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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, August 14, 2000

At the site on Whitley Street, Philip and Chloe discuss her problems with Mimi. She announces to Philip that once she turns sixteen, she's leaving town unless he can help her find a different place to stay. He agrees to give it some thought. A construction worker warns Shawn and the others about all the troubles they've faced at the construction site. Nicole tries to stop Greta from talking with Lucas. After much arguing, Greta decides to keep her mouth shut and leaves without telling Lucas the truth. Meanwhile, under stress from his mother, Lucas stares at the pitcher of martinis waiting. Nicole returns to Lucas and announces that she wants to give their marriage a second chance. Abe complains to Bo about Stefano being in his family's life because of Lexie. John explains to Hope that he's going to help fund research for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Bo's upset when he finds John at the house again. Stefano orders Bart to follow John and stop him from taking DNA from Hope's baby. Rolf lets Stefano know that Stefano is not Hope's father.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Shawn talks with Hope about helping to build Mimi's family's house on Whitley Street where there has been rumors of witches and the like for years. Hope assures him that when she was on duty as a cop, she only saw drunks "haunting" that part of town. When Lexie arrives, Shawn takes off, leaving the two new mommies to talk and compare babies. Hope notices little Isaac doing some things that Shawn did as an infant. Lexie suggests they have their babies baptized before Hope and Bo tie the knot in the back yard. Habitat for Humanity throws a "breaking ground" party for the Lockhart's new house. Mimi's father apologizes to his daughter for the neighborhood they'll live in while Nancy and Craig remain at odds. After a boy band performs for the crowd, Chloe's invited to the impromptu stage to sing an aria with Shawn's help. Afterwards, Mimi complains that Chloe's stealing the spotlight on her special day. Stefano sends Rolf to the lab while John waits to hear the DNA test results. A disguised Rolf hands Dr. Frost a "donation" check worth ten thousand dollars. Rolf then tries to get involved with the test. John confronts Stefano with the news that Hope's baby has fetal alcohol syndrome. Rolf returns and after John leaves, boasts to Stefano that the switch has been made to fool John.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Finding Lucas nursing his first martini by the pool, Nicole offers to have sex with him if he'll have another. Kate interrupts with a call and a boast that she thinks she and Victor will be married by the time they return home. Kate tricks Victor into signing some papers regarding his enormous wealth and her future. Nicole continues to flirt with and tease an unsuspecting Lucas into drinking more. She then removes her bathing suit and joins him in the pool. Angela spies on Sami dining with Brandon and flirts with him. Sami catches on to her desire for Brandon and vows to stop her. Victor meets with Vincent who's not impressed until he meets Kate. Victor congratulates Kate on using her charm to woo Moroni. Lexie and Hope shop for wedding dresses. John passes out on Stefano's porch after flashing back to a memory of being a doctor. Stefano finds him out cold. When John comes to, he rushes to strangle Rolf who runs off. John snaps out of it and then heads to the hospital to talk with Marlena. He runs into a radio station program director who wants to hire Marlena for a talk show. John gets the test results from the lab and finds Stefano there to congratulate him .

Thursday, August 17, 2000

Abe handles a "Code 7" at a coffee shop where Faye is waitressing. Hattie, another waitress, refuses to turn off a radio talk show featuring Dr. Higley, a psychiatrist. Faye convinces Hattie to change the channel and when she does so, the announcer mentions that they are searching for a new host to their advice show. Faye plays it cool when she spots Abe. Sending his partner out, Abe talks with Faye. When he asks about her children, she reveals that Brandon is her son. When Lucas begs off another drink with her because he's tired, Nicole convinces Lucas to take a ride with her in the limo. He suggests they go visit her mother but when they arrive at the diner, he passes out. On the way back home, Nicole pesters Lucas with questions about Victor and Kate's trip to Italy. He admits it has something to do with Franco. When Miles stops by Marlena's office to ask her to consider doing another radio talk show, she refuses until he offers to let her do the show from the hospital. Stefano hears John remembering operating on a man in his past and offers his help but John refuses to allow Stefano to control him as he's done in the past. Victor pulls out a container that he hopes will stop Sami in her tracks.

Friday, August 18, 2000

by Gist

Philip compliments Chloe on her singing and hints that he's developed an interest in opera, thanks to her. As he starts kissing her arm, Chloe daydreams about being on the beach in a romantic setting with Philip. Mimi interrupts her daydream by yelling for all the kids to come look at what she found at the Whitley Street construction site. Seeing the tin container with the skull and crossbones on it, Shawn and then Philip start joking about the unseen evil that lurks about the place. Mimi finally throws the object into the garbage can. Later, two thugs walk by and make threats to get even with the people who are taking their neighborhood from them. In Italy Sami and Brandon agree that Angela is the key to uncovering Franco's secret. Angela later confides to Brandon that Roberto's death was Franco's fault. John explains to Marlena that he must find out what his flashbacks mean to him. When Miles interrupts with a contract to do the radio show, John can't believe that she would consider it. He finally gives his okay and she signs the document. Faye reveals to Abe that Brandon blames him for the beatings that she suffered from her abusive husband. She assures him that no one knows about their past. Hattie's upset when she hears that Marlena has been hired for the radio call-in show.



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