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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 24, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, April 24, 2000

Larry and Sami are still at the hospital. Sami is getting some coffee, and Brandon walks in. He asks her if she's okay and if she's going to keep the job. She says maybe, maybe not. He says, but I thought you needed the job. Sami says I do, but that was before I came up with a plan.

Greta is still helping Austin move in and decorate his apartment. She's talking about how she feels alone and doesn't have many friends, but Austin says that was before you moved to Salem. She agrees, but says she still feels alone, even in crowds, but when she's with him, he has a of making her feel good and not alone and special.

Nicole is at the photo lab, waiting for Eric. She's talking to herself about making money, and getting Eric back. She's got everything set up for Eric, coffee, pastries, etc. Eric walks in and slams the door and says alright I'm ready for the photo shoot all without even looking at Nicole. Nicole is really happy to see him and says hi, and everything is setup. Eric looks up and sees the backdrop and says, "What the heck is this"?

Bo and Hope are at the hospital. Bo is feeding Hope some kind of food, but Hope doesn't want anymore. Gran comes in with an outfit for Hope because she's going home today. Its white, and she hopes that it will fit. Mrs. H. asks if it's going to be a boy or girl. Hope says she only wants to know if the baby is going to be healthy. She says we should be getting the results from the amnio soon.

Replay of Rolf slipping in the rain and dropping the vial.

Brandon asks Samantha what St. Austin thinks about her plan, but says she hasn't told him about it. Brandon says that secrets have a way of coming out. Sami tells him that he's wrong, and that she's sure he has secrets of his own. He says but we're talking about you. Samantha tells Brandon that he was right about one thing. He says what was that? She says that I can't keep pretending to be something that I'm not, and that I've worked too hard to get where I am. Brandon says good for you, and asks her where that leaves her relationship with Austin? How can they have a good relationship if Austin doesn't appreciate who she really is?

Rolf dropped the vile and it broke. He gets REALLY upset, and says that Stefano is going to kill me. Hope is wearing her new outfit. Hope thanks Lexie for being there for her during the tests. Bo wishes Lexie luck on trying to get pregnant.

Eric is looking at the backdrop, which looks like there is a military camouflage net hanging up with some metal beams, and a boulder. Eric says, come on Nicole, it looks like you're trying to make a political statement; I thought we doing a fashion photo shoot?!? She says, I'm trying something new. She tells him to setup while she explains the photo shoot, but she starts in with talking about Sami. Nicole tells Eric that she's glad that Sami has him in her life, and that she does want Sami to get full custody of Will. Eric says that's great, but if your husband found out he would go ballistic. She says Lucas knows how she feels. Eric says I know because Greta and I heard the two of you arguing. Eric muses and says, "Hmmm, if only he knew you were consorting with the enemy"? Nicole gets a somewhat shocked look on her face. Eric continues to say, "How would he feel about THAT Nicole"?

Greta and Austin are still decorating his apartment. Greta asks Austin why he and Sami just don't move in now? He says that he feels two people should REALLY be committed to each other before they make that kind of arrangement. Greta brings up his marriage to Carrie. He's still upset about it and says that he didn't see Carrie's involvement with Mike coming, and that he thought he and Carrie would be together forever.

Sami is still thanking Brandon for the job and reminding her how she "truly" is. He asks what the plan is. She tells him that she and Nicole are working together, and that they're going to turn Lucas back into a 'raving' drunk. Brandon has a look of disgust and disbelief. Brandon says in disbelief "you're going to what?" and Sami replies that Lucas is an admitted alcoholic and that he's still going to the court appointed meetings, and that Lucas got drunk and hit Will, and that it shouldn't be that hard to get Lucas to fall off the wagon. Brandon tells her that he's not going to tell her not to do it, but if Austin found out, their relationship would be over. Sami says that's why I've thought this through CAREFULLY! Brandon then says, just for the sake of argument, if you do get Lucas to fall off the wagon, how would anyone know? Sami tells him that he's still being checked regularly. Brandon says to her then how she intends to go about getting Lucas to fall? And she says that's where Nicole comes in. She's a "terminator." Brandon makes an off-handed remark about some family they are. He's a hero, and his sister is a terminator. Sami says that's nothing, if you dangle the right carrot in front of Nicole, she'll do anything to get it or should I say 'him'? She tells Brandon, "you trust me, Lucas doesn't stand a chance of staying sober"!

Bo and Hope are getting ready to leave the hospital. Bo flashes back to when Hope was first in the hospital and he just found out that Hope was pregnant. In it he says to always remember that he loves her, and he climbs into bed with her and holds her and comforts her, and thinks to himself and says "Oh Fancyface how am I ever going to tell you"? Mrs. H. breaks his reverie, and asks him if he's okay. He says, yes, of course. Mrs. H. says he can't fool her. She can see in his eyes that something is troubling him, and that it was the same kind of look he had when his father, Victor, was sick and wouldn't talk to anyone about it. She tells him that anytime he needs someone to talk to, she'll be there for him ALWAYS. He hugs her and says thanks, Mrs. H.

Lexie discovers the abandoned cart that Rolf was using, and finds Hope's amniotic fluid still on the cart, and asks the nurse why its still doing there? The nurse said she handed Hope's fluid to a technician. Lexie is a bit freaked out and wondering why it didn't get to the lab. Rolf is still outside really freaking out and asked how he could be so clumsy. Rolf calls Stefano, and tells him he has bad news. Stefano tells Rolf please tell me nothing happened to the fluid. Rolf says, to tell you the truth, I dropped it. Stefano is livid.

Brandon and Samanta are still talking about her plan. He offers his help. Sami's boss from hell walks in and tells her to get back to work. Brandon says he wishes that she worked in his department. She goes back to work giving Larry some coffee, while Brandon thinks to himself, 'Samantha and Nicole, a deadly combination'. Eric is asking Nicole if Lucas "really" knows that she's in cahoots with Sami---that she's taking sides against him. Nicole tries to defend herself, and tells Eric that he makes it sound so subversive, and that it's not like Lucas doesn't know how she feels. Eric says he hopes she gets through to Lucas and wants the whole custody battle over. Nicole says that's not all, she wants to make up the pain she's caused Eric. He says, Nicole we're history, because YOU married Lucas, and that he moved on with Greta. He gets mad and then says how are they going to do a photo shoot with that background? She tells him that her idea is going to win them some awards.

Austin is telling Greta about the end of his marriage to Carrie. He's giving her advice about not sleeping with Eric yet, until she is definitely sure. She's still insecure about him, and the timing of "completely" being with him.

Bo and Hope leave the hospital. Bo has a surprise for Hope. He takes her to a real estate office, and says they're going to buy a house. She's unsure about buying a house, because she like's living on the boat, but Bo convinces her that it's a good thing to do and she concedes.

Stefano is totally furious with Rolf. Rolf is pleading with Stefano to calm down; that there is still the original vile he can get. Stefano is trying to keep control of his anger and suggests that Rolf put something around it to protect it! Rolf pretends to have cell phone static, while Stefano is yelling at him, and Rolf hangs up on Stefano.

Lexie is trying to rush the amniotic fluid to the lab. She's complaining to Brandon. Lexie introduces herself to Larry. He tells them a joke...."What do you call an honest person in the White House?.....A tourist. They all laugh.

The photo shoot finally starts, and Eric still doesn't really know what the purpose of it is. Nicole is trying to be sentimental, ant tells Eric that he changed her, but he's really not convinced, and asks her, "Gosh, Nicole, if I really meant that much to you, then why did you betray me"? Eric says he really needs to know why Nicole tried to make him hate her and why she married Lucas instead of him?

Greta points out that Austin must still be really hurt about Carrie. She asks about Sami, and again he defends her and says that Sami has come a long way, and that now there are no secrets between them.

Brandon and Lexie are talking. He asks her if there are any amnio tests in the near future for her. She says not yet, but if it doesn't happen soon, we'll consider adoption. Which was her father's idea, and that Abe is not thrilled about the idea but that he hasn't totally ruled it out yet. Lexie says that with the suggestion of adoption coming from her father, Abe is immediately turned off by the idea, and even if she can get Abe to agree to adopt, it could take years. Brandon says not necessarily. Lexie, lights up and says, "you're right my father DOES have connections; if I wanted him too, I bet he'd move Heaven and Earth to get me a baby." All the while smiling at the prospect.

Stefano is really angry and damning Rolf about the amniotic fluid. Lexie says I've gotta run and get my friend's fluid to the lab. Rolf overhears her and follows her. Its still pouring down rain outside.

Eric and Nicole are still in the lab. Nicole is still trying to defend her marriage to Lucas with evasive reasons. She says its just something she HAD to do. Pleading Eric to believe her. Eric says he can't. The model walks in and they starting shooting. While he's taking pictures of the model, he imagines or sees Nicole instead of the model. He stops taking pictures for a moment, and looks behind, where Nicole is sitting and watching. Nicole thinks to herself with a smirk on her face, "hmmm, very soon Eric will be mine again." Greta and Austin are still talking about relationships, and Greta tells Austin she's very glad for him, that he found someone so soon after his divorce. He brings up the custody battle, and says he hopes for joint custody.

Lexie is rushing to the lab to get Hope's amniotic fluid there, but its raining really hard, and she's speeding because the lab closes in five minutes. Rolf is directly behind her realizing she's speeding and says to himself, "oh well, I just pray that second vile of fluid doesn't break when I run Alexandria off the road."

Tuesday, April 25, 2000

At the Wesley's, Nancy was on the phone talking to someone over at the Black's penthouse. She was looking for Chloe who hadn't arrived home from school yet. She discovered she wasn't there and began to panic. Her father told her to relax. She explained that Chloe had never been late from school unless she called first. She said she was worried Chloe may have been in an accident and said she was calling the police. He told her not to do that as he was sure Chloe would be home soon. They argued once again about the fact he's planning to take her daughter away from her. He said he was doing what was best for the girl. He told Nancy she didn't know anything about being a parent. She told him she hadn't had the opportunity to learn because he had convinced her to give her daughter up. He reminded her it was her decision. She told him he couldn't control her anymore and promised to do everything in her power to keep her daughter with her. He reminded her the lies she told Craig about Chloe would certainly ruin her marriage. He asked her how she thought Craig would react once he learned she cheated on him and gave birth to a bastard child. He said he didn't understand how after only a few short months she could've become so "attached to the girl" "A few short months?!" Nancy yelled. She said she had something to say and told him to listen carefully. She explained she had lived with her daughter in her mind everyday for the last 15 years. She said Chloe was her first and last thoughts of each day. She told him she was now trying to right her wrong. She said she would trust in Craig's love that everything would work out. Her father said if she really believed that she would've told Craig the truth years ago. He reminded her if Craig had wanted children they would've had them. He told her she instead decided to get drunk and make a baby with an older more distinguished gentleman. She reminded her father he was at fault for encouraging her to acquaint herself with those types. She recalled he had tried to separate her and Craig by introducing her to those men but it didn't work because her heart belonged to Craig. He said if that were true she shouldn't have went to bed with a man twice her age...conceived a child...and then lied to her husband about it. He said he wouldn't blame Craig if he's never able to understand Nancy's mistake. She told him it wasn't a mistake. "What do you call it, Nancy...A mishap?" he asked. He asked her again who Chloe's father was. "Is it someone I know?" he asked. When she refused to tell him he told her she was a disappointment. She said she knew he thought she was a failure and Craig was a clown but she reminded him he's cold-hearted and cruel for trying to take her daughter away from her. He told her he was doing what was best for his granddaughter. She told him he couldn't possibly know what was best for his granddaughter because he had no feelings. He told her even though she didn't believe it he does care and that she was the one being selfish regarding her daughter. She told him he made her very angry. "Right now I really hate you, Daddy" she told him. He grabbed his chest when he began having pains yet was still able to tell Nancy where his medication was. She immediately ran to go get it leaving the ringing phone unanswered. When she returned her father had fell to the floor unconscious. She apologized for the things she said and begged God to let her father live.

At dotcom, Chloe asked Belle if she was surprised to learn the truth about her relationship with Nancy. Belle said she was shocked. "It's not like you look alike...but now that I think about it." she said. Belle told Chloe if she goes to live with her grandfather it would be the same as running away. Belle told her she must stay in Salem. Chloe explained she needed to get away because she wasn't used to all the attention she was getting from Nancy. She told of how her adoptive parents were older and didn't have much time for her. She said she wasn't familiar with love and affection. Belle said "That's so sad." She said although she can't really relate to what Chloe went through or was feeling she knows Chloe was hurt because of it. She told Chloe her mother had taught her that when you can't relate to what a person is going through the best thing to do is just listen while they talk. Chloe told Belle her mother was right. Chloe recalled when she was a little girl she used to sit in her room staring at one particular spot on her wall wishing with all her heart that her mother would come and rescue her. She told Belle she had a desperate "need" for her mother to come but it never happened. She said after her adoptive parents died she was moved around to different foster homes and then was sent to the orphanage. She said the foster homes hadn't offered much love either and by the time she was sent to the orphanage she realized she would always be alone. Belle reminded her that her mother had come to the orphanage and now she was no longer alone. Chloe said when Nancy finally arrived at the orphanage she no longer had that "need" for her mother. Belle reminded her everyone needed love. Belle told Chloe she had seen the way Nancy looked at her. She said Nancy's eyes were always filled with love when she looked at Chloe. Chloe disagreed saying Nancy was ashamed of her and that's why she's been hiding the truth from everyone. Belle wondered if because Chloe hadn't allowed herself to be loved by Nancy maybe she was the one who was ashamed. Belle asked Chloe if she was ashamed that Nancy's her mother. Chloe avoided the question and said she just wasn't used to being doted on. Belle told Chloe if she would think about opening up to Nancy about her feelings then maybe the two of them could begin to mend their relationship. Belle told Chloe she cared about her and didn't want to lose her friendship. She begged her to stay in Salem and work things out with her mother. Chloe agreed to try. "I better call my mom and tell her where I am...and tell her I'm staying." she said. Belle smiled happily. While waiting for someone to pick up she told Belle "That's funny. There's no answer."

On her way to the lab to drop off Hope's amniotic fluid, Lexie was being followed by Rolf. He decided he must run Lexie off the road in order to get his hands on the vial. Stefano called him and wanted to know what was going on. Rolf assured him everything was under control. When Stefano asked him what he was planning to do Rolf told him there was no time to explain and hung up. To himself Rolf said sometimes orders couldn't be followed and drastic action must be taken instead. Meanwhile Lexie realized the car behind her was following too closely and she worried she was going to be run off the road. Stefano called Rolf back and told him he must never disobey him and said if he brought any harm to Lexie he'd cripple him. When they hung up Stefano called Lexie who was frazzled because she was being followed too closely. She calmed down when the car backed off. She told Stefano she was fine. She said she was runing an errand. They made arrangements to get together in the morning. He told her to drive carefully and she promised she would. Once they hung up she wondered aloud if she was going to make it to the lab before it closed. When Stefano got off the phone with Lexie he told Bart that if Rolf harmed his daughter he would destroy him. Bart told Stefano Rolf thinks he knows everything. Stefano said that didn't matter as he's the one in charge. He told Bart he must focus on his next plan which involved finding a pregnant woman that would benefit his daughter who has been trying to conceive. Bart asked him what finding a pregnant woman had to do with helping Lexie's situation. Stefano said he didn't have everything figured out yet and asked Bart to leave him alone so he could focus on his plan. Meanwhile, Lexie arrived at the lab and as she got out of her car she noticed the lights were off. She decided to go to the door anyway and see if someone was still there. Rolf arrived and while waiting for her to return to her car he put a ski mask on. As she started to unlock her car door to herself she said "Well, that was a wasted trip. I'll have to come back tomorrow." Rolf approached her from behind and she immediately began to fight him off. She was doing well until he punched her in the jaw and she fell to the ground. He grabbed her purse jumped in his car and sped off. When she got up she was disappointed he had gotten away and she realized he made off with her purse. She decided to go to her father's for help. Rolf beat her there and explained he had to fight with Lexie to get her purse. He asked Stefano why he never mentioned his daughter had a black belt in karate. Rolf told Stefano it didn't matter though because he'd managed to get her purse which had Hope's fluid in it. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. When Stefano opened the door he immediately asked Lexie what happened to her. She explained she was mugged and the thief stole her purse. He held her in his arms to comfort her while he nervously eyed her purse which was sitting on a table in the next room.

At the hospital, Sami was berated by Nurse Brenda who told her to get back to work and not leave the desk unless it's her allotted break time. When Brenda handed her some files Sami dropped them and when she bent to pick them up she noticed one of the file's was Hope's. She asked Brenda if she knew why the results to Hope's amnio weren't included in the file. Brenda said she didn't know. Before leaving Sami alone she handed Sami a message from a friend who had called when she was away from the desk. Lucas came upon Sami and said whoever hired her to work with the hospital files must've been a fool. He reminded her of what she did to her file to ensure he wouldn't find out he was Will's father. She said she did what was best for Will. He reminded her lying to Will about who his father was wasn't good for his well-being. She reminded him how he hadn't been thinking about Will's well-being when he kidnapped him. Lucas said he did that because he wanted to protect Will from her lies. He promised Sami that once he and his family moved into their own place Will won't be subjected to his mother's scheming ways. He told her she was going to end up with nothing. When he left for his AA meeting she vowed that with the help of his wife he would be the one left alone. Sami looked at her message which read "Let's meet for drinks at Tuscany tonight. Nicole" Sami asked Brenda if she could leave early but she refused. Meanwhile, at Tuscany Nicole was waiting for Sami to join her for drinks. A waiter remembered seeing her there on New Years Eve rolling on the floor fighting with Celeste. He suggested she stick to club soda. She explained she was the one who was attacked and she'd only defended herself. She told him she wanted a martini and he should mind his own business. Maggie came upon her and questioned her drinking. She asked Nicole why she didn't drink while there with Lucas yet when alone she does. Nicole told Maggie that just because she's a non-drinker she has no business judging others who do drink. Maggie said she wasn't judging her drinking she just isn't sure it's right to keep it from Lucas. Nicole said she didn't indulge in drinking when with Lucas because she wanted to support his decision to stay sober. Maggie told her that her actions could not determine Lucas's sobriety. She said Lucas's actions would be that determining factor. Maggie left her alone and Nicole told the waiter his boss was a busybody. He handed her a martini and said he hoped it would improve her mood. She assured him her mood was fine but the drink would surely make it better. When Sami finally arrived she spotted Maggie and decided she better do some damage control before meeting with Nicole. She greeted Maggie who asked if she was meeting Austin. Sami explained she was there to meet Nicole for a drink. Maggie said she didn't realize they were friends again. Sami said she decided to take her lawyers advice and make nice with Nicole if it meant she'd have access to her son. Maggie told her she'd made a wise decision. Sami agreed and went to meet Nicole. She apologized for being late and said work was hectic and Nurse Brenda refused to let her leave early. Nicole told her that was fine as she'd been enjoying her drink while waiting. While the two women were discussing their plan to get Lucas to drink again he arrived and greeted Maggie. She asked him if he was there to pick up Nicole. "Nicole's here?" he asked. When Maggie pointed her out he asked her not to tell he was there. He told Maggie he wanted to surprise them and she promised not to say anything. When she left him alone to himself he said "Sami, what are you up to now?" He quietly crept up on them and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation. He realized he couldn't hear anything but had to quickly hide behind the bar when he noticed they were making there way from where they were sitting up to the bar. Still discussing their plan and ordering fresh drinks Lucas hid under the bar unnoticed. The bartender made so much noise while mixing drinks Lucas was still unable to hear what they were saying. While Nicole's back was facing Sami as she was retrieving their drinks Sami looked in the mirror and spotted Lucas's reflection. When Nicole faced Sami again to continue their discussion Sami threw her drink in Nicole's face while saying "Shut up, Nicole!" Nicole called Sami a bitch and demanded to know what she was doing. "Who's side are you on anyway?!" Nicole questioningly yelled. She grabbed Sami's hair and the two women fell to the floor. A catfight ensued much to the enjoyment of the onlookers. Lucas peeked over the bar to see what was going on.

Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Chloe thinks that her mom must be out shopping or too busy fighting with her father to answer the phone. Belle tells Chloe that anytime she ever needs anyone to talk to she is here. Chloe thanks Belle, but tells her that she doesn't want anyone else to know the truth about Nancy. Belle doesn't understand why Nancy wouldn't want anyone to know the truth? Chloe says the reason is Craig. Chloe tells Belle that Craig doesn't know she is Nancy's daughter, let alone that Nancy has a child. Chloe asks if they can change the subject, so Belle asks Chloe if she's ever been into any other type of music other than opera? Chloe says she only likes opera. Belle thinks she must have had years of lessons, but Chloe says she's never told anyone that she can sing, and she's only had some piano and flute lessons. Belle is amazed, and tells Chloe that she is amazing. However, she says she wouldn't have run out of the pub after singing like that, and she also says that the dock isn't the safest place to hang out after dark. Chloe asks how she knew about that? Belle tells her that she was spotted at the docks meeting with a guy. Chloe says she didn't go to the dock to meet a guy, they just ran into one another. Chloe agrees to tell Belle who it was, as long as she doesn't tell anyone. Belle agrees.

Mimi and Philip show up at Dot.Com, and Philip wants Mimi to buy them some drinks. Mimi refuses and says she bought the last one, he owes her. Shawn walks in and asks what is going on? Philip says that Mimi has gone cheap on him and is acting like she is down to her last five bucks. Philip agrees to buy the drinks for them because he is dying of thirst. Mimi ends up putting her food in her purse, and Philip wonders what is going on. Mimi says she isn't hungry anymore and will save it for later. She changes the subject to Chloe's mystery man, and wonders that who would be down on the docks with her. Shawn defends Chloe, and Mimi tells him that if he hangs with geeks then it will rub off on him, and he won't be voted King of the Spring Dance. Shawn doesn't care and says that Philip would make a better king than he would.

Shawn approaches Belle and Chloe before Chloe can tell Belle who she was with at the docks. Shawn tells Chloe that there are some bad rumors going around about her, but she shouldn't worry. Chloe tells Shawn that she won't be hanging around the docks anymore, especially with the guy she was with because he turned out to be a jerk. After Shawn leaves, Belle asks Chloe who she was with at the docks? Chloe says it was no one important.

Nancy tells her father, who is now conscious, that she's taking him to the hospital. Nancy brings her father into the hospital, and he is screaming that he wants out of this wheelchair because he is not an invalid. Nancy asks Brenda for Craig, but Dr. Miller refuses to have Craig as his doctor because he will kill him. Nancy says Craig is a brilliant doctor, but Dr. Miller doesn't want him checking out his heart. Craig shows up and asks Dr. Miller if he's afraid he'll find out he has no heart? Craig asks what is going on, and Nancy explains what happened. She asks Craig to check her father out, so he agrees, but only for her. Dr. Miller refuses to allow Craig the quack to check him out. Brenda tells Dr. Miller that she's heard enough from him. She tells him that this is a hospital and they don't tolerate screaming unless they're in pain, and he is a pain in the ass! She also tells him that he is lucky to have Dr. Wesley examine him because he is the best doctor in all of Salem! Dr. Miller is impressed with Brenda, so she wheels him to an examine room. Craig asks Nancy what brought on her father's attack? She tells him they were talking about Chloe, and there is so much she needs to tell him. She says she doesn't have time to go into everything right now, and asks him to just go check on her dad for her. Craig doesn't know how she can be that man's daughter, and leaves. Nancy ponders what to do, if she doesn't tell Craig the truth she could lose Chloe, but if she does tell him the truth, she could lose Craig.

Maggie and Lucas pull Sami and Nicole off of one another. Lucas blames Sami for this, but Sami says that Nicole started it. Nicole, who thinks Sami really did pick a fight with her for real, says she is going to tell Lucas exactly what she is up to. Sami apologizes to Nicole and says she was out of line, but Lucas doesn't want to hear it. Sami tells Lucas that she has nothing to say to him, she apologizes to Nicole and to Maggie. Sami leaves to freshen up, and Lucas suspects that Sami is up to something because that is the only reason she'd have drinks with Nicole. Lucas realizes Maggie knows something, and asks her to tell him what is going on. Maggie says that Sami wanted to try to work things out with Nicole, but Lucas is still suspicious of Sami. Nicole follows Sami into the bathroom and tells Sami that she gets what happened, and tells Sami that was quick thinking. Sami says that with them working together, Lucas will take one quick drunken tumble down those steps big time, and then she can get Will back. Nicole asks Sami if she thinks Lucas overheard them? Sami says no, if he did she would be black and blue. Nicole says Lucas isn't a violent man, but Sami says Lucas did hit his son.

Sami tells that Lucas showing up here will work to their advantage, but Nicole says he almost caught them. Sami says she can make anything work to her advantage, and Lucas almost catching them is definitely a cloud with a silver lining. Nicole and Sami leave the bathroom acting like best buds, and Lucas continues be suspicious. He says that Sami never apologizes unless she is after something. Sami says she is after something, and she's not ashamed to admit it. Sami says she is trying to be civil with him and Nicole for Will's sake. Lucas asks for his barf bag and says she only wants visitation rights with Will. Sami tells Lucas that he is right, and she has realized she has spent far to long fighting with him instead of trying to get along. She thanks Lucas for allowing her to live at the mansion and spend time with Will, and she promises from now on that she will be so nice to him and Nicole that he'll never recognize her. Lucas asks why now, why not months ago? Maggie tells Lucas that he knows that it is when someone is at their lowest that they realize they must change, and she says she is proud of Sami. Sami tells Lucas that she has put him through hell, and she is sorry, but she has suffered to. She asks Lucas, for Will's sake, can they try to work things out? Lucas tells her that he doesn't know what to say, and he'll think about it. Maggie tells Sami that she is proud of her, but Sami informs Maggie that she still doesn't trust Lucas, but will do whatever it takes to keep Will in her life forever.

Stefano comforts Lexie after she tells him that she was mugged. Lexie thanks her father for his concern, and she likes him worrying about her. She then sees that the table is wet, and asks why? Stefano says he's not concerned with that, he's concerned about her, and he asks her to tell her what happened. She explains everything to him. Lexie thanks her father for being here for her, and she really needed her dad tonight. Lexie looks forward to the day her children can come to her with their problems, but she tells her dad that she is not pregnant yet.

Stefano brings up adoption and says that perhaps Abe will come around to the idea when he sees how deeply she wants a baby. Lexie gets up to call the station and talk to Abe, but is suddenly hit with a pain. Stefano asks Lexie if the man who mugged her hurt her in any way? Did he punch her in the face? Lexie says he did, and Stefano says that the man will pay for this. Lexie thanks him, but says nobody will probably find him. Stefano has one of his drivers see Lexie to her car, and then goes to deal with Rolf. Rolf is working in the lab to learn who the father of Hope's baby is when Stefano comes in and decks Rolf. The second vial of fluid falls to the floor with Rolf, and it breaks.

Thursday, April 27, 2000

At Brady's Pub, Bo and Hope told Caroline Dr. Bader said everything looked great with the baby. Caroline commented she didn't think they would have the amnio results so quickly. Hope told her they didn't have the results yet but she was sure everything would be fine. The baby was kicking furiously and Hope asked Caroline if she'd ever felt such an active baby. Caroline said "Yes" as she told Hope's belly "Your father!" Bo shifted uneasily. They were interrupted by a phone call from Lexie who explained to Hope that she was mugged. She said her purse was stolen and it had Hope's amniotic fluid in it. She apologized profusely and Hope told her what was most important was that she's okay. Lexie told her she'd be fine and apologized again. Hope said she'd talk to Dr. Bader and see what she recommends they do. When Hope hung up Bo immediately asked her what happened. Hope explained what had happened to Lexie. She told Bo she would talk to Dr. Bader about what happened but said she didn't think another amnio was necessary. She said if anything was seriously wrong they surely would've detected it through the ultrasound. She said she truly feels everything will turn out perfectly. When Caroline left them alone they began discussing where they would live when the baby arrived. They decided they would keep the boat but realized it is too small to house a family of four. Especially if they decided to have more children Bo told her. While looking at different homes the realtor recommended Hope chose the one she thought would be perfect for them. She explained it had waterfront property which would be perfect for docking their boat. He immediately told her it wouldn't be possible. He explained that on his salary he couldn't afford the house payment. She said if they used money from her trust fund they would be able to afford it. He told her he didn't want her to dip into that as it was her money that had been put away for Shawn's college fund. He said he wanted her to hold on to her nest egg for their children's futures. She reluctantly agreed. He asked her to let him handle the details of finding them a place to live. He told her it was very important that he provide for his family in his own way. When Caroline rejoined him he explained Hope had gone to the bathroom as she'd begun to feel queasy. She asked him what he was looking at and he said he and Hope had been looking at different houses trying to decide where they were going to live once the baby came. He showed her the one Hope had her heart set on but said it wasn't financially possible for them to have that one. He told her Hope had offered to dip into her trust fund so they could get the house but said he'd turned her offer down because he wanted that money to go to their children. While Caroline looked at the paper Bo handed her describing the home she told him she may be able to help. He was confused and she told him not to go away as she'd be back shortly. When she returned she explained she had gone to Shawn and together they'd decided they wanted to help Bo and Hope. She said it was their turn to help him since he'd been so generous to them in he past. She explained that without his and Roman's help she and Shawn certainly couldn't have achieved what they have. She told him they had decided they would give them the money for a down payment on the house. At first he refused saying taking money from them would be like taking money from Hope's trust fund. She reminded him he can never refuse his mother and insisted that helping was what they really wanted to do. He agreed to accept their help. He thanked his mother and they hugged while happily exchanging "I Love You's."

At Stefano's, as he furiously slapped Rolf for hitting his daughter Hope's vial of amniotic fluid fell to the floor and was destroyed. Rolf claimed he was only following Stefano's orders to do whatever it took to get his hands on Hope's vial. Stefano insisted that didn't include putting his hands on his daughter. He reminded Rolf he could make sure he endured a much worse fate. He said he was disgusted that Rolf had failed him and because of that he's unsure Rolf is capable of taking care of anymore plans he needed carried out. Rolf begged for Stefano's forgiveness and promised to do everything Stefano asked of him. Stefano explained he'd already enlisted Bart to help him with his next plan. Rolf reminded him that Bart was a bit of an idiot who surely would mess things up. Stefano told Rolf he was the idiot who screwed things up twice in one day. Rolf said he knew how important it was to Stefano to learn who the father of Hope's baby was and that if Hope decided to have another amnio he would do his very best to get the fluid without any mistakes. Stefano said he was unsure he could trust Rolf to get it as he had already tried and failed. Rolf said that may be true and although they no longer had Hope's amniotic fluid one good thing had come out of the days events. He told Stefano that while he was at the hospital he overheard something that he knew would make Stefano very happy. "And what is that?' Stefano asked. Rolf said he heard Hope's doctor say she would be delivering a baby boy. "A son." Stefano said. He was thrilled with the thought of possibly being the father of a bouncing baby boy. Rolf told Stefano he certainly couldn't trust Bart get the fluid if Hope decided to have the procedure done again. Stefano explained he'd given Bart the simple task of finding a pregnant woman who would be delivering a Caucasian baby around the same time Hope was due to give birth. Rolf asked Stefano what he was plotting now but Stefano said his plan wasn't completely formulated yet. He said the only thing he knew for sure was that he would not allow his daughter to be hurt by watching Hope with her newborn. He said he wanted to make sure his daughter was holding a newborn of her own.

At the Carver's, Lexie explained to Abe she had gone to her father's after the mugging. He immediately wanted to know what Stefano had done to her. She insisted her father comforted her in her time of need. She said she was very appreciative that he was there for her. Abe was hurt she hadn't come to him first. She said she tried but was unable to locate him. They were interrupted by both of their ringing phones. Stefano called to see that she made it home safely and work was checking in with Abe. When they finished Lexie told Abe how upset she was that the mugger had gotten away with Hope's amniotic fluid and then they began talking about their quest for a baby. She brought up the subject of adoption again but he was reluctant to discuss it saying he still wanted then to try to have a baby on their own. She reminded him they had been trying for a long time without success. She accused him of being reluctant about adopting because her father had suggested it. He told her he was uncomfortable with the thought of her discussing their private life with Stefano and said he wasn't looking forward to the idea of their child calling Stefano "grandpa" She indignantly disagreed saying she was looking forward to the day her child could spend time with her father. Abe asked her to be patient a while longer and hopefully she'd conceive. She said she had been patient long enough and was desperately longing to hold their baby in her arms. She told him she couldn't wait any longer and said she was going to begin making phone calls regarding adoption immediately.

In the photo lab at Titan, Eric and Nicole were laughing and talking easily and he praised her about a job well done on a recent photo shoot. She thanked him for the compliment and then brought up the subject of Sami and Will. She explained that she and Sami had been out for drinks and were still working together to ensure that Will end up with his mother. He was unsure of her sincerity but thanked her for her help and support. She told him she really does care about what happens to Will. She said she was considering getting herself "knocked up with a little Lucas Roberts" just so Lucas wouldn't be so determined to keep Will from his mother. Eric said that reason alone was not reason enough to bring a child into the world. She agreed saying the hardest thing about it would be knowing the baby wasn't his. He told her it could've been if she hadn't ruined things. She said she wished he could understand but he told her he would never understand why she'd run off and married Lucas. His relationship with Greta was brought up in their conversation. He explained how his relationship with Greta was completely different than the one they had shared. He told her Greta was sincere and truly cared about his happiness. He said Greta would do "anything" for him if she knew it would make him happy. She took that to mean the two of them had finally slept together and congratulated him. He told her he was tired of her turning everything into something sexual and said he would no longer discuss Greta with her. She told him he was only fooling himself if he actually believed sex wasn't that important. He reminded her they were discussing the Sami and Will situation and she promised she'd continue to help Sami retain custody of her son. They were interrupted by Nicole's ringing phone. It was Rex who told her he'd been thinking about her and wanted her to come over right away. She asked him how her investment was doing. He said if she'd come over he could "show" her how well it was doing. She told him her husband would be pleased to learn things were going well. "Your husband? Is he there?" he asked. "My husband? Yes." she told him. He told her when she could get away he wanted to see her but because it would take her a while it would give him more time to figure out where he remembered her from. She assured him they had never met and told him his focus should be on her investment return as that is what would endear him to her. When she hung up she apologized to Eric for the interruption. He reminded her she didn't owe him any explanation and said if she was finished discussing Will then their conversation was over.

Outside the photo lab at Titan, Greta arrived with a sack lunch for Eric. She overheard Eric telling Nicole what a wonderful person she is and that she'd been doing a great job at Titan. Austin came upon her and asked what was going on. She was upset when she told Austin what she had overheard. He told her she must've misunderstood the situation. She told him she didn't think so. She explained that before she went to Paris she had tried to break up with Eric because she thought he still had feelings for Nicole. She told Austin Eric refused to let her break up with him. She said she should have stuck with her gut instinct. Austin asked her if she wanted to talk about why the situation with Eric and Nicole bothered her so much. She said she'd talk but not there. She told Austin she didn't want them to know she was there. As they were leaving she put the sack lunch she'd brought for Eric as a surprise in the garbage. Austin took her to Brady's Pub. She explained that it wasn't so much Nicole that was bothering her as it was Eric. She said when she had thought her mother was dead and she had gone to live in the bayou she learned not to depend on anyone but herself. She said when she was with Eric it seemed whatever happened in her life he'd feel sorry for her which in turn would cause her to feel sorry for herself and totally dependent on him. She told Austin she didn't like feeling that way. She said Eric had consumed her life and she was just now realizing how unhealthy that was. Austin told her she had many becoming qualities that made her very endearing. He said any man that couldn't see that would have to be blind. When she blushed he told her that was just one of her qualities. She said it couldn't always be endearing but he disagreed. She went on to explain that she didn't have much "experience" when it came to men so she couldn't know what they do and don't like. She said what she really meant was that she had "No experience" with men. Caroline arrived at their table just as she told him she was a virgin. She was flustered when Caroline left and asked Austin what Eric's grandmother must think after hearing that. He assured her it must've been music to Caroline's ears to hear her say that. She blushed again and he told her to relax. He asked her why she considered her virginity a problem. She said it made her uneasy because she seemed to be in the minority. He assured her there was no reason for her to feel uncomfortable with her beliefs. She thanked him for being a good listener and wonderful friend. She told him she felt very comfortable with him and appreciated him listening to her vent. "Are you sure your a guy?" she asked. She laughed when he began to pull out his license to check. She said what she meant was that talking to him was like talking to a very close girlfriend. When Caroline returned with their order she asked him "Are you going to eat all that?" He offered to share but she declined and then changed her mind while grabbing his chocolate shake. He said he was happy to see that chocolate could put a smile on her face. He asked her what her plans for her future were. She realized she hadn't thought much about it with everything that had happened in her recent past. She promised to take more time to think about what she wanted to do with her future. She said she felt like she had an obligation to do something "good" with the money she had inherited from her mother. He agreed that would be a good idea and they smiled happily at each other.

Friday, April 28, 2000

Breakfast at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asks everyone if they're enjoying their breakfast, and they say yes, and he says good, because the time to start fending for yourselves begins tomorrow. Everyone looks semi-shocked, but Victor says well, didn't you mark the day on your calendars. Tomorrow is moving day. He's giving them a lecture on how most adults are ready to move out of the nest, but not this "motley crew." You all want to stay with mommy. Nicole pipes in and says, "Shhh! Not me!" Victor replied, "Of course not, you don't care where you live as long as there's money." Lucas says he took Will to look at his new house, and Lucas asks Will whose going to live in it? Will says, "mama." Lucas looks at Sami in disbelief and anger.

Dr. Miller is at the hospital getting dressed. He and Nancy are talking about Craig. Dr. Miller is complaining once again about Craig, and how he didn't have to be kept there overnight. Nancy is defending Craig. Dr. Miller, says he's leaving today, and he's taking Chloe with him. Nancy says, "Oh NO your not." In his cockiness he tells Nancy that he's willing to bet that Chloe will want to go live with him, because he has backbone, and is willing to claim Chloe for who she really is. His granddaughter. Nancy is still trying to defend Craig, and Dr. Miller says, by all means do everything you can to protect Craig. Nancy tells her father that she's decided to tell Craig the truth. He's surprised, and tells Nancy to use her head, and Nancy says her mind's made up; she's going to tell Craig the truth.

Abe is in his office when Roman comes in to tell Abe that there are no leads on Lexie's attacker. He says that they most likely won't find the perp because Lexie didn't see the attacker's face, or get a license plate number. Abe says well, Thank God Lexie is okay. He tells Roman that Lexie is still upset about Hope's vile being stolen. Roman says that it wasn't her fault though, Abe agrees and says that Lexie has a way of blaming herself.

Lexie is talking to a nurse at the hospital. They start talking about Larry Morris, and they say he's pretty cool and the nurse says that he has a great smile. Lexie runs into Craig. He's looking at a chart and says Dr. Carver I need to speak with you. Lexie tells him if its about Hope's amnio fluid, she filled out a report. He angrily says, "I don't give a damn about the report. You're FIRED!!" He storms off leaving Lexie shocked.

Lucas strongly asks Sami why she didn't tell Will they were all moving. Sami claims she hasn't had a chance. He gets mad, and says then I'll tell him. Sami says NO, we both agreed that I'd tell him. Lucas says to do it then! She leaves. Brandon gets up to leave, and thanks Victor and Kate for letting him stay there, and that he appreciated it. He shakes Victor's hand and leaves. Which just leaves Lucas and Nicole with Victor and Kate. Kate's pretty silent throughout the breakfast. Lucas then starts railing on Sami, and is thinking that she's trying to turn Will against him. Lucas was going to listen in on Sami talk to Will. Victor orders him to sit down, and Nicole tries to calm Lucas down, by saying that Sami isn't going to turn Will against his father. Sami is talking to Will and tells him, about the moving arrangements. Austin of course is in tow but silent. Will seems to understand. After Sami and Will hug, Austin suggests to Will he go get his picture for school and show them. While out of the room Austin tries to comfort Sami. Austin is questioning Sami and is suspicious of her. He asks her if she's scheming again. Lucas is still worrying about what Sami is saying to Will and why she's taking so long. Victor tells Lucas to calm down. Nicole asks about what house Lucas rented. She liked them all and left Lucas to pick one. He drops his "bombshell"!!! He says he didn't pick any of them, and proceeds to tell Nicole that they're staying at the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole gets upset and yells NO we're not! Victor and Kate share a look between each other.

Lexie tells Craig that he can't fire her. He says, I'm Chief of Staff, I can do whatever the hell I please. Lexie is upset and says she was doing a favor for a patient. Craig says there are procedures to follow for getting the amniotic fluid across town. You should have followed them. Lexie gets even more upset, and says well then you should find out why I found the lab cart in the closet. And that if he wants to fire someone, he should fire whoever left the cart there. She continues by saying all she wanted to do was get the fluid to the lab so they could test it today without wasting too much time. Craig furiously comes back at her with the possibility of Hope having to take another amnio test, and if she decides NOT to have the test done, and there is something wrong with the baby that could have been prevented by the amnio he would personally hold her responsible. And sarcastically states, that he's sure that would be infinitely more impossible to live with than getting kicked off the hospital staff!! Lexie says, well, then, I guess that's my que to quit medicine altogether and I should go down to personnel right now! She starts to walk off. While gritting his teeth, Craig calls Dr. Carver back and tells her he is sorry and that he doesn't want her fired or to quit. He's sure she'll never make that mistake again. He says I'm just in a lousy mood, please forgive me and he walks off.

Nancy and her father are still discussing telling Craig the "truth" about Chloe. Dr. Miller is still against it and says they've kept the secret for sixteen years, why should they say something now? He tells her that she's making a decision that could alter the course of her life. Nancy agrees with that. He continues by asking her if she needs "more" time to figure this out? He offers her a stay at one of their summer homes to "think" things through, but Nancy stands her ground against her over-bearing father. Nancy says NO WAY!! I will NOT be manipulated, and I will NOT give up Chloe again. He asks for "just" a visit. She adamantly refuses because she's not sure that he'd let Chloe come back to her. In comes Dr. Wesley with Dr. Miller's test results. Dr. Miller arrogantly recites what his blood pressure and blood sugar results would be. Craig sarcastically responds with telling Dr. Miller that he's quite the psychic, maybe the hospital should hire him on. Craig then asks if he's sleeping well, and Dr. Miller says he has sleeping pills. Craig says GOOD, why don't you take twenty or thirty of those pills and wash them down with scotch, but do it in bed that way I don't have to clean up any blood in the bathroom if you fall and hit your head.

Roman answers a call in Abe's office. It's a case of a fourteen-year-old boy shooting his seven-year-old brother. Roman is reluctant to tell Abe what the deal is because he doesn't want Abe to get upset. Abe is visibly shaken by that. Roman tells Abe it was a long, long time ago and to let it go. Abe says he's haunted by that boy he shot, wondering what he's made of his life. Brandon arrives at work, and stops to talk to Larry for a bit. Larry tells Brandon that Lexie and Craig had a run in. Larry is still worried about when he'll see Abe again, if he'll be able to handle it. Brandon reminds Larry that he can't let Lexie know about his connection to Abe.

Sami lies to Austin again, and says she's not cooking up some scheme. She tells him that she's making a 'real' effort to get along with Lucas and Nicole. She's talking about saving money so maybe she could move near them and she won't have to travel so far to see her son. Austin, of course feels bad for doubting her, and hugs her. Sami seems to feel a bit guilty. Will walks in with his picture for school. It's a drawing of Sami, Lucas and Will all holding hands in front of a house. Sami is not all that pleased. Lucas tells Nicole to calm down. Lucas tries to tell Nicole that he didn't want to have to make Will move twice so he asked Victor if they could stay until their house was built. Nicole is totally furious and says she can't believe it!!!! She starts ranting and says first you keep Will from his mother, and NOW you want me to continue living in a house where people hate me, and treat me like I'm beneath them! Kate gets a cocky, arrogant, smug look on her face. Victor says, sarcastically, I wonder why we treat you that way?! It wouldn't have anything to do with your behavior now would it Nicole? He points out that she does nothing but drink, wait around the house to be fed, and insult people? Nicole gets even madder and says is that how y'all really see me? Well, fine, to hell with all of you! She talks about her money. She says she's been "observing" Victor, and that she's made a few investments, that are paying off nicely. Victor and Kate exchange looks again. Lucas gets a bit worried and asks if it was "their" money? She says no, I have my own money. Lucas asks why she didn't discuss the investments with him, and she turns it back on him and says well, you didn't discuss staying here with me, so tit for tat as they say. She storms out! Lucas runs after her. Victor shakes his head. Kate says oh God I wonder if we made the right decision to let them stay here. Victor says its best for Will. Victor says its also important to keep an eye on Nicole until we get our money back. Victor says he can put up with Nicole until they get their money back. Nicole is yelling at Lucas because he didn't defend Nicole to Victor and Kate. That they're supposed to be partners. Lucas says they are partners, but Nicole yells that partners don't leave each other in the dark about things. Lucas profusely apologizes to Nicole, but says he was worried about Will, and wanted to do what's best for him. Nicole tells him, if you "really" cared about Will, you would let Sami have custody of him. Lucas says, No way in hell am I letting Sami have custody of Will. Nicole says fine, but don't be surprised if Will ends up without a Mother or a stepmother. And says, how would you like to raise Will all by yourself you Bastard?!!

Nancy is shocked that Craig said that to her father. He says he was just responding in kind to the way his father-in-law treats him. They leave her father's room, and are talking in the hallway. Nancy asks Craig what the matter is? He tells her that the presence of her father in this town is what's the matter with me. That he almost fired Lexie today because of Dr. Miller. He's had enough of him. Nancy tells him to calm down. He yells and says the only thing that will calm me down is if Dr. Miller leaves to go back home. Nancy says she's not ready for her father to leave yet. Craig is still really upset and asks why does she want her father to stay. She says because I'm afraid that if he goes, Chloe will go with him.

Abe and Roman are still talking about Larry Morris' shooting. Abe talks about procedure. He says he should have shot Larry's father, but he didn't. He says because HE didn't follow procedure a seven-year-old boy was shot in the back. That every since then he's religiously followed procedures. Roman tells him he's not doing himself any good by beating himself up over this. Abe thinks the reason he can't have children is because of this shooting. Roman doesn't believe that and tells Abe that its time he forgive himself. Brandon and Lexie are talking. She's still upset about the amniotic fluid being stolen. Brandon tells her he's glad she's okay. Lexie tells him she put up one helluva fight, and that she guarantees the perp will wake up really sore. They then go talk to Larry. Lexie asks Larry if he'd talk to some kids about his story and see if maybe he could somehow inspire them. He declines. He's not quite ready for that.

Victor and Kate are enjoying the silence of the house. Kate gets a little defensive and apologizes because all the people she had living there. She's telling Victor that he thinks that she's a terrible mother. They're arguing about child rearing, and Victor says nothing good will come out of this conversation. Kate says she tried so hard with Billie and Austin. Victor tells her she's being too hard on herself. He thinks Austin will do okay for himself once the custody issue is done. Victor tells Kate to let her children work things out for themselves. Victor is also hoping, that God willing, Sami will be out of their life forever.

Nicole barges in on Sami, Will and Austin. Austin says its not a good time. Sami thinks that Nicole was offended by something Victor said, and that Sami has a lot on her mind right now, and she can't help her right now. Nicole angrily tells Sami that she maybe living with Will a LOT sooner than she thinks. Sami eagerly asks why? Nicole says, first of all answer me this question AND tell me the truth. Do you think Eric loves me enough to come back to me? Sami says the way that Eric talked about his love for Nicole was like something out of a romance novel. That he's madly in love with Nicole, BUT, he would never break up Nicole's marriage. She'll have to do that on her own. Nicole says if it were possible she'd leave that SOB right now. Sami asks, why, what happened? Nicole says that they are staying at the Kiriakis mansion. That they'll be staying in the "mansion of misery" until their house is built. Sami can't believe it.

Craig is telling Nancy that her father cannot take Chloe out of Salem, because she is the legal guardian of Chloe. Craig is reading Nancy the riot act and is demanding to know what the hell is going on, and that he's positive that it has to do with Chloe, Nancy and her father.

Lexie tells Brandon that she hopes she didn't upset Larry by asking him to talk to some people that are disabled like him. Brandon doesn't think so. She then asks him if he knows how he ended up in the wheel chair. Brandon's answer was incredibly vague. Abe walks in. Lexie tells him she wants to introduce him to someone. They walk over to Larry Morris.

Craig demands to know what's going on. Nancy makes a comment that makes Craig think Dr. Miller wants her to leave him. She quickly says no that's not it at all. Nancy tells him how much she loves him. He knows that if he ever lost Nancy that his life would be over.

Lucas walks back in to where Victor and Kate are finishing breakfast. Kate asks about Nicole. Then Sami storms in, and yells if you are staying here, then By God I am too!!! Lucas tells Sami that he's staying there for Will's own good. Sami gets mad because she just finished explaining to Will how they'd be separated. That if Lucas is staying then so is she! Lucas throws the joint custody that Sami refused months ago back in her face. He says they wouldn't be going through all this if she had agreed to it. Sami says the only reason why Lucas got custody of Will was because he set her up for the murder of Franco Kelley. Lucas is stunned. While she's yelling at Lucas about him shooting Franco and framing her, Austin silently walks in with a puzzled look on his face; all the while Victor and Kate exchange knowing, tense glances. Lucas tells Sami that she's "crazy."

Lexie and Abe wait for Larry to get off the phone. Lexie is all excited and says Larry I'd like you to meet my husband, Abe Carver. Brandon is in the background of course. Larry suddenly looks up and freaks out and flashes back to when he was shot, and yells at him to get away from me. He tries to get away, but he topples over in his wheel chair. Brandon comes to Larry's aid. While Abe stands there in total shock. Abe walks out onto the terrace, where Lexie follows. Abe looks totally devastated and grief stricken...

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