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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 7, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, August 7, 2000

Belle waited while Chloe got dolled up to meet Shawn at the Brady Pub. When they arrived and found Philip there too, Chloe vowed to make him pay for canceling their date even though he apologized.

It was John who took Baby John from the front porch without Hope's knowledge, to try to get a DNA sample. When confronted by Bo and the barrel of his gun, John made up a story about the baby crying and he took him in an effort to comfort him without thinking about the consequences. Hope then told Doug, Julie and John that the baby has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and John immediately said he would find the best doctors in the world to treat him, a suggestion that Bo turned down, saying that Dr. Maxwell is tops in his field. Doug and Julie said they would stay in Salem for as long as Hope wanted them to offer all their hope and support. John told Bo that he is having visions and although he can't see the face of the person giving him orders, he knows the voice is Stefano's. He said that he doubts that all of the visions he is having really happened. In the wake of this, John advised Bo to lay off Stefano.

Rolf returned from his vacation in the Cayman Islands and promised to get a DNA sample from Isaac as soon as possible. He started a plan to kidnap Isaac even though Stefano told him not to.

Fayearrived at the police station to talk to Abe about Brandon, but fled when she saw that Lexie and Isaac were also there. Upon learning she had come and gone, Lexie got very nervous and insisted to Abe that they use their home security system and keep their doors locked at all times. Fayedecided to wait for Abe in her car, hoping that Lexie and the baby would not come out of the station with him.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

Due to mechanical problems, the Kiriakis jet won't be able to take off as scheduled. Kate takes a little time out to drag Lucas out of Victor's earshot so she can get in a few shots at Nicole, then have a little gal-fest about whose love life is worst. When Lucas' comments don't sit well with Kate, she moves to strike...but he stops her. She admits that being alone with Victor might jump start the relationship, but when she offers Lucas some romantic advice, he doesn't listen. He loves Nicole -- no way she'd run off with Eric! Inside, Nicole is making a phone call, begging for a chance to talk -- the mystery person on the other end finally agrees. Victor has been eavesdropping on her conversation, and calls her on her cattiness. After a few traded barbs, the conversation takes a distinctly sexual turn when Nicole starts flashing compliments at Victor, who is merely amused, before heading off. Suddenly Kate appears, telling him that the plane is ready. Victor's fishing for compliments, but it's Nicole that catches the bait on her way back through the room, giving her 'tiger' a kiss before she leaves, brushing Lucas off on her way out. Before heading off, Lucas, Kate, and Victor toast to Sami's imminent demise. Lucas accompanies the two to the airport, to get a few last minute instructions. Victor assures Kate that they will defeat Sami, no matter what they have to do.

At the hospital, Roman relates to Marlena the tale of Eric's leaving town, and she's surprised that he didn't say goodbye before he left. (Like she would have even noticed?) They trade guilt sessions about not being around when their children needed them, but what the heck -- what's done is done. Roman still feels like it's his fault -- he didn't support Eric, and they even fought before he left. Their conversation pretty much dies when Chloe and Belle (who is there to pick up her timetable) stop by. They jet, and Roman says he was just trying to make sure that Eric never felt as he did when Marlena left him. She reminds him that they still have their kids, and Roman says that's not enough, then heads out. Nicole is at Salem Place, and it turns out her phone conversation was with Roman Brady. The discuss her past with Eric, and she wants to know if he, like Eric, will give her a second chance. She says she can get him something -- full custody for Sami without Lucas having any! say in his son's life. Roman wants to know how, but all Nicole wants to know is, if she gets Will back for Eric, will he forgive her? She says she'll be with Eric no matter what, but she would like his blessing. The two almost end up in blows (prompting a concerned shopper to interject). They finally reach an agreement -- once Sami has full custody of Will, Roman will not stand in her way. To herself, Nicole reiterates her plan to get Lucas drunk.

Craig and Nancy continue to clog their veins with caffeine at the hospital. Craig wants to know what's up with Nancy, and she admits that she doesn't know how to reach Chloe. Craig's not too interested -- he's got a hospital to run. He tells her that if she'd calm down with Chloe, they'd get along better -- just like he and Chloe do. Belle and Chloe are at the hospital, talking about their plans for Mimi's family, when Chloe suddenly comes right out and accuses Belle of thinking she's a witch -- luckily Belle is saved by Nancy's appearance. They say howdy, but Chloe high-tails it out of there. Nancy is left with Marlena there looking in on her. She tells Marlena all about her problems, with Chloe, with the Lockharts...she feels like she and Chloe are competing for Craig's attention, with Chloe doing her best to get Craig on her side, but Nancy isn't going to stand for that anymore. She's tired of doing all the work in their relationship. Marlena tells Nancy she needs to calm down, and maybe see someone. Nancy says she'll think about it. Chloe and Belle see Craig give a nurse a lecture about worrying about her personal life rather than the welfare of her patients. They joke about his dictatorial tendencies (refering to him as Zeus), which Craig likes, joking that he should ask Nancy about a new name tag. Chloe scoffs that she'll never go for it if she knows it's her idea. Craig tells her to give Nancy a chance, and she agrees to get hi to go away. Chloe says she wishes Craig were the parent instead of Nancy. Belle says she should give Nancy a break, but Chloe says that if Nancy doesn't give HER a break, she'll regret ever having found her.

John visits Stefano, looking for information about his feud with the Bradys -- all he learns is that the feud started when Bo was just a child, and that it's apparently Shawn he hates. John realizes something else -- he's becoming Stefano's puppet. They talk about the paternity of Hope's baby, and about removing the chip from Hope's brain, and it's consequences. Stefano reminds John that learning what he did with Hope on the sub will destroy the Brady's. John thinks this is the only way out, and storms off.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

In Salem Place, Belle is walking along drinking some bottled water when Shawn sneaks up behind her and pours his water on her. The two then get into a bottled water fight. After they finish, Shawn tells her that he has a surprise for her, which requires her to be blindfolded. Belle wonders where he is taking her, and tries to guess, but she's not even close. Shawn takes her to the Java Cafe and feeds her ice cream. Later, Shawn walks her through the woods and finally takes the blindfold off. She looks around and asks where in the heck they are? Shawn says this is the lot where they are going to build Mimi's house. Belle looks around and says this place is kinda creepy. Shawn says they used to call it Salem's Lot. Belle tells Shawn to stop making this into a Blair Witch sequel, she's more worried about Mimi and CHloe working together than ghosts. When Belle talks about her mom going to Africa and taking care of all the sick little kids, Shawn becomes depressed. Belle asks him what is wrong? Shawn tells Belle that he's worried about his brother, who has fetal alcohol syndrome thanks to his mom drinking all the time when she was the screwed up Gina. Belle comforts Shawn and tells him no matter what happens he is still his little brother and he will still love him just as much. Suddenly, a weird chilly wind blows through the lot, and Shawn teases that it is the spirits of witches come back to get them. When a creature howls, Belle jumps into Shawn's arms. Belle says that sounded like a werewolf, but Shawn says it was just a stray collie. Belle tells him to forget this ever happened. They start teasing one another again, and the weird wind continues to blow.

Stefano is looking at a picture of Isaac and is wondering if he is his son. Stefano says if he is, the whole world will be his. Bart shows up and tells Stefano that nobody has seen Dr. Frankenstein (Rolf) since last night, this time he has done a real vanishing act. Stefano hopes Rolf doesn't disobey his orders, and tells Bart about Rolf's "brilliant" plan to kidnap Isaac. Bart says that Rolf was talking a lot about genetic engineering and getting the baby's double helix code. Stefano says that if Rolf lays a hand on Isaac, he is gone! Bart asks Stefano when they will find out if that baby is his or not. Stefano throws his drink in Bart's face and tells him never to talk to him like that again! Stefano says he is dying to know if he is that child's father, but these things take time. Stefano says if he is Isaac's father, perhaps he, Isaac, and Lexie will leave town and be a real family. Bart doubts Abe will allow that to happen. Stefano says if Abe dares to stand in the way then he will be eliminated!

Rolf spies on Lexie and Isaac and now he has to get rid of Lexie so he can get to Isaac. Rolf has concocted a formula that will knock Lexie out, but not Isaac, which will give him a chance to examine and run tests on the baby. Rolf hooks the contraption up to the air conditioner and releases the gas into the house. Celeste comes downstairs to take care of the baby, and Rolf becomes upset because he didn't know Celeste was here. Celeste tells Lexie that it is stuffy in here. Lexie says she closed the AC vent because she didn't want Isaac to catch a chill. Celeste says it is very hot out, perhaps she should open it back and just set it on low. Lexie opens the vent and stands under it for a bit. Celeste says she has to go to her pedicure appointment and then to the toy store for a surprise for Isaac. Rolf sees Celeste leave and says one down, one to go! Lexie begins to yawn when Stefano calls. Stefano asks how she and Isaac are? LExie says she is a bit tired, but Isaac is fine. Stefano tells her to get some rest and give Isaac a big kiss. Lexie eventually passes out, and Rolf breaks tries to get in, but learns the door is locked. He finally manages to get in and leaves with the baby. Lexie lays on the floor mumbling "my baby . . . "

Fayeshows up to see Nicole because Brandon told her that she was sick. Nicole tells her mom that Brandon has a big mouth. Nicole says she was great until she showed up! Fayeapologizes for coming over without calling. Nicole tells her not to make that mistake again, and then slams the door in her mom's face! Fayerings the doorbell again and Nicole asks her what she wants? Fayetells Nicole that her father may be getting out of prison. This news shakes Nicole, but she recovers and once again slams the door on her mom's face. Lucas shows up and asks who was at the door? Nicole says it was the wrong address, and suggests they have a drink. Lucas asks her to wait first, he wants to thank her for giving their marriage another chance. Nicole says yeah whatever, and asks Lucas to go stir the martinis. Lucas leaves, and Nicole gets a call from Rex. Rex says he is calling about her money and needs to meet her, so she says she'll be right there. Nicole tells Lucas that she has to leave, but he says that he thought they were trying to fix things?

Nicole says they will fix things when she is ready, they are playing by her rules now, and she is leaving! Lucas is tired of Nicole's hot and cold game, and tells her that if she hates him then she should tell him so they can get a divorce. Nicole apologizes and then claims she is just upset because she has to go see her doctor again about having the lump inside her removed. Lucas apologizes for what he said and offers to drive her to the hospital, but she says no. She says she wants to keep this all low key. She tells him to keep the martini's cold and she'll be back before he knows it. Later, Henderson catches Lucas pouring drinks and asks him if he could be excused from this trip? Lucas says no, he must go to Europe and watch over Will. Henderson says fine, and asks if there will be anything else. Lucas asks Henderson to draw a bath and set up a romantic scene as a surprise for Nicole when she gets home. Lucas stirs the martinis and tells himself that he has to make this marriage work.

Nicole meets with Rex, who wants nothing but sex. He tells her that transferring that much money takes time, but he could pull a few strings if she showed him a good time. Nicole tells Rex that is bull, and she is calling the police! Rex grabs the phone from her and tells her that she'll get the money, and that they should work this out in private. Nicole can't believe him. Rex begs her for one more time and he'll give her anything she wants. Nicole tells him for 25 million, he is on. Rex leaves to get his car, and Nicole says "Do you see what I'm willing to do for you Eric?

Roman hears Abe bragging about his son to the other officers, and Roman tells himself that he hopes Abe's son doesn't lose his way one day and give his heart to a woman who doesn't have one. Roman talks to Abe about Eric, and wonders why he is driving all his loved ones away, first Marlena and now Eric. Abe says that Eric is a smart boy, he'll come to his senses. As they talk, Fayeshows up and hears Roman ranting about how Nicole is to blame and she is the kind of woman who uses sex to get what she wants. Roman contemplates investigating Nicole's past, but thinks that whatever he dug up probably wouldn't change Eric's mind. Roman leaves Abe's office and runs into Fay, who he asks if she needs some kind of help? Fayethinks she can talk to him, and introduces herself as FayeWalker, Nicole Walker's mother, and he just said some very unkind things about her daughter. Roman thinks they should talk, but in private.

Celeste shows up at tells Abe that she has a feeling that Alexandra needs him. Abe asks if she is having one of her premonitions? Celeste says no, she just thought he should take the rest of the day off to spend with Alexandra and their baby. Abe says he could use a break, so they leave to see Lexie.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Rolf shows up with Isaac and tells Stefano "Look what I did!" Stefano is NOT amused!

Greta is looking at a picture of her and Eric and feeling sorry. There is a knock at the door, and Greta is shocked when it turns out to be Lily Faversham. Greta wonders how she got here so fast? Lily says she hoped on the first plane over here to be with her and help her through this. They talk about Eric, and Lily tells her that she is better off without Eric. Greta tells Lily all about what Eric did, and how it shattered her, but she is glad she didn't sleep with him. Lily tells Greta that there is something she must do, but it will be painful. Lily says she was in the same situation Greta was years ago, and she tells Greta to go to see this woman's husband and tell him the truth about her because he deserves to know the truth. Greta says Lucas does seem nice, and he does deserve to know the truth. Lily tells her to hurry back so they can catch up on other things. Lily says that they do have more to talk about, namely her father. Lily says they will talk after she returns. Greta goes to the Kiriakis mansion to see Lucas and tell him the truth about his lying, cheating wife.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

Chloe is cool to Philip when he calls but then changes her mind when he asks her if she's still interested in going to a movie together. Finding Mimi lounging at home, Nancy suggests that teen get a job. The two start arguing and when Nancy asks why she's so antagonistic, Mimi blames Chloe. However, as they talk, Nancy begins to relate to Mimi when the teen talks about the names people have called her during her short life. She encourages her to realize that money is not everything and that in spite of her problems, she's had a good life. Chloe's upset to find her mother chatting with her "enemy." Greta interrupts Lucas' evening and announces that she knows that Eric is in love with Nicole, not her. Meanwhile, Rex tells Nicole that she'll get her money once they go to bed. Rolf brings Isaac to Stefano to get a blood sample but Stefano demands that they take the baby back before he's missed. Celeste urges Abe to return home for the baby's sake but he decides to stop for some flowers for Lexie. Lexie comes to and calls the police, frantic that Isaac is missing. While Faye and Roman talk, he spots Rex going upstairs with Nicole. Faye reveals that Nicole was abused when she was younger. Upstairs, Nicole pulls a gun on Rex and demands that he transfer her money electronically.

Friday, August 11, 2000

by Gist

At the site of the future home for Mimi and her family, Shawn and Philip comment on how "spooky" it seems around the area. As they talk, someone watches from nearby. When Chloe lets her mother know how upset she is that she's talking with Mimi, Nancy orders her to hold her tongue. When Craig comes home and hears them arguing, he's there to stop Chloe from running out angry. He tries to smooth things over but has little luck. When Belle calls to invite Chloe and Mimi to the future construction site, Chloe pushes Mimi down as they leave but claims it was an accident. Craig urges Nancy to have a chat with Marlena about Chloe. At the lot Mimi complains to Belle about Chloe. Roman follows Nicole upstairs and ruins her armed attempt to force Rex to transfer her money. She's embarrassed when he guesses that Rex is her "john" and explains that Rex is her financial advisor. Caught with the baby, Stefano comes up with story to fool Lexie but Abe doesn't buy it. Stefano smiles as Lexie supports him and not Abe. Lucas refuses to believe Greta's claims about Nicole and insists that she loves him. Nicole walks in and finds them talking about her.



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