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Monday, October 9, 2000

Chloe is in her room, throwing a cd in her portable player when she hears a noise outside. Alas, it's Philip tossing rocks at her window. She asks him if that's his surprise, throwing rocks at her window, but he tells her he wanted to see her in the moonlight. He picks up his guitar and we hear him playing. He sings the Everly Brothers song "Dream, Dream, Dream" When he finishes, she sits down on the bed while he calls up to her that he's no Marc Anthony, but he was just trying to blow her away and show her how he feels. He was hoping it wasn't too late for them and walks off when she doesn't come back to the window. She looks out (without her glasses) and tells him its not too late. He wants to climb the lattice up to her room to just look into her eyes, but she tells him no. He tells her to lower her hair and he'll climb up it. She smiles and tells him she'll come down on her own, just not tonight, okay? She needs the night to be alone with her feelings. She bids him good night and tells him how she liked his song. He rushes off with his guitar, anxious to call his dad and tell him how it went. Inside Chloe chastises herself for sending him away.

Hope helps Bo pack for his trip. She suggests they go upstairs and fool around a little before his trip. He's all for it until she brings up they can make a little brother or sister for Johnny. He feels they've got their hands full with Johnny right now and don't need another baby right now. She disagrees, but he tells her now is not the right time to get into this with him as he's leaving, and she does agree with that. They kiss and she asks if he's going to stop by the pub for a minute. He tells her he is. She tells him that she's going to take Johnny to see Dr. Maxwell. He offers to go with her, but she's just happy he asked and said she'll be fine alone. She reminds him to be back by Johnny's christening and he promises to. Bo stops by the pub and Pop isn't happy he's going, but knowing he can't stop him, tells him to take care. Pop warns Bo not to be telling people things that could hurt them. Bo tells him he's just going to check out the Brady/DiMera connection and not for Pop to worry about the cousins over there. Pop warns Bo to talk privately with Ian in Ireland. He reminds Bo of his family here in Salem that needs him.

Back to the pub in Ireland, we see a few guys eating a sandwich. The owner tells the other two that he talked with "himself" just an hour ago. Himself told them to scare Bo Brady back to Salem as quick as they can, but without hurting him. The waitress delivers something to their table and smart mouths them, calling them the 3 stooges. She tells them she's had enough of men to last her the rest of her life. After she leaves the table, the other two tell Ian to fire her, but he tells them she's had a hard time of it and he feels sorry for her. She goes to the bar and claims she doesn't need men. All husbands do is bring you grief.

John asks Brady if they can work through this and Brady tells him no way as long as he's living with the shrink from Hell. John tries to justify Marlena's thinking that bad about Brady by the way he's been acting. He tells Brady that Marlena was good to him when he was a kid and they both thought going away to school was good for him. Brady continues trashing Marlena and as long as John's sleeping with the enemy, won't listen to his father. Brady tells him if John's wife doesn't let up on him, he doesn't stand a chance and walks off. Someone touches John's shoulder and he jumps, but it's just Hope carrying Johnny. John smiles. She's happy to run into him as she and his namesake like the way he fusses over the baby. She asks if it's a bad time, but he assures her it's okay. She tells him she ran him over to see Dr. Maxwell, but he was tied up. She didn't have any specific reason to see the doctor, just feels reassured by taking him to see him. Johnny's asleep and she asks John if he wants to hold him. He takes the baby and tells Johnny that he and his mom are going to do everything they can to help him stay good. Hope smiles. They sit over mocha and she tells him about Bo going off to Dublin to get away from them. She's not sure how Bo feels about the baby. She wants to change the subject, but John wants to be there to help Hope. He offers to help Hope with Johnny anytime she needs it and she asks why. He tells her they're friends. She doesn't buy it and wants the real reason, NOW!

Hattie accuses Marlena of thinking she's so important that people are following her around. Marlena takes a good look, seeing Samantha's face and asks if it's her. Hattie thinks Marlena's crazy. Marlena remembers her and Samantha arguing She remembers Samantha calling her a phony and Marlena is amazed at the similarity. She looks at Hattie and tells her she's dead (thinking of Samantha). Hattie asks if she LOOKS dead? A flashback of Don Craig (one of Marlena's ex-husbands) with Marlena when he thought she was dead. He's so relieved she's still alive and tells her about the woman who was murdered in her apartment looking just like her and she realizes it was her sister who was killed.

Back to present with Hattie telling Marlena she should be locked up as she's the one who's crazy. Marlena remembers back to that Samantha was acting like her, proud that she fooled both Laura and her doctor into thinking she was Marlena. Marlena is a little dazed as Hattie goes off on her about Dr. Higley and how first she's accusing her of being a stalker and then saying she's dead. One of them is crazy and it's not her. She calls Marlena a phony and claims she won't make a victim out of her. Roman walks up and Marlena is so relieved to see him. He greets both Marlena and Hattie. Marlena asks if he knows Hattie and he tells her yes, but what's bothering Marlena? Marlena tells him to LOOK at Hattie and tell her what's bothering her.

While Hattie watches, Marlena pulls Roman aside and tells him what happened. She tells him he and this woman may be acquainted, but it's the first time she's seen her. She tells him this woman starting ranting at her about her show, but lowers it to verbal abuse, then maybe she's just reacting as it hit her so hard. He offers to buy her some infamous Salem tea, but she rushes off upset. Brady stops Marlena in the street by the mall and asks where she's rushing off to. She tells him to let her pass and he tells no and to shut up. He can talk with her any way he wants, but she won't. She better keep her mouth shut, or she'll be sorry. He tries to assure her he would never hurt Belle and she doesn't buy it. She reminds him how he's acted all summer and she has just cause to be concerned. He threatens her she'll be out of the house before he is. Marlena promises to tell his father about this conversation in detail. He isn't worried, his father will just realize what a slut she is. She tells him they were married and he starts off on Roman and how she split his parents up. He tells her to take off and see how far her lies will take her this time. He congratulates himself on how well his payback is working.

Roman asks Hattie what happened and she asks him if he has an hour, she can tell him, ending with Marlena accusing her of being dead. He asks her to let it go. She tells him she can't let it go. Marlena gets on the radio to help people, but after what she said to her, she wants answers. He tells her that Marlena saw a ghost when looking at Hattie. He tells her about Marlena's twin sister Samantha who was murdered. She gets goose bumps and wants to know what happened. She didn't know anything about the Salem Strangler and learns Samantha was his last victim. Hattie realizes when Marlena saw her, she thought she might have been her dead sister. Roman tells Hattie if she keeps losing weight, she could look just like Marlena's sister. Roman goes off to see Marlena, but Hattie asks him again if she could look like Marlena, and he tells her yes, with hard work she can. She warns him that Marlena will only chew his head off, but he knows better and leaves. Hattie is so happy that Roman won't be able to tell the difference between her and Marlena and won't that be a blast?

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Brady makes fun of him when Philip admits that he just finished serenading Chloe on recommendation from his father. When they decide to play a little one-on-one basketball, Brady elbows Philip while going up for a shot, sending an upset Brady on his way. Marlena chats with Belle about Brady and their feelings for him. Belle suggests that Marlena's always had it out for Brady over the years and then astounds her mother by guessing that it is Marlena who needs some "couch work," not Brady. Roman updates Abe on the argument between Hattie and Marlena which causes Abe to remember helping Faye. Nicole interrupts and flashes her sexy legs at them in hopes they'll help her with a story she wants to do on Franco. They remind her that someone confessed to the murder and as they argue, Nicole suddenly removes her blouse, shocking both Roman and Abe. Later, Lucas calls to let Nicole know that they're coming home. A doctor at the restaurant in Italy examines Sami and declares that she is in shock and has no pulse. While she's taken to a hospital, Lucas, Victor and Kate head home. Lucas announces that he is returning to Salem. Victor's outraged when Kate again asks him about marriage. At the hospital Brandon is relieved when the doctor reports that Sami has stabilized. Angela secretly listens and realizes that Brandon still loves Sami. Hope asks John if she might have been with another man lately.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Chloe wonders if her musical ability was inherited or self taught and asks Nancy when she walks by her room. She tells Nancy how Philip serenaded her. Nancy realizes Philip must really care for Chloe as that's something right out of a movie or an opera. Chloe smiles and feels that maybe she and Philip can start over again. Nancy reminds Chloe of all the bad stuff that happened when she first came to town and realizes it DID bother her daughter after all. Chloe tells Nancy of an overweight gal at school named Marge and about other kids they pick on. The kids call Marge, who's overweight, Largey Margey. They call Marge other names as well and do cruel jokes like filling Marge's locker with peanuts, etc. Nancy gets upset and calls the mean kids bastards. Chloe says Marge gets a glazed look in her eye and Nancy explains that Marge may realize it's not how others see you, but how you see yourself. Chloe tells Nancy she doesn't know how she feels about herself and she is frustrated that she doesn't feel comfortable with herself.

Nancy rationalizes it's probably because she was adopted and Chloe actually tells her this isn't Nancy's fault. Chloe tells Nancy she was alone all those years and now that Nancy is there for her now, it feels hollow. Nancy assures Chloe that she is not a freak and everything she's doing tonight is normal. Maybe there's something about Philip that doesn't fit with Chloe. A lot of men are going to be interested in her and if nothing else, they can be friends. Chloe figures that's the kiss of death to a guy to hear that and Nancy disagrees. She and Craig were friends before they fell in love and still are friends. Nancy suggests Chloe talk to Philip and Chloe smiles, agrees and leaves to do so.

Belle visits Shawn. Brady is following his little sister. He remembers Marlena warning Belle about him and pulls his switchblade out and opens it, commenting there's more than one way to hurt someone. He wonders why Belle's there, but will wait. Inside Belle tells Shawn about Brady dropping out of college and the hostility between her mom and Brady. She leaves and Brady follows her with an open knife. He asks what she's doing out and she tells him about visiting Shawn and telling him Brady dropped out of college. Brady wished she hadn't done that. They talk about how she knows Brady's not dangerous and he isn't so sure of that and leads her to see some danger.

Hattie rushes to tell Faye about her meeting with Marlena. She's confirmed her suspicion that Marlena is not only a phony, but mad as a hatter. She tells Faye about overhearing Marlena's arguments then their face to face encounter. She calls Roman Mr. Wilbertson (?) and how he came and defended her. She's going through all this dieting and exercise for him. She's lost 15 pounds already and Faye comments she can tell. She pulls her face back to pull off all the wrinkles. Peering into the mirror, Hattie asks Faye for a glass of water. She calls Dr. Steiner (knows the number by heart). She asks him how much weight she has to lose before the surgery and he tells her about 30 pounds. Faye gets concerned about Hattie who keeps sending her out to get water for her as she uses her phone to call Rolf. Rolf tells her it normally takes 3 weeks to prepare for the surgery (?), but, and she hangs up quickly on him.

She tells Faye she might go away and if she does, she'll come back an entirely different woman. She calls Rolf AGAIN and he knows it's her and even offers to take her out to dinner to answer her questions. He asks if she's going to come and see him and she slams the phone down again. Faye wants to know whom she's calling when she leaves the room. She tells Faye this person is giving her advice on what to do to go on living. She drinks some more water and goes to run home. Faye's concerned as Hattie lives miles from her and suggests she use the bathroom first after all that water. Hattie tells Faye it'll just make her run faster.

When Hope asked John about whom she might have slept with as PG. She can tell he knows something and asks him. He hesitates and Marlena pops up and tells him to go ahead and tell her. Hope didn't realize John was meeting Marlena and Marlena tells her he didn't know he was. Hope takes her cue to take Johnny to the changing room. John asks Marlena what she was doing and realizes he doesn't mind hurting her, but doesn't want to hurt Hope. He calls Marlena rational about all this and she takes exception to that. John asks Marlena for a little respect to Hope and Hope returns. Marlena questions her about what she and John had talked about and Hope gets uncomfortable, feeling maybe she should wait and talk to Bo about this. John watches nervously as Hope realizes that maybe they can help her. Hope asks about hypnosis. John tells her it didn't work with him. John warns her it will take too much time and energy and doesn't she have enough on her hands with Johnny right now. Hope tells Marlena she enjoys her talk show and knows she's busy, but surprised she hasn't come over to spend some time with her and the baby. Marlena agrees and will do so. John keeps rushing Hope to leave and finally asks John and Marlena if everything's okay. He tells her it is and Marlena doesn't even smile. After Hope leaves he tears into her about how she acted and more concerned with shielding Hope and the baby then his own family. Brady's name is mentioned again.

Later Hope is home with Shawn and Johnny. Shawn holds his brother and Hope can tell how much he loves him. She tells him everything's okay and she took the baby for a walk to Salem Place. Johnny starts breathing funny, then starts crying. They stick a pacifier in his mouth and Johnny starts sucking it. Hope goes to get a bottle for the baby and Shawn realizes Johnny's turning blue and calls for his mom.

Back at Java Café, John defends Brady to Marlena and tells her that Brady's not a threat after Marlena tells him that Brady threatened her. She reminds him how he use to always say their love would overcome even Stefano. Marlena figures maybe John liked the old John and doesn't want to lose him. She reminds him how he was with Hope on their honeymoon and he starts walking away saying this isn't even happening. She tells him it's a stinky exit line and suggests Go to Hell Marlena so he can stomp over to Hope's and be with her and the child they made together. He tells her he is about to lose the most precious thing in his life because he told the truth and NOTHING DiMera does to him can compare to what it would do to him to lose her and his family. Marlena chokes up on that statement.

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Thursday, October 12, 2000

by Soap Central

Marlena argues with John about his ability to always be there for Hope and her baby, even while their own marriage is suffering. When he reminds her that he put up with all the problems with Sami, she responds by insisting that she needs some time alone. Instead, John grabs her, tosses her over his shoulder and carries her off, vowing to "have his way with her" back at home. Coming to, Sami spots Angela secretly listening and warns Brandon who quickly covers. Angela falls for the story that Sami loves Austin. She reveals herself to Brandon and announces that she is going to convince her father to let them get married immediately. Moroni confronts Kate and Victor about Sami's claims against them. They admit they know her and Sami's friend Austin back in Salem but again warn him that Brandon will end up hurting his daughter. After he leaves, Victor decides that it is time to give Sami custody of Will and asks her to call Lucas. Brady takes Belle to "his place" where he's spent many hours by himself. He admits that he thinks John and Marlena were having an affair before his mother was dead and goes so far as to admit his theory that they might have killed Isabella or hidden her away. When they hear a train approaching, Brady decides to play a game of "chicken" with it. Greta calls for Austin when she is pulled under the water just offshore.

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Friday, October 13, 2000

by Marcia Elgart

In their fantasy, Austin manages to pull Greta from beneath the water and carries her to shore. After a visit from Alice, the two find themselves playing blackjack with a man who claims to be from the planet of love. Greta is then asked to be a surrogate mother for a child who can save the world. Belle panics as Brady finally jumps from the tracks before the train can hit him. As they talk about why he dropped out of school, Belle urges him to do things that make him feel good about himself. When they hear another train approaching, Belle hops onto the tracks to show him she can have fun like him. However, her foot gets trapped in the tracks. John carries Marlena home and throws her onto their bed where they make passionate love. Hope gets a blue-faced Johnny to start crying which relieves a worried Shawn. They call Lexie who rushes over to examine the baby. When the baby starts turning blue again, they decide to take him to the emergency room. Shawn calls John who jumps out of bed and hurries to the ER. Bo stops by the pub in Ireland and asks for Ian. When he mentions his name, Jennifer drops a glass, shocked that he is there. Bo talks with Ian who denies knowing anything about the DiMera factory. Ian urges him to forget about the past. He then sets Bo up to be beaten in the alley, unaware that Jennifer has followed him.

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