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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, June 12, 2000

Chloe tells Belle to drop it, but Belle refuses. Belle says that Mimi is falling apart and she needs to know why, so if she knows something, she has to tell her. Chloe tells Belle that she thinks Mimi is doing drugs. Belle is stunned, but says Chloe must be mistaken. Chloe tells Belle what she saw last night, and how Mimi attacked her. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and tells Belle and Chloe about the baby, and Belle hugs Shawn. Chloe feels out of place, so she heads off to see Nancy. Shawn realizes something is bothering Belle, so she tells him about Mimi. Shawn and Belle talk, and Shawn thinks that Mimi is just worried about money, maybe her parents cut her allowance, that is all. HE tells her not to worry, and then heads off. Belle thinks Shawn is right, Mimi doesn't even have money for drugs.

Mimi meets with some hoods in the alley to do business. Mimi gives them some silverware, but they say they can't move it because it has initials on it. However, one of the guys smiles and says maybe they can work something out. Another guy tells her that with her body, she could rake in the money. They say they can set it up for her so she won't even have to hang on the streets. Mimi says she is not that kind of person! One of the guys says nobody is until they are desperate, and that is what she is. Mimi screams that she doesn't need that type of help, and yells at them to get out of here! Mimi thinks the only way out of this situation is to drop out of school and move elsewhere.

In the hospital nursery, the nurses look at the babies in their bassinets and their ID tags. After they leave, the names on the bracelet magically change. Rolf watches this and smiles. The nurses return later and realize that the babies have been put in the wrong bassinets. Rolf watches as the nurses yell at one another, and they agree not to mention this to anyone. The nurses then take the babies to their mothers. A nurse congratulates Lexie on her new baby. Craig shows up and tells Lexie since she achieved motherhood via paperwork he expects her to show up for her regular ER shift tonight. Alice overhears this and is not pleased.

Julie comes into Hope's room, with others, and asks Hope who the baby looks like? Hope says it is kind of hard to tell who he looks like right now. A nurse brings the wrong baby to Hope, and Lexie, who is with Hope, is handed Hope's baby. Hope says her baby has changed, but Lexie says that is normal, they change so much from the time of birth, but Lexie says she'd know her baby anywhere. Alice has arranged for Lexie and Abe to have a room of their own to enjoy their baby in, and they thank her. Lexie leaves with Alice, and Abe thanks Bo for convincing him to adopt this baby. Abe leaves, and Hope nurses "her" baby. The baby doesn't want to take the milk at first, but the nurse pushes him to do so.

Bo goes outside to talk to the family, he tells them that both mother and baby are sleeping. Doug produces some cigars, but says they can't light up until they name the baby. Doug thinks they should name it Doug, since they named their first son Shawn, but Julie reminds him that his name is Shawn Douglas! Suddenly, the baby begins to cry, and Hope worries. Later, Bo and Hope tell Shawn that they are going to stay at the hospital with the baby, and Bo tells Shawn he can stay at the house on his own. Hope says absolutely not, someone could break in! Bo says that he is a man now, and he will stay very close to the phone. Hope agrees to let him stay home alone, but tells him they she will be calling to check up on him!

raig goes to see Nancy and tells her that Lexie have finally gotten her baby. Nancy is thrilled, but Craig is not. Craig says that Lexie has to decide now if she wants to be a mother or a doctor. Nancy asks why she can't be both? Craig says because it can't work, Lexie can hardly handle her job here, how will she cope with the job and a new baby at home? Nancy looks uneasy. Later, Chloe shows up and Craig asks her if anything has changed since the announcement that she is Nancy's daughter. Chloe says there has been no change, nobody has treated her any differently. Chloe asks Nancy if anything is different with her, being a biological mother that is. Nancy says it is wonderful. Chloe then asks Craig if he can ditto that, but he says nothing, and she says she didn't think so. Craig and Chloe exchange smart remarks, and Craig eventually high fives her, and tells Nancy that there is nothing to worry about, she is the same old sarcastic Chloe.

Craig hugs her to call a truce before leaving, and he whispers in her ear to be good to her mother. After he leaves, Nancy tells Chloe she is sorry about that. Chloe asks sorry about what? She says that Craig is a nice guy and he understand her better than anyone else in Salem. Nancy makes a comment about herself, which upsets Chloe. Chloe yells that it is always about her isn't it, how Nancy is hurting. Chloe storms out of the office, and Nancy wonders why she can't bond with Chloe like Craig has.

Rolf goes to see Marlo, who wants to get out of here and drink and smoke. Rolf lectures her about how she could have harmed that poor baby, but fortunately, thanks to God, the baby seems healthy. Marlo says she is just glad she got that brat out of her. Rolf then goes to see Lexie and Abe, who have a VERY healthy baby. Lexie says she was a bit shocked to see the babies name is already Carver. Rolf says the baby is was legally hers the moment it was born. Rolf says he's going to keep Marlo overnight, but since she is a doctor, she can take the baby home tonight if she wants. Lexie and Abe want to, but before leaving, Lexie decides to go thank Marlo. She runs into a nurse, who says that Marlo is a very disturbed woman, she seems to hate her baby! Lexie thinks Marlo is just putting on an act because she is giving up her baby, and the nurse says Lexie must be right. Lexie is still troubled by the nurses comments, so she goes to talk to Marlo.

Chloe walks by Marlo's room and overhears Marlo shouting that she hates her baby and she doesn't want to see it! Chloe goes in and tries to talk to Marlo, but Marlo doesn't want advice from some bastard teenager. Chloe leaves, and runs into Belle. Chloe tells Belle about her conversation with the awful woman. Chloe apologizes for upsetting her about Mimi, but Belle thinks Chloe is wrong about Mimi being on drugs. Chloe tells Belle to believe what she wants, but if she doesn't help Mimi soon, it might be too late.

Lexie goes to see Marlo, but learns she has checked out. Lexie then asks Craig for maternity leave, but he refuses to allow her to have maternity leave. Lexie says she is taking it, so Craig says she is fired. Alice, who overheard everything, tells Craig that she knows this is about Lexie taking Mike's side all those months ago! She says she is still a senior member on the hospital board, and the rules state that adoptive mothers are entitled to maternity leave. She tells Lexie to take her baby and go home, her job will be here when she returns. Craig asks Alice not to mess with his business, but Alice says this hospital is her business, and she may have had a stroke, but she can still walk all over him! She then orders him to approve the leave and apologize to Lexie and Abe.

John shows up at the DiMera mansion to see Stefano. Stefano taunts John and says that Hope's son must resemble him, and Hope must be very happy. John says that he doesn't want anything to destroy Hope's happiness. Stefano says, for example, Hope discovering that he is the father of the baby? Stefano says that he has talked to some scientists who think it is possible to keep Hope from remembering. John tells Stefano that he wants him to permanently erase Hope's memory! Stefano tells John to be patient, these things take time. John wants Stefano's guarantee that Hope will never remember making love to him. Stefano says everything will be fine, as long as he keeps his wife out of their business! Later, Rolf and Marlo show up, and John thinks Rolf looks familiar. Stefano says he is the doctor who delivered LExie and Abe's baby, he probably saw him at the hospital. He then shoos John out, claiming he has to take care of his cousin now. Rolf tells Stefano that the switch went perfectly, and the chemical compound he put on the bracelets reacted perfectly with their body heat, which caused the names to switch.

John returns to the hospital and is urged to go in and see the baby, but he says that Bo and Hope probably need some time alone with the baby. John wonders to himself if that baby could be his son.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

At Brady's Pub, Chloe and Shawn were studying for their trig exam. He thanked her for agreeing to study with him. She assured him she was happy to do it then congratulated him saying it was understandable why he had missed school. "It's not every day you become a big brother." she told him. Belle approached the pub then dropped the stack of books she was carrying. Philip came upon her and helped her pick up her school work. He asked her why she was there. She explained because Shawn wasn't at school she had decided to bring him the lesson he had missed and offer to be his study partner. "Looks the position has already been filled." Philip said as they both spied Shawn and Chloe through the restaurant window. Belle seemed uncomfortable while watching them. Inside, Caroline approached the booth the teens were studying at then asked Chloe if her grandson was going to ace his test. Chloe assured her he would pass with flying colors. Caroline was pleased then handed Chloe a newspaper article regarding the Metropolitan Opera saying she thought it would interest her. Chloe thanked her for her thoughtfulness then went on to explain how singing at the Met had been something she'd dreamed about for as long as she could remember. She told them about the free summer concerts sponsored by the Met that she would attend if she lived in New York. When she realized she was rambling on and on she apologized for talking their ears off. Caroline said she had faith Chloe's dream would become a reality then told her she would be proud to say she knew her when she was studying at the pub with her grandson. Chloe thanked Caroline who asked if they were hungry. They both said they were. When she left them alone Chloe suggested they go over their studies one more time. Instead, Shawn grabbed her hand telling her he would rather hear more about her dreams. He said she was like a "mystery person who I want to get to know better." Although she seemed a bit nervous about his compliment she thanked him kindly. He commented their sophomore year was nearly over and soon the Last Blast would be upon them. When he asked her who she was going with she sarcastically told him her phone had been ringing off the hook and boys were lined up at her door but she was still undecided about going. "What is wrong with you, Chloe?" he asked. He asked her why she was always criticizing herself then suggested she give herself more credit as she's one of the most interesting people he knows. His compliment again made her uncomfortable. Meanwhile, as Belle and Philip continued to watch what was going on inside Belle commented "I wonder why Chloe didn't tell me she was studying with Shawn tonight." "Why would she? Oh, I forgot, the two of you have been joined at the hip lately. Why?" Philip asked. Belle explained the reason she's been hanging around Chloe was "Because I like her. And you would too, Philip, if you gave her half a chance." He said he'd tried to be nice to Chloe after she saved his life but she had rebuffed him. Belle reminded him he'd done enough to cause the animosity between himself and Chloe then said she was the one who had to tell him to be nice to Chloe after he had recovered from the accident. He said he didn't want to argue with her about "ghoul girl" then mentioned the Last Blast was coming up. He suggested the possibility of Shawn and Chloe attending the dance together. Belle said nothing until he said something about Shawn having no other choice than taking Chloe then asked him to explain himself. He gave her a lame excuse which she accepted then asked him who he was taking to the dance. He said he didn't know but planned to make sure the Last Blast was a night to remember. As they continued to watch Shawn and Chloe Belle was obviously unsettled by the sight of them enjoying each other's company. "You sure those two aren't studying chemistry?" Philip asked which only upset Belle more. At their booth, Shawn and Chloe were interrupted by Caroline again who had returned with their food. "A bacon cheeseburger for you..." she said as she put a plate in front of Shawn "and a Veggie Burger for you." she told Chloe who thanked her for remembering. Shawn thanked his grandmother for the food. "This one's on the house." she said. "Oh no, I couldn't" Chloe replied. Caroline told her if she and Shawn would do another duet as they had done at his birthday party it would be repayment enough. "Now?" asked Chloe. When Shawn agreed now was as good a time as any he and Chloe walked over to the piano where he played while she sang. When they finished they were given a round of applause by the restaurant patrons then hugged happily. "Well, aren't they cozy..." Philip commented. Belle said she was surprised Chloe would get up and sing again after being so embarrassed when she did it at Shawn's birthday party. "Maybe you don't know your new friend as well as you thought you did." Philip suggested. She quickly grabbed her school books then said "Walk me home Philip." He asked her what the hurry was and why she had decided not to go inside. She said she didn't want to interrupt then walked away. Philip smiled smugly while following her.

While walking the docks of Salem, Sami was talking to Will on her cell phone. She said goodnight then promised she would call him again before he left for school in the morning. Before hanging up she told him she loved him very much. To herself she vowed to soon be reunited with her son on a permanent basis. She commented after she and Brandon were finished at the strip club tonight they would surely have enough evidence to prove Lucas unfit which meant she would regain full custody of their son. When she arrived at Brandon's apartment she overheard him talking to Larry and Benny about Abe as they had been discussing Larry's lawsuit against him. Brandon told Benny about Abe upsetting Larry when they saw each other at the hospital. He said because Nurse Brenda had witnessed the confrontation it would surely benefit the case to which Benny agreed. The were interrupted by Sami's knock on the door. Brandon greeted her then invited her in when she reminded him they had agreed to meet there. She said hello to Brandon's guests then after telling them she heard them talking asked why they were talking about Abe. Benny and Larry quickly excused themselves then made a hasty retreat. As the two men were leaving Brandon's building they were greeted by Faye who was just arriving. She immediately recognized Benny saying she had seen his picture in the newspaper. She remembered he was the lawyer Brandon had hired for his case against Abe. She told him she didn't want him encouraging her son to continue his vendetta against Abe then went on to say Abe was a good and decent man who didn't deserve the treatment he'd been getting from Benny. When she walked away Larry asked "What was that all about?" "I don't know but I intend to find out." Benny replied. Back in Brandon's apartment, Sami asked him why it sounded like he and his 2 guests were plotting against her "Uncle Abe." He avoided the question reminding her the reason she was there was to get her son back not discuss Abe. They were interrupted by Faye's knock. Brandon was surprised to see his mother who saw Sami then commented "I've come at a bad time..." She told him she would come back in he morning. Sami assured her that her timing was fine and asked her to stay while Brandon seemed uncomfortable. "Brandon, invite your mother in!" Sami said. When Faye entered Sami reminded her they had already met at the Kiriakis mansion. Faye said she remembered as the two of them shook hands. Brandon asked them if they would like something to drink to which they both agreed some iced tea would be nice. When they were alone Sami commented she was glad Faye was there as she was probably the only person who could answer a question that had her puzzled. Faye said if she knew the answer to the question she would be happy to help clear Sami's confusion. "Why does Brandon hate Abe Carver so much?" Sami asked which stunned Faye who said nothing.

At the hospital, Bo and Hope were with the baby. Hope was trying to calm him down as he was very fussy. She tried to breastfeed with no success. A nurse entered and tried to help Hope relax. Hope told her she was worried the baby wasn't getting enough to eat which was causing him to be irritable. The nurse reminded Hope she hadn't had a baby in 16 years then assured her once the two of them adjusted to this new situation everything would be fine. She offered to take the baby to the nursery to try to calm him down then suggested Hope get some rest. When they were alone Hope was still nervous while telling Bo she couldn't shake the feeling something was "really wrong" with the baby. He quieted her fears saying this was an adjustment for everyone involved but promised everything would be okay once things settled down. She still didn't seem completely convinced but agreed to take the nurse's advice and get some rest. He stayed with her until she fell asleep then went into the hall to speak with Dr. Bader. He asked her to be honest and tell him if there was something wrong with the baby. She admitted the baby had lost more weight then she would have liked since his birth but assured Bo once he adjusted to his new diet he'd be fine. Bo explained he had tried to convince Hope that was how it was but admitted he was worried. Dr. Bader again told him everything would be okay. Meanwhile, in the nursery the nurse was still unable to settle the baby down. She told another nurse she disagreed with Dr. Bader's diagnosis. She said she didn't think his diet was the problem then commented she thought their was something else wrong with the baby.

At the Carver's, Abe and Lexie arrived home with their new baby. They were elated about being parents. After changing and feeding him they took him to the nursery to lay him down. When they entered the room they were stunned by all the work her mother had done to make sure everything was perfect for the baby's homecoming. "She thought of everything!" Lexie commented while Abe was equally impressed with Celeste's attention to detail. Lexie told Abe she's very grateful her father connected them to Marlo who had given them this wonderful gift...a son for them to love. Abe said Marlo's unpredictable behavior still had him puzzled and he wondered what Stefano could possibly want from them in return for helping them become parents. Lexie agreed Marlo was a bit strange but was upset because Abe's still suspicious of her father's motives. She said her father had no agenda regarding his relationship with them and was only trying to help. She proclaimed her father would never do anything to hurt her. Although he disagreed about Stefano he said he didn't want to argue with her or spoil their happiness. She agreed saying she accepted his apology. "I can never stay mad at you." she told him. Together they gazed at the sleeping newborn then Lexie asked her husband if he had thought of any names for their son. When he said he hadn't she told him because she considered their son a miracle it brought to mind the story of Jerusalem. Abe said he remembered the story and agreed the name Isaac would be perfect. Lexie smiled happily saying "I was thinking...Isaac Theo." "After my brother?" he asked excitedly. When she nodded and smiled warmly he was thrilled. "Welcome to the world Isaac Theo Carver." he said. "Oh yeah!" Lexie replied just before the doorbell rang. She asked Abe to hurry and answer it before it rang again so as not to wake the baby. He hurried downstairs then greeted Celeste warmly after opening the door. When he invited her in she had a suitcase in each hand then asked him to get the others for her. He was stunned then asked her what the suitcases were for. She explained she knew a newborn was a lot of work so she was there to help. Lexie joined them in the living room and asked her mother what she was doing there. "She's moving in!" Abe told Lexie who was baffled. They heard the baby crying which is why Celeste ordered Abe into the kitchen to make formula then insisted Lexie take her to the nursery so together they could settle the baby down. After he fell back asleep they returned to the living room where Lexie thanked her mother for her help then gently said she was capable of taking care of the baby on her own. "I wasn't there for you, Alexandra, when you were a baby. I will be here for my grandson...that's why I'm here!" Celeste said. Lexie was excited about her mother's generosity then thanked her with a hug and Celeste was pleased.

At Stefano's, he and Rolf watched Marlo as she ate. Stefano was disgusted by her obnoxious eating habits and told Rolf she'd become quite a nuisance. When he approached her she told him to stay away from her food and leave her alone. He insisted she behave in a proper manner. She said she was done taking orders from him telling him "I'm calling the shots now." which infuriated him. She ordered him to pay her the money she was owed. He was angry when he told her to be patient and behave then stormed off. In the next room, he told Rolf to control her as she's a "ticking time bomb ready to explode." He grabbed a gift on a nearby table then said he was going to visit his daughter. He slammed the door behind him due to his frustration over Marlo.

When he arrived at the Carver's, Abe let him in where Lexie embraced him warmly. He congratulated his daughter then greeted Celeste sincerely. He handed Lexie a gift then congratulated Abe who thanked Stefano then shook his hand warily. Stefano insisted Lexie open her gift and she was stunned by the beautiful necklace inside. He explained the significance if the stone as being June's birthstone. June being the birth month of Lexie's son with "Alexandrite" being the birthstone for June. Lexie was amazed and thanked him wholeheartedly. Celeste commented about the necklace being a part of a very expensive collection. "Only the best for my daughter." he replied. He asked if he could go see his new grandson but Celeste stopped him saying the baby was already asleep. Lexie agreed then asked him if he would come back in the morning. It was obvious he was reluctant as she showed him to the door but he agreed the morning would be better. Outside he vowed he would find out if he's the baby's father. "They will not keep me from him!" he said.

Back at Stefano's, Rolf was terrified of Stefano's threats and vowed to settle her down. He was approached by the maid who told him "that woman is out of her mind!" She explained Marlo had ordered her to go to the store for "some more cheese wedgies." Rolf approached Marlo and suggested she not be so obnoxious. He warned her making Stefano angry was not a good idea. She said she didn't care how angry he got because she was holding all the cards now. She told him she knew exactly what he and Stefano were up to. He was flabbergasted then feigned innocence saying he didn't know what she was talking about. "Does the word switcheroo ring a bell?" she asked. When he didn't respond she said she knew he'd switched her baby with "that Hope lady's baby." She told him she wouldn't hesitate to tell whoever would listen if it meant more money. She insisted it was all about the "Ben Franklin's" "I could sell the story to Hollywood...maybe star in it." she said. He told her she should go to her room and calm down before doing something she would later regret. She said the only place she was going was "out!" He reminded her the consequences would be dire if she "crossed" Stefano. She insisted he tell the limo driver to pull around to the front of the house then said she was going to freshen up before going out to party. Before starting up the stairs she said when she came back down she expected him to have some money for her. "And keep it coming!" she ordered. He was obviously agitated when he quickly followed her up the stairs. He again told her she was making a mistake if she decided to betray Stefano. She disagreed saying he was the one who had "mistake" written all over him. She told him because he'd agreed to follow Stefano's orders he was nothing but a "A1 First Class World Champion Chump!" while jabbing his chest with her finger. He grabbed her shoulder. "Hey! What are you doing?!" she yelled before falling down the stairs and landing in a heap at the bottom. Outside the front door Stefano was about to re-enter the mansion.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Still wondering about Chloe and Shawn, Belle calls Chloe and sheepishly admits that she saw her from outside the Pub. Chloe reveals that she was uncomfortable and would have enjoyed her company. As they talk, Chloe senses that Belle is jealous but the two manage to work past their problem and discuss going to the dance in a group. Benny reveals to Brandon what Faye told him and asks for more dirt on Abe to help their case. Meanwhile, Faye points out to Sami that Brandon is angry with Abe for the way he handled the boxing match and when he arrested him. As Faye talks about the past and her hopes for her children, she remembers Abe comforting her with a kiss and promising to always be there for her. With Isaac asleep, Lexie asks Abe to promise that Stefano will always be a part of their son's life. Abe agrees to try. Lexie slips out and decides to thank Marlo. Stefano hears Marlo scream as she falls down the stairs. He rushes to the stairs and watches as Rolf finds a pulse and then breaks his niece's neck, killing her. Rolf defends his actions and claims that Marlo was going to tell everything. He also reveals that he's killed before to help Stefano. Bart urges Stefano to let him get rid of Rolf for him but Stefano orders him to help Rolf get rid of Marlo's lifeless body.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Finding his mother crying, Brandon demands to know what Sami did to upset Faye. Sami explains the emotional discussion and is impressed with how protective Brandon is. Faye later advises Brandon that she thinks Sami's attracted to him. Sami dons her undercover outfit and becomes Lola while Brandon keeps his name after putting on his "pimp" outfit. Hiding her face, Faye stops by the police station to see Abe but he's not there. The nurses inform Bo that the baby is upset and needs more nourishment more often. When they bring the infant to Hope, the baby refuses to eat until after much effort on Hope's part. Alice worries about the baby. Celeste advises Abe that it will have to be Lexie on her own discovering the truth about Stefano. Then two are amazed to find the baby sleeping soundly as Abe remembers that Marlo drank during her pregnancy. Finding Marlo on the floor, Lexie anxiously tries to save her life but realizes she's already dead. Stefano spins a story that makes little sense but Lexie falls for it. Once Rolf and Bart get rid of the body, Lexie is surprised but Stefano asks her what she's talking about.

Friday, June 9, 2000

John is playing patient-doctor with Marlena. He is telling her how much he loves this woman in his life, and he falls in love with her every time he sees her, which frustrates him. Marlena decides to help him relax, and sits on the couch next to him. As they get begin to get intimate, Marlena's beeper goes off. She decides to check it because it could be about Hope. John asks if she has thought about what to get them as a gift? Marlena hasn't thought about it, so he suggests a silver rattle he saw in a shop in Salem Place. Marlena then tells John that she believes the baby can't be Stefano's, because God wouldn't be so cruel. She thinks that perhaps it is best Hope remember the past year, then she'll know who the father is. John asks why, he thought she didn't want Hope to remember. Marlena says she thinks Hope remembering could allow everyone to live happily ever after, but John says that won't happen.

Marlena asks why he says that? John says look at him, all he got from remembering was nightmares and sweats. Marlena realizes John is holding something back about Hope, and she wants to know what it is because their relationship is changing because of it. John remembers an old lesson from Stefano, who told him to believe a lie to be the truth, because that way lies become the truth. John tells Marlena that he just feels that Hope needs to be protected from the truth and the pain. Marlena says she doesn't want Hope to be in pain, but if she was in Hope's place, she would want to know who the father of her child is. John says that as far as Hope knows, Bo is the father, and she has never been happier. John kisses Marlena to change the subject, and says they should concentrate on their love right now. As they get down to business, they get a phone call about the birth of Hope's son.

Brandon and Larry are talking about Abe, and Sami walks up and hears Larry tell Brandon that he made Abe feel like the scum he is. Sami is outraged that Larry made Abe feel like scum, especially today. Brandon asks what is going on today? Sami tells them that he is going to be a father. Sami and Larry then start to argue about the type of man Abe is. Sami says that Abe Carver is a good man. Brandon reminds her that when she was on death row, Abe did not stand up for her. Sami says that he wasn't in Salem when that happened, so she wants to know what is going on. She realizes that Brandon is obsessed with Abe, and she wants to know why.

Brandon says that Abe deserves to be punished what for what he's done, but Sami defends Abe. After Sami leaves, Brandon realizes Sami is getting to Larry. However, Larry assures Brandon that he won't forget what he has done for him. Brandon tells Larry to meet him and Benny at his place tonight for another strategy session. Brandon finds Sami later on to talk to her and try to explain why he is upset with Abe. He tells Sami that Abe has a whole gang of people supporting him, but Larry only has him. Brandon tells Sami that if she can't respect and trust him, then they should forget working together on this undercover investigation. Sami tells him that she never said she didn't trust him, she just wishes he and Abe could work things out. Brandon says that won't happen because what he did to Larry was unforgivable.

In Marlo's room, Rolf gives Marlo an injection, which causes her to flatline. Rolf tells Lexie that the baby is fine, but the mother is not. Lexie goes to work, and manages to bring Marlo back just in time for the baby to be born. Marlo's baby is born, but he isn't crying. Lexie asks if the baby is okay? The baby soon begins to cry, and later the baby is taken to the nursery. Lexie wants to go with the nurse, but Rolf tells her that certainly she has faith in her own hospital system! Rolf convinces Lexie not to go with the baby, but Lexie asks the nurse to bring him back as quickly as she can.

After Abe and Lexie leave, Marlo yells at Rolf for not giving her drugs. Rolf says she was too far along for drugs, and now he must get to the nursery to make sure everything goes as planned. However, Marlo tells the big faker to hold it! Marlo says she wants out of this dump, she wants to relax, and she wants her money!

Hope is ready to push, but she says she can't yet. Bo asks the priest to hurry up and skip ahead to the "I now pronounce you man and wife." part. The priest pronounces them husband and wife only moments before the baby is born. Hope holds her son, and the priest congratulates them and leaves. Hope asks Bo if he would like to hold his son? Bo holds the baby, and Hope is happy to see him holding "their" child.

Celeste and Caroline meet up at the hospital, both celebrate the new babies about to be born. Celeste and Caroline join the Bradys, Hortons, and Williams as they wait for the babies to be born. Caroline says they all must welcome Celeste to their club, because the baby Lexie and Abe are going to adopt is also being born. Later, the doctor gives them the news about Bo and Hope's new son.

The Bradys and Hortons all come in to see Bo, Hope, Shawn, and the new baby. They congratulate them, and then start talking about the wedding. John and Marlena soon show up and congratulate Bo and Hope on the new baby.

Abe and Lexie go out to see Celeste and tell her that they have a sweet little baby boy. Celeste is overjoyed, and then tells Lexie not to worry because she is all packed and ready to move in with them. Abe thanks her for the offer, but says perhaps they should wait and see. Celeste says why wait, they are both very busy people, and she has so much time to give. Lexie thanks her mom, but says she and Abe would like to experience this for a few days on their own. Rolf runs to the nursery to switch the bracelets, but is too late, the nurses are already putting them on the babies!

Bart tells Stefano that it appears the babies might be born at the same time. Stefano tells Bart that they MUST be born at the same time. Stefano says his master plan depends on it, and it will give everyone he wants. He says Lexie will get her child, Hope and Bo will get a child, John and Marlena will continue with their romantic marriage, and nobody will know Hope made love to John. Bart knows Stefano never does something without getting something in return, and he knows he is switching the baby because it could be his own. Stefano tells Bart that he is not as dumb as he appears to be.



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