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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Bo & Hope's House:
Hope goes into labour and there is so much excitement and confusion going on that nobody really knows what they are doing. Alice finally calms everyone down and tells Shawn to bring the truck around to the front. She tells Bo and Shawn to take Hope to the hospital and she orders Doug and Julie to pack a bag for Hope. Doug and Julie race upstairs and get a bunch of stuff from the bedroom and bring them down to a suitcase that is on the couch. The only problem is that they brought stuff that she will never have any use for in the hospital. Alice tells them to calm down because all Hope really needs right now is Bo and Shawn. To keep Doug occupied, Alice sends him over to her place to pick up her donut maker so she can make fresh donuts for everyone.

The Hospital:
Bo takes Hope up to Nurse Brenda's desk where they are told that Dr. Bader is on vacation until the next day. Brenda gets Hope into a wheel chair and takes her down to ER to wait until the baby is born. Bo is muttering to himself something about "no matter who the baby belongs to." Shawn overhears him and wants to know what he means. Bo tells him that it is just nervous talk and it seems to satisfy Shawn. They go looking for Hope and find her in a hospital bed. Brenda explains that the labour could take as long as 24 hours. Evidently Father Jansen is on his way to marry them, so if the labour takes a while, they just might get married before the baby arrives after all. Hope asks Bo to call Lexie to be a witness at their wedding and also to stand by to deliver the baby.

Belle is trying to convince Chloe to go to the Last Blast Dance. She tells her about last year when she tried to get Brandon to go with her and the lesson in life that she learned from it. Chloe sees Mimi looking through the door, but she doesn't mention it to Belle. Philip comes over to where the girls are sitting and Chloe makes an excuse and rushes out the door to follow Mimi to find out what she is up to. She hides behind a dumpster and watches Mimi as she meets up with some smarmy looking guy in the alley. Chloe can see them pretty good because they are standing in the lights of the guys' truck. He searches through the bag that Mimi is carrying.

Nicholas' Townhouse:
Kate and Nicholas are all over each other on the couch. All of sudden Kate pulls away. She tells Nicholas that she likes men and she likes sex, but her heart is with Victor and this isn't right. Nicholas wants to know what she would do if Victor told her it was all right for them to have an affair. Would she make love to him then? Kate gets ready to leave and Nicholas tells her that he understands, but that he will fight for her. To himself, he says that Victor is not only the problem, but is the solution!

The DiMera Mansion:
Marlo is having strong labour pains and Stefano is trying to tell Lexie and Abe that she has these pains all the time. He'll take care of it. Abe and Lexie want to take Marlo to the hospital right away. Stefano whispers for Rolf to inject Marlo with some medication that will stop the pains. "Rolfina" insists that there is nothing he can do. Marlo insists that there will be a baby here very soon. Stefano tells Marlo to get up and walk over to the doorway where Rolf is waiting (out of the view of Abe and Lexie) to inject her. Abe is sure that something happened when Marlo was in the foyer and goes to investigate, but Rolf has disappeared. By the time Marlo gets back to the couch, she is weak and tired and falls asleep as soon as she lies down. Abe and Lexie are sure that something is wrong and want to get to the bottom of it. Just then Bo calls Lexie about Hope. Abe tells Stefano that they are going to the hospital because Hope is in labour. Stefano shouts NO! He says that can't be happening. Abe tells Stefano that he has no control over it. When Abe and Lexie have gone, Stefano orders "Rolfina" to give Marlo another injection to start the labour again. Rolf explains that it can be very dangerous to do that ... upon hearing that, Marlo's eyes pop open in fear ... !

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Concerned about her friend, Chloe follows Mimi as she is mistaken for a hooker and then robbed of everything of value in her purse. Chloe finally steps in to try to help but finds Mimi is furious with her for following her. The two end up in a verbal battle that threatens to become violent. When Nicole meets at Tuscany, she's unaware that he taping their conversation. He mentions that he's had this nagging feeling that he's known her from somewhere before. Nicole downplays the idea and quickly changes the subject to business. She offers to invest another two million dollars but insists that half of her investment be taken from her profits. Rex begins to panic and refuses the deal but she vows to take all of her cash back if he doesn't comply. Greta convinces Lucas to allow Will to spend the night with Sami. When he states that he wants to kiss s son goodnight, Greta accompanies him. Sami finds them at her apartment and blasts Lucas for taking their child out into the night. Greta finally straightens Sami out. Rolf injects Marlo with a drug to continue her labor. He then heads to the hospital while Stefano remains behind. Disguised Rolf is almost caught at the hospital. Bo waits for the priest to arrive in time to marry him and Hope before she delivers their baby.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Mimi wakes up in the park, and eats breakfast out of the trash. She then goes home to change for school, saying her mom and brother are counting on her. Later at school, Belle confronts Mimi about her odd behavior. Her home is nothing but boxes filled with stuff, all the furniture is gone. At the station, Roman and Abe try to convince the commissioner to assign an undercover agent at the strip club, but he refuses because the Franco murder case is closed.

At the hospital, John, Marlena, and Alice show up, spoiling Bo and Hope's attempt at a private wedding. Marlena worries about John's odd behavior because he's not looking very happy about Hope giving birth. When Bo finally gets everyone out of the room, the priest shows up, only to end up leaving to give some their last rights. Meanwhile, Stefano shows up with Marlo, and Rolf poses as Marlo's doctor. Lexie learns Marlo is in labor, so she calls Abe, who rushes over to the hospital.

Abe sees Larry and tries to talk to him, but Larry says he doesn't want to talk to Abe, and wheels off. Abe then goes to see Lexie in order to go be with Marlo, who is busy screaming at Rolf to give her drugs. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon discuss the strip club operation over coffee. Roman shows up and tells Sami that the commissioner won't allow an undercover cop at the strip club, but he doesn't want her investigating this on her own. After he leaves, Brandon asks Sami if she wants to abandon their plan, but she says no way.

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Chloe secretly listens as Belle tries to talk with Mimi. Belle confides that she's worried about her friend and finally asks if she's troubled lately because her father recently lost his job. Outraged and embarrassed, Mimi lays into Belle. Jason and Jan start calling her names. Belle tries to stand up for a shaken Mimi but fails. Later, Mimi blames Belle for her problems and claims that she is not a real friend. While waiting at home for good news from the hospital, Stefano picks out a necklace for Lexie, one that features a June birth stone in honor of the baby she is about to adopt. At the hospital Rolf secretly switches the prepared Brady ID bracelet with a replica and then does the same for the Carver ID bracelet. He then heads to Marlo's room and injects ito her I.V. tube a drug that will speed up labor. Hearing her scream out, Lexie and Abe rush in to her room only to find she has flat-lined. With Doug, Julie and Alice in the LDR, Bo is frustrated in trying to get married in private before Hope gives birth. After Doug, Julie and Alice leave, Shawn ushers in the Friar who begins to marry Bo and Hope. Before they finish their vows, Hope begins to deliver her baby.

Friday, June 9, 2000

John is playing patient-doctor with Marlena. He is telling her how much he loves this woman in his life, and he falls in love with her every time he sees her, which frustrates him. Marlena decides to help him relax, and sits on the couch next to him. As they get begin to get intimate, Marlena's beeper goes off. She decides to check it because it could be about Hope. John asks if she has thought about what to get them as a gift? Marlena hasn't thought about it, so he suggests a silver rattle he saw in a shop in Salem Place. Marlena then tells John that she believes the baby can't be Stefano's, because God wouldn't be so cruel. She thinks that perhaps it is best Hope remember the past year, then she'll know who the father is. John asks why, he thought she didn't want Hope to remember. Marlena says she thinks Hope remembering could allow everyone to live happily ever after, but John says that won't happen.

Marlena asks why he says that? John says look at him, all he got from remembering was nightmares and sweats. Marlena realizes John is holding something back about Hope, and she wants to know what it is because their relationship is changing because of it. John remembers an old lesson from Stefano, who told him to believe a lie to be the truth, because that way lies become the truth. John tells Marlena that he just feels that Hope needs to be protected from the truth and the pain. Marlena says she doesn't want Hope to be in pain, but if she was in Hope's place, she would want to know who the father of her child is. John says that as far as Hope knows, Bo is the father, and she has never been happier. John kisses Marlena to change the subject, and says they should concentrate on their love right now. As they get down to business, they get a phone call about the birth of Hope's son.

Brandon and Larry are talking about Abe, and Sami walks up and hears Larry tell Brandon that he made Abe feel like the scum he is. Sami is outraged that Larry made Abe feel like scum, especially today. Brandon asks what is going on today? Sami tells them that he is going to be a father. Sami and Larry then start to argue about the type of man Abe is. Sami says that Abe Carver is a good man. Brandon reminds her that when she was on death row, Abe did not stand up for her. Sami says that he wasn't in Salem when that happened, so she wants to know what is going on. She realizes that Brandon is obsessed with Abe, and she wants to know why.

Brandon says that Abe deserves to be punished what for what he's done, but Sami defends Abe. After Sami leaves, Brandon realizes Sami is getting to Larry. However, Larry assures Brandon that he won't forget what he has done for him. Brandon tells Larry to meet him and Benny at his place tonight for another strategy session. Brandon finds Sami later on to talk to her and try to explain why he is upset with Abe. He tells Sami that Abe has a whole gang of people supporting him, but Larry only has him. Brandon tells Sami that if she can't respect and trust him, then they should forget working together on this undercover investigation. Sami tells him that she never said she didn't trust him, she just wishes he and Abe could work things out. Brandon says that won't happen because what he did to Larry was unforgivable.

In Marlo's room, Rolf gives Marlo an injection, which causes her to flatline. Rolf tells Lexie that the baby is fine, but the mother is not. Lexie goes to work, and manages to bring Marlo back just in time for the baby to be born. Marlo's baby is born, but he isn't crying. Lexie asks if the baby is okay? The baby soon begins to cry, and later the baby is taken to the nursery. Lexie wants to go with the nurse, but Rolf tells her that certainly she has faith in her own hospital system! Rolf convinces Lexie not to go with the baby, but Lexie asks the nurse to bring him back as quickly as she can.

After Abe and Lexie leave, Marlo yells at Rolf for not giving her drugs. Rolf says she was too far along for drugs, and now he must get to the nursery to make sure everything goes as planned. However, Marlo tells the big faker to hold it! Marlo says she wants out of this dump, she wants to relax, and she wants her money!

Hope is ready to push, but she says she can't yet. Bo asks the priest to hurry up and skip ahead to the "I now pronounce you man and wife." part. The priest pronounces them husband and wife only moments before the baby is born. Hope holds her son, and the priest congratulates them and leaves. Hope asks Bo if he would like to hold his son? Bo holds the baby, and Hope is happy to see him holding "their" child.

Celeste and Caroline meet up at the hospital, both celebrate the new babies about to be born. Celeste and Caroline join the Bradys, Hortons, and Williams as they wait for the babies to be born. Caroline says they all must welcome Celeste to their club, because the baby Lexie and Abe are going to adopt is also being born. Later, the doctor gives them the news about Bo and Hope's new son.

The Bradys and Hortons all come in to see Bo, Hope, Shawn, and the new baby. They congratulate them, and then start talking about the wedding. John and Marlena soon show up and congratulate Bo and Hope on the new baby.

Abe and Lexie go out to see Celeste and tell her that they have a sweet little baby boy. Celeste is overjoyed, and then tells Lexie not to worry because she is all packed and ready to move in with them. Abe thanks her for the offer, but says perhaps they should wait and see. Celeste says why wait, they are both very busy people, and she has so much time to give. Lexie thanks her mom, but says she and Abe would like to experience this for a few days on their own. Rolf runs to the nursery to switch the bracelets, but is too late, the nurses are already putting them on the babies!

Bart tells Stefano that it appears the babies might be born at the same time. Stefano tells Bart that they MUST be born at the same time. Stefano says his master plan depends on it, and it will give everyone he wants. He says Lexie will get her child, Hope and Bo will get a child, John and Marlena will continue with their romantic marriage, and nobody will know Hope made love to John. Bart knows Stefano never does something without getting something in return, and he knows he is switching the baby because it could be his own. Stefano tells Bart that he is not as dumb as he appears to be.

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