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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Craig and Nancy are in his office and continue to verbally bash Alice Horton. He is eating a banana and Nancy gets an idea...banana peel at the top of the stairs! She says a stroke didn't do it, maybe a nasty fall will take care of the "old doll." They decide it wouldn't work...Alice takes the elevator and besides, she would probably just get up, dust herself off and whack them with her broomstick. They decide they will have to come up with another plan. Meanwhile, Alice is chatting with Mrs. Winston about Craig. She wants him out of there...NOW! Mrs. Winston respects her and Tom's work with the hospital, but the board is happy with Craig's work. Alice feels patronized and just wishes that Mike would return to Salem. Brenda is eavesdropping and runs straight to Craig, but he gets paged and doesn't get her update.

The gang arrives at the hospital with Conner. There are some problems with insurance until Belle explains who her mom and dad are. Conner is taken to be examined as Shawn and Belle question Mimi about drugs again. She gets mad and rushes off. She finally explains everything that has happened and begs them not to tell. She realizes that Chloe knows, but Belle assures her she won't tell. She goes to be with her mom and Belle comes up with a plan. She tells Shawn about her idea with Habitat for Humanity and he laughs at the thought of her climbing a ladder with a hammer. He finally comes around and agrees it is a good idea. They see Alice and tell her about what is going on (and she tells Shawn about his mom and dad bringing the baby in earlier).

Belle calls the Habitat for Humanity organization for details (at this time of night???...yea, right), but finds out there is a problem. In the ER, Craig examines Conner and releases him. He and Nancy find out about the plight of the Lockharts and Mimi says that Nancy is probably happy about their misfortune. She tells Nancy not to worry about her...she should be concerned about her daughter. Nancy wonders where Chloe is and becomes upset. As the Lockharts leave, Alice wants to help and offers Mrs. Lockhart some money for the night, which she accepts reluctantly and gratefully. Alice says that they are going to figure out something to help them. Brenda finally gets Craig alone to give him her update, as Nancy rushes off to find Chloe.

At the school, Chloe and Philip continue their conversation. Jan and Jason are listening and begin to panic that Philip will tell all. Chloe and Philip have a really sweet talk as she admits to him it was her first date and he tells her that he had a great time, despite everything that happened. Jan breaks it up by chanting "ghoul girl...ghoul girl..." Phil tells her to shut her face and he and Jason get into a brawl. They fight for a good while and Jason warns him not to tell. Philip tells him to take his 2-faced girlfriend and get out of there and they leave. Chloe is impressed that someone defended her honor. Philip says since it was her first about another first and leans in to kiss her. She pulls back, confused. They talk some more and he goes to kiss her again. This time, Nancy rushes in and stops them, telling Chloe she is going home...NOW.

Eric and Nicole meet in the park. She tells him that even though she lied to him about a lot of things, one thing is true...she has always loved him. Eric isn't in the mood to hear this, but she tells him that she has important news for him. She starts to explain about her past, but he interrupts, telling her that he knows. She tells him that she had an HIV test and it was negative. He tells her that he has been scared ever since he found out about the movie. She goes on to tell him that he is okay, but she will pay for her sins. He tries to get her to talk about how she got into it, but she doesn't tell him anything. She tells him that he is a good guy to still care, but the best thing he can do is to forget about her and that she ever existed. With that, she turns and leaves. After she is gone, Eric is more determined than ever to get to the truth. He says that if his dad won't help him, he will just have to do it on his own. Earlier, Victor had called Rex and told him to get Nicole's last million ASAP. Anyway, on her way home, Nicole runs into Rex, who has a copy of the video. He wants to talk and they end up at the Blue Note.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Lucas are at it again lamenting their troubles. Victor walks in and tells them to get their priorities straight. Sami is working against them and they must stop her. Victor has hired a PI and found out that someone is snooping around at the strip club asking questions, about that Angela chick and is sure that Sami is involved somehow. He also knows that Roman was there snooping but the police department turned down his request to reopen the case. He tells Lucas to find out if Sami is planning any trips (to track down Angela). Meanwhile at the Blue Note, Rex works Nicole for the million dollars. He lies and tells her that her 5 mil has already made 25 and wants the last return for the tape.

She finally caves and writes him a check. He tells her that he has fallen in love with her and wants her to run away with him when this is all over. She tells him in his dreams and leaves. He calls Victor and tells him the news and he whispers to Kate that Nicole is taken care on to Sami. Meanwhile, Sami is home packing her suitcase, plotting her revenge against Kate and Lucas. She hates that she lied to Austin, but will do anything to get Will back. Lucas calls and offers to let her have Will for the weekend. She turns him down, explaining that she is working extra shifts at the hospital, but Lucas smells a rat. He gets off the phone and Victor is suspicious as well. He tells Kate and Lucas that they are to snoop around and find out if Sami is taking any time off and that he has a fool proof plan. As she finishes packing, Sami says that she can't wait to get Kate and Lucas where she wants them...on death row. She will look them in the eyes and say "GOTCHA"!

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

by NBC

Greta's surprised when Austin shows at her door rather than Eric. He confides that he's concerned about Sami because he fears that she might have reverted to her old scheming ways, thanks to losing Will. She compares his worries with hers for Eric who she fears is still involved with Nicole. Chloe blasts her mother for ruining her evening but Nancy claims that she's not ready to be physical with Philip. Nancy's proud when Chloe reveals that she and Philip were named Queen and King of the dance. Hearing that her date called her beautiful, Nancy warns her not to believe everything Philip says which sends an upset Chloe running upstairs. Victor questions Nicole about her family and listens as she describes her odd relationship with her father. Eric breaks into the porno producer's office in hopes of getting his hands on the out takes from Nicole's video. A security guard sends him running home where he finds Sami has packed her suitcases. He quickly puts the video he found into his VCR and watches as the director instructs Nicole. Nicole's father Paul then calms her down with an injection so she'll do the scene.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Nancy fumes as she watches Craig and Chloe continue to bond. After Chloe leaves, Craig complains about Alice at the hospital but Nancy suggests that it's there fault for not getting involved in a charity or public problem. She insists that if they offer to let Mimi and her family stay with them, she knows Mimi would refuse but they would still get the public adulation for making the offer. Shawn is suspicious of Philip's offer of help as he meets with Belle to talk with the people at Habitat for Humanity. Chloe joins them as they learn what's required before they can start on a home. First, they'll have to make sure Mimi's father gets a job. Meanwhile, when Mimi complains about her friends finding out about their living situation, her mother insists that they accept the help that's been offered. Alice stops by and lets Mimi know that Belle and Shawn have a plan to help. Coughing badly, Sami explains her packed suitcases to Austin by claiming she's going to Chicago for a few days. He vows to stop her but she argues she's doing this to help get Will back. Lucas is unhappy to learn Nicole left with Eric. Eric takes Nicole to his place and shows her the video in which her father injects her.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Abe's upset when Stefano arrives for a visit with his grandson. After a hang-up or two, Abe answers the phone and hears a familiar voice identify herself as Faye Mendez. He agrees to talk with her at the office but then explains that he can't get away to meet her just now. Upstairs alone with Isaac, Stefano tries to get a sample to have his DNA tested but Lexie interrupts. She leaks that Bo and Hope named their baby John. Sami lectures Austin about her desire to regain custody of Will and assures him that she'll see him in a few days. He surprises her with a passionate kiss and asks her to remember that he loves her. Brandon advises his mother about Nicole's tests and she promises to talk with Nicole. She then warns him to back off the lawsuit against Abe or else he'll get hurt when it's all over. Hiding Nicole in the bathroom, Eric lies to Lucas and then Greta that Nicole is not there. Over coffee at the Java Cafe, Greta tries to comfort a worried Nicole but bears the brunt of his angry comments about women. He later apologizes to her. Nicole explains to Eric that her father won't get out of prison if anyone finds out what he forced her to do. She later leaks that Kate paid her five million dollars to marry Lucas. Greta spots them together.

Friday, July 21, 2000

by Gist

Chloe's thrilled when Philip stops by. Craig warns him that he better not have had anything to do with the prank pulled at the dance and then struggles to keep Nancy away so the kids can have some time together. Belle and Shawn bring Dawn from Habitat for Humanity to meet Maureen and Mimi about the new house. Shawn then brings Mimi's dad Dave in as another surprise. Victor meets with Kate and Lucas at Titan and explains that he's hired someone to follow Sami. When Victor brings up her relationship with Nicholas, Lucas reminds Victor that Kate caught him in bed with Vivian. Victor offers to take Kate to Italy to figure out their future and asks that Lucas bring Will but not Nicole. Nicole runs from Eric at Salem Place and is almost hit by Brandon's speeding car. Brandon and Sami continue to their airport where they both realize that someone is following them. They wonder who could be watching them. At Eric's place, Nicole compliments Lucas as a father. She's relieved when her doctor calls to report she does not have cancer, just a treatable liver ailment. However, she leads Eric to believe that she is dying and asks him to make love to her one last time.



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