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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, October 16, 2000

While Dr. Maxwell works on little Johnny, Hope feels guilty and blames herself because of the drinking she did while she was Gina. Lexie offers to assist when Maxwell reveals that he must operate of the baby. Hope asks Shawn to reach out to his grandfather so that he can notify Bo in Ireland. Marlena insists on accompanying John to the hospital though he argues against the idea. Taking a short cut through one of Salem's worst neighborhoods, John's furious when they run out of gas. As they decide what to do, Marlena points out to John that Brady has a knife and she's concerned because of all the school-related violence. Rolf offers Hattie diet pills to lose weight which will help her look more like Marlena. Ian and Abby follow Bo to a warehouse where he is tied up. Ian catches them there and demands some answers. She asks for her job back at the pub and returns. Later, Jennifer returns to the warehouse and considers how she can help Bo escape. Brady uses his knife to try to free Belle's foot from the train tracks. Just before the train arrives, Brady slathers some grease on her foot and frees her, falling backwards as he does so.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Brady pulls Belle to safety from the oncoming train but in the process, both are thrown backwards to the ground. Brady comes to and finds Belle's head is bleeding profusely. While getting help with the car, John calls Hope and learns that Johnny's going under the knife to have a hole in his heart repaired. As they get underway again, Marlena spots someone waving for help and realizes it's Brady with Belle. They pick them up and rush to the hospital. On the way, Marlena asks Brady what he did to hurt Belle. Lexie reports to Hope that a specialist has arrived and there is more damage to Johnny's heart than they expected. Before going to bed in Ireland, Abby asks her mother if Jack will ever come back. Jennifer evades the question and slips out to secretly bring a captive Bo some food and water without revealing who she is. She urges him to go back home and lets slip that she knows he's married and has a newborn. As they arrive in the ER, Marlena goes with Belle while John bumps into Hope. She explains what's happening with Johnny and asks if he'd stand in as the father while she has her son baptized.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Greta and Austin earn another reward: humility. Chloe calls Philip who rushes to the window outside her room. She admits that she told her mother about him serenading him which embarrasses him a bit. He tries to remove her glasses but falls from the tree. She rushes to his side and kisses him. After Angela leaves, Sami confesses to Brandon that she loves him but adds that she loves him as a friend. He admits the same but hides his true feelings. He also mentions catching Kate and Victor drinking champagne in celebration of something. Kate argues with Victor about Lucas' drinking again and Victor guesses that he told Nicole everything when he was drunk. Kate runs to the restaurant and finds Angela, warning her that Brandon's a real Casanova. Roman confronts Nicole and asks her what she knows about Roberto's murder. She evades his questions and then is interrupted by a call from Victor. When he refuses to reveal when they'll be coming home, she decides to start her plan for Lucas. However, Lucas suddenly enters the house, surprising her.

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Thursday, October 19, 2000

by Soap Central

Nicole covers when Lucas over hears Roman asking her about Franco's death. Thinking that she can tie Kate, Victor and Lucas to her troubles in Italy, Sami calls Lucas and is shocked when he hands the phone to Roman to prove that he's in Salem, not in Italy. After Sami tells Will that she'll be home soon, Lucas orders Roman to leave. Once Roman is gone, Nicole forces Lucas to reveal that he shot Franco to protect his mother from him. He also mentions Sami going off a cliff which raises Nicole's curiosity. Hearing her badmouth Brandon, Angela guesses that Kate's in love with him but Kate laughs and asks why Brandon's still with Sami if he loves Angela. Brandon fails to talk Sami out of leaving Italy and boasts that he's going to marry Angela if he has to. When Angela arrives and learns they're going to Salem, she invites herself along. Marlena spots John embracing Hope in the hospital corridor. Hope quickly embraces Marlena and wishes that Belle is safe too. Shawn worries when Hope tells him about Belle's accident. Dr. James informs John and Marlena that belle has a skull fracture. Brady overhears Marlena insisting that the police investigate this "accident." Shawn questions Brady about Belle but he won't talk. He also gives John attitude and walks out.

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Friday, October 20, 2000

by Marcia Elgart

When Victor announces to Kate that they're returning to Salem, Kate refuses and fears that Roman will be waiting for them at the airport, armed with the truth about Franco's death. However, she changes her mind after he insists that they belong together for the sake of their son. Angela arrives with her suitcase but Brandon insists that she is not coming to Salem with him and Sami. When Angela asks Sami to be her maid of honor, Sami accepts and suggests that Brandon wants the tape of Roberto in order to ruin Kate. With Brady secretly listening, John and Marlena are told that Belle needs surgery to reduce the swelling of her brain. When Shawn offers him some advice, Brady resents the intrusion and storms out. Marlena argues with John about Brady and declares that she never wants to see Brady again. The doctor reports that they have induced a coma and are giving her drugs to help Belle now. Hearing bad news about Johnny, Hope holds on to "Lexie's" baby in desperation. Later, Lexie's in the operating room when the baby dies. She finds Hope, Shawn and John in the waiting room and gives them the terrible news that Johnny has died.

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