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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Greta comes to the photo lab to see Eric and bring him some breakfast. Nicole is there instead. Greta tries to leave, but Nicole insists she stay and wait for Eric. She helps herself to some of the breakfast. Sami gets back to her and Eric's apartment, and he's surprised that she's up so early. Austin knocks on the door, kisses Sami and says so you've been to see Will already? She's surprised. He tells her that he heard her leave. He then surprises her by telling her he's living across the hall. She's ecstatic, and rushes to hug him, and says she couldn't bear being separated from him and Will at the same time. Eric asks about Lucas. If he gave her a hard time about visiting Will. She said no, that he told her she could visit him anytime she wants......that is until he changes his mind. Eric says well, let's hope Nicole can talk some sense into Lucas about the whole custody thing. Sami adamantly states that no matter if Nicole helps her or not, Lucas is NOT keeping Will. Austin doesn't seem too pleased by that comment. Abe and Lexie are getting ready for work. Lexie is still upset about Abe's confession. She tells him she had a dream about him, and that she's wondering now what other secrets he's keeping from her. She's asking him why he never told her about Larry Morris. Asking if he thought she wouldn't understand? He says its not that Lex.

Stefano arrives at a motel, with black leather gloves on. He looks around, and then knocks on a door. Rolf answers. He's there with his "niece." Marlo is touching up her makeup, and seems just a "little" nervous, and tries to be pleasant with Stefano and offers him something to drink. He declines. He proceeds to tell her that their relationship is such that they will not be sharing pleasantries such as tea and crumpets. She laughs and somewhat stupidly says that's okay I'm not hungry anyway. Stefano shakes his head and tells Rolf to explain what he means to Marlo. Rolf tries to but she doesn't get it. Stefano tells Marlo to get ONE thing, I can be a nice man, especially when I get what I want, but if I don't......she interrupts Stefano, and nervously looks at 'Uncle' Rolf and says she wants him to take her to the airport. She says Mr. DiMira can get a baby somewhere else, and starts to pack. Rolf looks after her shocked. Stefano chuckles to himself.

Larry and Brandon are at work talking. A nurse hands Brandon a file saying Lexie wanted him to look at this new patient. He wonders why Lexie didn't give it to him herself. Larry supposes its because she has a lot on her mind. Larry says that he likes Lexie and thinks she's cool and wonders why she's with "someone" like Abe? Brandon thinks that's a good question. Larry tells Brandon that Carver didn't even look him in the eye, and that everything you told me about him was true. He continues by saying that not only is that Police Commander a 'bastard', but a coward! Brandon's mom comes to visit him. She wants to talk about Abe. Fayeasks him what's going on between him and Abe Carver? She says she thought the trouble between them was over. Abe and Lexie are still discussing why he didn't tell her about Larry. She wonders what else there is he hasn't felt comfortable talking to her about. He says he doesn't have anything to hide. She thinks maybe he has some secret wife or child that he may be hiding.

Rolf is trying to get Marlo to calm down and stop packing. He's trying to tell her that Stefano will take care of her, but Stefano interjects and says that depends. They stop and stare at Stefano. He says it depends on whether she'll betray him or not, and she makes a smart alec remark of 'Do, I look stupid'? Rolf yells at her NO, the answer is No you won't betray him! She grudgingly says, NO, I will never betray you. Stefano says then we likely won't have any problems. He says his lawyer is drawing up a contract for the adoption, and all Marlo asks about is the money. Stefano says the baby is for his daughter Alexandra. He tells Marlo about Alexandra and Abe, but Marlo doesn't care at all; she picks up her compact and tries to fix her makeup. Stefano gets offended and demands to know if she cares at all about the people that are going to adopt her baby? She unconvincingly says yeah, they sound great. He says indeed, they're responsible people, unlike yourself obviously. He continues by asking her about her activities. What else do they include besides promiscuity? Do they include drugs? She makes a smart-alec remark and Stefano gets angry and slams his hand on the desk and tells her this is NOT a joke, that he wants the truth NOW!!! She's a bit shaken and taken aback.

Greta is leafing through a magazine, and Nicole is smugly eating some of Greta's breakfast she brought for Eric. Nicole starts in on Greta about being physical with Eric. Greta gets offended, and basically tells her its none of her business. Nicole comments that Eric and Sami are living in the same place now, and how that must put a damper on their relationship. Nicole asks Greta why Eric just doesn't move in with her? Greta doesn't answer, and Nicole snidely asks her if she grew up in a convent? Greta gets defensive and tells Nicole that she has her opinions and so does she, and that others share Greta's opinions as well. Nicole sarcastically asks, who, Mrs. Horton? Greta replies yes, and Austin. Nicole says oh god, tell me he's not preaching to you too?!? Greta defends Austin and says that he's being a friend, and Nicole calls him a jerk. Greta tell Nicole its hard for her to understand people 'wanting' to help other people, but that doesn't even phase Nicole. She doesn't care. She was going to come back with some remark but Eric walked in. Eric asks where the model is and Nicole says her plane was delayed another hour. Eric happily says that's okay, I can find a way to spend another hour, as he hugs Greta. Greta and Nicole exchange looks and Nicole rolls her eyes as if she's going to be sick.

Austin and Sami are eating breakfast at his place. Austin is questioning Sami what she meant about Lucas not keeping custody of Will. She gets defensive and says I know you don't like to hear this, but I'm not just going to sit here and let Lucas take Will away from me. He asks her what she has in mind. She reluctantly tells him what Henderson told her about Roberto. How Henderson stopped off at the striptease and saw Roberto there the night of Franco's murder, so Roberto couldn't have been the one to kill Franco. Sami brings up the fact that Kate paid Roberto's sister to keep her mouth shut and that she forced him to confess to Franco's murder. She thinks that Henderson can basically collaborate Roberto not being at the Kiriakis mansion the night Franco was killed. Austin is shocked, and asks if Sami can prove it. She says no, she only has what Henderson told her. She tries to get Austin to promise not to tell anyone, especially Kate. He very reluctantly agrees. He points out that Lucas' confession is what saved Sami from her death penalty, but she can't prove yet that Lucas killed Franco, but she will.

Fayeand Brandon are in the cafeteria at the hospital. She's still wondering why Brandon is messing with Abe. He tells her that the man at the nurse's station is someone Abe shot. That Abe paralyzed a seven-year-old boy. She accidentally blurts out, No, Abe never meant to shoot that little boy, it was an accident. Brandon is surprised. Abe is asking Lex if she really believes that if he had another wife or child, even out of wedlock, that he REALLY wouldn't tell her something like that? He says he couldn't have a son or daughter out there and not have them in his life! He asks Lexie if she thinks he makes a habit of abandoning people, his own flesh and blood, her? Is that what she's afraid of? She starts to feel bad, and starts to tear up and says she knew she shouldn't have brought the subject up. Abe looks her straight in the eye and says no kids, and no ex-wife. He then asks Lex is there is anything else she wants to ask him. She says no. Abe says he really wanted to tell about Larry, but he wasn't ready for the way she's looking at him right now. Like she doesn't trust him. Abe asks her if they can get past this? She doesn't answer.

Stefano tells Marlo they could get a drug test done of course, but he'd rather hear it from her. She gets nervous and tries to light up a cigarette. He slaps it out of her mouth. She apologizes, and he demands the pack and carton of cigarettes. He reads off the Surgeon General's warning. He demands to know what other drugs she's taken? He also asks about alcohol. She says beer, sometimes wine. Stefano says she'll never drink AGAIN!!! He lectures her about her responsibilities of the baby, and says if she can't abide by his rules then she should leave Salem NOW! Brandon asks what his mom knows about Abe and Larry. She says she remembers reading about it in the paper when it happened, and it saying it was an "accidental" shooting. She asks Brandon if he's ever told Abe that he remembers him from when he was younger, and that Abe doesn't recognize them, because they're using her maiden name. He says, why would I? He says he wishes he never met him. He gets upset and says that Abe harassed him. She says that she doesn't like to make trouble, and that she's afraid that Brandon wants to make Abe pay for arresting his father. Brandon doesn't disagree. Fayesays she wishes he'd just let the man be. Brandon angrily asks why? She says because he has a good life. She's defending Abe and says it wasn't his fault, it was his father's fault. He broke the law.

Austin tells Sami he has to go to Paris for a few days. She's a little upset. He kisses her and says he'll miss her. As she leaves for work, Austin asks Sami if she's going to do anything crazy while he's away? She says, No, I'm going to be a model citizen. Nothing is going to stop me from getting Will back.

Sami rushes into work and tries to sneak in, hiding from the nurse from hell. She and Larry seem to get along pretty well. Sami says she feels awkward because she knows Abe. Larry says it doesn't seem to bother Abe; that he never seemed to look back. Sami says, I can't pretend to understand where Abe is coming from, but people do a lot of things that don't make sense and that people don't always understand or forgive. Take me for instance. He asks what she's done, and she tells him some of the things, like her being in a wheelchair because of something she caused herself. Lexie says she's glad they got that out in the open, and that she's there for him. Always. She tells him that she loves him. He says I hear what your saying, but I see the look in your eyes, its not okay, there's something missing. She tries to sound chipper and says the only thing missing is a baby. She broaches the subject of adoption again. He's still reluctant about children and adoption. She asks if he feels that after what happened to Larry, that maybe he feels he doesn't deserve that kind of happiness. Lexie tells him that he'd make a wonderful father. He doesn't seem very convinced. He won't give her a decent answer, and she tells Abe that since he can't do that she can't help but wonder what else he's hiding from her.

Rolf tells Stefano that she'll follow the rules. Stefano tells Marlo that she will follow the rules and take care of her and the baby until it is born. After that he doesn't care what she does. She says she's going to Las Vegas, and then to Hollywood, because she's an actress. He says yes, he's heard Rolf boast about that. He asks for a demonstration. He wants her to have a European accent.

Austin is frantically trying to get to the airport. He sees Greta and flags her down. She takes him to the airport, and on the way they talk. Greta hasn't decided what kind of work to do yet. She's still trying to figure that out. They talk about Pairs. Austin offers to go out to the chateau and put flowers on her mother's grave. She's very touched by that sentiment. Eric and Nicole are setting up for the next photo shoot. She complains that their last session almost didn't make the cover. She had to fight for it. Eric says he wishes he had been at the meeting, he would have helped her defend the project. She's touched, and says thanks. She's surprised though, that he'd stick up for her. He tells her that he stands up for what he believes in, and people too. She mentions again how she wants to help Sami get Will back. Eric asks Nicole why can't they have a normal conversation, and that she tries too hard. Nicole asks Eric if they can be friends. He doesn't answer immediately. She asks somewhat hurt, can we Eric?

Austin thanks Greta for the ride, and he goes to kiss her cheek, but she turned at same time and they kissed on the lips. They're a bit flustered, and Greta is REALLY embarrassed. She looks after him as he walks away, and touches her lips. Eric says he thought they were already friends. She says sometimes it doesn't feel that way. Eric says and that's my fault? She says its her fault and that she made a mess of things. Eric tells her that its really hard to forgive something you don't really understand. He goes on to say he's glad they can get along, work together, and talk, but that he wishes she could tell him why they couldn't be together. Nicole says she's ready to tell him now. He's surprised.

Sami tells Larry that he sounds so bitter. She tells him that he's so cool and that people like him. He tells her that he's glad she's there working with him. Brandon is on the phone with Bennie. He tells Bennie that Larry is getting over seeing Abe, and that he thinks Abe won't be coming around the hospital much in the future. Besides, Larry won't be answering phones much longer, because he'll be a VERY rich man. Abe tells Lexie again that he is NOT hiding anything. He's agreed to keep an open mind about adoption. She asks if he's sure? He angrily says yes. She asks if he'll pick her up from work because her car will be worked on. He hesitates, because he doesn't want to go to the hospital and run into Larry. Lexie gets upset, and says that he's still running from the situation with Larry and not to bother I'll take a cab home, and slams the door as she leaves. Abe is upset, and agrees with Lexie and says he needs to stop running.

Marlo is doing her European accent. Stefano is pleased with the accent and tells her that he's going to introduce her as a distant cousin of his. He tells her that she'll be staying at his house until the baby is born. She's surprised, and starts to complain and Stefano gets frustrated and Rolf yells at Marlo to shutup! Stefano tells her that she'll have her own room, and that he'll provide clothing, food, and medical care. She says and the money?! He says as he's told her before she won't receive any money until the baby is born. Stefano goes to leave, and Rolf follows. Stefano warns Rolf that Marlo better tow the line. Rolf says not to worry she will. Stefano says you better be right this time because Alexandra wants a baby, and I intend to see that my daughter gets her 'hearts' desire.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Victor's upset when Philip interrupts his business call. However, he's forced to cover when Philip admits that he overheard him say he was going to bury Nicole. Later, when Philip claims that he's paid all of his debts and would like a new car now, Victor decides that he'll have to get a summer job first. Nancy is relieved and upset when Craig finally comes home from a long shift at the hospital. When she starts to lay into him for not calling, he interrupts and asserts that he's the one who has a right to be angry and demands to know who she slept with fifteen years ago. Shawn and Belle help Hope and Bo move into their new home. As they talk about the dance, Belle considers asking Shawn to be her date but then chickens out. John plays the hero when rolls of tar paper start to fall on top of Doug. John covers Doug with his own body. Called to see her father, Lexie is shocked when Stefano introduces her to Marlo, a distant relative, and asks her to adopt her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Philip has to do a double take when he sees Chloe (curled up in a pastel colored bathrobe, hair pulled back, no glasses) sitting on her porch. He is about to give her a compliment, but stops himself short. The two engage in their usual bickering, but Chloe prevails when she calls him weak and childish and says she couldn't care less about him.

Abe stops by the hospital to talk to Lexie about Larry. He regrets not having contacted the boy after the incident fourteen years ago, and really wants to talk to him now. Lexie says she'll feel Larry out and see if he can handle seeing Abe. Later, Lexie tells Abe that she met with a pregnant woman who is willing to give them her baby. Abe is in utter disbelief and says there's no way he'll agree to this... Greta is upset when Lucas tells her that Eric and Nicole left together on their lunch break. Lucas invites Greta to stick around and wait, and she takes him up on the offer. Greta and Lucas discuss the Sami situation. Greta knows it's none of her business, but she thinks Lucas should reconsider his decision to pull Sami out of Will's life.

Nicole finally begins to open up to Eric about her past. She tells him that she had a horrible childhood. Her father beat her mother and Brandon. In fact, he spent lots of time behind bars. Nicole starts to tell Eric that when her father got out of jail, he needed someone to help him. Before she can further explain, Greta drives by, interrupting. She wonders what Eric and Nicole were talking about.

Sami tells her dad about the critical information she learned from Henderson... that Roberto was at the strip club on the day of the murder. Roman and Sami put their heads together and come dangerously close to figuring out what really happened that day.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

At the Wesley's, Nancy and Craig were again arguing about her betrayal while Chloe and Belle were on the porch trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. Craig opened the door and when he got no response after asking them what they were doing he told them they should mind their own business. When Craig closed he door and walked away Nancy asked him how long he was going to avoid talking to her. He reminded her he was entitled to NOT talk about for as long as he wanted considering she took YEARS to keep it from him. He said he was bothered because she still hadn't told him who Chloe's father was. She admitted he was a friend of her father's who knew she was vulnerable and drunk then used it to his advantage. She said she got drunk because it numbed the pain she felt at the thought of her life without Craig in it. She said because she didn't stop him they had sex. "And you allowed yourself to get pregnant." Craig replied. She told him she knew she made a mistake. "Yes, I had sex with another man...but the only man I've ever made love with is you." she said. She explained it was a horrible experience she tried to forget about all these years..."until Chloe came back into my life." She said that's when she knew it was time to tell the truth. She told him he deserved to know the truth. She said the truth coming out was best for "everyone's sake." He told her he wondered if their were more betrayals to which she swore their weren't. She said she loved him completely and asked if he could ever forgive her. He said nothing. Meanwhile, outside Chloe was nervous about what was happening between Craig and Nancy. Belle tried to reassure her everything would work out then suggested they talk about something else. Chloe mentioned Philip had stopped by while walking to .COM. Belle was surprised saying Chloe's house was out of the way and wondered why he hadn't just gotten a ride. "Unless...maybe he likes you." Belle said. Chloe asked her if she could keep another secret and when Belle agreed Chloe said Philip was "the guy" she'd been with on the docks the night of Shawn's birthday party. Belle was stunned. Chloe explained when she was alone with Philip at first he was his "same mean self" but then he "started complimenting me." She told Belle he complimented her singing and then took off her glasses and accused her of hiding behind them fearing people would see she's pretty. Belle reminded her anyone who COULDN'T see that she's beautiful had to be blind. Chloe blushed. Belle said she was surprised Philip could be so mean when he talked about Chloe to his friends then turn around and be a flirt when he's alone with her. "Maybe he's not the jerk I always thought he was" she told Chloe. "Wait...You may change your mind again when you hear what he did next."

At the police station, Abe and Roman were discussing why Roberto would confess to a crime he didn't commit. Roman said they had to find proof he was at the strip club when the murder occurred. "If e didn't do it...then who did?" Abe asked. Roman told him that's what they need to find out. Roman said he'd always thought Kate and Lucas were hiding something and now that Sami told him about the letter she read from Roberto's family and Henderson's account of seeing him the night of the murder he's convinced they're covering something up. He promised he would find out what they know about the murder. Abe offered to help in any way he could. Roman said he knew Abe had a lot on his mind and suggested he stay focused on his own problems. Abe agreed he had a lot going on in his life right now. Roman asked him if he'd made any decisions regarding Larry. Abe told Roman he knew he wanted to straighten things out with Larry but before that could happen he needed to find the courage to face him and said he was unsure of how to do that. Roman suggested he clear things with the station heads first. "Why?" Abe asked. Roman said after the situation with Brandon's harassment suit they had to be careful. Abe said one thing shouldn't have anything to do with the other but Roman reminded him considering everything that happened he should be cautious. Abe promised he'd be careful. Roman asked Abe if anything else was bothering him. Abe explained Lexie was having a hard time dealing with the Larry situation and talked of a woman Lexie met. He told Roman the woman was due to give birth in a few weeks. He said Lexie wanted to adopt the baby. Roman asked who the woman was and why she wanted to give up her baby then was shocked when Abe didn't have any answers. "You mean you didn't get details?" Roman asked. When he realized the reason Abe didn't have any of the answers was because he wasn't interested in adopting he asked if Lexie knew how he felt. Abe said he hadn't told her how he really felt but now knew he didn't want to "have a baby that way." Roman advised Abe for the sake of his marriage and because of his love for Lexie he should at least meet the woman and consider the possibility of adopting the child. Abe disagreed saying he knew he did NOT want this and said he must be honest with Lexie about it..."tonight." Roman asked him how he thought she would react. Abe said she would be disappointed then would come around to his way of thinking.

At Stefano's, he explained to Rolf and Marlo Lexie was on her way over because she wanted to talk to her about the baby. When they heard a knock on the door Stefano told Rolf to make sure he wasn't seen by his daughter and told Marlo to wait in the den until he called for her. When Stefano opened the door he was greeted by Lexie...and Celeste who asked "What are you trying to pull, Stefano?" He feigned innocence saying he was only trying to help his daughter achieve one of her most wanted wishes. Celeste reminded him he never did something for nothing and asked how this would benefit him. He promised he didn't have any other ulterior motives and said his only concern was his daughter's happiness. Celeste didn't buy it but before Stefano went to get Marlo Lexie told them she didn't bring her mother there for the two of them to argue. She told her mom she brought her because she knows she has good instincts and asked her to keep an open mind. When Marlo emerged Celeste was exasperated then turned to Lexie and asked "Have you lost your mind?" Lexie was confused. Celeste pointed out Marlo's white. Although Celeste said she didn't want to make race an issue she suggested because the thought of adoption was troubling Abe in the first place the fact the baby would be automatically determined by others as not his biologically would surely make adoption even harder for him to accept. She said she was afraid Abe would have a problem accepting a child not of his race. Lexie reminded her she's 1/2 white and said there was no reason this adoption wasn't possible especially because this baby is already "family." Stefano nudged Marlo who interrupted their conversation saying she was thrilled Lexie had agreed to take her baby. She said she was sure Lexie would be the perfect mother. "I can tell you want this baby with how you say?...all your heart and salt" Marlo told Lexie. "Soul." Lexie gently corrected her while smiling genuinely. Celeste told Lexie she should be thinking about Abe' feelings too...not only her own. Lexie told her mother she didn't know what she was talking about. She said "fate" brought her together with Marlo and this baby and she knew what she had to do. Celeste reminded her it wasn't just HER decision to make. Lexie said she didn't care what Abe or anyone else thought. "That baby will be mine" she insisted. While Celeste and Lexie were talking Marlo commented to Stefano it looked like everything was falling into place. Stefano was very pleased with himself and said his daughter would soon have exactly what her heart desired. They both smiled happily. Brandon and Sami were in his car. He asked her to turn on the radio if she wasn't going to talk to him. She apologized for being distant. She told him she'd been distracted by thoughts of an earlier conversation she had with her father. She promised to concentrate on him and said she was honored he wanted her to be the first to see his new place. He said he wanted her to be the first because "Your my friend. My best friend." She reminded him they hadn't known each other very long. He said what mattered was how they felt about each other not HOW LONG they've known each other. She assured him anyone who got to know him had to know what a great person he is. He thanked her for the compliment. He asked if Austin was still out of town. She told him she'd spoke to him today and he said he was having a great time with Billie. She said because of her determination to get Will back and her job...which is much better due to Larry's arrival she hasn't had time to think about much else. She commented about it being a small world considering Abe was the one who shot Larry. She said she was certain Abe was sorry and hoped everything would work out between them. Brandon assured her everything would work out just the way it's supposed to. When they arrived at his new place Sami commented she hadn't even seen the building before. He explained at one time it was part of the train station that was later converted into living spaces. As they sipped on drinks he said something was missing. He turned on the record player which began playing a Billie Holiday tune. "Dance with me, Samantha." he said. She agreed and as they were she told him "Look at the light." They went out on the terrace and Sami said "Oh, it's a full moon...that's what must be making me so..." "So what? Crazy?" Brandon asked. He said it made him crazy too. "Crazy for you" he told her. When he leaned in to kiss her the screen faded to black.

Friday, May 12, 2000

Chloe and Belle are still in her front yard talking about Philip. Belle is surprised that Philip told Chloe she's pretty. Chloe says that he didn't mean it. Belle asks Chloe to tell her what happened next. She says he offered to walk her home, and he did and then she went inside. Belle asks that's it? She asked if Philip tried to kiss her or something. Chloe says No that's not it. Belle apologizes and says she thought that if Philip put the moves on her then that's why she'd be down on him. Chloe says what he did do was much worse than that.

Nancy and Craig are inside still talking about Chloe. Nancy tells Craig she swears that the night with Chloe's father was the only other person she slept with, and that it was the worst night of her life. She tells him that yes she had sex with another man, but Craig is the ONLY man she has ever made love too. She says being married to him has been the greatest blessing in her life. Craig softens a little, but is still extremely angry. Nancy pleads with Craig to forgive her, and that she doesn't want to lose the man of her dreams. Craig turns to her and says you have sex with an "older" man, have a baby, give it up, and then lie to me for fifteen years. She says she didn't lie, and he interrupts and says no, you just didn't tell me! He goes on to point out that when she did find Chloe and brought her home, she definitely lied to him then! Nancy says she didn't tell him then because she didn't think he'd accept the truth, but she's told him now. He agrees, but says that she only told him because she didn't have a choice. He says but I do have a choice and he turns away. Nancy asks if he can't find it in his heart to forgive her, and if their marriage is over?

Lexie is setting up a romantic evening for Abe to try to break the ice of adoption again. Celeste is helping her. Lexie is saying that Abe HAS to agree to adopt this baby. While they're waiting for Abe to come home, Lexie is finishing up wrapping a present for Brandon. Celeste is surprised, and doesn't think it appropriate that Lexie is giving Brandon a present since he's the one that made things difficult for Abe with his harassment lawsuit. Brandon and Sami are at his loft still dancing to Billie Holliday. They get real close and Sami looks out the window and says wow, look at that light. They go out onto the porch and look at the full moon. Sami says maybe that's why......and Brandon interjects with crazy? She says yeah, and he says so am I, crazy over you. He gently pulls her close to him, and they almost kiss, but Sami pulls away and says they should go back inside. Sami tells Brandon there's something that she wanted to run past him. She tells him about her conversation with her dad about Franco Kelley's murder. At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Lucas walk into the living room. They missed Victor and Nicole for dinner, but enjoyed their time alone together. Kate said yes its been a long time, and they start thinking about how far they've come in their life. How everything is really good right now. Lucas is remembering how he shot Franco in that room, and gets visibly shaken. Kate asks whats wrong, and he suddenly says I need a drink right now. Kate looks on shocked.

Kate asks Lucas what on earth could make him suddenly crave a drink. He tells his mom not to freak out, that he wasn't really going to take a drink. Its just that he was remembering what happened there when Franco died. Kate says that was a terrible time, and she tries to just keep it completely out of her mind. Lucas suggests they both try to do that. He mentions talking to Greta at the photo lab. He's impressed with Greta and thinks she's very nice, but shy, intelligent and an honest lady. Kate says, yes, quite the opposite of Nicole. Lucas gives his mom a look, and she says I mean that Nicole is so out-going and energetic. Lucas says yeah, still Greta's had a rough life, but that she's a bit naive. Kate comments that that is refreshing, especially in this day and age. Lucas can see why Eric is attracted to her; she's one good-looking lady. Kate says she knows she said she didn't want to talk about Franco's murder, but since Lucas brought it up, she thinks they should talk about it. He disagrees. He says no its over and done with. Roberto confessed on his deathbed and Sami was freed and pardoned; that the case is closed. But Kate looks very concerned. She tells Lucas she wouldn't be so sure of that. Lucas says mom, the murder happened almost two years ago, no one is going to start digging again. Kate disagrees and says that Sami would.

Sami tells Brandon that she was convicted and almost put to death because of Franco's murder. He says but you were cleared right, because someone confessed. Sami says yes, Roberto did, but something isn't quite right about his confession. She tells him what Henderson said about seeing Roberto at the strip club the night Franco was murdered. Brandon says you have to be careful though, if you do prove Roberto didn't do it, because then they could charge you with murder again. She says her and her dad won't let that happen. Sami tells Brandon her theory how Kate and Lucas did it and framed her. Brandon isn't sure, and says that's a bit extreme. She disagrees of course, and says she finally has a way to prove it.

Belle asks Chloe what Philip did to make her so upset. She tells Belle that after walking Chloe home from the pier, he called her and asked her not to tell anyone that they were together at the pier. Belle can't believe it and asks why would he do that? Chloe says isn't it obvious? He's ashamed to be seen with me. Belle says she doesn't get it, and asks if he felt like that then why would he say he thinks your pretty? Chloe says that Philip was just stringing her along, so he could get her to open up to him, and then he would laugh in her face. Chloe says that she never gave him a chance though. Chloe says the last thing she'd do is let herself be hurt by some macho-jerk like Philip Kiriakis.

Nancy is asking Craig what he's thinking. Craig says that he's thinking that no matter how angry I am at you that I still love you very much. Nancy asks again if their marriage is over. He turns to her and says No our marriage is not over. Nancy is totally relieved. He continues by saying, that what's happened has changed our lives forever, and I need time to assimilate the change. Nancy agrees and says as long as we're together, loving each other; we can work it out. Craig says there's still a lot to work through and things could still get ugly.

Lexie is telling Celeste that she and Brandon work together, and they're friends. She tells her mom everything she and Brandon talk about. Celeste is surprised that Lexie would talk about such personal things to Brandon. Lexie is defending Brandon about not wanting to hurt Abe. Abe gets home, and is happily surprised to see the way Lexie looks and the night she has setup for them. They hug and kiss, and then Celeste walks back in from the kitchen. As Celeste leaves she asks Abraham if he loves Alexandra with all his heart? He says yes of course I do. She says then I trust you'll do whatever it takes to make Alexandra happy. He wonders what that was all about.

Belle tells Chloe she knows how Philip can be a jerk, but she's surprised that even Philip could be that mean. Chloe says its because she's been sheltered her whole life, and doesn't know how people REALLY are, like she does. Belle says she doesn't care if she ever sees or talks to Philip Kiriakis again. Chloe tells her not to do that because then Philip will think that Belle likes him and try harder to get Belle.

Nancy thought that now that everything was out in the open they could work through everything together as a family, but if Craig thinks they're going to get "ugly"......Craig interrupts and says he's made a choice to forgive her, but that doesn't wash away the anger and the hurt. He tells her that he's struggling to keep control of his anger and sometimes he wants to hold Nancy and other times he wants to punish her. Craig says that he wants Nancy to see that just because he loves her and she's sorry that this isn't going away. He said what he meant to say was that they have a lot of work ahead of them. He asks how much Chloe knows about this whole thing. Nancy says she knows that I'm her mother and she knows that you know now. Craig says okay, okay, I forgive you, and I guess the next step is to start working on this as a real family. Nancy is relieved and rushes into his arms and they hug. Sami is still explaining the details of what she remembers of Franco's murder. She tells him how Franco and Roberto were in the mob. She also tells him how she found out that Franco only wanted to marry her to avoid deportation back to Italy. Brandon says I can see why Roberto would have a motive to kill Franco, but why Kate and Lucas? She says its because Franco and Sami were going to move to California with Will. Brandon thinks that's a bit drastic and asks why they'd do that if Lucas had custody. She says no, I had full custody then, I only lost it because I was on death row. Brandon says that changes everything then. Brandon says if Immigration knew about Franco's problems, do you think Kate and Lucas knew as well? Sami says she doesn't think so, and if they did they would have said something. Kate especially, because Kate would delight in making Sami look like a fool and humiliate her. Sami says she's absolutely sure that they didn't know anything.

Kate is still talking to Lucas about Franco. She says Sami is sure they had something to do with his murder. Kate says that as long as there is breath in that witch's body she'll never stop trying to pin it on us either. Lucas asks why would she do that? That Kate covered up their tracks. Kate says she tried but everything was going so quickly. Lucas says the only thing he remembers of that night is seeing Franco trying to kill his mom, and him shooting Franco. Then trying to leave with Will. Kate tells Lucas she wishes he would have talked to her first before trying to kidnap Will. She knew that Franco was about to be deported, and she was going to wait till the I do's were about to begin, and tell everyone that he was only marrying Sami to get his green card. She would have LOVED to see Sami humiliated. Kate said it would have worked if Franco agreed to her plan, but he wouldn't so she threatened to expose him, and that's why he tried to kill her. Lucas gets mad at his mom, and tells her that if she had told Sami the truth about Franco then none of this would have happened! That because she was so hell bent on getting revenge on Sami that she put all their lives in danger. She looks hurt and upset.

Chloe says she has better things to worry about than Philip Kiriakis. Belle agrees. Chloe says that whatever Craig and Nancy decide is going to affect her, so she wants to listen in on the conversation. They go around to the back and sit under an open window and listen as Craig and Nancy talk and work things out. Craig pulls away and says he knows that Nancy wants them to be one big, happy family, but there is still one key member to Chloe and that's her birth father. He asks if her birthfather knows about Chloe. Nancy says no, that she never wanted anything to do with that man again, and after she gave up Chloe it didn't matter anymore. Craig says you're the ONLY one who knows who the father is right? She says that's right, and I will NEVER tell. Nancy says if its alright with you we'll raise Chloe together. He says okay. Craig says I guess we need to let all of Salem know then. He asks how do you think Chloe would like a "coming out" party. Nancy starts to get really excited, but then brings up what this will do to him as Chief of Staff?

Abe is enjoying what Lexie cooked. He asks what the occasion is. She brings up adoption. Abe tells her he talked to Roman today to air out his feelings about it, and he tells her that he's just not ready to adopt right now. Its too soon. Lexie says but you promised you would think about it. He says I didn't rule it out, I'm just not ready. Besides, if we don't adopt this baby, I'm sure we can find another baby to adopt. Lexie gets really upset and is adamant about adopting THIS baby. She says why can't we adopt this baby? We have a lot of love to share, and you'd make a terrific father. He says I already answered that, we're not ready. She says that answer is not good enough, that it's just an excuse.

Kate agrees that she wanted to see Sami suffer, but she really thought that Franco would heed her threat and do what she wanted him to do. She never thought he would actually try to kill her. Then Lucas came in and shot Franco and saved her, bless his loyal heart. Then Sami walked in and fainted, and everything worked from there. Kate says everything would have worked just fine if Lucas hadn't of been consumed with guilt. Lucas says true, but Sami is Will's mother he wasn't going to let Sami die for something he did. He's glad that Kate got Roberto to confess to the murder. She says yes isn't it though, and thank God everyone thinks you were trying to sacrifice yourself for Will's sake.

Brandon is still surprised that Henderson actually went to a strip club, and says there you go, the Butler did it. They both laugh. Sami says she and her dad are going to go to the strip club and look for witnesses, and maybe a credit card receipt. Brandon says good luck, because most people in those places don't like cops. She's surprised and asks him how he knows that. He says he used to be a bouncer in a strip club before. Sami is shocked, and asks Brandon what else he's hiding?

Craig says he doesn't care what the hospital thinks or others for that matter. He should be judged for his merit not his personal life. He says they should hold their heads up high, and announce that you have a beautiful daughter, who is a straight A student, and sings like an angel. Chloe and Belle are listening, and Chloe gets a smile on her face. Craig realizes something, and asks Nancy who she listed as Chloe's father on her birth certificate. Nancy said that the lawyers said the records would be sealed, so she listed the father's real name in case of a medical crisis. Craig asks if Chloe's father is still alive, and she says yes he is. He then asks if the information came out about Chloe would he want her. Nancy says yes I believe he would, and that would be the worst thing for Chloe to have her birth father in her life. Craig says then maybe we should keep things as they are. Chloe gets upset.

Abe agrees that he is making excuses. That getting a baby so quickly scares him. She says he's not the only one that is scared, but they'll go through it together. He says its so sudden, she agrees, but thinks they'll make it. Abe asks Lexie how she found the baby. Lexie reluctantly answers and says actually the mother is a relative of Stefano's. Abe calmly says I wasn't aware that Stefano had any African-American relatives? Lexie says as far as I know he doesn't. Abe says I thought if we got a child that it would be a black child. Lexie gets upset again and says that Abe has never been concerned with color of skin before, why now? She says this has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the fact that the baby is related to Stefano. Abe just slightly shakes his head yes.

Nancy says, "No, Craig, I've denied Chloe's existence for fifteen years, and I will not do that to her again." Craig says and what about her real father? What if he finds out? Nancy says the only man she was worried about finding out, was him, and now he knows. She says now that he knows and has accepted it they can be together as a family and that the three of them can handle ANYTHING! Chloe and Belle smile again.

Abe tells Lexie she's right. I don't want Stefano involved in our lives in ANY WAY. Lexie tells him its too late. He always will be because he's her father. She defends Stefano again, and starts to cry and says that her father knows how important it is to her to have a baby, and that Abe is sitting there making up excuses about the color of its skin. She says the only thing that is important is that that baby needs a home and she and Abe could be those parents. She says instead Abe is letting his prejudice and bitterness toward her father get in the way of their happiness. Abe tries to say something, but Lexie won't hear it, and tells him, that not only is he judgmental and selfish, but he's a bigot. She gets up, grabs Brandon's present, and storms out of the house.

Lucas is trying to tell his mom that those were their worst times, and they're over now. Kate says, but not if Sami tries to resurrect them. Lucas doesn't think Sami will. He says that even though they didn't "mean" to do it, they got away with murder, and that no one will ever find out the truth. Kate doesn't look convinced.

Brandon says he's not hiding anything. Brandon offers his help to Sami if they don't get anything from the strip club. Sami thanks him and says that there is NOTHING she won't do to prove that Kate and Lucas had something to do with Franco's murder and framed her for it. With a wicked smile on her face she says, with any luck they'll end up in jail, preferably on death row.



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