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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 3, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, April 3, 2000

Nicholas can't stop thinking about Kate. He refuses to loose her and vows to do whatever it takes to be with her. In Victor's office, Kate is worried that they haven't heard from Rex. Victor tells her not to worry, but Kate can't help but think that Rex has fallen prey to Nicole's beauty, which would cause the entire scheme to backfire. Victor is not concerned at all, because if Nicole gets the upper-hand, then he will resort to more drastic measures. Still, Kate says that for better or for worse, Lucas is in love with Nicole and she is Will's stepmother. Kate doesn't want to do anything to discredit Lucas' marriage now and give Sami the upper-hand. Victor tells her not to worry, he has the means to control Lucas and Sami. After a call from Rex, Victor and Kate begin to celebrate with a kiss, but Nicholas walks in. He apologizes, but Victor says it is okay because he wanted to see him. Victor says that he was supposed to take Kate to dinner, but something came up and he would like him to take Kate out. Kate refuses and says they can cancel all together, but Victor refuses and insists they go out together.

After they leave, Victor's guest comes to see him, it's Caroline! She brings him some homemade baklava as a thank you for everything he did helping Bo to find Hope. Victor says the credit goes to Bo, and she and Shawn did a fine job raising him. Caroline thanks Victor and says that means a lot to her. She also thinks that he and Kate will have a wonderful future, especially now that he is back on his feet. Victor says he wishes that was true. Caroline asks if something is wrong then he can tell her. Victor says he and Kate are delighted to be together again and to be raising their son, nothing is more important then Kate and his family. Caroline asks Victor if he and Kate have set a wedding date yet? Victor says they haven't set a date, but they will be married soon. Caroline tells Victor not to put it off too long, there is no sense in putting off joy and happiness. When Caroline wishes him good health, she realizes by his response that something is wrong. Victor insists he is fine, so Caroline leaves. Victor thinks about Kate and doesn't want to condemn her to a life of celibacy, but he loves her too much to give her up.

Nicholas is driving Kate out to dinner, but Kate thinks this is a mistake and wants him to take her home. Nicholas refuses because he thinks they need to spend some time alone. Kate realizes they aren't heading toward Tuscany or her house, and asks where he is taking her? Nicholas stops the car in the middle of nowhere, and takes her cellphone from her so she doesn't call her chauffer. Nicholas tells Kate that sooner or later she will agree that they have to spend some time alone, unless she is afraid of what he might make her feel. Kate says she isn't afraid, and if he wants to have a little truth session then he can be her guest. Nicholas tells Kate that he wants to sleep with her, but she might not know how deep his feelings for her go. Nicholas tells Kate that he needs her, he wants to have an affair with her, he wants to be her lover! They get out of the car, and Nicholas tells Kate that she is a young and vibrant woman, and Victor may never be able to make love to her again. Nicholas says that she is the only woman he wants, he dreams about them being together. He tells her that he wants to make love to her, to feel her heart against his chest, for their bodies to become one. As Nicholas says "Kate, I . . . " Kate tells him not to say it, and kisses him. Nicholas asks if that is a yes? Kate says it is a yes, to dinner. Nicholas says he can settle for that, for now. They get into the car and drive off.

Rex and Nicole are going at it. Nicole tells Rex that if he shows her a huge return on her investment, she'll show him her assets. He tells her they have a deal, and the clothes come off! Afterwards, Rex tells Nicole that was amazing. Nicole says he's had sex with lots of women, but he's never had sex with the best! Nicole tells Rex that he got what he wanted, now she wants what she was promised. Suddenly, Victor calls and asks if their plan is progressing without un-needed complications? Rex doesn't answer immediately, which worries Victor for a bit. Rex asks Victor to excuse him for a second, and tells Nicole that this is an important call and he has to take it. Nicole says they are finished anyways, and as she is leaving, Rex says he hopes he sees her again soon. Nicole leaves, and Victor tells Rex never to put him on hold again! Rex says that Nicole was just leaving and he didn't want to her to hear him. Victor asks what took so long? Rex says she is complicated and took a lot of convincing, but she gave him a check for one million dollars. Victor asks how long it will be before they get all five million back? Rex thinks that might take some time. Victor tells him to speed it up, and hangs up. Rex tells himself that he's going to take his own sweet time with this one.

Nicole RUNS to church and asks herself why she did that to her body? She tries to convince herself that she did it to protect herself so she never has to be put in that position again. She remembers Rex telling her that he loves her body, and she thinks if her dad could see her now he'd be so proud. She asks herself what she has done? She looks upwards and asks someone to help her. Suddenly, a hand is placed on her shoulder and she looks towards it's owner, Austin! Nicole accuses him of spying on her, but Austin says he wanted to help her. Nicole tells him that she was just pretending to be her mother, she used to drag them to church and beg for God's help. Austin asks for the truth, what is really going on here. Nicole tells Austin that he can go to hell for calling her a liar in church, but Austin knows something more is going on here. Nicole tells Austin that he has no right to come in here and spy on her, he's always spying on her and it is because he wants her! Austin tells her not to do this, and she doesn't get it that he . . . Nicole tells him "is the most annoying person she knows?" She tells Austin that she is a pompous jerk and doesn't have time for him or God, if God exists. She warns Austin that she will make him pay if he tells anyone about this.

Eric can't believe Sami wants him to fall in love with Nicole. Sami says he only has to make Nicole think he's in love with her because it will allow her to get Will back. Suddenly, Austin shows up, and asks what is going on. Sami asks Austin how he knew she was here? Austin says Henderson told her, he came here to apologize for standing her up. Sami says it is okay, and tells her that she is living here now. Austin wants to take Sami out to dinner to celebrate, but Sami says she has some things to do and asks for a rain-check. Austin sighs "fine" and leaves. After he leaves, Eric asks Sami what Austin would think if he knew she was up to her old tricks? Sami asks Eric if he's going to tell on her. Eric says he thought she had changed. Sami says she has changed, but she is doing whatever she can to protect her son.

Eric tells her she is crossing the line again and she doesn't see it. Sami says it is only temporarily, but Eric refuses to do this. Sami thinks what this is really about is that he is still in love with Nicole and is afraid to get close to her. Eric says that Nicole only needs him as a friend right now, something is tormenting her and he wants to know what it is. Sami wonders what it is with Nicole, Austin is always trying to save her too. She wonders if they'd care about her if she wasn't so beautiful. Eric says he didn't fall in love with Nicole because of her looks, they connected immediately. Eric tells Sami how he thought they would be together forever, and she was the only thing he could think about. He says he even went again dad's judgment to be with Nicole. He tells Sami that he thought he had found his soul mate, and as he talks about her, Sami begins to cry. Eric asks Sami what is wrong? Sami tells Eric that she feels sorry for herself because she knows Austin will never feel that way about her. Eric tells her that his relationship with Nicole made no sense because he didn't know Nicole, but Austin knows her. Sami says Austin does know her, he knows that she will fight back to get Will. She doesn't know how to keep Austin and Will in her life unless he helps her with Nicole. Eric doesn't know, but Sami says that if Nicole thinks he wants her, she might let something slip, or better yet Lucas might start drinking again. Eric says no, but Sami says all she wants to know is why Nicole married Lucas, and she thinks he'd like to know why she married him too. She thinks they can help each other out. Eric says there is one thing he can do for her. He says if he finds out Will is in a bad situation he will do something about it, but he won't set a trap for Nicole. Sami thanks him, and thinks it is a start. She says all she has to do now is convince Nicole that she has a chance to win her brother back, and she knows the perfect person to help do her dirty work. She picks up the phone and begins to dial.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

At Brady's, Pub Shawn and Belle were studying for an upcoming test. After he was unable to answer a question regarding something they had just reviewed she told him she was amazed at his ability to fly a jet, defuse a bomb and dash into a burning building yet he is out of touch with world happenings of the last 2000 years! They decided to give their study session a break for awhile and Belle asked Shawn to play the piano. He played a Barry Manilow tune. She said she remembered hearing it on one of her parents CD's and that she liked it. She said she was envious of his piano playing ability. She told him she had tried to play for about a year but would never practice so her parents gave up and stopped taking her to the lessons. He told her he thought she would like the song and said although he may not know much about world news he was definitely a natural when it came to figuring out human psyche. He began to explain the difference between men and women. When his remarks became chauvinistic and degrading toward women she smacked him with a menu. He explained that women were born humorless but if they hung around men enough they could possibly learn how to have a sense of humor. While she continued to hit him with the menu he explained his remarks may seem sarcastic but he was really just joking with her...not making fun of her. She told him she had never had it explained to her that way. She said what Philip and Jason do to Chloe would be considered making fun of someone. Shawn agreed with her and added he would never intentionally make fun of anyone. He said she should already know this about him. Belle was pleased with his comment. He told her he sometimes wondered if Chloe chose to be different in order to get a reaction from people. He said because Chloe tried so hard to be different from everyone else she may actually want the attention she has been getting. Belle said she had never thought of it that way. When he made another sarcastic remark she once again began hitting him with the menu. Then his grandmother came upon them and asked what was going on. After Belle explained the situation Caroline took the menu from Belle and began hitting Shawn with it. He ran from the pub with Belle chasing after him while Caroline watched and laughed. To herself Caroline said it reminded her of a young Bo and Hope. She smiled happily.

At Tuscany, John and Marlena were dancing and he kissed her passionately. He explained how very important her love is to him. They were interrupted by a waiter with champagne. Marlena told John how happy she was to have the man she knew back in her life. When he asked her to explain what she meant she said the man that went to Paris with her was not the man she knew. He told her no matter what that man said or did he loved her and love is what got them through the situation. He said he would always do everything in his power to protect her and the rest of his family. Marlena was pleased. While on the dance floor they watched Bo and Hope sitting at a nearby table. Marlena commented about all the turmoil Bo and Hope had been through. She said the love they have for each other is what brought them back together. She told John they looked like the picture of happiness. John said they both knew Bo and Hope wouldn't have true happiness until the baby's paternity is solved. Marlena said she knew she was wrong for saying this but she wished Stefano had died in Europe. John agreed but said because Stefano survived they would all have to learn to live in the same town together. He reminded her their love would always give them the upper-hand against Stefano. At the table Hope asked Bo to tell her about the night they made love...the night the baby was conceived. He evaded the question and said what made him the happiest was having her back in his life. She said she was happy too. She asked Bo if he thought Shawn would mind staying the night at the pub. She told him she needed to feel close to have him wrap his arms aroud her. They called Shawn and he agreed to stay at the pub for the night. Bo suggested they go to the Salem Inn. Hope nixed the idea saying "No hotels. The boat is the most special place to me. Take me home, Brady." When John and Marlena arrived back at the table Bo told them he and Hope were leaving. Hope explained she was anxious to get Bo home. The Black's said they understood. Hope said she needed to use the ladies room before they left and Marlena said she would go with her. While there Hope asked Marlena if she could ask her a professional question. When Marlena agreed Hope asked her if and when her memory would return. Marlena said because they don't know what caused the memory loss she can't determine if or when Hope's memory will ever return. Hope was devastated by the fact that she may have lost an entire year of her life. Hope told Marlena she can't help but feel like everyone around her hoped she wouldn't remember what happened. Marlena said because this past year had been so difficult the only thing everyone was concerned with was Hope's happiness. The women hugged and Hope said she was o.k. with that explanation..."for now." Back at the table John told Bo that Hope was "glowing." Bo agreed and said he had never seen her happier. He asked John how he could possibly tell Hope the truth about the baby when he was certain the truth would shatter Hope's happiness. He said if he didn't tell her soon and her memory came flooding back she would be angry with him for lying to her...either way Hope would end up hurt. Bo told John the situation with the baby would be much easier to handle if only there was the possibility that someone other than Stefano was the baby's father. In his mind John wondered if he should tell Bo he may be the baby's father. When he started to tell Bo what he had been thinking they were interrupted by the women. John and Marlena watched Bo and Hope leave. Marlena told John Hope had asked about the possibility of her memory returning. When John asked her if that was possible she said it wasn't likely to happen. Outside the restaurant Hope told Bo she wasn't going to dwell on the past. She said she was going to focus on tonight. He happily agreed and they hugged.

At Lady Vi's, Abe and Lexie were having dinner. They toasted their love as they were celebrating their anniversary. At a nearby table Brandon was having coffee with Larry. They were discussing the case against Abe. Brandon readjusted his seat and when Larry spotted Abe he became extremely agitated and began having an anxiety attack. He told Brandon his memory of being shot by Abe came flooding back and had upset him. Vi came over to their table and asked if Larry was alright. Larry told her he would be fine once he got some fresh air. Brandon asked Larry if he needed a doctor. Larry said he didn't need a doctor he just wanted to leave. Brandon asked Vi if he could take Larry out the back door but she told him the doorway was too narrow. She said Larry would have to use the front door. Brandon panicked and told Larry because they couldn't be seen together he would have to go alone. Larry said he couldn't face Abe alone...he told Brandon he needed him to go with him. Before Abe and Lexie could notice the commotion Larry was causing Brandon picked up his wheechair and carried him out the back door. When they were safely outside Larry thanked Brandon for being a true friend and told him he appreciated the fact that Brandon treated him as an equal and not just as a handicapped person. Brandon told Larry he was a good person who deserved to be treated equally. He asked Larry if he needed help getting home. Larry told Brandon not to worry as he can take care of himself. Back inside Sami arrived incognito but was immediately spotted by Lexie. The two women talked for a minute. Sami said she was meeting a friend and Lexie told her she and Abe were celebrating their anniversary. When Sami spotted Brandon she left Lexie who went back to the table she was sharing with Abe. As Sami was removing her head scarf and glasses she said to Brandon "What would Austin think if he knew I was out in public meeting you...alone?" Brandon told her she shouldn't worry about what "Reed" thinks. He told her she should dump Austin but she said that would never happen. Abe spotted Sami with Brandon and wondered aloud what Brandon could want from her. He told Lexie Sami's father wouldn't like that his daughter was out with "the likes of Brandon Walker" Lexie explained that Brandon had helped Sami get a job at the hospital and the two of them were just friends. Sami told Brandon Lexie and Abe were celebrating their anniversary. "Oh really" said Brandon and excused himself to go talk to Vi. When he returned to their table Sami asked him what that was all about. "You'll see" he said. When Vi arrived at the Carver's table Lexie asked for their bill. Vi said "It's taken care of. Happy Anniversary from Brandon Walker." Lexie was pleased but Abe seemed skeptical. He wondered what Brandon was up to. Lexie said this proved Brandon was a good guy. As they were leaving they both thanked Brandon. Sami told them to enjoy their anniversary. "Oh we plan on it" said Lexie. The happy couple left. Sami told Brandon the reason she had asked him to meet her was because she wanted to tell him she had decided to take his advice. When he asked her if she was going to dump Austin like he had suggested she said that wasn't the advice she was talking about. She told him her brother had offered her a place to live and now that she had a job at the hospital it's time for her to focus on getting Will back. She said she had decided to take his advice and do everything in her power to get her son back...even if it meant playing dirty. She asked Brandon if he was willing to help her. He asked her what she wanted him to do. She told him Nicole had told her Will should be with his mother. "Nikki said that?" Brandon asked. "I swear" said Sami. "Now I need you to tell me if I can trust her."

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Sami asks Brandon if she can trust Nicole or not? Brandon is confused and says that Nicole is acting like her friend, and thinks Will should be with her? Sami says right, Nicole thinks that a child should be with his mother. Brandon says Nikki is too much, and Sami asks what that is supposed to mean? Brandon says that maybe Nikki is trying to turn over a new leaf, and Sami blurts out "yeah right!" Brandon says he will talk to Nikki and see what is going on. Sami thanks him, but asks if he had to choose between keeping his sister's secret, and helping her, who would win? Brandon says this isn't about winning. Sami notices two girls drooling over Brandon, and Brandon tells her that he guesses he is their type. Brandon changes the subject to dumping Austin, but Sami says she will never dump Austin. Brandon tells Sami to remember this day, this is the day she swore she'd never dump Austin. Sami asks what is so important about that? He says he'll remind her about it, when they are makin luv! Sami is shocked, and Brandon tells her that he does know how to make love to a woman. The two woman who have been staring with Brandon come over to flirt with him. One of them learns Brandon is a free agent, and says she might have to put him under contract. She slips a note into his pocket, and says she'll see him around. After they leave, Brandon reads the note and says "woah!" SAmi reads it as well and says "Oh my God!" The note gives Brandon the woman's number, and tells him to call her if he ever wants an all nighter. Sami thinks that is disgusting, and Brandon finds Sami's innocence sweet. Brandon drags Sami onto the dance floor, and they join a conga line.

Nancy and Chloe come home from a shopping trip, and someone rings their doorbell. Nancy wonders who it could be, and she's shocked to find out it is her father! Nancy's father asks if she's going to invite him in or not? She does and says she so happy to see him. Nancy asks him what brings him to Salem? He tells her that he was coming home from a business trip and decided to visit his daughter. He looks at her house, and Nancy asks if he likes it? He says it doesn't matter, as long as she is happy. He asks where Craig is? Nancy says he's at the hospital, she's been waiting for him to come home. He asks if she is alone, and when she says yes, he asks who has been drinking the second cup of tea on the table? Nancy says her friend was over here earlier, but Nancy's father finds homework on the table as well, and accuses Nancy of lying to him. Nancy says that she and Craig have taken in a foster child. Nancy's father asks how old this child is? Nancy says 15, and he realizes that she has gotten her own child back. Nancy says she has, and Nancy's father asks how she could be so stupid? Nancy says her daughter's adoptive parents died in a car crash, she had to take her in. Nancy's father asks why she didn't tell him what she had done? Chloe listens in and eventually bursts into the room and says Nancy didn't tell him because she's ashamed of her! When Nancy's father sees Chloe, he collapses. Nancy finds her dad's smelling salts, and he comes to. Chloe calls 911, but Nancy's father tells her to hang up. Nancy wants him to go to the hospital, but Nancy's father says he just had a reaction to the girl. He says they have a lot to talk about before his flight leaves, but Nancy refuses to let him leave and tells him to go upstairs and rest. He says not so fast, he has something to say to Chloe. Chloe tells him that it will have to wait because she's going to bed. Bo and Hope are making their way to the boat, and when they get there, Bo has had it decorated with lights and welcome home banners. Bo welcomes Hope aboard, and the two go down below. Shawn has left them some sparkling cider, and a note saying how lucky and blessed he is to have them as parents. Hope thinks she is the blessed one to have a wonderful son and a man like Bo. Hope tells Bo that she could sense his determination to find her when she was locked away, and Bo says he sensed her turmoil and desperation. Hope starts talking about her baby and how much she loves him or her, and Bo tells Hope that he has something to tell her, but she has to promise not to get upset. Hope is scared, and asks what he wants to tell her? Bo tells Hope that he knows she wants him to respect her strength, and opinions, but a part of him wants to take her in his arms and protect her. Hope says that doesn't upset her, and she likes being needed. She also likes thinking that when she's not around, he feels a little lost. Bo says he feels a lot lost when she's not around. Bo tells Hope that she makes him want to be a better person. Hope tells Bo that she loves him, she loves the way he touches her, the way he holds her, she loves him so much. Bo and Hope kiss, and he tells her that he loves her and the child she is going to bring into this world. Hope says "the child WE are going to bring into this world." Bo suggests they check out the bedroom, which has been decorated with candles. Bo and Hope begin to kiss, and undress one another. They fall onto the bed, and make love. After they make love, Bo tells Hope to get dressed, because they have been asked to baby sit Bill Shaffer's new boat, and there is nothing more romantic than sailing during the sunrise. Hope refuses to leave the boat, so Bo tickles her in order to get her to agree to go with him. Bo and Hope sail around until the sun rises to the tune of Faith Hill's "Breathe."

John shows up at the DiMera Mansion to see Stefano. John barges his way in, and Eliana apologizes to Stefano. Stefano says it is all right, he has been expecting him, he even has a brandy ready for him. John says he'll pass. Stefano starts rambling on about John being a hero, and he says the real question is "Are you a hero by nature, or by nurture?" John asks him to define that question a little more? Stefano says it is simple, was he born a hero, or trained to be one. John says he is not here to play games, he is here to beg for a favor. Stefano laughs and says that begging is not in his character. John says that is true, but he knows begging will please his big ego. Stefano asks John what he wants?

John says he wants to confide a big secret in him in hopes that it will spare his family a lot of pain. Stefano tells John that he has his attention, and asks what this big secret is? John tells Stefano about the cut on his neck, the chip in his neck, and how it popped out onto the floor. Stefano asks what it looked like, and John says it was shiny and metallic and before he could grab it, some priest grabbed it. Stefano asks what the point is? John says that before this thing popped out of his neck, he began to remember things. Stefano asks what memories? John says he knows what memories, he was there. Stefano says they have no idea if these memories are real, and John says that is why he is here. Stefano asks if he's told anyone else about these memories? John says no, and he has come here to beg for his life back. He asks Stefano to leave his family, Bo, and Hope alone. He says if he does that, he will never tell anyone what he remembers.

Stefano asks why he should agree to such a bargain? John says it is simple, he has as much to lose as he does, if not more. Stefano says he may want to blame him for this, but he was a prisoner with Hope when this and the whole plane thing happened. John says he is still connected to it all, and he tells him if he ever tires of scheming and manipulating. Stefano tells John to cut the crap and get to the real reason why he is here, he is not afraid he will destroy his family, he is afraid that his sexual appetite for another woman will destroy his marriage and family. Stefano tells John that he did indeed make love to Princess Gina Von Amberg during his honeymoon. He tells John that if this truth came out, is marriage to Marlena and his friendship with Bo and Hope would be destroyed! Stefano tells him that Hope, thinking she was Gina, seduced him, and he is afraid that Hope's baby could be his. John tells Stefano that it could be his (Stefano's) as well! Stefano says that the fact is, that baby is not Bo's. Stefano says whoever would have thought that they shared a secret, or that he would come here begging. Stefano also tells John that he knows he is afraid Hope may remember having sex with him. Stefano then says that they should get back to the question that he simply cannot ask, how can my friend Stefano DiMera make sure Hope never remembers. John finally takes the brandy that Stefano had set out for him, downs the glass, and then walks out of Stefano's house. Stefano knows that the reason John rescued him was to find out if his memories were real, and he knows John will be back again because he needs his help.

Thursday, April 6, 2000

At Brady's Pub, Shawn Sr. and Caroline were discussing the fact that today is their grandson's 16th birthday. When Shawn entered the room they stopped talking. They wished him a good morning then sent him to run an errand for the pub. He asked if there was anything else they wanted to say but Shawn Sr. only spoke of another errand. Shawn disappointedly walked away. Caroline said she felt terrible for letting her grandson believe that his grandparents actually forgot his birthday. She reminded herself the reason she had to behave this way was because Hope wanted his birthday party to be a surprise. As Belle was getting ready to go to the pub the phone rang. It was Chloe returning Belle's previous call. Belle told her the reason she had called was because she wanted to invite her to Shawn's surprise birthday party. Chloe said she would think about it. When Belle arrived at the pub carrying a large box she was immediately spotted by Shawn who wanted to know what was in it. She avoided telling him what was inside as the box was full of party decorations. Caroline took the box from Belle saying she would give it to Marlena when she arrived. Belle thanked her for being a lifesaver. Belle and Shawn exchanged a few sarcastic barbs then she left him alone to go eat breakfast. "So much for a Happy Birthday" he said to himself. While Belle was eating her breakfast Shawn joined her and asked her a few questions but she ignored him. When he asked her why she was ignoring him she said she wasn't ignoring him she just hadn't heard him. She explained she has other things going on in her life hat she thinks about. She told him she doesn't always think about Shawn Brady. When he insulted her hairstyle by asking her if she was going to "eat with those chopsticks later" she told him he didn't know anything about style and angrily left. Once outside she used her cell phone to call Chloe. When Chloe answered Belle told her she was still invited to Shawn's party but "I won't be there. I thought you should know."

At the Wesley's, Nancy was lying in bed watching Craig sleep. She was worried about the fact that her father had figured out Chloe was the daughter Nancy had given up for adoption 15 years go. She feared that her father may tell Craig the truth about Chloe. She is also worried because she hasn't yet told Craig her father arrived at their doorstep unannounced. She decided to take a shower before waking Craig to inform him of their uninvited guest. While she was in the shower Craig woke up and decided to surprise Nancy by going downstairs and preparing their morning coffee. Coming from the kitchen into the living room with his newspaper and coffee Craig began to sit in his chair. He was startled to discover he had just landed in his father-in-law's lap. The men were not pleased to see each other and immediately began to exchange sarcastic remarks. Craig's father-in-law told him he hadn't forgotten how absent-minded his son-in-law is. Craig told his father-in-law he hadn't expected someone to be sitting in his chair. His father-in-law told him he hadn't realized the chairs had names on them. Craig told him he had worked late the previous night. He said he just woke up and didn't want to put up with this attitude right now. "Aaahhh... right. I never thought I'd see the day when you became chief-of-staff." Craig told him it had taken him awhile to achieve his goal but that was because he also had a life and didn't focus on becoming "the youngest chief-of-staff" Craig asked his father-in-law why he was there. He told Craig he had a layover in Salem on his way to a medical conference but now that he is here and sees what is going on he may have to stay and straighten out the mess Nancy has gotten herself into. He asked Craig what he thought of Nancy's "colossal mistake." Craig was confused because he didn't know what his father-in-law was talking about. Nancy managed to get out of the shower and make her way to the living room before her father had the chance to tell Craig the truth about Chloe. She began babbling on about the way she honored the promise she made to her girlfriend. She said they had taken Chloe in because her mother died. Her father told her to stop babbling and berated her for her mistake. Craig reminded him this was their house and he wouldn't tolerate any disrespect toward his wife. He told Craig to relax and offered him a cigar saying "you should practice smoking at home first." He said he didn't want Craig to go out and humiliate himself by turning green because he doesn't know how to smoke. Craig said someone putting a tar stick in their mouth was not impressive to him. His father-in-law told him he should be impressed because it's a fifty dollar cigar. Craig said he didn't know of any hospital chief-of-staff who would be impressed by this. He then put the wrapped cigar between his teeth and proceeded to do back-flips from one end of the living room to the other. When he finished Craig said he had the right to to embarrass himself wherever and whenever he wanted to. He told his father-in-law to "keep the cigar" and stuffed it back in his pocket. Nancy's father again began berating her...this time about what a lousy husband she chose. Craig told him if he had nothing nice to say then he should leave. He left Nancy and her father alone. On his way upstairs he ran into Chloe who lauded him for doing the back-flips and for standing up to "the old man." Craig said he was anxiously awaiting his father-in-law's departure. Nancy explained to her father she hadn't told Craig the truth about Chloe. When he asked her what friend she was speaking of earlier she said "I made her up!" She told him everything she had told Craig about Chloe's "mother" and he was amazed that Craig actually believed her story. Chloe joined them and said she too couldn't believe Craig had fell for Nancy's lie. Nancy said to Chloe that no matter what she does because she gave her up at birth Chloe has refused to let her forget her mistake. She left the two of them and went back to her bedroom where she burst into tears. Craig said he wouldn't allow that man to reduce his wife to tears. He told Nancy she must tell her father to leave but Nancy said "I can't. He's my dad" Craig said he couldn't help but feel there was more to the situation than her father was telling. "Craig...there is more" said Nancy. Back downstairs Chloe's grandfather told her she had the "Miller spunk." He ordered her to go into the kitchen and make him some coffee and toast then left he room. "In your dreams old man" said Chloe. When he returned he asked if she had made what he asked for. She told him no. He sincerely apologized to her saying he never intended to make her feel subservient. He explained he didn't know his way around his daughter's kitchen and just assumed Chloe did. He asked his granddaughter if she had any free time before school. She said she had about an hour. He asked if they could get to know each other a bit. He asked her very politely if she would accompany him to the kitchen and help him make the coffee and toast. "No problem" said Chloe.

In the Kiriakis flower garden, Austin came upon Nicole. While talking about life he told her she should take a good look at the flowers. He said they could explain a lot about life. The discussion switched to parenting. He told her it would be best if she didn't drink around Will. He said he wouldn't stand by and watch her avoid her parental duties. She said she was allowed to have a drink every once in a while and Austin agreed saying "as long as it's kept under control." He told her because she's Lucas's wife it's her responsibility to be a good stepmother to Will. She told him she didn't want to hear anymore but before she walked away he told her if she ever needed a friend to talk to his door was always open. She said nothing. Meanwhile at the cottage house Sami and Brandon were discussing whether or not Nicole was telling the truth when she said Will belonged with his mother. Sami said all she needed for him to do was find out if Nicole was trying to trick her some way. Brandon promised Sami he would find out what Nicole was up to. Sami said she would be nice to Nicole if that is what it would take to retain custody of her son. Brandon told Sami he'd do everything he could to help her. She thanked him with a hug. On his way to the mansion Brandon ran into Austin in the flower garden. He told Austin instead of communing with nature he should be with Sami offering his support as she is upset by the prospect of being separated from her son. Austin told him he does support Sami and is confident everything will work out for the best. Austin said he had been talking to Nicole and was worried about her because she seemed very troubled. He told Brandon he wanted to be a friend to Nicole. Brandon told Austin he needed to be worried about Sami as he is "supposed to be" her boyfriend. He told Austin to "stay away from Nikki" because she is "off limits." He left Austin speechless and alone. Inside the mansion Sami came upon Nicole and said hello. After complimenting Nicole's outfit Sami asked her if she'd seen Austin. Nicole told Sami "He's in the garden watching the flowers grow." When Sami was confused Nicole said it was a long story. Sami told Nicole she had found a place to live. She said Eric had offered to let her stay with him. "Your moving in with Eric?" Nicole asked. When Sami said yes Nicole wondered aloud if that would put a damper on Eric's love life with Greta. Sami reminded Nicole that Greta has her own place if the two of them want to be alone but she added that she didn't think Eric and Greta had much of a love life anyway. Nicole was pleased and said "Well, I know they haven't slept together" Sami asked how she could possibly know that as she is sure Eric wouldn't share something so personal. Nicole said the way she knew was by what she saw when she looked into his eyes. She said his eyes told the story of a man who is not satisfied. She said when she and Eric were together he always had the look of passion and love in his eyes. Sami told Nicole when she was with Eric he had also spoke of love. Nicole asked Sami to tell her what Eric said. Sami said Eric explained to her what love meant to him. She said at one time Eric was truly in love with Nicole. She told Nicole it was time for her to go because she needed to find someone to help her move her things over to Eric's place. When Nicole suggested that Eric come over to help Sami move Sami said Eric would never come to this house because he is still angry with Lucas for taking Will away. She said because she is Eric's sister he is very protective of her and told her he would be eternally grateful to anyone who helped her get Will back. Nicole told Sami she meant it when she said Will belonged with his mother. Sami thanked Nicole for her support and said if Eric and Nicole were able to become close friends again than maybe she and Nicole could also resume their friendship. Nicole said she'd like that too. She told Sami she owed her career to her and said she missed the two of them hanging out together. When Nicole turned her back to Sami to take a drink both women smugly smirked.

On the boat, Bo and Hope awoke from a night of lovemaking . Hope asked Bo what he had thought of their evening. He told her he hadn't felt like that in years. "In years?" she asked. She said it hadn't been that long and asked if his memory was getting fuzzy. He said what he meant was that it "seemed" that long. Hope told Bo she trusted him completely and that is why she knew she could ask him anything. She asked him when she changed into the Princess Gina persona and what she did while she thought she was her. He said after her car accident was when her personality began to change. She said that sounded right because the car accident is the last thing she remembers. He said although she stayed in Salem until just after John and Marlena were married she hadn't been acting like herself since the car accident. He told her she then went to Paris and explained how as Princess Gina she stole a masterpiece fr Stefano's art collection. Hope told Bo she couldn't even imagine being a thief. "I even return my library books on time" she told him. He told her she wasn't a thief "Princess Gina was" She told him she wanted to talk about something romantic. She said she wanted to talk about the night their baby was conceived. He once again evaded the question and she accused him of not remembering when "it" happened. Bo said although he can't pinpoint an exact when and where the baby was conceived what should matter most is how much he loved her and how much he loved making love to her everytime they are together. She apologized for accusing him of being forgetful and thanked him for reminding her of what was most important. They decided to call Shawn before he left for school and "when we're finished I have a surprise for you" said Bo. She tried to get him to tell her what the surprise was before he called Shawn but he refused. After getting dressed Hope appeared on deck where she was greeted by Bo who had prepared a romantic breakfast setting. Before sitting down, he asked her if she remembered their wedding vows. She said she did. He began reciting them to her and she joined in. She finished reciting the vows alone. He got down on one knee and vowed to love her forever. He told her he would love for her to be his wife. "Will you marry me?" he asked. Hope said she had been dreaming and praying for this moment for a very long time. "Yes, I will marry you,"she said. He put a ring on her finger and she tearfully embraced him.

Friday, April 7, 2000



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