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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, May 29, 2000

At the Green Mountain Lodge Lucas lifts his wine glass and is about to fall off the wagon when Greta and Eric enter the dining room. Nicole quietly switches glasses with Lucas just as Greta and Eric notice the bottle of wine. Both couples are not thrilled by the other's presence. However, Nicole is happy to see Eric is there and keeps an eye on him. Left alone by Greta, Nicole takes Eric aside and claims that she's there with Lucas to keep her mind off Eric. Greta then catches them together and wonders what's going on. Nancy's upset when she overhears Philip and Jason badmouthing Chloe again. She lays into them for their hurtful words and reveals that Chloe is her daughter. An unkempt Mimi watches her friends from outside Dot.Com. Hope worries to Bo that having a baby out of wedlock is a bad example for their son. Bo surprises her by taking her to get their marriage license. However, the clerk informs them that, according to city records, Hope Brady is dead. At Stefano's Lexie suggests they rush Marlo to the hospital after she collapses but she comes to and assures everyone that she is fine. Abe announces that he intends to run a record check on Marlo which worries Stefano.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Kate arrived at Austins apartment uninvited. When he was surprised to see his mother she explained Billie had told her he was home from Paris so she had decided to bring him dinner. He thanked her then said he had picked up dinner at Tuscany and it was warming in the oven. She looked around then asked "Oh...are you expecting company?" He said he planned to surprise Sami as she didn't know he was home yet. Kate was not pleased. She reminded Austin Sami was a vindictive person who would surely hurt him. He said he didn't want Sami to come between the two of them therefore he would not tolerate her bad mouthing Sami. He told his mother she would have to get used to having Sami around. He said Sami had changed and was trying very hard to be a better person than she used to be. He also reminded her Sami was an excellent mother to Will. Kate suggested he take things slowly and date other women before deciding Sami is the woman he wants to be with. He told her he was an adult who could make his own decisions then said he was going next door to get Sami. She said she wanted to go too so she could say hello to her grandson. After she knocked the babysitter answered. Austin asked Ms. Nesbitt if Sami was working late to which she told him Sami wasn't working just out for the evening. She gave him the phone number where Sami could be reached then said Will was already asleep. Austin looked at the paper she'd handed him then said "Brandon Walker" to which Kate sneered. She and Austin said goodnight to Ms. Nesbitt then left. As they were going back to his apartment Kate asked how Sami who always said how important it was for her to have Will in her life could leave him with a sitter to spend the evening with Brandon. Austin told his mother Sami and Brandon were friends therefore she must have an important reason for being with him. Kate told him he was naive if he really believed Sami wasn't up to something. He said he wasn't going to argue with her about Sami. "Don't do this, mom. Please don't make me choose between you and Sami." he told her. She said it's obvious one of them was wrong about Sami and only time would tell which one of them it is. She said goodnight then left. Austin called Ms. Nesbitt who told him Sami had said she would be gone for a couple of hours. He thanked her then hung up. As he blew out the candles he had set on the dinner table he tried to rationalize why Sami would be with Brandon. He seemed unable able to figure out why she was with him. In the hallway Kate commented aloud that she knew Austin was wrong about Sami. She said if she went to Brandon's she may be able to figure out what Sami was up to which would prove to Austin she was right about her all along.

At Brandon's, he and Sami returned from their shopping spree. "I didn't think you were going to buy out the whole store!" Sami laughed. He said he needed to see each of the outfits to determine which one would work for her when she played the role of "his special girl." He sat on the couch waiting while she went into his bedroom to try on clothes. The two of them laughed and played together while she modeled outfit after outfit until they finally agreed on one. "Any man would want his woman dressed like you are." he said. He told her she looked sexy to which he agreed saying the clothes made her feel sexy then commented she didn't think the sexy underwear was necessary. "It's not like anyone is going to see it...right." she said. He assured her the underwear was important because it helped her achieve that "sexy feeling." She said she was going to change but he stopped her saying they needed to work on "their moves" together. He turned on some music then together they danced very seductively. When she told him she felt comfortable with "their moves" he said their was one more thing they needed to practice. "What?" she asked. "This..." he said then kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

In Bo's truck, on their way to see the justice of the peace he told Hope how happy he was the two of them would soon be married again. When she didn't respond he immediately pulled over to see what was wrong then quickly realized she was only sleeping. He said waiting one more day shouldn't be a problem. Then said "Did you hear that little one? You stay in there for least for one more day." He then told Hope to sleep well as tomorrow would be a busy day. When Hope woke up she apologized for falling asleep then commented putting the wedding off until tomorrow may be a better idea. He said he'd already figured that out and had turned around a while back. He said they were headed for home. "Home..."she said happily. He agreed saying he too was happy to be in their new home with their soon to be expanding family. Once they arrived Hope kissed Bo telling him she'd gotten her second wind after the nap she took. She asked him to come with her as she wanted to show him something. Together they went into the backyard where Bo wrapped his arms around her. As they gazed at the stars they spoke of their love for each other.

At the penthouse, Marlena answered the ringing phone. It was Belle letting her mother know she was on her way home. Marlena asked if Chloe was still spending the night. "That is still alright, isn't it?" Belle asked. When Marlena assured her it was Belle explained Mrs. Wesley was bringing them home. Marlena told Belle to ask Nancy to come up and say hello when they arrived. When off the phone Marlena suggested to John once they got the girls settled the two of them go to the movies and leave them to their privacy. He apologized saying he couldn't because he had something he needed to take care of. She tried to deter him from going back to Stefano's but he said he had to be certain Stefano doesn't interfere with Hope's life...or anyone else's life again. He promised her he'd be careful then kissed her before leaving. When Nancy and the girls arrived Marlena greeted them warmly telling Nancy how happy she was the truth about Chloe had come out. Nancy was surprised Marlena already knew then Marlena explained happy news travels very fast. Marlena and Nancy stayed downstairs while the girls went upstairs to Belle's room. Marlena told Nancy she had always thought the story about Chloe being the daughter of a friend never rang true. "Now why don't you tell me what really happened?" Marlena asked. After explaining everything Nancy said when the pregnancy happened she thought adoption was the best solution. She said she's very grateful to have Chloe back in her life. Marlena told her she had heard Craig also seemed very happy to have Chloe become a part of the Wesley family. Nancy said Craig had been wonderful and very supportive. She said the problem was Chloe who wasn't happy. She told Marlena Chloe didn't want Craig to make the announcement. She explained she had been trying very hard to be a good mother but no matter what she did Chloe would rebuff her. Marlena suggested she NOT try so hard to be Chloe's mother instead be her friend until she can get used to the situation. Nancy said she wasn't sure how to do that. "I think I have an idea..." Marlena said. Meanwhile, in her room Belle commented to Chloe the Last Blast would soon be upon them. Chloe said it doesn't matter because she's not going. "What if you get invited?" Belle asked. Chloe assured her that wasn't likely to happen. They were interrupted by a phone call from Mimi who Belle greeted happily. Mimi told Belle she had heard some juicy gossip from Jan and Jason when she was at When Belle asked her what it was Mimi suggested she come over and spend the night then they could talk about it. "Well..." Belle hesitated then told her Chloe was spending the night then said she was sure it would be okay if she came over too. " just spend the night with your new best friend!" Mimi said before hurriedly hanging up the phone. "Mimi!" Belle yelled to no avail. Mimi blew out a candle before bundling up underneath a blanket trying to block out the cold night air and stay warm as she was sleeping outside. To herself she said something about getting the money tomorrow. Back in Belle's room she said she was worried about Mimi because she sounded weird on the phone. Chloe said she'd seen Mimi do something strange at earlier. "What?" Belle asked. Chloe told her she had seen Mimi at but Mimi didn't see her. Belle was surprised saying she couldn't understand why Mimi hadn't spoke to her when she was there. Chloe said it seemed like Mimi didn't want to be seen then sold a large stack of CD's to the store before quickly leaving. Belle was shocked saying Mimi would never sell her favorite CD's. Chloe said Mimi even sold her favorite Backstreet Boys CD. "No way! Her bedroom is a shrine to the Backstreet Boys!" Belle exclaimed. When Chloe swore it was the truth Belle was confused. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. When Belle opened it Marlena was standing there in her pajamas holding a pizza while Nancy was right behind her also wearing pajamas. Belle asked them what they were doing to which Marlena said "We were hungry and thought you might be too." Belle asked her mother why she was wearing pajamas. "This is a pajama party isn't it?" Marlena asked. As the four of them sat on Belle's bed she said to Chloe "Looks like our party's been crashed." Chloe agreed then asked what kind of pizza they brought. Nancy told her daughter they had ordered the vegetarian. "Oh, that's my favorite." Chloe said. "I know" Nancy replied. Marlena reminded them they had better hurry up and eat it while it's hot because "There's nothing like cold vegetarian pizza!" "I wish Mimi were here...that's her favorite pizza too." Belle lamented.

At Stefano's, Abe and Lexie came to the agreement they would have a background check done on Marlo to see if they could find anything out about her. While Stefano eavesdropped on their conversation he came to the conclusion he must get Marlo to talk to them again to squash any suspicions they may have about her. He worried it could be disastrous if the police checked out her background. As the Carver's were preparing to leave they were stopped by her father who had Marlo by his side. She told them she wanted to speak to them again. She said she needed to try to explain her earlier behavior. They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Stefano went outside when he spotted John then told him now wasn't a good time for them to talk. John said he didn't care if Stefano thought it was a good time or not then barged inside. He was greeted by the Carver's then Abe asked him why he was there. John lied saying he'd noticed their car while driving by then thought their may be trouble so he stopped. Lexie assured him everything was fine then introduced him to Marlo saying she was the woman having the baby they were considering adopting. When the two of them shook hands Marlo batted her eyes at John then had to be told to let go. Stefano sent Lexie, Abe and Marlo into the other room explaining to John they needed their privacy. Marlo told Abe and Lexie the reason she acted strangely earlier was due to the mood swings she'd been going through since becoming pregnant. She promised them she was fine aside from morning sickness and had done everything possible to ensure she would deliver a healthy baby. They seemed appeased with her explanation then agreed to go ahead with their adoption plans. Marlo said she was very grateful such good people would be caring for her baby. Back in the other room, John asked Stefano to explain once again who Marlo was and why she had decided to give her baby up. When Stefano finished with his explanation John asked him why he was doing this. "What's in it for you?" John asked. Stefano reminded John he always helped the people who were loyal to him and would therefore never hurt them. John had another flashback of when the two of them were close friends then wondered if Stefano could possibly be telling the truth. Stefano asked John why he was there then said "Let me guess..." He asked John if his visit had anything to do with Hope and said he already knew John wanted him to make sure Hope never remembered their time together on the submarine. "Your wrong." John told him. He explained to Stefano he wanted him to leave Hope and her family alone along with him and his family. Stefano reminded John many lives would be ruined by this revelation. John said he was willing to take the risk if it meant saving Hope's sanity. He threatened Stefano saying if anything happened to Hope or anyone else he cared about he would make sure the floppy disc he had containing all of Stefano's misdeeds would land in Lexie's hands. John reminded Stefano he knew how important Alexandra was to him but she would surely be devastated to learn about the many horrible things her father had done. Stefano said John was the one who had the most to lose if the truth about him and Hope came out. He told John he would lose everything important to him and everyone he loved. Lexie and Abe returned with Marlo who said goodnight then retreated upstairs. Lexie told her father things were straightened out with Marlo therefore they would proceed with the adoption. She said goodbye to Stefano while John said he was leaving too. Once alone Stefano said to himself "It looks like my plan is working perfectly!" He seemed very pleased.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Brandon kisses Sami and suggests that they maintain a close relationship for the sake of her undercover work at the strip club. She puts off starting at the club tonight because she must get back to Will. When Brandon brings her back to the apartment, he spots Kate lurking and argues with her about Sami's character. He insists that he is only her friend. Meanwhile, Austin questions Sami about Brandon. During their sleep over, Belle gives Chloe a makeover which makes her uncomfortable to be concerned with her looks. In the other room, Marlena urges Nancy to work on her relationship with Chloe now that everything is out in the open. Heading home, Nancy catches Mimi trying ton break into her car. She offers her a ride home but Mimi runs off. Stefano's upset when he catches a nurse snooping in his home. He's relieved to find the nurse is really a disguised Rolf who is working on the plan for switching Hope's baby.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Victor were eating and enjoying each other's company. Victor commented how nice it was to have her all to himself with the added bonus being peace and quiet. Kate reminded him Lucas and Nicole would soon be home from their weekend getaway at Green Mountain Lodge. They were interrupted by Henderson who announced Rex Rawlins was there to see them. When Rex entered the room Kate berated him for coming to the mansion. "I thought I told you never to show your face here!" Kate yelled. "Calm down, Kate. I asked Rex to come by." Victor said. He then told Rex he was tired of waiting for him to recoup the last 2 million dollars from Nicole. Victor asked Kate to excuse them telling her their were things which needed to be said that a lady shouldn't hear. She kissed him on the cheek then thanked him for being considerate before leaving the room. As Rex watched her go she closed the door behind her. "Don't ogle Kate!" Victor roared. Victor said his patience had run out and demanded Rex get the remainder of his money back from Nicole as soon as possible. Rex told Victor no one else could have gotten the money as quickly as he already had. Victor said Rex's stalling was making him angry then reminded him he didn't want to see what happened when that anger boiled over. Rex explained he didn't want to move too quickly for fear Nicole would become suspicious. Victor said he didn't care what Rex had to do..."just do it!" Rex told him he hadn't even told Nicole she had already lost 3 million. "And you won't!" Victor said. Victor again told Rex he must do whatever it takes to get the rest of the money. "I thought you didn't want me to seduce Nicole?" Rex asked. Victor said at this point it didn't matter because getting the money was most important. Rex had a memory of when he and Nicole had finished having sex in his office then told Victor "Well...Nicole is a very seductive woman..." "Nicole isn't supposed to seduce you...your supposed to seduce her!" Victor yelled. Rex promised he would do what he had to to get the money. He said he still hadn't figured out where he knew Nicole from but was sure he'd met her somewhere before. He asked Victor if his men had dug anything up from her past. Victor said her past didn't matter then proclaimed Nicole was nothing more than a slut he wanted rid of. Rex commented about the possibility of Nicole keeping a secret from everyone. Meanwhile, in the foyer Kate was sorting through the mail when their was a knock on the door. "I'll get it, Ms. Roberts." Henderson said as he was coming down the stairs. He opened the door then he and Nicholas greeted each other. Kate asked him why he was there. He said he needed to speak to Victor. She asked if their was a problem at Titan to which he responded "This isn't about's personal." She took him into another room where he told her he couldn't keep quiet any longer. He said it was time for them to tell Victor they were in love with each other. She reminded him she had already made her choice and Victor was the man she'd chosen. He told her staying with Victor out of "obligation" would certainly leave her with a broken heart. She said telling Victor what they were feeling would break HIS heart. He told her she was lucky Victor hadn't already found out about them considering his Aunt Vivian had caught them together at Green Mountain Lodge just before they were about to make love. Kate said although she and Vivian would never see eye-to-eye she's glad they were interrupted because if they weren't she would have made the biggest mistake of her life. He told her she was lying to herself if she really believed that then pulled her into a passionate kiss. After kissing him back she pulled away saying it couldn't go on. "Are you forgetting where we are?!" she asked. He said he loved her and to prove it wanted to be completely honest then went on to explain when he first came to town his aunt asked him to keep Kate busy so she could get closer to Victor. Kate was furious! He admitted it started out that way but then he fell in love. He said because of his love for her he had to tell her the truth which in turn is how he realized they must be honest with Victor. He barged into the next room where Victor and Rex were having their meeting then insisted he speak with Victor. Victor said he was in a meeting and unless Titan was in dire straits their was no excuse for this interruption. Nicholas apologized then said "Your right, I'll go...but we will talk!" Kate told Victor "I tried to stop him..." Victor said he wasn't finished with Rex so she followed Nicholas out. Victor told Rex he wanted him to call Nicole immediately and set up a meeting so he could get the money back. As Kate showed Nicholas to the door she reminded him how hurt Victor would be by their betrayal then begged him not to tell his true feelings. Nicholas said their was only one way to keep him quiet. "What? I'll do anything..." Kate told him. "Make love to me." he said. She was stunned. He promised if she agreed to meet with him tonight and let him make love to her then he wouldn't tell Victor anything.

At Green Mountain Lodge, Nicole awoke to find herself alone. She sarcastically read aloud the note Lucas left for her on the bedside table. In the note, he pledged his love and devotion. "Yeah right, Lucas." she sneered. She reminded herself her goal was to get Lucas to drink again then decided to put on a slinky negligee and wait for him to return. When one of the lodge employees entered the room with the bottle of champagne she'd ordered he eyed her up and down then said "You know..." as she handed him a large tip. "Yeah, yeah I know..." she said while showing him to the door. She slammed the door behind him then said "I know I'm gorgeous!" As she held the bottle of champagne she said "It won't be long before I get Lucas to drink again." She commented before long Lucas would be a raving drunk which meant she could get out of the marriage then become "Mrs. Eric Brady." In the gift shop, Lucas was paying a salesperson for the purchase he made telling him his wife was going to love this gift. As he was leaving he said "It's sure to put this marriage back on track." When he entered the dining room he tripped nearly knocking over a table and chairs. "Somebody's starting early..." a patron commented. Lucas was flustered when he made his way over to Eric and Greta's table who were enjoying the breakfast buffet. Eric accused Lucas of not being very steady on his feet and asked Lucas if that was possibly due to drinking. Lucas swore he was sober and said he intended to stay that way. An employee came over and apologized to Lucas about the carpet telling him he'd been the third person that morning who tripped then promised it would be fixed immediately. He gave Lucas a lodge pass complimentary of hotel management to which Lucas thanked him. Once the employee had gone Eric remarked "Gee, maybe I should've tripped on the carpet..." Lucas said it paid to be rich because rich people get perks while everyone else just gets played. Lucas said it was time for him to get back to his wife. When he'd gone Eric went back to his pancakes while Greta feasted on fruit. She offered him some and after he ate it he asked her if she'd like to share a piece. He put one half in his mouth while Greta leaned in for the other half. She bit until their lips met for a kiss. When he asked for seconds she began to spear another piece with her fork. "Not the fruit..." he said. She smiled happily then leaned in for another kiss. "I want to be with you so badly." He told her. "So do I." she responded. "Good." he said. She blushed then said she was amazed by the fact that her "inner feelings keep popping out." He suggested it may be because she's becoming more comfortable with the way he feels about her. "Maybe..." she told him. Eric said he'd brought her there because he wanted to spend time alone with her but instead they kept running into Lucas and Nicole. He said he hoped she wouldn't be offended then suggested they go back to Salem. She quickly agreed saying because the place wasn't very big it seemed they were running into one or the other at every corner. She said she had considered mentioning it herself but hadn't for fear his feelings would be hurt. He suggested they try out the bike trail then head for home. She agreed then said she wanted to go to the ladies room and freshen up before they left. Meanwhile, back in their room Lucas greeted his wife warmly while she rebuffed him when he tried to kiss her. When he got down on his knees she asked "What's with the kneeling?" He said it was his way of presenting her with the gift he'd bought then handed her a velvet box. Inside was a beautiful diamond bracelet. "It's beautiful!" she said. He asked her if she remembered the matching necklace he'd purchased when they were there on their first honeymoon. She said she remembered. As Lucas sincerely proclaimed his love for her she guiltily eyed the bottle of champagne seemingly regretful for what she had planned for him. Her guilty feelings immediately subsided when he mentioned he'd seen Eric and Greta in the dining room who were looking like they were very right for each other. "Not like us...but they are good people..." then said they deserved the same happiness he and Nicole shared. Nicole immediately changed gears then rushed into the bathroom. She told Lucas she had to get dressed because she needed to go speak to Eric about a photo shoot. "Now?!" a confused Lucas asked. She reminded him she was an executive now with work that needed to be done. She hurriedly went to the dining room where Eric was sitting alone. She slid into Greta's empty seat then apologized for her behavior yesterday. He told her it was no big deal. She asked if he was having good time and he said he and Greta always have a good time when they're together. Greta returned to the table and asked Nicole "Why is it, every time I turn my back you find your way to Eric?" Nicole stood up then said "I'm sorry you feel that way, Greta. Well, it's time for me to go back to my husband." "You do that." Greta told her. As Nicole walked away she smiled smugly while Eric looked at Greta. Before Nicole opened the door of her and Lucas's room her cell phone rang. When she answered she was greeted by Rex then asked him how many millions she'd made today. He said he was calling to tell her about a very exciting investment to which their was only a small window of opportunity for her to get involved. She asked him how much she had to invest. "Only 2 million." he told her. "Only?!" she asked incredulously. He asked if that meant she wasn't interested. She assured him she was then he asked how soon they could meet. "Well, I'm out of town right now but I could be back say...this afternoon." she said to which he agreed then again reminded her she didn't have much time. "I'll be there!" she told him. Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Rex told Victor Nicole said she'd be back this afternoon and had agreed to meet with him then mentioned the bonus he'd been promised. "You'll get it as soon as I get my money back." Victor told him. Rex promised to have the money soon. "I want the money today!" Victor demanded. At the lodge, when Nicole entered the room she found Lucas holding the bottle of champagne. "Lucas, don't you dare take a drink!" she said. He thanked her for her concern then assured her he'd already decided not to take a drink then said he was happy she cared enough to worry about him. She grabbed her suitcase and began packing. He asked her what she was doing. "What are you leaving me?" he asked. She lied saying someone from Titan called and said she was needed back at the office. He wanted to know why no one but her could handle the request. She ignored him while continuing to pack. "Fine, we'll go home but we're going to pick up right where we left off." he told her. "Whatever, Lucas!" she responded sarcastically. At the hotel lobby, Eric and Greta were disappointed because the bike trail they wanted to go on was all booked up. He said he was going to load their suitcases then they would leave. When she was alone Greta thought about what she should do to keep Nicole from hanging all over Eric. "Maybe I could fight fire with fire. Fight fire with fire? How do I do that? Maybe I should sleep with him..." Greta wondered.

At Salem High, Belle and Chloe arrived at Belle's locker. As she was getting books Belle looked in a mirror and commented about the dark circles under her eyes. "I know, I have them too." Chloe said. "That's what we get for staying up all night gabbing." Belle told her. On the other side of the hall, Shawn was talking to Philip and Jason. When the tournament was mentioned Shawn suggested they forget about it because he didn't want Chloe's feelings to be hurt. Jason reminded him the tournament was tied therefore it could go either way. Philip told Shawn if he backed out now he would be labeled a "quitter." Shawn agreed to finish the tournament then told Philip "But, you better not tell Chloe." Mimi entered the locker area unnoticed. As she watched her friends she wondered aloud why they all had to be there and wished they would all go to class. "I need a shower." she said to herself. When the bell rang all the students began entering the classroom while Chloe remembered she'd forgotten a book then quickly went to her locker. She spotted Mimi who made eye contact with her then ran away. Back in class the teacher had already begun her lesson when Mimi hurried in. The teacher reprimanded her for being late...again. Mimi apologized saying it wouldn't happen again. Jan snidely commented about her appearance asking Mimi "What's wrong with you?" Philip told Shawn Mimi's appearance may not be the best but Belle sure looked "hot." When Shawn agreed Philip said "You can look...but don't touch!" Jason focused a penlight on the teacher's forehead while his classmates laughed. He then pointed it at Mimi who yelled "Stop it!" which got the teacher's attention. She reminded Jason she had already warned him about bringing that to class then told him he had to go to the principal's office. He tried to get out of it but she denied his request. He made a sarcastic comment to Mimi before leaving. When the teacher continued her lesson she asked Philip to explain a history topic. When he answered incorrectly she asked if anyone else could explain it to the class. She called on Chloe who had her hand raised. After giving the correct answer the bell rang. Before leaving the classroom Philip shot Chloe a dirty look which she tried to ignore but looked obviously uncomfortable. Back at Belle's locker she mentioned the Last Blast to Chloe once again. Chloe told Belle she was obsessing about the dance. "I'm 15! I'm supposed to obsess about things like this!" Belle said. Chloe asked her if she ever obsessed about meaningful things "like world hunger." Belle assured her she sometimes thought of things like that too. When Chloe asked her what the crowning of the king and queen was all about Belle explained the most popular boy and girl in the class were nominated and voted on by their peers then would be crowned at the dance. "I wish you would go...then you could vote for me." Belle told her. Chloe assured Belle because she is the most popular girl in school she would win "hands down." Belle thanked her for the compliment. Philip and Shawn were at their lockers when Philip complained about Chloe thinking she's better than everyone else. Shawn didn't agree he insisted Chloe was just a misunderstood yet very intelligent girl. He told Philip Chloe doesn't think she's better than anyone. He tried to convince his friend just because Chloe correctly answered a question Philip had already incorrectly answered did not mean she was trying to one-up him. Shawn suggested the go talk to her. "I wouldn't go near that smug bitch if you paid me!" Philip fumed. As the girls were walking away from the lockers Belle spotted Mimi and offered to let her use her make-up. "You can use everything but the eye stuff. My mom said that can cause infection." Belle told her. Mimi thanked Belle saying coming to school without make-up wouldn't become a habit because she didn't want to walk around looking like "ghoul girl" every day. Belle said it was no big deal if she didn't have make-up on. "Yeah right, you never leave the house without your face paint on." Mimi said. Belle admitted she was fond of her make-up then reminded Mimi she shouldn't let being late become a problem as colleges would soon be scouting them out. Mimi told Belle not to worry about her as she could take care of herself then walked away. Chloe asked Belle if something was bothering Mimi to which Belle said Mimi was jealous of the growing friendship between Chloe and herself. "She'll bounce back...she always does." Belle said before heading to her next class. Standing alone Chloe thought "Sometimes you can be so close to someone you can't see when something is wrong. I think your friend Mimi is in trouble." she then headed off in the direction Mimi had gone.

Friday, June 2, 2000

Nicholas invites Kate over to the townhouse where he kisses her passionately and tries to take her to bed. Sami, Austin and Will spend time together at Salem Place. When Sami starts to badmouth Lucas and his side of the family, Austin urges her not to get down on Kate. Nicole runs into Eric and expresses her surprise that he's back from the Lodge. He admits that he and Greta didn't want to run into her and Lucas anymore so they came home early. Sami confronts Nicole about sticking with their plan. Marlo manages to break out of the locked room and overhears Stefano talking about the plan to switch babies. When Abe and Lexie return, Marlo makes a point of being upset. Later, Marlo goes into labor. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope give Shawn the good news that they intend to marry before Hope delivers the baby and would like him to be with them. Doug and Julie interrupt and Shawn almost leaks the good news. Hope suddenly goes into labor.


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