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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 4, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, December 4, 2000

Nancy badmouths Marlena to Miles as they wait for her to arrive for her radio show. When Marlena finally makes an appearance, she begins her show in terrible shape, mentally blaming herself for what happened to Belle. Nancy takes over and has a hit on her hands according to Miles who congratulates her after the numerous phone calls. Philip tries to apologize to Chloe with a gift. Belle returns to school and asks her friends to pray for her brother Brady. She assures Jan and Jason that Brady didn't try to kill her but actually saved her life. Philip's upset when Chloe admits she helped Brady. Chloe's embarrassed when one of the kids turns on Nancy's radio show. Angela's father Vincent warns his daughter that he saw Brandon out with Sami. When Sami confesses she just wants the tape so she can get custody of her son, Vincent announces that he will decide what happens to the tape. Brandon confronts his mother about seeing her kiss Abe years ago. Fayetells her son that Abe saved her life. She also confirms that she did love Abe and probably always will, urging him to get on with his life. He stuns her with the news about his engagement to Angela. Brady worries when he still can't feel his legs. When Marlena arrives, John keeps her from seeing Brady and blames her for all of their troubles.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Returning to the states, Jennifer confides in Julie that she's changed her mind about going home to Salem because she's afraid Jack may find out. She also hints that something happened to Jack in Africa. However, when she sees how excited Abby is about going home, she changes her mind and hops into the car with Doug, Julie and Bo. They quickly arrive at Hope's and surprise her when Bo pops in. Next Jennifer and Abby thrill Hope and Alice by their arrival. Bo takes Hope aside and apologizes for leaving her with the kids but assures her he's learned a great deal during his trip. Belle is stunned by Marlena's attitude toward Brady's shooting. When Marlena points out that Brady is not her son, Belle lectures that she should love him because he's John's. Marlena's unaffected until Belle lays into her for her uncaring attitude and her failure to believe her story about the train track episode. Marlena finally runs out, hurt by Belle's anger. Nicole tries to break up the argument between Brandon and Fay. She finally announces that while their father didn't beat her, he did abuse her another way which Fayeknew about. She continues that Fayeis to blame for her inability to have a normal relationship with a man as Brandon orders her to stop. When he becomes violent, she compares him to their father and leaves. John confronts Roman and blames him for the shooting, accusing him of making the chase for Brady personal so that he could get Marlena back. After a chat, John forgives Abe and assures him that he knows who was responsible.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000


Sami still tries to convince Angela and Mr. Maroni to give her the tape; Angela refuses and insists that Sami will get the tape the day of her wedding. Lexie tries to lift Abe's spirits, but Abe doesn't give in to her efforts. He still can't forgive himself for shooting Brady. Lexie takes baby Isaac to see Hope and baby JT to give Abe some time alone. When Lexie arrives at Hope and Bo's, she's surprised to see that Jennifer is back home in Salem.

While catching up, Hope lets Bo know that she is not angry with him for going to Ireland, in fact she admires the sacrifices he's made for her and their family. Bo finally bonds with JT. Still acting like teenagers in love, they make love while Doug, Julie, Jennifer, Lexie, and Alice are all downstairs.

Hope asks Jennifer to be one of her bridesmaids and Jennifer happily accepts. Faye is lurking outside of the Carver house. When she sees a motionless Abe on the couch, she panics and busts out the window. Abe races to the door and pulls a gun on her, then he realizes it is only Faye. Faye warns Abe that Brandon knows about their past.

Marlena seeks Maggie's advice on her recent behavior. Marlena expresses her negative feelings toward Brady to Maggie. Maggie tells Marlena to fight for her family. Belle goes to see her brother Brady in the hospital. John and Belle talk about Brady's possible paralysis and the family's problems.

Brandon stops by Sami's apartment and demands that Mr. Maroni and his goons leave. Brandon lets Angela know that he will not tolerate her father's sudden visits and his two goons presence.

Sami can tell that something is wrong with Brandon and that it involves Abe Carver, she assures Brandon that he can trust her.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

While at school, Jason asks Philip if he's heard about the shooting. Philip defends Brady and says it's not true, just like it wasn't true with Chloe. Jason tells Philip that he will never be anything as long as he has the hots for "ghoul girl."

Belle and Chloe are busy wrapping Christmas gifts for the children at the shelter. Chloe lets Belle know that she's there for her if she needs to talk. "Chloe, I'm not sure how to handle this, my parents have never had a problem like this before." "I'm sure they've had lots of problems, they've just been good at hiding them from you", replies Chloe.

Hope calls Shawn to come home from school for an important surprise. Shawn is afraid it's about JT, but it's his dads return from Ireland. Shawn is thrilled to see his dad back at home where he needs to be. Bo thanks Shawn for being there for his mom and baby JT while he was gone. Bo is stunned to find out that JT has already been baptized. Hope and Shawn explain that JT was baptized early because they were afraid he wouldn't make it through his surgery. Shawn leaves the room to get something to drink. While Bo and Hope were alone, Bo asks Hope DiMera was at the christening, and reminds Hope that Bo is going to make Stefano pay for all the pain he has caused.

Bo asks Hope when their wedding is going to be, before or after Christmas. Hope suggests celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. Shawn agrees, just as long as they don't do the New Year's Eve thing, "having the bride pull a gun on me just isn't the fondest of memories." Hope has no clue what happened and demands an answer from Shawn, she insists on knowing who pulled a gun on him. Shawn said Princess Gina, while she was marrying Bo. Hope is stunned. Hattie goes to visit Dr. Steiner for a new set of teeth. With teeth like Mr. Ed she will never look like Marlena Evans. Dr. Steiner gave her a "million dollar smile."

Lexie and Isaac visit Stefano. He's delighted to see his daughter and grandson. Lexie is there "for purely selfish reasons." She is worried about Abe's future. Lexie asks for Stefano's help, but without anyone knowing. Stefano agrees to do whatever he can do and is willing to keep it a secret. Lexie is still worried that someone will find out about Marlo's death and questions if anyone has been looking for her. "Who would anyone come looking for her, she is nothing but a drunken slut!" "What did you say?" Lexie was clueless as to why Stefano would say that. Stefano tried to cover up and said that Marlo was just an occasional drinker.

Later, Rolf (Dr. Steiner) shows Stefano a picture of the new and improved Hattie. Stefano shares the discussion that he had with Lexie to Rolf. Stefano can't wait until the day Abe is out of her life, and when she moves in with him. "Finally she and Isaac will become true DiMera's."

Mimi and Jan pull a trick on Chloe. As Chloe opens her locker, she lets out a scream, Jan and Mimi hung a dead rat in her locker with a sign that read, "Why did you kill me, ghoul girl." Philip rushes to comfort her. Mimi can tell that Belle doesn't trust Chloe.

Abe can't believe that Brandon knows about his past with Faye. Faye lets Abe know that's why Brandon hates Abe so much, "he believes you sent his father to prison so that you could be with me." Faye begs Abe to convince Brandon that they didn't have an affair. Abe said he would never do that, he believes Brandon will always blame him for sending his father to prison. He asks Faye to leave, "Lexie will be home soon." As Faye was leaving, Lexie and baby Isaac was walking up to the door, Lexie saw her and knew that it was Faye Walker.

Friday, December 8, 2000

At school, Philip goes after Jan and Mimi after finding the rat in Chloe's locker. She stops him and tells him that she will be fine and that she knows what she has to do. As she goes to the bathroom to compose herself, she gives Mimi and Jan the evil eye. The two girls pat themselves on the back for such a good one. Jan tells Mimi that this is only the beginning...she will think of something even better next time. Chloe returns and assures Philip that she is okay. He offers to walk her home, but she tells him that she has to go to the library. He goes on ahead to visit with his mom. After he leaves, Chloe says, "It's SHOWTIME." Jan and Mimi see her staring at them and Jan calls her a freak and they take off. Chloe gets the rat out of the trashcan and puts it in a paper bag and follows them. She catches up with them and confronts them later on the street.

Nicole struts in wearing a see-through blouse with a black bra. Kate scurries in to her office telling Marie she has lots of work. Nicole goes to Victor's office, tells Marie no interruptions and locks the door. In her office, Kate looks at a magazine article about Nicole, wads it up and calls her a "mutant fungus" and throws it in the trash. She starts looking for the codicil and can't find it and begins to panic, thinking that maybe Victor found it. As she continues to look, Philip shows up and wants to talk about Chloe, telling his mom that he is in love. She all but ignores him until she finds the document. He starts questioning her about Victor and she informs him that they are closer than ever. Philip wants to go and talk to his dad, but when Kate calls Marie, she tells her that he is in a meeting with Nicole and cannot be disturbed. Kate bee lines it across the hall to find the door locked. She apologizes to Philip, who leaves.

Nicole sits on his desk. She talks business, but he tells her he doesn't hear a word she is saying and for her to move. She gets up and sits on his lap and comes on to him, telling she knows what he needs. He asks her to sit in the chair, telling her this is a place of business and that he has a family to think about. He talks about Kate and Nicole remembers snooping in her office. She asks Victor if he has a family to think about, does that make HER a complication in his life. He says yes and thanks her for it. She sits on his lap again and asks him what he plans on doing about the situation. He tells her nothing, he tells her for once, he doesn't want to have to "handle" anything. She tells him to hand this as she lifts her skirt. After Philip leaves, Kate stomps to Victor's door and starts banging. Nicole opens it and Kate demands to know what is going on in there. As Nicole leaves, Victor tells her that this is a place of business and that door pounding and hysterics have no place there and excuses her. In the hallway, Kate tells Nicole that she is NOT getting away with this. To which Nicole replies, "I already have."

Hope is shocked and upset upon learning that Gina shot at Shawn. He assures her that he was okay and it is all forgotten. After he leaves, Bo and Hope talk, and she is upset about him not telling her. In fact, she wants to know everything. He tells her about that night and how Shawn suspected something was wrong all along and he became a target. (At least, we don't have to see flashbacks of Gina). He apologizes for keeping it from her and she says that it's time to end all secrets between them. He starts talking about their upcoming wedding and promises to be a good father to JT. Again Hope says that she wants no secrets, even though Bo says sometimes there are good reasons not to be honest. But, she says that doesn't make it right. She has flashbacks of John telling her about the baby. Then she tells Bo that they need to talk openly and honestly about everything. To start with, she knows that he isn't JT's father.

Belle is at school, feeling sorry for herself, looking at the picture of their family. Shawn shows up to check on her. She says that she needs a friend right now and isn't sure just who her friends are. He tells her that he is sorry for turning on Brady and she wonders why as she defends her brother. She gives him and update on Brady's condition and gets emotional as Shawn hugs her. She tells him that he is her only friend. She tells him about trying to talk with Chloe, but she was so distant. She thinks that maybe everyone is right and that Chloe can't be friends with anyone. Shawn defends her, saying that she had a rough childhood and that she is just misunderstood and a bit strange. They both agree...sort of like Brady. Belle thanks him for his help and as they are going out the door, he starts spraying silly string on her head, telling her that she hasn't had a new hair-do lately. They start laughing and she falls into his lap. They both realize the seriousness of the moment and she gets up. He apologizes as he picks the string out of her hair. He gets all flustered in the awkward moment and stammers around telling her he has to go. After he is gone, she smiles and says "thanks, Shawn."

After Philip leaves Titan, he is trying to call Chloe on his cell phone, but gets no answer. He stops and looks in a window at Salem Place and sees an angel figurine. He says that it is just like his Chloe. Meanwhile, his angel is getting her revenge, telling Mimi and Jan that they are going to get theirs. They play dumb, but she pulls the rat out of the bag and throws it at their feet. Screaming, Mimi runs off into the night. Chloe throws Jan down in the snow and straddles her as she rubs the rat all over her face, asking her if it's funny now. Mimi watches from the bushes as Jan screams hysterically. Chloe tells her to inform Mimi that she is next as she stomps off, leaving Jan whimpering in the snow.

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