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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Lexie and Abe show up at the hospital. Abe is going to talk to a woman about adopting. Meanwhile, Lexie runs into Brandon, who becomes upset that Abe is here, fearing he may go try to talk to Larry. Lexie wants Abe and Larry to work things out, but Brandon convinces her that she is rushing this make-up reunion. Abe runs into Larry, and attempts to talk to him. However, Larry doesn't want to hear what Abe has to say because he thinks Abe only thinks of him as a poor cripple. Abe eventually leaves when he realizes this is going no where.

At the penthouse, Hope shows up to see John and Marlena. Hope talks about her wedding, and asks Marlena to be her matron of honor. Marlena and Hope discuss the wedding, and eventually take off to a bridal shop to look at dresses. At the shop, Marlena and Hope discuss Hope's past, which Hope claims she is putting behind her.

Marlo has been brought home and is trying to explain herself, but Stefano doesn't want to hear it. They decide it is best that she be stuck in the secret room, and when Rolf and Bart drag her off, she begins kicking and screaming. John shows up and hears this, and breaks into the DiMera mansion to see what is going on. Stefano claims that he was just watching WWF on the TV, but John doesn't buy it and threatens to search the secret room.

However, he doesn't want to dig up anymore ghosts from the past. Stefano asks John what he wants? John says he needs his help. Meanwhile, Rolf and Bart throw Marlo in the secret room, and Rolf warns her that if she doesn't shape up they will kill her after her baby is born, because they really don't need her.

At the station, Bo is worried about the baby. Bo talks to Roman about the baby, and his fears, but he doesn't tell him that the baby is not his. Roman tells him to look on the bright side of things, he's getting married, Roman is going to be his best man, and he's having a baby!

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

At Salem Place, Belle and Chloe were shopping. Belle pulled a tube of lipstick out of her bag and commented the color would look very pretty on Chloe. When Belle tried to forcibly apply the lipstick Chloe screamed "Help! I'm being mugged!" When a gentlemen asked if she needed help Chloe assured him she and Belle were only goofing around. As they looked at a dress through a storefront window Belle told Chloe the dress would look great on her. "Maybe if they had it in black." Chloe replied. Belle asked Chloe if the time would ever come when she would put some "color" in her life. As they were walking through the mall plaza Chloe intercepted a football being thrown from Philip to Shawn. After complimenting Chloe on her "nice catch" Philip then insulted her saying he was surprised "a ghoul girl" had such talent. He asked her if it was okay for her to be out in the sunlight. When she gave him the football back she pushed it so hard into his stomach it knocked the wind out of him much to the amusement of her and the other onlookers. She said if she was able to do that to him she wondered how he survived being tackled by a linebacker. He assured her he was an excellent football player. Before she and Belle walked away Shawn asked Chloe if she'd changed her mind bout joining the school choir. She told him that wasn't her thing. He told her about going over to his great grandmother's and listening to one of the opera pieces she's collected. Chloe knew the piece he was speaking of saying she also enjoyed it then explained what she thought it meant. He went back over to Philip who had been joined by Jan and Jason. While Jason was checking out a pretty girl walking by Jan reminded him he'd promised to take HER to the Last Blast. "Besides she's too old for you." Shawn commented. "Maybe the two of you could double with Shawn and Chloe." Philip told Jason. Jason asked them if they had finished the tournament without him. They assured him they hadn't and informed him they were tied. When Belle spotted Mimi she asked Chloe if she wanted to go over and say hello. When Chloe declined Belle said she'd be back in a minute. Chloe told her she'd go get them a lemonade. As Belle approached Mimi she overheard Jan and Jason making fun of her friends appearance. They were teasing Mimi about her dirty clothes and lack of personal hygiene. Mimi was obviously uncomfortable and ran away crying. Belle informed Jan and Jason BOTH of them were losers before taking off after her friend. Meanwhile, as they were having coffee at the Java Cafe Hope and Marlena were discussing wedding plans. Hope pulled out some material swatches and asked Marlena which one she liked best. Marlena showed her which one she liked then asked Hope who else would be in the wedding party. Hope wouldn't tell saying she wanted it to be a surprise. Hope said she and Bo wouldn't pick a place or set a date until after the baby was born but all other arrangements could be taken care of. After deciding on food and music Marlena brought up the need of a photographer. When Hope asked if she could be talking about Eric, Marlena smiled happily. Hope said she had also thought of him and would ask him the next time she saw him. Marlena offered to help Hope find gifts for the wedding party but Hope said she would do that on her own. She told Marlena she didn't want her picking out her own gift. "Speaking of gifts..." Hope said. She asked Marlena what she gave her and John for a wedding gift. Marlena told Hope she'd given them a painting. "Oh...and who painted it?" Hope asked. "You did" Marlena replied. Hope asked Marlena if that is what clued her in to the fact that she was really Princess Gina. Marlena told her she knew she had some Gina characteristics but at the same time she wasn't exactly sure what was going on. "Then when?" Hope asked. Marlena shifted uncomfortably before they were interrupted by Chloe. Chloe told Marlena she was there with Belle and was getting them some lemonade. She said she'd just stopped to say hello. She asked Hope how she was feeling then left the ladies alone. Hope commented that Shawn often spoke about how smart Chloe is and how great she sings. Marlena agreed that Chloe was a very talented young girl who was going through a difficult time right now...the difficulties of being a teen. When Hope mentioned the painting again Marlena reminded her she'd decided not to dwell on the past so much and focus on her future with Bo, Shawn and the baby instead. Hope remembered yet said it was frustrating. She then asked Marlena where she and John had gone on their honeymoon. "Hawaii" Marlena replied. Hope was in awe saying it must have been beautiful. Marlena agreed saying after having to weather a storm the first few days everything came together very nicely. Hope was happy when Marlena promised to show her the pictures. They were then interrupted by Belle who asked if they had seen Mimi. She told her mother she had seen Mimi run off but hadn't been able to find her. Marlena offered to give her a ride home telling her daughter she could call Mimi once they got there. Belle agreed then told her mom before they left she needed to find Chloe. When returning to the plaza with the lemonade Chloe stopped and told Shawn she got one for him too. He thanked her as he took it. As Belle arrived Chloe began making her way across the plaza when Shawn threw the football to Philip. When Philip leaped in the air to catch the football Chloe dropped the tray of drinks she was carrying and also jumped in the air where she pushed Philip. When he fell to the ground his head slammed into the pavement. "Oh my God! You killed him!" Jan screamed. Chloe dropped to her knees and hurriedly put her glasses back on then placed her hand on his chest. Her face was etched with worry.

At Bo and Hope's, when no one answered his knock Doug used the spare key to let himself and Julie in. Once inside Julie commented she felt like a burglar. Doug assured her he was only there to drop something off then they would leave. While in the kitchen he found a list posted on the refrigerator of things Bo planned to fix around the house. He told Julie he'd only be a few minutes while fixing these things and assured her Bo and Hope would appreciate his help. Julie tried to discourage him. She reminded him of the last time he tried to fix something. He promised her he wouldn't break anything. While trying to fix a leak under the kitchen sink water began spraying everywhere just as Julie asked him if he remembered to shut the water valve off. After drying off with a towel Doug suggested he'd finish fixing the leak after they cleaned up the water. They laughed together while Julie dried off. Looking at the list again he read "Hang pictures." "I can do that." he said. While Julie looked at the pictures she spotted one of the two of them on their wedding day. The happy couple spoke of the love they still have for each other and kissed tenderly. Julie told her husband because they don't know where Hope wants the pictures hung they shouldn't start pounding holes in the walls. Doug agreed then went back to the list. "Open fireplace flue" he read. When he tried he told Julie it was stuck then went back to the list once again. "Tighten shelf in living room" he read. When he spotted the shelf he grabbed a screwdriver then made his way over to it. As he began to tighten it Julie made her way over to the fireplace. She proceeded to crawl inside to attempt opening the flue. At that time Doug realized he wasn't tightening but was loosening the shelf. "I think we have a problem!" he said as the shelf and the display plates that were on it crashed to the floor. "A problem?" Julie asked. When Doug faced her she was standing in the living room covered in soot. She told him she got the flue open. At that moment Hope arrived. She asked what was going on while Doug tried to explain they were only trying to help. "You were trying to fix something weren't you daddy?" Hope asked. Doug smiled sheepishly. "And Julie...what happened?" Hope questioned her. She told them they had better hurry and get the place cleaned up before Bo returned. "Oh Julie! Look at you!" Hope said with an exasperated sigh as the trio headed into the kitchen.

Upon arriving at Green Mountain Lodge, Lucas and Nicole were informed their room wasn't ready yet. Lucas reminded the desk clerk how important Titan's business was to the lodge and insisted he get their room ready as quickly as possible. The desk clerk assured him it would be ready as soon as possible. Lucas told him they would wait in the bar and to let them know when the room was ready. Nicole commented to her husband she was surprised he would make such a cool suggestion. He told her he was full of surprises. Once seated while Nicole continued to complain about EVERYTHING Lucas reminded her she was the one who suggested they return there to see if they could recapture the magic they created while there on their honeymoon. He said if she was going to continue being miserable they should just leave. "You leave! I'll stay and have fun by myself!" Nicole told Lucas. He told her if that was the way she really felt they should both go back to Salem and "have this marriage annulled." She was stunned! She refocused on her goal to get him to drink then quickly apologized for her nasty behavior. He accepted her apology and they decided to restart their weekend. When they arrived at their suite they were greeted by a complimentary bottle of champagne along with a card from the lodge staff apologizing for the earlier mix-up. Nicole suggested they open it up and toast each other and their happiness. He said he didn't need to drink to enjoy his happiness about being with her. She agreed and suggested he have a club soda. While opening it Nicole asked him when alcohol had become a problem for him. He told her it happened when he and Sami started having disagreements regarding Will's well-being. He said it came to a head when he got drunk then had an accident while driving with Will in the car. She asked him if he realized the reason Sami told everyone he was a drunk was so she could retain full custody of Will. He told her he knew that. She said just because he had "a momentary lapse of judgment" didn't mean he had a drinking problem. While pouring him a glass of champagne she said she needed for her husband to come home from work with her and unwind with a nightcap. She promised him one drink wouldn't make him an alcoholic. As she held out the glass she said "C'mon! Just one drink. I promise it won't make you go crazy."

While on their way to Green Mountain Lodge for their weekend getaway, Eric and Greta stopped at a roadside diner for a bite to eat. After ordering they were approached by a young man who had been sitting at the counter eyeing Greta. When he commented about her beauty while ignoring Eric it was obvious Greta was very uncomfortable. The young man pushed a table and chairs out of the way then asked her to dance to which she refused. When he continued to harass her Eric told him to leave her alone. "Or you'll do what fluff boy?" the young man replied. When Eric stood up to him he stared him down while telling Greta it was time for them to go. She agreed and while grabbing her things Eric threw money on the table before they left. They were followed outside by the bully and his friends. When they approached Eric's vehicle the bully grabbed Greta by the arm. "Hey!" she said then insisted he let her go. Eric separated the two of them with a punch to the bully's face. The bully's friends got involved but Eric fought them all off at the same time telling Greta to get in the truck. When Eric resumed his fighting stance he was stunned to find the bully holding a switchblade. The bully told Eric blood was going to spill over and it would be his! Greta jumped between the two of them and promised the bully if he put the knife away she would go back inside and dance with him. He watched Eric then agreed to Greta's demand. She told him she'd go inside and find something on the jukebox for them to dance to. He kept his eyes on Eric while putting his knife away. When he turned to follow Greta she surprised him by hitting him in the stomach with a piece of wood. The bully fell to the ground as his buddies jumped on their motorcycles and sped off. The waitress appeared on the porch and asked if they still wanted their food as they had already paid for it. Eric declined then he and Greta left. Once back on the road he told her she shouldn't have gotten involved in the fight. She reminded him while on her own in the bayou she had learned many survival tactics. They thanked each other for getting themselves out of that situation. When they arrived at the lodge Eric told the desk clerk he'd made reservations for them with adjoining rooms and reminded him Titan employees receive a discount. The desk clerk told Eric they had been expecting them and commented that another couple from Titan had recently arrived. He asked Eric if he should inform the other couple of their arrival. When Eric eyed Greta it was obvious she didn't want that. "No, if we see someone we know then great...if we don't that's even better." Eric told the clerk. He handed Eric the keys to each room then said "And here's another key...this one unlocks the door that adjoins the two rooms." Eric was flustered while thanking the clerk then looked at Greta who smiled shyly while blushing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Brandon tells Abe that he is nothing but a selfish bastard, he doesn't need his apology, or his pity, because he is getting his life back all because of Brandon Walker Lexie and Sami look at Brandon, and Abe does a "say what?" Brandon quickly says all he did was help Larry get a job. Brenda asks if everything is okay? Lexie says it is, there was just a little disagreement. Brenda asks Sami to take Larry to the cafeteria for a bit, so she does.

In the cafeteria, Larry apologizes to Sami because she knows she cares about Abe, but he had no right to come here and embarrass him at his place of work. When Brandon shows up, Larry tells him that he was so right about that guy. This time Sami does a "say what?" Brandon says he's always sounding off about Abe, and he guesses his bad opinion rubbed off on Larry. Sami says she didn't realize they were so close. Larry says he owes Brandon everything. Brandon tells Larry to take it easy. Larry decides to go back to work, on his own, and prove to Brenda that he is no flake. After he leaves, Sami asks Brandon what is really going on between him and Larry? Brandon says nothing is going on, he and Larry just connected more than he thought they had. Brandon switches the subject and asks what she thinks about his plan? Sami says the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks it won't work. Sami doesn't think she can pull off being a prostitute, but Brandon says she can and he'll help her. Brandon reminds her that this is the only way she can get Will back. Sami agrees to do it, so Brandon says they should start right away. He says by day she will be Samantha Brady, hospital secretary, and by night she will be a woman of mystery and pleasure. Sami fears that someone may recognize her, but Brandon assures her that her own mother won't be able to pick her out of a line-up once he's through with her.

Meanwhile, Abe can't get over what Larry said about Brandon. Lexie thinks Abe is blowing it out of proportion, but Abe doesn't think so. Lexie tells Abe that he is being totally unreasonable and is blaming everyone else for his problems. Lexie tells Abe that he should never have talked to Larry without consulting her first. Abe says he had every intention of talking to her first, but he saw Larry and thought he should have dealt with it then and there. Lexie tells Abe that he thought wrong, and what he did was stupid Abe can't believe what he is hearing. Lexie apologizes and says she just meant what he did was stupid, he isn't stupid. Abe tries to explain what happened, and Lexie keeps on scolding him. Lexie says he was supposed to be visiting Marlo, not Larry. Abe says he saw Marlo, and she was drunk! Lexie doesn't believe that, but Abe says the woman was bombed and he doubts it was the first time. Lexie thinks he misunderstood the situation, but Abe says he understands that the woman is a lush and he's not adopting her baby. Lexie says he will not be adopting the baby, "they" will. Abe can't believe she is not concerned about this. Lexie says if there was a reason to be concerned then she would be, but when he saw Marlo she was sober. Lexie asks why this is even an issue? Abe says this baby might have problems, is that what she wants? Lexie says she can live with it if the baby has problems because she'll love this child with all her heart. Lexie tells Abe that she just doesn't think she can handle their marriage anymore. Abe asks if she is ready to walk away? Lexie says that she feels God is putting this baby in their arms because it needs them, and they are meant to have it. She tells Abe that life is messy and either you tries to make it a better place, or you gives up. Lexie says she always thought he was the type of man to make the world a better place, but now she's not sure. Abe asks Lexie if she is saying she doesn't love him anymore? Lexie says of course not, she still loves him, she is just mad at him. However, she says that love isn't enough to fix this. Abe finally caves in and agrees to adopt Marlo's baby.

At the DiMera mansion, John tells Stefano that he needs his help. Stefano says it amazes him how everyone blames him for all the disasters on this planet, yet come to him when they need help. Stefano says he's so tired of being unappreciated. John asks if he's going to help him or not? Stefano asks what he wants him to do? John tells Stefano that he knows what he's talking about, Hope. John says that Hope has decided to give up the search for her past, so he wants him to make sure that Hope never remembers. John tells him that he has to do this, if nothing but for self preservation. Stefano plays innocent, and calls John a hypocrite. He tells John that he doesn't care about Bo and Hope, all he cares about is his own life and his precious doc finding out that Hope is carrying his child. Stefano tells John that if he was connected to the stolen paintings at the castle, all the paintings were destroyed in the fire, so it doesn't matter if Hope remembers John then uses Lexie as his bargaining chip, and appeals to whatever goodness Lexie sees in him. He begs Stefano to leave Bo and Hope alone and let them be happy. Stefano thinks they can work out some sort of an arrangement. Stefano asks John to try to convince Abe to adopt a baby of a distant cousin of his. John doesn't like it, and says he can't do it. John says he won't be his pawn again, but Stefano says that he was not always his pawn, they cared for one another once. John says he never cared about him, he used him! Stefano says that is not true, if they help one another now, it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. After John leaves, Stefano says one day soon John will be his best mercenary again. Meanwhile, John asks God to show him a way out of this.

In Salem Place, Chloe knocks Philip down to keep him out of the way of an oncoming car. Everyone comes running when they hear the car crash into a stand, and Marlena checks out Philip. Everyone thinks Chloe is a hero, but she doesn't want a big deal made out of it and wants to go home. Marlena says Philip seems okay, so Chloe runs off, and Belle chases after her. Philip asks what happen, was Chloe trying to kill him? Shawn tells him not, that did, and points to the wrecked car.

Meanwhile, Chloe is crying when Belle finds her. Belle asks her what is wrong? Chloe says she remembers the accident with her "mom," she could have died and it could have been her fault. Chloe says she wishes she could have done for her mom what she did for Philip. Belle is glad to hear Chloe calling Nancy her mom instead of Nancy. Belle and Chloe return to the scene of the crime, and everyone applauds Chloe. Philip doesn't know why everyone is giving her a standing ovation for body slamming him? Shawn asks Philip if he is brain dead or something? Chloe just pushes him out of the way of an oncoming car and saved his life! Philip wonders why Chloe would save his life? Jan tells Jason that she thinks Chloe did it because she is in love with Philip! Marlena tells Philip that she wants to take him to the hospital to be examined to make sure he doesn't have a concussion, fractures, or bruises. However, Philip refuses to go anywhere until he talks to Chloe. Marlena says all right, and leaves to get her car. Philip thanks Chloe in front of everyone, and shakes her hand.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

In Nancy's office at the hospital, she gave Craig a box of his favorite chocolates then tried to discourage him from tending to any more patients. She assured him their were other doctors who could check on the patients for him until they were finished. She pushed him down on her desk trying to seduce him but they were interrupted by his pager. He reminded her of his responsibilities and promised her they would finish this at home. Before he left she thanked him for being so understanding and supportive regarding the situation with Chloe. She told him she would understand if he wanted to wait a while before telling everyone she had a child out of wedlock. He assured her it was time everyone knew the truth. After he was gone she picked up the picture of Chloe she had displayed on her desk and said "I hope Chloe is ready for the truth to come out. "Meanwhile, at the nurses station when Belle seemed distracted Chloe reminded her they were there to meet with Nancy. Chloe realized the cause of Belle's distraction was her worry over Philip who was in an examination room nearby. Philip let out an agonizing moan from his cubicle and they heard Shawn asking him if he was alright. When Belle pulled the curtain open the girls realized Philip was fine. Shawn said Philip had only been trying to get the attention of "Nurse Candy." Philip denied it. Belle asked him why he was still there to which he told her he didn't know what the hold up was. When he began criticizing the hospital and it's employees Chloe stopped him. She told him "this hospital is state-of-the- art with an excellent chief-of-staff." Belle commented the volunteers weren't too bad either. "Maybe I should've pushed you a little harder." Chloe told Philip. He told her she probably would've been happy if she'd cracked his head open. She said nothing and the girls walked away. Shawn asked Philip to ease up on Chloe. He suggested Philip be nice to her for a change. Philip said he appreciated Chloe saving his life to which he'd already thanked her for but she wouldn't leave him alone. They were interrupted by Nurse Brenda who told Philip it was time for him to go home. "Your face is so red...maybe I should check your blood pressure again" she told him. "It's the girl." Shawn said. "I figured" responded Nurse Brenda. "She's so infuriating!" Philip said. Shawn asked Philip once again to be nicer to Chloe as she has many endearing qualities. Philip commented about the possibility of Shawn having feelings for Chloe. Shawn said Chloe was a very talented and intelligent girl who he enjoyed having as a friend. He told Philip most "sane people" would find those assets a good thing. After Philip signed his release papers he asked Shawn if anything happened to his face because of being pushed to the ground. Shawn assured him there was no damage other than what was already there. Philip asked Shawn if he saw "the way Belle was looking at me." Philip said he was sure Belle was dying for him to ask her to go to the Last Blast with him. Shawn raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Philip said because of his good looks and athletic ability he should be able to get Belle to notice him. He asked Shawn what he could be lacking in his quest to get Belle's attention. Shawn told Philip what he was lacking was humility. Philip disagreed. Philip suggested they go to and continue their tournament. "I thought the doctor said you needed rest." Shawn said. "I could sleep and sweep the floor with you at the same time." Philip assured him. Shawn said before they left he needed to go to the maternity ward to pick up a calendar for his mom. "Oh just want to see Vampira again!" Philip told Shawn. Meanwhile, Chloe and Belle made their way to Nancy's office. Nancy was thrilled to see her daughter and told her so. "Nancy..." Chloe started "No Chloe. Call her what you called her earlier." Belle interrupted. "Isabella!" Nancy shouted. Nancy told Belle she was surprised at her for encouraging Chloe to call people names. "Mother..." Chloe interrupted. Nancy was stunned! Belle explained after Chloe had pushed Philip out of the way of the oncoming car that was when Chloe realized how close she had come to losing her mother a few months ago when she was hit by a car while chasing after her daughter. Nancy was surprised Belle knew the truth about them but Belle explained the reason Chloe told her was because she needed to someone to talk to. Nancy thanked Belle for being there for Chloe. Nancy asked her daughter if she was okay when Chloe said she was Nancy told her she had been dreaming of this day for a very long time. The day when her daughter finally accepted her as her mother. The two of them hugged. Tears welled up in Nancy's eyes while Chloe still seemed uncomfortable with the situation. Elsewhere, in Lexie's office, she and Abe were celebrating due to his decision to agree to adopt Marlo's baby. Lexie was thrilled and told her husband she had never been happier. He agreed saying he too was very happy. As they were kissing they were interrupted by Craig who entered without knocking. He berated Lexie for fraternizing with Abe rather than doing her job. Lexie told Craig her job and marriage were equally important to her and because she had some down time at work she was spending time with her husband. She reminded him he had to understand what she was talking about. He told her he'd received a page for the need of a pediatric doctor and reminded her that was her field. She checked her pager and told him she never received one. He told her that may be because whoever paged him assumed SHE was "too busy" to be paged. Abe said "Speaking of busy...You probably don't want to hear this from me but..." "Your zipper is down!" Lexie interrupted. Craig cleared his throat while obviously embarrassed he turned his back to them while zipping up saying "Oh...excuse me." When he faced them again he reminded Lexie of the controversy surrounding Abe and his relationships with certain hospital employees. When he mentioned the fact Abe shot Larry 15 years ago Lexie assured him it was an accident. Craig said it was obvious Larry was uncomfortable whenever Abe was around and suggested he stay away so as not to further upset Larry. Lexie said in time she was sure Abe and Larry would straighten out their differences. Craig then reminded her of the "differences" between Abe and Brandon. Abe assured him that was behind them as Brandon's lawsuit was declared "groundless." Craig commented Abe and the police department "settled" with Brandon which leads him to wonder "how groundless it really was" Lexie told Craig due to the way he was treating her it couldn't only be because of the recent happenings. She told him his anger dated back to when Mike Horton was chief-of-staff. "Your still angry I testified against you aren't you?" she asked Craig. She reminded him he was the one who orchestrated the whole "Ali MacIntyre" fiasco against Mike and the hospital. He reminded her Mike was no longer in charge therefore she must now answer to him. He threatened her saying if she caused any more upheaval she would have to look for another place of employment. When he left her and Abe alone she worried about Craig's warning saying "He'll do anything to get me fired." Abe tried to assure her that wouldn't happen. She said if Craig succeeded he would make sure she never worked at a reputable place of employment again. Abe promised her everything would be fine but she wasn't so sure. She told her husband she didn't want to think or talk about Craig anymore as this is one of the happiest days of her life and she wasn't about to let Craig or anyone else ruin it for her. She threw her arms around his neck and thanked him again for agreeing to the adoption. He reminded her he still had concerns about the health of the baby considering the way he found Marlo drunk in the bushes at Stefano's. She once again said he must be mistaken. He was unconvinced. Lexie promised him even if this baby was born with complications it would be all the more reason for them to give the beautiful baby boy all of the love they have. Abe agreed and together they decided they would go meet with Marlo to see how she's feeling. Together they called Marlena and John to tell them of their happy news. When they finished they went to the hospital lobby where Nancy arrived with the girls and had just told Craig "It's time." Craig asked for everyone's attention just as Shawn and Philip walked up. The hospital staff among other curious onlookers listened as Craig began to make his announcement. Chloe told Belle she had to stop this. "Please don't, Craig" Chloe begged. Nancy pulled her aside and assured her they were doing this because they wanted her to know how much she's loved. Nancy promised her daughter this was the right thing to do and said together the three of them would be a family. Craig told everyone the Wesley family had recently expanded by one. He talked of the fact that Chloe had been staying with them for a while now and it's time to set the record straight. He heard Abe ask Lexie if Craig and Nancy were going to adopt Chloe. "No" Craig said. "Chloe is Nancy's biological daughter from a previous relationship." Although everyone was a bit stunned Nurse Brenda quickly welcomed Chloe to the Wesley family and apologized for giving her a hard time when she'd first arrived in town. "No problem" said Chloe. Craig went on to say how very proud he was of both Chloe and Nancy. He said he was honored to be a part of their family. It was obvious Chloe was very uncomfortable. Philip commented to Shawn he now understood where Chloe got her "weirdness" from explaining how Nancy barged into his house blaming him for the headless chicken incident which he didn't do. "Poor Chloe" Shawn said. He told Philip she looked like she was really freaked out. Abe wondered why this was just coming out now. Lexie told him Craig must have decided to tell what was really going on rather than have the truth come out another way thus having the hospital involved in another "scandal."

At Stefano's, Bart took food to Marlo who was being held captive in the secret room still nursing her hangover. She begged Bart to let her out but he refused saying because of her earlier behavior she needed to be locked up in order to keep her from doing any more damage to her unborn baby. She told him she wasn't feeling well to which he reminded her she was "suffering the mother of all hangovers" She said that wasn't the reason. She told him she couldn't stay locked up in that room because she's claustrophobic. He said if he let her out they would both end up dead. She told him she was worried about all the radiation in the room to which Bart reminded her Rolf had been around it for years. "You can see how he is." Bart said. He told her any worries she had about the baby's health should have been thought of before because if any damage has been done she's already done it. When he put the plate of food under her nose telling her to "feed the baby" she ran to the bathroom to vomit. When she returned she again insisted he let her out. As she pounded on the door while yelling he said no one could hear her because the room is soundproof. When he had his back to her she grabbed a glass of water off a nearby table. She dumped the water on the floor then quickly put the glass back. She began moaning in agony saying "Look, my water broke!" She told him the baby was coming. He quickly unsecured the security lock then when he turned to look at her he noticed her dress wasn't wet. He realized she'd been trying to trick him. "I'm not that dumb!" he told her then quickly re-secured the lock. She told him if he didn't let her out something bad was going to happen. He backed away from her with his hands up as she began dry heaving. Meanwhile, in the living room Rolf and Stefano were discussing the plan to keep Marlo locked up until it's time for the baby to be delivered. Rolf told Stefano he knew how important it was for him to ensure Lexie's happiness while at the same time he's afraid Marlo's baby will only bring the Carver's heartache. Rolf said he's worried the baby may be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or worse because of Marlo's unhealthy behavior during the pregnancy. Stefano assured him he'd also thought of that telling Rolf that is where Hope's baby would come in. After Rolf promised to keep his secret Stefano told him his plan was to have Rolf sneak into the hospital after Marlo and Hope have delivered their babies and switch them. Rolf asked him how he was supposed to do that. Stefano said it was Rolf's job to figure out a way. Stefano reminded him he still has a few weeks to think of a way to pull it off. Stefano went on to explain the switch was necessary because for 1)It's more probable Hope's baby will be healthy and for 2)it's possible the baby is his. Who better to raise his child than his daughter Stefano commented. Rolf reminded him it was just as possible John's the father of Hope's baby. Stefano said that may be true and if that's the case it will be a bonus because he will always have that to hold over John's head. He said because Hope never had an amnio test it was never confirmed their weren't complications with the baby. He said because Hope was locked up for so long she had been diagnosed as a bit malnourished. He said it could be explained that Hope's ultrasound results were wrong and the baby had more problems than were anticipated. He vowed nothing or no one would stand in the way of his daughter's happiness. At that moment Rolf had an idea come to him. He laughed telling Stefano he was going to love how he planned to switch the babies.

At the penthouse, John returned home where Marlena was anxiously waiting. She happily greeted him saying because this was their last day of vacation she wanted them to spend the afternoon together. She commented it seemed the two of them had been heading in separate directions the past few days. He agreed then asked her how her morning with Hope went. While she told him about the shopping they did and the plans they made she noticed John seemed distracted. When she told him about Philip almost being hit by a car John didn't respond at first. She asked him what was on his mind. He said he must tell her something. "I can't go on this way" he told her. He said he was afraid he was about to "make a deal with the devil." He explained he had just come from Stefano's where he'd asked him if he could make sure Hope's memory stayed repressed. Marlena was shocked because John asked Stefano to alter Hope's mind again. John said although he knows what he did wasn't right he does feel it would be best for Hope. He told Marlena Hope was his friend who he's worried won't be able to handle Stefano being the baby's father. Marlena commented she thought Hope was strong enough to handle the truth and told her husband she had a feeling he felt the same way. "What is it your hiding from me?" Marlena asked. When he didn't answer Marlena told him she knew why he felt that way. She said because both John and Hope's minds had been altered by Stefano they have an unending bond which explains why he has been so adamant about protecting Hope. She assumed this was the reason he felt keeping the truth from Hope was the best solution. John said he was sorry Bo had talked him into keeping this secret from Hope. Marlena agreed saying they had both made a mistake when they agreed to Bo's request. He said he wished they had told Hope the truth once she was released from the hospital after being locked in the turret. He said he knew going to Stefano was wrong but felt he had no other choice. They were interrupted by Lexie's phone call regarding the joyous baby news. When she told John what Abe and Lexie were planning she said this may be just the blessing they were looking for to help them through this. She told him this new development could help everyone in this situation regarding whether or not Stefano's the father of Hope's baby.

Friday, May 26, 2000

At the lodge, Lucas is fast asleep in bed, and Nicole toasts to her success. Lucas wakes up and wonders what Nicole is talking about. Nicole brushes him off, and once again starts in on trying to get him to drink. Nicole is upset because Lucas got what he want, sex, and then rolled over and fell asleep. She says that it is always about what he wants and not what she wants. Lucas says he thought she liked it! Nicole says he just rolled over and went to sleep before acting what she wanted to do. Lucas asks what she wants to do? Nicole says she'd like to have dinner, so he says they can go downstairs and have a beautiful candlelight dinner.

Eric and Greta are dining in the restaurant, and Greta tells Eric that she only got trashed once in her life on a dare, and she never wants to be that sick again, which probably makes her a goody tushues. Eric tells her that he likes everything about her. Greta asks Eric what it about men and beer, which he's drinking. Eric says it gives you a little buzz, kind of like wine. Greta's never had beer, and asks Eric if she can have a taste. He tells her sure, but doubts she'll like it. She tastes it, and obviously doesn't like it. Later, Greta starts getting serious and talks about her mother. She confesses to Eric that before her mother died, she told her who her father was. She says she's not ready to tell him just yet, because as they know her mother wasn't the most honest person, and she wants to make sure what she told her was the truth. Eric is glad she opened up to him, and asks her to just relax tonight and put herself in his hands. Later, Eric and Greta take to the dance floor, and they tell one another about their fantasies about being together. Eric asks Greta, when she imagines them together, if it makes her happy? She says yes, but she also doesn't want Eric to think of her as a tease. She says she loves being here with him, but she's not ready for anything else. Eric understands and says he did not bring her here to seduce her. He says he does want to make love to her, but not until she is ready for it.

Nicole and Lucas show up at the restaurant for dinner, and Lucas is still reluctant to drink. Nicole tries to tell Lucas that he is not an alcoholic. Lucas suggests she come to his next AA meeting and tell that to everyone there. Nicole asks Lucas if it is hard for him not to drink? Lucas says no, and she says that she rests her case. Nicole says she is thirsty, so Lucas calls over a waiter. Lucas orders Nicole a Martini, and orders himself a club soda. However, he decides to change his mind. However, he just orders an ice tea. Nicole gives him a powty look, and Lucas starts saying how he misses drinking with his steak. When the waiter returns, Lucas decides to order a bottle of wine, with two glasses, which pleases Nicole. The waiter brings the wine, and Nicole tastes it to make sure it is good. She then proposes a toast to them, and as Lucas raises the glass to his lips, a shocked Greta and Eric stare and Greta says "I don't believe it!"

Shawn arrives at the Horton house and finds Alice waiting outside for him. He asks if he is late for dinner? Alice says there has been a change of plans, and dinner is off. At Bo and Hope's, Hope, Julie, and Doug have finished cleaning and fixing the mess Doug and Julie made. Bo, who is on his way home, calls Hope and suggests she call out for dinner so that they can have a romantic dinner for two tonight. Hope says it sounds great, and will see him when he gets here. Bo arrives to have a romantic dinner with his soon to be wife. However, Shawn and Alice suddenly arrive for dinner! Alice sees all the candles and realizes they are interrupting, and suggests they go to a fast food place. Bo tells them not to do that, and Hope says they can join them for dinner. Doug and Julie are still around, they ordered a whole lot of food, and Bo says there is enough food for them all. Julie thought they wanted to have a romantic dinner? Dinner arrives, and they all sit down for dinner. The baby starts to kick Hope, and Bo asks Hope if she is all right? Hope says the little one is just letting them know he or she is here. Hope then says it must be fate that they are all here, because she has some favors to ask of them. She turns to Alice and asks her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Alice exclaims "You have to be kidding!" Hope asks her to please stand up for her, and Alice agrees. She also asks Julie to be a bridesmaid, which touches Julie, who agrees. Bo then asks Shawn to be a groomsman. Later, Hope goes out for some fresh air, and appears to be hit with a labor pain. Hope returns and tells Bo that she thinks it is time to go to the hospital!

Lexie and Abe are on their way to Stefano's to see Marlo. Lexie calls Stefano to tell him that they are coming over to see her because Abe said she wasn't feeling very well. Stefano says Marlo is feeling fine, and they should come right over. After he hangs up, Stefano thinks everything is going right. However, Rolf tells him that there is a problem, Marlo! Rolf says that Marlo is suffering from alcohol withdrawal, so they are bound to notice. Stefano thinks that she can be presentable for five minutes, but Rolf isn't so sure. Stefano calls Bart, and learns that Marlo is seriously sick. Rolf says there is a drug he can give Marlo to suppress the sickness, but it could cause problems for the baby, and it could cause Marlo to go into labor. However, Rolf thinks another drug could stop the labor.

Meanwhile, back in Abe and Lexie's car, Abe tells Lexie that if Marlo is seriously ill, or a drunk, then he insists . . . Lexie tells Abe that he is her husband, not her commander. Abe says that he is just saying if what he suspects is right, can they have Marlo checked out by an OB? Lexie agrees, but thinks that Marlo is very healthy.

Abe and Lexie arrive at the DiMera mansion. Lexie asks if they can see Marlo, but Stefano says soon because she is taking a nap right now. Stefano offers them something to drink, but Abe says there has been enough drinking in this house. Stefano laughs at Abe for thinking Marlo was inebriated, and tells Lexie to talk some sense into her husband. Lexie says she's been trying to do that. Abe becomes upset and says if Marlo won't come down to see them, then they will go up to see her. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Rolf shows up and gives Marlo a shot. Unfortunately, Marlo ends up passing out. Stefano comes downstairs and is furious when he sees Marlo out cold. He orders Rolf and Bart to wake Marlo up and get her upstairs! Stefano leaves, and Marlo comes to. Bart and Rolf then carry her upstairs.

Back upstairs, Lexie is finally beginning to become suspicious of Marlo, and her father, as well. Suddenly, Marlo shows up. Marlo once again starts begging her, in her fake accent, to take their baby. Abe thinks she looks very sick. Marlo says her baby is healthy, but she is sick. Marlo says Stefano is good to her and the woman rubs her all day with alcohol, but still she is sick. Lexie and Abe decide to leave, but suddenly, Marlo gets a burst of energy and begs them to stay. Stefano becomes worried, and a hidden Rolf tells Stefano that the medicine he gave Marlo has gone into overdrive. Suddenly, Marlo faints!

In the secret room, Bart is taking care of Marlo, who as Bart puts it, puked up a storm. Bart compares her to the exorcist, which causes Marlo to once again run for the bathroom.



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