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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 4, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, September 4, 2000

At the Java Cafe, Philip and Chloe are talking about baseball while Shawn sulks. Shawn fears that he's messed up somehow, he should have walked Belle home because she got all dressed up and cut her hair short for tonight. Philip tells him that he did nothing wrong, Belle did those things for herself. Chloe says they are the ones who asked her to come, not him. Philip says she just wanted to go home early. Marlena shows up and asks where Belle is? Shawn says she's not here. Marlena doesn't understand and asks what happened? Chloe says that they went to the movies and Belle got tired and said she wanted to go home so she left. Marlena asks her date, Shawn, what happened? Shawn says he wasn't Belle's date, they just went out as a group. Marlena says she is beginning to understand and says good night. Shawn and Philip don't get it, but Chloe does. She says that by being here with the two of them, she has hurt the best friend she's ever had. Philip and Shawn are confused, until Philip realizes that maybe Belle did think tonight was a date. Shawn says he and Belle are just friends, and this wasn't a date it was a group thing. Chloe says she is tired and needs to go, so she takes off. Philip says he will walk her home because they are on a date, even if Shawn doesn't think so.

Mimi tells Belle she wants details, she can't drop a bombshell on her like she just did and then clam up. Mimi demands to know more about CHloe stealing Belle's date. Belle says she doesn't want to talk about it. Mimi says she just has one question, who asked her to the movies, Shawn, or Philip and Chloe? Belle isn't sure, but she says she did think she was on a date with Shawn, but she guesses she was wrong. Mimi tells Belle that it is Shawn's loss, she is smart, popular, good looking, so who needs that jerk! Belle tells Mimi that she is right, she doesn't need him! Still, Belle says she doesn't like being made a fool of, and it wasn't just Shawn. Mimi says that she hates Chloe, she is an evil witch! Belle tells Mimi not to say that, Chloe is a good person. Mimi says maybe she isn't a witch, but she is a bitch for stealing Shawn from her. Marlena shows up and asks to speak with Belle alone, so Mimi leaves. Marlena comforts Belle, who is glad her mother is home.

Marlena makes some ice cream sundaes and asks Belle if she should get out their favorite book, I Love You Forever. Belle can't believe she still has that book. Marlena says it used to be a tradition whenever she was upset, so she goes and gets the book. Belle opens the book, and finds a handprint of hers in chocolate syrup on one of the pages she made when she was little. Marlena then quotes her favorite passage from the book, by memory . . . "I love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be there." Marlena and Belle have a heart to heart about the feelings Belle is experiencing, wanting to have a boyfriend, and she tells her that Chloe is probably having the same feelings too. Belle begins blaming herself for this, thinking it is her fault for thinking she was popular and pretty, but Marlena doesn't let her do that. She tells her that she is an extraordinary young woman and she should never let anyone make her feel otherwise. Belle thanks her mom and then decides to run out to Dot.Com and pick up a CD.

Nancy is fretting over Chloe's date with Philip while Craig tries to calm her down. Nancy says this is not right, a date is when a boy picks the girl up at her house, not at her friend's (Belle's) house. Nancy feels that CHloe is doing this on purpose to cut her out of her life, and she should have been there to give her date pointers. Craig tells her that this is only her second date with the boy and she should let things progress naturally. Nancy says she's worried about things progressing too far too soon. Craig mumbles that she should know about that, Chloe is living proof. Nancy can't believe that Craig had the nerve to say that to her, but Craig wants to talk about what happened. Nancy, however, doesn't, and says she never wants to go there again. When Craig presses her about Chloe's father, Nancy screams at him that she doesn't want to talk about it and he is never to bring the subject up again! Someone walks in the front door, and Nancy thinks it is Chloe, but it is Mimi. Nancy asks Mimi to come tell her how her evening was? Mimi changes the subject to the radio shows and tells her that she is a star now, everyone is talking about her. Nancy says that Marlena is the real star, but she is the woman behind the scenes, she controls the content and quality of the show! Mimi then thanks Nancy for helping get her cell phone turned back on so she can get callbacks from the jobs she applied for. Nancy tells her not to mention it, and as they bond, Nancy asks her if she's getting along better with Chloe. Mimi says she knows Nancy didn't raise Chloe, so she isn't responsible for how she turned out. Nancy asks Mimi what she's trying to say? Mimi tells Nancy that she thinks Chloe can make bad things happen. Nancy tells Mimi that she watches far too many episodes of the X-files.

Meanwhile, Philip and Chloe arrive out front of the Wesley's house. They both tell one another that they had a good time, and Philip tells Chloe they are once again in the dark, alone. Philip moves in to give Chloe a kiss, but Chloe pulls away. Chloe says she really needs to go in a call Belle and straighten things out between them, but she'll see him. As Chloe walks in, she overhears Mimi telling Nancy that Chloe tried to steal Belle's date tonight! Chloe becomes upset and runs upstairs. Craig yells at Nancy for letting such a conversation go on in this house, and he runs up after Chloe to comfort her. Chloe yells at Craig, from within her bedroom, to go away. Craig says they need to talk and that he's coming in. Chloe is on her bed bawling her eyes out. Craig tells her that they need to talk and they need to talk now.

Bo and Hope go to see Caroline and Shawn at Dot.Com. Shawn tells Hope that she gets more beautiful every time he sees her. Hope thanks him, and SHawn realizes something is going on here. Bo admits there is, there is something he needs to talk to them about, so they should sit down. Bo tells his mom and pop that when they were looking for Hope a few months ago they learned that the DiMera's owned a big factory outside of Dublin, and he asks if Grandma and Grandpa ever worked in a factory? Shawn says they did. Bo asks his dad why he never told him this before? Shawn says it was a long time ago, he was just a lad and so was Stefano, and he doubts Stefano had anything to do with that factory. Bo isn't so sure, and he thinks that there is some connection between their two families which started sixty or seventy years ago. Shawn doesn't think there is a connection, but Bo does and he questions him about Ireland and the factory. Shawn asks Bo why he's asking him all these questions? Bo says that he's thinking about taking a trip there. Shawn thinks that is a great idea, showing Hope and little John the homeland would be a great idea. Bo says that he's not planning a family vacation, he's going there to investigate DiMera. Shawn says no way, and Caroline tells Bo he can't, absolutely! Shawn (D) shows up and asks what is going on, what does grandma forbid? Bo says that they were just kidding around with his grandparents about eloping. Hope asks why he is here? Shawn (D) says he wants to play some videogames, at least he understands them. Bo and Hope look at one another and realize Shawn (D) is having girl problems. Later, Belle shows up at Dot.Com ranting about how she is not going to think about Shawn (D) anymore, and ends up running into him! Back at the table, Caroline tells Bo that she doesn't want to hear anymore talk of him going to Ireland expect for a wedding or a honeymoon.

In Italy, Sami is having a nightmare about Will. She wakes up and sees a Will doll, being controlled by Kate, in the window, and hears a tape recording of Will crying to his mom for help. Her vision is so blurry that she can't tell it is a doll, and she begins screaming that she's coming. Lucas spots Brandon, who is walking back to the cottage. Lucas tries to call his mom to warn him that Brandon is coming, but Kate doesn't see that she has a call on her phone. Brandon shows up and finds Sami on the floor in tears. He asks her what is wrong? Sami says her baby is calling her and to go look for him. Brandon looks at the window, which Sami is staring at, and says he sees nothing. Brandon helps her back into bed, and she continues to beg Brandon to go get her son. Brandon looks out the window, Kate is long gone, but has left her phone behind. Brandon sees nothing and tells Sami that it is okay, everything is going to be okay. Brandon asks what happened, and Sami tells him that she heard Will calling to her for help, but she couldn't reach him. Brandon says that isn't possible, but Sami says she know her baby is out there and she begs Brandon to go look for him. Brandon says he'll go out and check around if it will make her feel better. However, Sami stops him and says perhaps Will isn't out there, but he is in trouble. Sami thinks that maybe this dream was some kind of psychic mother-son connection thing, so she needs to call Salem and make sure Will is okay.

Kate high tails her butt through the woods and runs into Lucas. She yells at Lucas for not calling her, but he says he did and asks why she didn't answer? Kate says it didn't ring, and then she realizes she has lost her phone! She fears what will happen to them if Sami and Brandon find that phone. Lucas says he'll go back for the phone. As Lucas searches for the phone, Brandon and Sami go near the window, so he splits.

Kate returns to her cottage and the phone is ringing. Henderson answers it and claims he is at the Kiriakis Residence. It is Sami, and she asks to speak with Will. Henderson claims that Master Will is in bed and it is too late to wake him. Sami tells him to wake Will up. Kate takes the phone and tells Sami that they are not waking Will up, so she should come over in morning and check up on him. Sami says she isn't in town. Kate says that is not her problem and hangs up. Sami senses that something is wrong, but Brandon tells her that she'll feel better in the morning.

Lucas returns to the cottage with the phone, and Kate is positive that this will send her running home to Salem tonight! Back at Sami's cottage, Sami begins to pack her things up to head home.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Hurt by Nancy and Mimi's complaints about her, Chloe cries to Craig about her pain. When she claims that life has always been like this for her, Craig admits he's had a similar life and urges her to have faith that, like him, she can become successful. He then compliments her on being a caring person. She doubts it and reveals what happened when she wished something bad would happen to Jan after Jan cut her. Craig claims it was must have been a coincidence. Belle complains to Shawn about him failing to walk her home after the movies. Jason and Jan again warn Philip to stay away from Chloe, urging him to do it by revealing the bet. Philip refuses. Meanwhile, the odd can from the construction site starts moving on its own. Tired of her rudeness, the owner fires Hattie. Bart convinces Hattie to get some plastic surgery so she'll look exactly like Marlena. Bart then calls up Rolf and asks him to disguise himself before talking with Hattie. John tells Marlena about some of his past as a mercenary but decides to keep most of it secret from an unsuspecting Marlena. He then claims that the more he thinks about his memories, the more he thinks they aren't real. Later, Marlena asks John if he remembers sleeping with Gina.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Bo tries to calm Hope as she worries that he might not be the father of their baby. She insists that in spite of her actions as Gina, she would never sleep with anyone but him. Bo changes the subject to Stefano and reveals his intention to investigate the connection between Stefano and the family back in Ireland. Abe and Roman are taken aback when a violent John bursts into the station house, demanding to see his son who was nabbed for trying to buy booze. John is thankful after Roman decides not to charge him. Roman warns John that he doesn't want Will or Sami anywhere near Brady if he's going to be a troublemaker, a remark that sets John off again. John then goes to bail out Brady who gives his father grief in return. When Roman and Abe stop by the diner for a bite to eat, Roman spots a short- haired Hattie and is amazed at how much she looks like Marlena. In Italy Moroni leaks to Kate and Victor that his daughter was in Salem when his former employee Franco was killed. The two then arrange for Lucas to be hired at Moroni's restaurant. Meanwhile, Brandon talks with Angela for more information, hinting that he might marry her. She finally comes clean with the revelation that Roberto was paid to have claimed that he killed Franco. Lucas and Sami decide to celebrate, unaware that Lucas intends to "doctor" Sami's spaghetti order.

Thursday, September 7, 2000

Hattie stops by the diner and boasts to Fayeabout getting her old job back. When the owner spots her, however, he kicks her out. Fayefinds her crying at the Java Cafe and offers to help but when that fails, Hattie decides to call "Dr. Steiner." Rolf, disguising his voice, asks her to come in in an hour for the plastic surgery. Nancy again presses Marlena to add more sex talk to the radio show but she refuses. When Marlena asks about Chloe, Nancy again complains about Craig's new role. At the end of the show, Marlena's upset when Nancy pouts through a caller who wants to talk about his attraction to her. Marlena warns Nancy about allowing that to happen but Nancy claims innocence. Maria assures an angry Nicole that her package did reach Victor. Austin asks her where Sami is but she first flirts with him and then orders him to leave Titan. Victor gives Kate and Lucas the bad news that Sami and Brandon are still In Italy. After Kate gives Brandon more herbs for Sami's meals, Kate is curious when Victor receives a letter from Nicole. Brandon convinces Sami not to fly back to Salem. She calls Austin who tries to find out where she is. Lucas arrives in time to lace Sami's salad.

Friday, September 8, 2000

John assures a worried Marlena that searching for his past is not going to ruin their future together. He then surprises her with a platinum and gold ring. Marlena promises that she will never remove it. Hattie arrives for her visit with "Dr. Steiner," a disguised Rolf. Dr. Steiner assures Hattie that he can make her beautiful. When Hattie shows him a photo of Marlena, he promises that she can be Dr. Evans. He explains the surgery will cost forty thousand dollars so Hattie asks for time to consider the cost. Meanwhile, Stefano explains to Bart that Hattie is going to help them "neutralize" Marlena. Stefano then vows to no one in particular that he intends to make his daughter the "queen of Salem" and groove Isaac to be a true Di Mera. While Sami eats her drugged salad, Brandon talks with Angela who promises to tell him all she knows. He then stages a fight with Sami to convince Angela he cares for her. On orders from Victor, Kate flirts with Moroni and then leaks that Brandon is with his daughter. Angela tells Brandon she has proof Roberto killed someone. Lucas uses the Will doll again to trick a dazed Sami into falling out the window.


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