. Later, they all decided to rehearse the Christmas play. John had to go get the props, and Rolf and Bart followed him, claiming they would help him.

Chloe checked into a hotel and was trying to convince herself that her mother would be fine. After showering, Chloe turned on the radio and heard a report on Nancy's accident. She learned that her mom was in critical condition and about to undergo surgery at Salem University Hospital. Chloe called the hospital to check on Nancy's condition, but when the nurse asked if she was family, Chloe hung up. She decided that she'd brought her mother nothing but bad luck and decided to leave town. She then remembered Nancy telling her what a lovely voice she had, and she knew if her mother heard her sing, it would make her smile.

Kurt gagged Hope and bound her to a chair in the parlor. He told her that she had to be wondering why he had taken her there. He told her that it was because she was about to receive a very special Christmas present. Kurt told Hope that he was sorry it had come to that. He claimed that he had felt pity for her once, but then he'd remembered what she'd done to Princess Gina.

Hope remembered when Bo had rescued her from Jude St. Clair and how she'd told Bo that his love was her strength. Hope spotted a glass vase on the table and hopped toward it once Kurt left the room. She managed to knock it off the table with her feet then tipped her chair over so she could retrieve a piece of the broken glass to cut her way to freedom. She finally freed herself and made a run for it.

Gina and Stefano arrived at the chateau, where Gina had led Stefano to believe the painting was hidden. Stefano told himself that once he had his Rennet, he would make sure Princess Gina was locked back up in the turret where she belonged. Gina and Stefano went up to the turret, and Gina revealed that the painting was hidden behind one of the many portraits of John in her wardrobe.

Gina noticed the look in Stefano's eyes and said he'd had the same look when he'd told her about his master plan to own all the Rennets in the world. Gina started tossing the painting around and asked how grateful Stefano was to her for getting him all the Rennets. Stefano told her that he would not interfere with her plans to live in Salem as Hope, and he promised they would never meet again. Gina tossed him the painting, which he kissed, and then she tried to head for the door.

However, Stefano grabbed Gina from behind and told her that he'd changed his mind about her freedom -- she would never be free again. Gina told him that they'd had an agreement, but Stefano told her that he'd never negotiate with a maniac like her. Luckily for Gina, Kurt showed up and knocked Stefano out from behind.

Gina went to check on Hope, who smashed a vase over her head. When Hope got a look at Gina's face, she freaked out. Unfortunately, Kurt grabbed Hope, and Gina awoke. Gina told Hope that she had hurt her for the last time. Hope couldn't believe she was Princess Gina, and she was alive. However, Gina told her that she was no longer Princess Gina; she was Hope Williams, soon to be Hope Brady.

Hope told Gina that she couldn't do that -- Bo wouldn't believe her. Gina told her that he already had, and she should accept her fate. Kurt locked Hope back up in the turret, and Gina instructed Kurt to have all her money and jewels sent to Salem. She also told him that they both had to get to the airport. Back in the turret, Hope found Stefano knocked out on the floor.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Philip and Kate were busy shopping in Salem Place. Kate had spent a fortune but said she wanted to make it a special Christmas. Philip thought that a year 2000 wedding for his mom and dad would make it all the more special. Kate asked him if the kids in school were giving him a hard time because his parents weren't married. Philip told her no; most kids thought they were married, and the ones who knew the truth didn't care. Later, Kate questioned Philip about his relationship with Belle Black. Philip said he liked Belle, and they had fun together.

Philip then asked his mom when she and his dad were going to get married. Philip said it was important for him to know that his parents were in it for the long hall. Suddenly, Philip got a call from his bookie, who wanted his money right away. Philip said he'd get it to him later in the day and hung up. Kate asked him what that had been about and questioned if it was about money. Philip said that he had put some gifts on layaway, and the clerk was calling him to tell him to pick them up. Philip told his mom he'd better go take care of it and gave his mom a kiss goodbye. After Philip left, Kate realized she had to make up her mind about Victor's proposal.

Vivian showed up and gave Victor a kiss because it did her heart good to see him back running Titan. Vivian told Victor that she had someone he wanted her to meet. She took Paul, his physical therapist, back to work with him in order to help him get out of the wheelchair. Victor agreed to work with Paul. When Vivian noticed she got some lipstick on his cheek, she decided to wipe it off for him. She inadvertently put down a check she was carrying, and when Victor saw that it was for $4500 and made out to Philip, Victor demanded to know what was going on.

Vivian said it was her Christmas gift to him, but Victor didn't believe her and wanted the truth. Vivian told Victor that Philip wanted to buy a girl a present, but he was short on funds. Victor was furious and told Vivian that she was not to give Philip the check because his son had been spoiled rotten, and it needed to end. Vivian said she had already promised Philip, but Victor said it was too bad then he tore up the check. Victor refused to have his son become a self-indulgent spoiled brat like Lucas.

Rolf awoke after being out cold for the night because Bart had shot him with a drugged dart meant for John. Rolf tried to call Stefano, but he was not answering his phone. Marlena was terribly worried about Hope. Marlena told John that she was supposed to have had a session with Hope that day; however, she'd never shown up, and Marlena couldn't find her. Marlena feared that something was very wrong with Hope. Belle admitted to her parents that Shawn didn't believe Hope was his mother but then realized she shouldn't have opened her mouth. Marlena asked Belle to call Shawn and invite him over because maybe she could get him to open up.

Shawn ran into his dad in Salem Place. Shawn was busy shopping for Christmas gifts, and when Bo asked him what he was planning on getting his mom, Shawn joked, "A tiara." Bo didn't find his joke funny at all. Shawn said he wanted his mom back as much as Bo did, but she treated him like a stranger. Bo told Shawn that it would just take her some time to get back to normal. Shawn left to do some more shopping, and Belle called him and asked him to please go to her penthouse because her parents wanted to speak to him about his mom. Shawn told her that he'd be right there. Elsewhere, Bo remembered his past Christmas Days with Hope.

Shawn went to the penthouse and talked with Marlena about his mother. Marlena said that she believed his mother was avoiding her sessions. Shawn said he really didn't know much about that. John told Shawn that he got the feeling that Shawn was worried about his mother. Shawn told them that he didn't know who she was recently, but she was not his mother.

Shawn told John and Marlena that his mom was trying very hard to be who his dad wanted her to be, but something was missing; she was not real. Marlena asked Shawn if his dad was sensing the same things he was. Shawn didn't think so because his dad wanted his mom back so bad, he even thought his dad might marry her to force his mom back. Shawn didn't know how he could fix it. Marlena told him that was not his job; his job was to sort out his own feelings.

Shawn thanked them for listening, and John assured Shawn that Marlena could help his mom. Shawn decided to leave, so Belle walked him out. John asked Marlena what she thought. Marlena suspected that Hope was still suffering the effects of a split personality. John said if there was a little bit of Gina left in her, all he had to do was hang out with her for a bit, and he'd know. Marlena put her foot down and told him no way.

John agreed not to talk to Hope, but he wanted to work with her on the mystery. Marlena told John that she had an idea how to start. Out in the hall, Shawn told Belle that he was not mad at her for telling her parents how he was feeling. He was actually grateful.

Gina returned to Salem and told Lily that she had taken care of Stefano once and for all. Lily thought she had killed him, but Gina said she'd just made sure he was punished for a very long time. Gina changed the subject and told Lily about her wonderful trip with Bo. She also told Lily that she'd bought Bo a wonderful gift: a model boat that was exactly like the Fancy Face II.

Lily told Gina that she seemed very happy. Gina said she was, which was why she was going to ask Bo to marry her. Lily asked Gina if she had thought it through. Gina said she had, because once a woman had made love to Mr. Bo Brady, she could not imagine life without him. Lily told Gina that someone would learn the truth eventually, and it would probably be Shawn. Gina thought that once Shawn saw how happy she and his father were, he would drop his suspicions.

Gina told Lily that she'd spent her trip home going over Hope's memories via the CD-ROM she'd stolen from Stefano, and she'd learned about the Hortons' ornament-hanging tradition. She informed Lily that "this year," she would hang Hope's ornament next to Bo's, and they would remain together for the rest of their lives.

Bo ran into "Hope" in Salem Place and was glad to see her. She told him that she was looking for an extra-special gift for Gran. Bo wanted to know what she'd gotten him, but she refused to give him a hint unless he told her what he'd gotten her. Bo gave her a hint, and she realized that she was getting a "Bo" for Christmas, which she said was what she wanted. Later, Shawn ran into his mom and dad, and "Hope" received a phone call from Marlena. Marlena told "Hope" that she had missed her appointment the day before. "Hope" said it had slipped her mind but suggested they make up the appointment that day. Marlena told "Hope" to meet her in her office in one hour.

Stefano awoke and found himself locked up in the turret with Hope, who he thought was Gina at first. He grabbed her and told her that if she didn't open the door and let him out, then he would break her neck. Hope swore to Stefano that she was not Princess Gina, and he eventually let her go when he realized she was Hope. Hope asked Stefano why Gina had done that to both of them. Stefano said he didn't know; she had gone to him, pretending she was her. Stefano tried to break out, but Hope told him the place was sound and escape-proof.

Stefano realized Hope was right then he found the food and water Gina and Kurt had left. He told Hope that it appeared that no one intended to return for them. Hope said that someone would be there for them, but Stefano doubted that. Hope asked Stefano why Princess Gina was doing that to them and what she'd meant about taking over Hope's life. Stefano said he didn't have the answers to her questions then told her to shut up and let him think.

Hope noticed the Rennet, and Stefano asked her what she knew about that painting. Hope said she just remembered being fascinated by his work and asked Stefano if it meant anything to Gina. Stefano said he had no idea and that they should focus on trying to get out of there. Hope thought that Bo would go there and save her, and together they would discover the truth about the real Princess Gina and whatever he'd done to her.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Everyone was gathered at the Brady Pub. They were decorating and stuffing stockings to give to the sick kids at the hospital. Caroline asked Bo where Hope was. He told her that she was at the Salem Inn but would be going there later. Bo then had a conversation with Marlena. He asked her about a session that she and Hope were supposed to have that day. He asked Marlena if she thought that Hope still needed therapy. She said yes.

Roman wondered what was going on between Austin and Sami. He was worried about Sami getting hurt. He decided to talk to Austin.

Elsewhere, Dr. Rolf and Bart worried about the computer chip in John's brain. They were worried that at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, his memory might return. They wondered if he would remember the time he'd spent on a submarine in Hawaii with Princess Gina.

At the hospital, Abe questioned Craig about Nancy's accident. A witness has stepped forward and said that Nancy had been chasing a young girl. He wanted to know why Craig had never mentioned the girl. Chloe was at the bus station. She thought no one would ever find her if she went to New York City.

In Europe, Stefano and Hope were locked up together at Princess Gina's estate. Hope asked Stefano why all of it was happening. He told her that Princess Gina had asked him to go to her house. She was supposed to have given him the Rennet painting. Instead he'd gotten knocked out and locked up. Hope was confused. She asked Stefano what the date was. He told her it was Christmas Eve.

Back in Salem, Princess Gina continued to pretend to be Hope. She believed that she had everything under control. All she had to do was take care of Marlena. She would do that at their session that afternoon. At the session, Marlena told "Hope" that Bo would be upset once he learned that he'd slept with the wrong person at the cabin. Marlena also wanted to know why she'd lied about where she'd been the night before. "Hope" told Marlena, "I can't tell everyone everything about what I do."

John went to Stefano's, looking for him. The maid said he was out. Bart told Rolf that it was his chance to go and get John. Rolf told him not to mess anything up. Before John left Stefano's, Bart stuck John's tire with an ice pick. It flattened once John was out in the country. Bart and Rolf followed him. As John changed the tire, Bart knocked him out with a tree branch.

Bo told Caroline that Hope was really trying to get back to her old self. Caroline hoped everything worked out for them. Eric and Greta were at the pub. He asked her why she wouldn't look at him. Ever since she'd run out on him at their picnic at Titan the other day, she wouldn't talk to him. "What's the problem?" he asked. "You are the problem," she said.

Roman and Austin talked. Roman told Austin not to play games with Sami; he had to decide if he was going to commit to her or not. Austin promised Roman that he would never hurt Sami. Austin also told him that he was not ready to get married and didn't think that Sami was, either. Roman was worried that Sami was going to end up heartbroken.

Craig lied to Abe. He said that Abe didn't know what he was talking about. He said there was no girl. Abe didn't believe him. He said that he would continue to question Craig until he got the answers he was looking for.

At the bus station, Chloe heard a radio report about Nancy's accident. A man there, claiming to be a police officer, questioned her about the accident.

During "Hope" and Marlena's session, Hope asked Marlena to hypnotize her to see if Princess Gina was still there. "Hope" said that the closer she and Bo got, the further she pushed Princess Gina away. Marlena asked her how long that would last. "You are playing a dangerous game," she told "Hope."

Abe told Craig that he would have to take him down to the police station if he didn't tell be the truth about the accident. Craig told Abe that he was not leaving Nancy's side. He said, "Get a warrant or leave me alone." Lexie told Abe to lay off Craig because he was hurting. She told Abe that he was angry and judgmental and that he shouldn't take his cases so seriously.

Abe asked Lexie what she meant. "Don't you think I'm a good cop anymore?" he asked. She told him that he was the best police officer there was; he just needed to back off a little bit. Craig was reading Nancy a Christmas story. He told her that he couldn't live without her. He prayed to God, asking Him to bring her back.

Chloe told the "cop" that his badge was fake, and if he didn't take his hands off of her, she was going to scream bloody murder. He did. Chloe told an employee what had happened and told him that he should call the police so that didn't happen to someone else. He said he would, but she had to stay there and make a statement. She told him that she couldn't because she had to get to an audition in New York. She just asked him to keep an eye on the guy. He agreed. Then her bus for New York City was called to board. "New York City, here I come." she said.

Greta told Eric that she had found the condom that he'd put in the picnic basket. He was confused. He told her he hadn't put it there. "I would never do anything like that to you," he said. He also said that he thought he knew who had done it. He told her that he thought one of the kids at the gift shop where the picnic basket had been made up had put the condom in there as a prank. He was angry and said he was going to call the manager and complain. She told him to forget about it. She said, "Let's just enjoy your family and each other." He agreed.

Rolf and Bart were hovering over John. He hadn't woken up. Rolf tried to erase John's memory with his special device but was interrupted by barking dogs. Bart told Rolf to finish him off. Instead, they took his wallet and his personal effects to make it look like he'd been robbed. They left him lying in the snow.

Meanwhile, Caroline called the church and learned that John hadn't arrived with the Christmas wreaths yet. Roman told her not to worry just yet. Also, at the pub, Shawn told Bo that he was really making an effort to put their family back together again. Bo said he knew. He said they had all been trying.

Marlena hypnotized "Hope." She then asked if Gina was there. "Hope" said yes. Marlena asked Gina if Hope would defeat her. She said yes again. Marlena thought it was odd that Gina would say that. Marlena said, "It's odd that you would say that as I have not brought you out of hypnosis yet, Hope." "Hope" got up. Marlena told her that she had a split personality and should be in a hospital.

"Hope" told Marlena that she wasn't going to let Marlena tell her family anything and that she would be any personality she chose to be. "Hope" told Marlena that she was going to ask Bo to marry her. Marlena told her not to do that. "Hope" said she was, and there was nothing that Marlena could do about it, as their sessions were confidential. Marlena realized that "Hope" was really Princess Gina when the princess said, "I lost John to you. I will not lose Bo."

Back in Europe, the real Hope realized that she had lost another year of her life, since she didn't remember anything after her car had gone off the road as she had been driving in a storm the previous winter. Stefano told her that it was Christmas Eve. She believed that Princess Gina was back in Salem, pretending to be her. She told Stefano that they were going home for Christmas and that he was going to help them get there. He told her there was nothing he could do, as nobody knew where he was except for Princess Gina---and she certainly wasn't going to help them.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Kate wrestles about what to do about her feelings for Nikolas and her frustrations regarding Victor and Vivian. The Bradys gather for the annual Christmas festivities as do the Hortons. Chloe sits by Nancy's bedside and begins to sing Christmas carols. Craig nearly interrupts to throw her out of Nancy's hospital room until her realizes that Nancy is beginning to stir. Nancy regains consciousness while Chloe sings to her and Craig smiles and welcomes her back to the land of the living. Philip is being harassed by the bookies for the money he owes. Nikolas and his aunt Vivian console each other over the fact that Kate and Victor are spending Christmas together.

At the Horton Christmas party Doc and John are celebrating and Marlena begins to tell John about catching Hope in lies and deceptions during their counseling sessions until they are interrupted by others at the Horton's party. Austin and Sami and Will celebrate Christmas with the Bradys. At the Brady family Christmas party Hope proposes marriage to Bo and asks him in front of everyone there to please "make an honest woman out of her." Bo seems very pleased and pleasantly surprised while Shawn D looks on with a worried expression.

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